The LeFleur-Winfield Men 6

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Page:  15, 10th Grade
Dawson:  16, 11th Grade
Evan Fisher:  16, 11th Grade

Part One:  A Page's Life -- Chapter 6

Summer 2032

Once the small, hidden white light turned on, Dawson was seeing himself, with his bed in the background, on his computer screen.  Sure, talking the slutty guys on the football team into having an orgy was easy, but his boyfriend was another story.  Page followed his fathers example where his intimate relationship was involved.  Convincing Page to have an open relationship had failed; however, to Dawson's surprise, Page agreed to go along with a threesome.  Dawson already had the perfect bottoms in mind for the plan; he just needed to get his boyfriend in on the deciding process to give Page some sort of control over the situation.  This would be annoying and cumbersome, but necessary, of this Dawson was certain.


"Okay, how about Tracy?"  The boys were sitting on Page's bed with an iPad sifting through pictures of guys Dawson picked out for the upcoming threesome.  Tracy had Bama written all over him.  His hair was cropped in the back and the sides and his bangs went down to a quarter-inch, roughly, above his eyebrows.  His almost metallic blue-green eyes would put anyone into a trance.  He had constant five-o'clock shadow, and long, thick sideburns.  His body wasn't very muscular; instead, has a slender, athletic build with broad shoulders.

"He's gay?"

"Yeah, babe; and he's a bottom!"

"Definitely at the top of the list; who's next?"

"Ryan; what do you think of him?"

"Holy hell, he's hot!  I could see him kissing another guy, but taking it up the ass, c'mon; really?!"

Ryan looked like white trash almost.  He had a pretty face, albeit rough around the edges.  His hair was cut short, with super-straight bangs reaching past his eyebrows.  He had a bit of stubble, something that was increasingly becoming a turn-on for Page.  Ryan's body was godly; it was as if the boy was sculpted from rock.

"He is what the guys call a power bottom.  Even the straight dudes love to fuck him."

"Okay, who's the last one you've been keeping from me?"

"Evan."  Dawson pulled up Evan's photo.

Evan was cute.  His had short, dark brown hair, teal eyes and a sly, smug smile.  His body was that of Adonis, and he of this, he seemed well aware.  There was something not approachable about him, though.  Page wondered how this would affect a sexual encounter between Evan, himself, and Dawson.

"Evan Fisher is gay," Page said with astonishment.

"Page, honey, you have two gay dads, and I'm pretty sure at least one of your younger brothers is at least bi, what the fuck is wrong with your gaydar?"

"I got lucky and met you, so I never had to use it."

"Oh, Page, your flattery won't work!  Now pick one before I explode!"

"Okay; let me think first."

Ryan is too grungy-looking, Page pondered.  Evan is amazingly beautiful, but then, so is Tracy.

"Okay, it's between Evan and Tracy," Page said, handing the pictures to Dawson.  "You decide!"

"Okay, Evan."

"Of course, you like them smooth, and cherub-like!"

"Cherub-like?  What the fuck, dude; don't speak!"

"Fuck you.  This time, it's Evan, next time, Tracy."

"Deal.  Cherub-like; the fuck?!"


Evan looked around Dawson's room, picking up and studying trophies and pictures from his younger years.  Page looked at Evan when he picked up Dawson's little league picture and asked, "Have you done anything like this before?"

Evan looked at Dawson, then Page and answered, "Yes; my boyfriend and I have parties all the time."

Page was now astonished, Dawson, on the other hand, was excited Evan brought up the fact he has a boyfriend.  "You have an open relationship," Page asked.  "How's that working?"

"It's flexible.  So long as we're honest with each other about our sexual partners, everything is fine.  Men were not designed to be monogamous.  When we decided to have an open relationship, it seemed to just completely get rid of all of our problems."

"So, he knows about what we're doing, today?"

"Yes, but don't worry, we're discreet," Evan said before turning around, showing a very charming smile.  At that moment, Evan did not seem so bad and unapproachable to Page.

"Okay," Dawson said, turning around from his desk.  "Are you guys ready for some fun?!"

Under Dawson's direction, the boys moved closer and started a three-way kissing, something that excited Page.  Dawson and Evan wrapped their arms around Page; Page followed suit, snaking his hands under the other boys' shirts and slowly rubbing their lower backs.  The boys broke their kiss as they each began removing their shirts, Dawson first, followed by Evan, and finally Page.  The boys came together and continued the three-way kissing, now enjoying the feel of the skin-to-skin contact.  After a few minutes of tongue battling, Dawson broke away from the kiss and encouraged his boyfriend and Evan to continue kissing.  While the other boys were kissing, Dawson removed his shorts, leaving his OVHS Senators Football blue and orange boxer trunks on.  He moved over to Page's shorts, unbuttoned them and lowered them, kissing his boyfriend's bellybutton and fabric covered hard member as he did.  When he went to unbutton Evan's shorts, Evan broke the kiss and said, "Hey, why don't you and Page switch."

Dawson stood and began kissing Evan passionately while his boyfriend knelt before the couple.  Page reached forward, unbuttoned Evan's shorts with ease and began to lower them.  To Page's surprise, Evan's pubes immediately came into view; Evan was freeballing.  When Page lowered Evan's shorts, Evan's five-and-a-half-inch rock hard teen cock was sticking straight up, defying Newton's and Einstein's laws of gravity.

Evan put his hand on the top of Page's head and pushed Page toward his crotch.  Page was a little nervous about sucking another boy who seemed so much more experienced than he did.  Evan sensed Page's reservations, to which he replied, "It's okay, no one is judging anyone, here."  When he said this, he smiled at Page, driving his friendly point home.  Page was surprised that he was actually enjoying this and was starting to feel like he should not have doubted his boyfriend in the first place.

Page grabbed Evan's boyhood, feeling it throb within his hands.  After studying Evan's beautiful package, he took the plunge.  Evan's cock was small enough to fit nicely in Page's mouth; when Page's nose was buried in Evan's pubes, Page stuck out his tongue to lick Evan's medium-sized balls.  Evan was moaning into Dawson's mouth, his right hand inside Dawson's trunks, squeezing Dawson's ass cheeks.  Evan began fucking his cock in and out of Page's mouth, using his left hand to gently guide Page on his fuckstick.  The boys worked up a good rhythm before Evan warned that if he didn't stop he would come.  Page sat back and looked up at his boyfriend and Evan, who was smiling at him.

"C'mon," Dawson said, "let's get on the bed!"

Dawson helped his boyfriend up and then, without dropping Page's hands, Dawson guided his boyfriend to the bed.  Evan was already on the bed and began rubbing Page's chest, stomach, and underwear clad crotch, while Dawson took off his underwear, revealing his six-inch dick.  When Dawson threw his underwear across the room, he crawled onto the bed and got on top his boyfriend.  Dawson leaned down and kissed Page passionately, while rubbing his crotch against his boyfriend's, while Evan played with Page's nipples.  At this point, Page was dying to be released from the confines of his underwear, his dick pushing the limits of the fabric, his pre-cum soaking through the fabric and actually substantially wetting his boyfriend's member.

Dawson started his down his favorite path, kissing as he went to the treasure his boyfriend was hiding behind cotton and stitching.  When Dawson made contact with Page's right nipple, Evan's mouth covered Page's gasp in a passionate kiss.  Dawson crossed Page's chest to his most sensitive nipple, eliciting Page's usual back arching and deep moans.

Dawson continued down to Page's bellybutton, soaking the crevice in his saliva.  Dawson stopped at his boyfriend's trunks, rubbing the bulge with his flat hand, causing the dark pre-cum patch to grow larger.  Dawson lowered Page's underwear, revealing his four-and-a-half inch dick.  Before Page could even feel the air on his dick, Dawson took his boyfriend's root down to the base.  As Dawson was working up a proper rhythm, on his boyfriend's dick, Evan began working on Page's left nipple, causing him to rock and convulse on the bed.  After a few minutes, Page was ready to blow and Dawson could sense it; Dawson removed his mouth from his boyfriend's crotch and moved Evan off Page's nipple by leaning forward and kissing him deeply.

Dawson took Page's place, instructing Evan to straddle his chest and fuck his face, while Page blew Dawson.  Page took his boyfriend into his mouth and throat, noticing the longer length and larger girth.  Page played with Dawson's balls as he worked his mouth and throat up and down Dawson's warm pipe, enjoying the taste of his boyfriend's pre-cum.  By now, Evan had placed his knees on either side of Dawson's head and was fucking his mouth in earnest, pistoning his dick in and out of Dawson's mouth.  The room filled with sounds of slurping, sucking, and moaning as the boys continued their oral assaults.

When the Evan's breathing became very irregular, Dawson increased his pressure, eager to taste Evan's nut.  When Evan began to come down Dawson's throat and into his mouth, Page was attracted to his pulsating pucker; Page leaned toward Evan's nearly hairless asscrack, sniffed it, and then stuck his tongue out to taste the boy's pucker.  When Page did this, Evan grunted and pushed his freshly spent dick further into Dawson's mouth, coating it with the come and saliva Dawson was holding.  Dawson moved from beneath Evan and his boyfriend, whose face was still buried deep in Evan's crack.  Dawson moved his boyfriend and started to rim Evan, using Evan's seed, still swimming in Dawson's mouth, to lube him.

Dawson instructed Page to move to Evan's mouth and begin fucking his face.  Page gave the boy all he had, fucking Evan's mouth mercilessly.  Dawson lined his dick up with Evan's slimy, waiting boy-hole; he pushed the head in, left it in place for a few seconds, and then removed it.  Dawson lined himself up once more, and then violently drove his cock home, causing Evan to give a muffled yelp into Page's crotch.  Dawson and Page worked up a good motion, fucking Evan senselessly from both entrances.  Dawson pulled out and instructed Evan to flip over onto his back.

"Ah," Page said, sounding a little disheartened, "I was just getting close!"

"I know," Dawson countered.  "Take it easy, okay!  Let's make this last."

"Okay."  Page straddled Evan's smiling face and instantly got an idea.

Evan seemed to be reading Page's mind, because when Page scooted a little closer to Dawson, Evan's tongue immediately made contact with Page's hole.  Page ground his asshole into Evan's hot tongue and sucking mouth while Dawson shoved his dick into Evan, balls deep, causing Evan to grunt.  Dawson began fucking Evan for all he was worth; Page decided it was time to come, so he moved back and stuck his dick deep into Evan's mouth and began fucking, matching his boyfriend's pace.  Dawson moved closer and engulfed his boyfriend in an extremely passionate kiss.  The boys did not notice Evan's hand on his dick, which was now moving so fast, it was practically a blur.  Within a few minutes of the kissing and fucking, both face and anal, Evan started grunting and moaning before shooting a second load onto his chest, then his stomach, and finally, dribbling onto his pubic region.  The vibrations from Evan's moaning caused Page to come next, his first three shots landing in the back of Evan's throat and quickly swallowed.  The extreme sweetness of Page's come shocked Evan, who was now swishing Page's come back and forth in his mouth.  Dawson continued fucking Evan; he leaned down to kiss Evan, who shared Page's seed with Dawson, causing Dawson to go over the edge.  Dawson grabbed his boyfriend and pulled him into a come-swapping kiss just as he started to grunt and release his seed deep into Evan's bowels.

When the boys came down from their orgasms, they were completely exhausted, lying out naked on Dawson's bed for the next hour.

"That was awesome," Page exclaimed, smiling ear-to-ear.

"Yeah," Evan replied, "you guys are awesome!"

"I'm glad we all had fun," Dawson chimed in.

Until it was time for Evan to leave, lying on Dawson's bed still in the buff, the boys continued talking about sex and whatever else came to mind.  Page spent the night at his boyfriend's house, not wanting the night and afterglow to end.


The following day, Dawson awoke next to his boyfriend, who was also awake.  The boys kissed and Dawson got up, peed, and came back to begin the next phase of his plan.

"Did you have fun?"

"Yeah; I had fun."

"I've been thinking..."

Dawson paused, prompting Page to ask, "About?"

"About adding just one more person; you know, every so often."

"Dawson; I don't know!  Don't you think one extra person is enough?"

"But you enjoyed yourself and you had more control.  If we had just one more person, everything would be perfect."

"That's not a good explanation."

"Just try it; if you don't like it, we'll stop."

"No questions."


"Pinky swear?"

"I love you, swear!"


"Wow.  Awesome! Okay, I guess I'll make it happen."


End of Chapter 6


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