The LeFleur-Winfield Men II: Paris is for Lovers 5

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Ashley:  23
Page:  22, Graduate of UH
Paris:  19, Sophomore at UC -- Berkeley
Sidney:  15, 11th Grade
Dmitry:  22
Kai:  15, 11th Grade
John & Dustin:  53 & 52, Parents

Part Two:  Paris is for Lovers -- Chapter 5

Summer 2039

The Anaheim Convention Center hall was packed with potential draft picks to the various ECHL teams.  Kai was sitting next to him and noticed his friend was nervous.  "Dude; you're going to be fine," Kai said, assuring Sidney.

"What if I'm drafted to a team that's, like, outside of the state?"

John leaned closer to his son, "If playing in the majors is what you really want, we'll figure a way to accommodate your needs.  Until then, just listen, it's starting."

Sidney waited patiently while the first three names were called to Kalamazoo, Alaska, and Reading.  Sidney watched as the Bakersfield Condors agents and coaches took the stage.  The general manager took the podium and thanked the league president and leaders before announcing, "On behalf of the Bakersfield Condors, we would like to announce Sidney LeFleur-Winfield as the fourth overall draft pick."

Sidney finally exhaled, rose, and hugged both his fathers before removing his suit jacket.  Sidney walked to the stage, shook hands with the general manager, owner, and coaches of the team before putting his jersey on over his shirt and tie.  Sidney was beaming ear-to-ear as he shook the hand of the general manager and faced the constant flashes of light from the cameras before him.  Sidney was feeling a sense of relief because traveling to Bakersfield is doable and is the team he was hoping to play for if he were to play in the ECHL.

Ashley was visiting so the family decided to have a get-together at the family house.  Ashley took this opportunity to introduce the family to his girlfriend, Vinca.  Vinca was tall, skinny, blond, and beautiful; during conversations between John and Dustin, the men found out Vinca was a model and met their son at a conference.  At one point, John, who worked in a garden center while he was in college asked, "Vinca; is that spelled like the flower, or is it a different spelling."  In her Norwegian accent, Vinca answered, "Yes, it's like the flower."

John pointed to Paris and said, "Paris' first name is Lis, but it's spelled L-I-S instead of L-E-E."

Vinca responded, "Oh, it's French!"

Dustin joined in, saying, "He was born in France, so we thought that would be appropriate."

Vinca added, "The lily; I like it!  He really does remind me of a lily!"

John jumped on the opportunity to insert a nerdy comment, stating, "And you remind me of a periwinkle!"  Vinca laughed a little and thanked John for the comment.

At the poolside, Ashley was giving much of his attention to Page, more specifically, the new ring Page was sporting.

"Man, Dmitry," Ashley said, "we were starting to wonder if you were ever going to pop the question!"

Dmitry smiled broadly at Ashley's comment and replied, "You of all people should know Mr. High Maintenance wasn't going to settle for a ring a mere intern could afford."

Page stuck his tongue out at his fiancÚ on which Dmitry planted a light kiss.  Ashley replied, "You better not piss him off Dmitry, he's got a mean streak."

Page defended himself, saying, "Hey; all those times, you deserved it and if you don't stop, you're gonna be deserving another one!"

Ashley leaned back in his chair and yelled, "Whoa; my point exactly!"

Beneath audible level except in his immediate vicinity, Page said, "Fuck, off!"  What seemed like out of nowhere, John responded, "Hey, I heard that!"  Page, Ashley, and Dmitry looked up to see Vinca walking outside with John and Dustin.  "You always hear the dirty words," Page said sounding suspicious of his dad's selective hearing ability.  The group, later joined by Sidney, Paris, and Zach, continued friendly conversation with the occasional brotherly pot shot.  John and Dustin loved seeing their boys happy and were very excited to see this sight, although the two could emotionally feel the missing spot at the table.  February can't come soon enough, John thought to himself.

During the meal, the conversation continued until Paris stopped the talking to make an announcement.  Paris stood up and said, "Everyone, I'm not going to stall, or beat around the bush about a career decision I've made that will affect my life profoundly, but I will tell you that I did not make this decision lightly, it was given much thought."  Everyone, including Zach, now looked on at Paris with a sense of urgency as he continued; Paris added, "I've decided to follow in Micah's footsteps and-"  Before he could finish, John let out another audible gasp.  Paris looked up at his dad to see him covering his mouth and on the verge of tears before he added, "I've joined the Air Force."

Beating John to the punch, Zach asked, "Wait; what do you mean, you've `joined'?"

Paris sat down and looked at his boyfriend and repeated his words, adding, "I've already enlisted.  I start Basic in six weeks."

Zach responded, "Wow; I seemed to have lost my appetite."  Zach got up, before turning around to go to the house, he added, "Thank you for the wonderful meal."

When Zach disappeared back into the house, Paris was left at the table with glares coming from his fathers and brothers.  Dustin voiced the obvious, asking, "Did you think to ask Zach how he felt about you joining the military, son?"

Paris was thinking about a rebuttal when he realized he did not have one good enough to prove his point, he got up and excused himself to go after his boyfriend.

In the car, Paris could feel Zach seething in the driver seat.  When Paris opened his mouth to say something, Zach exclaimed, "The fucking Air Force?"

When Paris opened his mouth to talk to Zach, Zach added, "You join the fucking military and I have to find out at the family dinner!"

Paris tried to apologize, but was cut off again by Zach who said, "You act as though you're the only person that matters in this relationship, Paris!"  Zach talked the remainder of the trip, not letting Paris get a word in edgewise.  Paris had never seen Zach this upset or worked up over anything; Zach was the most laid-back person Paris has ever met.  Today was a different story, a different Zach.

When Zach and Paris entered their town home, Zach stopped in the doorway as Paris walked into the living room.  Paris stopped when he no longer heard Zach's footsteps behind him.  When Paris turned to face his boyfriend, he saw Zach staring at him.  Zach blinked and choked when he asked, "What if something happens to you?  I...I..."  Zach did not finish his statement before he choked back tears, then said, "I have to go," turned around, and left.


The following morning, Paris was pacing the floor when Zach walked through the door of the apartment.  When Paris saw Zach, he noticed Zach had been crying; Paris ran to Zach and started apologizing to Zach.  After seeing how much Zach had worried his boyfriend, Zach stopped Paris' rambling a by hugging Paris and holding him close.  While Paris was crying into Zach's chest, Zach said, "Honey, the way I reacted was stupid and selfish and I'm sorry.  I really am sorry.  I'm not even angry anymore!"

Once Paris calmed down, he and Zach sat down on the sofa in the living room.  Zach took his boyfriend's hand into his own, rubbed Paris' back with his free hand, and said, "I still have some unfinished business from last night."  Zach released Paris, slid off the sofa onto one knee, and said, "I would have done this last night, but, well, that's in the past, isn't it."  Paris was now crying uncontrollably and before Zach could say anything Paris kneeled next to his boyfriend and said, "Yes!  Yes!  Yes!"

Zach was smiling broadly when he removed the ring box to reveal a gold band with a chocolate diamond set on the top.  Paris was trembling from excitement when Zach slid the ring onto his finger; once the ring was on Paris' finger, Zach said, "For better or, hopefully never, for worse, I will always stay with you, Paris."  Not knowing what emotion to exhibit, Paris was now exhibiting all of them, joy, happiness, and giddiness, all the emotions came out in full force when Paris kissed Zach, his fiancÚ.  Paris broke the kiss to say, "I love you so much, Zach!  I always knew you were the one!"  Zach smiled and replied, "I love you, too; baby, I love you, too!"

Six Weeks Later

John and Dustin watched as Zach hugged his fiancÚ tightly in the airport.  Zach loosened his embrace to kiss Paris and say, "Remember what I said when you left for college?"

"You'll always be here for me."

"That's right; right now is no different.  The second you'll walk through that gate, I'll start missing you.  I love you so much, but you have to live your life and make your decisions."

"Zach," Paris said before swallowing and continuing, "I should have consulted you and I'm sorry I did-"  Zach stopped Paris from finishing his statement by holding his index finger against Paris' lips.

"That's in the past; there is no need to apologize, I've moved on and so should you.  What's important now is that I support you and just hope you aren't put in harm's way."

Zach kissed Paris on his forehead; as Zach was kissing Paris, Paris said, "I love you so much, honey."  Zach responded by tucking his index finger under Paris' chin, tilting Paris' head back, and planting a kiss on his fiancÚ.

Paris hugged his fathers one last time before going through security, not looking back, something that set Zach at ease.  At least he doesn't feel he's made a mistake, Zach thought.


Later that night, Kai and Sidney were in Sidney's room with Sidney coming in his friend's mouth.  Kai swallowed all of Sidney's come and continued to suck at Sidney's cock until Sidney sat up and pushed Kai on to his back.  Kai was lying down when he felt Sidney's hand grab his pole; Kai shuddered when Sidney squeezed his boyhood, fully excited about the handjob Sidney was about to give him.

Kai's eyes opened when he noticed Sidney was not moving his hand; before Kai could see what was holding up Sidney, Kai felt an incredible, wet warmth wrap around and descend down his dick.  Kai's eyes squeezed shut as he groaned out his approval.  Kai opened his eyes and looked downward at his friend, still completely surprised to see the first three inches of his boner buried in Sidney's mouth.  When Sidney withdrew most of Kai's cock, with the exception of the head, Kai through his head back and gave into the pleasures his best friend was giving him.

As Sidney continued giving Kai his debut blowjob, Kai was increasingly losing control under Sidney's mouth.  Kai barely lasted three minutes when he grabbed Sidney's hair and bucked his hips into Sidney's mouth.  Shocked by the thickness, amount, and bitterness of Kai's come Sidney had to let up a little while Kai was coming.  Sidney decided to return the favor to Kai as best he could by going down on Kai while Kai was still coming.  Sidney found the taste of Kai's seed disgusting, but he wanted to please his friend, so he continued until he felt Kai's orgasm subside.

Sidney swallowed the come he had in his mouth before kissing Kai deeply.  When the boys broke the kiss, Kai chuckled aloud; Sidney joined his friend's laughter and ended, saying, "Your come tastes awful!"

"It's not awful; not as sweet as yours, but not awful."  The boys laid next to each other naked for the next hour talking about anything that came to mind before showering and going to sleep, spooning as they have always done.

Kai was lying on Sidney's bed tossing a tennis ball into the air with his right hand and catching it in his left when Sidney yelled, "Aha; I figured it out! Your come tastes disgusting because you eat horribly."

Feeling a little hurt by this comment, Kai responded, "Well, not everyone can have loving parents like you, Sid."  Kai got up off the bed and started toward the door when Sidney hopped up and stopped him.  Sidney took his friend into a hug and said, "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to insult you, or anything."

Kai stood in Sidney's hug for a moment before returning the hug and saying, "It's okay; I know you didn't."  Kai broke the hug, walked over to the computer, and sat down.  Kai started scrolling through the web page before he stopped and said, "Yours is sweet because you're a vegetarian."

Sidney pulled up a chair and sat next to his friend; he read the information along with Kai and discovered how to sweeten Kai's come and make it less bitter.

The following morning, John and Dustin walked into the kitchen from the garage and utility room to see Kai eating an entire can of pineapples.  After watching Kai for a few seconds, Dustin walked closer and said, "Filling up on fruits for the year, there, Kai?"

Kai turned to look at Dustin, then John, and then back to Dustin; Kai responded, "I just wanted a snack and Sid gave me this."

Without saying another word, John and Dustin left the kitchen, with Kai and the pineapples, and headed upstairs toward Sidney's room.  After marching into Sidney's room without knocking, to which he complained, John and Dustin closed the door and sat on the chairs.  Facing their son, John spoke first, saying, "Sooo...the pineapples and Kai; what's that all about?"

"Nothing, really; he just wanted a snack."

Dustin piped in, repeating, "He just wanted a snack; interesting."

"What's this about," Sidney asked, starting to feel a little nervous.

Dustin answered, "You tell us, Sidney."

John added, "And I suggest you tell us the truth."

Sidney shrugged his shoulders and said, "I have no idea what you two are talking about."

John was about to say something that Dustin knew would sting, so Dustin cut John off and intervened, saying, "If you two are having sex and you are truly straight, your father and I would like you to think about what you're doing."

John added, "We'd like you to stop!"

Dustin said, "Kai seems like the type that likes to get emotionally attached."

John added, "And he may equate sex with stronger feelings.  Sidney, Kai already has feelings for you; it's plainly obvious to anyone who see the two of you together."

Dustin added, "You father is right.  If Kai isn't already in love with you, then he is well on his way to falling in love with you."

John finished by saying, "Just think about what we just said.  Kai is like family for all of us, so don't hurt him."

Dustin also finished, adding, "And don't toy with his emotions, don't lead him on; if he feels like you're falling for him and you're not, stop and let him know before you ruin what has become one of the most beautiful friendships we have ever seen."

The two men hugged and kissed their son and left the room, leaving him with much to think about.

After a day of golfing, Sidney and Kai were both showering in Sidney's shower when Kai noticed Sidney seemed a little distant.  Kai asked, "Are you okay, Sid?"

Sidney snapped out of his thoughts and answered, "Yeah, Kai; I'm fine."

"You just seemed lost for a while."

"Yeah, I was thinking."  Sidney was thinking; he was debating whether he should tell Kai just yet, and how would he tell Kai if he did tell Kai that he did not share Kai's feelings, that for Sidney, it was just sex.  Just then, Kai leaned forward and kissed Sidney, to which Sidney returned the kiss with a deep passion.  At that moment, Sidney decided it would be best to handle the situation should it arise; as for now, he was content and more than sure Kai was content with their sexual situation.

End of Chapter 5

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