The LeFleur-Winfield Men 2

by John Michael

In this Chapter:

Page:  14, 8th Grade
Dawson:  15, 9th Grade
Dustin & John, 43 & 44; Parents

Part One:  A Page's Life -- Chapter 2

Spring 2031

It was Wednesday before Easter and OVHS had just let out for Spring Break.  Page and Dawson were riding home from school, excited about their plans for the weekend.

"Can I ask you a question," Page queried his boyfriend.

"Of course, babe."

"Are you cheating or planning to cheat on me?"

"Whoa, that's forward.  Who put you up to this, your brother?"

"It started with something he said, but no, he didn't put me up to anything.  I just want an answer from you."

"Do you trust me?"

"Do I have a reason not to?"


"Okay, answer the question."

"I already did, all three of them."


"So that's it?"

"Yeah, that's it.  I trust you and I believe you.  And I love you."

"Thank you, I love you, too, babe."  Dawson needed an immediate change in topic, so he decided to start discussing the weekend plans with his boyfriend.  "Are you ready for the weekend?"

"Yes.  I even bought extra lube."

Dawson looked at the beaming smile on his boyfriend's face and decided that their issue was settled.  "Okay, that'll be fun, trust me, but I hope you bring more than that, you can't survive on cum alone!"

The boys continued their playful banter until Dawson's driver dropped off Page.


"Be safe," Dustin said to Page as he and Dawson were headed out the door to the fully packed Jeep.  The sun was just rising on what was to be a beautiful Thursday and weekend.

"Dad, don't worry, Dawson's manny will be there with us!"

"He is not my manny; he's my driver!"

John smiled at the boys and told them to be careful.  "And be back Sunday evening before dinner!  Also, if you boys need anything at all, call us and we'll be there before you know it."

"Okay dad.  Love you guys, see you in a few days."


When Page awoke, he looked out the window and noticed he was surrounded by beautiful mountains.  Dawson was looking out the window at the road they were traveling.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

"Yes it is...what is it?"

"It is the San Bernardino Mountains.  We're camping here."

"Awesome!  About earlier, I-"

"Can we just put that behind us, you said you trust me, that's all that matters.  We're here to have fun, so let's do just that.  I wanted us to have a chance to escape all the crap that surrounds us back home...and have a little fun while we're at it!"

This comment elicited a smile from Page, who, for the first time since the country club incident, felt at ease.  He loved that Dawson had the ability to have that effect on him.  Page hoped to marry Dawson, his high school sweet heart, just as his fathers married each other.

Just as he completed that thought, the Land Rover turned right off of Route 38 and onto Jenks Lake Road West.

"We're almost to our first destination, babe!"

"Ooo, swimming; I hope it's a nudist community!"

Dawson could not contain his laughter and became hysterical at his boyfriend's comment.  Dawson's laughter was contagious, a few seconds into his hysterics, the floodgates of Page's laughter burst open.


"We're here, sir," Dawson's driver announced.  A few moments later, the SUV turned down a winding bend and stopped at a parking lot, the lake was visible.  It was nearly four in the afternoon and Dawson decided they could swim for a few hours before setting up a picnic and then going to the campgrounds.  The boys both changed into their bathing suits, Dawson in his board shorts and Page in his red Speedos that did not leave much to the imagination when he was erect.

After a couple hours of play, Dawson and Page moved to an area of trees at one corner of the lake.  Dawson moved closer to his boyfriend and embraced him in a very sensual and passionate kiss that translated to Page, "I love you."  The boys began gyrating their crotches together, causing them to become aroused.  Page pulled his face back, taking in the imagery of his blond, teal-eyed, jock boyfriend.  Dawson's five-inch pecker was sticking straight out and between the legs of Page, pushing at the fabric of his shorts.  The boys' lower bodies were still submerged, so they still had some privacy; Dawson freed his dick from the confines of his shorts, put his hands on each of his Page's butt cheeks, and humped against Page's crotch.  Page's hard four-inch, thick, for his age, dick was stretching the fabric of his Speedos, enjoying the sensations coming from Dawson's dick.  The boys' breathing started to become labored when Dawson pulled away.

"Let's save this for later; it's time to eat," Dawson said, breathlessly.

"Fuck, it was just getting good!"

Dawson gave the tip of his boyfriend's nose a quick like and a kiss, something they had started doing a couple of months ago.

"I love it when you do that," Page smiled after the kiss, getting out of the water, still aroused, the outline of his dick very noticeable through the thin fabric of his Speedo.  Dawson stared at his boyfriend's aroused state as he got out of the water and his Speedo-clad ass as he started to walk up to the beach.

"Are you coming, or what?"

"With you dressed like that, I don't think I'll ever be able to get out of this lake!"

"These people are tourists that we'll likely never see again, who cares what they think.  If you want what's in this shiny red package," Page said while rubbing the outline of his dick, starting from the base at the top of his dick, circling the head, and tracing the outline to the base on the bottom, "you're going to have to get out of that lake!"   Page grabbed his dick and started to jack himself off through the Speedo fabric, with tourists staring at him, shocked.  He noticed a few older men who were looking at him practically drooling.

Dawson decided that it was time he got out of the lake before someone made a fuss to a park ranger.  When his pelvis surfaced, his boner was noticeable and sticking straight out, pointing the way to the parking lot.

"That ought to give the old pervs something to jack-off to tonight," Page said, smiling at his boyfriend.

"Who said they'll wait until tonight."

Page looked in the direction of the very interest older men only to find they had either already left, or moved to a new vantage point; one even had binoculars!

"Where are we eating?"

"Not here!"


Dawson had picked his favorite spot to camp; it was secluded, something his family enjoyed when they came to the park.

Page looked around, affirming that they were out of site before pulling off his Speedo.  Dawson looked on wide-eyed as his boyfriend continued to unload the SUV and set up the campsite naked.  Noah, Dawson's driver began setting up his tent when Page sat down on the blanket for the picnic.  Dawson joined his boyfriend on the blanket.

"What; are you an exhibitionist, now?"

"I always have been.  Ash and I walk around naked in the pool house all the time."

"Humph; that's awesome."

"C'mon; take off your shorts!"

Dawson stood up and began slowly undoing the strings and Velcro on his shorts.  He exposed his trimmed dirty blond pubes as he slowly opened his shorts.  When he exposed the base of his rapidly expanding cock, he turned, slowly, and faced the opposite direction of Page.  He then put his hands on his side, between his skin and his shorts and slowly pushed the shorts down, bending over and exposing his pucker, perineum, and balls to Page, who was rock hard and deftly playing with himself.  Dawson put one hand one his cock, hiding everything except his pubes and balls and turned to face his boyfriend.  Dawson smiled his biggest, toothiest smile toward his boyfriend.

"Don't make me beg!"

Dawson slowly began moving his hand down his steel hard five-inch shaft until just the head was in his fist.  When he removed his hand, the evidence of his arousal was stuck to his hand and still connected to his dick, glistening in the setting sun.

"Let's hurry and eat, I'm horny and I need that dick in me right now!"

"No argument here!"


After the boys finished devouring their food, they began to devour each other, kissing, nibbling, and licking every inch of flesh on the other's body.  Page was in bliss as Dawson was sucking and licking his neck.  Dawson kissed Page's cheeks with light pecks and then continued to his lips for an impassioned kiss as the boys wrapped their arms around each other, Dawson on top with his arms around Page's neck and Page's arms around Dawson's back, with pelvises grinding.  Dawson began to kiss downward to the treasure, starting at his boyfriend's chin, then down to his suprasternal notch, where he stopped to lick him, covering the area with his saliva.  Dawson continued to his boyfriend's chest, paying close attention to the right nipple, causing Page to sigh with ecstasy.  Dawson crossed Page's defined chest with his tongue, feeling his boyfriend quiver under him as he traveled to Page's left nipples.  Once Dawson licked his boyfriend's left nipple, Page's mid-section arched upward.  Shivers went up and down Page's body like electricity.  Dawson already knew, from experience, that this was Page's biggest erogenous zone, other than the other obvious area, of course.  Dawson continued the assault on Page's nipple, causing Page to whimper and squirt pre-cum onto Dawson's chest.  Dawson giggled when he felt his boyfriend's cock bounce against his body; he continued his crusade downward across Page's body.  

As young as Page is, he already has a happy trail that extends on one end a quarter of an inch past his belly button and into a nice bush of pubes on the other end.  Dawson was much smoother, he did not have a happy trail, his pubes, even when not trimmed, were very much in control, his balls were still hairless, his asshole was just starting to get hair around it, and his armpit hairs were non-existent.  Page, however, had a good amount of armpit hair, hair on his balls, hair on his perineum, and hair around his hole.  Page was destined to be hairy, and Dawson planned to see that his boyfriend stayed shaved, as he is now, with the exception of his happy trail and his pubes.

Dawson made a pit stop at his boyfriend's bellybutton, soaking the area with his saliva-covered tongue.  Dawson continued moving down, now planting light kisses down Page's happy trail and pubic area.  Dawson maneuvered his tongue under Page's shaft and began licking Page's balls, one-by-one, covering them in saliva.  Page's dick was so hard, it hurt.  He always enjoyed Dawson's teasing, but was becoming anxious to get off.  Dawson began tonguing Page's piss-slit and under his foreskin, enjoying the taste of his boyfriend's pre-cum, which was pumping out continuously.   Page was whimpering uncontrollably from the edging Dawson was giving him.  Just as he began to wonder would Dawson ever stop teasing him, Dawson plunged all the way down Page's shaft, his lips stopping at the base of his boyfriend's dick, his nose buried in his boyfriend's pubes, Page's dick now entering Dawson's throat.  Page let out a very audible grunt when Dawson kept Page in his throat for a few more seconds.

Dawson began blowing his boyfriend in earnest.  When Dawson went down on Page, he used his tongue to envelope the underside of Page's dick.  Once at the base of Page's dick, Dawson would stick his tongue out to lick Page's balls.  Page began to fuck Dawson's face, holding his boyfriend's head as he slammed into Dawson's face.  Page's breath labored his body slick with sweat.  He felt his balls drew tight in their sack.

"I'm coming!"

"Um, hmm."

"Hrmph!"  Page grunted loudly as he pumped he came into his Dawson's mouth.  Page's first shot filled Dawson's mouth and throat, he hurriedly swallowed it, just in time for the second shot.  Dawson swallowed the second shot and let the third, fourth, and fifth shots pool in his mouth.  Dawson swished Page's seed around his mouth, savoring the interesting flavor.  Page's come was always very sweet, something Dawson had never experienced before and was surprised by when he first took Page into his mouth -- he loved the flavor.
Dawson sat up, grabbed his dick, and spat the remaining seed on the head and let it pool into his hand around the tip of his dick.  Dawson stroked Page's seed down his shaft, lubing himself up for the next part of the session.  Dawson looked at his boyfriend, who was lying on his back with his legs spread and asshole exposed.  He looked so vulnerable, Dawson loved that position; it made him feel in control and powerful.

Dawson moved closer and stuck the tip of his cum-slick dick at his boyfriend's hole.  He pushed his head passed Page's ring, causing Page to gasp from the sharp pain of entry.  Dawson leaned closer to his boyfriend and began kissing him deeply and passionately.  Page wrapped his legs around Dawson's mid-section while Dawson slowly forced the full length of his shaft into him.  Once Dawson was balls-deep, he leaned back, allowing Page to put his legs on his shoulders for deeper entry.  Dawson pulled his dick out until just the head was inside of Page.  Dawson looked directly into Page's eyes as he plunged his dick completely into him.  Dawson repeated this, long-dicking his boyfriend at a steady and sensual pace for the next twenty minutes.

As if reading the other's mind, Dawson pulled out and Page turned over onto his stomach; Dawson climbed onto Page and plunged his dick into Page to the base.  Dawson moved knees up to the sides of Page's hips, straddling him.  Dawson put his leaned forward onto his fists and began pounding Page mercilessly.  Page did not like when Dawson was this rough, but he knew it would not last long.  After a minute of heavy pounding, Dawson began grunting loudly; Page can feel his boyfriend's cock pulsating inside of his bowels.  A few seconds later, he could feel Dawson pumping him with shot after shot of his hot seed.  Dawson kept fucking his boyfriend irregularly and violently as he filled Page's guts.  When he finally came down from his high, Dawson collapsed onto Page, his dick still lodged into Page.  The boys stayed together like that for the next few minutes, before they decided to get up and go to the tent for bed.

"You don't want to take a shower," Dawson queried.

"No...too exhausted!"

"I hate being dirty-"

"I know; we'll do it tomorrow morning.  C'mon, it won't be that bad."

"Okay, you're right, I'm tired, too.  I don't feel like hiking to the showers."

The Page laid down, still naked.  Dawson came behind his boyfriend and spooned him, both boys enjoying the feel of the other.

Page turned his head and looked into his boyfriend's eyes.  "I am so in love with you, you know that?"

"Yes, I love you very much, too, babe.  Now come here and kiss me so we can go to sleep!"

The boys shared a passionate kiss and continued talking until they fell asleep a few minutes later.


The rest of the weekend, Page and Dawson hiked throughout the mountainous region.  They camped, joked, laughed, and fucked, all the while, Page fell more into love with Dawson.  Life could not be better at that moment.


End of Chapter 2


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