The LeFleur-Winfield Men IV: Kai Sexual 3

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Sidney:  28, Starting net minder for the Boston Bruins
Kai:  28, General Surgeon at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center
Jacques Belanger:  29, Alternate Captain for the Boston Bruins
Brandon Motta:  23, Intern at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center

Part Four:  Kai-Sexual Chapter 3

October 2051

Kai's new admirer had been staying after hours for two months to learn techniques from Kai; Brandon's efforts were starting to have some payoff, much to Kai's delight.  Kai was a general surgeon in the true meaning of the phrase; Kai never stuck with one specialty, as it would always bore him to do so.  Brandon was extremely surprised at how knowledgeable Kai was in various disciplines and wanted to learn as much as possible from Kai.  Kai was Brandon's idol and Brandon made this fact obvious.

As the two were getting closer, Kai began to notice Brandon's mannerisms become deliberately flirtatious towards Kai.  Kai pretended to ignore Brandon's subtle advances; Kai's ignorance toward Brandon's flirting seemed to go unnoticed by Brandon, as Brandon did not increase the frequency or depth of his flirting.  Kai decided to brush this off as just his imagination and wishful thinking and continued teaching.

"Hey, Flower," Luc Hazzard shouted toward Sidney and Jacques.  "Wait, up; I need to speak to you!"

Sidney and Jacques turned around and started heading toward Luc.  "What's up, Hazard," Jacques asked.  "Hazard" was Luc's nickname for obvious reasons.

"I just need to borrow The Flower for a second, Ripper," Luc said.  "Ripper" was the shortened version of "Jack the Ripper," Jacques nickname; "The Flower" was given to Sidney as a translation of the first portion of his last name.

Jacques waited behind as Sidney and Luc walked into the players' lounge.  Once the door shut behind them, Luc wasted no time, saying, "Look; I think it's great you and Jacques are getting along, and everything, but don't hurt him!  He's becoming attached to you and before you let things go too far, you need to lay some ground rules.  If you hurt him, Marc-Andre is only a phone call and a plane ride away.  That's all I have to say."  Marc-Andre, Jacque's twin brother, played in Anaheim for the Ducks; Luc left the lounge, with Sidney standing in place.

Sidney felt a hand on his shoulder, when he turned, he saw Jacques.  "What are you waiting on," Jacques asked.  "We need to get going, dude!"

"Yeah; I was just coming."

As the boys were walking to Jacques' car, Jacques asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Interrupted and caught off guard, Sidney fumbled a reply, "'s nothing."

"Sure it is."

"I was just thinking about a close friend I used to have."

"Used to have," Jacques queried.  "I hope I'm good enough not to toss into the `used to have' bin."

Sidney chuckled and said, "I guess that was the wrong wording, wasn't it?  Don't worry; you'll never even see that bin!"

Sidney smiled when Jacques smiled and said, "Good; I value our friendship too much for that!"


That night, while home alone, Sidney looked at his phone.  Kai's number was pulled up, just one tap away from reconnecting to an old friendship.  Sidney thought about tapping the number, but at the last minute, pressed the springboard button, instead.  Sidney locked his phone, sat it aside, and reached into his nightstand for his diary.

Brandon walked up to Kai who was standing at the nurses' station looking at patient charts on his iPad and asked, "Doctor LeFleur-Winfield, in advance, if you say no to the question I'm about to ask you, it'll be okay; but before you make a decision, please note that this will not affect our teacher-student relationship."

After a pause, Kai assumed Brandon was asking a question, so he responded, "Okay; what do you need?"

"My lease is going to expire at the end of this month and my current roommates are moving for various reasons.  I cannot afford to renew the lease without them, so I was wondering...if I could room with you."

"You're asking to move in...with me."

"Yes; if you say no, I'll understand!"

"Give me a few days, Brandon; I have a lot on my mind right now."

"Um...okay; a few days.  Thanks for considering it, though."

"Okay, Brandon."

After another night of dinner, in which Sidney paid the check, something he has always done with Jacques, making Jacques feel as though he were on a date, Sidney and Jacques ended up at Sidney's house.  Sidney and Jacques talked, drank, and shot pool for a couple of hours.

Two cases of beer later, Sidney and Jacques were feeling a good buzz and even felt a little tipsy.  "I miss him, Jacques," Sidney said.

"Who, Sidney; who do you miss?"

"My best friend; I miss Kai."

Sidney and Jacques were sitting on the couch when Sidney crawled into Jacques' arms.  There was a moment of silence before Jacques asked, "You wanna tell me about him?"

There was another pause before Sidney said, "His name is Kai; he has blond hair and green eyes and is beautiful, inside and out. I love him; I always have."

"How long have you guys been friends?"

"We met in the third grade; twenty years ago.  We actually had class together, but never actually hung out until we went on a field trip.  He was my trip-buddy, so we had to hold hands.  I think he fell in love with me at that moment `cause he never wanted to let go of my hand, even when I told him it would probably be okay if he wanted to.  He held onto me until well after we got back to school from the field trip.  I never told anyone this, but when he let go of my hand, he kissed my cheek; I knew, at that moment, we would become best friends.

"After that, our relationship became complicated.  He wanted sex and I wanted sex, so sex with each other just seemed like a natural fit.  We both loved each other, so why not have sex with the person we love.  He knew that I was straight and was only in it for the sex; unfortunately, he wanted more.  This became obvious during college; our relationships imploded because of what had become a toxic relationship.  Our toxic sexual relationship was not only affecting our other personal relationships, it began affecting ours, as well.

"A couple of years ago, we got into a huge argument.  After that, we went our separate ways.  It hurt, and it still hurts.  I miss him, Jacques!"  Sidney sobbed into Jacques' shoulder as Jacques held him tight.  Sidney added, "I should have kept him...just, you know, toss my sexuality aside and...go for it!  I could live happily, married to a Kai!"

After Sidney calmed down, he looked at Jacques, who was now paying attention to a statue in the living room.  Sidney asked, "You don't have anything to say about that rant?"

Jacques brought his attention back to Sidney, responding, "I think you probably had opinions from all sides of this issue; I thought it was best that I just sit here and listen.  You needed someone to talk to, not at, and someone who would stop giving you advice that you would likely not take."  Sidney thought about this statement and gained a newfound appreciation for Jacques.

"You're going to make a man very happy someday, Jacques," Sidney added.  Jacques smiled and said, "Thanks!"

Deciding that leaving Sidney alone in his mental state was probably a bad idea, Jacques stayed in Sidney's second bedroom.  Although Sidney told Jacques that staying really was not necessary, Sidney was comforted, nonetheless, by Jacques' presence and dedication to their friendship.

"Okay; you can move in," Kai said to Brandon in the intern locker room, turning heads from many of the interns.  Brandon knew how jealous some of the interns were, which added to his glee.

"Wow," Brandon exclaimed as he walked through the front door.  "Is this how a general surgeon lives?"

Kai chuckled at the naive response while moving boxes through the door.  Kai's penthouse in 1900 Ocean was one of the biggest and the best available in Los Angeles.  From the front door, Brandon walked into the large open room that was the kitchen, dining room, and living room.  On the north wall of the room was an exit to the balcony with panoramic views of the cityscape of Long Beach.  On the south wall of the room, in the kitchen and dining room were panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.  Brandon was in awe and becoming very giddy.

"No," Kai responded after watching Brandon's excitement for a while.  "Don't expect to live like this as a general surgeon; I was already wealthy."

"Wow; from what?"

"I'm part owner of a multi-billion dollar company my father and one of his college friends built.  When I say part, I mean one-percent.  It doesn't seem like a lot, but compared to the employees and even CEO's of the company, it's a huge chunk."

"This is still pretty cool, though!"

"I have two extra bedrooms; you just have to pick the view that suits your tastes.  Follow me."  Brandon followed Kai to an opening that was slightly wider than a standard door on the east side of the great room.  "Okay, this is the bathroom that you'll use," Kai said, showing Brandon into a spacious bathroom on the east wall of the little hallway.  Going into the room on the north side of the small hallway, Kai said, "This room has a good view of Long Beach and access to the balcony, as well as two very spacious closets."  Brandon followed Kai out of the room, into the hallway, and into a bedroom on the south wall of the small hallway.  Once the two entered the room, Kai announced, "And this room, just as spacious as the previous, with the same amount of closet space, gives you a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and the beach below.  But, it has no balcony."

"I can walk to the balcony, and we have to drive through the city all the time; I'll take the ocean view!"

"Don't worry about rent."

"What," Brandon asked, a little surprised by this.  Brandon knew that he would not be able to afford the rent for this place, but was still surprised by Kai's generosity.

"I'm sure you have better ways to spend your money, so the rent is on me.  My previous roommates didn't have to pay rent, either.  I covered it all; I'm well off, it's the least I can do."

Not knowing how to thank Kai, Brandon pulled Kai into a hug, exclaiming, "Thanks!"

When the two broke the hug, Kai said, "You can call me Kai, by the way.  Here and at work; I think it's okay for friends to call each other on a first name basis."

"Okay; thanks!"

The excitement on Brandon's face was enough to make anyone smile, even Kai, who felt as though he were running out of reasons to smile.  "C'mon, Brandon; let me show you the rest of the apartment."

Brandon followed Kai back into the great room, across it, and into a door on the west side of the room.  "This is my suite," Kai said.  Opening a room on the north wall and closest to the door leading to the living room, Kai showed Brandon into the room.  "This is my office; you'll likely find me here studying for a big surgery or for diagnostics."  The men exited the room and passed a room on the opposite wall that Kai called, "The powder room."  The door on the farthest end of the hallway led to the west-most room in the penthouse, the master bedroom.  Brandon followed Kai into the room; Brandon was immediately taken by the large windows on the north side of the room, the same continuous windows that extended into the office that gave amazing views of Long Beach.  Kai's room was twice the size of Brandon's room with its own very large bathroom.  Brandon was very excited to room with Kai and it showed when the two went downstairs to grab a bite to eat.  Kai, too, was excited to have Brandon's companionship, something he tried not to show as overtly as Brandon did.

November 2051

Kai could not concentrate on the article he was trying to read because of the scantily clad Brandon sitting on the sofa across from him.  Brandon was wearing only boxers; the boxers Brandon were wearing were the smallest boxers Kai had ever seen.  Kai was becoming increasingly horny and could not help his urge to look up Brandon's shorts.

From the moment Kai saw Brandon, he was enamored by Brandon's cute face, stunning smile, luscious lips, and beautiful, dark features.  Now Kai was seeing Brandon in a whole new light nearly naked.  Brandon's small, tight, yet defined twinkish body was covered in beautiful dark hair.  Brandon's entire chest was covered in hair, along with his abs, lower arms, and legs.  Thicker hair grew along his happy trail starting at his chest and going into his boxers.  Brandon reached into the bottom of his loose boxers to adjust himself, causing his dick to fall out of the leg and come into full view.  Kai blushed when he caught Brandon's eyes.  Brandon smiled at Kai, who, after having been caught, looked away and toward the article he was trying to read.  When Kai looked back at Brandon, Brandon was concentrating on the television; his crotch was no long visible.


Covered in fresh come, Kai sighed and then laughed at himself.  He had just had a masturbation fantasy about an intern living in his apartment.  Kai knew he had to pursue Brandon if such a route was to open, but he would have to be careful and do so under the RADAR.  Fraternizing with colleagues, although not forbidden, was frowned upon at the medical center; Kai was willing to take a chance with this beau.

It was three in the morning when Kai had a craving for strawberry Haagen-Dazs; Kai stopped in his tracks when he saw a very naked and very hard Brandon taking a carton of almond milk out of the refrigerator.  Kai felt his own boner leaking profusely, threatening to explode at this magnificent sight.  The lowlights below the cabinets were on, giving Brandon's olive complexion a beautiful glow, turning Kai on even more.  When Brandon closed the refrigerator door, he noticed Kai, smiled, and said, "You're up early!"  Brandon turned around to get a glass out of the cabinet, showing off his cute, little, hairy butt, something Kai immediately started salivating over.  When Brandon turned around and began pouring milk into his glass, he subconsciously squeezed his thick, seven-inch dick.  

Nervous, Kai smiled and replied, ""  With that, Kai turned around and went back to bed.  Kai was now determined to get another jack-off session in before going to bed; only this time, his fantasies about Brandon would be complete.


Later, at a more reasonable hour, Kai thought about what had transpired the night before.  He began to think about all the times Brandon was naked around him and Brandon's behavior toward him.  Kai was starting to think that Brandon was trying to send signals, but Kai was too nervous to act on them, especially with a colleague.  Kai was now tempted to call Sidney, form a truce, and talk to Sidney about his situation.

Kai had his iPhone in his hand with Sidney's number just a tap away, but at the last minute, decided against calling.  Instead, Kai grabbed Sidney's old diary from his side table and began adding to it his frustrations and current thoughts.

After another dinner at Sidney's expense, Jacques was beginning to feel as if he were imposing on Sidney.  "You really should let me pay for just one meal," Jacques told Sidney as the two were leaving the restaurant.

"Why," Sidney asked.

"I don't want to impose."

"I don't mind, dude; really!  If you really feel compelled to pay, then go ahead and pay."  Sidney paused and continued, "But I'd rather you not do that.  I honestly do not mind paying; my family is very wealthy and so am I.  I was always taught to share the wealth we have, however I can."

Jacques thought about this response and answered, "Okay; I won't question your generosity, any longer."


"I think I'll pass on drinking, tonight," Sidney announced.

"I will, too," Jacques said in agreement.

The guys had just arrived at Sidney's house.  Both went to the back porch, content to just hang out outside with each other's company.  Sidney added to his earlier statement, saying, "About not drinking:  I really did not feel like burdening you again with my sob stories."

"It's okay, Sid; I don't mind listening and I'm glad to have a friend like you."

"Now I'm starting to realize why you remind me of him.  You're a great friend, Jacques; I'm lucky to have you."  Sidney and Jacques continued talking about whatever came to mind until they decided it was time to shower and get ready for bed.

After Sidney and Jacques showered, Jacques met Sidney in Sidney's bedroom.  Jacques, not having any underwear, was only wearing training shorts, which offered a very comfortable breeze.  Jacques sat down on Sidney's bed and the two men started their conversation right where they left off.  Getting tired, Jacques announced that he was ready for bed and was preparing to leave until Sidney said, "No; sleep here.  I don't mind."

Jacques smiled and said, "Like a sleepover?"

Sidney chuckled and responded, "Sure."

"Cool," Jacques exclaimed as he crawled under the covers with Sidney.

After an hour of talking in the dark, Sidney asked, "Jacques; are you sleepy?"

"No; are you?"


"Do you want to do something?"

"Like what?"

"Let's beat off," Jacques said in a joking manner, not expecting Sidney to respond, "Okay; why not?"


"Yeah, really; let's do it!"

Sidney turned on a lamp next to his bed and threw back the covers.  Sidney hooked his fingers under the elastic of his trunks and took them off, revealing his soft dick.  Sidney started stroking his manhood until he had a steel-hard, six-and-a-half-inch boner.  Not willing to do this alone, Sidney took Jacques out of his trance, asking, "Aren't you going to join me?"

"Um...yeah," Jacques said.  Jacques pulled the shorts down his legs and then completely off his body.  Jacques' dick was already fully hard, fat, cut, eight-inch boner.  Jacques was perfect, in Sidney's opinion.  Jacque was graced with a strikingly beautiful face, nearly identical to his twin, Marc-Andre.  Jacques' hazel eyes were a perfect match for his short brown hair and naturally arched eyebrows.  His lips were luscious and seductive.  Jacques had the face of a boy with the body of a man.  Jacques' body was a powerhouse of perfection; with barely any body fat, Jacques was solid muscle.  Jacques' body showcased a well-defined chest, very large, muscular arms, and a very cut twelve-pack that extended into his thick, dark brown bush of pubes, the only other patch of body hair on his body, other than his thin leg hairs.  Jacques was drool-worthy.

Jacques grabbed his large tool and began matching Sidney's speeds.  Sidney moved closer until he was touching Jacques; when the two men touched, Jacques let out a deep moan and shuddered.  With Sidney so close, it did not take long for Jacques to climax, sending copious amounts of his seed onto his chest and stomach.  Seeing Jacques come sent Sidney over the edge, with a large deposit of come to match Jacques'.  Jacques looked at Sidney who gave Jacques the sexiest look.  Not knowing how else to respond, Jacques said, "Thanks."

Expecting Sidney to respond with words, Jacques continued looking in Sidney's direction.  Sidney chose to respond by leaning forward and kissing Jacques.  It took a few seconds for Jacques to register what was happening, but when he did, he closed his eyes and completely engrossed himself in the kiss.  This was Jacques' first time kissing another boy and the feeling was exciting for him.  Jacques was disappointed when the kiss ended but happy when Sidney was smiling and said, "We should do this're welcome to sleep here whenever you feel like it."  This friendship had just been taken to a completely new level and Jacques was very excited.

End of Chapter 3

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