The LeFleur-Winfield Men 14

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Ashley:  18, Freshman USC
Page:  17, 11th Grade
Dawson:  18, 12th Grade
Paris:  13, 8th Grade
Tyler:  18, 12th Grade
Andy:  17, 12th Grade
Zach:  27, John's Assistant
John & Dustin:  47 & 46, Parents

Part One:  A Page's Life – Chapter 14

Spring 2034

Zach removed his mouth from Paris' saliva-covered crotch and started on a downward path, stopping off at his perineum causing Paris to involuntarily spread his legs to give Zach easier access.  After nibbling at the perineum, Zach continued to his boyfriend's last frontier, the only unexplored part of his body.  When Zach's searing tongue touched Paris' boy hole, Paris almost screamed out in pleasure.  Paris could not see his boyfriend smiling between his legs, but he could feel the amazing effect Zach was having on his anus.

Paris' little dick was leaking pre-cum profusely when Zach plunged down on it, to the base.  While Paris was in Zach's mouth, Zach was using his right hand to massage Paris' hairless pubic area and his left to tickle Paris' perineum.  On Zach's second up stroke, Paris shouted out, bucked his hips upward, and came into Zach's mouth and down his throat.  Zach swallowed what his boyfriend had to offer, surprised at the sweetness of Paris' seed.  Maybe it's because he's so young, Zach thought.

Zach let Paris' boyhood drop from his mouth and kissed his way up the boy's small, smooth body.  When Zach made his way to Paris' full, red lips, he licked them and planted a loving French kiss on his boyfriend.  When the boys broke the kiss, Zach rolled over onto his back and started masturbating.  When Zach felt the weight of Paris' head on his stomach, he knew the boy wanted a show.  While Zach was stroking his dick, he felt the weight of Paris' head leave his stomach; he then felt Paris' tongue swipe across the tip of his dick.  When Paris did this, Zach sucked air between his teeth and shuddered; Zach's hand paused in mid-stroke when he felt Paris wrap his beautiful, full, red lips around the head of his dick.

"Oh, God, Paris; you don't have to-"

Zach lost his words as well as his train of thought when he felt Paris take as much of Zach's dick into his little mouth as the boy could.  Zach removed his hand from his cock when he felt Paris grab it around the base.  Paris started to slowly bob his head up and down Zach's seven-inch pole, taking as much as four inches at a time.  Paris loved the way Zach felt inside his mouth; he loved the way the skin would move along Zach's dick when he went down on Zach.  Paris loved to play with Zach's foreskin; Paris loved everything about his boyfriend's dick.  Paris even loved the salty liquid oozing out of his boyfriend's dick, which he swallowed, just as Zach had Paris'.

After ten minutes of sucking, Zach felt himself getting close; his nuts drew up tightly in their sack when he warned Paris, "Babe, I'm gonna come!"  Paris continued working his boyfriend's dick, eager to return the favor and just as eager to taste what Zach had to offer.  Zach's right hand went to the back of his boyfriend's neck; Zach started stroking the back of Paris' upper back, neck, and head when shouted out, feeling his orgasm flow over him like a wave.

"," Zach shouted as he started to unleash a torrent of come into his young boyfriend's mouth.  Paris swallowed as much as he could, with much of Zach's seed flowing down the side of his dick.  Paris continued sucking Zach's dick until nothing came out any more, upon which, Paris took Zach's dick out of his mouth and started to lap up Zach's come from around the base of his cock and on his ball sack.  Zach's hand was still on Paris' head when Paris finished licking up all of Zach's come and took Zach's dick back into his hot mouth.  Paris continued to suck Zach's semi-hard dick until Zach pulled him off.  Zach pulled Paris to his face to devour the boy in a very loving kiss, which Paris happily returned.

"Paris, you didn't have to do that; but I did love it; you were amazing!"

Paris smiled at his boyfriend's approval and kissed him deeply.


Page walked into the garage at Dawson's residence; he had tried the front door, but it was locked.  It was winter intermission, so he knew Dawson was home.  Page stopped to admire Dawson's newest toy, his candy-apple red 2034 Triumph Thunderbird Storm.  Page picked up Dawson's helmet and fingered the designs before moving to his own helmet.  Page's helmet was black with smoky, red designs making up the background.  It was glossy and had many different elements on it that were important to Page.  The most important element on the helmet was a heart with Dawson and Page's names beveled onto its foreground.  Page placed the helmet back onto the bike and headed into the house to find his boyfriend.  When Page walked through the kitchen and out into the foyer, he could hear his boyfriend and another person upstairs.  Page was excited to spend the day riding with his boyfriend, so he bounded up the stairs, hastily trying to thwart father time and enjoy as much of the rest of the day with Dawson as possible.  When Page made his way to the third floor, he rounded the corner and could see directly into Dawson's room.

The sounds emanating from Dawson's room was that of Andy Oakley being mounted by Dawson.  Andy was on his stomach, his ass facing the wide-open door, and Dawson was hammering away at his ass.  "Damn, Andy," Dawson commented, "how long has it been; you're fuckin' tight!  Has Tyler been soakin' you in vinegar or has he been slackin'?"  Horrified at the sight and the sounds of slapping and Andy groaning, probably in pain, Page turned away from the scene and ran down the stairs quicker he ever had before.

Dawson felt his orgasm getting near; using his right hand, he pushed Andy's face into the pillow to muffle the boy's screams.  Dawson's left hand was gripping tightly onto Andy's side while he slammed harder and faster into Andy, who was now on the verge of crying from the pain; hell, even Tyler was never this rough!  Just when Andy thought Dawson was going to seriously hurt him, he felt Dawson's come flood his insides.  Dawson punctuated each cum-shot by slamming as hard as he possibly could into Andy, making Andy scream out in pain.

Just as Dawson started to come down from his immense orgasm, he heard his Thunderbird crank up from the garage.  Dawson pulled out of Andy, much to the boy's relief, and ran down the stairs as if he was running out of a burning building.  When Dawson got to the garage, Page was already leaving out the front gate.  Dawson, still with a semi-hard, covered in come, and naked ran into the driveway, to the gate, and out into the street after Page.

When Dawson got back into the house, he noticed his helmet on the kitchen counter.  When he picked up the helmet, he noticed a note under the helmet.

"Dawson, I was able to forgive you and turn the other cheek, something I've done countless times; I can no longer, in good faith and conscience, do that.  You have betrayed my trust and completely disrespected this relationship and myself.  Infidelity is inexcusable and unforgivable; please never speak to me again, you do not deserve me.  –Page"

Dawson knew he fucked up royally when he crumpled the letter and through it and his helmet across the kitchen.  Dawson's face was buried in his hands when a very naked Andy walked into the kitchen.

"What happened?"



"Go home, Andy."

"Whatever, dude," Andy relented as he started up the stairs to retrieve his close.

When Andy returned fully clothed, Dawson was still sitting in the same spot.  "Tyler's better," Andy proclaimed as he walked out the front door.


When Ashley's phone rang, he expected his girlfriend, Chelsea, to be on the other end.  He was surprised to see Page's name and picture smiling back at him on the screen.  Using his thumb, Ashley slid the slider at the bottom of the screen to answer the call.

"Hey, Pagie; what's up?"

"Ashley, I need you."

"Okay, I'm on my way; where are you?"

"Our special place."

"Okay; I'm comin', buddy."

When the boys ended the call, Ashley hopped into his car and called his girlfriend.  Chelsea answered in her usual bubbly mood, "Hey, baby; I'm almost ready.  You know you don't have to check up on me."

"Hey, Chels; I'm not going to be able to go out tonight.  Something's come up with my little brother and I need to go help him."

"Ashley, what the fuck?"

"Chels, he's family."

"And I'm not."


"Ash; don't call me again."  Just like that, the call ended, leaving Ashley to wonder whether he would still have a girlfriend after tonight.


Looking down the into one of the many valleys near Pleasants Peak in Silverado, Page had quite some time to think before Ashley would get there.  The more Page thought about Dawson, the more it hurt.  Page was finally realizing just how badly Dawson had treated him throughout their entire relationship.

"How could I have been so stupid," Page asked himself.

"How could I have been so fuckin' stupid," Page shouted into one of the canyons.

Page looked at Dawson's motorcycle, now completely consumed in rage.  Page cranked up the bike and revved it, letting the throttling sound fill the canyon.  The fourth time Page revved the bike, he was so consumed in his rage toward Dawson, he went through with what he had planned on doing when I brought the bike to the peak.  Page released the brake and watched the bike fly off the side of the dirt road and into the canyon.  Page watched as the bike rolled down the side of the hill, parts flying off and landing far away from the bike's final landing site.  Page walked over to his helmet and picked it up; he ran his thumb across the heart, which contained his and Dawson's name.  Tears were now welling up in Page's eyes and streaming down his face.  He grabbed the helmet in his right hand and threw it as far as he could into the canyon.

Ten minutes later, Page was still yelling obscenities and expletives towards Dawson into the canyon, with tears streaming down his face, when Ashley walked up to their spot.  Page stopped screaming when he felt Ashley reach around his waist and pull him tightly against Ashley.  When Ashley held his brother closely and started chanting, "Everything's okay, I'm here...your big brother is here," Page completely lost all composure, fell into his brother, and sobbed.  After nearly a half-hour of calming his brother, Ashley finally got Page into the car and started back toward Irvine.

"I don't want to go home, Ash."

"Okay, Pagie; where do you want to go?"

"Can I go back to your apartment?"


The boys drove in silence back to the Ashley Apartment.


Once inside the apartment, Page removed his shoes and plopped down on the sofa.

"Do you want something to drink," Ashley asked his brother.

"Sure; I'll take a water."

Ashley sat down next to his brother and handed him a bottle of Fiji water.  Ashley watched Page as he sucked down over half the bottle in nearly one gulp.

"Are you okay."

"Yeah; I was just a little thirsty."

"No; are you okay?"

"No, Ashley; I'm not okay."

"I still have half a pizza left, you want it?"


Ashley watched his brother eat three slices of pizza before Page asked, "Are you going to watch me all night?"

"If I have to; I'm worried about you, Pagie."


"For what; I'm your brother and I love you.  I'm supposed to worry about you."

When Page came into Ashley's room from the shower, Ashley was already on his bed in his boxer briefs, his left hand on his stomach and his right hand behind his head.  Page always thought his brother was very beautiful; if Ashley were gay, brother or not, he would try to pursue Ashley.

"I have some shorts in the drawer."

"I think I'll just sleep naked."


"I was being facetious!"

"Wear something or not, I don't care Pagie; just come to bed."

Page climbed into bed with his brother, feeling a little awkward being so naked so close to him.

"Feels weird," Page said.

Ashley hooked his fingers under the elastic band of his underwear, slid his underwear down, and threw them towards Page.  When Page caught them and sniffed them, Ashley asked, "Did you really just sniff my underwear?"

Page blushed and responded by moving closer to Ashley and locking lips with him; Ashley was returning the French kiss with as much ferocity as Page was giving.  When Ashley broke the kiss, he noticed that Page's six-inch boner was poking into his stomach.

"You know we can't do this," Ashley said, smiling a little.

"I know; I love you though," Page said before looking down at Ashley's massive, fat, eight-and-a-quarter-inch boner.  "Looks like `Little,' or `Big,' Ashley is disagreeing."  Page reached down, grabbed Ashley's massive tool, and added, "Let's just do what we used to when we were kids."

Ashley thought about the proposition for a second before saying, "Sure; okay, why not?"

Ashley rolled over onto his stomach, looked at Page, and said, "Do me first."

Page eagerly climbed onto his brother's back and let his legs drop on either side of his brother as he straddled Ashley.  Page placed his hard dick between Ashley's ass cheeks and started to hump Ashley in earnest.  After several minutes of humping, Page laid his entire weight onto Ashley and continued to hump his brother.  Ashley used his butt cheeks to squeeze Page's cock whenever Page would hump into him.

When Page picked up speed to a lightning pace, he lifted himself off his brother's back, humping hard into Ashley's ass crack.  Ashley heard Page's breathing become ragged and irregular, as if he was panting.

"C'mon, Pagie; do it, come all over me; come all over your big brother!"

This was all the encouragement Page needed, his next thrust sent him over the edge and he shot his juice up his brother's back.  The first shot landed right below the nape of Ashley's neck, the next two shots landed down the middle of Ashley's back, the final shots pooled right above Ashley's ass cheeks in the small of his back.

"Whew," Page exhaled when he rolled over on the side of his brother.

"Better," Ashley asked.

"Yes; your turn," Page said, turning over to give his brother access to him.

Ashley got up and went to the bathroom to clean himself off; when he returned, he told Page, "Thanks for the offer, little bro, but I'm going to have to decline; it wouldn't be fair to my girlfriend and you really looked like you needed.  Ashley noticed his brother's chest was shaven; he rubbed his hand against Paris' chest and said, "You should grow it out, you'd look really sexy with chest hair."

"Dawson hated it."

"Well, you're not with Dawson, anymore; you're your own man."

Page moved closer to his brother, planted a kiss on his lips, and said, "Thank you, Ashley."

"Hey; I speaketh the truth."

"No; not the advice and compliment, although, thanks for those, too, but thank you for being my brother."

Ashley smiled and this time, he leaned forward to kiss his little brother.


"Ah; Charlene, David; how's everything going," John asked Dawson's parents.

Charlene and David stood in the LeFleur-Winfield's doorway, each with stern looks.

Before her husband could say anything, Charlene exclaimed, "Don't act coy with us, your delinquent son stole our property and we want to know where it is!"

"Charlene; do not call my son a delinquent and do not bark orders at me, I am not your servant."

Dustin walked into the foyer just as Charlene was turning beet red.

"What's going on," Dustin asked.

"Your son," David started to say before he was cut off by John.

"Nothing; Charlene and David were just leaving."  After John spoke these words, Dawson's parents started to yell, but their efforts were met with an oak door slamming in their faces.


"What the fuck is this," Page asked as he burst into the football locker room with his phone held out at arm's length in front of him.  Page stopped when the phone was inches away from Dawson's face.  Dawson grabbed Page's arm and pulled the phone away from his face.

"It's my name-"

"And what the fuck is it doing on my recent calls list...and in my email box...and in my text messages?"

"I've been trying to figure out what you did with my fuckin' bike!"

"Do you not know how to read...or how to comprehend?"

"Do you know what grand theft auto means?"

"Don't talk to me Dawson.  You can go fuck around with Tyler and Andy all you want, just leave me the hell alone," Page said in a manner that was as cool and calm as possible.  Page turned around and stormed out of the locker room.

Someone in the locker room yelled out to Dawson, "Dude; keep your bitch in line!"

Tyler walked up to Dawson and said, "Man; fuck him, you could do better."

Dawson looked toward Andy's locker to see him already dressed and nearly tripping over himself trying to hurry out of the locker room.

"He's right you know," Frankie said, "You definitely don't deserve him."  Frankie walked passed Dawson, glaring daggers toward him as he left the locker room.  When Frankie walked outside, he went directly to the Commons to find Page.  Frankie spotted Page sitting by himself under a tree in the commons.  Frankie walked up to Page and sat next to him.  Frankie put an arm around Ashley and pulled him into a hug.

"You deserve much better and you know that.  Just stay away from him, okay?"

"Thank-you, Frankie.  I did take his bike, though."

"Where is it?"

"At the bottom of a canyon."


"Don't tell anyone."

"Your secret's safe with me," Frankie said, tightening his grip around Page, stroking Page's side.

"If you were gay," Page said...

"I'd treat you way better than Dawson did."

"You already do."


End of Chapter 14


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