The LeFleur-Winfield Men 15

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Page:  17, 11th Grade
Paris:  14, 8th Grade
Dawson:  18, 12th Grade
Zach:  27, John's Assistant
Tyler:  18, 12th Grade
John & Dustin:  48 & 47, Parents

Part One:  A Page's Life Chapter 15

Spring 2034

"I still want to know where my property is," David exclaimed, standing next to his wife Charlene.  They were answered with a door slamming loudly in their faces.

"Charlene and David, again," Dustin asked as he walked into the foyer and toward his husband.  "We already paid them for the bike, why don't they just let sleeping lions be?"

"They're just as annoying as their son," John said, kissing his husband before sorting through the mail.  "They saw me at the mailbox and pounced!"

Dustin sighed and replied, "Animals!"

John noticed Page had an ACT letter and decided not to open it, but to bring it to his room, instead.  John walked up to the second floor of the pool house, into his son's room, and sat the mail on Page's computer desk.  The letter moved the mouse causing the screen to turn on; when John looked up, he noticed Dawson's cloud was open with a micro-cloud entitled "Page."  John sat down at the desk and clicked on the file.

John was surprised at the elaborately organized filed; he randomly clicked on a file entitled Tyler.  Within the Tyler file were two dated files, John clicked on the first one.  The file contained a text file that had what looked a shopping list on it written in a code John did not understand.  John exited the file and clicked on the second file, a video file titled, "March 2033."

The first twenty minutes of the file was of Dawson elaborating the plan he conspired upon with Tyler to rape Page, the next scene was of the scene where Tyler was mounting Page.  Mortified, John closed the file and emailed the link to himself.  When John rushed into the living room, Dustin was immediately worried after catching a glimpse of his husband's facial expression.

"Honey, John, babe, what's wrong?"

"Dustin, please come with me to the office right now," John said in a very stern and wavering voice.

Dustin moved of the sofa and toward his husband immediately; John turned and started to run up the stairs to the master suite on the second floor, with Dustin following close behind.  When the men made it to the office, Dustin shut the door and asked his husband, "John, you're scaring me; please tell me what's going on!"

"Just sit," John said, waving Dustin over to the seat next to his at the computer.

John pulled up the cloud, dove into Page's file, then into the file labeled "Tyler," and opened the "March 2003" file.  Dustin and John watched in horror as Tyler raped their son with Dawson not trying to stop them, but instead, getting off to the scene.  At the end of the file, Dustin felt physically ill and was deeply upset.

"What the fuck is wrong with this fuckin' monster," Dustin asked no one in particular.

"Honey, we have to confront our son about this."

"For what?"

"If he doesn't know about this recording, then we can take proper action against Dawson and who I assume is Tyler.  Do you know that boy?"

"Yes; he's Tyler Dobbs, he's on the team.  How are you so calm; you're never the calm one!"

"One of us has to be rational, besides, I have an idea."  John told his husband of his idea and after Dustin agreed, they decided to execute their first step, confront Page.


That night, John sent Sidney to Kai's house and Paris to Zach's townhouse in order to give Page some privacy if needed.  Paris had no idea why his parents let him go to Zach's house on a school night, but he was not complaining.  He and Zach cooked vegetarian spaghetti and enjoyed the other's company until bedtime.  Zach and Paris decided to shower together; since they were already dating and having oral sex, Zach did not see any harm.

Zach and Paris enjoyed the feeling of the warm water trickling down their bodies as they were locked together in a tight, loving embrace.  Zach kissed Paris, starting at the top of his golden crown, then moving down to his forehead, his eyes, his nose, and then stopping when their lips met.  Zach and Paris shared a loving kiss for a few moments before Zach felt Paris' hands travel to Zach's erect cock.  Paris wrapped his fingers around Zach's phallus and began to stroke his boyfriend.

Paris knelt before his boyfriend, Zach's dick at the perfect level with Paris' mouth, leaking and ready to be devoured.  Paris kissed the crease between Zach's thighs and crotch; when Paris used his tongue, Zach made what Paris thought was the cutest whimpering sound.  Paris leaned back and put the tip of Zach's dick on his lips; looking directly into Zach's eyes, Paris slowly sucked as much of Zach into his mouth as he could fit.  Zach steadied himself with an arm, overwhelmed by the feelings his boyfriend was giving him.  Page's little mouth had sunk six-inches down Zach's dick while Zach was massaging Paris' head.  "Ooohhh, fuck yeah, Paris," Zach said, somewhat in enthusiasm and encouragement and in genuine pleasure.

Paris continued to bob up and down his boyfriend's cock, trying to take as much as he could down his throat.  When Zach felt Paris' lips touch his pubic area, he shot his load without warning down Paris' throat.  Paris pulled off immediately, choking on Zach's seed; Zach's cock continued to shoot spunk onto Paris' face.  Zach, who was now leaning against the shower wall, looked down at his boyfriend and chuckled before saying, "Baby, I'm sorry; I didn't expect you to take me all the way.  That sent me over the edge!"

Zach bent down and helped his boyfriend to his feet; Zach leaned down and kissed his boyfriend deeply, tasting his seed in Paris' mouth.  When Zach started to kneel, Paris said, "No, wait!"  Zach, on one knee, looked up at his boyfriend and asked, "Baby, what's wrong?"  Paris gave his boyfriend a reassuring smile and replied, "I'm ready."

Zach, a little confused, stood up, looked at his boyfriend, and asked, "You're ready; for what?"  Paris, without missing a beat answered, "I'm ready to completely give myself to you!"

Zach was taken aback by the audacity and eloquence of the statement.  Page, a little worried he had said the wrong thing, asked, "Zach, what's wrong; I thought this is what you want."

"But, is it what you want?"


"Are you sure?"

"The most sure I've been about something in my life."

"Okay, but I have to warn you, it's going to hurt, a lot!"

"Okay, I can take it."

"I don't think you get it; have you ever stuck anything up there before?"

"No; I never thought about doing that."

"Wow; if you really want to do this, we'll have to take things really slow because you're going to be really tight.  Are you sure you want to do this?"

Paris reached up and grabbed his boyfriend's shoulders, looked directly into his eyes, smiled, and said, "Yes; I really, really want to do this; now!"

"Okay; let's do this!"

After Zach and Paris got out of the shower, Zach dried Paris completely, kissing the boy everywhere the towel dried.  Zach saved Paris' dick for last; when he dried Paris there, Zach kissed the boy's dick and then licked the tip, sending shivers through Paris' entire body.

When Zach finished drying himself, he and Paris moved into the bedroom where Paris laid onto the bed and Zach went to his side drawer to get the supplies to get Paris ready for Zach's foreign object.  Paris watched as his boyfriend climbed onto bed with various objects, a tube of a clear liquid called Wet, a six-inch small metal, elongated device with a dial at the bottom, and a couple of items that looked like fake dicks.  Paris was instantly mesmerized by the "fake dicks" and grabbed the largest one.

"Wow," Paris asked, "what is this?"
Zach watched his boyfriend fist the dildo that was slightly larger than his own dick; he answered, "It's called a dildo; it'll help you loosen up a bit so that you can take me without me hurting you too much."

"So, even after you `loosen' me up, it's still going to hurt?"

Zach was lubing the smallest dildo and then went over to his boyfriend's visible asshole and lubed it up before answering, "Yes."

"Is it because I'm a virgin?"

Zach almost came again when he heard the word "virgin;" just knowing he was about to take this kid's innocence was enough to drive him over the edge again.  He stuck his index finger in to the first knuckle, eliciting a very audible gasp from Paris, and answered, "A little, but it always hurts for the first few moments of entry, and then you'll start to feel the most immense pleasure."

When Zach felt Paris start to relax, he leaned in and kissed Paris and started to drive his finger deeper into his boyfriend's virgin hole.  When Paris would tense up, Zach would stop forcing his finger forward, allowing his boyfriend's body to get use to the invader.  When Zach felt Paris was ready, he inserted a second finger, loosening his boyfriend for the next round of foreplay.  Zach reached for the smallest dildo and began to massage Paris' chest and stomach.  Paris continued to enjoy Zach's massage, but felt incredibly anxious when the tip of the dildo touched his opening.  Zach pushed forward, causing the dildo to push into Paris, but was stopped immediately just as the head entered when Paris clinched his orifice.  "Paris, you're going to have to remain calm; I know it's hard, but remember what I told you to do."  Paris began pushing against the dildo, trying his best to expand his anal muscles to accommodate the toy.  The fake dick continued its venture forward into Paris' rectum until the entire six inches was buried inside the boy.

"How does it feel?"


"Good weird or bad weird."

"I never knew weird was supposed to feel good or bad.  I'm starting to like the feeling, actually."

This was evident when Paris' dick started to stiffen up.  Zach went down and took Paris' boyhood into his mouth, playing with the dildo in the process.  Once Zach felt Paris was ready, he slid the dildo out; when the dildo exited Paris, Paris said, "Aw, I was just starting to enjoy that!"

"I'm about to give you something better to enjoy," Zach cooed.  "Roll over onto your stomach."

Paris obliged, rolling over onto a pillow, as directed by his boyfriend.  Paris cried, "I want to see your face while we do this, though."  Zach countered and added, "Don't worry, you will soon enough, I just want to loosen you up a bit more, then we can flip you over; okay?"  "Okay."  Zach kissed Paris deeply before he went down to the boy's small butt and kissed and nibbled each cheek.  Paris gasped when he felt Zach's tongue brush across his sphincter; the boys whimpered and almost screamed out when he felt Zach's tongue enter his hole with ease.  Zach kissed Paris' boyhole and announced, "You're ready."

When Paris tried to turn over, Zach pushed him back and said, "Not now, it'll be easier in this position for a little while."  Zach added, with a little concern, "Are you sure you want to do this; this is going to hurt for a few minutes and once I start, I'm not going to stop."  Paris answered, "I'm sure, now do it!"

This was all the encouragement Zach needed; he straddled his boyfriend and lined his dick up at Paris' still very small and very tight hole.  "Hold on to something, babe," Zach told Paris.  When Paris grabbed onto a small pillow directly in front of his face, he felt Zach's dick push forward.  To help Zach's progress, Paris forced his sphincter to open by pushing out toward Zach's adult-sized dick.  Paris tried to pull away from the sudden entry of Zach's large, hard member, but was held tightly in Zach's grasp.  When Paris calmed down and got used to what was inside of him, Zach continued the push forward, getting deeper and deeper into his boyfriend until his trimmed pubes were touching Paris' butt cheeks and Zach's balls were touching Paris' perineum.

Zach planted kisses, punctuating each word he said, "Baby...I'"  Zach continued, "Just relax for a second and then we'll start."  It was as if Zach could feel the pain subsiding because when he started to pull out, Paris was now feeling more pleasure than pain.  Zach slowly thrust forward, eliciting a grunt from Paris when he grazed the boy's prostate.  With every thrust, Paris became the ever more horny; soon Paris was matching Zach's down-thrust with an up-thrust, taking Zach deeper and deeper each time.

Zach decided it was time for another position; he rolled Paris onto his back, spread the boy's legs, and kissed him passionately as he sank his dick back into his boyfriend.  Paris was panting just as hard as Zach as Zach was fucking him harder and harder, causing the bed to rock.  The sound of smacking flesh filled the room along with Paris' boyish whimpers and Zach's manly grunts.  When Zach's dick rubbed across Paris' prostate after almost twenty minutes of fucking, Paris went over the edge and shot unexpectedly, his boy seed flying and landing on his face, then on his chest, and finally pooling onto his pubic region.  Zach stopped fucking just to lean down and collect Paris' seed in his mouth and then feed it to Paris.  Zach continued fucking Paris as he was deeply kissing the boy.  After another few minutes of fucking, Zach's breathing became shallow and his pace became erratic and almost violent.  Paris was becoming excited about seeing his boyfriend come, but he was unprepared for what happened next.

Zach gave Paris a final thrust, let out a long, guttural moan, and came deep into Paris' ass.  Paris felt Zach's dick expand inside of him; he then felt the searing heat of the come, which Zach was unloading deep within his ass.  The feeling of Zach sharing himself with Paris was absolutely amazing; when tears started to stream down Paris' face, Zach became worried he had hurt his boyfriend and started to pull out.  Zach was stopped when Paris wrapped his legs around Zach's butt and forced Zach back into him.

"I don't understand," Zach said with obvious concern.  "Did I hurt you."

Paris shook his head and said, "No; this was so wonderful!  I love you, Zachie!"

"Oh, God; I love you too, baby!"

The boys shared a passionate kiss and Zach stayed inside of Paris for as long as he could muster before he got tired.  The boys showered together and went to bed; snuggled and spooning, enjoying what would be the best sleep of their lives.


Page was still confused as to why he was sitting in his fathers' office because they refused to tell him any information.

"Page," John started, "your father and I are going to ask you a few questions and we need you to answer them truthfully; okay?"


Dustin spoke next, saying, "Page, no matter what, we are your parents and we are here to protect you, okay?"


"Okay," John added, "let's get started."  John pulled up Page's file within Dawson's cloud.  "Page, have you read or watched anything within this file?"

"What are you doing going through my stuff," Page asked directing his anger toward his parents.

"Page, focus," Dustin said.

"No; what is this and why are you two snooping?"

John asked, "Page, please, we really need you to just answer the question, you can scold us later."

Page thought about what his father said and decided to go along with their demands, lest he sit here all night.  "No."

"So you haven't seen the contents of this file," John asked, trying to be certain.

"That's correct," Page said with some attitude.

"You're not lying to us are you," Dustin asked.

"No; I'm not," Page responded.  "You know I would never do that."

"Okay son," John said with as much sincerity as he could muster, "you no longer have to worry about Dawson and any troubles that come with him."


Early the following morning, Zach dropped an unusually bubbly and happy Paris off to the front door of the LeFleur-Winfield mansion.  When everyone exchanged their hellos and goodbyes, John and Dustin noticed the change in their son.

When Paris went upstairs to change for school, John felt his husband glaring at him and said, aloud, "That son-of-a-bitch!"


"Good morning, again, Sir," an unusually happy Zach said as he, John, and the other executives got into elevator twenty-eight, the executive elevator.

As the elevator stopped at the fifth floor and then the fifty-first floor, John was getting increasingly antsy and impatient and Zach's mood was not helping matters.  Ding!  "Welcome to the fifty-fifth floor," the servos voice chimed from the elevator's intercom.  As soon as the elevator doors opened, John directed Lauren and Zach toward one of the large conference rooms.

When the three entered the conference room, John disconnected the telecom, handed it to Lauren, and asked her to wait outside the room.  John walked to the control panel and shaded the glass walls facing the hallway, turned off the cameras, and silenced any open microphones in the room.  Zach was becoming increasingly nervous about John's actions, especially when John calmly locked the door.

John turned around to face Zach, who was pale and swallowing a huge lump forming in his throat.  John surprised Zach by charging and boarding him into the large window overlooking downtown Los Angeles.

"My fourteen-year-old son, Zach; what the hell were you thinking?"

"Sir, I'm sorry; one thing led to another and it just sort of happened!"

"How far did you go?"

Zach swallowed another lump forming in his throat when John asked, "oral?"  Zach nodded and when John asked, "anal," Zach nodded again.  John let his grasp on Zach's jacket loosen and added, "Go home, Zach; I can't look at you today."  As Zach started to leave the room, John, still facing the window added, "and your relationship with my son is over."


The neighbors were crowded onto Rue Imperales trying to figure out what was going on and why the Orange County Sherriff's Department on their street.

"They're going to Dave and Charlene's," one neighbor told another.

"I wonder if they did anything illegal," another neighbor questioned to no one in particular, knowing the entire crowd was thinking the same.

John and Dustin watched as a Sheriff's deputy entered the residence next to theirs.  Page came into the family room where his fathers were and looked out the large windows.

"Dads," Page asked, "what's happening at Dawson's place."

John turned to his son, put his hand on Page's shoulder and said, "Son, we told you not to worry about Dawson again."

"Dad, what did you guys do?"

"Nothing son," Dustin chimed in, "Dawson did it all himself."

Micah, Paris, Sidney, and Kai soon joined John, Dustin, and Page as they watched the deputies take Dawson away in handcuffs.  Dawson looked toward the family room, directly at Page as he was being carted away to the black SUV parked outside the driveway.

"Man; what's going on," Micah questioned.  "I just heard that Tyler Dobbs was arrested, too!"

Page's face turned blood red; without looking away from the SUV, Page asked his fathers, "What was in that file?"

"Honey," John said, "we can't tell you, but don't worry anymore, okay?"

After trying to pry more information out of his fathers but to no avail, Page just gave up and decided to take their advice; he put Dawson and all of Dawson's crap in the past.  Page was now ready to move forward, for this, he was definitely thankful.


When John came home, he noticed that Dustin was in a very happy mood.  "To what do I owe this pleasure," John asked his husband.

"I was nominated by the student body president to fill Klein's vacant position as vice-principal," Dustin exclaimed.

"That's great; so when do you start your new position?"

"Once I get confirmed by the student Senate and approved by Principal Rivera, which I know she will."

"What about the Senate?"

"The students love me, I have nothing to fear."

"Awesome; let's go celebrate!"

"Let's get something and bring it in, Paris still isn't over the Zach thing."

"Well; we did end their relationship, Paris' first relationship."

"Be a parent."

"I am!"

John immediately felt bad about his tone of voice he had taken with his husband, placed his hand on Dustin's arm, and asked, "How would you like to celebrate, honey?"


John and Dustin felt it strange and comical that they were on the receiving end, being called into Paris' room to be scolded.

John and Dustin sat side-by-side on the bed while Paris pulled up the chair from his desk and faced his parents.  Paris looked from John to Dustin and back to John again before asking, "Do either of you care about my happiness or well-being?"

Before John or Dustin could answer the question, Paris added, "I know the two of you know why I called you here, but before you jump to any conclusions, please here me out."

"Okay."  "Okay, sure."

"Zach makes me happy; happier than I've ever been in my life.  Before I met him, I didn't even think that kind of happiness was possible.  There were times when I was actually contemplating suicide."

"Paris, we had no idea," John said.

"God, son; if you need help, we're here for you."

"Good, please be here for me by letting me continue to see Zach!  When dating Zach, I have something to look forward to everyday; I have a reason to live."

"Son," John said, "think very carefully about what you're saying.  I know what it's like to feel like the walls of life are closing in on you.  I tried to commit suicide once in tenth grade and that wasn't the only time I had suicidal thoughts, and, even as happy as I am now, it won't be my last.  Zach can't possible solve these problems you're facing, if you want to see a professional, just let us know and we will get you help."

"Dads, I need him."

Dustin took his turn, adding, "Son, you shouldn't rely on a boy to keep you happy; so many things could happen in the future."

"Okay; let's make a deal, but it must be agreed to by all of us," John said.  "You agree to regular visits to a psychologist and you'll have our blessing to date Zach.  Is that okay with you, Dustin?"

"Sure," Dustin said, "but I want you to promise that if anything were to come between you and Zach, that you will not spiral out of control."

"I agree," Paris said, feeling enthused that this conversation went better than planned.

When Dustin and John left Paris' room, Dustin stopped his husband on the balcony in the foyer and asked, "Why didn't you tell me you were still having suicidal thoughts; this is something I should know."

John put his hands on either side of his husband's waist, pulled Dustin close, and replied, "I didn't want to worry you and I am seeing the company psychologist weekly, and on days when I have the thoughts.  They're not as frequent because of the medication and the help, and I'm here to stay, so you have nothing to fear.  I love you."

Dustin laid his head on his husbands chest as they swayed back-and-forth together, reveling in the other's love.  "I love you, too, honey," Dustin replied.


End of Chapter 15


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