The LeFleur-Winfield Men IV: Kai Sexual 4

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Sidney:  28, Starting net minder for the Boston Bruins
Kai:  28, General Surgeon at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center
Jacques:  19, Alternate Captain for the Boston Bruins
Brandon:  23, Intern at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center

Part Four:  Kai-Sexual Chapter 4

December 2051

June 20, 2037

Dear Diary,

Love is complicated.  This is what I have learned in the years that I've known my best friend and, right now, the love of my life.  I've never felt so confused; I'm a straight boy, in love with another boy.  He drives me insane every time we're together.  When he's around, or when I think about him, like now, I'm usually as giddy as a school girl and feel as though the butterflies in my stomach could lift me off the ground and into the stratosphere.  I could not imagine spending the rest of my life without him; somehow, we have to figure out this impasse, it's too important to give up.  We are human, not machines and humans are complicated.  I am complicated, he is complicated; love is complicated.


This was the last entry Kai was able to read before his eyes became too blurry with tears.  Sidney's writing style was very interesting in that the reader had to use context clues to figure out who he was talking about; this entry was pretty obvious.  Having read this diary in its entirety more times than of which he could keep track, Kai knew what came next.  As Sidney continued to write, the entries about Kai became more frequent and prevalent.  This was just the first edition of Sidney's diary; Sidney's second edition, which is basically a book about Kai from Sidney's point-of-view, remains in Kai's desk drawer, not even close to half read, under lock and key.  Sidney never gave the third edition to Kai and Kai understood why.  The third edition was the last few semesters of college and the period before their major falling out, just two years ago.  Sidney could not bring himself to give that burden to Kai.

Kai continued to let the tears flow until he noticed a weight on the bed moving closer to him.  When he wiped his eyes, he noticed Brandon crawling across the bed toward him.  Kai closed the diary; as he placed it on his nightstand, he covertly grabbed some tissue to wipe his face quickly, so that Brandon would not see.

"What's wrong," Brandon asked, his voice filled with concern.

"It's nothing, really, Brandon," Kai responded, trying to sound as if everything was normal.  "You should go to sleep; your first solo is tomorrow."

Brandon smiled at the fact an obviously distraught Kai was worried about Brandon's well-being.  Brandon grabbed Kai's hand and held it tightly, refusing to budge unless he was certain Kai was okay.  Kai got the picture and announced, "I'm fine, really; now go to sleep."  Kai forced a smile to convince Brandon that he is okay.

Brandon apparently refused to take an obvious white lie for an answer as he pulled the covers back, exposing Kai's nakedness.  Kai grabbed the some sheets to re-cover his crotch as Brandon climbed under the covers.  Kai was sure Brandon had to have seen his state of undress and could only deduce that either Brandon may actually be trying to get into his pants or Brandon was actually concerned.  Kai just realized that Brandon was only wearing his very skimpy underwear when Brandon pulled the covers over himself.

Brandon watched Kai as Kai walked to the bathroom to wash his face.  Kai could not hide the fact that he was hard, just from the thought of Brandon sleeping in the same bed, so close to him.  When Kai returned, he climbed into bed next to Brandon and got into his sleeping position.  While on his side and facing Brandon, Kai noticed Brandon shifting in the bed.  Kai did not notice Brandon moving closer until Brandon's back was touching Kai.  Kai reluctantly put one arm over Brandon.  When Brandon shifted closer, Kai figured it was okay to grip Brandon tightly, encircling him in both arms.  Once Brandon was molded against Kai, Kai noticed that Brandon had shed his underwear and was completely naked under the covers.  Kai became very comfortable with Brandon in his arms and both men fell asleep, pushing aside their worries and comforting each other.

Jacques and Sidney being seen apart had become a rarity amongst teammates and fans.  On trips, Jacques and Sidney sat side-by-side on the team jet and always roomed together.  That was certainly the case tonight when, in Florida, Jacques separated from their team and ended up in a gay bar.  That night was a blur of fun, with Sidney dancing mostly with Jacques or alone.  Sidney and Jacques became closer than ever before that night and were feeling the sexual tension shared between each other.

Once back in the hotel rooms, the boys started stripping off their clothes.  Sidney and Jacques, before they even fully undressed, were barely able to keep their hands of each other, groping wherever bare skin was visible.  Kissing Jacques' bare, sculpted chest and stomach, Sidney began removing Jacques' pants and underwear, exposing more of Jacques.  Once Jacques' thick pubes were in view, Sidney placed a single kiss on Jacques' pubic region before completely removing Jacques' pants.

Sidney stood up and allowed Jacques to return the favor as Jacques mimicked Sidney's moves.  Jacques kissed Sidney on the lips, deeply, before moving downward to his neck, chest, and stomach, removing Sidney's pants, exposing Sidney.  Once Sidney's tuft of red pubic hair was exposed, Jacques said, "I love your ginger pubes," before kissing Sidney's pubic region.  Sidney allowed Jacques to remove completely Sidney's pants before Jacques stood up and took Sidney into a deep kiss; both boys groping newly exposed body parts.

Sidney moved backwards onto the bed, not wanting to separate from Jacque's lips.  Once Sidney sat on the bed, the kiss ended and he was looking directly into Jacques' still very curious eyes, it hit him, Jacques was new to all this!  "We can take thing slow," Sidney told Jacques.

Jacques smiled and responded, "Okay; thanks."

Sidney allowed Jacques to climb on top; the two began kissing and humping, enjoying the fact they were taking their relationship to a completely new level.  "Is it okay if we just, beat off again," Jacques asked.

Sidney looked at Jacques and said, "Of course."

Jacques sat up and gasped as Sidney took hold of his cock.  "Is it okay if we help each other out," Sidney asked.

"Yeah-ah," Jacques said sounding breathless.

Sidney continued to squeeze Jacques' hard member, gathering pre-cum in his hand before he began stroking Jacques.  Sidney looked directly into Jacques' eyes as he jacked Jacques off, sending waves of pleasure through Jacques' core.  Jacques began bucking his hips on Sidney's crotch and stomach, fucking Sidney's tight grip.  Jacques leaned forward, placing his hands on both sides of Sidney's head, and began fucking Sidney's hand in earnest.  Sidney tightened his grip on Jacques' thick, long member as Jacques continued to fuck.  Soon, Jacques could no longer look into Sidney's eyes as his rolled into the back of his head as he let out a loud moan and his seed shot out of his dick onto Sidney's chin, chest, stomach, pubes, and hand.  Jacques continued fucking Sidney's hand until he nearly collapsed on Sidney after the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced.

Jacques was still breathing heavily when he opened his eyes to see Sidney staring back at him.  Jacques smiled at Sidney, eliciting a smile from Sidney.  "How was that," Sidney asked.  To answer Sidney's inquiry, Jacques locked lips with Sidney and drew him into a passionate kiss.  "That was wonderful," Jacques responded upon breaking the kiss.

Jacques moved off Sidney but as Sidney tried to rise, Jacques pushed him back down and grabbed his cock.  Sidney, staring deep in to Jacques' eyes, was now a very willing participant as Jacques began stroking his dick, the first time Jacques touched a dick other than his own.  Sidney was getting into the stroking as Jacques manipulated Sidney's genitals.  Jacques loved the way the straight, smooth, uncut, pale shaft felt in his hand.  He loved the look on Sidney's face as he stroked Sidney.  He loved doing this with Sidney, more than anything else.  Jacques was lost in a trance as he stroked Sidney until he noticed Sidney's face scrunching up and Sidney's breathing becoming irregular.  Sidney began fucking Jacques' hand, but never broke his gaze from Jacques.  "Ugnh," Sidney shouted as come flew over his head and onto the linen.  Although the next shot landed on his face, he never broke the gaze with Jacques.  Jacques continued to stroke Sidney as Sidney shot into Sidney's mouth, across his chest, stomach, and into Jacques' hand.  Jacques stopped stroking when Sidney stopped bucking, but kept his hold on Sidney's dick, enjoying the unique feel of Sidney.

"You're beautiful," Jacques said, still holding Sidney's gaze.

"I was going to say the same thing."

Sidney smiled before Jacques leaned forward to kiss him.  The two kissed deeply and passionately for a few minutes before Jacques leaned back and said, "We're really dirty."

"Let's go shower."

Jacques smiled and replied, "Yes; let's!"

The boys horsed around in the shower together as if they were brothers instead of lovers.  Once out of the shower, neither got dressed, instead both climbed into the bed that was free of semen.  Sidney fell asleep in Jacques' arms, just as he would with Kai.

January 2052

While cooking spaghetti with Brandon, Kai felt himself becoming increasingly attracted to Brandon.  Kai's attraction was now starting to go beyond just regular fraternal feelings; Kai was becoming enamored with Brandon, and it was starting to show.  Kai was very happy to have Brandon in his life; the boy was a welcome distraction from the ordinary.  The entire time they were making spaghetti, Kai watched him; when Brandon would catch Kai looking, Brandon would return Kai's embarrassment with a smile, as if to say, "It is okay."  Whenever the two cooked, Brandon wore an apron, which stated, "Come live in my heart, and pay no rent," and a chef's hat that Kai bought him after he modeled it in a store for fun.

Every time Kai got caught by Brandon and Brandon gave him that cute smile, Kai just wanted to grab Brandon and kiss his forehead, then his cute little nose, and finally plant a kiss on his on his beautiful, full lips.  Kai was starting to fall for Brandon and if Brandon was feeling the same about him, this could be very difficult in a professional setting.  Kai pushed this thought out of his head to finish preparing the meal and enjoy their day off together.

"I'm falling in love with a co-worker," Kai told his friend, Doctor Hakeem Williams.

"Stay away from him, dude," Hakeem said, offering what Kai, before meeting Brandon, would have considered sound advice.

"I can't," Kai responded.  "He's an intern."

"Oh, shit; really stay away from him, then!  We don't want the other interns or doctors think you're playing favorites."

"I know; it's just not that simple.  He lives with me."

"How did that happen?"

"I allowed him to move in.  I had no idea my feelings for him would go anywhere because I always thought he was straight.  His behavior towards me would suggest otherwise, or he's at least very curious.  I can really see myself with him, Hakeem."

"I can't help you; my only advice is save your career.  Wait until he completes his residency to pursue."

"What if that's too late?"

"If he wants this as badly as you, he'll wait."

"Thanks, Hawk; I can always count on your exceedingly sound advice."  Hakeem got his nickname, "Hawk-Eye," because of his ability to spot anomalies on scans, charts, and in surgery with far greater accuracy and quicker than the other interns, including Kai.

"Although you probably won't take it."

"You know me so well," Kai said, grabbing the apple off Hakeem's tray and walking out of the surgeon's lounge.

"Do you surgeons normally stop by the cafeteria to eat with us interns, or is it just you, Doctor LeFleur-Winfield," an intern asked.

Kai ignored the seemingly rude question and answered, "I'm not here for you."

Kai walked to Brandon's table and took a seat across from Brandon, surprising Brandon and the interns sitting next to him.  Brandon smiled at Kai, to which Kai returned the smile.  After the table was cleared, Kai sat across from Brandon still.  "I just wanted to say thanks for what you did last month," Kai said.  "I'm glad you were there."

"Anytime, anyplace for a friend; you're special to me, that much is obvious," Brandon responded.  "I know if the roles were reversed, you'd do the same for me."

Kai smiled at Brandon and told Brandon that Brandon was on Kai's services for the rest of the day, and that it was not a favor, just a coincidence.  Brandon followed Kai out of the cafeteria amongst jealous stares and whispers.

Sidney was looking out the window at the Vancouver downtown when he two strong arms reached around his waist and neck.  Jacques whispered into Sidney's ear, "You rival its beauty," before pulling Sidney toward the bed.  Before the two made it to the bed, Sidney turned around and kissed Jacques.  The two men kissed and groped until Jacques pushed Sidney onto the bed.

Jacques climbed on top of Sidney and the two continued kissing as Jacques started humping Sidney.  Jacques grabbed Sidney's hard dick and started stroking.  Jacques gasped when he felt Sidney grab his dick and began stroking.  What Sidney did next was something Jacques never imagined Sidney would do; while Jacques still held Sidney's dick, Sidney leaned forward and took Jacques' swollen member into his mouth and throat.  "Oh," Jacques yelled and moaned in pleasure as Sidney lowered onto Jacques.  Sidney did not stop until his lips touched Jacques' pubic region and his nose was buried in Jacques' pubes.  Jacques was very modest, but even he was surprised that something that large could fit inside a mouth.

Sidney held Jacques' dick in his throat for a few moments before he started to rise.  As Sidney rose off Jacques' cock, he felt Jacques' hand touch the back of his head.  Sidney rose off Jacques cock to swallow the built up saliva and pre-cum before going back down.  Jacques moaned each time Sidney went down on him.  After a few minutes of Sidney's manipulations, Jacques began fucking Sidney's mouth and throat until Sidney felt Jacques' dick swell inside his mouth and throat.  Once Jacques stopped fucking, Sidney went all the way down on Jacques and, without a second to spare, Jacques erupted down Sidney's throat.  Sidney swallowed all Jacques had to offer, enjoying the taste of Jacques' sweet and salty come.

Sidney held Jacques' dick in his mouth and throat until Jacques' orgasm was well finished, upon which, Sidney slowly came up, inch-by-inch, off Jacques' cock.  Jacques began laughing to which Sidney joined until Jacques pushed Sidney onto his back and said, "So that's what it feels like to get a blowjob!  That was awesome; your turn!"

Sidney laid on his back with his legs spread as Jacques lowered his head on Sidney's dick.  Jacques took Sidney into his mouth, but could only get six inches before he started gagging.  "It's okay, you don't have to take all of it; you're doing awesome, right now!"

Jacques took Sidney's encouragement to heart as he continued sucking Sidney's dick.  Sidney enjoyed every sensation his dick was receiving from Jacques, even if there was still a half-inch missed by Jacques' mouth.  Jacques enjoyed the unique taste and texture of Sidney's dick on his tongue and was determined to get all of Sidney inside his mouth.  After many tries and loud moans from Sidney, Jacques finally got all of Sidney inside his mouth and throat without gagging.  Jacques held Sidney in his throat for a while before going up to swallow Sidney's sweet pre-cum and his own saliva.  Jacques continued going all the way down on Sidney for a while before he heard Sidney's breathing become really short.  When Jacques went all the way down on Sidney, Jacques felt a new feeling of a dick in his mouth as Sidney's dick expanded and released its seed into Jacques' mouth and throat.  Sidney's come was very sweet and Jacques found it quite enjoyable as he tried to extract even more than what Sidney could offer.  Sidney finally removed Jacques' lips from his cock and kissed Jacques deeply before saying, "Save some for later."

"How did I do?"

"You...were...awesome," Sidney said, punctuating every word with a kiss on Jacques' lips.  Sidney crawled into Jacques arms and the two fell asleep cuddling, not wanting to wake up for the morning practice before the game against the Canucks.

Kai was in his office when he heard Brandon enter the penthouse.  Kai knew Brandon had a long day of work and would be happy to see food cooked.  Kai left the office and walked into the great room where the kitchen, dining room, living room, and apartment entrance was located.  Kai opened a small bottle of wine and fixed some, drinking a glass before replenishing it just as Brandon emerged wearing only a towel.  This boy is going to be the end of me, Kai thought.

The two men enjoyed each other's company as Kai listened to Brandon tell him about holding a human heart in his hand as he massaged it back to life.  Brandon had the eagerness of a small child, something that Kai loved as Brandon help to keep him feeling as though he were in fact in his twenties and not his forties.

After dinner, Kai cleaned up while Brandon went off to bed.  When Kai finished cleaning, he went into his room to find Brandon under the covers in his bed.  Kai undressed completely before joining Brandon, pulling Brandon close.  Kai got the idea that Brandon was not ready for bed when Brandon grabbed Kai's cock and squeezed, sending shockwaves throughout Kai's body.  Kai reached around Brandon, grabbed Brandon's dick, and started slowly stroking.  Brandon surprised Kai when he turned around and planted a kiss directly on Kai's lips.  The two kissed passionately for a few minutes until Kai climbed atop Brandon and began humping him.  During the humping, Brandon and Kai continued kissing deeply, enjoying the touch and feel of the other person.

When the kiss was broken, Kai pulled the covers back and began rubbing Brandon's chest and stomach hair.  Kai kissed down Brandon's happy trail until he came to Brandon's pubes, which he kissed, also.  Brandon closed his eyes in anticipation as Kai took his thick cock into his mouth and throat.  Brandon moaned loudly as Kai sucked him deeply.  It did not take long for Kai to receive Brandon's very thick offering as Brandon's dick expanded and released.  Brandon had a lot to offer and Kai could barely keep up, enjoying the sweet flavor of Brandon, a flavor that reminded him of Sidney.  Kai removed Brandon from his mouth and lapped up Brandon's thick DNA from around the base of his cock and his beautiful, tight ball sack.  Kai took Brandon back into his mouth and throat and extracted the remaining come from Brandon's tube.

Kai leaned back onto his pillow, next to Brandon, and began jacking off until Brandon grabbed his dick.  Brandon held Kai's dick in his hand and treated it as if he were inspecting its contents before devouring.  "You don't have to if you don't want to," Kai said while rubbing Brandon's beautiful, dark hair.

"You're the first man I've ever gone this far with; I want to, just give me a second."

Kai smiled at this statement and said, "Okay, take your time."

Before Kai could think about anything else, he felt the very familiar wet, hot environment around the shaft of his cock as Brandon went down on him.  Brandon was able to take five inches before coming back up, holding Kai's dick in his hand steadily.  Kai was already very horny and had prepared to come and jack off after he cleaned the kitchen, so his orgasm washed over him very quickly as he flooded Brandon's mouth with his seed.  Brandon tried to keep up, but was unable, as Kai's come pooled around his shaft.  It was obvious Brandon was not too keen on the flavor of Kai's come as he was trying very hard to swallow what had pooled on his hand and around the base of Kai's dick.  "It's okay, you don't have to do that to please me; I'm just happy to have you hear right now," Kai said, reassuring Brandon.  Kai went to the bathroom and returned with a wet cloth.  Kai wiped Brandon's hand and himself as he kissed Brandon, giving both boys butterflies as they each stepped into uncomfortable territory.

February 2052

"That's all of it," Jacques exclaimed before taking a deep breath.

Jacques' suitcases and boxes now littered the utility room and were ready to be unpacked.  "Do you want to share a room," Jacques asked.

"Nah; that'll only lead to trouble," Sidney replied.

"Okay; where's my room?"

"Pick one, I have plenty!"

"I'll just take the one I used to sleep in when I spent nights here."

"Haha, funny; you slept in a different room, every time!"

"That's right," Jacques said, smiling.  Sidney leaned forward and kissed Jacques that started a long groping and kissing session.  The session ended with another blowjob session before the boys gave up on moving Jacques in and decided to move the task to the following day.

Once back in Boston after a shutout win against the Habs, Jacques and Sidney went straight home from the airport.  Before they even shut the front door, they were already stripping their clothes off and deep kissing each other in a sexual frenzy.  Jacques nearly fell as he tripped while trying to get out of his shirt, shoes and kiss simultaneously.  Jacques and Sidney were both naked when they reached Sidney's bedroom where they wasted no time getting on the bed and groping each other.

Jacques wasted no time going down on Sidney, taking Sidney's entire dick.  Sidney moaned as the wet and warm feeling of Jacques' mouth worked its magic around Sidney's cock.  Jacques continued to work his magic on Sidney's pale cock.  Sidney's sweet pre-cum started leaking more profusely as Jacques continued sucking Sidney.  Much to Jacques' disappointment, Sidney removed Jacques from his dick and announced through husky breathing, "You almost made me come!"  Jacques smiled at his efforts and could not help think about how great of a rookie he is at everything he tries.

Jacques did not need direction as he assumed the same position Sidney was in just a few moments prior.  Sidney took all of Jacques deep into his throat, swallowing and enjoying the taste of Jacques pre-cum, although Jacques did not produce much.  Jacques was disappointed yet again when Sidney let Jacques' huge cock drop from his mouth.  Jacques' disappointment did not last long when he felt Sidney grab his pole and then a wet warmth wrap absorb his balls.  Sidney took Jacques' entire tight nut sack into his mouth, sucking and rolling Jacques nuts around in his mouth.

Sidney instructed Jacques to spread his legs and ass cheeks to expose Jacques' sphincter.  Jacques complied, rewarded with Sidney's searing hot tongue lapping away at and trying to pry its way into Jacques' asshole.  Sidney continued rimming Jacques until his tongue went past Jacques' tight, virgin sphincter.  Jacques' toes were curling as he got close to orgasm.  Sidney took Jacques' dick into his mouth just as Jacques began shooting his spunk.  Sidney swallowed everything Jacques had to offer, savoring the flavor of Jacques.

When Jacques came off his orgasm, Sidney asked, "Do you want to top?"

"But I just came."

"You're still hard.  I can't have you coming prematurely, can I?"

"I've never done that before," a very nervous sound Jacques responded.

"You'll be fine; I'll lead the way and when you're ready, you can take control."

Jacques thought this sounded like a good idea, but was still curious as to what Sidney meant about leading the way.  Jacques found out quickly when he was on his back again, Sidney now straddling his crotch.  Sidney lifted his himself over Jacques dick and then lowered onto the waiting torpedo.  Sidney grimaced as he took Jacques large cock into his body.  Once Sidney is completely impaled on Jacques' massive dick, he waited until he was adjusted.  Sidney began fucking himself on Jacques dick while watching Jacques face as it contorted in pleasure.  After a while of Sidney fucking like this, Jacques began doing what comes naturally to any boy, he started fucking Sidney.

Once Sidney felt Jacques was getting the hang of topping, Sidney suggested the two switch to missionary to give Jacques better control and leverage.  Jacques sank back into Sidney as soon as Sidney was on his back.  Jacques loved the new position, as he was able to pound Sidney as hard as he needed to in order to get off.  Sidney enjoyed the new position, as it allowed Jacques' dick to rub, continually, his prostate.  Jacques continued fucking Sidney and watched in amazement as Sidney moaned and came hands-free.  Sidney shot come as far as over his shoulder; the rest landed on his chest and stomach.  Jacques is completely turned on by what he sees and drives himself deep into Sidney as he unleashed his torrent of come, now filling Sidney on the other end.

Completely spent, Jacques collapsed on Sidney, not caring that he was now covered in Sidney's come.  Jacques continued to slowly fuck Sidney, even as he laid on Sidney.  After a few moments of this Jacques finally regained his strength, kissed Sidney, and said, "Thanks; that was the most wonderful orgasm I've ever felt!  Ever!"

Sidney smiled and responded, "I'm glad you liked!"

The boys reluctantly disconnected, showered, and returned to Sidney's bed.  The two cuddled and fell asleep, with Sidney in his now usual position:  in Jacques' arms.

Brandon performed brilliantly in one of Kai's very difficult surgeries, impressing Kai.  After a treat to dinner, Brandon would give Kai one of his gigawatt smiles whenever Kai looked in his direction.  The wait in the elevator was entirely too much as Kai and Brandon began kissing passionately.  Kai had Brandon's hairy chest exposed and was rubbing him once the elevator reached the eighteenth floor.  Kai and Brandon began manically stripping off their clothes once inside the penthouse; both were completely naked before they reached Kai's bedroom.

Almost instantly, after Brandon was on Kai's bed, Kai was on Brandon, kissing his neck, face, and lips.  Brandon and Kai shared a fiery kiss while Kai continued to rub Brandon's chest.  When the kiss was broken, Kai felt himself exhale into Brandon as he looked into Brandon's eyes.  Brandon's eyes remained in a dreamlike state as Kai licked Brandon's hairy armpits and then kissed his way down Brandon's happy trail.  Brandon's eyes closed when Kai took him into Kai's mouth and throat.

Kai bobbed his head on Brandon's big cock, taking Brandon in completely and then coming up and tickling the head with his tongue.  Kai felt Brandon get close as he continued, and when Kai pulled off Brandon, Brandon sighed, "Ah!"  Kai smiled because he knew that if Brandon waited, the orgasm would feel better.  Kai decided to bring his attention to Brandon's balls, bathing the tight sack in saliva.  Kai continued lower to Brandon's perineum, creating new sensations and emotions in Brandon.  Brandon spread his legs and his cheeks as Kai continued to lick, nibble, and suck.  Brandon's beautiful, hairy hole was on display and in need of attention as Kai began licking around it, causing Brandon to whimper.

Once Brandon's hole was completely wet, including the hairs around it, Kai began tapping Brandon's sphincter with his index finger.  Waiting for approval, Kai looked at Brandon who nodded before laying his head back on the pillow.  Kai slowly inched his finger into Brandon, pausing when Brandon would show signs of pain.  After Kai completely buried his finger inside Brandon, he began fingering Brandon, tracing along Brandon's prostate.  When Kai pushed on Brandon's prostate, Brandon's midsection arched off the bed and Brandon moaned very loudly.  Kai was especially glad his bedroom did not share any walls with neighbors.  Kai continued this manipulation until he felt the signs of an impending orgasm.  Kai removed his finger, but Brandon remained on his high.  Brandon looked at Kai, wanting more but not sure how to ask.

Kai needed no further invitation, those wanting eyes were enough; Kai propped Brandon's hips up for better control, lubed his dick, and lined himself up with Brandon's waiting, virgin hole.  Kai looked into Brandon's nervous, yet anxious eyes as he pushed forward into Brandon.  Brandon stopped Kai halfway because of the intense pain from entry.  After a few moments, Brandon relaxed and Kai pushed forward, bottoming out in Brandon's tight, hot ass.  Kai looked into Brandon's eyes as he pounded away at Brandon's newly deflowered hole.  Brandon moaned louder than Kai thought possible; Brandon's moans echoed in the large bedroom and into the great room.  Kai continued pounding, not caring what the neighbors down or across the hall thought.  Brandon's orgasm caught him by surprise as come shot across his chest and face.  Halfway through his orgasm, he felt Kai's hot seed fill his bowels, causing him to shoot another powerful rope of come across his chest and moan very loudly.

Moments after Kai and Brandon came down from their orgasm, Kai collapsed on Brandon and began rubbing Brandon's head, still inside Brandon.  Brandon kissed Kai's shoulder as Kai kissed Brandon's neck and nibbled on Brandon's ear.  Kai kissed Brandon's ear and then whispered, "I love you!"  Kai knew something was wrong because he felt Brandon tense up.  Before Kai could do anything, Brandon slid from under Kai, letting Kai's dick fall out, ran to the bathroom, and shut the door.

After about ten minutes, Kai was starting to worry.  He got up and went to the bathroom door; when he knocked, Brandon answered, "Give me a minute."  Kai could tell Brandon was crying which only added to Kai's worry.  Kai went to the powder room to wash the dried come and lube off himself before returning to the master bathroom door and asking, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Brandon announced, sounding less tearful and putting Kai at ease.

"Okay," a very worried Kai said, "I'm sorry that I said something to that hurt you..."

"You didn't say anything hurtful; I just need a moment to think, is all."

"'m going to sleep in the guest room, my bed is yours for the night, okay?"


"Night."  Kai left the room and waited in the living room until he heard the master bathroom open.  Kai left and went toward the guest room but did not enter it until he saw the light in the master bedroom turn off.  Sleep overcame Kai nearly as soon as he hit the pillow; he would have to worry about Brandon on another day.

End of Chapter 4

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