The LeFleur-Winfield Men II: Paris is for Lovers Chapter 1

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Ashley:  22
Micah:  21, Senior at UC -- Irvine
Page:  19, Junior at UH
Paris:  17, 12th Grade
Sidney:  14, 9th Grade
Zach:  31, John's Assistant
Kai:  14, 9th Grade
John & Dustin:  51 & 50, Parents

Part Two:  Paris is for Lovers -- Chapter 1

Fall 2037

When Paris opened his eyes, Zach was looking toward the window while stroking Paris' hair; their legs were entwined, with Page lying on Zach's other arm.  Paris grabbed Zach's free arm and laced his fingers through those of Zach; Zach looked down at his boyfriend, smiled, and said, "Good morning, my angel."

"Good morning, babe," Paris responded.

"You're so beautiful," Zach said before planting a loving kiss on his boyfriend's lips.

"You know that I applied to quite a few schools, one of them being Berkeley.  Berkeley is my top pick, so if I get accepted, which I probably will, I'm going to Berkeley," Paris said before looking away from his boyfriend.  "I know that this will put a strain on our relationship and-"

Before Paris could continue, Zach stopped him and said, "God, Paris; never ever worry about us!  I will always be here for you, no matter what!"

Paris locked eyes with Zach and the two lovers shared a passionate, loving kiss.  When the kiss broke, Paris, now in a more joking manner, asked, "You promise?"

Zach responded, in an equally joking manner, "I affirm!"

The two lovers made love and hung out around Zach's neighborhood, enjoying anytime they could spend with each other.

"What makes you think I have a boyfriend?"

"I just know; and I didn't say anything about a boyfriend," Amber chirped while assembling a salad at the salad bar.  "I know you're dating someone; I've known for a long time."

"Okay, you got me," Paris said.  "I have a boyfriend."

"Really; does he go to school here?"

"Um; can we talk about something else?"

"What? Was it something I said?"

"No; I just don't want to talk about this right now."

"Okay, when would you like to talk about it?"

"Later, but not now."

"Okay; you win, we'll discuss this later!"

That was the end of the discussion, for now; Paris knew he would have to tell his best friend eventually, but he would have to make sure this stayed a secret, or just wait until he turns eighteen to tell her.

After school, Kai and Sidney were in Sidney's room working on their homework and chatting about school and friends when Kai introduced a conversation stopper, asking, "Do you beat off?"

Sidney chuckled and answered, "No."


"Really; I've never done it before."

"I have."

"I know; I've seen you do it before."

Now Kai was annoyed that his straight friend saw him naked, but it had not happened the other way around.  What could Sidney possibly get out of seeing him naked was beyond Kai; the universe just was not being fair!  Kai asked, "How did you see me?"

"You never lock the bathroom door, nor do I.  I needed something from the bathroom one night before bed and I saw you slappin' away."


"You were really into it; who were you thinking about?"

Kai felt his face burn with blood as he thought about all of his masturbation sessions and the one person they always centered around:  Sidney.

After seeing his friend blush, Sidney added, "If it's me you're thinking about, that's okay, Kai."

Kai, still blushing, avoided eye contact with Sidney, although he knew Sidney was trying to make eye contact.  Kai felt the pressure of Sidney's hand on his shoulder; after Sidney began squeezing Kai's shoulder, Kai started to feel at ease, able to make eye contact.  Sidney smiled, reassuring Kai that his feelings for Sidney were okay.

Kai grabbed the hand that was on Sidney's shoulder, smiled, and replied, "Thank you, Sid; thanks for being my best friend!"

"No, thank you for being mine," Sidney replied in earnest.  "So, why'd you ask me about what I do with my dick?"

Kai blushed again and looked at his lap before answering, "I wanted to know if know..."

A bright red Kai looked at Sidney to see a questioning face with a sly smile.  Sidney said, "No, I don't, but I'd like to know."

"I just thought we stuff...together," Kai blurted.

Kai was now looking at the floor, then at Sidney, then at anything that was not Sidney, and then repeated the process until Sidney, who seemed to be thinking about the proposition responded, "Sure; why not."

"Really; you really want to?"

"Yeah; let's do it right now!  I've never done this before, so I might ask you for some pointers."

"Wow, cool; this is going to be cool!"  Kai was now beaming from ear-to-ear.

"Well; take off your clothes," Sidney exclaimed as he pulled off his shirt and started unbuckling his belt.


"Kai, stop talking and get naked."

Kai's wettest dreams were about to come true; he was about to become sexual for the first time with the boy with which he quickly fell in love.

Kai watched Sidney the entire time, even as Kai pulled off his shirt and unbuckled his pants.  Sidney sat on the bed and removed his socks and so did Kai.  When Sidney removed his hot pink boxer briefs, his hard, four-inch dick slapped his stomach, making a soft smacking sound.  Kai began to stare at Sidney's beautiful milky white skin, small sprout of deep-red pubes, and love-organ and could feel his mouth watering until Sidney's voice snapped him out of his fantasy.

"Dude, take off your underwear; I'm ready to start!"

Kai rapidly took off his underwear, almost tripping over himself doing so; his almost four-and-a-quarter-inch dick was so hard, it was sticking up at almost a seventy-degree angle.

"Yours is bigger than mine," Sidney said, reaching forward to grasp Kai's boner.  Kai gasped and doubled over when Sidney made contact.  Sidney smiled, gripped harder, and gave Kai's boner a stroke causing Kai to let out a grunt followed by an audible moan.

"You like that, don't you," Sidney asked.

"Uh, huh!"

"Good; now sit and show me how to stroke, my friend."

Kai gladly sat next to Sidney, but felt he was sitting too far away.  Before he started stroking, he realized he had a plan to get closer to Sidney.  "We don't have any lube," Kai said.

"We could break into Micah's room; I'm sure he has some."

Not wanting to walk around naked or have to put on some clothes and waste time looking for something that may not exist, Kai said, "Let's use lotion."  Sidney got up and went to the bathroom, boner leading the way.  Kai admired his friend's pink rear-end, wishing he could have a taste.  When Sidney came back, he noticed Kai had moved closer to Sidney's side of the bed, but decided not to say anything.  Sidney felt Kai wanted to get closer, so he sat next to Kai so that the boys' bodies were touching.  Kai was elated that Sidney did not tell him to scoot over.

Sidney looked over toward his friend and said, "Okay, you want to show me your technique?"

"Okay," Kai responded as he reached across Sidney, purposely brushing against Sidney's dick, to retrieve the bottle of lotion.  Sidney's dick pulsated when he felt Kai's prolonged touch; when Kai retrieved the lotion, he leaned back into his spot next to Sidney, continuing to try his best to get as close to Sidney as possible.

Kai squirted some lotion into his hand and then into Sidney's hand.  Kai grabbed is dick and began stroking it with Sidney watching adamantly.  Kai loved the attention Sidney was giving him and was going to put on a show for his friend.  Kai was stroking his dick with earnest, enjoying the contact with his best friend.  Sidney watched as Kai started twisting his hand around his love pole as he stroked up and down.

Sidney squirted some more lotion into his hand and began stroking his dick.  He started just as Kai had, but Kai stopped him and said, "You should pull your foreskin back first and then start; I heard it feels better."

Kai continued his twisting motion as he stroked and watched his best friend stroke his cock.  Sidney knew he was putting on a show for Kai as he pulled his foreskin back and started stroking his dick; Sidney enjoyed seeing his best friend concentrate so hard on his dick.  After five minutes of stroking, Sidney began the twisting motion Kai was using on his own tool.

Sidney felt his friend's body tense and heard Kai's breathing become ragged; Sidney watched Kai's dick as Kai's hips started to buck, pushing his dick into his fist.  With a loud grunt, Kai's dick erupted, firing a shot that hit the headboard.  The second shot hit Sidney on the shoulder; the next shots landed on Sidney's arm, then on Kai's arm, on Kai's stomach, and finally pooled in his dirty blond pubes.

Kai continued stroking his dick as he started cheering his friend, saying, "Come on, Sid," and, "Let me see you come!"  Sidney subconsciously opened his legs, one leg crossing Kai's, near Kai's lap.  Kai grabbed Sidney's inner thigh and begin stroking it as Sidney pulled his pud.  With Kai's chants and Kai's thigh stroking, Sidney's first orgasm took him by surprise and hit him extremely hard.

Sidney let out a very loud moan, almost crying out, as he shot his first seed onto his shoulder.  His next shots hit his shoulder again and then again before hitting his chest, then his stomach twice, and finally drooling down his rod and pooling in his small patch of pubes.

"Oh, god, Kai," Sidney exclaimed.  "That felt so fuckin' good!"  Sidney was still grunting after he said this and when Kai squeezed his inner thigh, he moaned very loud.  After Sidney came down from the high of his first orgasm, Kai moved his face closer to Sidney's and made lip contact.  The boys kissed passionately, something they started sharing with each other on regular occasions.  This occasion, however, was very special and so was this kiss.

When the boys broke the kiss, Sidney peered into Kai's eyes and said, "Thank you, Kai; that was pretty awesome."

Kai was smiling so wide, his face was starting to hurt; instead of voicing his thanks, he leaned forward and kissed his friend again.  Sidney, Kai was convinced, was the best straight friend a gay boy could ever hope to have!

"My friends know that I have a boyfriend," Paris said to Micah.  The boys were sitting on Micah's bed talking about life and their plans when Paris broached this topic.

"Can you trust them?"

"Yes; I think.  I know I can trust Amber; other than you, she's my best friend."

"Ah," Micah responded, smiling.  "I suggest you tell only your friends who you trust the most, at least until you're legal."

"Thanks, Micah; what would I do without you?"

Paris re-read the letter for the hundredth time, excited each time he saw the words "conditionally accepted" and even more excited when he saw the heading with the seal of the University of California -- Berkeley in the heading.  He ran around the house screaming, "I'm in; I'm in!"

When Paris finally calmed down, he called Zach to tell him the good news.

Zach chuckled at the exuberance of his lover and replied, "Baby, that's great; I'm really proud of you and very happy for you!  We should celebrate."

"Okay, but not tonight, I'm going to hang with my brothers and parents.  We can do it tomorrow; Thanksgiving break begins tomorrow."

"Okay, baby; I love you, Paris.  Congrats, babe!"

"Thanks, baby; I love you, too."

"I read about this place and always wanted to come here," Zach exclaimed as he held the door to A La Carte for Paris.

When the two were seated and drinks and appetizers ordered, Zach listened to a beaming Paris talk about his plans for the future and all uses for a history major.

When Zach inserted a piece of sushi into his mouth, Paris asked, "So, how do you feel about me going to Berkeley?"

Zach swallowed the sushi and answered, "I think it's amazing, Paris, and I'm very happy for and proud of you."

"No; how do you feel about me moving so far away?"

Zach sighed and responded, "What do you want me to say, Paris.  I'm not happy that we'll have to live so far apart, but it's only for a few months at a time, I can come visit on the weekends, and this is an incredible opportunity.  No matter what, I will always be here for you; you don't have to worry about that."

"So, you want me to go?"

"Paris, of course I want you to go!  You deserve a chance to be happy and to blossom into your full potential and if we want a healthy relationship that will last `until death do we part,' I have to support your endeavors of your personal growth."  Paris was elated with this revelation, so much so, he leaned forward to kiss Zach, damn the audience!

At the conclusion of their meal, after the table was cleared off, Zach placed two small black boxes on the table.  Zach looked at Paris who was now staring at the table, waiting for Zach to open the boxes.  When Zach opened the box closest to Paris to reveal a white gold band with a single diamond embedded in the top of the band, Paris gasped and placed his hand over his mouth.

Extremely excited by his boyfriend's reaction, Zach grabbed Paris' left hand into his own, picked up the ring, and slipped it onto Paris' ring finger.  Zach opened the second box, pulled out an identical ring, and slipped it onto his finger.  "These are called `promise rings,'" Zach announced.  "It shows the measure of our commitment to each other and the seriousness in which we take this relationship.  I will never leave you, Paris; I love you."  After Zach said this, he took Paris' left hand into his own and kissed the new ring.

Paris, now in tears, choked out, "I love you," before leaning forward to kiss his boyfriend on the lips, amid the applause of the patrons and staff of the restaurant; Paris always knew Zach was the one, now he had tangible proof of their love.

"Okay, everyone; into the dining room," John yelled, carrying a green casserole with Dustin following behind with the turkey.  Gathering at the table was Ashley, Micah, Page and Dmitry, Paris and Zach, and Sidney.  John and Dustin beamed when they looked upon their children, very proud of how they were raised.

The mood at the table was celebratory with everyone admiring Paris' new ring and talking about school, internships, and of course, Paris' acceptance into Berkeley.  

"Ya know, college isn't as awesome as you think it is," Page said.

"Really," Paris asked, feeling less enthused.

"Yeah; it's worse than high school," Ashley added.  "Lots of work and very little time for play."

"Really," Page asked again.

"Don't listen to them," John jumped in, trying to restore Paris' hopes.

"They're full of crap," Dustin added.

"College was some of the best years of my life," Zach added.  "Well, now that you're part of it, college is a distant second!"

"Nice save," Paris countered, smiling and kissing his boyfriend.

"But seriously, you'll love it," Page added.

"Page is right, and so is Zach; college is a great experience that no one should have to miss," Ashley said.  "Sure, it's a lot of work, but the freedom and the people you'll meet is a reward that outweighs that work."

"And finally going to school for something you enjoy is a very rewarding feeling, as well," John added.

"No matter how much work is involved," Dustin amended.

"Wow, sounds like I'm going to love Berkeley," Paris said, regaining his excitement and exuberance.

John noticed Micah had become quiet and seemed almost detached; this prompted John to ask, "Micah, what's on your mind?"

Micah decided this was the time to make his announcement.

"Everyone," Micah said, quieting down the table.  "I have an announcement to make."  Paris already knew what Micah was about to announce and when Micah looked toward him, Paris nodded, telling Micah that he was here for him.  "I've joined the Air Force."  After Micah made this statement, John made an audible gasp that was easily heard throughout the quiet room.

"That's awesome, Micah," Paris chimed in.  "I'm very proud of you!"

"I agree; you're doing a very honorable and courageous thing," Dmitry added.

"You do know we're in like three conflicts, right now," Page said.

"Micah, son; please tell me you're kidding right now," John said, visibly shaken by Micah's news.  "I mean, during peacetime, okay, but we're at war in North Korea, Yemen, and Iran!"

"Dad; I've thought this through!  I didn't just make some rash decision on impulse," Micah exclaimed.

"We know, son," Dustin said, trying to ease the tension.  "Your father and I just wish you would have consulted us first."

"Y'all would have tried to talk me out of it," Micah responded.

"We would have come around," Dustin added.  "Just as we eventually will; I am proud of you, though."

"Son," John said, sounding a little somber, "just be careful; okay?"

"Yes, sir," Micah said.  "Don't worry, I've already thought this thing through and I've already looked into all the benefits and compared them with other things in my field and I believe this is the best fit for me."

"What about school," Sidney asked.

"If all goes as planned, I won't deploy until after graduation, so that's taken care of," Micah answered.  "I'll start out as an officer because I'll have a college degree."

"Okay, son," Dustin said, "we support you, no matter what."

"Even though I am very worried, I still support any constructive decision any of my children will make," John added.  "So, yes; I support your decision.  Next time any of you decide to make a big decision like this, please let your father and I know in advance.  Thank you."

The discussion got livelier as the remainder of the Thanksgiving dinner was served.  Everyone decided to spend the night at the house, so, of course, family game night was in order; even throughout the games, John still could not take his mind off the dangerous career path his son has chosen to take.  Dustin knew his husband was still in turmoil about this and was trying to hide it, so he comforted John, giving John the strength to endure the game night.

End of Chapter 1

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