The LeFleur-Winfield Men 7

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Page:  15, 10th Grade
Dawson:  16, 11th Grade
Micah:  15, 11th Grade
Paris:  11, 7th Grade
Sidney:  8, 4th Grade
Kai:  8, 4th Grade
Evan Fisher: 16, 11th Grade
Danny Mattingly:  15, 10th Grade

Part One:  A Page’s Life – Chapter 7

Summer 2032

Danny Mattingly was very excited when his boyfriend told him about the threesome he had with Page and Dawson; Danny was even more excited when his boyfriend approached him saying, “Dawson has talked Page into having a foursome, and guess with who-ooo?!”  That was it; it was settled, Danny would be getting in on this awesome action.  Danny is on the wrestling team and already knows Page; Dawson and Evan, Danny’s boyfriend, are on the football team together.

When Danny and Evan pulled into Dawson’s driveway, Page, who was shocked to see Danny in the passenger seat of Evan’s 2033 Audi S5, came outside to show the boys in.  The boys climbed out of the Cabriolet and greeted Page.

“Danny,” Page queried, still shocked, “you’re gay?”

“I’m actually bi, but I thought you figured me out!”

“No, I had no idea!  Crazy small world, eh?”

“You ready to show me into the Pleasure Palace,” Danny asked with a cheeky smile spread across his face.

After getting a few snacks, the boys went upstairs to find their host on his computer, minimizing a screen as they walked in.

“Hey, Evan; and you must be the awesome Danny Evan has been telling me so much about!”

Danny blushed, smiled, looked at his boyfriend, and replied, “I better be ‘Awesome Danny’ if my other half knows what’s good for him.”  After he said this, he leaned toward his boyfriend and planted loving kiss on his lips.

While Danny and Evan were kissing, Dawson had made his way across the room and joined in the kissing and was soon followed by Page.  While the boys were enjoying the four-way tongue wrestling, Page began to unbutton Danny’s shirt while Danny worked on Evan’s and Evan unbuttoned Dawson’s.  Once shirtless, the boys went back to playing tongue battle, enjoying the feel of skin against their chests.

After kissing for a while, the boys broke their kiss and broke up into their respective couples.  Page lowered Dawson’s shorts and rubbed his boyfriend’s boner through his favorite undies from OVHS.  Page hooked his fingers under the elastic of the orange trunks and pulled them to the floor, freeing his boyfriend’s package.  Page stood up, allowing Dawson to undress him; when Page was fully nude, Dawson, still in a kneeling position, kissed the head of his boyfriend’s dick.

When Page and Dawson finished undressing each other, they looked over to see that Evan was already completely undressed and was now preparing to lower Danny’s boxer briefs.  At that moment, Dawson noticed how hot Danny was; Danny’s body was in amazing shape.  Danny had broad shoulders, a well-developed chest, and a six-pack.  The skin on his upper body was very smooth, only downy hairs on his stomach and arms.  He did not have a happy trail, but his legs did have hair on them that extended into the bottom of his underwear.  When Evan lowered Danny’s briefs, Danny’s hard, fat, five-inch dick was standing seventy-degrees upward and at attention.  Danny’s dick was two different colors; above the circumcision line, it was light pink, below, it was darker than the rest of his body.  Danny’s leg hair stopped just above his underwear line.  With the exception of a few wisps above the base of his dick, the boy was hairless from that point up.

“You have no pubes,” Page pointed out.

“Not true, I have a few!”

“A few means no pubes.”

“It’s okay,” Dawson said, “I think it’s hot.”

“I have to agree,” added Evan.

“I never said it wasn’t hot,” Page countered.  “I was just pointed out a fact; I kind of like your smoothness.”

“Thanks; I wish I had more hair, like you, though,” Danny said to Page.

“You can have it,” Page answered back.

“Okay, less talkie, more fuckie,” Dawson chirped.

Page had seen Danny naked many times in the dressing room and he had felt Danny’s dick and balls when the boys wrestled in the dressing room after practice, but never has he seen it hard.  Page walked over to Danny, got behind him, and started rubbing his chest and abs, as Page ground his dick into Danny’s ass cheeks.  Evan knelt before Danny and rubbed his abs, his pubic area, and his groin.  Dawson moved behind Evan and started nuzzling Danny’s neck, chest, and armpits.  Danny was loving the touches and attention he was receiving; he let his head fall back onto Page’s shoulders.  Page and Danny started kissing while the worshiping continued for the next few minutes.

The boys moved to Dawson’s well-used bed, with Danny lying down on his back, Page lying on his side next to him, and Dawson and Evan lying on their stomachs side-by-side on the side of Danny of opposite of Page.  Danny and Page continued kissing while Dawson started blowing Danny’s beefy boy cock.  Evan scooted forward and took Page into his mouth, enjoying Page’s unusually sweet pre-cum.

Dawson worked what he considered an expert mouth up-and-down Danny’s beautiful, fat cock.  Dawson was milking Danny’s cock for all it was worth, drawing Danny’s cock out of his mouth, leaving just the head right passed his lips, then plunging down to the near hairless base.  Evan continued working on Page’s dick, bobbing and twisting his head, up and down Page’s shaft, burying his nose deep in Page’s thick bush every time he went down, enjoying Page’s odor.

The boys, for about ten minutes, continued in this position, Dawson and Evan blowing Danny and Page, respectively, and Page and Danny swapping spit.  When Dawson felt Danny starting to get close, he stopped blowing Danny.  Dawson told the boys it was time for a new position.  Danny got up and Page laid down next to where Danny was lying.  Danny climbed between Page’s opened legs and took Page’s cock into his mouth all the way to the base, loving the feel of Page’s fur against his nose.  Evan laid next to Page; Dawson mimicked Danny’s position and took Evan’s dick all the way into his mouth, enjoying the feeling of Evan’s cock moving across his tongue.  Danny let Page’s dick fall from his mouth, making a plop as it hit Page’s stomach.  Danny took both of Page’s balls into his mouth and played with them with suction and his tongue.  Page was overwhelmed with this new sensation, so much so, he began to arch off the bed and his sweet pre-cum was now flowing from his boyhood.  Dawson took note of what Danny was doing to his boyfriend; he planned to use them on his future sexcapades, with or without Page.

Danny licked all of Page’s pre-cum off his belly and dick head and then went back to work, this time on Page’s perineum.  Danny nibbled and licked his way down to Page’s waiting and willing sphincter.  Danny held Page’s butt up, giving him greater access to Page’s most private area.  On the other side of the bed, Dawson was using his mouth to work Evan’s dick, plunging down to the base repeatedly, drinking Evan’s pre-cum, which was now flowing like a fountain.  Dawson heard Evan’s breathing become irregular and knew he was about to be treated to Evan’s seed.

Danny’s tongue was now entering Page, whose hole was now well relaxed and awaiting something larger.  Danny began pressing his right index finger into Page; when he met a small amount of resistance, he decided to continue.  Page was feeling a small amount of pain, nothing major, and nothing he could not handle.  Once Danny found Page’s prostate, Page gasped loudly and gripped the sheets.  Page felt as though he was coming, but it was just pre-cum shooting out of his dick at a phenomenal rate.  Dawson continued to take notes and blow Evan.  Evan’s balls drew close to his body in their sack; he began to pump his seed down Dawson’s throat.  The first two shots nearly filled Dawson’s mouth, Dawson swallowed those; he allowed the last few shots collect in his mouth as Evan came down from his climax.

Dawson grabbed Evan’s hips and instructed him to get on the bed doggy-style in front of Dawson.  Dawson spits the come onto Evan’s asshole and forces it into the boy with his fingers, using his index finger to dig around inside.  When Page noticed Danny had stopped fingering him and was now staring at Dawson and Evan, he said, “We don’t use lube; we do that instead.”  “Cool,” Danny responded.

Danny removed his finger from Page’s asshole and reached for his pants.  In the pocket, he pulled out a bottle of lube.  Danny works two lube-covered fingers into Page.  Once Page was loose enough, Danny placed a pillow beneath Page’s lower back and lined his dick up with Page’s hole.  Dawson lines his cock up with Evan’s hole and plunges forward, enjoying the sensation of instant heat and tightness completely engulfing his entire shaft.  Danny gently and deliberately slides his dick into Page; he wanted Page to feel every inch of his boyhood.

After twenty minutes of fucking in this position, Page felt himself getting very close.  As if reading his mind, Danny increased the effort, wanting to see Page come.  Looking deep into Danny’s eyes, his hands gripping Danny’s arm and shoulder, Page came long streams, the first flying above his head, the second landing on his lips and chin, the third landing on his chest, the fourth landing above his belly button, and the last few shots landing in his belly button, creating a pool of come.  Danny loved the contorted face Page made when he came; Page had an angelic beauty about him, even during erotic situations, this, Danny absolutely loved.

Danny started chuckling; he said to Page, “Damn; you did good!”

Page replied, still catching his breath, “I…had…help!”

Danny pulled out and grabbed Page’s dick with his tongue, tasting his come for the first time.  After Danny cleaned Page’s dick, he looked up at Page and said, “Wow; you’re come is really, really sweet!”  Dawson looked over, still fucking Evan, who was now flat on his stomach, and said, “Yeah, I know; I don’t understand it.  His come has always been like that!”  Danny was cleaning out Page’s bellybutton when he responded, “Maybe it’s something he eats.”  Danny worked his way up Page’s stomach and chest, licking up Page’s very sweet come.  When Danny arrived at Page’s face, he licked the come off Page’s chin and lips and then locked into a very passionate kiss with Page.  Page was easily falling for Danny because he was exactly what he wanted to be in bed, loving and caring.

Danny sat up and told Page, “Turn onto your side.”  Page complied, turning onto his side, his legs up, exposing his pucker.  He could now easily see his boyfriend pounding mercilessly into Evan, making loud smacks every time his pelvis slammed into the boy.  Danny was sitting up on his knees when he entered Page fully.  After a few seconds of wait, Danny began fucking Page with a slow, rhythmic pace.  Page saw his boyfriend’s face turn from determination to concentration to contention in about thirty-seconds; he knew Dawson was very close and would pop at any second.

Dawson picked up what was already an insane pace and started to pound Evan through to the underside of the bed, or so Evan thought.  Dawson was buried deep within Evan when he started to come ferociously, making very guttural sounds at he let his seed flood Evan’s insides.  Dawson laid his full body onto Evan and started to gyrate his hips with his dick still lodged deep within Evan.

Danny was still working his slow pace when, without warning, he closed his eyes and made, what Page thought, was the most beautiful face.  Page then felt Danny fill his insides with his seed; Page was surprised at how gentle Danny was, no rushing, no slamming, just controlled, slow-paced fucking.  Danny held himself deep inside of Page for a while after he finished coming before pulling out and laying next to Page, facing him and looking deep into his eyes, mentally conveying thanks to Page.  Page was now really falling for Danny, for he knew how to treat a boy; Page could only hope Dawson was taking pointers.

Dawson rolled off Evan allowing Evan to roll over onto his back.  Dawson took Evan’s throbbing cock into his mouth and worked his middle finger into Evan’s come-lubed ass.  Dawson fingered and prodded Evan’s prostate as he continuously took Evan into his mouth.  After about two minutes of this, Evan bucked his hips upward, grabbed Dawson’s head, forced it downward into his crotch, and came deep into Dawson’s throat.  Dawson swallowed all of the very large shots the boy produced.

After the boys were spent, they stayed laid out on Dawson’s bed, naked, talking about this, that, and the other.  Evan and Danny eventually left, and Page of course stayed the night with his boyfriend, wondering how to do away with the new feelings he was having about a boy who was not his boyfriend.


Ashley, Page, Paris, and Sidney were in the living room when John, Dustin, and Micah came rushing into the front door, not even bothering to park the car in the garage.  All the boys stood up and rushed into the foyer in time to hear Dustin yell, “You guys have a new brother; legally anyways!”

The family went out to celebrate Micah now officially becoming a son and a brother.


After another long day of hockey practice, Kai and Sidney had finally learned that they made the team.  They would be on the Sharks in the Mite league and could get extra practice when John went to coach the local Peewee league.

The boys were both excited about having another sleepover and their antics were in no short order tonight.  The boys had settled the multiplayer superskills shootout challenge on an NHL video game.

“You wanna make this fun,” Kai asked Sidney with puppy-like exuberance.

“Only if I don’t get hurt this time!”

“Whenever one of us loses, we lose a clothes item.”

Sidney smiled and replied, “You just wanna see my dickie!”

Kai got a little uncomfortable and blushed, looking away from his friend.

Sidney added, “You wanna touch it?”

Kai smiled and turned a shade redder.  “Can I?”

Sidney laughed and said, “No; but you can look!  Let’s play.   Oh, and the winner gets to pick the clothes item the loser has to take off!”

“All right, deal!”  The boys giggled because they felt they were about to do something naughty.

Sidney goal-tended first, while Kai went to shoot; Sidney blocked Kai’s first shot, an effort Kai attributed to luck.  Next, Kai goal-tended while Sidney took the stick; Kai blocked Sidney’s shot with ease.  Round two came and ended with Kai making a goal and then blocking Sidney’s shot.  Round three saw a goal from Kai, ending the game.

A very excited Kai was eagerly thinking of which article of clothing to make his beautiful friend remove.  Both boys were only wearing a shirt, underwear, and basketball shorts, nothing else.  “Your shorts, please,” Kai said enthused.

Sidney stood up and slowly slid his shorts down his legs, revealing hot pink Dolce & Gabbana boxer briefs with light blue trim with “SID” printed in white around the package area, the waistband, and the legs.  Sidney stood up and threw his shorts across the room.  “Is this what you want,” Sidney asked, squeezing his boyhood.  “You’re gonna have to work for it!”

Kai was extremely excited throughout the next game and lost the shootout 3-2.  Sidney made him take his shirt off first, revealing his already broad shoulders and flat, smooth stomach.

In the third game, Kai won; Kai used his winning capital to get his friend to remove the shirt he was wearing.  After Sidney removed his shirt, he took the time to remind Kai what he was working so diligently for by lowering the front of his briefs to show Kai the base of his dick and balls; Kai was now rock hard in his underwear.  

An all too eager Kai bested Sidney, yet again; Sidney looked at Kai and said, “You gotta say it.”

Kai grinned and said, “Sidney, I would like you to show me your dickie; take off you undie, please.”

Sidney turned around to face away from Kai; he then hooked his fingers in the waistband of his customized underwear and began to lower, bending over as he did.  When Sidney reached his feet, he was completely bent over, exposing himself to his friend, from whom no objection was heard.  Sidney turned around, with his briefs still on one leg and a hand holding his package.  Sidney kicked his underwear up into the air and caught it with his free hand; being a polite friend, he threw the briefs to Kai, who was very happy to catch them.  When Kai looked up Sidney had moved to just a couple of feet in front of him with both hands in the air.

Kai quickly absorbed the image in front of him; Sidney was beautiful.  His auburn hair, blue eyes, and tan skin were something Kai noticed every moment that the two were together, but now Kai gets to add something new to his fantasies about Sidney.  Sidney’s young dick was soft and was about one-and-a-half-inches long, with longer foreskin covering and sticking out past the tip.  It was milky-white and had veins on either side.  His little ball sack was drawn up against his crotch.  Kai was very hard now and was unprepared for what Sidney did next.

Sidney leaped toward his friend, tackling Kai to the floor.  A very naked Sidney began wrestling Kai, pulling his shorts and underwear down; this task was very easy, because Kai was not putting up a fight.  Kai’s three-and-a-quarter-inch dick was steel-hard and sticking straight up toward his belly button.  Once Kai was naked and lying on his back on the floor with Sidney straddling his stomach, Kai grabbed Sidney, holding each of Sidney’s arms at his sides, flipped Sidney under him, and took control by pinning Sidney to the floor.  When Kai jabbed Sidney’s abdomen, Sidney jolted, tried to fold into the fetal position, and began laughing uncontrollably.

Kai knew he had hit the jackpot; he continued tickling Sidney, loving the feeling of being skin-on-skin with the boy he is quickly falling in love with squirming beneath him.  Just as he began to tickle Sidney below the belly button, the door opened and John’s head peeked in from behind the other side.  John saw the naked boys both turn very red and faces become horrified; John just said, “It’s pretty late, so that’s enough fun for one night; brush your teeth and go to bed!  And turn of that video game system, too.”

After that, the room door closed and the boys just looked at each other as if to say, did that really just happen?

“Okay,” Sidney said, “you heard him; let’s go to bed.”

The boys got up and got ready for bed; when they reached the bed, they both realized they were still naked.

“Do you just wanna sleep naked,” Kai asked.

After about five seconds of pondering, Sidney said, “Sure, but don’t kiss me!”


The boys both got into the bed together, and looked at each other.  They began to giggle, knowing they just were caught being naughty and were now about to sleep naked together.  After a few moments of hesitation, the boys moved closer, enjoying the other’s warmth.

“How did you get your name printed on your undie?”

“My dads did it for me, I just picked out the design; they said it would have to be specially made because Dolce didn’t have my size, so I could put anything on them.”

“They’re cool and they smell like you.  I like them.”

“You can have them, if you’re gonna need them to think about me when you rub yourself,” Sidney said with a mischievous grin.


“Yeah, really!”  Sidney fidgeted a little before saying, “Do you want to see it hard?”


Sidney threw the covers back to reveal his three-inch hard boy dick to his friend.  Once Sidney decided Kai had a long enough look, he pulled the covers back up.  Sidney turned to face away from his friend and toward the outside of the bed.  He felt his friend, very slowly, move closer and allowed Kai to wrap his arms around Sidney’s body.  The boys fell asleep in the spooning position, Sidney in Kai’s vice grip; neither of them has ever slept as great as they had that night.


Paris was watching John’s curling videos taken at international competitions to study his techniques when he heard a quick rap on the door.

“Come in.”

Micah stuck his head in the door.  “Do you have time to talk?”

“Yeah, come in,” Paris responded as he paused the cloud-based media player.

Micah came into the room and sat on the bed next Paris.  “I just wanted to thank you for being here when I needed you the past few months.  I know I could’ve been a pain in the ass, and you hung in there for me, so thanks.”

“It’s no problem; you’re my brother, now; I got what I wanted, so there really is no need to thank me.”

“You’re too humble, little man!  I want to return the favor, so if you ever need me for anything, you know where to find me.  I’d drop anything to help you.”

“Wow, thanks!  I don’t know what else to say!”

Micah and Paris continued to bond over jokes and stories, allowing Micah to loosen up and show a lighter side of himself, something Paris never expected out of Micah.


It was nine-thirty when Dustin’s Land Rover finally pulled into the garage, the end of another long day of football practice.  Dustin came into the kitchen, with Ashley and Dawson in tow.
Waiting in the kitchen was Page, who gave Dawson the “We need to talk” look.

“Can I grab a bite to eat first, I’m pooped!”

“Okay, I’ll be in the living room when you’re ready to go chat.”

Dawson sighed and fixed him a plate of food; he knew he was about to receive an earful from his boyfriend and he had no idea what he did this time.


Later, Dawson met Page in the living room.  Page decided to move the conversation to the billiards room for privacy.  The two sat down at the Monopoly table, Dawson readied himself for the lashing.

“Okay, yesterday is the only time I want to do something like that.  It’s done; no more orgies.”

Dawson was shocked.  “What about the threesome, you seemed to like that.”

“Dawson, when will it end?  First, you’ll want three, then four, and then who knows how many next?  Either we stop this, or I’m done with our relationship.”

“That’s it; just like that, after two years, you would be willing to walk away just like that!”

“I’m not saying this would be an easy decision, Dawson; and quite frankly, it’s one I hope I’d never have to make.  I want us to grow old together, have kids together, and build a life together.  These other sex partners will just…make everything complicated.  I love you and only you; I love having sex with you, and only you; I only ask for the same from you in return.”


“So we’re on the same page?”

“What do you want me to say; I said okay, so yes, we’re on the same page, Page!  Now I’m tired and filthy; can you please come wash my back and come to bed with me.  Please, I need my boyfriend now, not another parent.”

Page was overwhelmed with joy at the thought of feeling needed by Dawson.  He was always happy to provide for his boyfriend and often dreamed about life with him.  In his dreams, Dawson would be the breadwinner.  He would go to work in a suit and tie and come home to a clean house, cooked dinner, beautiful kids, and a hot kept man.  A boy can dream!

Page cleaned the sweat and grime off his boyfriend and dried him.  Page readied Dawson’s side of the bed just the way he liked it.  Dawson’s clothes for the following day were already laid out by Page.  Easily and happily, Page could get use to this role.


End of Chapter 7


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