The LeFleur-Winfield Men II: Paris is for Lovers 6

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Ashley:  25
Micah:  23
Page:  23
Paris:  20, Sophomore at UC -- Berkeley
Sidney:  16, 11th Grade
Dmitry:  23
Zach:  33, John's Assistant
Kai:  16, 11th Grade
John & Dustin:  54 & 53, Parents

Part Two:  Paris is for Lovers -- Chapter 6

Spring 2040

The following day, after a game in Bakersfield, Kai and Sidney were skating around the rink; Kai watched in amazement as Sidney showed off his figure skating talents, a hobby he still practiced.  Sidney landed all his spins and even a backflip, much to Kai's enjoyment; amazed at Sidney's performance, a few of his teammates crowded into the bench area, watching his performance with center-ice seats.  It was not until Sidney noticed Kai was no longer on the ice when he saw the team, and Kai, looking at him give an award-winning performance.  Sidney blushed and skated toward the bench, eliciting an, "ah," from his teammates.  "That's all you get for today, guys," Sidney said as he walked toward the locker room; Kai followed behind, ready to change into his clothes and get on the 777 VIP.

The boys horsed around in the shower, grabbing the other's ass or boner and stroking it, or doing other naughty acts.  At one point, Kai leaned forward and engaged in tongue hockey with Sidney while humping Sidney against the wall.  When the kiss broke Kai looked at his friend and presented a very wide smile, one that Sidney returned without hesitation.


Once back in the plane, Sidney and Kai chilled in the lounge while John and Dustin took the stateroom.  Kai watched as his friend stared out the window; Sidney allowed Kai to hug his waist.  When Kai was lying against Sidney, Sidney turned toward his friend and began stroking Kai's hair.  "I was thinking about our conversation we had a few months ago," Kai said.  "The one about losing our virginity."

"Oh; what about it?"

"When you said that we should lose our virginity to someone we love."

Kai paused and squeezed Sidney tighter and continued, "I think I've found that person."

"Oh, yeah; who is he and why haven't I heard about him?  I'm your best friend and he has to meet my standards, you know."

Kai giggled and replied, I know, stud, calm down.  Don't worry I'll tell you whom, shortly."

"You better!"

Sidney stroked his friend's hair before adding, "I broke up with Lucy."

Kai sat up and looked at his friend; he asked with concern, "Why?"

"We just didn't make a good couple.  We're awesome as friends, just not anything more than that."

"Oh; okay."

That was the end of that conversation; Kai cuddled next to Sidney and eventually fell asleep.  Sidney followed suit, with Kai still snuggled on top Sidney.


Paris sat down at the computer with his freshly brewed cup of tea.  Yerba mate and rooibos chai, John's favorite, as well as his own, as it is loaded with caffeine.  Paris clicked on the Washington Blade app when he noticed Zach's personal cloud was open on the desktop.  He quickly minimized the app and, against his better judgment, began snooping.  During his snooping, Paris found plenty of work related items, but when he dug deeper, into strangely named folders, like "Adonis" and "FKK," Page found Zach's large porn collection.

At first, Paris overlooked a few of the porn icons, but when he viewed them closer, he started to become a little curious about a few.  When he double-clicked on one of the icons, a movie started playing with two boys that looked no more than ten and fourteen-years-old, respectively, giving each other handjobs and blowjobs.  Mortified, Paris closed the file and began to open other ones.  Some movies were pure naturist films, while others were full on boy-on-boy porn.  Just as Paris closed the last file, Zach walked into the front door and yelled, "Honey; I'm home!"  Good, Paris thought, let's get this shit over with right now!

When Zach got upstairs to their office, he noticed his most hardcore child porn was streaming on the computer with no one at the desk.  Zach nearly tripped over himself trying to reach the computer to shut the stream and the cloud; he did not notice Paris sitting on the sofa nearby.  Zach jumped when Paris spoke; in a very calm manner, Paris asked, "Was the person that coined the phrase, `'til death do we part,' factoring in the possibility of a spouse, or fiancé, or whatever the fuck we are—I don't even know; was that person factoring one half of the couple to be into children; `cause that sounds like a deal-breaker to me.  How `bout you, Zachie?"  When Zach did not answer, Paris stood up and threw a small, metal object he was holding which hit Zach square in the right eye.  After throwing the object, Paris yelled, "Well, Zach; how the fuck about you?  How do you feel about this little predicament we have seem to find ourselves in; or more specifically, your-damned-self!"

After rubbing his stinging eye, Zach noticed the metal object he was assaulted with was the engagement ring he had given Paris.  When Zach stood up after picking up the ring, he saw a very angry, arms-crossed Paris standing before him.  "I," was the only word that Zach could utter before Paris exclaimed, "Erase it, then speak to me!"

Zach knew better than to argue; he sat at the computer, and under Paris' supervision erased all of the child porn from his cloud.  Paris looked through the file, pointed to the screen, and asked, "And what about all this?"

"Honey," Zach, feeling very nervous, "it's naturist videos; this stuff is legal."

Paris was quickly becoming irate at his fiancé's insistence that he keep some of the files.  Zach nervously pulled up sites, including the sites that sold the videos he had saved to his computer.  "See," Zach said as he backed away from the computer, pointing to the screen.  Paris sat down and read all the court rulings upholding naturist videos legality in the name of freedom of speech before saying, "Okay; you can keep them.  If I ever see this shit in our house again, you can keep the ring, too."

Zach shook his head in agreement and promised Paris that he would quit cold turkey.  Paris said, "You can't just quit; you're going to need help.  Also, about Ukraine, I don't want to know what you did nor do I care, it's in the past."  At this admission, Zach lost control of his tear reserves and started crying and chanting, "I'm sorry," and, "I don't deserve you or your forgiveness."

Paris allowed Zach to let his feelings out before taking the ring from Zach and replacing it on his finger.  Zach hugged and kissed Paris before he told Paris about his infidelity in the Ukraine.  Paris accepted Zach's apology whole-heartedly and said, "Zach, if you make an effort to get help, I will stand by your side.  I want children and I will not let your behavior bring me down, okay?"  Zach shook his head and replied, "Okay, I love you honey."  Paris hugged Zach; while rubbing Zach's back during the hug, Paris whispered into Zach's ear, "We will get through this."


A fast-becoming rare moment, much to John and Dustin's displeasure, was occurring at the LeFleur-Winfield residence.  The entire family was seated at the dining room table, catching up on each other's life happenings.  Micah invited his girlfriend Shea to the gathering who was met with open arms by the family.  John sat at the head of the table with Dustin, Page, Paris, Zach, and Sidney at his right and Ashley, Vinca, Micah, Shea, and Kai at his left.

The conversation was very lively; with Ashley and Vinca telling everyone about the crazy things they've seen in New York and having to deal with the incompetent officers at the immigration office.  Micah and Shea had stories of their own; both of them were in combat situations and both had very hair raising stories to tell.  Shea was an emergency medical physician in the Air Force and Micah had just recently joined the ranks of the Cyber Security Task Force, a job more in line with his field of studies.  During the conversations, Page, who was sitting across from Vinca, noticed the extra hardware on her ring finger.  Page looked at Ashley, who gave him a knowing look; Page smiled, signaling his approval.  "Everyone, Vinca and I have an announcement to make," Ashley said, quieting the table.  "We're engaged!"

Everyone took turns looking at the ring and congratulating Ashley and Vinca.  Amidst the engagement-announcement-created chaos, Ashley caught Page's eye and winked at Page as he shared a private moment with his best friend.  Ashley calmed the table and said, "Page and Dmitry have an announcement to make, as well."

Page stood and said, "Thank-you, Ash."

"Anytime, little `B.'"

"Dmitry and I have set the date for the wedding for Saturday, May nineteenth, at five.  It'll be at Wilshire United Methodist, and you all can bring a date, or a friend."

Page continued, adding, "Dmitry already has a best man, groomsmaid, and usher, so I will have the Man of Honor, which will be Ashley, of course."  Page paused as everyone in the room chuckled and nodded in agreement, and then continued, "I've already told Frankie that he'll be my groomsman, and Sidney."  Page turned toward Sidney and continued, "I would like you to be my junior man of honor."

After the dinner ended, Sidney was beaming when he and Kai were back in his room.  "You're so excited," Kai said, acknowledging Sidney's obvious exhilaration.  "Who are you bringing to the wedding?"

Sidney, who was lying on the bed next to Kai looking at the ceiling turned his head to look at his friend and said, "I was thinking about asking you to accompany me."

"No," Kai responded, now turning his head to look at Sidney.  "Who are you bringing as your date?"

"Do you have a date, Kai?"

"No, Sid."

"Then it's you; I want to bring you as my date."

Kai was elated at this statement; his beaming smile was so big, it was beginning to hurt his face.  "You mean me as your date?"

"Yes; as in my actual date.  I'll treat you just as I would treat anyone else I'd ask on a date.  You'll be mine for the night, and I'll be yours.  We can dance, even to the slow music, and do all the other things dates do together at a wedding."

Not knowing what else to do, Kai jumped off the bed, tossed his hands in the air, and ran around in a circle yelling.  Kai sat back down on the bed, now super-hyper, and said, "I can't believe you're courting me to your brother's wedding.  This is so cool!"  Sidney sat upright and before he could reply, Kai grabbed Sidney's face and locked lips with Sidney.  Sidney returned the kiss to his friend and the two eventually moved into a gentle embrace to share the loving kiss.  Kai was already just as excited for the wedding as the grooms and Sidney.


One Month Later

Page and Dmitry stood at the altar of the quaint and beautiful Wilshire United before the churches early Sunday morning preacher.  Page and Dmitry were both dressed sharply in Giorgio Armani; Page with the white tie and Dmitry with the black tie.  The wedding party matched each other perfectly, each in a matching suit with a red tie, and the groomsmaid in a knee-length, strapless red dress.  The church was decorated in black, red, and white, matching the colors of the wedding party perfectly.

The audience, made up of friends and family, watched as Dmitry and Page promised to stay married from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, and in sickness and in health until death do they part.  John and Dustin were beaming as their son exchanged rings with their future son-in-law.  The preacher announced the two married upon which Page kissed his now husband, Dmitry; Page Daniel LeFleur-Winfield is now Page Daniel Kozlov and his parents could not be more proud.


After watching the grooms dance, the DJ pumped up the music, encouraging guests to let loose on the dance floor.  Page danced with Dmitry, Ashley danced with Vinca, John with Dustin, Paris with Zach, Micah with Shea, and, as promised, Sidney with Kai.  At one point, the floor cleared to make way for Dmitry's dance with his mother and Page's dance with Ashley.  When the two couples finished, Dmitry gave his mother a quick kiss and a loving hug nearly breaking down into tears when she started crying.  Page started crying when he hugged his brother and Ashley whispered into his ear, "I'm so proud of you, little bro; I love you so much."  Damn the audience, Page thought as he kissed Ashley square on the lips.

As the night went on, Page danced with both his fathers and Dmitry's mother and Dmitry danced with John and Dustin.  Finally, the DJ started a slow song for all the couples in the audience.  The floor crowded with couples, including Sidney and Kai.  With his head rested on his fiance's shoulder, Paris enjoyed the feel of Zach's tight, muscular body against his own.  Zach was rubbing his cheek against Paris' when he said, "When we get married, I promise you the biggest, most special wedding; one that you'd truly deserve."  Zach paused before adding, "Babe; I promise I'll get better.  For you, I promise."

Paris lifted his head off Zach's shoulder, peered into Zach's ocean-blue eyes, and said, "I know, honey, I know.  I will always be there for you; we don't need a grand wedding to make that promise, but if it's something you want to do for me, I will not object."  Zach smiled and kissed Paris deeply before the two continued dancing.

Kai was hugging Sidney very close as the two were dancing to the song.  Kai could feel the definition of Sidney's body just as Sidney could Kai's because they were so close.  Every so often, Kai would sneak a kiss on Sidney's neck; at one point, Kai started licking Sidney's neck, eliciting moans out of Sidney and causing him to get an erection.  Kai smiled to himself when he felt the lump protruding from the front of Sidney's pants.  "You'd better stop that," Sidney said, "or else I won't be able to go back to my seat."

Kai stopped nibbling, kissing, sucking, and licking Sidney's neck and continued to dance with him.  Close to the end of the song, Kai placed his lips against Sidney's ear and whispered, "It's you, Sidney."  Sidney moved his ear away from Kai's face and asked, "What?"

Kai said, "It's you who I'm in love with; it's been you for a while, now."  Sidney responded by pulling Kai as close to him as possible and squeezing tightly around Kai's waist.


When Sidney closed the door to his bedroom behind him and Kai, he copied Kai as he started frantically pulling clothes off his body.  Ties, shirts, socks, pants, undershirts, and underwear went flying in every direction; the closer the boys got to the bed, the more naked they became.  Kai landed on his back when he jumped onto Sidney's bed; Sidney landed atop Kai and began kissing Kai.  Without breaking the kiss, Kai flipped the smaller Sidney onto Sidney's back; Kai continued the kiss as he pressed his weight against Sidney.

Kai started humping Sidney, sending wonderful sensations through each of the boys' crotches.  After a few minutes of humping and the forming of a large pool of pre-cum, Kai broke the kiss and started to kiss a path toward Sidney's crotch, only stopping to lap up Sidney's sweet pre-cum.  Sidney giggled when Kai's tongue made contact with his skin prompting Kai to place his lips against Sidney's belly and blow causing Sidney to laugh and convulse.  Kai eventually stopped when he took Sidney's five-and-a-half-inch dick into his mouth down to the root.  Sidney inhaled sharply before saying, "Now this is more like it!"

Before long, Sidney was humping his crotch in and out of Kai's mouth and Kai was swallowing Sidney's pre-cum by the mouthful.  Sidney grabbed Kai's head and pried Kai off his dick; Kai gave Sidney a face of disappointment to which Sidney said, "I want this to last."  Sidney pushed Kai back onto his back before kissing Kai.  Sidney grabbed Kai's rock hard six-inch dick, broke the kiss, and devoured Kai's dick to the hilt.  Kai immediately began moaning and playing in Sidney's long red hair.  Kai started face-fucking Sidney, but when Sidney heard Kai's breathing shorten and felt his friend's jabs become irregular, he pulled off Kai's dick.  Kai grunted, "Fuck; don't stop!"

"I want this to last; that means you, too," Sidney said, lifting Kai's legs.

Kai groaned and put his head back before he felt something completely unexpected and nearly came when it happened.  Sidney was lapping away at Kai's boyhole as if this was something he did on a regular basis.  Sidney licked around Kai's hole until the hairs were drenched in Sidney's saliva.  Sidney took the plunge, jabbing his tongue into Kai's hole, causing a very aroused moan to escape Kai's throat.

"Where'd you learn to do this," Kai asked between grunts caused by Sidney's tongue jabbing.

Sidney stopped his tongue assault on Kai's asshole just long enough to say, "I've been watching gay porn to learn my many skills."

"Wow," Kai said before moaning, losing his breath.  After Kai caught his breath, he added, "All this to please me?"

Without removing his tongue from what was now passed Kai's sphincter, Sidney replied, "Uh, huh."  The vibrations from Sidney's reply forced another moan of approval and pleasure from his best friend.

Sidney grabbed a bottle of lube from his night stand before going back to pleasuring Kai's hole with his tongue.  Kai felt the absence of Sidney's tongue replaced with a lubed finger; Kai spread his cheeks as Sidney forced his finger into his best friend.  After the initial pain of entry, which was minuscule, Kai began moaning in the pleasure Sidney was creating.  Sidney took Kai's dick into his mouth as he continued to finger Kai's hole.  Kai's dick responded happily by pumping pre-cum into Sidney's mouth, which Sidney swallowed as quickly as it flowed.

Sidney released Kai's dick from his mouth and took his finger out of Kai making Kai moan in displeasure, leaving Kai wanting more.  Sidney allowed his body to press against Kai's as he laid against Kai.  Sidney kissed Kai before saying, "Kai, please forgive me if I hurt you."  Before Kai could say anything, he felt a sharp pain as something entered his rectum.  Kai yelled aloud when the head of Sidney's dick broke passed Kai's tight, virgin hole.

After realizing exactly what was entering him, Kai calmed down, prompting Sidney to push his dick deeper into Kai.  After a painstakingly slow entry, Sidney's dick was buried completely inside of Kai.  Sidney leaned forward to kiss his best friend as each boy were quickly becoming aware of the sensations caused by the other.  When Kai's dick got hard once again, Sidney took this as his queue to start pumping his dick in and out of Kai.  As Sidney was slow-fucking his friend, Kai was getting harder and harder, hornier and hornier.  Sidney leaned forward to kiss his friend as he slowly picked up his pace to a nice, even fucking that Kai seemed to enjoy.

Sidney broke the kiss and grabbed Kai's hard dick; Sidney began stroking Kai, matching the strokes with the pace of his fucking.  After fucking for a while, Kai got increasingly horny and began moaning loudly.  Sidney picked up the speed of stroking Kai's cock until Kai grabbed his own dick and started pumping it furiously.  After a few moments of stroking and Sidney's fucking, Kai moaned so loud, Sidney was sure the neighbors could hear, before shooting his load above his head and onto the pillow.  The next shots landed on Kai's shoulder, chest, and stomach.  Kai was grunting and moaning even after his immense orgasm.  Sidney leaned forward to eat Kai's come off of Kai's neck, chest, and stomach before kissing Kai deeply.  After Sidney broke the kiss, Sidney began fucking Kai very fast and extremely hard until he started to feel his own impending orgasm.

When Sidney came, he let out a loud moan with each shot and each slam into Kai's body.  Sidney felt possessed by his own orgasm as he felt his body being sucked into Kai's.  Sidney continued to fuck Kai for a minute after he came into Kai, enjoying the feel of his come and Kai's tight ass around his dick.  Sidney collapsed onto Kai with his dick still buried deep within Kai's bowels, still fucking Kai with short, small jabs.  The boys shared a deep kiss and then enjoyed the feel of being next to the other after their intense orgasms.  After ten minutes, Sidney's dick finally fell out of Kai and the boys got up to go shower before going to bed.


End of Chapter 6


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