The LeFleur-Winfield Men 4

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Page:  14, 9th Grade
Dawson:  15, 10th Grade
Tyler Dobbs:  15, 10th Grade
Andy:  15, 10th Grade
Ashley:  15 -- 16, 11th Grade
Micah Caveat:  14 -- 15, 10th Grade
Paris:  11, 6th Grade
Sidney:  8, 3rd Grade
John & Dustin:  45 & 44, Parents

Part One:  A Page's Life -- Chapter 4

Fall 2031

"Hi, John and Dustin; I'm glad you two could come in today," Melissa Lisle said with reserved enthusiasm.  Melissa is the agent who handled the adoptions of Paris and Sidney.

"I don't understand, is there something wrong with one of the adoptions," Dustin asked, sounding a lot less enthused.


"Should we have brought our lawyer," John asked, clearly worried.

"John, Dustin, breathe for a moment!  This has nothing to do with your adoptions and everything to do with how well you two parent."

"Uh, huh," John said, not convinced.

"Okay, do we get a reward, or something," Dustin asked, chuckling a little, but still concerned.

"No, not exactly, I've got something better; a chance to prove just how great your parenting skills really are."

Dustin and John looked at each other, still a little perplexed, as Melissa opened a small binder.

"Okay, let me introduce Micah.  He is from San Marcos, Texas, and needs foster parents."

"How long has he been in the system," Dustin asked.  "He's fourteen!"

"He is new to the system.  His mother died when he was born and he had been living with his father ever since.  Either his grandparents have passed-on or left the country years ago and can no longer be found, or no longer want to be found.  It was discovered that his father was abusing him mentally, emotionally, and physically."

"Was there any sexual abuse," John asked.

"Nothing that could be proved."

"But you have your doubts," Dustin queried.

"His father is a creep and there was something about the boy that just screamed, `help me,' in such a way, I knew something more sinister than what was discovered was going on.  There was no proof, though."

"This is dangerous, you know.  He could turn our family completely upside-down," John said, sounding a little worried.

"I don't expect you to make a decision today, come back to me in a week, we can discuss it then."

"Another question, before we leave," Dustin mused.  "Why is he in California and not Texas, are there no group homes in Texas?"

"No, he's still in Texas; we're part of a larger network of group homes.  One of our specialties, other than traditional adoptions, is finding homes and families for `at risk' children and older children.  I found this case, and thought of how well you two are doing with your boys, that's why you were my first contact.  I also want to get this done as soon as possible, let's not forget, this isn't a number we're discussing, this is a human being, a child waiting for a loving home."

"You are good.  We'll come back in a week with our decision," John said.

John and Dustin got up and shook the Melissa's hand and both left her office with a great deal to discuss and consider, after all, this was "a child waiting for a loving home."


Dawson and Page were walking along the boardwalk when Andrew Oakley and Tyler Dobbs spotted them and started walking towards the couple.  Page immediately became uncomfortable, and protective of Dawson, he was ready to pounce.

"So what are the two lovebirds doing," Tyler asked in a snarky attitude.

"Hey, Tyler, Andrew," Dawson said hurriedly, cutting off a potentially sarcastic comment from Page.

Tyler waved Dawson over; Dawson and Tyler went down to the beach to talk, leaving Andy and Page behind on the boardwalk.

"So, are you two dating, now?"

"No," Andy chuckled.  "We decided to just keep it simple; we're fuckin'!"

"Really; how is he?"

"Rough, but I like it."

"I heard he's pretty selfish in bed; you know, not caring if his partner orgasms."

Andy looked toward the ground and sighed, "We're working on it, but I'm not his boyfriend, so what say have I?"

"Wow," Page smiled.  "Cute and grammatically correct, it's no wonder Dawson swoons when he sees you."

"Is that why you don't like me?"

"I don't not like you; I'm just a little protective of Dawson, that's all," Page replied, putting his hands in his pockets and looking toward his boyfriend and Tyler.  "You're not the first to distract him, and you won't be the last."

"Okay; I'm glad we got this settled.  Here they come."

Dawson and Tyler looked like they just conspired to kill a priest; this gave Page an uneasiness that he brushed to the side.

"Ready," Dawson asked Page.

"Yeah, let's go."

The boys said bye to each other and parted ways, Andy and Tyler going in one direction, and Dawson and Page in another.

"What was that about?"

"Nothing; Tyler just wanted to ask me for some tips in the bed, before he and Andy go past third base."

Now Page was pissed, either Andy was lying, or his boyfriend was, he hated not knowing.  Page also hated the person Dawson transformed into after spending just a few moments with Tyler.


The boys all met in the family room on the second floor.  It was on the west side of the mansion and separated the game room and the gym and spa.  The room had huge floor to ceiling windows on the outer wall, opposite that of the door leading to the second floor of the massive three-story foyer.

The boys were discussing and speculating amongst themselves when John and Dustin walked into the room.  "Do you want to tell us what this is about," Ashley asked, standing and taking the initiative, playing the part of the eldest brother.

"Settle down, we'll get to it, just everyone, have a seat," John said, playing his role of disciplinarian.

"We have something to discuss with everyone, and we would like your input," Dustin added.

"Remember, everyone gets a vote in the matter; the votes are confidential, so as not to influence or intimidate anyone here."

"So, now that we have your attention, I guess we should begin."

As a pair of tennis players would with a ball, John and Dustin went back and forth, discussing the issue of fostering and possibly adopting Micah, giving them another brother.

"Okay, now you will have until Friday to vote, and then we'll make our decision from there," John said to the boys.

"If you have any questions, feel free to come to either of us at any time," Dustin finished.  "Formulate your own opinions, guys."

John and Dustin stayed and answered a few questions from the boys, but left them to their devices, awaiting a vote at the end of the week.


By the end of the week, Paris was the last vote delivered to John and Dustin.  This tied the vote at two-two.  The men decided, over the weekend, that they should try to fostering Micah; if all goes well, they would visit the idea of adopting, if not, then, unfortunately, Micah would have to find another family.

The following Monday, John and Dustin delivered their verdict; by Thursday, Micah was on his way to what could become his new home.  John had taken the rest of the week off to help him settle.

"Okay, Micah," John said, enthusiastically.  "Dustin and the boys won't be home until after school, so we'll have enough time to get you settled, pick a room, there are two to choose from, and get any clothes or groceries you may need.

"C'mon; let's go upstairs to pick your room.  We can bring the luggage up, later."

John showed Micah the first room, a rectangular nine-foot-by-eighteen-foot space with a walk-in closet and a bathroom.  The second room Micah saw was a strange shaped room that was the same size, just not rectangular.  Micah walked around, looked out the large windows, went into the bathroom and looked out the large windows in the shower.  He walked back into the room and lay down on the bed.

"So, is this the room you want?"

Without acknowledging John, Micah just put his wireless earbuds on and closed his eyes.

Well, John thought.  I guess this is will do.

After he finished bringing up Micah's luggage, all one suitcase and one backpack, John sat down on the bed next to Micah.  This action elicited a complete freak-out moment from Micah, complete with yelling and pushing.

"Whoa, whoa," John said, surprised at Micah's reaction.

"What do you want?!"

"I wanted to know if you wanted anything, like to eat, or if you wanted to go shopping."

"No, I'm fine."

"I also came up here to tell you that you are about to meet my husband and my kids, four of them to be exact."

"Oh my god, you're queer!  I can't have this crap!  I want out, now!"

Micah said this with a completely stoic face; John's face was much less stoic and even more shocked and horrified.

Micah smirked and replied, "I'm just fuckin' kidding, dude; I already knew you guys were gay before I came here.  So, when am I going to meet the fam?"

"Don't kid like that, I don't like it; and don't say the `f-word,' in any form, that includes the `f-a-g-word' as well.  And do not call me or my husband, `dude.'  You may call us by our names or `dad.'"

"Okay; so strict."

"Not really; we just have certain expectations of our sons, that category includes yourself."

"So, do I call you `Dad 1' or `Dad 2'?"

"Just `dad.'"

"I think I'll stick with first names.  Can I have some alone time?"

"Sure, just don't forget, you still have to meet the rest of your family."

Micah nodded and landed back onto the bed as John turned and left the room.


Micah and John were waiting in the family room on for Dustin and the boys to enter and meet their new sibling.

"I really don't want to do this," Micah expressed audaciously.

"That's too bad.  Family is very important to us, so you're going to have to win approval from all of us.  I understand that you're going through a rough transition right now, but I can assure you, if you meet us half-way, everything will work out for the better for you."

"Don't try your bullcrap on me, it won't work.  You have no idea what I've been through, so don't say you understand!  Let's just get this over with."

John knew this would take time for the wounds to heal, he just had to gain the boy's trust first, and then he could heal the broken spirit and mind.

Just as he was thinking, the door to the family room opened, causing John to stand.  Micah remained seated, now looking at the ground.  The first to walk in was Sidney, followed by Paris, then Page and Ashley, and finally Dustin.  When Paris and Page laid eyes on Micah, they instantly had crushes.

From what the boys could see, Micah was very cute with a noticeably athletic body.  He had short blond hair, hazel green eyes, and slightly curved eyebrows.  His face showed indifference, as did his body language.  Page and Paris already wanted him to stay and hoped his attitude would change soon to make that happen.

Each kid took turns trying to get to know Micah, but Micah was not giving them much to ride on.  John and Dustin decided to have the room cleared, that Micah had seen enough action for one day.

"So, Micah," Dustin asked, eagerly.  "How do you like your new digs?"


"Honey, no one says that anymore.  How do you like your new address, Micah?"

"It's over-the-top.  There is no reason to live in a house like this.  I still haven't even seen the rooms on the first floor, all the rooms on this floor, the or the entire fourth floor, and I hear there's another house in the back forty.  Is all this really necessary?"

John coughed out a chuckle and an "Oooo!"

"Well, as long as you are here, this is your home, as well."

"We hope to have you as part of this family indefinitely."


"Yes; as in without a time lim-"

"Yeah, I know what it means.  I'm from Texas, but I ain't stupid!  What makes you think you'll keep me?"

"The fact that we want you to stay and become a part of the family, which in time you will come to see and understand.  Okay, I've got enough for one day, would you like the grand tour?"

"No, I'll just go to my room; I'll take it later."

"Okay," John and Dustin said in unison as they watched Micah walk across the family room and leave onto the second-floor foyer balcony.

"I hope this works," Dustin said to his husband, sounding hopeful.

"If it does, great, he'll have a family that loves, cares, and would go to the ends of the universe for him, if not, hopefully he'll be a better fit with another family that would do the same."


Dawson loved going to Tyler's house; Tyler was not out to his parents yet, so he was sure they had no idea what went on in his room.  Tyler was already in his boxer briefs when Dawson entered the room.  Tyler had his legs open, was rubbing his crotch with his left hand, playing with his obvious hard-on with his right, and facing the door, ready to show off to whoever opened the unlocked, slightly ajar door.

"You're going to get into trouble one day, keep it up!"

"I could give two shits about what anyone thinks in this house.  I'm already fuckin' my little brother and my older brother, so the only people I have to worry about are the `rents and my mom pretends she doesn't see when she barges in and my dad never enters my room, so it's actually lost its luster.  I was just doing it `cause I knew you were coming over.  Now get naked, I'm fucking horny!"

Dawson did not take any time to tease Tyler; he needed a release just as badly as Tyler did.  Once naked he walked over to Tyler, his five-and-a-quarter-inch dick bobbing between his legs.  Dawson, reached out to Tyler's underwear, hooked his fingers beneath the elastic band and ripped his boxers down his legs, revealing just how dark a tan Tyler really had; his body was nearly the color of a middle eastern person compared to his pale skin hidden under his undies.  Out from a beautiful bush of pubes sprung Tyler's fifteen-year-old, four-and-three-eighths-inch dick, fully engorged and ready to be sucked.

Dawson reached down, took Tyler's throbbing cock into his hand, and squeezed.  Tyler shivered as a dollop of pre-cum flowed out of his dick.  Dawson licked the pre-cum off, he then licked around the head of Tyler's circumcised cock head before plunging all the way down Tyler's boyhood.  Tyler grunted as Dawson continued to go down on him.  Every time Dawson would go down to the base, his nose and upper lip buried in Tyler's pubes, Dawson would hold Tyler's cock in his mouth for a few moments before he slurped his way back upward and to the head.  When Dawson reached the top of Tyler's fuck-stick, he would use his tongue to prod and probe every part of the boys little head, enjoying the feel of a cock in his mouth.

When Tyler's breathing became short and staggered and Tyler began thrusting upward, meeting every one of Dawson's downward motions, Dawson decided it was time to stop, allowing Tyler's dick to fall out of his mouth and onto Tyler's stomach.

"Ah, keep going!  Please!"

"Nah, ah, I've got a better idea."

Dawson lifted Tyler's legs back, instructing him to hold them, exposing his beautiful little boy virgin pucker.  Dawson began his oral assault on Tyler's hole.  Tyler gasped audibly and became harder than he ever thought possible.

"You're not going to fuck me, are you?"

"Yes, Tyler, yes, I'm definitely going to fuck you senseless today.  Your v-card will be going on my trophy shelf.  Oh, I don't use lube."

Tyler started to freak out by this statement and tried to get away from Dawson.  Dawson's grip on Tyler only allowed Tyler to squirm, but not to twist or to get away; Tyler was his!

"If you relax, everything will be okay, now let me finish my work so you'll be in as little pain as possible!"

Dawson went back to tonguing Tyler's boy-hole.  Tyler could not stop the long moans and panting that escaped his mouth.  Dawson's tongue was dousing every inch of Tyler's pucker in spit, opening his hole and wetting his spars hairs.

Once Tyler was beginning to relax, Dawson's tongue, the tip of it, at least, began to go into Tyler.  When this happened, Tyler gripped the bed and screamed a very satisfied, "Nungh!"

Once Dawson was happy with his job, moved on to fingers, starting with the index finger, Dawson inserted his index finger halfway into Tyler, meeting some resistance, but ignore the minor clamps on his finger.  Tyler was feeling some pain, but not too bad.  He thought that this could be much better than he feared, that was until Dawson stuck two more fingers at once, causing Tyler to scream out in pain.  When this happened, Dawson secretly smiled at himself for finally giving Tyler a dose of his own medicine, so to speak.

Once Tyler was loose enough, Dawson picked up the tight, muscular teen and turned him onto his stomach and told him, "Spread your cheeks, show me that beautiful hole, you cock whore!"

Loving the dirty talk, Tyler complied, holding one cheek in each hand.  Tyler's boy-hole looked tight, warm, and inviting.  Dawson traced the head of his dick up and down the crack of Tyler's heavenly butt cheeks.  As if a trance were just broken, Dawson lined his dick up and plunged balls deep in to his still virgin hole.  Tyler screamed aloud enough for the neighbors to hear, but Dawson did not care, he was balls deep and ready to fuck.  Downstairs, Tyler's parents heard the screamed and just decided it was boys being boys.

Dawson withdrew his dick to the point that the head was the only thing remaining inside Tyler.  A second later, he plunged back in, this time harder than the last.  Dawson moved his hands up to Tyler's shoulders and sat on the balls of his feet in a squatting position over Tyler with his dick still inside the other boy.  With this position, Dawson was able to ram his boyhood in and out of Tyler's freshly deflowered hole.  After five minutes of fucking wildly in this position, Dawson was ready for a change of pace.  Dawson instructed Tyler to lie on his side; Tyler complied, moving onto his right side.  Before Tyler could even think about getting comfortable, Dawson plunged his teenage cock back into Tyler's bowels.

"Ungh," Tyler yelped, his eyes clothes tightly and his hands gripping the sheets for dear life.  Dawson continued to fuck him like this for a few minutes before Tyler realized he was rock hard and leaking pre-cum profusely.  Dawson took Tyler's dick into his hands and began pumping furiously.  Tyler started grunting just as Dawson started.  Soon, what sounded like cavemen filled the ambience of the room, and the smell of teenage boys fucking filled the air.  After a few more minutes of fucking, Tyler came very hard, come flying across the bed and landing above Tyler's head, surprising himself and Dawson.  When Tyler came, his boy-hole contracted around Dawson's dick, intensifying Dawson's teenage sensations.  Dawson slammed his boyhood home as he started to come deep into Tyler's gut, filling Tyler up hot boy seed.

After their climax subsided, Dawson tried his best to keep his soft, small dick inside Tyler, but to no avail.  When his dick slipped out, he collapsed next Tyler.  The two boys laid there naked until dinnertime, both reeking of sex and come, just the way Tyler liked to make his family dinner impressions.


End of Chapter 4


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