The LeFleur-Winfield Men IV: Kai Sexual 2

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Sidney:  27, Starting net minder for the Boston Bruins
Kai:  27, General Surgeon at UCLA -- Ronald Reagan Medical Center
Jacques Belanger:  18, Alternate Captain for the Boston Bruins
Brandon Motta:  23, Intern at UCLA -- Ronald Reagan Medical Center
John & Dustin:  65 & 64, Parents

Part Four:  Kai-Sexual -- Chapter 2

July 2051

Seven Years Later

Kai looked at his name sewn into his lab coat; it read, "Kai LeFleur-Winfield, M.D.," and in smaller print, the title, "General Surgery" was stitched below.  Kai had become one of the youngest surgeons to complete his residency and become board certified.  He received numerous offers from hospitals worldwide, but decided he wanted to stay in Los Angeles.  UCLA Ronald Reagan was the best hospital on the west coast and it was where Kai wanted to live, Los Angeles.  Kai smiled when he looked at his lab coat and cried when he thought about how proud his fathers were at his graduation.  Kai knew he had set precedent, but he was still not satisfied, feeling as though he could utilize his skills in a better, tougher application.

This is what led Kai to the office of Doctor Emile Chapuys.  After their introduction followed by a rather long interview by various doctors in the department, Kai was once again facing Doctor Chapuys.  "Kai, there is no doubt you are a very impressive student and have great potential as a surgeon, but I must warn you, Advanced Diagnostics still relatively new and is considered the toughest field of medicine.  Why should I place you?"

"I understand this position is challenging; and sometimes, it might even break me, but I need this challenge.  I sat through years of college, medical school, and a residency feeling as though I was on autopilot.  I need disruption, I need cases that doctors dismiss as unsolvable and even terminal, I need this challenge; I thrive on it."

"That was very passionate," Doctor Chapuys said before leaning forward in her chair to write something.  Leaning back, she continued, "You are certainly right about the challenging aspect of the job.  Think of us as the presidents of medicine.  If the nation has a problem, it tries to fix it locally; if a solution cannot be found locally, it moves up the chain until it reaches someone who can solve it.  When a problem reaches the President's desk, there is no easy answer, no one else has figured out how to solve this, not his cabinet or their workers, not Congress, not the state, the problem is deemed highly improbable to be solved.  That is what we do; we take cases so bizarre, cases with what seems has no answer and find the answer.  We are the end all; when patients come to us, we are literally their last hope at life, whatever that may be once released from our care.  If we do not have the answer, the patient is absolutely terminal.  If you get this fellowship, Kai, I want you to think about that.  That is all; thanks for applying, we are always looking for the best and brightest."

"Thank you, ma'am," Kai said, rising as she rose to shake her hand before turning and walking out of the office.

"Kai, this is awesome you took a fellowship," John said to his son, who was sitting next to him.  "I just think you should slow down, a little!"

"Slow down," Kai asked, sounding sarcastic.  "I'm just getting started!"

"Seriously, Kai, you should take a breather," Dustin said.

The men met at a Starbucks to discuss Kai's decision to take a fellowship and to discuss his stress levels.  Kai had recently suffered from an increased rate of anxiety attacks, forcing his doctor to raise his dosage of medication; the next step was to provide a supplement with the antidepressant.

"We just want to make sure you can handle this, son," John said in a voice filled with concern.

"Your goals and ambitions are our number two priority, Kai," Dustin stated.  "Your safety and well-being is our number one."

Kai shook his head, indicating that he understood what his parents were telling him, but John was not satisfied, nor was he convinced.  John, who also suffers from depression and anxiety, knew the two would have to meet later, together, in private.  At the end of the meeting, John made this very clear to his son, scheduling another meeting for tomorrow before John and Dustin went to Houston and Lake Charles to visit their relatives.

John smiled at his son as the two were sitting on the beach and asked, "Do you remember when I took you to the beach for the first time?"

Kai smirked and said, "Yeah; it was my first time at a beach.  I hated the feeling of the sand squishing between my toes."

"You were so cute when you made the most disgusted look I've ever seen on anyone's face," John said before contorting his face.  "I think it was something like this."  Kai laughed at his father's antics and replied, "That was pretty funny!"

"Sidney had to almost coerce you into the ocean."

"It was Ashley that actually got me into the ocean, though.  Sidney offered a lot of moral support."

Kai thought for a second before adding, "I always wished I could be part of your family; you and Dustin are awesome parents."

"Thanks, Kai; but you knew that you were always part of our family, even before we adopted you."

"Even if you worked late and got home after everyone was sleeping, you still kissed us all goodnight."

John smiled and asked, "You knew I did that?"

"Yeah; I waited up for you all the time," Kai said, tears streaming down his face.  "You and Dustin were my parents, not my own.  I want to be just like you; I want my kids to know just how much I love them."

John pulled Kai close to him in a loving hug and kissed his son.  "I love you, son," John said as he held Kai.

The two stayed like this for over a half-hour before John asked, "I did have motive for coming here with you, today."

"I know."

"How is your depression and anxiety?"

"Honestly; I have my good days and bad ones.  You know how it is," Kai said.  "I'm handling my stress well; I surf, work out, and do other things with friends."

"Are you still seeing your therapist?"

"What; you don't ask anymore?"

"Hmph; no."

"Yes; I'm still seeing her."

"That's good; no matter what your ambitions are, your health comes first."

"I know, dad."

"How bad are the bad days?"

"Not as bad as they used to be, really, now that I think about it.  My anxiety attacks happen rarely and are manageable since the increase in dosage.  Good days and bad ones."

"Good; I'm happy for you."

The men sat and watched the sunset before they went back to Kai's penthouse to get ready to meet Dustin for dinner.

The phone rang three times before it connected and Sidney was face-to-face with his fathers.  "Hey, guys," Sidney exclaimed, waving to his fathers on the other side.

"Hey, son," John and Dustin said in unison.

"How's Houston?"

"Hot," John said.

"It's hot up here, too; or so they say," Sidney said, smiling into the phone camera.

"Kai finished his residency, passed his exam, and is now a board certified general surgeon," Dustin announced.

"I know," Sidney said.  "I follow him on Twitter and I also got a copy of a medical magazine with his face on the cover; seems he's a hot item in the medical profession.  I'm very happy for Kai; really, I am!"

"Don't you two think it's time to bury the hatchet and make amends," John asked.

"Two years is a long time to be angry at someone, son," Dustin added.

"I wanted this to end when it started," Sidney responded.  "I'm waiting for Kai to meet me at least a quarter of the way; he just won't budge!"

"What about his presence at your gold medal game in the Winter Olympics last year," John asked.  "That seems like a budge to me."

"I don't want to argue with you guys," Sidney responded.  "He won't budge; end of story."

Sidney added, "Speaking of Olympics, next time, I'm hoping they'll start me so that I can add a gold medal to the display case next to yours and Paris'."

John smiled at the acknowledgement, but was unhappy Sidney decided to change the subject.  Not wanting to force the issue, John and Dustin continued the conversation along neutral territory, also announcing they would be in Boston in just a few days.

Kai was met at the door by screaming children, chasing each other around the house.  He made his way to the massive glassed-in sunroom area at the back of the main house in the Malibu Compound.  From the sunroom, the large two-story windows gave a large, widescreen view of the Pacific Ocean.  John and Dustin were sitting in the middle of the room with some of their grandchildren, Kai's niece and nephews, surrounding them.  The children crowded around Kai, all shouting, "Hey, Uncle Kai!"  Kai said his hellos to Andrew, Ashley and Vinca's oldest child, Rehema, Micah and Shea's oldest child, Ashley, Page and Dmitry's oldest child, and Charlie and Jamie, Paris and Zach's twins.

Kai sat down with his fathers and poured himself a cup of tea.  The men talked about anything that came to mind, until John felt that he had to say something about the Kai-Sidney feud.

"Have you tried to contact Sidney lately," John asked.

"You know I haven't," Kai answered.

"Why not," John asked.

Kai sighed and responded, "I'm not ready, yet; okay?"

Before John or Dustin could rebuttal, they heard a scream followed by crying.  John looked over to see Jamie towering over Ashley.

"James," John yelled.  "What happened here?"

John was helping Ashley when Jamie answered, "He took Charlie's toy away."

John looked at Charlie, then at Ashley, and asked, "Is this true."

"He said I could borrow it," Ashley exclaimed, holding back tears.

"Is that true," John asked looking at Charlie who shook his head in the affirmative.

After helping Ashley, John turned his attention to Jamie and said, "James, you have to learn how to share."

Dustin added, "It's okay to stick up for your brother, but if Charles says it's okay for someone to use his toy, then you have to respect that decision."

John added, "And hurting people is never the answer, okay?"

Jamie shook his head, which was lowered in shame.  "Now apologize to your cousin," John said.

"I'm sorry," Jamie mumbled.  John took his seat and the boys continued playing.  The interruption gave Kai an opportunity to gather his thoughts and add, "Sidney isn't budging on this, you guys!  When he decides he wants to meet me halfway, then I will come around."

"So it's just a stalemate between you two, then," Dustin asked, showing his obvious annoyance.

"What," Kai asked, echoing Dustin's annoyance.

"Kai; Sidney said the same thing," John clarified.

Kai sat back in the chair and said, "Oh."

"I am getting frustrated with you two," John added.  "I wish you guys would set aside your ideals and call a truce."

"It is absolutely senseless to toss away the most beautiful friendship we've ever seen over something so petty," Dustin said.

"And over something that we all knew was inevitable," John added.

"How much did you guys know about us," Kai asked.

"Sufficient to know that you guys love each other enough to overcome this," John said, treading lightly.

Kai ended the conversation stating, "I have a lot to think about, thanks for the tea."  When Kai entered his car, he allowed himself to cry before starting the vehicle and heading back to Long Beach.

Although it was the off-season, Sidney and other members of the team practiced, preparing for the next season.  Sidney was the only person in the weight room, until Jacques Belanger, a sophomore rookie and new star-center, walked in.  Jacques was already the alternate captain just after a year on the team and was poised to become the captain after the forty-two year old Mike Richards retired.

"What's up, Sid," Jacques said, beaming his million-dollar smile.

"Not much; just conditioning."

"Me, too."

"You're really good out there; and getting better!"

"Thanks; so are you.  When I first saw vids of you, I actually wanted to be a goalie," Jacques admitted, chuckling.

Sidney smiled and added, "Thanks; when you make captain, you'll be glad you didn't go down that path."

"Do you want to be captain?"

"Not really.  I love goaltending."

"Have you ever played any other position?"

"Yes; I started out as a defensemen, then I moved to attack, and finally, when I decided I wanted to be a goalie, I became a goalie."

"Cool; I noticed you figure skating earlier today.  Is that like a hobby, or something?"

"Yes; it's something I used to do when I was a kid, before I was exposed to the world of hockey."

"Who exposed you?"

"A friend; an old friend."

"What happened to him?"

"What do you mean?"

"You said, `an old friend,' so I assumed something happened to him."

"No; nothing happened to him; we just grew apart.  He has his life back in L.A. and I have mine here, in Boston."

"Well; I should like to meet this friend.  Had it not been for him, who knows where you'd be right now?"

Sidney thought about this and immediately felt a pang of sadness.  Deciding it would be best to change the subject, Sidney asked, "Do you want to spot me?"

"Sure; only if you return the favor, of course!"

The boys continued working out together until both were tired.  Sidney and Jacques showered and dressed together before deciding to head out to get a bite to eat.  After eating, the boys passed up a newsstand that had Sidney's face on the front of a Boston magazine.  The main headline in the bottom right of the cover read, "#87:  Sidney LeFleur-Winfield Boston's Most Eligible Bachelor".

"Don't worry, they'll get me next," Jacques said.  "It was out of you or me and, well, you had seniority."

"Don't ever let a magazine play matchmaker; you'll end up with very strange people sending you letters and knocking on your door."

"What kind of strange?"

"A ninety-year-old man was strange, but not the strangest.  The strangest was a nineteen-year-old contortionist who rang the doorbell and contorted into a gift box before I reached the door.  She scared the shit out of me!"

Jacques laughed at Sidney's misfortune before he calmed down and asked, "Why was the ninety-year-old man strange, they need love, too!"

"He probably couldn't even get it up!"

"If he could, would you date him," Jacques asked in a more serious tone.



"Too old!"


"What; did you expect me to say that because he's a man, I wouldn't date him?"

"I guess you can deduce that."

"The age would be my first problem; his sex would be my last."

Sidney added, "Before you ask, I'm straight.  I have no problem with gay people."

"How do you know what you're missing?"

"I do; I've had sex with a man before; multiple times."

"You are the strangest straight man I've ever met."

"I know that having sex will not change my sexuality, so why deny myself that pleasure."

"Would you have sex with me?"

"Would you want that?"

"I'm gay and you're beautiful, talented, funny, sweet, and nice; so yes."

"Wow; thanks, man!  I'm straight and I can tell you that you are beautiful, talented, funny, sweet, and nice, as well."

"So is that a yes?"

"If the moment and circumstances were right, probably."

Jacques smiled at this answer and then added, "Don't tell anyone about this conversation."

"Only if you become my new best friend."

"I don't think that will be a problem," Jacques answered, smiling.

The boys spent the rest of the day together, enjoying the other's companionship; Sidney even had to admit to himself that this relationship was starting to remind him of Kai.

"Did you hear about the intern that's been asking about you," Terrell asked Kai before eating his pastrami sandwich.

"Yes; who is he?"

"Motta; he's working nine-to-nine's this week if you want to meet him."

Kai had never considered meeting the mysterious intern, but now that he had an opportunity, he thought, Why not?


Later that night, Kai stayed over and, for his efforts, was rewarded with meeting Doctor Motta.  Kai did not have to search him out; when Doctor Motta noticed Kai, he immediately gravitated toward Kai.  The very excited recent graduate extended his hand to shake Kai's stating it was an honor to meet Kai.  Kai responded, saying, "And it's an honor to finally meet the person of whom I'm receiving great praise."

"You can call me Brandon."

"Okay Brandon; what are you interested in?"

"I want to go into advanced diagnostics; just like you, sir."

"You know that path won't be easy."

"I know, but I'm ready."

"Do you want to gain extra training?"

Brandon nearly jumped out of his skin from excitement; after calming down, he said, "Yes, of course I do.  Will that mess up your schedule?"

"No, Brandon; this is a teaching hospital and I have yet to really take a student one-on-one.  I'd be glad to have someone as eager as you."


"I have to warn you, though.  You will be doing this in addition to your twelve-hour days and diagnostics can be pretty boring to the surgical-oriented.  As surgeons, we thrive on cutting out the bad and healing the good.  Sometimes, that's not always necessary; in diagnostics, most of the time, that's not necessary."

"I understand and I'm ready!"

"What time does your shift end?"


"Can you start at around eleven tomorrow?"


"Okay; good.  It'll only be two-hour instructions three days per week; I'm reasonable."

"Thank-you, sir!"

"See you tomorrow, Brandon," Kai said smiling.

End of Chapter 2

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