The LeFleur-Winfield Men 5

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Page:  15, 9th Grade
Dawson:  16, 10th Grade
Micah Caveat:  15, 10th Grade
Sidney:  8, 3rd Grade
Kai:  8, 3rd Grade
John & Dustin:  45 & 44, Parents

Part One:  A Page’s Life – Chapter 5

Spring 2032

“Ha; you’re fucking smoking some great shit if you think I’ll go along with this,” Page exclaimed to his boyfriend, almost in disgust.  “I cannot believe you even had the audacity to think that I would do something like this.”

“Well, you’ve been doing wild things when it came to sex. And this is more than just sex; it’s a relationship, just with an additional person.”

“You mean sex outside in the wilderness where no one could see us, or sex in my shower, where, again, even though one of the windows runs the length of the shower, no one could see us.”

“Okay, just think about it; and remember, it’s just one more person, it’s not like we’re having some huge gangbang or an orgy.”

“I don’t have to think about it, my answer is no and will always be no.  I don’t like the idea of sharing my boyfriend with anyone, especially sexually, and neither should you!  Drop this right now, or I’m leaving.”

“Okay, okay, I won’t bring it up again!  I’ll scratch open relationship off the list.”

“The list?!”

Oh, shit!

“Our relationship is a chore list now, Dawson?  What the fuck is wrong with you sometimes?!  I’m leaving!”

Dawson grabbed Page’s upper arm as he started out the door.  Looking into his boyfriends eyes and putting on the best “I’m sorry face” he could muster, Dawson said, very calmly, “I’m sorry; you know that’s not what I meant.  Please don’t go.  Please.”

When Dawson did that, Page was helpless, as if he were in some sort of trance; or maybe, deep down, he just hated to see Dawson in any kind of pain.

“Okay; you’re right, I did overreact.  Come here, sweetie!”

Dawson allowed his boyfriend to pull him into a warm, loving embrace.  The boys sat like that for a few minutes, talking about whatever came to mind.  When one would talk, the other would listen intently and comment where necessary.  Despite his lack of knowledgeable judgments, Dawson was too easy to love, a quality Page loved about his boyfriend.


“Sir, your helicopter is ready,” Zach, John’s secretary, said through the intercom.

John was not taking a business trip and he was not meeting with clients; instead, he was going to OVHS for the third time in a two-week period.  When John settled into the seat, the helicopter took off and began its now familiar path to the high school.  John looked out the window at the ocean and the traffic down below, moving continuously.  All thanks to the innovations of civil engineering, he thought.  John’s thoughts soon turned to what he would do about the situation at hand.  John had to leave important matters concerning his multi-billion dollar, multi-national company to deal with Micah’s antics.  He closed his eyes in thought.

“Sir, we’re landing,” the pilot chimed from the cockpit.

John must have dosed off because when he opened his eyes, the last thing he remember was thinking about Micah and looking at traffic – not much sense at all.  The pilot maneuvered the copter onto the school’s helipad near the athletic department.  Met by an office aide, John was taken through Thompson Square, a large quadrangle named after the school’s first coach; the square separated the football and soccer fields at the north end, the physical education department at the east, the massive Winfield/Caldwell Multimedia Center to the west, and the main campus to the south.

When John arrived to the administrative complex, the tenth grade vice-principal, a stout, balding man with a body and head that reminded John of the Hamburgular, greeted him.

“Hi, Mister Winfield; I am so sorry to have to continue to meet with you under these circumstances.  I just hope that someday in the near-”

“Yes, can we get this over with, please?”

“Yes, sir; sure, right this way.”

John was led into the Hamburgular’s office; already in attendance were Dustin and Micah.  Dustin sat at Micah’s left and John sat at the boy’s right.

John, Micah, and Dustin sat and listened to the Hamburgular drone on about Micah’s attitude in class, his behavior, and his utter lack of extracurriculars.

“Mister Hambur- er, Klein, excuse me, long day,” John corrected himself, still embarrassed by his slip-up.  “Mister Klein, we have an agreement that Micah does not have to start extracurriculars until next year, so let’s drop that, okay.  As for his behavior, we are working on that at home.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear it.  The Dean of Discipline has been breathing down my neck about Micah, and once the peer-rated disciplinary board get’s his case, there is enough evidence against him to have him removed from this school.”

John looked over at his husband, who had a cool look on his face, and then back to the Hamburgular and said, “No, that’s not going to happen; do you know why this won’t happen?”

“Sir, I hardly think this is appropriate-”

“Do you know why that will not happen?”

“Yes, sir.”

“My company provides half this school’s operating budget so that the tuition may go directly to the students; surely, you don’t want a group of students who are drunk on administrative power to mess this up, do you?”

“No, sir.”

When John looked over to Micah, the boy had a huge grin on his face.

“Erase the grin; I’m not done with you yet!  You’re coming with me; I don’t need to be called from my office again because of your crap!  Go get your homework and meet me at the helipad.”  John turned back to the Hamburgular and said, “I’m glad I could help you resolve this situation, Mister Klein; I do not want to get a call from your office regarding this bull again.”

“Yes, sir!”


At the end of the workday, Micah and John made their way back home.  The first order of business was, of course discussing Micah’s behavior.  After talking with Micah about his poor performance, it was Micah’s term to plead his case.

“I really want to be sorry for what I did, but I can’t.  I came here fully expecting not to be accepted and to be given ultimatums, so far, y’all have fulfilled half that.  When I came here, you were telling me that either I get into line, or I’d have to leave.  It was a little depressing.

“My old man blames me for my mom’s death, and in a way, he’s right, she did die while giving birth to me.  If I could give my life to see her for a moment, I would.  I just don’t know what else to say, I don’t want to be here, I want to be at home, in Texas with my momma and daddy.  That’s all I have to say.”

Micah had a concentrated look of determination on his face.  His eyes were watery and he was fighting back tears.  Dustin moved to Micah’s side, wrapped an arm around the boy’s shoulder, and took one of the boy’s hands into his.  John moved forward and grabbed the other hand.

“I’m sorry that I or anyone else here made you feel this way,” Dustin expressed in a very quiet and calm manner.  “We want you to stay; we want you to be a part of our family.”

“I am sorry, too, Micah.  I know we have no idea what you’re going through, nor do we pretend to know.  We want you to have as normal a childhood as possible with a family who loves and cares for you, your happiness, your future, and your wellbeing.  Can you please give us a second chance?”

Tears were now streaming down Micah’s face.  He felt nothing but love radiating from the men who seemed to want to call themselves his parents.   He nodded in response.

“Good,” Dustin smiled.  “We’re glad; but you have to meet us halfway, okay.”

“Okay,” he paused for a second, before saying, “can I go now?”

The two men nodded in agreement and Micah left the map room.  John and his husband continued discussing Micah and eventually moved on to the day’s events, just as most couples would.  It was another day complete, another solution reached, and they were relieved.


Michael Kai Peterson was very happy to make the last major move of his childhood.  After his mom and dad divorced, Kai and his sister were split up, his sister stayed in Montana with their dad, and Kai went with his mom to his aunt’s place in Arizona.  He and his mom lived there until she was past the point of devastation.  Kai’s aunt owned a house on Rue Christopher in the Vue Sur L’Ocean Falaise gated-community and was happy to give it to her sister, with very little obligations on his mom’s part.  Kai was very excited to start school and meet the new kids.  His school was Cliffview Elementary, a relatively new school that serves only families in the community.


“I can’t wait until I get my license next year,” Dawson said as he and Page rode to his house.  Page just looked out the window, absorbing the sites he has seen day-after-day as the car made its way from the school, down Laguna Canyon Road, passed the gate onto Route Country Club Nord, and then turned onto the boys’ street, Rue Imperiales.

“Page, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, Dawson,” Page responded still looking out the window.  “You can ask me anything.”

“Promise me you won’t go like zero-to-sixty on me.”

“I said I’ll listen, I’m not making that promise.”  Page was now facing his boyfriend, catching his intent gaze.  Dawson looked away and then down to the floor and asked, “Well, I know you don’t want an open relationship, did you ever think that maybe we could be in the relationship and have sex, together, with other dudes, like at the same time?”

“No, Dawson.  You know how I feel about this.”

“C’mon, we’ll still have our intimate moments; we would just spice it up a little every now and then.  And I’m not saying you’re boring, sex with you is awesome, I just want to, um…damn, what am I trying to say?”

“You want to break routine.”

“Yeah; so what do you say?  You don’t have to answer now, just think about it and then get back to me.”


Dawson immediately snapped out of his unconfident mood and immediately shifted to nervousness and excitement.  “Really; are you fuckin’ with me?!”

“No; I really mean it!  You made a good case and I’ll agree, but we have to set some ground rules!”

“Cool!  Awesome!  Okay, um; okay!”

Dawson’s outward excitement and nervousness made Page smile; filling him with warm, happy feelings, although, he was nervous, as well.


Kai and Sidney shared classes, but never had a chance to meet.  Today, the third-graders were taking a field trip to the Museum of Jurassic Technology.  Kai was still green and did not have many friends, so Sidney decided to partner-up with him.

“Do you want to be my buddy for the field trip,” Sidney asked Kai.

“Sure,” Kai responded gingerly, his green eyes matching his toothy smile, which revealed dimples on each cheek.  “My name is Michael, but I go by Kai.”

“Cool name.  My name is Sidney and I go by Sidney,” Sidney said with a grin.  This also elicited another toothy, dimply smile from Kai.  Kai was immediately attracted to Sidney and hoped to become friends with him.

Throughout the entire field trip, Kai’s hand never left Sidney’s hand.  The boys learned much about each other:  Kai’s favorite sport is ice hockey, for which he played defense, Sidney’s favorite is figure skating; Kai’s favorite ice cream is Moose Tracks, Sidney’s favorite is strawberry; Kai’s favorite food is pizza, something that matched Sidney’s; Kai’s favorite color is blue, Sidney’s favorite is pink.  The boys’ fingers eventually entwined sometime during the trip and stayed that way, even on the bus back to the school.  By the end of the field trip, Sidney became more interested in playing hockey and the boys felt as if they were destined for each other.  They instantly connected and were already calling the other “best friend.”

“Daddy, daddy, guess what,” Sidney screamed as he met John at the door.  Dustin came into the foyer to greet his husband wearing a beaming ear-to-ear smile ready to relive Sidney’s new best friend moment with his husband.  “I made a new best friend!  He’s really, really, really, really cool; and he’s from Montana; and he ate rocky mountain oysters, that’s bull nuts.  He plays hockey and I want to try out for the team!  Daddy, please!”

“Okay, you can play hockey,” John told his overjoyed son.  “Why don’t you follow me up to my room and tell me all about this new best friend from Montana who has you excited about one of my favorite sports while I change into something more comfortable!  And this time, start by telling me his name.”

Sidney gave John the complete rundown and listened to his father tell him all about playing hockey and eventually playing on the team he coached.  John was very excited to have two of his kids interested in the two sports that interest him the most, hockey and curling; after all, Sidney Kristopher Ryan LaFleur-Winfield was named after three of John’s favorite hockey players.


End of Chapter 5


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