The LeFleur-Winfield Men IV: Kai Sexual 1

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Sidney:  21, Senior at UCLA
Kai:  21, Senior at UCLA
Trent:  21, Junior at UCLA

Part Four:  Kai-Sexual Chapter 1

Fall 2044

Having only taken Kai's dick, Sidney yelled expletives loudly when Trent's massive cock slid passed Sidney's sphincter.  Trent continued forward until his pubes were touching the top of Sidney's ass.  Trent laid across Sidney's back when he bottomed out.  Kai, who was rubbing Sidney's back, leaned forward to kiss Sidney deeply as Trent began ramming himself in and out of Sidney.

It took a while of Trent hammering away at Sidney before the pain subsided to pleasure, although the pain never really went away.  Once Sidney started moaning, Trent pulled out and flipped Sidney over.  The boys shared a three-way kiss before Trent propped Sidney's hip up and sank back into Sidney.  Trent was balls deep into Sidney again when he leaned forward to kiss Sidney.  While Trent kissed Sidney, Kai took his position behind Trent and allowed his manhood to disappear into Trent.

Every time Kai slammed into Trent, Trent's dick would slam into Sidney, eliciting moans from Sidney and Trent and grunts from Kai.  Kai continued fucking Trent as Trent continued fucking Sidney; with all boys nearing orgasm, it was only a matter of moments before someone came.  Sidney was the first; his come formed a glue-like bond between he and Trent as Kai's fucking caused it to smear between the two boys.  Kai's unmistakable growl and rough jabs came before he did; when Kai came deep into Trent, he continued pounding roughly, bringing Trent closer and closer to the edge.  When Kai finished coming, he continued light jabs for a while before pulling out, allowing Trent to have full control of fucking Sidney once more.  Trent was close to the edge by now and showed no mercy as he painfully impaled Sidney four times before unloading load after load of hot seed deep into Sidney's bowels.  Unlike Kai, Trent was content to stay still, completely buried in Sidney as his orgasm subsided.  Kai was already collapsed beside Sidney, deep kissing his friend when Trent collapsed and joined them.

Over the Spring and Summer semesters, Trent, Kai, and Sidney fell easily into a polyamorous relationship.  Sidney and Trent finally had anal sex for the first time three weeks ago; it was the only time they would have anal sex.  The more Sidney watched Kai and Trent together, the more it was evident that Trent was in love, not in lust, with Kai.  Sidney wanted both his friends to be happy, so he knew he had to make a decision that would affect all their lives.

That was what brought Sidney and Kai to Getty View Park.  Sidney parked his car on the fire road and got out.  Kai followed his friend, who was now sitting on the edge of the parking space, looking beyond the valley.  Kai took a seat next to Sidney; knowing something was up, Kai asked, "What is it, Sid?"

Sidney continued to peer off into the distance before he finally said, "It's time to move on, Kai."


Sidney looked at his friend briefly before looking back across the valley and saying, "He loves you, Kai.  I'm getting in the way of that."

Kai sighed and said, "Not this shit again!"

"Well, I'm hoping this will be the last time we have this conversation," Sidney countered now looking at Kai.  "Kai, give him a chance; do it for me."

Kai looked at the ground, kicking a pebble over the ledge and into the valley below.  "I want you."

"I know; that's why I'm moving out of the room.  You and Trent can use the master bedroom.  He loves you Kai; he stuck with you through our bullshit.  Please, give him a chance!"

Kai did not answer; Sidney knew he would not.  The boys drove back to the apartment in silence; Kai was clearly angry.  Kai refused to help Sidney move into the other room, stating, "I can't be a part of slowly ripping you out of my life and replacing you with someone I just met!"

In less than a fortnight, Sidney was dating again, this time, with multiple prospects.  Kai and Trent continued dating, although Trent could not help feeling as though their relationship was one-sided.  He was right; Kai still loved and wanted a relationship with Sidney.

Trent sat next to Sidney in the living room and said, "He loves you."

"I know; I love him, too."

"No; you're not hearing me!  He really, really loves you."

Sidney paused the show he was watching, looked at Trent, and said, "I'll move out of the apartment if I have to."

"What?  Don't do that!"

"Okay; do you love him?"

Trent paused before answering, "I never really asked myself that before; I just knew.  Yes, I do love him; however, I'm not sure if it's enough to put up with this for too much longer.  Every advancement we make, he takes us two steps back just by thinking about you.  Kai knows he'll have to give you up someday; I'm just not sure he knew that that day would come so abruptly."

Sidney sighed and said, "I'll talk to him."

"It won't help; you know that, I know that!"

"Well; what do you suggest I do?"

"I already have the answer."

"I know; I wish you wouldn't.  You'll crush him, Trent."

"Will, I?  He seems to hardly notice me.  It's you he wants and I don't have the patience for this relationship; not while I'm in college."

"So you've decided to come out?"

"Yeah; I already started.  I came out to some close friends and I'm planning on coming out to my teammates soon."

"They won't care; not if they're truly your friends.  This isn't Mississippi."

"Yeah, but not all of the team is from liberal areas."

"Most of this country is pretty moderate."

Trent smiled and said, "That's true."

"Please; don't hurt him."

Trent's smile faded when he responded, "I could never hurt Kai.  He's my first everything, including my first love.  I just wish he could reciprocate."

"Are you sure you don't want me to move?"

"Who are you protecting, Sidney; by moving?"

"Kai; and now, you."

Trent sat still looking down at the sofa, holding back tears.  When he felt Sidney hug him, the dam broke and he started sobbing.  In between the sobs, he said, "I don't want to do this...but...I need to move on!"

Sidney let Trent cry until Trent fell asleep.  After finding a throw blanket, Sidney tucked Trent in and kissed him on the forehead just as Kai walked into the house from a study group.  "What's wrong with him," Kai asked, as he walked into the living room.

"He's not feeling well," Sidney said, now feeling like he is stuck in a difficult situation.  "Do you want to help me bring him upstairs?"

"No; he has two legs and he's not in the hospital.  He can walk!"

Sidney was taken aback by Kai's harsh and uncaring words to which he replied, "Wow, Kai; that's a little fucked up.  If the roles were reversed, I imagine Trent would try everything conceivable to comfort you."

Kai snorted and said, "What; so now, are you two best friends?"

"Kai; I do not have the patience for this.  What do you want to do?"

"Leave him down here."

"I don't want him to wake up downstairs, alone."

"Well, sleep down here with him."

"What a great idea; I think I'll do that."

Kai watched as Sidney retrieved a throw blanket and a couple of pillows and took the extra length of the sectional sofa.  "You two deserve each other," Kai announced before going upstairs.  This was the last thing Sidney remembered before dosing off.


Kai felt a weight at the edge of the bed; when he looked in its general direction, his query was answered as he found out the weight was Trent.  "Good morning," Kai said to Trent.

"Good morning, babe," Trent responded.

"Do you want to cuddle?"

"Not as much as I want to talk."

Not wanting to have any sort of conversation this early in the morning, Kai said, "Can this wait; I just woke up."

"Not really; but I'll wait."

Later that day, after lunch, Kai knew the inevitable was coming.  Sidney was mysteriously nowhere to be found on a Saturday, which was unusual, so Kai knew Sidney was in on whatever was happening.  Kai was sitting on the sofa when Trent took a seat on the part perpendicular to Kai's section.

"I'm just going to come right out and say it, Kai," Trent started.  "I love you and I need to know if you feel the same about me."

"Yes; of course I love you," Kai responded without hesitation.

"That was quick; but do you mean it?  Or do you still prefer the unobtainable?"

Kai knew immediately who the unobtainable was and quickly defended his position, saying, "That's not fair; Sidney and I have been friends long before you even stepped into the picture!"

"So; you're saying you would rather Sidney, even though Sidney is straight."

"Where are you going with this?"

"Kai, I need more out of this relationship.  I've put in a lot, but only received a small return on my investment.  I love you, that's evident; what's not evident is your love for me.  I am ready to find someone and settle; maybe it's a southern thing, but that's how I feel right now.  If you want to be that someone, I will jump for joy, but if not, I'm wasting my time here."

"Are you breaking up with me," Kai asked, not sounding shocked or at all moved.


"Okay;'re my first boyfriend, so this makes you my first break up and I have no idea how to deal with this right now, so just give me a minute."

"Sure," Trent said, before leaving the living room and the apartment.  Kai heard Trent's bike start before Trent rode off from the apartment.


When Trent came back to the apartment after his ride, he began moving into the room downstairs.  Trent, Sidney, and Kai agreed to continue to room together, but in separate rooms, until Trent found another place to live.  Kai was now alone in the bedroom for the first time since his parents nearly killed him and the feeling hurt.

Trent hugged Sidney goodbye after he and Sidney finished moving Trent's few possessions into his new apartment he had rented with friends.

"I'm glad you decided to come out, Trent; that should make finding a boyfriend easier!"

Trent smiled at Sidney's overly simplistic view at dating, especially in the gay community; but then again, Trent only ever tried to date while he was in the closet, only to have whatever would have been of the relationships fall through because of his inability to come to grips with his own sexuality.  Trent felt he owed much to Sidney and even to Kai for helping him become comfortable enough with himself and his sexual orientation.  Before Sidney walked out the door, Trent grabbed Sidney and hugged him tight; while the two were hugging, Trent said, "I will never forget everything you've done for me, Sidney; thank you for being the best friend I've ever had!"

Sidney hugged Trent back and this time, kissed Trent before saying, "I'll always be here for you, just call, okay?  I, too, am glad to have known you, Trent.  You've really help me put some things into perspective, so you're not the only person who gained something from our friendship."  The boys hugged once more before finally parting ways, Sidney back to dealing with Kai, and Trent ready to start anew.

While eating breakfast, Kai broke the silence by asking, "Trent is gone, so why don't you move back into our room?"

Sidney chuckled and responded, "Because that's our problem.  I'm dating and you should start, as well.  You and I have no future together as lovers and it's time to face that fact, Kai.  We're seniors in college!"

"I'll go wherever you'll go, Sid."

"Kai, I'm not that into you.  I love you as my brother, my best friend, but as a boyfriend, get real; I'm straight!"

"C'mon, Sidney; this won't affect any of our relationships, I promise!"

"What about with Trent?"

"That didn't happen until after you moved out."

"It would've happen sooner had I stayed.  Don't you get it; we destroy each other's healthy relationships."

"Maybe those relationships were never meant to be."

Sidney was obviously annoyed by this statement, to which he responded, "I'll move back in; I don't want to fight with you, Kai."  The conversation ended here, both boys continued eating in silence, both obviously seething in different levels of anger with the other.

Upon Sidney's insistence, Kai began dating, but after a string of noncommittal dates, Sidney began to worry.  When the boys finished their homework, the game between the Kings and the Canucks was just starting.  The boys sat and watched the game, cheering and booing at the appropriate times.  At the start of the first period break, Sidney looked at his best friend and asked, "So; how's dating going?"

"Shitty; glad you asked," Kai responded in a heated mood.

"Okay," was Sidney's only response.

After the second period, Sidney asked, "Do you think our relationship has something to do with the other personal relationships we try to have?"

"What do you mean, `our relationship'?"

"I mean our unconventional relationship.  We're like friends-with-benefits, only one friend is looking for a little something more than the other."

"This couldn't wait for one more period?"

"No; two-and-a-half-hours was just too long.  I really want to know if you're thinking the same thing:  am I the reason you refuse to commit."

"Is this coded to mean, `and vice, versa'?"

Sidney paused and decided not to lie by responding, "Yes."

"I wish you would stop blaming my relationship problems on our relationship and yours on me!"

"I'm just saying that I think we're the reason our relationships keep imploding; or just never happen in the first place."

"Well I'm sorry, Sidney, that I at least know that I'm gay!  You're a fucking closeted bisexual and it's becoming annoying!"

"What the fuck, Kai?"

"Oh, let me fucking repeat!  Your closeted bisexualism and unwillingness to just fucking figure out what the hell your sexuality is annoying and insulting; so yeah, what the fuck, Sidney?"

Kai was standing at this point; his broad shoulders and tall stature made Kai seem ever more menacing to Sidney.  Sidney just turned around and left, with Kai still standing in the same stance.


Kai heard Sidney enter the apartment at the end of the game.  Sidney walked in, looked at the television, and said, "Wow, I've been gone for forty-minutes?"

"No, forty-five; a glass shattered."

"I'm sorry, Kai."

"I'm sorry for becoming so defensive, Sid; I really need to check my temper, sometimes."

Sidney smiled and said, "Nah; you couldn't hurt a fly!"

Sidney paused before adding, "I don't ever want to get in a fight that would jeopardize our friendship like that again!  I'm really sorry."

Kai started choking back tears before saying, "Me, too!  What's happened to us?"

Not knowing how to answer that question, Sidney enveloped his best friend.  The boys hugged and cried for about twenty minutes before they loosened the hug.  The two shared a kiss before Kai said, "I love you Sidney; you're my best friend, the first boy I ever fell in love with, and my brother.  None of that is going to change, so get used to it!"

Sidney smiled and responded, "I wouldn't have it any other way!"

The boys kissed and hugged again before showering and falling asleep together, hoping that tomorrow will bring with it a start to better days ahead.

After Kai and Sidney finished trimming the Christmas tree in their apartment, the two went outside on the patio to enjoy the cooler weather and to talk.  After staring off down the street at the traffic below for quite some time, Sidney said, "I think I prefer living in the city."

"Yeah; me, too," Kai agreed.  "I want to live on top of the city, not just in it, though."

The boys continued sitting together for a while, neither wanting to broach the inevitable.  Sidney decided to take the plunge by saying, "Please, don't get angry, Kai, but it's time we stop sleeping together."  Kai started to object, but Sidney interrupted him by adding, "Not now, but starting next semester.  We can start now by ending our sexual relationship."  Sidney and Kai began having sex again just three weeks after Sidney moved back into their room.

Kai continued to stare at the traffic and stated, "I don't think we should live together after school, Sid."

"Okay, Kai; so long as we remain friends."

"Of course we'll remain friends, friends!"

"Cool; I love you, Kai."

"I love you, too, Sid.  Can we still kiss, or is that off limits, too?"

"Of course we can still kiss; that will never be off the table!"

The boys shared the most loving kiss of their lives, both knowing the important step they are about to take would greatly alter their relationship and test their friendship.

End of Chapter 1

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