The LeFleur-Winfield Men II

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Micah:  21, Graduate of UC -- Irvine
Paris:  18, Freshman at UC -- Berkley
Sidney:  14, 10th Grade
Zach:  31, John's Assistant
Kai:  14, 10th Grade

Part Two:  Paris is for Lovers -- Chapter 2

Summer 2038

It was unusually hot when Kai rode his bike to the LeFleur-Winfield residence.  Kai left his bike on the side of the steps in front of the house before going to the front door and typing in his code to unlock the door.  Kai used the elevator to get to the third floor; when the elevator reached the third floor, Kai bolted to Sidney's room, excited to tell him about his summer plans.

When Kai opened Sidney's door, Sidney was using his television to search YouTube videos of hockey players in this summer's draft.  When Sidney saw Kai enter the room, he looked up at his friend and asked, "Hey, Kai, what's up?"

"A lot actually," Kai responded, before looking at the screen.  "Draft?"

"Yeah; so what's a lot," Sidney asked before turning off the TV.

"Well, first off, I'm hot, so I'm going to change into my board shorts while I talk to you."

"Okay; I'm gonna change, too."

Sidney hopped off the bed as Kai began pulling his tee over his head.  Kai was completely naked when he said, "Of course you know, my father lives in Montana and I spend two weeks with him every summer."

Sidney was rummaging through his drawer, completely naked, trying to find a Speedo; Kai was finding it hard to concentrate on holding a conversation, especially when Sidney bent over to retrieve a Speedo that had fallen to the floor.  Sidney turned around to see Kai with a very noticeable erection staring at his nakedness.  Sidney smiled when Kai started to subconsciously stroke his hard-on and said, "Kai, snap out of it!"

Kai's trance broken, he took his hand off his dick and said, "'s just you're...sorry."  Kai averted his eyes from his friend's and blushed.  Sidney, who now had a Speedo on, put his hand on Kai's neck, placed his forehead against Kai's, and said, "Don't ever feel like you have to be ashamed of who you are in front of me.  Okay?"

Kai gave Sidney a nod; Sidney hugged his best friend.  During the hug, through teary eyes and a shaky voice to match, Kai said, "Thank-you, Sidney."

When the boys broke the embrace, Kai wiped his eyes and Sidney made a joke to lighten the mood, which seemed to work when Kai started laughing.  Once Kai found his board shorts in his drawer and put them on, Sidney asked, "So what's this about you going to Montana?  You're not leaving me, are you; `cause I can't live without you."

Sidney's beaming smile was met with Kai's happiness and exuberance; Kai continued his conversation by adding, "Well, this year, I asked my dad if you could come with me and he said he didn't care, so, do you want to?"

"Yeah sure; sounds like fun!"

"You're the best straight friend a gay boy can have," Kai exclaimed through a broad smile.

"And you're the best gay friend a straight boy can have," Sidney responded with an equally toothy smile.


Micah looked at his small suitcase and thought to himself, this is it; off to basic.  John and Dustin walked into the room to see their son zipping up his bag.

"You got everything you need," John asked, sitting next to his son.

Dustin sat on the other side of Micah and Micah sat down as well.  Micah responded, "Yes; I went through the checklist a hundred times already.  I packed an extra pair of underwear, just-in-case."

"One extra pair," Dustin queried.

"Well, men aren't supposed to bring any underwear; the Air Force will provide them for us."

"Wow," John exclaimed, "it's like a Mormon missionary!"

Micah chuckled and responded, "Without all the religious hocus-pocus, make-believe crap!"

"Micah," Dustin exclaimed, "I know I'm the only person in this room that believes in God, but I'm still in this room; have a little respect!"

"I agree," John chimed in.

"Sorry, you guys," Micah responded before looking at Dustin and adding, "sorry, dad."

"Micah," John added, "we are extremely proud of you, son; if you need us for anything, remember, we are always here."

Dustin added, "We know you'll do great and are destined for great things, son."

Micah could feel the overwhelming amount of love these two men who were his parents for a shorter period of time than his biological father; this caused an outpouring of emotion from Micah.  Micah's outpouring of emotion translated into an outpouring of tears.  John started rubbing his son's back with one hand and stroked Micah's thigh with another.  Dustin grabbed Micah's shoulder; both men refused to let go of their son until he calmed down.

When Micah stopped crying, he looked grabbed his fathers' arms and pulled both men close to him.  While the men embraced their son, Micah said, "You guys are the best dads in the world and I love you two so much."

"We love you, too, son," John responded, kissing his son on the forehead.

Dustin pulled his son tighter, and responded, "Thank you for making our family complete, son."

The following day, Micah hugged his fathers and Paris goodbye as he went through security to board the plane for Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.


Once the plane was level in the air, Kai and Sidney took off their seatbelts and began roaming around John's private jet, a Boeing 777 VIP.  Kai ran to the lounge in the front of the plane, reversed course and ran into Sidney in the hallway just past the galley.

"Dude, calm down," Sidney said, chuckling at his friend's exuberance.

"I can't believe your dad owns this!"

"Yeah, it's pretty cool, huh.  And this is the small one."

"Wow; he has another one?"

"Yes; but that one's used strictly for business.  Do you want a tour?"

"Of course; I can't just run around like a wild man, now can I?"

"C'mon, Kai, let's start in the lounge."

Sidney gave Kai the tour of the plane from the lounge to the galley, to the stateroom, the powder room, the bathroom, and finally to the office.  Once in the office, Kai sat in John's large chair and started spinning around.  Kai ended by putting his feet up on the desk and saying, "Mister Secretary, please inform the Prime Minister of China that I will have to post-pone our meeting until I have awesome sex with my beautiful auburn-haired call boy."

Sidney moved closer to Kai, pushed his friend's feet off the desk, and said, "So, I'm just a call boy?"

Kai grabbed Sidney's butt and pulled him closer until Sidney fell into Kai's lap.  Kai answered, "No; you're my best friend and you're the most wonderful person I know.  And, you're the cutest boy in the world, and you're the greatest kisser, ever!"

"Okay, stop, you're making me blush!"

"It's true."

"You're insane!"

"I'd gladly go insane chasing after you," Kai responded in a more serious tone, while moving Sidney's hair out of Sidney's face.

Kai leaned forward and planted a short, but loving kiss on his best friend before asking, "You wanna join the mile-high club?"

Sidney moved out of Kai's lap and said, "Now I know you're insane!"

Kai stood up and was now an extremely close to Sidney before saying, "We don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with; let's beat off again."

Sidney thought about Kai's proposition for a few seconds before responding, "Okay; sure, why not?"

A smile crossed Kai's face showing his dimples before he reached across and gave his friend a bear hug, lifting the much smaller Sidney off the floor.  The boys moved into the bedroom and Kai went directly to the bathroom with Sidney following behind.  Kai started undressing before Sidney stopped him and said, "Dude, we have our own bedroom; let's just do it in there."

"Oh yeah; duh," Kai exclaimed.  "So you want to do it?"

"You know what I meant; now let's do this before I change my mind!"

The boys moved into the stateroom and began undressing, throwing their clothing everywhere.  When they were both naked, they ended up on the bed together, sitting across from each other.  Sidney grabbed his four-and-a-quarter-inch dick, closed his eyes and fell backwards toward the foot of the bed.  Kai watched as Sidney's hips bucked into his hand as stroked himself.  Sidney was turning Kai on so immensely, Kai was sure that if he would have touched himself, he would have came.

Kai moved closer to Sidney and began masturbating his four-and-a-half-inch dick, enjoying the show.  Sidney felt Kai move closer again, but kept pumping his dick, enjoying the sensations and the attention.  Kai moved closer to Sidney, until his feet were barely touching Sidney's balls.  Kai's legs were under Sidney's and stretched out on the side of Sidney.

Kai decided it was time to take things to the next level; Sidney gasped when Kai reached forward and fisted his dick.  Without opening his eyes, Sidney removed his hand and allowed Kai to begin stroking his boyhood.  Kai was enjoying the feeling of Sidney's hot boy pole, but was turned on even more when Sidney began bucking his hips upward into Kai's fist.

Surprised at how far he had gotten, Kai decided to become more intimate with Sidney by letting go of Sidney and moving his body on top of Sidney's body.  Sidney kept his eyes closed as he felt the weight of Kai atop his body.  Kai was taller than Sidney, but still managed to get crotch-to-crotch and face-to-face with the boy of his dreams.

In Kai's opinion, Sidney looked so sexy and dreamy when Sidney opened his eyes.  When Sidney closed his eyes again, so did Kai; Sidney parted his lips and invited Kai's tongue into his mouth.  As the boys explored the mouth of the other, Kai began humping his best friend.  Sidney returned Kai's hip thrusts with powerful thrusts of his own.

After ten minutes of thrusting, gyrating, and kissing, Kai felt himself getting close.  Kai grunted into Sidney's mouth and came all over Kai and Sidney's stomach, chest, and crotch.  Kai continued humping and moaning as he had one of the best orgasms of his life.  When Kai's orgasm subsided, he broke the kiss with Sidney, sat back, wiped his left hand through his come, grabbed Sidney's dick, and started pumping, using his come as lube.  Sidney was still very horny from what Kai had just done and it did not take long for Sidney to start grunting and moaning.  Sidney's eyes opened and he looked directly at Kai when he started coming extremely hard.  Sidney's first three shots flew over his head, the next ones landed on his face, then his chest, his stomach, and finally pooled near his dark red pubes, which Kai loved so much.

Kai was still playing with Sidney's dick when Sidney grabbed the back of Kai's neck and pulled Kai toward Sidney.  Sidney and Kai kissed passionately, enjoying the feeling of being so close after their immense orgasms.


Sidney looked through the window as the plane began its decent towards Chinook, Montana.  There were fields upon fields of green and brown farms, some square, and some circular, all surrounding the smallest town Sidney has ever seen.  When Sidney saw the houses littering the town center, he thought, please let one of those houses be Kai's; I really do not want to be on a farm.

As if Kai could read Sidney's mind, he leaned over and said, "My dad doesn't live in the city, his house is on a farm about five miles out of town."

Kai paused and continued, "There's nothing to do in town, anyways.  Our whole town has one zip code and four restaurants, if you count the taco joint in the Exxon."

"How can people live here?"

Kai chuckled and responded, "Very miserably."

When the plane landed, the boys exited and walked to the airport, or at least he assumed what was the long metal shack.  Sidney followed Kai as Kai went up to an older girl, who looked like she was probably in eleventh or twelfth grade.  When Kai tried to hug the girl, she pulled away and made a face of disgust.  As Sidney approached the two, Kai introduced the girl, saying, "This is my older sister, Klarissa."

Klarissa reached out to Sidney, shook his hand, and said, "Hi, you can just call me Klair."

"Hi Klair," Sidney responded, shaking her hand firmly.

After the boys put their luggage into the car, Sidney dismissed and thanked the pilots and climbed into the back seat with Kai.  Klair put the car in drive and pulled out of the airport.  Sidney saw tiny buildings and houses everywhere except to his left, where farms north of the town started.  When Klair turned onto a small highway, she looked at Sidney in the rearview mirror and asked, "How do you know Kai, Sidney?"

"We met in third grade; we've been best friends ever since."

"You keep an eye on him," Klair added.  "Kai's a fag, you know."

Kai was now looking out the window, trying to hold back tears when he heard Sidney exclaim, "Look, I don't know you that well, but I will tell you that I already can't stand you!  Don't you ever call him that and don't say that word in front of me or him again; oh, and try not to talk to me again this week!"

Kai was overjoyed that Sidney stood up for him so adamantly and wanted so badly to hug him, but was afraid of what his sister would say next.


Klair pulled onto Peterson Farm Road, Sidney noted, yet another oddity for him.  She stopped at the first building, but Sidney also noticed the road continued and winded behind a large amount of trees.  Kai and Sidney grabbed their bags and Sidney followed Kai to his room.  Once in the room, Kai sat on the bed and crumbled; placing his face in his hands, he started sobbing.  Sidney closed the door and sat on the bed next to his friend.

Kai allowed himself to fall into Sidney's embrace; Sidney held his friend tight until Kai calmed down.  When Kai was calm, Sidney said, "It's okay, I won't let anyone talk to you or about you like that, ever!"

Kai was very happy to have a friend like Sidney, but he was also worried about how Sidney would react to his dad.  Kai responded, "Thank you, Sid; thanks for stick up for me.  I didn't think she would do this in front of you!"

"I would always stick up for you."  Kai raised his hand, stopping Sidney from adding to his statement.

Kai added, "But whatever you do, do not challenge my dad.  If you just let it alone, he'll likely just drop the subject."

"Okay," Sidney said, now a little worried.  "Kai, does he abuse you?"

When Kai looked at the floor, Sidney's fears were realized.  "Kai; this is bad!"

"At least he gives a reason."

"Homophobia is not a reason!"

"My sister never gives a reason; nor does my mom."  Kai could not believe he all of a sudden had the balls to say this to Sidney.  Now that everything was out in the open, Kai thought, what was the worst that could happen?

"Fuck; this is bad," Sidney said, sounding worried.  "Kai, why didn't you tell us?"

"I didn't want to be taken away from you!"

"Kai, if things get bad, please, please, please promise me that you'll let either me know, or one of my dads!"



"Okay, okay; I'll do it! I'll let someone know!"

"Thank you; the last thing I want is for something serious to happen to you, Kai!"

Kai started sobbing again and fell into Sidney's tight embrace.


When the boys and Klair finished making the dinner, they heard a vehicle door close outside the house.  Sidney was near Kai when this occurred and he felt his friend tense up; Sidney noticed that Kai was very nervous.  Kai felt Sidney's hand on the back of his neck as Sidney tried to bring Kai to a calmer state of mind.  Sidney removed his hand when the front door opened and in walked what looked like a blond version of the Brawny man.  At six-foot-six, and what seemed like two-hundred-fifty-pounds, Kai's father was a behemoth of a man.

"Hey, dad," Kai said, sounding rather timid, a side of his friend Sidney has never seen before.

"Hey, Kai," Kai's father responded, in a vapid tone.  "What's for dinner, Klair?"

"Your favorite, of course," Klair responded in a very innocent voice.

It was nerve-wrenchingly quiet in the kitchen as everyone made their meals and made their way to the table.  Kai was sure to sit on Sidney's left side at the table, so that, if necessary, the two could hold hands under the table.  After shoveling and choking food down his throat, and making very unsavory sounds while doing so, Jeff looked at Sidney and asked, "You must be Kai's friend, what's your name, boy?"

Sidney answered, "My name is Sidney, Mister Peterson."

Kai's father laughed aloud and responded, "Okay, Sidney; you can just call me Jeff."  Sidney nodded in response.

After chugging down the rest of his beer, Jeff turned his attention to Kai and said, "Kai, or should I say Kay?"  Jeff stopped to laugh ferociously loud at his poor attempt at a joke; the only other person at the table who was laughing was Klair.  Jeff continued, asking, "Kai, are you still a fairy?"  Kai quickly grabbed Sidney's hand under the table and squeezed; had Kai not done this, Sidney would have said something very insulting to Jeff's intelligence, this, Kai knew.

Kai answered his father's offensive question, saying, "No, I'm not a fairy because I don't have wings."

Jeff looked at his son with a look of indifference before slamming his fists on the table, startling even Klair.  After Jeff slammed the table, he started laughing deeply, much to everyone's surprise.  When Jeff calmed down, he opened his third beer and chugged down half the bottle before turning his attention back to Sidney.  Sidney was not in the mood to play Twenty Questions with this man, but he knew he might not have a choice.

Jeff started questioning Sidney, asking, "Sidney; how old are you and what grade are you in?"

"Kai and I are in the same grade and I'm a month older than Kai."

Jeff had a blank expression on his face and just shrugged his shoulders at Sidney's answer.  You've got to be kidding me, Sidney thought, this asshole doesn't even know his son's birthday!

"I turn fifteen this August and Kai will be fifteen this September.  We're both going to the tenth grade this year."

"Why didn't you just say that in the first place," Jeff responded.  Before Sidney could counter Jeff's response, Jeff asked, "Do you play hockey, too?"


"What are your plans when you graduate high school?"

At least he's asking sensible questions, Sidney thought.

"I plan to go to college and hopefully get drafted into the NHL."

"Professional hockey, eh," Jeff queried.  "Kai is too much of a wuss to make it in the big leagues."

Sidney felt his hand being squeeze, but he decided to say, "Kai is too smart to waste his other talents on hockey; he could help the world in ways he would never be able to do if he went pro."

"Hmph," Jeff snorted.  "Why'd you let Kay into coming to the middle-of-the-fuck-nowhere?"

"Kai didn't tell me that this was a no traffic light town; but I still would have come, nonetheless."

"Are you a fairy, Sidney," Jeff asked with a serious look etched into his face.  Before Sidney answered, Jeff grabbed his beer and downed the remaining beverage.

"Jeff, I think you're a little old to still believe in fairies," Sidney responded, Kai squeezing his hand harder and harder with every word.

Jeff asked, "Sidney, are you a smartass to your parents?"

"My parents would rather me be a smartass than a dumbass, Jeff; wouldn't you agree?"

Jeff knew he was being jacked with, but was starting to feel the effects of working a sixteen-hour day and having three beers before he came home and another three at the table.  Jeff got up, said, "Good night, fuckers," walked into his room, and collapsed onto the bed.


Once the boys were back in Kai's room; Kai turned to Sidney and asked, "What were you thinking; I told you not to smart off to him!"

"He was being a dick to you and to me and if you won't stick up for yourself, I will always step in for you!  I cannot watch my friends and family be senselessly attacked, especially by authority figures, not that Jeff is much of one."

"Okay; you win `cause you're right."

"Okay, how are we sleeping?"

"Like usual, just with underwear on to be on the safe side."


Once stripped down to their underwear, the boys crawled into bed together and ended up in their usual position -- Sidney with his back toward Kai and Kai spooning and holding Sidney.  They always have the best sleep when they sleep together.


After breakfast, the boys walked around the property while Kai was looking for objects to photograph to complete his summer project for the photography class in which he registered that starts in the fall.  Kai had many pictures of the farm, including some pictures of old barns from last century.  Sidney had been in many of these photos; Kai loved the way the wind blew his dark red hair.

When Kai spotted an old, broken-down truck near a large tree, he was elated, exclaiming, "Holy, shit, this is awesome!  Sidney, come here; let's take some pictures with this truck!"

Sidney awaited Kai's instruction while Kai set up the camera at the back end of the truck.  "Okay, Sidney; take off your unbutton your shirt and sit on the tailgate.  Sidney was wearing a plaid shirt with pearl snaps and a muscle shirt underneath.  His extremely tight Wranglers completed the look that Kai had picked out for this shoot.

"Okay, Sid; look toward the tree and just let the wind take control of your hair."  Sidney heard Kai snapping away as he followed Kai's instructions.  Kai gave Sidney some more instructions, and eventually had Sidney remove the undershirt and leave his plaid shirt open.  At one point, Sidney's jeans were unbuttoned and around his ankle, causing him to say, "You have a very liberal art teacher!"

"Yeah, you should see some of the art work on the wall; it's borderline pornographic."

Kai told Sidney to pick up his jeans, but leave them unbuttoned.  Kai removed his shirt and undershirt, climbed on the truck, and sat behind Sidney, straddling his friend.  Kai took pictures of himself and Sidney with Kai's hand on Sidney's chest with part of Sidney's shirt covering.  The next set of pictures was of Kai's hand on Sidney's bear stomach and Sidney looking into the camera.  The next set was of Kai's hand inside Sidney's boxer trunks and Sidney looking down at Kai's hand fondling him.  The final set was of Kai's hand still inside Sidney's trunks, but Sidney and Kai were now kissing, with Kai's other hand gently touching Sidney's face and neck.

When the boys got back to the house, Kai went into the basement to develop the photos; he came back upstairs with the album, he had created; Sidney looked through them and was astonished.  "Wow, Kai, these are amazing!"

"I made an extra one for you," Kai said, pulling out a black-and-white photo of him and Sidney on the truck kissing.

"Dude, I give you permission to use all of these, even the erotic ones, for your portfolio!"

"Really, Sidney?"

"Really; Kai, these shots are amazing!"

"Thanks, dude; I can't wait to finish building my portfolio."

"I'll help you with whatever you need; I love being your exclusive model," Sidney said, smiling.  At this admission Kai was overcome with joy and happiness; he hugged and kissed Sidney, something he was glad the two of them continued to share.


After spending the rest of the two weeks exploring the countryside, the boys were back on the 777 heading back to Irvine, California.  During the trip, Kai had learned that the unusually circular fields were created because of the circular paths the center-pivot irrigation systems took when watering the fields.  Kai and Sidney were in the lounge eating through John's large variety Jelly Belly stash when Kai asked, "Do you want to mess around on the bed, again?"

"Nah, let's do it in here; we are on a private jet."

"Ooo, this really feels dirty," Kai chuckled while pulling down his pants and underwear.

Sidney followed suit and the boys were playing with the other's dicks, slowly stroking, enjoying the sensation of a foreign hand on their hard dicks.  After a few minutes of slow stroking, the boys' flight attendant walked into the lounge and saw the boys pleasuring each other.  She gasped, turned around, and disappeared into the servant's area.  The boys quickly pulled their pants and underwear up, giggling the whole time about being caught.  The giggling and suggestive conversation lasted until the boys landed at John Wayne International.


"Okay; that looks like everything," Paris exclaimed as he closed the U-HAUL truck gate.  Paris turned to his fathers and asked, "Are you guys going to miss me?"

Without missing a beat, John answered, "Are you kidding; two down, four to go!"

Dustin, Paris, and Zach stopped what they were doing and looked at John; Dustin asked the obvious, "Four to go, honey; aren't you the engineer?"

"Engineer, barely; computers have taken the `engineering' out of civil engineering.  I'm counting Kai, as well; that boy practically lives here!"

The men chuckled in agreement before Dustin added, "Of course we'll miss you, son; but it's time for you to move on."

The men said their farewells and watched their son drive off toward Los Angeles to Zach's apartment.


End of Chapter 2


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