The LeFleur-Winfield Men 16

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Page:  18, Freshman at University of Houston
Paris:  15, 10th Grade
Sidney:  12, 7th Grade
Addison Bradley:  18, Freshman at University of Houston
Kai:  12, 7th Grade
Zach:  28, John's Assistant
John:  49, Parent

Part One:  A Page's Life Chapter 16

One Year Later

Fall 2035

Page opened the room to his dorm and walked in to find two of his roommates sitting on the sofa in the commons area, chatting about something.  When Page's roomies noticed his presence, they both stood up and introduced themselves.  Sky was tall, lean, and had the most beautiful ice blue eyes Page had ever seen.  When Sky smiled, Page felt the room light up.  Chad was beefier than Sky and had darker features, but Page thought he was cute, as well.

Page discovered his roomies were first-semester freshman, just as he was.  He also found out they occupied the two private rooms on the other side of the suite and were still waiting for the final roommate to arrive.  The boys decided to go out to eat at the student union.  When Page revealed he was from southern California, he discovered Sky was also from Irvine, but went to different schools.  Chad was a local who grew up in Cy-Fair, a wealthy town outside of Houston.  The boys talked at length about just about everything in an effort to get to know their roommates.  When the discussion turned to family, Page revealed that he was adopted and had two fathers.

Sky and Chad were instantly intrigued and asked quite a few questions, including the "how is it not to have a mother" question, to which Page answered, "I wouldn't know, or care; I have to loving parents."  Page also revealed that he was gay and found out that Sky was still a little confused about his sexuality and thought that he might be bisexual.  Chad adamantly announced that he was definitely straight.


The following morning, the boys were in the common room when their final roommate walked through the main door.  Page was instantly attracted to the tall, dark, and handsome stud that waltzed into the room, all smiles and ready to mingle.

"Hey, what's up; I'm Addison," the beautiful stud said to the room.  After exchanging hellos, the boys left for orientation for their respective majors.  As it turned out, Addison and Page were both political science majors, so they sat together at orientation.  After orientation, Addison and Page decided on a restaurant to eat and get to know each other better.

After getting their food and sitting down at a window booth, Addison spoke first, asking, "So, Page, where are you from?"

"California...Orange County."

"Oh, cool; I'm from Lake Charles."

"As in Louisiana?"

"Yeah; you know where it is?"

"Yeah; my grandparents live there.  My dads and uncles are from there, too."

"Dads?  Your parents are gay?"


"That's cool.  I'm gay, too."

"So am I."

"I know."

"What, am I that obvious?"

"No, not entirely; it's subtle with you.  Jeez, that didn't come out right; haven't you ever heard of `gaydar?'  Jeez!"

Addison was looking down at his food, avoiding eye contact with Page, obviously embarrassed with his rant.  Page reached across the table and took Addison's hands into his own, forcing Addison to look at Page.  Smiling at Addison, Page forced Addison to relax and smile back.

"I was just teasing you, silly goose!"


Over the next few weeks, Addison and Page learned they shared all of the same classes.  With study groups, classes, and rooming together, Page and Addison were always together; the only exception was when Addison had work.  Tonight, the boys were ready to make it official by going to a real restaurant to celebrate the next step.

"Ooo," Page said walking into the Raw Truth Vegetarian Cafe, "How'd you know?"

"I should know you, by now!"

"True; this is going to be so cool!"

The boys ate and joked about Addison having trouble not having any meat in a meal.  The boys enjoyed the other's company while walking back to the dorms.  They also wondered why Texas Southern University was so close to the University of Houston as they walked through TSU's campus.  When the guys got back to the dorm, it was as if they knew each other from birth.  Page and Addison said their hellos to Sky and Chad and then went to Page's room.

With Page sitting on his bed, Addison climbed on top of him, pushing Page down in to a lying position.  Addison straddling Page, in a crawling position, kissing him deeply to which Page returned with earnest.  Sometime during the kissing, Addison's hands reached under Page's shirt; Addison began caressing Page's furry, well-defined pectorals.  "Wow," Addison responded, "you're furry."

"You don't like body hair?"

"No, no, I love it!  You are so beautiful."  Addison started grinding his pelvis against Paris'.  Paris pulled away from Addison to say, "Wait."  When Addison started grinding against and kissing Paris, Paris pushed him off again and said, "Wait!"

"What; what's wrong?"

"I'm not ready, yet; let's not do this on our first date."

"Okay; I can respect that.  Would you like to do?"

"Do you want to watch a movie?"

" it okay if we kiss?"


Page and Addison spent the rest of the night watching a movie and talking about whatever.  Over the next few weeks, they became extremely close, finding out information about each other and enjoying the other person's company.  Soon, the boys started throwing out "I love you's," Page feeling closeness with Addison similar to what he had with Dawson.


"Goalie; you want to be a goalie?"

Sidney, John, Kai, had just come back from hockey practice and were making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when Sidney asked John to switch from being a left wing to goaltending.

"Yeah; I've tried it before and I know I can do it."

"Why goaltending, dude," Kai asked.  "You know goalies don't get breaks and they have to work, like twice as hard as anyone else."

Sidney looked at his friend and said, "Yeah, I know; but I'd rather goal tend."

"I know you want to go pro and goaltending is the toughest position to go pro in," John said.

"I know; but I still at least want to try."

"Okay, but you have to keep your grades up and support your team," John said.  "And you have to carry your team at least to the state finals."

"Damn, dad!  Can I get my ears pierced, too?"

"If your team wins the championship this year, yes; you can get your ears pierced and you can start training as a goalie."



It was about four in the morning when Sidney felt Kai's boner push forcefully against his back and heard Kai's breathing become irregular.  Sidney knew he could not move because he was in Kai's death grip and he did not want wake his friend, so he grabbed the towel from the nightstand and waited.  Kai started mumbling Sidney's name as he was violently humping into Sidney's back for the next few minutes until he made a straining sound.  When this sound escaped his throat, he pushed his boner into Sidney's back very hard and shot his spunk up Sidney's back and his stomach and chest.

Sidney had trouble wiping the sticky mess from between him and Kai because their bodies were pressed so close together; Sidney wiped as much of Kai's come that could be reached.  Kai continued moaning as he lightly humped his friend until Sidney fell back to sleep.

The following morning, Kai awoke next to a still very sleepy and very passed out Sidney.  When Sidney came downstairs for breakfast, it was already cooked and everyone was at the table.
"Morning, Sidney," Kai said, flashing his signature smile.

"Yeah, nice of you to finally join the ranks of the living," John added.

After breakfast, Kai and Sidney were in Sidney's room changing into swimwear, Sidney into his pink Speedo and Kai into his favorite board shorts from Big Dogs.  Sidney knew his best friend had a crush on him; he also knew that Kai knew Sidney is straight.  Sidney was completely okay with sleeping naked with his friend, what he was not okay with was waking up with Kai's dried come on him.

"Kai, I think it's time we stop sleeping naked together."

"I had a feeling this day would come; is it because you're straight?"

"No; not at all!  It's just, kind of embarrassing."

"You know you can tell me anything, so shoot."

Sidney let out a nervous chuckle when Kai said shoot; Sidney decided not to stall any longer and said, "It's about you, more specifically, it's what you do in your sleep."

Kai shook his head a little while furrowing his eyebrows before turning a deep shade of red, revealing the realization of what his friend just said.  Sidney shook his head when he saw his friend turn lobster red, or as his dads would say, crawfish red.  Kai responded much quieter than his usual chipper voice, "I'm sorry, I don't know what to say."

"Either figure out a way to stop doing that, or we stop sleeping naked."

"What if I beat off before I go to sleep?"

"We can try, but if that doesn't work, we have to start sleeping with underwear on, okay?"

"Okay; man, I wish I knew what I was dreaming about when that happened," Kai said, back to his upbeat self.  Now it was Sidney's turn to blush when he turned to his friend and said, "Man, I couldn't tell you."


Nick and Matt noticed the delicate touches Zach would place on Paris.  They noticed the way the two looked at each other.  They also noticed that Paris still looked prepubescent.  As the guys dug into their pizza, Zach noticed the awkward looks he was receiving from his friends; he did not pretend ignorance of the matter.

The situation became tenser when Paris announced he had to go to the restroom, leaving Zach with his friends alone at the table.

Matt spoke first, saying, "What the fuck is your problem, mate?  That lad's going to get you thrown into gaol!"

Nick chimed in, adding, "Fuck the gaol; you're goin' to prison, me mate; if you keep fuckin' `round with `em."

Zach was getting angrier by the second listening to his friends; feeling the need to defend his boyfriend and their relationship, he responded, "I love him and we're being careful.  And don't call him lad or boy; his name is Paris."

Matt and Nick both sat back in their booth, looked at each other, and then back at Zach.  Nick asked, "And his folks?  Does your mum know that you're fuckin' `round with the lads again, you can't even come back home without her turnin' you in!"

"His parents are completely cool with our relationship and my mum can go fuck herself; now end this!"

Paris came back to the booth and sat down next to his boyfriend.  Paris was surprised to find how pleasant the conversation had turned and knew Zach had something to do with the change in tone.  When Paris smiled at his boyfriend, Zach winked back at him, giving him all the evidence he needed to prove that Zach would always protect his honor.

After the men parted from the pizzeria, Zach started the drive back to Irvine to drop Paris home; Paris was still not allowed to spend the night at Zach's apartment.  Zach thought back to his conversation with John the morning after Dustin and John allowed Paris to continue dating.

In the empty conference room, with Lauren and the telecom waiting outside in the hallway, John sat next to Zach and said, "If I find out, and I always will; if I find out you had sex of any sort, even a handjob, with my son again, I will have you murdered, dismembered and fed to the sharks!  You will never be found, am I clear?"  Zach swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat and gave a nervous reply, "Yes, sir; I understand, completely."

"You seem lost; what are you thinking about?"

"Oh nothing much; just our future together."

"Oh, what's it filled with?"

"A bright and happy blond named Paris and his adoring, loving husband named Zach."

"Aww, I can't wait to be part of that future!"

"I love you, babe."

"I love you, too."


Nearly torn off by Page was Addison's shirt when the boys returned to their dorm after a month of dating.  Addison, now standing shirtless in front of Page mimic Page's actions by violently lifting Page's shirt over his head; the boys' bodies collided, skin-to-skin, chest-to-chest, lips-to-lips, and tongue-to-tongue, with their hands exploring the back and butt of the other.  Page knew how beautiful Addison was, but so close and becoming so naked gave him a new perspective on his boyfriend.  Addison is well-shaven and keeps his hair well groomed and short; he has beautiful, thick eyebrows that frame the most beautiful teal green eyes, or so Page felt.  Addison's body was well defined and athletic; although not overtly muscular, his stomach was flat and had the definition of a developing eight-pack; his pecks were perfect, in Page's opinion, not monstrous, but perfect for his build.

Without separating from the incredible kiss, the boys began removing their own pants, one leg at a time, in a hasty manner, ready to move their relationship to the next level.  When the boys were down to their underwear, Page in his boxer trunks and Addison in his black briefs, they began humping their crotches against the other.

Addison pushed Page onto the bed and then, in one motion, pulled his underwear off, threw it across the room, and crawled onto Page.  Page accepted the deep kiss from his boyfriend as their bodies rubbed together, producing a wonderful friction between the two of them.  Addison began rubbing his hand through Page's thick chest hair and replied through a husky voice, "God, you're so hairy!"  "Do you not like it," Page queried.  Addison stopped kissing Page just long enough to answer, "Fuck, no; I love it!  But you already know that, don't you?"  Addison broke the kiss and started to bite and suck Page's neck.  Page was the hardest he had ever been in years; Addison stopped sucking on Page's neck, grabbed Page's hard six-and-a-quarter-inch dick, and took it into his mouth and down his throat.

It was apparent Addison had some practice before swallowing Page's cock for he was expertly using his mouth, tongue, and throat to massage it and create sensations unlike any Page has felt.  Page was stifling a moan when he felt a wet finger touch his hole, begging for passage.  Page opened his sphincter and allowed Addison entry to his most private region; Addison's index finger penetrated Page's hole as far as it could reach, playing with Page's prostate, making Page scream out in pleasure.

Page was so close to coming when Addison removed his mouth and his finger, smiled, and said, "My turn!"

"Aw, I was so close!"

"I know and that's why I stopped; now do me!"

Page was growing to love Addison's goofiness, unfortunately, Addison reminded him so much of Dawson.  Addison was lying on his back when Page grabbed his underwear-clad dick and began stroking, enjoying being in control for the moment.  Page hooked his fingers under the elastic of Addison's briefs and tugged them down, revealing Addison's seven-and-a-half-inch, thick, cut dick.  The only other large dick Page has ever seen or touched was Ashley's, which is now over eight-and-a-quarter-inches long and very thick.

"Nice dick," Page exclaimed, to which Addison smirked.  When Page took Addison into his mouth, Addison closed his eyes and let his head fall backwards on to the bed, enjoying the sensations Page was giving him.  Page was enjoying the moaning sounds his boyfriend was making; he especially loved the sound Addison made when he tried to suck Addison's cock down his throat.

Addison moved his hands to Page's head and started bucking his hips up, trying to shove his dick deeper into Page's throat.  When Page started choking, Addison became more gentle and apologized; something Page knew he would love about this boyfriend.

Addison had to pry Page off his dick; Addison sat up and pulled Page into a deep kiss.  While Addison was kissing Page, he started playing with Page's butthole, inserting his middle finger.  Page accepted his boyfriend's finger and said, "It's okay, I'm ready for more."  Addison smiled, kissed Page and inserted another finger, to which Page said, "More."  Addison inserted a third finger and Page said, "Give me something bigger."  Addison, with his lips still connected to Page's lips, grabbed his dick with his free hand and asked, "Is this what you want?"  Page nodded his head, lips still connected, and said, "Uh, huh."

Addison motioned for Page to sit up onto his knees and then, with Addison guiding his cock, sit down onto Addison's cock.  Page gasped as he took the large tool into himself, having taken nothing this large in his life.  Page slowly sank down the first three inches of Addison's cock before stopping to rest.  Addison kissed Page while he waited for Page to adjust to his large tool and apply a condom.  Page continued to lower onto Addison's large member, taking three more inches into his body, and then waiting.  "You're so big," Page said.  "You're almost there," Addison responded.  Page looked into Addison's eyes and said, "You can do it."  Addison grabbed Page's shoulders and shoved the last inch-and-a-half into Page's rectum, causing Page to inhale deeply.  After waiting for a few minutes, Page decided he was ready to take what his boyfriend had to offer.

Addison began to pump his dick in and out of Page's rectum, enjoying the tightness.  The pain Page feeling was excruciating as he was still adjusting to Addison's thickness; he hugged Addison and held his head against Addison's.  "I love you," Addison whispered into Page's ear, to which Page echoed back, "I love you, too."

After ten minutes of slow fucking, Page loosened up and the pain had almost completely subsided; Page, now moaning in pleasure was ready for a new position and as if Addison could read his mind, he stood up, Page still connected, and laid Page down on the bed and started fucking him deeply.  Page was now moaning loudly, encouraging Addison to fuck him harder and faster.

After another thirty minutes of fucking, Page, without warning came, with come hitting him on the chin and landing in his mouth.  Addison stopped fucking Page so that he could lick up Page's come; after swallowing the first mouthful of Page's come, Addison said, "You're really sweet!"  Page was still out of breath and did not get a chance to respond when Addison started fucking him hard and fast again.  After another five minutes of rabbit fucking, Page felt Addison's cock expand and felt Addison's come fill the condom inside his ass.

Addison was out of breath and sweating when he collapsed on his boyfriend, removing his dick and taking the condom off.  The boys kissed passionately and passed out, Page wrapped up tightly in Addison's arms.


End of Chapter 16


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