The LeFleur-Winfield Men II: Paris is for Lovers 3

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Paris:  18, Freshman at UC -- Berkeley
Zach:  31-32, John's Assistant
John & Dustin:  52 & 51, Parents

Part Two:  Paris is for Lovers -- Chapter 3

Fall 2038

"Man, this campus is insane," Paris exclaimed as if it was his first time visiting Berkeley.

"I was just going to say the same thing.  It's definitely cooler than Cal State," Zach responded.

Paris, Zach, his parents, Sidney, and Kai had just finished moving Paris into the dorms and enjoyed a lunch together before John and Dustin decided to go to San Francisco with Sidney and Kai for the remainder of the weekend.  Zach plopped down onto the bed and watched his boyfriend look out the window in amazement.

"Do you want to ride around again, or do you want to christen the room," Zach ask, saying "christen" in as naughty a tone that he could muster.

Paris turned around with a naughty smile on his face and began unbuttoning his shirt.

Paris slowly removed his shirt before moving to his pants.  When he unzipped himself, he faced away from Zach and bent down to remove his jeans, showing his firm ass to Zach.  Zach walked across the room and grabbed Paris' warm lobes through his underwear, surprising Paris.  Paris stood upright and began grinding his ass into Zach's crotch.  Paris grabbed Zach's face and kissed his lover passionately, Zach gladly returned the kiss with fervor.  Paris felt Zach's hands enter his underwear; Zach began stroking his boyfriend, enjoying the feel of Paris' steel hard seven-and-three-quarter-inch pole throbbing in his hands.

Zach released Paris' dick and then lowered Paris' underwear; Paris' underwear was discarded in the pile of his clothes.  Paris turned around and devoured Zach's lips and tongue while unbuttoning Zach's shirt.  Once removed, Paris tossed Zach's shirt into the growing pile of clothes.  Paris pushed Zach backwards until Zach fell onto the bed.  Paris began undoing the buttons on Zach's jeans; each button Paris loosened, he would kiss Zach, deeply.  Paris pulled Zach's dick out of the top of his boxer briefs and began stroking him as he kissed Zach.  When Zach started moaning, Paris released his lover's dick and lips; Paris lowered his head and took Zach into his mouth, eliciting a very satisfying moan from Zach.

Paris had become an expert on how to please Zach's seven-incher, taking it all the way down to the root and to the back of his throat, flexing his tonsils around the head of Zach's dick, coming all the way up to the head, wrapping his tongue around the head, tugging on Zach's balls. Yes, Paris was the expert at pleasing Zach and Zach's rapid breathing and loud moaning was a great indicator of that.  Paris continued sucking Zach off for about five minutes before Zach reached under himself to pull his jeans and underwear off.   Paris' mouth never came off Zach's dick as Zach pulled his clothes off.  After Zach managed to get his jeans off, his dick was lodged to the root in Paris' mouth and throat.  Zach, without removing himself from his lover, laid next to Paris, forcing Paris onto his side.  Zach took Paris' large boner into his mouth, now sucking on what is no longer the dick of a little boy, but that of a man.

Although Zach could only take six inches of Paris, Paris was more than delighted at the feelings Zach was giving his manhood.  The two sucked each other's dicks and tugged and kneaded each other's balls for ten minutes before Zach took Paris out of his mouth to focus on the next phase of their lovemaking.  Paris gasped and subconsciously spread his legs when he felt Zach's tongue drag from his balls to his hole.  Zach tongued Paris' hole until his tongue started to find its way passed Paris's tight sphincter.

When Zach felt his tongue enter Paris easily, he sucked his index finger and pushed the tip into Paris.  Paris clenched when he felt the intrusion, but forced himself to relax to allow Zach's finger to slide deep into him.  Paris continued deep throating his lover as Zach inserted a second finger and began finger fucking him in earnest.  Zach removed himself from Paris' warm mouth and got up to get the lube.  Paris laid on his back as he waited for his boyfriend to return.  Zach retrieved the lube from Paris' drawer and turned back toward the bed.  When Zach reached the bed, his blond, twinkish boyfriend opened his legs, ready for Zach to get to work lubing him.  Once Page was lubed, Zach climbed onto the bed and put his back against the wall.  Paris got the idea and got up to the sitting position.  With his back facing Zach, he lowered himself onto Zach's waiting cock.  The two melded with each other as Zach began fucking his boyfriend.  Zach grabbed Paris' dick and began stroking as he slowly fucked his boyfriend.

Enjoying the feelings Zach's cock and hand was giving him, Paris felt himself get closer to the edge; when Zach felt Paris' sphincter tightened, he rammed himself deep into Paris.  Paris' come shot across the bed; Paris continued his amazing orgasm for nearly a minute as Zach manipulated his cock and prostate.  Zach held Paris tightly against him as Paris came down from his amazing orgasm.  The two kissed before Zach laid onto the bed holding his cock upward.  Paris sat on Zach's dick, taking it up into his bowels.

Paris, facing his boyfriend, began fucking himself violently on Zach's dick.  Zach lasted less than three minutes before he bucked upward again and again, filling the room with his guttural moans and his boyfriend with his hot seed.  Zach rubbed Paris' bellybutton piercing as he came down from his intense orgasm.  Paris leaned down and kissed Zach; Zach enjoyed every moment he got to spend with his boyfriend, sex is a bonus for him; this was the best bonus Zach has had to date.

When Paris sat upward, Zach continued rubbing Paris' stomach and bellybutton; while he was still inside Paris and rubbing Paris' stomach, Zach said, "I'm going to miss having your ass every week!"

"You'll survive."

Paris grunted when Zach forced himself into Paris and said, "I'm going to miss you more, though."

"I know."  Paris looked down at his boyfriend and smiled, ready for school, but not ready to part with Zach.


It was four-thirty when John came down from his office loft to and sat down in the swivel chair near Zach's desk.  Zach looked up at his boss, and probably future father-in-law, and before he could ask, "Can I help you, sir," John said, "Zach, I'm going to take my fall vacation next week and if you want' you can take a paid vacation while I'm out."

"Okay, sounds awesome!  Where are you headed?"

"I don't know, yet; I'm more of the spontaneous type.  Whatever happens...happens."

"So, Dustin is planning the vacation."

John smiled and said, "You got it!"


Zach was excited to have the time off and decided that he should capitalize on the two weeks alone he just received.  Zach was in the airport looking at the brochure and plane ticket in his hand.  He had everything ready including his passport, tickets to Ukraine, condoms, and the brochure promising very young boys for his pleasure.  This was going to be a very good week, Zach thought.


It did not take long for Zach to find his first brothel after being settled into his hotel room.  Zach walked into the unassuming house with the blue curtains, signifying the services were for boylovers.  Zach was looking for young, hairless, virgin boys who were no older than thirteen; they were more likely to obey his orders.  Zach found exactly what he was looking for when he met eleven-year-old Vasyl.  The boy was so innocent, a trait Zach loved as much as he loved to take away.  When Zach went into the bedroom with the boy, Zach wasted no time stripping the boy.  After some oral sex, Zach was applying the condom and lube, ready to make young Vasyl a non-virgin.


Paris was surprised to see Zach sitting on his bed when he walked into his dorm room.  Zach stood up with the intention of walking toward his boyfriend but was tackled by Paris back onto the bed before he could get proper footing.

Page kissed his boyfriend and then asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to visit you," Zach said.  "I miss you, so much."

"Honey, are you sure we can handle this," Paris asked in a serious tone.

"Of course we can handle this."  At that moment, Zach wanted to confess what he had done.  Zach had never felt this way about anyone in his life; he knew he loved Paris.  Zach also knew that what he had done was wrong, unforgivable, and that he would have to come clean to Paris.  Zach knew he could not confess, not while Paris was working so hard at school.  The confession would have to wait, but Zach did not know if he could hold out that long.

Zach listened intently as Paris talked about his classes and "how much better college is than high school."  Paris spoke for over an hour before realizing Zach never got a word in edgewise.  Paris stopped talking and said, "Wow; how selfish am I?  I never let you talk; how is everything going on with you?"

"Paris; this is about you.  My life is pretty much set; yours is moving at an incredible pace.  Please, go on; I love seeing you this excited."  All of these things were the truth, Zach really did feel this way about Paris, but that was not the reason he asked Paris to continue and offered very little.  Zach was on the verge of telling Paris everything, but knew he had to hold back; for now, at least.

Paris continued speaking until Zach had to head back to Los Angeles.  The two lovers kissed passionately and deeply, knowing it would be a month before they saw each other again.  The two lovers exchanged "I love you's" and Zach departed, leaving warm and fuzzy feelings in Paris, but the exact opposite in Zach.


Eight Weeks Later

After backing up his tuition information to his micro drive, Paris opened the desk drawer and found the hanging folder that contained this year's tax folder.  When Paris opened the tax folder, he noticed the plane ticket to Ukraine sitting on top the other documents.  Paris picked up the ticket and, upon further inspection, noticed the ticket was dated for October 18.  "What the fuck," Page muttered to himself.  Paris kept the plane ticket when he closed the folder and put it back into the drawer.


Later that evening, Zach was tired from an exhausting day of going from construction site to construction site with John and the last thing he wanted to deal with was Paris waving a plane ticket in his face and asking, "What the hell is in Ukraine?"  Oh, shit, Zach thought.

Zach reached for the ticket, but Paris pulled it away from his reach, saying, "Nah, uh; answers first."

Zach sighed, took off his tie, and said, "Paris, I took a vacation when your dad took a vacation so I decided to go to Europe and meet up with my friends.  We had fun, I barely stayed a week, and it wasn't expensive."

Paris handed Zach the ticket, which Zach grasped, but before Paris let the ticket free, he replied, "And that's all?"

"That's all, honey; now can we stop this, I'm tired and hungry.  Your dad has too much energy for his age; I could barely keep up with him!"

Paris looked into Zach's deep blue eyes and eased his grasp on the ticket, allowing Zach to take it into his possession.  Zach was still feeling incredibly guilty for betraying his boyfriend's trust, but now was not the time to tell Paris; this could mess up his schooling.  Zach promised himself that he would never do anything like this again, for Paris' sake.  Zach rounded the corner, went to the kitchen, and saw the pots on the stove; excited, he said, "Oh, baby, you cooked."  He opened the pots to see a sausage and red gravy and green beans in another pot.  He was very excited to try this meal, as he has never tried it before.  Paris was perfect, in Zach's opinion; Zach's opinion of himself was extremely low at the moment, something Zach hoped would change.


Paris, John, and Dustin were walking around the tar pits in Page Park when Paris stopped.  John and Dustin stopped walking shortly thereafter and turned to face their son.  Paris looked at his fathers and said, "Did you guys know that Zach took a weeklong trip to Ukraine?"

John said, "No; when did he do this?"

"October...the eighteenth is what the ticket said."

Dustin asked, "Did he say what he was doing there?"

"He said he was visiting friends."

John responded, "Well, he still has a lot of close friends in Europe; he is from England, you know."

"So; you don't think he's...ya know...messing around or doing anything illegal," Paris said, directed mostly at John.

John responded, "I don't know son; just trust him.  If you suspect something is up, confront him about it; do not hesitate."

"I just wish he would have told me.  In school or not, he's flying somewhere; he left the country without telling me," Paris said, hands thrusting forward, going from the sides of his head to the air in front of him.

Dustin grabbed Paris' hands, lowered them to Paris' sides, and said, "Look, just lay some ground rules that both of you can agree on; such as, `no travelling without letting your partner know where you're going.'"

Paris thought about this for a second and warmed up to the idea.

John added, "Paris, you're an adult and you're in a relationship that up until that trip, has been very strong.  This is one of many hiccups yet to come."

Paris took everything his dads said to heart and enjoyed the rest of the walk through park with them.  Paris and Zach had much to discuss if they were going to have rules to follow in order to keep their relationship strong for the rest of their lives.


After walking around Hollywood and hanging out at the Kodak Theatre, John and Paris went to 25 Degrees for lunch.  During lunch, the two enjoyed the company, but John knew Paris had to be wondering why it was just them and no one else, not even Dustin.

"Okay; I know we were meeting to discuss school and my choice of studies, but where's your other half," Paris asked, chuckling.

"He's at home with Kai and Sidney-"

"You're right, that boy does live there, now!"

"Yes, he does, but I'm not meeting with you just to hang out and eat, which, I will admit, were awesome bonuses."

"Is it about Zach?"

"Yes...I see his actions are still on your mind.  I do hate to burden you with this, but I think it's something you should know."

John paused before adding, "Paris, Ukraine is a country that has a lot of sex tourism."


"Shh...calm down, son; I'm not saying that Zach went here for that reason, but-"

"If he wanted a call boy, why would he go to Ukraine to get it; I'd imagine the American selection would be...cleaner."

"Oh, Paris; you are so naive.  If Zach went there for that reason, then he wasn't looking for just any call boy, but he was looking for a boy.  Remember, that's if he went there for that reason."

"How would I know."

"You will probably never find out, but make sure he's not doing anything illegal."

"What do you mean, `illegal?'"

"He may be collecting illegal images and porn."

"You mean..."  John knew his son got the message when his voice trailed off and he looked at his plate in deep thought.

"Son, don't just start accusing Zach unless you have proof; but if you do get proof, get him help immediately.  Don't let this spiral out of control, okay?"


The men finished their meals; Paris now deep in thought about what his boyfriend may be doing behind his back.


When Paris got back to the town house, Zach was working out and would be out for a few hours, so Paris started going through Zach's computer.  After a couple of hours of searching and not returning with anything illegal, he started searching any other physical storage device he could find, but still not turning up anything.  Paris searched iPods and iPads, still not turning up anything of substance.  Paris finally deduced that Zach was probably telling the truth, as he had not found any brochures about child sex in the Ukraine, not even in the internet history.

When Zach came home, he was treated to another delicious cooked meal and a very happy boyfriend.  Paris apologized for jumping down Zach's throat about the ticket to Ukraine to which Zach responded, saying, "I should have told that I was leaving when I did it, but it was so spur of the moment."

"It's okay; I should not have over reacted like the way I did; we were both wrong, now let's move past this, please!"

Zach smiled at his boyfriend and said, "What would I do without a love like yours?"

"You would wilt into obscurity, as would I."

Zach raised his wine glass for a toast, stating, "Well, here's to not wilting into obscurity."

After the two toasted, Paris leaned forward to kiss his boyfriend; Zach's met his lips halfway and the two shared a passionate kiss that later led to a passionate love-making session and exchange of "I love you's" from both men.


End of Chapter 3

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