The LeFleur-Winfield Men II: Paris is for Lovers 8

by John Michael

Now, without further postponement, here are chapters eight and nine.

In this chapter:

Sidney:  16, 12th Grade
Kai:  16, 12th Grade
John & Dustin:  54 & 53, Parents

Part Two:  Paris is for Lovers -- Chapter 8

Summer 2040

Kai awoke to a darkened room with blinking lights on various machines that had cables and tubes leading from them to Kai.  When Kai's eyes focused he noticed that he was in a hospital room; after looking around, he also noticed it was either late at night or early in the morning, he also noticed that Dustin and Sidney were fast asleep in a nearby chair.  Kai's throat was extremely scratchy and dry; upon noticing a small, salmon-colored pitcher, Kai tried to get out of bed to reach for a glass of water.

As if sensing that Kai was awake, Sidney woke up to see his friend trying to get out of bed.  When Kai tried to rise, he noticed a painful feeling in his groin; he quickly sat back down and threw the gown back to reveal the catheter going into his pee hole.  When Sidney got up to help his friend back into the bed, Kai let out a weak and raspy sounding, "Water!"  Sidney obliged by grabbing the pitcher and leaving to fill it up with water.  When Sidney returned, he gave Kai cupful after cupful of water until half the pitcher was gone.

When Kai finished, Sidney grabbed the cup from his friend and placed it next to the pitcher.  Sidney climbed into the hospital bed next to Kai.  Kai asked, "How did I end up in the hospital?"

"You had a concussion; you don't remember anything that happened?"

"I remember getting into it with my old man, my sister starting mess and instigating a fight, my mom tying me to a chair, and my old man beating the hell out of me."  Kai was trying not to cry; he swallowed the lump forming in his throat when he noticed the look of concern on Sidney's face had turned to one of sorrow.  Kai continued, adding, "When the old man took a break, I managed to get loose.  I grabbed the diary and the bear, got on my bike and headed to your house.  I was in a daze from the time he started beating me until I blacked out just as your dad came to help me."

"After you passed out, my dad, John, drove you here and my other dad and I gathered up some clothes and toiletries.  We came here to meet you guys.  It's been two days since you blacked out and you were in ICU all day, yesterday!  The only reason they let us visit you is because your mom disappeared along with Klair."

"What happened to my dad?"

"Jeff got arrested; the police are still looking for you mother."

"She's probably going to Arizona."

"Kai, I was worried.  What made him do this to you?"

Kai sighed and answered, "He and my mom were talking about getting back together.  We were all sitting in the living room, which was already unusual for our family, when my dad said he wasn't going to have a sissy faggot fairy for a son."  Kai paused and then added, "And then he said that he definitely wasn't living with one.  I finally chose to stand up to him and when I did, all hell broke loose.  I can't remember what all was said, but my mom strapped me to the chair, `for my protection,' yeah, right!  After that, my dad started wailing on me with his fists and anything he could grab that was hard."

After Kai finished speaking, he looked out the window and began to stare at nothing in particular.  Kai felt his friend hug him and said, "Sidney, my head really hurts and I'm actually kind of tired, which is strange, considering how much I slept."  Sidney kissed Kai and allowed his friend to lie back down.  When Sidney got off the bed, Kai said, "Sidney, come sleep with me; I really want you near me, right now."  This was all the invitation Sidney needed; Sidney shed his clothes and, in no time, was in his usual position cuddled next to Kai.

After two more days under observation in the hospital, Kai was finally released into the custody of John and Dustin.  John looked into the rear-view mirror at Kai, who was looking out the window at the landscape.  Sidney was watching his friend intently and was holding Kai's hand, stroking it with his thumb.  At the last minute, John decided not to ask Kai about his mother and to keep driving.

Over the next week, Sidney waited on his friend hand and foot, helping Kai with whatever he needed.  After Kai felt that he could do most of these things on his own, he stopped his friend, who was going to start the shower for Kai, and said, "Sidney; I really appreciate all the things you're doing for me, but you need to stop.  Just slow down; you're running yourself ragged."  

Sidney stopped in his tracks and looked at his friend; he asked, "Are you sure; I mean, you're not just saying that to give me a break `cause I'm not stopping until you can prove that you can take care of yourself."

"Sidney; I can do it, seriously!  I've been doing more and more day-to-day.  Please, dude; take it easy!  I promise I can do it starting today!"

When Sidney had not moved from where he was standing, Kai stood up and walked toward his friend.  Before Kai could reach forward and touch his friend, Sidney leaped forward and grabbed Kai into a bear hug.  Kai felt his friend convulse against him and before he could say anything, through sobs, Sidney barley said, "Kai; I was so scared!  I thought I lost you!  I thought I lost you!  I couldn't lose you; I love you!"

Kai had no idea his friend was holding all this in the entire week Sidney was taking care of him.  Kai squeezed Sidney tightly against his chest and allowed his friend to cry for nearly ten minutes before the convulsions and the sobbing stopped.  Without breaking the hold, Kai led his friend to the bed.  After sitting Sidney on the bed, Kai went to the bathroom to get some tissue.  When Kai returned, he gave Sidney the tissue and started pulling off Sidney's shoes.  Kai took off Sidney's socks and went for Sidney's belt buckle.  When Kai unbuttoned Sidney's pants and began pulling them down, Sidney stopped him and said, "You don't have to do all this, I'll be okay."

Kai stopped what he was doing and said, "Sidney, I had no idea you were feeling this way.  It is incredible to know how much you love me and care for me and..." Kai paused as he was beginning to choke back tears.  Kai continued, "And the fact that you worried about me and devoted every waking moment to care for me is beyond any words I could comprehend.  I really love you, Sidney.  I'm glad you're my best friend."

Sidney smiled and started to tear up again; Sidney reached for some tissue, began wiping his eyes, and said, "You're making me cry again!  Dammit; I'm usually not this emotional!"

Sidney added, "I really love you, too, Kai; and I'm glad you're my best friend."  The boys hugged and kissed deeply, showing a level of affection boys their age would be too afraid to show.  Sidney took off his shirt and allowed his best friend to take off Sidney's pants and underwear; Sidney climbed under the covers and awaited his best friend.  Kai took off all his clothes and climbed under the covers alongside his best friend and cuddled next to Sidney.  The boys kissed each other goodnight and went to sleep, with Kai enjoying the smooth breathing of his friend and Sidney enjoying the gentle warm, moist breath on the nape of his neck; the shower would have to wait for the morning.

Dustin was sitting in the kitchen when John, Sidney, and Kai walked in from the utility room.  "Hey, honey; can I talk to you?"  John followed his husband into the living room, with only an idea of what news Dustin received.

"Corey called," Dustin said, after getting out of earshot of the boys; Corey is the LeFleur-Winfield family attorney.  "He received word that Kai's mom had been caught and booked.  His sister, Klair, stayed at her aunts."

"Good; we're not telling Kai any of this unless absolutely necessary," John said, feeling even more protective over Kai than he had been before.  "Any idea from Corey on what is the best route to take to become permanent guardians?"

"I was just getting to that," Dustin responded.  "He mentioned emancipation.  Kai is old enough to be emancipated; after what he's been through, I hardly doubt a judge would deny his request.  After Kai is emancipated, he'll be like an underage adult, able to decide where he wants to live, among other benefits."

"And if he wants, we could adopt him," John added.

"Right," Dustin answered.

"Good; I like this option.  When can we get the ball rolling?"

"Corey's already started pulling the proper paperwork."

"Okay; let's go tell Kai."

End of Chapter 8

The LeFleur-Winfield Men

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Micah:  24
Page:  23
Paris:  20, Sophomore at UC -- Berkeley
Sidney:  17, 12th Grade
Zach:  34, John's Assistant
Kai:  17, 12th Grade
John & Dustin:  54 & 53, Parents

Part Two:  Paris is for Lovers -- Chapter 9

Fall 2040

After meeting with Corey, the family's attorney who was handling Kai's emancipation case, John took Kai and Sidney to the hockey rink.  The boys helped John coach his team before taking to the ice to get in a little light practice and fun play.  After blocking most of Kai's shots, even his notoriously fast slapshots, the boys came to the conclusion that Sidney had definitely improved his skills since joining the Condors.

In the shower, Sidney and Kai tried very hard to keep their hands off of each other as there were other people in the locker room.  Kai still managed to get a few sneak feels of Sidney's boner and ass as the two dressed.  Once dressed, Sidney kissed Kai directly on the lips before running out of the locker room to meet John.  Kai chased after his friend, eager to get a little more than just a kiss.

While driving back to Irvine, the lively conversation in the car stopped when Sidney turned his attention to John and asked, "Did you or dad ever think that I was gay?"

John chuckled and asked, "Why would you think that?"

"I've actually been wondering this since you walked in on me and Kai when we were in my room playing around naked on the floor.  You never said anything to us except that night when you told us it was getting late and it was time for bed.  I was just wondering."

John smiled and answered, "Sidney, Kai; what you two were doing and are probably still doing is completely normal.  Children explore their sexuality in all sorts of ways; the person they explore it with will not determine their sexuality.  For example, when I was younger and exploring sex, many of the boys I explored it with turned out straight."

"Did you ever have sex with them," Kai asked.

John answered without pause, "Yes, Kai."

Sidney continued, "So, you didn't think that I was gay."

John answered, "At that age, your father and I have agreed to not put a label on sexual behavior, less we curve your thinking in a singular direction and stymie your personal growth.  These are things you need to figure out on your own, Sid.  And the nudity thing; before we moved to the house we live in now, Ashley, Paris, and Page would do everything naked and Dustin and I would not object.  So long as they were in the house or in the fenced-in backyard, they were allowed to go nude and they did."

Sidney and Kai were surprised to learn this; Kai asked, "Can we `go nude' whenever we want?"

John answered, "Sure, Kai.  Dustin and I won't object."

Kai sat back in his seat and said, "Cool."

Sidney asked, "So why did they stop the nudity?"

"When Ashley got to high school, I guess he was becoming a little more modest and stopped.  Page, doing everything Ashley did, followed suit and eventually, so did Paris."

John paused before continuing, "Sidney, your father and I actually knew you were probably straight, but as I said before, we didn't want to play the role of nature."


When the boys got back home, Kai immediately pulled off his clothes in the utility room and put them in the washing machine.  Sidney watched his friend take off his underwear and asked, "Are you serious right now?"  John was entering the kitchen to help Dustin prepare food and to warn Dustin about the nudity he was about to encounter.

"Yeah, I'm serious," Kai responded.  "I'll go nude; you can follow suit if you want."  With that, Kai walked into the kitchen leaving a fully-clothed Sidney behind.

Kai was elated when Sidney walked through the door in nothing but socks.  "The floor is too cold for bare feet," Sidney told his friend and fathers.  The boys helped prepare the food, ate, and lounged around the house completely nude, feeling free and more comfortable as the day went on, so much so, the spontaneous erections were no longer a problem, even with Sidney.

"Thank-you both for coming in; I do hope to see you two again as our work is just beginning," Dr. Chakwas said as Paris and Zach were preparing to leave their first session.  "You can schedule your next appointment at the window in the lobby."  Paris thanked the psychologist as they left her office and headed to the lobby.

Paris noticed Zach was being very quiet and reserved as Paris scheduled the next meeting and verified their address for billing.  Paris decided to ease his way into having a conversation with Zach; when in the car and back on the road, Paris lowered the music and asked, "Zach; how are you feeling after the first session?"

"Like a monster," Zach said, not looking in Paris' direction.

"Honey; she didn't say anything negative about your attraction to younger males..."

Before Paris could complete his sentence, Zach glared at him and yelled, "I'm attracted to boys, Paris, little boys!  God; why is everyone so afraid to say it! "

Startled by his fiancÚ's reaction, Paris responded, "Honey, I'm sorry; I didn't want you to feel..."

"What, Paris; ostracized because only a very minute sliver of society share my undesirable trait.  The only reason it's undesirable is because the majority makes it that way.  I said I'd suppress my behavior, I even feel bad about how I disrespected you and our relationship in the Ukraine, yet you are still determined to send me through useless therapy."  At this point, Zach was crying and still looking at Paris, as if awaiting an answer.  Zach continued, "You don't think I want to be `normal?'  You don't think I want kids, or that I want us to have a future together?  I want to grow old with you, Paris.  I want grandchildren; I want all the same things any other human would want.  I'm human, but you're treating me less than that!"

Paris immediately took the next exit and pulled into an empty parking lot.  Paris took off his seat belt and then reached over to unbuckle Zach, who was now sobbing uncontrollably.  Paris reached over and pulled Zach into a loving embrace.  When Zach calmed down, Paris' shoulder was trenched in Zach's tears, but Paris refused to let go of his fiancÚ.  While the two were still hugging, Zach said, "I've been struggling with this for a long time!  When I was a lad, I thought that, `oh, I'm attracted to boys my age,' but as I got older and my attraction stayed set in that age group, I brushed it off as nothing.  When I turned eighteen, a twelve-year-old kid brother of a friend of mine came over to my place because he knew I was attracted to him.  We were having sex when my mum walked in on us."  Zach shook and let out another round of sobs before continuing, "My mum went completely crazy and through the boy out of the apartment with no clothes on.  I had to bring him his clothes; when I went back upstairs to go talk to her, she stopped me at the door and said, `Zach, you are no longer welcome here as you are no longer my son!'"  Zach sobbed again and continued, "I left Britain right after that and moved here.  I never looked back.  I haven't spoken to her since.  I would do anything to keep you; I cannot be abandoned by you, too!"

Once Zach was calm, the two continued home.  Zach went directly to the bedroom to lie down while Paris cooked and sent a text message to his dads asking them to meet for the weekend.  As Paris prepared the meal, he thought about everything Zach told him in an effort to better understand the man he was someday going to marry.  Paris came to the conclusion that what he was dealing with was way over his head and could use some perspective, any perspective; hopefully he could gain some from his fathers tomorrow.

Sidney was in Bakersfield when Kai, John, and Dustin met in Corey's office in downtown Los Angeles.  "Okay, here is everything," Corey said as he handed a booklet-thick stack of legal-size paper which contained Kai's case.  "Kai, you are officially emancipated."

Kai flipped through the papers quickly, not looking for anything in particular; when he finished he looked up at John and Dustin and flashed them one of his million-dollar smiles.  John and Dustin smiled back and when Kai calmed down, Corey said, "Kai, I think John and Dustin have one more request."

John looked at Kai and asked, "How would you officially like to join our family, Kai?"

Kai asked, "You want to adopt me?"

Dustin answered, "Yes, we do."

Kai flashed another million-dollar smile and almost too giddy to form words, he managed to say, "Awesome, of course we can!"

"Good," Corey responded, "I'll start the paperwork immediately.  Kai, will you be changing your last name?"

Without hesitation, Kai answered, "Of course; I've grown to hate my current last name."

Corey stopped typing on his laptop, looked at Kai and said, "We can change your name now, if you want."

"Okay," was Kai's response.  This was happening faster than John and Dustin had originally planned, but the two were happy at its progression and how Kai was handling its progression.


As John and Dustin were leaving the courthouse with Michael Kai LeFleur-Winfield, John received a text message from Paris reading, "Can we meet up tomorrow; have to discuss Zach immediately!"  John showed Dustin and then responded, "Sure, where would you like to meet?"  John received, "The big house."  John responded, "Okay, see you tomorrow, then."  John looked at his husband and Dustin knew something was up, just as John had; they would have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

When Paris walked into the kitchen, he was greeted by Kai and Sidney who were sitting at the bar hammering out a crossword.  Upon closer inspection, he noticed both boys were naked.  "Missing something, guys," Paris asked.

"Actually, yes," Kai responded.  "What's a twelve-letter word for `terms of surrender'?"

"Capitulation," Paris said, without hesitation.  He decided to ignore the fact the boys were nude and asked, "Where are the parents?"

"At the pool," Sidney answered, not taking his focus off the puzzle.


When Paris walked outside, he saw his dads lying out in the submerged chaise lounges in the pool.  Paris yelled to his dads, "You two are going to be the same color if you keep it up."

John smiled and responded, I'll just get blacker, Dustin'll burn and become one giant freckle!"

Dustin rebutted, saying, "I can tan, like any other person.  Redheads don't just get freckled!"

The men got out of the water, dried off, and walked back inside with Paris in tow.  John turned to face Paris and said, "We should talk in the office; it'll be more private."

Paris waited in the office while his dads changed into indoor clothes.  John and Dustin walked into the office and sat in two of the four seats situated around a small coffee table.  "Okay son, give us the run down."  Paris gave his dads the entire "rundown," starting with Zach's reaction to therapy and ending with Zach's abandonment issues.  "Wow," was the response from both Dustin and John.  Paris looked at his dads and then said, "Guys, I'm worried!"

"You have every right to be, son," Dustin said.

"These are the exact issues you guys need to face together in front of the psychologist," John said.  "She can help your relationship."

"Son, you also have to stop giving Zach ultimatums with you leaving as one of the outcomes," Dustin added.

"I agree," John said.  "Are you ever planning on leaving him, even if you do find questionable material on his drive again?"

"No," Paris answered, surprising even himself.  "I love him too much to do that to him."

"Well, then, let him know this," Dustin said.  "Also, let Zach know that there are some basic rules in the relationship to keep it strong and healthy, such as not breaking any laws."

"That would be a good start," John said.  "Son, you need to accept Zach for who he is and stop acting like he can change his sexual attraction; it's a sexual orientation, just like gay, bi, or straight, Zach cannot change this aspect of his life."

"Please don't tell me you're advocating for child molesters," Paris exclaimed, completely astonished at John's statement.

Dustin countered, saying, "Son, I think you should listen to your father."

"Paris," John said before pausing and adding, "I'm just like Zach; okay, maybe not as extreme, but my attraction starts at twelve-year-olds and it goes up to around my age.  This is an aspect of my life that I've come to accept and control; I would not have made it this far without the help of your father.  He's known the entire time we've been together, yet he stuck with me."

"What," Paris asked, obviously in shock.

"It's true," Dustin said.

"Trust us; if you stick by him and give him support, he'll curtail his behavior," John said.

"Stop with the draconian ultimatums, show him respect, because he's suppressing his sexuality and that's not easy and can be disastrous, and always provide positive reinforcement," Dustin added.

"But don't smother him with it, son," John added.

"Wow," Paris said, "guess you learn something new every day.  I'll keep this in mind, and dad, don't tell this to anyone else, okay?"

"Okay, son," John said, smiling because Paris was in a joking mood again.

Kai and Sidney loved hanging out with their close friends, Illia and Tamara, after dances and tonight was no different.  Illia courted Sidney and Tamara courted Kai to the Sadie Hawkins dance and now the two couples were exhausted from dancing and recharging their batteries at a Laguna Beach diner before heading to the after party.  Even though Illia still had male anatomy, Sidney still thought she was very pretty, but was reluctant to tell her because it could lead to another relationship that he would have to break off because of his confused feelings for Kai or just the fact that he's too busy to be in a relationship.

After the group finished eating, they broke off and went home to change, Illia and Tamara together, and Sidney and Kai together.  While traveling up Highway 133, Kai asked, "You like her, don't you?"

"Maybe; she's nice and pretty."

"Why don't you just ask her out?"

"Because, I don't want to be in a relationship right now; that's why I ended things with Lucy."  Kai knew the reason things ended with Lucy, Sidney had been planning to take his virginity while he was dating Lucy and could not stomach cheating on the girl.  Now, Kai was left wondering if he was holding his friend's healthy relationships back.


When the boys got home, they went upstairs to their room and began changing for the party.  Once Sidney was dressed in a speedo, shorts, and a tee, he stopped and looked at Kai, who was in board shorts and just starting to pull a tee over his head.  Sidney stopped Kai, saying, "Let's stay in, tonight."

Kai looked at Sidney, sort of in disbelief and said, "What?"

"Let's have our own party; just the two of us.  I really don't feel like dealing with a bunch of drunk people, Kai."

"I do."

Sidney chuckled and responded, "I know; you're always the life of the party.  C'mon, dude; I have a much better plan for tonight."

Kai thought about and said, "Okay; but you better have a good plan for tonight.  I want to think and talk about this night for the rest of my life!"

"Wow; that's a tall order," Sidney responded.  Sidney sent a text to Illia saying that he and Kai decided not to go to the after party.  After sending the text, Sidney looked at his shirtless friend and asked, "What did it feel like to lose your virginity?"

Kai was now perplexed, but intrigued by this abrupt change in subject, but answered, "It was...amazing...and wonderful."  Kai paused before asking, "You don't regret it, do you?"

"No, Kai, I don't regret that night.  I would never trade it in for anything else in the world and if I could go back and do it all over again, I would."

"Cool; that was the best gift you've ever given me and I love you even more for it."

Sidney paused for about thirty seconds before looking into Kai's green eyes and saying, "I want you to take mine."

Shocked, Kai hesitated and asked, "Did you just say what I think I heard you say?"

"Yes, Kai; I want you to take my virginity.  Now get undressed before I take the offer off the table!"

Kai wasted no time and began to undress just as Sidney started pulling off his shirt.  Kai frantically disrobed himself before moving toward Sidney.  Kai, who was completely nude, started kissing the Speedo-clad Sidney as he moved forward and Sidney moved backward toward the bed.  When Sidney felt the bed behind him, he stopped moving, but Kai continued forward, pushing Sidney onto his back on the bed.  Kai climbed on Sidney and started kissing him again, now humping his crotch into Sidney.

Sidney and Kai continued humping and kissing until both boys were hard as rock and leaking pre-cum profusely.  Kai broke the kiss and licked Sidney's chin, then neck, and then started kissing Sidney's chest.  Kai kissed and sucked at Sidney's pectorals and nipples, eliciting positive moans from his best friend.  Kai moved his efforts further south to Sidney's abdominals, licking the smooth, barely defined muscles that Kai loved so much.  Kai made a pit stop at Sidney's bellybutton and drenched the region with his saliva before licking his way down Sidney's happy trail to Sidney's still Speedo covered crotch.

Kai traced the outline of Sidney's dick through the hot pink Speedo, making Sidney squirm under him.  Kai gave Sidney's dick a squeeze before lifting the top of the Speedo, revealing more of Sidney's happy trail, well-trimmed red bush, and strawberry pink tipped boyhood.  Kai licked across Sidney's pubes and the blood-engorged tip of Sidney's dick causing Sidney to shudder and moan in approval, sounds that Kai loved to hear from his best friend.  Kai pushed his face forward and took Sidney into his mouth, sucking halfway down Sidney's six-inch boyhood while caressing Sidney's balls through the Speedo.  Sidney lowered his left hand and started slowly stroking the nape of Kai's neck and playing through Kai's short, blond hair.  For a boy, Sidney thought Kai was very beautiful; even a straight guy could see this.

When Sidney started bucking his hips, Kai let his friend fall out of his mouth; Kai grasped Sidney's Speedo, and, when Sidney lifted his butt off the bed, pulled the Speedo down Sidney's legs and off his friend's feet.  Kai sniffed the Speedo for a scent of his friend, but was only rewarded with a very light odor.  Sidney sat up and locked lips with Kai after Kai threw his Speedo across their room.  The kiss was soft and sensual and lasted only a few seconds before Kai went back down on Sidney, taking Sidney's bone to the back of his throat.  Sidney laid next to Kai as his friend was working on him, enjoying the sensations.  Sidney looked over to Kai's waiting boner; when Sidney grabbed Kai's rock hard, six-and-a-half-inch boyhood, Kai moaned, sending shockwaves through Sidney's entire core.  Sidney took the plunge, deep throating his friend's dick, swallowing when the head entered his throat.

After blowing each other for nearly ten minutes, Kai began circling his finger around Sidney's sphincter, teasing the hole and his friend.  After a few moments of teasing his friend, Kai removed Sidney's boner from his mouth and licked down the underside of Sidney's shaft until he got to Sidney's balls, which Kai bathed in his saliva.  Kai continued licking a path down Sidney's sparsely-haired perineum until he got to Sidney's boyhole, which he licked around, teasing it and wetting the red hairs.

Sidney gasped and moaned as Kai plunged his tongue into Sidney's quivering hole.  Kai managed to get just the tip in the hole and was lapping, poking, and prodding away as Sidney sucked his balls.  Kai began to finger Sidney with his index finger when his tongue started plunging deeper into his friend.  Sidney moaned again when Kai's finger broke passed his sphincter and again when Kai found his prostate.  Kai continued to manipulate his friend's prostate, causing Sidney to rock his hips back and forth, opening his hole around Kai's finger.  A few moments into the fingering, Sidney went back to sucking his friend; Kai inserted a second finger and was now finger fucking his friend in earnest, fighting the tightness of virgin territory.  Once Kai sensed his friend was loose enough, removed his fingers and broke the sixty-nine position.

When Sidney saw Kai grabbing the lube and moving into position between his legs, he knew what was about to happen and instantly became nervous.  Kai lubed two fingers and continued the finger fucking for a moment before lubing his dick.  With the tip of his dick at his friend's sphincter, Kai looked into Sidney's questioning blue eyes and said, "It's going to hurt...a lot; I think that's normal.  If you relax, it should hurt a little less."  Sidney nodded, indicating he understood and was ready to take his best friend and, thereby, give Kai his virginity.

Kai pushed forward, pushing the head of his dick passed Sidney's tight sphincter and causing his friend to flinch.  Sidney remained calm after initial entry and signaled to his friend that he was ready for more.  Kai continued to push until nearly four inches was inside Sidney when Sidney placed his hands against Kai's thighs, indicating he needed a break before Kai went any deeper.  After waiting for a few moments, Sidney was ready for more and Kai delivered all but an inch before Sidney stopped him again.  After less than thirty seconds, Kai was pushing on, this time, Kai stopped at the hilt, buried balls deep within his friend.  Kai watched as his friend's breathing slowly calmed and was given the signal to start fucking.

Kai started fucking Sidney slowly and deliberately so that Sidney could get used to his girth and length.  Kai was bigger than Sidney in almost all aspects; he was taller, more muscular, heavier, and his dick and balls were even larger than Sidney's pair, both in length and in girth.  Kai began building momentum and his curved dick found and was now constantly hitting Sidney's prostate, eliciting exciting feelings and deep moans of pleasure from Sidney.  The boys were so into their fucking, they had no idea that Paris, who had come over to pick something up from his room, was outside the door listening to their actions.

Kai started fucking Sidney extremely fast and hard, rocking the sturdy bed and creating loud smacking sounds of flesh smacking.  With every smack Paris heard, he heard loud moaning coming from his little brother and deep, guttural grunts coming from Kai.  During the pounding, Sidney was clawing Kai's back and butt, wanting more until, unexpectedly, the most powerful orgasm washed over Sidney.  Sidney convulsed and screamed with each come-shot across his stomach, chest, neck, and face.  Sidney had twelve massive shots altogether as Kai continued fucking him into the bed.  It seemed as though Kai was going deeper than before when he closed his eyes and started pounding Sidney harder and faster than ever.  Kai's guttural grunts turned into a growl and his rhythmic thrusts turned into psychotic and uneven jabs as he started to come deep into his friend.  With each come-shot Kai pumped in to Sidney, Kai fucked himself into Sidney, trying to get as deep as possible into his friend.  At the end of his orgasm, Kai did not move from his place, deep within Sidney, for nearly two minutes.  While still inside Sidney, Kai grabbed his friend's dick to jack Sidney off but stopped when he realized his hand was completely covered in his friend's come.  Kai looked at Sidney who shot back a knowing look; the two locked lips when Kai leaned forward and kissed passionately for the next few minutes.

When the kiss was broken, Kai said, "Shower time!"  The two disconnected and went into the bathroom to take a shower.  While getting the shower warm, Paris snuck into the boys' room, but had to hide because they left the bathroom door open.  Sidney looked down at his leg and noticed a wet streak going down the inside of the right one.  When Sidney felt his asshole, he realized his friend's come was leaking out of him.  Without giving it any more thought, Sidney climbed into the shower after he realized Kai had just got in and was holding the door open, motioning for Sidney to join him.  While in the tub, the two started playing around and had not noticed Paris peeping inside.  Paris knew peeping was wrong, but he needed visual proof for the unbelievable things he heard from the other side of the bedroom door.

Kai was washing Sidney's back when he started humping into Sidney's ass.  Sidney was against the window and could see outside, adding an even kinkier feel to what they were doing.  Deciding to take things to the next level, Sidney ground his ass into Kai's hard dick; Kai got the signal and humped his friend for a few more seconds before moving his hips back and inserting his dick into Sidney with ease.  Paris could not believe what he was witnessing and knew he would have to call the brothers tonight.

Kai began violently fucking Sidney against the window, lifting Sidney off the ground with each upstroke.  Sidney was moaning loudly while Kai was letting out low grunts.  Sidney started beating himself off while trying to balance himself against the window as Kai was showing him no mercy.  When Sidney heard the growl from Kai and felt Kai's dick expand, he knew what was coming next.  Sidney was rewarded with shot after shot of Kai's come flooding his bowels.  While Kai was coming inside him, Sidney's masturbatory efforts ended with him blasting a large load against the window.  Paris decided to take this opportunity to leave and head back to his room.  Sidney was still not on his feet while Kai was deep inside him, wanting the connection to last as long as their friendship and love would last, forever.  When Kai withdrew from Sidney, Kai's come flowed out of Sidney's now open, well-deflowered hole.

The two finished their shower, with Kai washing himself and Sidney.  Once out of the shower, Kai dried Sidney, then himself and carried Sidney to bed.  When Kai cuddled up next to Sidney, Sidney noticed Kai's hard boyhood against his ass crack and back.  Amazed, Sidney asked, "Dude, you're still hard?"

Kai smiled to himself and answered, "You definitely had an effect on me!"  The two boys ended up having sex again before going to sleep, deciding to forgo the shower, not out of exhaustion, but because they knew that getting in the shower would lead to more sex.

The following morning, a very naked Kai and Sidney both bounded down the stairs and went into the kitchen, surprised to see Micah, Paris, and Page sitting at the bar.  Sidney was immediately aware of his nakedness and when Micah asked, "You guys aren't planning on doing it where the family eats, are you?"

"The `rents said we could be naked in the house," Kai countered.

"Fine," Paris said, "but what about last night.  Sidney was getting the bottle of soymilk out of the fridge when Paris asked this; he immediately froze when Kai asked, "What do you mean?"

"I think we should ask Sidney how his butt feels after last night's marathon," Page said, not even beating around the bush.  The group of boys snickered amongst themselves which prompted Sidney to say, "You guys are acting like a bunch of assholes!  We had sex, so what?"

"Are you sure you're straight," Page asked in a more serious demeanor.

"Positive," Sidney responded.

"How do you explain last night and I'm sure other nights before it," Paris asked.

Sidney thought about his answer and then said, "I guess you can say that although I'm straight, I'm also `Kai-sexual.'"

"Wait," Micah asked, "how can you be straight and bi at the same time?"

"Not bi," Sidney responded, "Kai; I'm Kai-sexual."

"I'm a sexual orientation now," Kai responded feeling very jubilant.  "Pretty, sweet!"

The group accepted Sidney's statement and admitted to the boys that they were just giving them a hard time since they always thought of them as the babies of the family and sex was the last thought that came to mind when Sidney and Kai were involved.


Later in the day, while still at the house, Paris and Micah were hanging out upstairs when Micah called Paris over to the iPad in his hand.  Micah held the iPad against his chest and said, "Before I show you this, I want to let you know that first off, I had sex with men while I was away, and you can't tell anyone!"

"Okay; how many men?"

"A few," Micah responded, handing the tablet to his friend.  When Paris looked at the tablet, he gasped when at what he saw.  The photos were from a gay porn site; Micah was spread eagle getting fucked hard and deep in one photo and in another, he was coming with a huge dick up his ass.

Paris looked at his brother and asked, "Dude; are you still doing this and does Shea know?"

"No and no," Micah answered.  "I think she's the one and this may be a problem for her."

"So, you're going to tell her?"

"Do you think I should?"

Thinking about his relationship, Paris answered, "Yes; a relationship based on secrets is destined to fail, no matter the effort within it placed."

"Wow; look at you, mister philosopher!  Okay, I'll tell her."

The boys continued to chat before meeting up with the other brothers and heading out to see a movie, with Kai and Sidney in clothes, of course.

End of Chapter 9

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