The LeFleur-Winfield Men 8

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Page:  16, 10th Grade
Dawson:  17, 11th Grade
Ashley:  17, 12th Grade
Sydney:  9, 4th Grade
Kai:  9, 4th Grade

Part One:  A Page's Life -- Chapter 7

Spring 2033

"Dammit, Dawson," Page yelled at his boyfriend, while pushing Dawson's body off his.  "You know I hate it when you're rough.  It's already bad enough you don't use lube, you don't have to fuck like a goddamn caveman!"

"I didn't even put it in all the way!"

"Half-way was e-fuckin-nuff," Page retaliated as he pulled his underwear on.  "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Don't go," Dawson pleaded.  "I promise I'll be nicer!"

Page finished buttoning up his jeans.  "Dawson, this isn't the first time; it's like you just never learn!"

"Please, stay.  We can talk about it and discuss how I can better myself."

Page already had his t-shirt on when he countered, "What the fuck, dude; I don't even know what the hell to say to that.  Go see psych!"

As Page was walking out the door, Dawson jumped off the bed, grabbed his boyfriend's left arm, and asked, "Do you want to go to couple's counseling?"

Page laughed out loud and responded, "That's a good one!  I'm leaving, you'll have plenty to think about; hopefully next time we can avoid a situation like this, Dawson.  I really hope we can."

With that, Page left out the door; leaving Dawson with a very sad face, a very hard cock, and a pair of very blue balls.


Ashley was meeting with some of his friends from the team, not to discuss matters regarding football; the season was over and so was his football career, he was not planning to play in college.  The boys met at the Jardin du Luxemburg, a large green space and park within the gated-community built to resemble the Luxemburg Gardens in Paris, France.   From the park, the Ashley could see straight down Crystal Cove and onto the Pacific Ocean.

Bobby, Kelly, and Frankie showed up, walking side-by-side.  The boys sat on a bench under a pavilion on one of the park's trails.  After exchanging daps, handshakes, and greetings, Ashley got right down to business.

"I need a favor from you guys that involves Page.  When I'm going to go to college, I won't be able to keep an eye on him; you know how I feel about "Doucheson," so keep an eye on him, as well.  I don't want my little brother getting hurt past the point of repair by that asshole."

"Wait," Kelly asked, seeming a little perplexed, "you're going to let that fucktard hurt your brother?"

"I don't have a choice, dude.  Page has to fall on his own to see the type of person Dawson really is.  My little brother is hopelessly in love with that Neanderthal, so, when that relationship fails, I want my brother to still have me to rely on.  He'll need someone to help him pick up the pieces.  He's my best friend, and, hopefully, I'm still his."

Bobby was graduating, so he counted himself out of the secret service detail; Kelly and Frankie vowed to Ashley that they would look after Page to the best of their ability.  The boys spent the rest of the day shooting the breeze and talking about the new teammates and how the Class of 2033 would be missed from the lineup.


"I got dad to pack extra ice cream this time," Sidney said, pulling a Häagen-Dazs ice cream bar out of his lunch box and handing it to Kai.  Kai had been spending many nights at the LeFleur-Winfield's house, not that John or Dustin would mind, it just seems odd to them that his mother would allow her child to be away from home so often.

Sidney and Kai became extremely close over this period; they also still sleep nude together, still without delving into any type of sexual relationship.

Kai's smiled beamed as he received his friend's treat.  "Thanks, Sid!"

"Are you coming over again today?"

"No; my mom actually wants me home today.  My aunt, the one who gave us the house, is coming in from Arizona today.  She wants to make it look like we still have a half of a working family."

"Ah, that sucks; I really wanted you to come."

"I can come this weekend.  I'll stay the whole time; I'm sure you can find something to do while you wait!"

"Without you; whatever would I do?"

Sidney watched his friend finish the ice cream.  When Kai looked up at his friend, he blushed and asked, "What?"

"Kai," Sidney responded, "I never had a friend like you before.  You're, without a doubt, my best friend; I want us to grow old together, like best friends do."

Kai looked at his friend through watery eyes as he digested this information.  "Thanks, Sid!  Best friends, forever!"

Kai outstretched a pinkie, which was met, in return, by Sidney's, who returned the comment with, "Best friends, forever!"

Kai could not help himself; he pulled Sidney into a full, two-arm hug, with his arms around Sidney's neck.  Sidney returned the hug by hugging Kai around the waist.  This was the most emotional Sidney had ever seen his best friend.


Dawson signed the bill and left a twenty-dollar tip for the wait staff; he and Page walked out The Cannery, Page feeling very close to his boyfriend.  The boys headed to the boat dock behind the restaurant.  Page and Dawson climbed on board and set sail, with Page behind the wheel of his fathers' boat.  The boys slowly began made their way back to the LeFleur-Winfield Newport Beach home on Lido Island.

It was a quiet ride back to the beach house; Dawson looked on at the other boats while Page drove the boat and watched his boyfriend.  The sun light gave Dawson's golden skin and blond hair the perfect angelic effect, in Page's opinion.

"What," Dawson asked.

"Nothing," Page said, a smile slowly creeping across his face.  "I was just thinking how lucky I am to have such a beautiful and loving boyfriend."

"Page, I'm sorry about what happened the last time we were together.  I won't do it again, okay," Dawson said, in a half-question-half-statement.

"I know, baby.  I love you."

"I know, baby," Dawson said, this time with an award-winning smile.

The Page docked his parents' boat and he and Dawson made their way into the family's Newport Beach home, shedding articles of clothing from the dock to the house.  They showered together, enjoying having someone wash their backs.  The boys watched a movie naked together, but only made it twenty minutes through before they began their lovemaking session.  Page enjoyed being close to his boyfriend and he equally enjoyed sharing this intimate moment with Dawson; Page now felt closer to Dawson than he had ever before.


End of Chapter 8


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