The LeFleur-Winfield Men Chapter 1

by John Michael

In This Chapter:

Page:  14, 8th Grade
Dawson:  15, 9th Grade
Ashley:  15, 10th Grade
Paris:  11, 5th Grade
Sidney:  7, 2nd Grade
John & Dustin:  44 & 43, Parents

Part One:  A Page's Life -- Chapter 1

Spring 2031

When Page woke up, the sun was already trying to force its way through the electronically shaded glass; the spot next to his was vacant.  His boyfriend and his older brother, Dawson and Ashley, both had left to help organize football camp.  He had the pool house to himself.  Page decided he was not in the mood for beating off, so he grabbed a quick shower and headed toward the main house.

Ashley was the eldest son in the LaFleur-Winfield family.  He was born in November 2015, in Mar del Plata, Argentina, and like all his brothers, adopted into the family.  He is the quarterback for the Ocean Vista High Senators football team, a position that keeps him fit and very muscular.  He is currently a sophomore, sixteen, and a minority in his family -- straight.

Dawson, Page's boyfriend, is exactly one year and one day older than Page.  He and Page started dating last year when the two met during a sleep over his brother had with some friends on the teams.  Dawson was good enough to go varsity in his freshman year, something that attracted the attention of Ashley.  For Page, Dawson was love at first sight.  When Page saw Dawson's beaming, toothy smile, his beautifully muscular physique, his crown of short golden hair, his sky blue eyes, and the sexy, confident way he carried himself, Page saw a boy god.  During the sleep over, Page and Dawson spent most the night together, talking at length about any and everything.  That night, Dawson kissed Page; it was Page's first kiss and it made his heart melt; he was convinced Dawson was his soul mate.  That was nine months ago and the two could not be happier together still.

The pool house Page and Ashley shared was a three-story modern style steel and glass structure with a kitchen, utility room, living room, two bedrooms, each with their own bathrooms and walk-in closets, a gym, a game room, and two balconies.  A two-car garage was right outside the backdoor of the pool house.  As grandiose as that sounds, it does not come close to the scale of the four story main house in which the rest of their family resides.

When Page entered the semi-circular sunroom, the smell of breakfast wafted its way into his senses.  Once he crossed the immense three-story foyer and walked into the kitchen, he was greeted by one of his dads, John, and by his two younger brothers, Paris and Sidney, who were piling up their plates.  John and Dustin are high school sweethearts; they married in 2012, a year before the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down in its entirety, effectively legalizing same-sex marriage across the nation.   Dustin is the department head of OVHS' athletic department and the head football coach, so he is at school as well.

"What are everyone's plans for the day," John asked his sons.

"Can we go curl today," Paris asked his dad.

"That sounds boring," Page snapped back.

John looked at Page and asked, "And what do you want to do all day?"

"Anything that doesn't involve ice."

"Page, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied at the rink that don't involve ice, I'm sure you could pick something."

"Can I go golfing with some friends?"

"Do your friends have a country club pass?"

"Of course."

"Okay, sounds like a plan.  Sid, do you want to skate while we're there?"

"Yep!  I already planned on it!!"

Paris, like John, was eagerly taking up in his father's footsteps.  John is a two-time Olympic curler, winning bronze in 2010 and gold in 2014 for America.  He hoped to take home the gold someday.  At eleven, Paris was already a looker.  He has blue-gray eyes, golden blond hair, and a slim body with a hint of muscle tone from working out.  His pink lips were full and when he smiled, he aimed to light up whatever room he occupied.  Although Paris has a "girlfriend," or crush, he already came out as bisexual two years ago.

Sidney's sport of choice was figure skating, for now, among others.  Like any other kid his age, he was in the exploratory stage, trying out different sports to determine the one that best suits him.  Sidney has deep auburn hair, and blue eyes.  His red locks fall to his shoulders, which he uses to his advantage when dressing for skating challenges.

All the boys played some sort of sport.  Page's sport of choice was wrestling, which gave him a medium, slightly larger-than swimmer's build.  Page also noticed he was getting hairier than the other boys were and started puberty sooner.  He began shaving his body the summer before eighth grade.  He found body hair to be a little grotesque and luckily, Dawson was as smooth as a baby's butt.  Page was undeniably cute; he boasted a glowing smile, beautiful "smiling" almost metallic green eyes, and long, arched eyebrows.  He and his older brother turned heads in the hallway, this they knew.

After breakfast, Page and the rest of the family parted ways.


At the Vue Sur L'Ocean Falaise Country Club, named after the Orange County gated community built and financed by John's company, Page met with a couple of friends from the wrestling and football teams.
Bobby Pugh, a hulky six-foot-three-inch, pale, redheaded linebacker on the varsity team, who managed to sneak his way out of helping organize the camp today, was looking sharp in his pink Ralph Lauren polo and plaid shorts.  Kelly Singer, a compact, muscular 162-pound, five-foot-seven-inch, wrestler was looking equally as sharp and sexy, wearing his golfing cap backwards, as he has always.  Kelly was wearing a blue Armani polo with white shorts that looked great against his olive-tone skin.  Not to be outdone, Page decided to wear a light purple Gucci polo with plaid shorts.

Page was excited to meet with his friends outside of school.  Sometime after the ninth hole, Bobby decided to broach the issues between Ashley and Dawson concerning Page.

"Page, there's something you should know."

"What's that?"

The boys' eyes were hidden behind Oakley's, so it was hard for them to gauge the other's reaction.

"It's about your brother and your boyfriend."

"Go on," Page said with some reservation.

"Dawson and Ashley got into it in the locker room after most everyone had left.  The only people who were there are mutual friends," he paused.

"Please continue!"  Page's anger was becoming tangible and began to tense up the situation.

"Apparently, Ashley had caught Dawson getting a little too close to some other guys, Tyler Dobbs in particular.  Ashley can't prove it, but he suspects that Dawson may be cheating on you and no longer trusts him.  Just thought I'd tell you."

"I'm done, you guys can play if you want, I'm going home."

"You don't want us to come with you," Kelly asked with some concern.

"No, I'll be fine."

"You don't seem fine," Kelly pressed.

"What the fuck am I supposed to feel like?!  If someone dropped a bomb like this in your lap about Katie, how the fuck would you feel?!  I need to be alone right now to process this shit!"

Bobby and Kelly watched as Page stormed away, extremely pissed.  They decided to call it and leave as well.


"What the fuck, dude," Page asked Ashley as Ashley walked into the Pool House living room.

Page was still wearing his shades, but Ashley could tell he was pissed and crying.

"Page, I'm sor-"

"Dude, save it!  What the hell were you thinking, in front of all those people?"

"It was only people we know.  Danny, Frankie, Bobby, Nathan, and a couple of Dawson's friends."

"You tried to air dirty laundry in front of our friends; you owe me more than an apology!  You don't even know if your accusations are true.  So he has some guy friends that he flirts with, who cares, we are committed.  Tyler is straight, so what's the deal?"

"He just seems a little too touchy-feely, that's all."

"Well, if that's all, don't fucking bring it up!"

"There is no need for that language!  If he wasn't dating you, I probably wouldn't care about what he does and who he does it with."

"What, are you jealous now? What the fuck; this conversation merits and gives just cause to the use of colorful language!"

"I'm not jealous; I was just looking out for you, that's all.  I brought you something to eat because I know you haven't left this room since you got back home and I know you haven't eaten since breakfast."

"I don't want your damn charity!"

"I wasn't asking.  Either eat, or I'm getting the rabbits."  The "rabbits" is what the boys called their fathers behind their backs.

Page grabbed the cooked meal his brother had brought from the house and went to his room.  Ashley sighed and cursed himself for the way he handled this whole situation and sat down on the sofa to think.  Ashley hoped, for Page's sake, that he was wrong about Dawson, but something still unnerved him about Dawson.


End of Chapter 1


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