The LeFleur-Winfield Men 13

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Page:  16, 11th Grade
Dawson:  17, 12th Grade
Micah:  17, 12th Grade
Paris:  13, 8th Grade
Zach:  26, John's Assistant

Part One:  A Page's Life Chapter 13

Fall 2033

A couple of months after Page forgave Dawson, their relationship remained fragile.  To Dawson's dismay, Page completely stopped all sexual activities until wounds were healed.  Dawson, however, knew that he could always get what he wanted elsewhere, but that would require a little bit of stealth on his part.

"I see you finally got your bitch under control," Tyler said as he let Dawson into the house.

"Dude, I wish!  He's still in control, when it comes to sex, at least."

When Dawson walked into the kitchen, he noticed Andy sitting at the bar.

"Dawson, what up," Andy called over.

"Hey, Andy," Dawson said and with nervous hesitation, added, "I didn't know you were here."

"Well, I guess I can tell when I'm not wanted."

"Andy, that's not what I meant."

"Slut," Tyler shouted in Andy's direction, "stop causing trouble and get upstairs!"

When Andy stood up and started out the kitchen, Dawson noticed he was wearing only a jockstrap.  Andy wiggled his butt just before he went through the door.

"You ready to get rid of those blue balls?  You can dump as many loads in his ass as you'd like.  You can also use Slut Boy whenever you want; you have my permission to have his ass."

Dawson was now rock hard listening to Tyler tell him what he could do with Andy.

"Okay," Dawson said, "let's give Slut what he wants!"


Once Dawson and Tyler made it to Tyler's room, Andy was lying on his stomach, with his legs spread and hanging off the bed.  He was ready to take whatever they wanted to put inside him.


Paris loved going to Zach's apartment; he felt "cool" because he had an adult boyfriend who had a high-paying job and a nice garden townhouse in Hollywood.  He had an adult boyfriend; this was very cool.

Zach noticed that Paris seemed a little distant when he crawled into bed with his boyfriend.  "What's wrong, hon?"

"Nothing; I was thinking about what my dads said...about our relationship."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I'm ready for the next level."

"You mean sex."

"Yeah; sex."

"Man, Paris; I would love to give you what want...what I want, but first, we have to deal with your parents, and second, we have to deal with the law."

"You don't seem like the type to have obeyed the law...especially not when you were younger."

Zach smiled at his boyfriend and thought about all the trouble he got into when he was Paris' age.

"We can't all be as good as you, Paris."

"I'm not as good as you think I am.  I know you really want to do this; I won't be thirteen for long."  After Paris said this, he reached under the covers, took off his underwear, and gave them to his boyfriend.  Paris pulled the covers back to reveal his hard four-and-a-half-inch boyhood, protruding from his hairless crotch.

"I'm not ready to go all the way," Paris said.  "Let's just start off with blowjobs.  Please."  When Paris said "please," he grabbed his cock, pulled the foreskin back, and jabbed his hard cock into his boyfriend's side.

"You're very tempting.  No one can find out about this," Zach emphasized.

"Okay," Paris said, beaming his approval.

Paris felt the warmth of Zach's body as Zach leaned in close to his little boyfriend.  After breathing in Paris' scent, Zach looked into Paris' eyes and responded, "I love you so much, Paris!"  Before Paris could respond, Zach devoured Paris' lips, kissing him deeply.  Paris allowed Zach's tongue to explore his mouth, returning the favor often during the kiss.

Zach began his journey downward, determined to leave a trail of kisses behind.  Zach kissed the boy's chin very lightly three times before moving to his neck, where he planted a kiss and licked each side.  At this point, Paris was already moaning and leaking small amounts of pre-cum.  Zach moved to the boy's right nipple, nibbling and licking it, soaking it in his saliva.  The machinations of Paris' nipples elicited a light, child-like moan from Paris, much to Zach's delight.  Zach's dick was straining to escape the confines of his underwear, leaving a large wet spot at the head.

Zach continued his assault, but his new target was Paris' left nipple.  Paris' moans filled the room leaving Zach to wonder how loud the boy would be once he actually took Paris into Zach's mouth.  Zach continued working his way downward, his lips leading the way and his left hand rubbing Paris' soft skin wherever he planted a kiss.  Zach made a pit stop at Paris' bellybutton, rubbing the region with the flat of his palm, enjoying the silky smoothness of his boyfriend.  Zach planted a single kiss on Paris' bellybutton, so as not to spoil the moment, for he knew Paris is very ticklish around that area.  Zach planted one more kiss between Paris' bellybutton and his pubic bone, where the tip of his dick was lying and leaking, ready for attention.

Zach looked up at his boyfriend's face, which had a look of concentration, in anticipation for Zach's next move.  Zach smiled at the beauty of his young beau and said, "You...are...exquisite," punctuating every word with a kiss starting on the left side of his groin, then the right, and then the tip of his dick.  When Zach kissed Paris there, Paris jumped from the immense feeling of pleasure his cock transmitted up his spine.  Zach decided it was time to show his boyfriend real pleasure.

When Zach picked his boyfriend's dick up with his right hand and covered it, to the base, with his mouth, Paris nearly jumped out of his skin.  After two strokes, Zach took Paris' entire package into his mouth; when Zach managed to get Paris' last small testicle into his mouth, Paris moaned very loudly and exploded, releasing his first boy seed into Zach's mouth and throat.  When Paris started shooting, Zach allowed the boys testicles to fall from his mouth so that he could catch all of Paris' seed.  Paris' orgasm lasted all of twelve seconds, but the moment, for him, would likely last a lifetime.

Zach was immensely exited that his boyfriend had a permanent smile etched onto his face.

"That was quick," Zach commented.

Paris' smile started to fade; he responded, "Sorry."

"Don't be," Zach said, rubbing Paris' chest.  "This was one of the most awesome moments in my life, thanks!"

Paris surprised Zach by jumping up and forcing him down into a lying position.  With a huge smile on his face, Paris leaned forward and kissed his boyfriend as deeply as he could.  When Paris broke the kiss, Zach was looking deep into his eyes, trying to read his boyfriend.  Using his index finger, Paris rubbed Zach's nose and traced along his lips.

"I don't know if I'm ready to suck you, yet."

"That's okay, Paris; do you want to watch me beat off, instead?"

"Yes," Paris said, smiling, "I would love that!"

Paris moved off his boyfriend as he watched Zach sit up and remove his shorts, revealing his throbbing hard, uncut, seven-inch dick.

Zach laid on his back and Paris laid on his stomach, resting his head on Zach's stomach, watching his boyfriend beginning to slowly and deliberately stroke the full length of his dick.  From Paris' point-of-view, Zach's dick looked like a huge tower, jutting from a mowed lawn of pubes.  Zach's stroking picked up speed; Paris heard his boyfriend's breathing pick up slightly.  As Paris was listening to his boyfriend's panting, he felt Zach's free hand land on the side of his head; Zach began stroking his boyfriend's cheek and hair, enjoying the feeling of the boy against his skin.

Zach's speed really started to pick up, his breathing becoming short and rapid, his the fingers of his free hand reaching into his boyfriend's mouth, who was diligently sucking the tips, increasing the pleasure Zach was experiencing.  Paris could not see Zach's eyes rolling into the back of his head, but he could almost sense his boyfriend getting close.

"I'm getting close, babe!"  Zach's hand was moving at lightning fast speed and hips were bucking upward when he said, "I'm comin'!"  Paris watched as Zach's cock expanded and exploded, shooting a torrent of come from his piss-hole just as water shoots out of the tip of a super-soaker.  The first thick rope of come from Zach's super soaker landed on his mouth and across Paris' face and hair, the second shot landed on Zach's chest and again across Paris' face and hair.  The third shot landed on the side of Paris' face; the fourth shot landed in Paris' face and mouth; the fifth and sixth shot landed on Zach's stomach, directly in front of Paris' nose.  The remaining shots dribbled onto his stomach and pooled into his bellybutton.

"Wow," Page said, completely covered in Zach's come, "Ten shots."

Zach laughed aloud and, as he speared his seed across his boyfriend's face, said, "I wasn't counting; I nearly drowned you."

The boys showered and spent the rest of the weekend exploring the neighborhood and hanging around the apartment.  They, never did anything sexual again for the rest of the weekend.


"But, Page, we've done everything except couples counseling," Dawson exclaimed.

"I know, Dawson, but until our relationship is completely repaired, no sex," Page countered.

"Little Dawson is getting very sad!"

"Well little Dawson will just have to wait until I'm ready."

"I'm going to go get a snack, you want something?"

"Just a water."

"Okay."  Dawson kissed his boyfriend, bounced off the bed, and bounded down the stairs towards the kitchen.  While Dawson was downstairs, Page decided to check his email messages on Dawson's computer.  When Page minimized Dawson's music player, he noticed that Dawson's personal cloud had been opened on his desktop.  Page was about to close it when he noticed a file entitled "Page" in the cloud.  Page decided to dive into the cloud to get the file code.  Dawson came into the room just as Page finished writing the identification relay number and the pass serial down.  Page quickly restored Dawson's computer back to its status before he climbed on it before turning back to his boyfriend who was on his bed.

Dawson looked at his boyfriend, smiled, and asked him, "What were you doing on my computer?"

"Nothing, serious, just checking my email; Mister Hernandez was supposed to email me about an assignment that's due next week."

"Oh; is it the family tree assignment?"


"Yours should be interesting; are you going to track your biological parents or just use your adoptive parents?"

"That's what I'm waiting for him to tell me.  I need his permission to do the tree on my adoptive parents."

The boys talked and joked for a little while longer before Page went home, so as not to fall into any temptation and do something he would regret with Dawson.


End of Chapter 13


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