The LeFleur-Winfield Men 17

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Page:  19, Freshman at UH
Paris:  16, 10th Grade
Addison:  18, Freshman at UH
Zach:  29, John's Assistant
Darren & Jesse:  48 & 48, Dustin's twin brother and his husband

Part One:  A Page's Life Chapter 17

Spring 2036

Excited to start the next semester with his boyfriend, Page met Addison early at the dorm they chose to share.  The boys' rooms were across from the other, but they would share a room.

"Kinda nice to share a room this semester, huh," Addison said while hooking up the flat panel.

"Sure is, hon," Page responded while hanging Addison's clothes in the closet.  "Kinda nice to get here before everyone else, huh."

Addison chuckled and responded, "Are you making fun of me?"

"No," Page responded before, in a sly manner, saying, "Okay, maybe a little; you are always tardy to everything in life."

Addison ran across the room and tried to wrestle Page to the ground.  Taken by surprise, Page was pinned down by Addison; before Addison could maneuver his body onto Page's, Page broke free of Addison's grip and flipped Addison onto his back.  Page straddled Addison, held Addison's arms above Addison's head, and began dry humping Addison's crotch.  Addison grabbed Page's ass with both hands and began kneading Page's cheeks.

Just as the boys started to kiss and undo each other's belts, Chad and Sky came waltzing into their room.

"Ooo, free porn," Sky said in an obvious cheery mood.

"Man, am I the only straight dude in this dorm," Chad asked no one in particular in a joking mood.

Page looked up at Chad and Sky and said, "Hey, what's up guys?"  He then directed his attention towards Chad and added, "You're not the only straight dude here; Sky is still questioning his sexuality."

"No he isn't," Chad responded.

"I'm bi," Sky said, smiling brightly.

Page smiled and said, "Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm in a minority here, as well."

The boys decided to go out to get something to eat after the finished unpacking their items into their respective rooms.  Sky revealed that he began seeing a cute boy from Georgia and that he would introduce him to in a couple of days.  As the boys were catching up on outrageous stories that happened during the Christmas break, a couple of guys walked up to the group eliciting an exchange of hugs, "hellos," and "what's happenin's" between the couple and Page.

Page introduced the tall guy with a medium build and a buzz cut first, saying, "Guys, this is my friend Oli.  We're both on the wrestling team."

After the men exchanged handshakes and fistbumbs with Oli, Page introduced the second guy, adding, "This is Jay; we were in art together last year and it turns out he's majoring in PoliSci!  He's also from So Cal, which is pretty cool."  Jay was just over five-foot-nine and had a body built for rugby.  When Jay and Oli joined the conversation with Page, Addison, and their roommates, Page noticed Addison was being somewhat disrespectful towards Oli and Jay, but for no apparent reason.

When the boys parted ways, Page pulled Addison aside and blasted him, saying, "Well, that was rude; why were you treating my friends like that?"

Addison looked at Page and, in all seriousness, asked, "You're not sleeping with either of them, are you?"


"Well; are you?"

"Wow; I'm not going to even entertain this absurdity."  Pointing in the direct opposite of their original path, Page said, "I'm going to go this way, and you're not going to follow me.  I'll talk to you later."

Page turned around and left in his said direction, leaving Addison standing in his current position, staring as his boyfriend walked away.


Page and his friend, Jack, were sitting in the commons area of the dorm suite studying when Addison walked through the door.  Page hugged and kissed Addison and introduced him to Jack, a cute, twinkish kid with brown hair and hazel eyes.  Addison thought the boy was extremely cute, but was also getting extremely close to his boyfriend.  Every time Page was out late, he was studying with Jack and a combination of other students; but the common denominator was always Jack.  Addison knew that Jack and Page were both going for the same majors, one in political science and another in journalism.

When Jack and Page finished studying, Jack stayed over for a while, hanging out with Page on one of the balconies.  The boys chatted about whatever came to mind, enjoying their bonding moment; when it came time for Jack to leave, Page hugged his friend.  Addison, who was watching the two from the glass door, burst through the door and pushed Jack out of Page's grasp, much to the shock of Page and Jack.

When Jack landed on the concrete floor, he yelled, "Man, what the fuck?"

Addison turned to Page and said, "Get back into the room, now!"

Page responded to his boyfriend's command with, "Excuse me?"

Addison responded, "Don't make me repeat myself!  Get your ass in that room, right now!"

By now, Jack was standing and watch the exchange between Page and his boyfriend; Jack got between Page and Addison and said, "I don't know what the fuck your problem is, but it's nothing compared to the problem you're about to have if you don't turn the fuck around and get away from Page, right now!"

Addison, now feeling insulted, looked from Jack, then to his boyfriend, and back to Jack again before saying, "Fuck the both of you!  You two deserve each other!"  With that, Addison turned around and went back to the dorm room.

Jack turned around, put his hands on Page's shoulders, and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine; I should be asking you that!"

"I'm fine," Jack said, pausing before adding, "If you don't want to go back to your dorm, you can always stay with me for the weekend."

"Thanks for the offer, but that'll probably make things worse.  Clearly, Addi has some issues and now is not the time to try to deal with them.  I have a place to stay, don't worry about me."

Jack waited outside until Darren, Page's uncle and Dustin's twin brother, picked Page up.  When Darren pulled up, Page hugged Jack and watched as Jack went back into the building.


After a day of scuba diving, parasailing, and rock climbing, Paris and Zach were exhausted.  After treating Paris to a very expensive dinner, Zach and Paris were at the LeFleur-Winfield front door.  Zach hugged his boyfriend and said, "I'll see you next week."

"It's Saturday," Paris said.  "I wish I could spend the night with you."

"C'mon, baby; you know the rules."

John and Dustin were standing in the living room archway when Zach planted a tender, long kiss on Paris' lips. When the kiss was broken, Paris watched as Zach walked out the front door.  When Paris went into the sunroom to ride the elevator to the third floor, John and Dustin went out the front door and stopped Zach just as he was putting the car in drive.

Zach put the car in park and said, "Yes, sirs; what can I do for you?"

John answered, "Dustin and I have been thinking and paying attention to you and Paris."

Dustin completed, "We decided that Paris will be allowed to continue to spend the night at your apartment starting next weekend."

Surprised and relieved, Zach said, "So you guys don't hate me?"

John responded, "No Zach, we don't hate you.  It's obvious you two love each other and we feel our son is getting old and mature enough to understand the boundaries we've set and we need you to respect those boundaries as well."

Dustin added, "Paris will be looking up to you as a role model, so you're just as much a guardian to him as you are his boyfriend.  This will make your relationship as the only responsible adult in it much more complicated.  Please respect our wishes."

"Yes, sir, yes, sir; thank you.  Good night."

"Good night," John and Dustin responded, in unison.

The men watched as Zach drove off, back towards Los Angeles.


"So, do tell us about this crazy boyfriend, Page," Jesse said, while making yogurt parfaits.

Darren was sitting in the kitchen reading an article on his iPad; he put the tablet on the counter when Page told them about Addison.  He ended the story with, "Everything started out fine, but now, he's basically a `stage five clinger.'"

Jesse added, "He has some serious jealousy issues!"

Jesse was sprinkling glazed pecans onto the strawberry and blueberry yogurt parfaits when Darren said, "Either nip this thing in the bud, or stop dating him.  Trust me, it's not worth the drama!"

Jesse spoke next, asking, "How long have you two known each other?"

"Since last semester; but I feel kind of bad just dropping the axe on him like this."

Darren reiterated, "You're not in engaged to him, nor are you even `engaged-to-be-engaged;' if you feel this relationship is irreparable, then get out before someone gets hurt.  You're young and he's young, you two will find someone compatible."

"Okay; I see where you're right."

Page spent the rest of the day with his uncles, knowing he had to go back to the dorms tomorrow to face Addison; the thought of being in another abusive relationship gave Page chills.


Page walked into the dorm the following afternoon to find it empty, something typical for Chad and Sky, who went to church services.  Page walked into his and Addison's room to find Addison sitting on the bed, surfing the net on his laptop.  When Page closed the door behind him, Addison refused to look away from the screen, and said, "Who did you sleep with last night?"

Fighting the urge to replace Addison's head with his fist, Page, through clinched teeth, responded, "No one; what the hell is your problem?"

"My problem; you're the one with the problem!"

"You need to calm down before I talk to you."

"I do not have to calm down; I have every right to be angry right now.  I have no idea where you were, you did not pick up your phone!  You had me worried!"

"That was my bad and I'm sorry for that, I was being childish; but so are you!"

"How so?"

"Please don't insult my intelligence; you've been attacking my friends, all of whom are straight, because you think I'm cheating on you with them."

"Well, are you?"

"Dude, straight!  Doesn't that word mean anything to you?"

"I'm done with this conversation; obviously you still have a few issues to work out."

"Yes I do; I have issues with you and your jealousy!"

"Well, what the fuck?  I love you, that's why I get jealous."

"That's not healthy, Addi; if you want to get help, I'll stick by you."

"I don't need help!"

"If you don't get help, I can't be with you."

"Don't be ridiculous."

"If you would have endured the last relationship I was in, you would understand where I'm coming from."

"So, are you telling me you want to end this?"

"I don't want to end our relationship, but I'll end this relationship if I feel I have to."

"And you're feeling that right now."


"Okay; let's end it."

"Okay, Addi.  You're still welcome to be my friend."

"Yeah, what the fuck ever!"

For the remainder of the semester, Addison and Page decided to go their separate ways, crossing paths only in the dorm and in classes.  The never spoke again and Page knew that he would likely never room with Addison again to reduce the tense situation with the roommates.


Zach and Paris walked into Zach's apartment after a very nice dinner.  Paris was feeling extra frisky and was ready for a night of fun with his boyfriend.  Before Zach closed the door to the apartment, Paris leaped onto his torso, wrapping Paris' legs around Zach's waist.  Zach slammed the door closed as Paris stuck his tongue down Zach's throat.

When Paris broke the kiss, in a frantic manner, he exclaimed, "Make love to me, Zach; I need to feel you inside me!"

Zach looked at his boyfriend in a pained manner, but before he could say anything, Paris piped up, adding, "Please, Zach; my dads won't find out this time!"

"Sorry, Paris," Zach said, walking to the sofa and letting his boyfriend down onto his back, with Zach leaning on top of Paris.  "I love you and part of that love for you is respecting those who you love the most.  I have to respect your parents."



"What about oral?"


"A handjob?"

"Paris, no!"

"Can we beat off together?"

Zach thought about what his boyfriend suggested and decided it could not hurt.  "Sure, we could do that."

Zach watched as his boyfriend quickly disrobed, shucking his shirt, shoes, and socks across the floor.  When Paris reached for his belt, Zach grabbed his hands to stop him.  Zach peered into his boyfriend's eyes as he began unbuckling his belt.  Paris was so entranced with Zach's stare, he barely noticed when Zach lowered his zipper and then his shorts to the floor.  When Paris stepped out of his shorts, he lowered himself to catch Zach's lips in a passionate kiss.  When the kiss was broken, Zach whispered to his boyfriend, "I love you!"  Paris smiled, stroked his boyfriend's face, and echoed, "I love you!"

Paris reached grabbed the bottom of Zach's polo and lifted it over his head; after Zach stood up, Paris, still on his knees, started to unbuckle Zach's belt.  When Zach's pants were lowered, Paris grabbed Zach's protruding boner and started squeezing and stroking.  Zach grabbed Paris hand, stopped the stroking and said, "Now, now; you know we can't do that!"

Zach smiled when Paris stuck his bottom lip out and started to pretend pouting.  Zach grabbed Paris by the arms, picked the boy up, cradled Paris into his arms, and threw the boy onto the sofa.  Zach started tickling his boyfriend, making Paris curl into a fetal position.  Paris' laughter was something Zach could never get enough of and he treasured every smiling moment with Paris.  When Paris stopped laughing, he looked into Zach's eyes; before the boy could say anything, Zach leaned forward and kissed him passionately, grabbing the boy's underwear-clad dick.  The deeper Zach kissed Paris, the harder he stroked the boy's dick.

Zach released his grip on Paris' crotch and Paris' mouth; Zach grabbed Paris' underwear by the elastic and pulled them down the boy's legs, exposing his six-and-a-half-inch dick.  When Paris' dick slapped against his stomach, Zach let out a whistle and replied, "Wow!  You're almost as big as me, baby; and you've finally got a nice bit of pubes, too!"

Paris smiled at Zach's praise of his body, enjoying the thought that he has a dick as large as that of an adult.  Zach stood up and lowered his underwear, exposing his seven-inch-dick and trimmed pubes.  Zach sat down next to Paris and tapped his lap, instructing his boyfriend to sit on his lap.  Paris sat on Zach's lap, facing his boyfriend, and leaned forward to plant a kiss on Zach's lips.

Zach put his arm around Paris's butt and started stroking himself, with his forehead touching Paris'.  Zach watched as Paris began to stroke his large boy cock; Paris slowly stroked himself, matching Zach's speed.  Paris began playing with Zach's hair, before moving down to Zach's chest and nipples.  Zach was chanting "I love you's" to Paris as he was tugging himself a little faster.  Paris grabbed the back of Zach's neck and pulled Zach closer; Paris kissed his boyfriend deeply as Paris' hand started to move at jackrabbit speed.  When Zach grabbed Paris' ass and started kneading it, Paris began rocking his hips.  Paris moaned into Zach's mouth when he came onto Zach's chest, stomach, pubes, and crotch.  Zach continued beating off and squeezing Paris' ass cheek.  When Paris leaned forward, Zach stuck his middle finger to the first knuckle inside of his boyfriend.  When Zach felt the warmth and tightness of Paris' insides, he lost all control, yelled aloud, and came, shooting his seed over Paris' shoulder, hitting the boy's ear.  Zach's other shots landed on Paris' chin, neck, chest, stomach, and crotch; after Zach was spent, he and his boyfriend rubbed their crotches together and kissed until they got tired.  That night, Zach enjoyed the feel of having his boyfriend so close while he slept; the boys enjoyed spooning naked that night, and Zach was determined never to mess this arrangement up again.


End of Chapter 17


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