The LeFleur-Winfield Men II: Paris is for Lovers 4

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Page:  22, Senior at UH
Micah:  22
Sidney:  15, 10th Grade
Kai:  15, 10th Grade
Dmitry:    22
John & Dustin:  52 & 51, Parents

Part Two:  Paris is for Lovers Chapter 4

Spring 2039

Sidney was lying on the bed fondling Kai's genitals while Kai was sitting next to Sidney with Sidney's cock in his hand.  The two were talking while deftly playing with the other until Kai squeezed the tip of Sidney's dick, sending shivers through Sidney's entire body.  Kai looked down at his best friend's face; Sidney's eyes were closed as he awaited Kai's coming hand job.

"Sidney," Kai asked, "can we try something different?"

Sidney opened his eyes and responded, "Different, how?"

"Like, can we go a"  Kai swallowed the lump in his throat after he realized what he had just asked.

"You mean sex?"

"Yeah...well, sort of; just blow jobs."


"Okay," Kai said with obvious disappointment.

Sidney felt bad and added, "But we can still do the other things we were doing."

Kai looked at Sidney and repeated, "Okay."

Kai, who preferred being on top, climbed onto Sidney and the boys began humping the other until they were both brought to orgasm.  When the two calmed down, Kai landed on Sidney, pinning Sidney under his larger frame.  Kai leaned forward to kiss Sidney, who returned the kiss in earnest.  Kai wanted more, but he was content with what his best friend, who proclaimed himself straight, offered.

The following weekend, Kai and Sidney were eleven holes deep into a full eighteen-hole game at Vue Sur L'Ocean Falaise Country Club East, when Sidney said, "Okay; we can do it."

Kai chuckled; feeling a little confused at this statement, and said, "Do what?"

"Take things a step further."

Kai still had a confused look when Sidney sighed and added, "Oral, Kai; oral!"

"Oh; really?"

"Yeah; really.  Just so long as I'm not giving, we can do it."

"Sounds good."  Kai was excited that Sidney decided to go this far sexually and knew that with time, Sidney would warm up to the idea of returning the favor.

Sidney was lying on his back on his bed with Kai on top of him, kissing his neck.  Kai was sucking on Sidney's neck when Sidney said, "Dude; don't give me a hickey!"  Kai smiled, gave Sidney a peck on the lips, and moved south to Sidney's chest.  Kai sucked on his friend's nipples while he grasped Sidney's cock through Sidney's underwear.  Kai continued his journey toward the treasure his friend offered until he made a pit stop at Sidney's navel.

Kai bathed Sidney's bellybutton in his saliva, enjoying the taste of his friend.  Kai gently nibbled on the skin beneath Sidney's bellybutton, making Sidney grunt and thrust his pelvis upward toward Kai's chest.  Sidney had grown a beautiful, thin treasure trail leading to his matching auburn bush of soft pubes.  Kai gripped the elastic on Sidney's trunks and pulled them down, freeing Sidney's steel hard, piping hot, four-and-a-half-inch dick.

Kai completely removed Sidney's underwear before spreading Sidney's legs, crawling between them, and licking Sidney's crotch starting at the ball sack and ending at the head.  Kai's tongue sent shivers through Sidney's entire being; Sidney knew that when Kai sucked him, it would be heavenly.  Heavenly was an understatement compared to Kai's hot, velvety mouth wrapping around and engulfing Sidney's dick.  Kai felt Sidney's hand begin to rub the back of his head just as Sidney yelled out, "Oh, fuck, Kai; oh, Kai, yeah, dude!"

Kai was immensely excited at his best friend's reaction to his oral manipulations as he felt Sidney's hands grip his hair and Sidney's pelvis begin to buck upwards.  Sidney was in a bliss-like state that almost seemed like he was experiencing a nirvana when Kai took his entire dick, the tip of which was begging to enter Kai's throat.  Sidney was giving Kai long, drawn out grunts as he grabbed Kai's head and began fucking Kai's throat as deep as he could manage.  When Sidney felt himself about to come, he released his grip on Kai and announced, "'m gonna come!"  A moment later, Kai, who kept his mouth on his friend, was rewarded with shot after shot of Sidney's thick, hot, and surprisingly sweet come.  Kai swallowed three times, enjoying the huge load he was able to extract from Sidney.  Kai allowed Sidney's dick to soften a little before releasing it from his mouth.  Sidney watched as his friend crawl over him; Kai, who was now straddling Sidney, jacked his dick five times before he grunted, moaned, and came over Sidney's head and across Sidney's chest and stomach.

When Kai finished coming, his body was rigid for a while before he collapsed onto Sidney, squishing his come between the two boys.  Kai kissed Sidney while he humped into Sidney's pelvis and grunted into Sidney's mouth.  Out of breath, Kai said, "Dude that was amazing!"  "Yes, it fucking was," Sidney agreed.

Micah sat in the living room across from his fathers while he waited for them to process what he just told them.  John was the first to respond, almost asking, "Yemen?"

"Dad," Micah said, "They're not fighting out there, anymore.  It's just occupation."

John responded, "It's still dangerous, son."

Grabbing John's thigh, Dustin jumped in, saying, "How long will you be deployed?"

"Until next-February; late February."

John took a deep breath before saying, "You have to write us; and FaceTime us.  You don't have a choice.  I want to speak with you as often as possible!"

"Okay dad; I will, I promise!  I love you guys!"


John, Dustin, Paris, and Sidney hugged and kissed Micah before he walked through security.  John and Dustin were proud of their son, but also feared for his safety.  Dustin consoled John, telling him that everything was going to be okay, no matter what.  John could only hope until Micah was home and safe in their arms again.

Over the next couple of weeks, Page and Dmitry began moving into their apartment in West Hollywood.  Dmitry and Page loved their neighborhood as well as their new jobs.  John, being a hardcore, well-known liberal donor, was able to pull some strings in The Nation magazine's Los Angeles office; Page was hired as an intern for the magazine.  Dmitry's relocation within Winfield/Caldwell as a project manager to the Hollywood office was as simple as moving from Texas to California, a little bit of paper work and moving cross-country.  Page and Dmitry were both extremely grateful to John for everything he did for them, but John brushed off the praise, saying, "It's what parents do."

After running for the better part of the day through Parc Sauvage trying to avoid the scope of their friends' paintball guns, Sidney and Kai finally made their way back to the LeFleur-Winfield residence.  Sidney sniffed his friend, something Kai found mildly erotic, and said, "We smell like mangy dogs; let's go take a shower before we do anything else."  An excited Kai ran up the stairs after his friend and stopped in the bathroom, where both boys stripped off all their equipment and underwear.

Once the shower was warm enough, Sidney stepped into it, followed by Kai.  After the boys washed the filth off their bodies, with the help of each other, they were feeling extra frisky.  Kai eventually got to his knees before Sidney.  After looking into Sidney's eyes for a few seconds, Kai put Sidney into his mouth and began sucking his friend adamantly.  The machinations of Kai's mouth and throat were bringing an already very horny Sidney closer to the point of no return very quickly.  "Fuck, Kai," Sidney said before letting out a deep, guttural grunt, "don't stop; please don't stop!"

Kai did not stop, not even when Sidney began to fuck his face violently before dumping his load deep into Kai's mouth and throat.  Kai returned the favor by swallowing the come that had built up in his mouth and around Kai's dick.  Kai stopped moving his head, but plunged his mouth to the hilt of Sidney's dick, enjoying the feel of Sidney lodged deep inside his throat.  Sidney continued to ooze down Kai's throat as he recovered, rubbing Kai's face and hair, smiling at his friend.  Sidney grabbed the back of Kai's throat and began fucking Kai's mouth slowly and deeply for a couple of minutes before removing his dick from Kai's warm mouth.

Kai stood and began beating off as he leaned forward and put his head on Sidney's shoulder.  Sidney began lightly nibbling on his friend's shoulder as he kneaded Kai's ass cheeks.  When Sidney tapped Kai's asshole, he heard Kai grunt and felt Kai's come hit his stomach and slide down into his pubic patch.  Sidney kissed his friend as Kai came down from his orgasm; Kai breathed deeply into Sidney's mouth.

As Sidney was drying Kai's back, Sidney said, "I can't believe you swallowed my come; that's so gross, dude!"

"It's small amounts."

"Yeah, many things are edible in small amounts; still doesn't mean they should be eaten."

"It's okay; your come is extremely sweet for some reason.  It tastes really good; almost like eating Carnation Milk."  John and Dustin used Carnation Milk when they made pecan candy, a southern praline candy, something Kai loved.  The boys laid on the bed and played on Sidney's laptop naked, enjoying the nearness of each other on the bed.  Every so often, Kai would sneak a kiss on his friend, but when Sidney surprised him with a kiss, a very flattered Kai returned the favor by kissing and sucking on Sidney's nearest ear piercing, something he knew his friend loved.

Sidney looked at the come sprayed across his stomach and chest from his masturbatory efforts.  He was alone in his room when he looked at the come on his hand.  He sniffed the substance and then dabbed his tongue in its wetness.  Sidney was surprised at the sweet flavor of his come and ate all of it off his hand.  Sidney ran his fingers through the trail of come on his stomach and chest and ate that as well.  Sidney did not stop until no come was left.  Over the next few days, Sidney ate his seed and was now giving serious thought to sucking his best friend off.  Sidney began getting horny thinking about tasting Kai's cock.

Sidney started pulling on his dick as he was thinking about licking Kai's boyhood.  Kai was squirming beneath Sidney as Sidney's tongue licked up and down the shaft of his friend's dick.  Sidney slowly stroked himself, moving his hand up and down as it glided along his lubed cock.  Kai's back arced off the bed when Sidney slowly slid the head past his lips.  Sidney began moving his hand faster up and down his dick, twisting his hand as he masturbated himself into a deep fantasy.  Sidney took Kai deeper and deeper, until his nose was buried in Kai's soft, dirty blond bush resting in his pubic region.  Sidney began tugging at his balls as he continued stroking himself.  Kai grabbed Sidney's head and began fucking Sidney's mouth and throat; Sidney allowed Kai to have his way with him.  Sidney was breathing hard when he started fucking his own hand.  Sidney felt Kai's dick shoot to the back of his throat; Kai's come tasted sugary sweet to which Sidney swallowed merrily.  Sidney's orgasm came hard, fast, and unexpected as it shot over his head; the next shots landed on his chest and stomach.  Sidney knew he had to get Kai's dick in his mouth, but he had to ask Kai without sounding "too gay."

Dmitry had treated Page to the most wonderful night out and the two were walking along the boardwalk in Santa Monica when Dmitry stopped walking.  Page noticed Dmitry had stopped and turned around to see why.  Page gasped when he saw Dmitry on one knee with an open ring box that contained a beautiful diamond male engagement ring.  Page did not notice that he had stopped breathing until he noticed his hand was over his mouth and tears were flowing down his face.

"Page," Dmitry asked in an obvious jubilant, but calm demeanor, "will you do me the honor of being with me for the rest of my life."

A shaking, very happy Page screamed, "Yes; yes, I'll marry you!"

Dmitry stood up and put the ring on Page's finger and the two shared a kiss amongst a clapping and cheering audience on the beach.  All the way to the car, Page had a permanent smile etched on his face; he started to feel like a very giddy Mona Lisa.

End of Chapter 4

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