The LeFleur-Winfield Men III: Sid the Kid 3

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Ashley:  27
Micah:  26
Paris:  23
Sidney:  19, Sophomore at UCLA
Kai:  19, Sophomore at UCLA
Zach:  36
Trent:  19, Freshman at UCLA
John & Dustin:  57 & 56, Parents

Part Three:  Sid the Kid -- Chapter 3

Spring 2043

"Mmm, burritos with real meat," Kai exclaimed before taking a huge first bite of his lunch.

"You know the vegetarian beef is just as good, right," Sidney asked.

"And how would you know?"

"I've tried real beef before; I actually prefer the vegetarian beef."

"That's gross, dude!"

"I could say the same thing about what you're eating.  Anything that makes a bodily fluid smell and taste rancid is gross."

"If only I had the problem of someone smelling and tasting that bodily fluid, Sid," Kai said, pouting his lips for good measure.

"You'll find someone; you're just not looking hard enough."

"Excuse me while I hold my breath; when I turn blue and pass out, don't worry, that's just from all the hot guys smothering me with their attention."

"Oh; ha, ha," Sidney exclaimed before looking at his phone.  "We have like thirty minutes before our next class."  After a pause, Sidney added, "And I've been meaning to ask you about your feelings towards Bly, more specifically, me dating Bly."

"Way to ruin the moment, Sid.  I said you can date her, isn't that enough?"

Sidney knew better than to continue with this conversation, although he still wanted to know how Kai truly felt; Sidney decided it best to end this topic by saying, "I'm sorry if I upset you; I just want you to know that you're still my best friend and my family and that you will always come first in my life."

The boys finished their meal, hugged each other, and parted ways; Kai heading to Microbiology and Sidney heading to Macroeconomics.


After another awesome date, and desert, with Bly, Sidney waltzed through the front door feeling as though he were on cloud nine.  Sidney walked into the living room to find Kai studying for Human Anatomy and Physiology.  Sidney walked right up to Kai, leaned forward, and planted a kiss on his best friend.  When the two broke the kiss, Kai watched as Sidney sat down next to him.  "Do you want to go out tomorrow," Sidney asked, worrying that his friend was becoming a hermit.

"Sure," Kai said, "but I get to pick the club this time."

Sidney was happy to see a smile on Kai's face; Sidney leaned over and cuddled next to Kai.  Although he did not want to ask about it, Kai asked, "How was your date?"

Surprised that Kai asked this question, Sidney took a few seconds to gather his thoughts before saying, "It was pretty awesome; I'm really liking her."

"How's the sex," Kai asked, chuckling.

"Loud; but great," Sidney responded, looking at his friend.  "How's your hand?"

"Fuck you!"

Sidney removed the book that Kai was studying from Kai's grasp and placed it on the coffee table.  When Sidney moved closer to his friend, Kai expected Sidney to kiss him; Kai's expectations were met and exceeded when Sidney started playing tongue hockey with Kai and started unbuckling Kai's belt.  Sidney never broke the kiss when he unbuttoned Kai's shorts and lowered the zipper.

Sidney rubbed Kai's hard dick through the fabric of his underwear, sending enjoyable sensations through his best friend.  Sidney deepened the kiss, which only added to Kai's loud moaning sounds.  The boys broke the kiss so that Kai could get out of his shorts and underwear; Kai removed his shirt and was now sitting naked in front of Sidney, who still had his clothes on.

"Aren't you going to take your clothes off," Kai asked.

Sidney smiled and began disrobing himself; Sidney opted to stay in his underwear while he pleasured his best friend.  Kai laid against the armrest of the sofa, stretching out along its length; Sidney laid on his stomach, between Kai's legs, with Kai's waiting, leaking boner in his face.

Sidney took hold of Kai's seven-inch dick and sucked it into his mouth, swallowing the large amount of pre-cum Kai had produced and continued producing.  Sidney did not stop until Kai's dick was lodged in the back of his throat and his nose was buried in Kai's thick, but soft, dirty blond pubic hair.  Kai grunted his approval and started rubbing Sidney's long hair and shoulders.

Sidney sucked hard as he withdrew Kai's cock from his mouth, leaving only the head in the suction allowing Sidney to swallow the built up saliva and pre-cum.  Sidney took another plunge, sucking Kai's thick, long cock deep into his throat, enjoying the unique taste, texture, and feel of Kai's manhood.

Sidney continued his manipulations of Kai's cock; when Kai began humping Sidney's throat, Sidney knew it would be only a matter of time before Kai blew his load.  Sidney continued sucking Kai, trying to match Kai's hip movements, but when Kai started to become too violent, Sidney stopped moving and allowed Kai to fuck his face.  Kai held a firm grasp on the nape of Sidney's neck, fucking Sidney's throat with short and deep jabs.

Sidney heard Kai grunt an expletive before Kai let out a long growl and held Sidney in place on his dick as it pumped his seed into Sidney's mouth and throat.  Kai was pumping so much so hard and so fast, Sidney could barely keep up.  Sidney swallowed mouthful after mouthful of Kai's come until Kai's cock started to dribble his seed into Sidney's mouth, which Sidney swallowed.  Kai released his grip from Sidney's neck and skull; Sidney went all the way down on Kai, sucking in the rest of the come that had pooled at the bottom of Kai's dick and in Kai's thick bush.  Once Sidney gathered the remaining come, he pulled up on Kai's still hard dick until just the head was in Sidney's mouth, giving Sidney the opportunity to swallow all of Kai's remaining seed.  Sidney went back down on Kai for a few more minutes before letting up and locking lips with his best friend.

When the two broke the kiss, Kai was sharing the cloud nine feeling Sidney had when Sidney walked through the door.  Sidney asked, "How was that?"

Kai smiled and responded, "That was awesome!  I'm sure you could tell it's been awhile; what made you decide to do that?"

"I'm not going to let you have to settle for your hand all the time; what kind of a friend would I be?"

Before Kai could counter, Sidney added, "Oh; until just now, I would not have known it's been awhile.  Dry sheets every night!"

Kai punched Sidney in the shoulder and responded, "I can control it now!"

Sidney, who was rubbing his shoulder, smiled and responded, "I still feel your boner at night, though."

"Speaking of boners," Kai said while grabbing and stroking Sidney's hard cock. "Do you want me to take care of that for you?"

"Nah; it'll go away.  Bly'll take care of it for me," Sidney said, smiling, much to Kai's disdain and envy.  "By the way, when you get a boyfriend, do him a favor, cut your meat intake; your come tastes terrible!"

"You didn't mind its `terrible' flavor," Kai said smiling.

"Why do I even put up with you?"

"'Cause you love me."

"You're right; it's because I love you," Sidney said before kissing Kai lovingly and deeply.

Kai was very excited when he and Sidney exited the car and walked into the building.  Sidney rented the clubs and colored golf balls; he and Kai were ready to play some miniature golf.  When the boys walked outside, Kai was immediately fuming when he saw Bly standing at the tee off area in a cute skirt with a plaid blouse.  Kai also noticed a short, but beautiful boy standing next to her.  The beautiful boy was short, but very muscular, with a great ass, huge arms, and well defined body.  He had dark features, dark brown hair and eyebrows, beautiful eyes that seemed to smile when he smiled at Sidney and Kai.  Kai was finding himself enamored with this new handsome beau; Kai had to find out his name.

Sidney and Kai and Bly and Trent gravitated toward each other and everyone exchanged their hellos.  Sidney introduced the beautiful beau to Kai as, "Trent."  Trent and Kai shook hands and when they turned around, they saw Sidney and Bly heading off to another part of the course in a hurry; Kai and Trent knew immediately what was going on.

The two decided to take to the eighteen-hole course and see what would happen from there; Trent followed Kai to the first hole.  The first hole was an easy straight shot, which the boys both made; once the holes were made, the boys high-fived each other, eliciting a smile from Kai and a shy smirk from Trent.  When the boys got the next hole, Kai decided to break the ice, asking, "So, where are you from, Trent?"

Excited and nervous about starting a conversation with a boy Trent considered to be an ideal beauty, he hesitated before responding, "Mississippi...Silver Creek."

Kai picked up on Trent's nervousness and was actually excited that Trent was as nervous as he.  Kai's response was, "Wow; congrats on getting out!"

Trent chuckled and said, "Yeah; tell me about it!  Living there is as bad as Hell because all the people telling you you're going to go to Hell all the time.  L.A. is so much better."

"Are you planning to go back?"

"Hell, no; I left Mississippi with no intentions of visiting, or even passing through, much less going back!"

"What about your family?"

Trent sighed, causing Kai to say, "It's okay, you don't have to answer that one; I'm sorry for prying like that."

"'s not your fault.  Lots of people, I would imagine, would wonder how I could just turn my back on my family like that.  That's not the case; they've turned their backs on me.  When I was outed, they just couldn't wait to toss me out after I graduated high school.  I had a football scholarship, along with grants and other scholarships to come here, so I did.  I of course had other schools to choose from, but those were a little too close to home."

The boys had finished four holes when Trent finished saying this; Kai was processing everything Trent was saying, trying to decide whether or not to tell Trent his story.  "Trent, I'm sorry to hear that, but I want you to know that you are not alone.  My parents emotionally and physically abused me because of my sexuality.  My older sister was their accomplice.  Thanks for sharing your story, it really does help."

Trent was surprised that Kai would openly admit being abused to a complete stranger, but after realizing what he told Kai, Trent figured Kai was already able to trust him.  "Thanks for that, Kai."

The boys continued talking about anything and everything that came to mind.  Now, with no inhibitions, the boys felt free to discuss anything openly with each other and enjoyed a natural comfort with each other that is rare for them amongst new friends.  Kai and Trent definitely wanted to take things further and were very grateful for this meeting.  The boys did not want to split up at the end of the session, but exchanged numbers instead, threatening to start a never-ending text messaging spree when the two were apart for any small period of time.  Sidney and Bly were very pleased that their plan seemed to work out so well; Trent and Kai seemed to be heading in the direction of dating.

"C'mon, Sid, please," Kai pleaded with his best friend.

"Dude, no; don't you have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean we can't still help each other out when we need it.  C'mon, Sid, I'm really stressed right now!"

"Go beat off, then!"

"Do you wanna do it together?"

Sidney sighed and answered, "Sure."

Sidney and Kai stripped out of the only article of clothing they were wearing, their underwear.  The boys sat against the sofa and started jacking off.  Kai watched Sidney as Sidney slowly and lazily stroked his six-and-a-half-inch hardness.  Kai played with himself for a while before stating, "You know, a buddy lending a hand will always make it go faster!"

"Fine," Sidney said before going down on Kai, taking Kai's entire dick into his mouth and throat.  Sidney continued sucking his friend for a few minutes until he heard what sounded like the front door opening.  The living room is directly in view of the front door and foyer, something Sidney was immediately dreading when Trent announced his presence.  When Kai and Sidney heard Trent go into the kitchen to put his keys down, Sidney dropped Kai's dick from his mouth and the two hurried to put on their underwear.  Trent walked into the living room and saw the two boys in their underwear, but thought nothing of it until he saw their hard dicks through the fabric and a huge wet spot forming on Kai's underwear.  Trent then noticed the two boys were flushed; putting two and two together, Trent figured out what was happening when he walked into the door and his face said it, forcing Kai to respond, "Trent; it's probably not what you think."

"Okay," Trent said, in a very calm voice.  "I'm listening."

"Sidney was just helping me out; I was horny and just asked Sid to do it."

"I'm just as responsible, Kai," Sidney responded.

"Trent, I'm sorry," Kai said.

"Kai, I forgive you; just don't go behind my back again, okay," Trent announced.

"Okay; I'm still sorry," Kai responded.

"Are you going to tell Bly," Sidney asked.

"No; your secrets are safe with me," Trent promised.

Sidney decided it was time to leave; he put some clothes on and left Trent and Kai alone.  It took all of a half-minute after Sidney left for Trent to pounce on Kai, planting kisses all over Kai's chest and neck.  Kai stripped off Trent's shirt to reveal a small patch of brown hair between his well-defined pectorals and a very sparse happy trail.  Trent had a well-defined eight-pack and a sharp "V" cut Kai loved so much.  Trent's armpits were hairy, something Kai found strangely erotic.  Kai wasted no time removing Trent's khaki shorts to reveal his naked, commando-going boyfriend's tan line and barely there pubes crowning one of the most beautiful, massively thick, yet short dick Kai had ever seen.  Trent's dick was very reminiscent of Trent, himself, short and stocky.  The helmet was super-massive and Kai wondered if Trent was a top and if he was, how would that fit?

Trent sat next to Kai and ravaged him, touching Kai everywhere, enjoying the feel of another man for the first time.  Trent began mimicking Kai as Kai started exploring Trent's body starting with Trent's pectorals, then moving to his abdominals and obliques.  Trent nearly jumped out of his skin when Kai took his cock into Kai's hand, squeezing and stroking.  Kai used his other hand to cup and play with Trent's balls.  Trent followed Kai's lead for a few minutes of kissing and heavy petting until Kai led him upstairs to the guest room.

Kai was surprised that Trent decided to take the lead once the boys were in the room, pushing Kai onto the bed and climbing on top of Kai, dominating the action.  Trent and Kai continued kissing and groping until Trent dropped Kai's leaking dick and began humping his boyfriend.  Trent continued humping Kai until both were breathing deeply into the other's mouth, sharing breath and saliva.

Trent broke the kiss and moved down Kai's body; on his way to the treasure, he felt compelled to kiss his new boyfriend and did, on Kai's bellybutton.  Trent noticed that Kai's entire crotch area was soaked in Kai's pre-cum; Trent said, "Wow, you have a lot of pre-cum!"  Before Kai could respond, the wet warmth of Trent's mouth wrapped around Kai's dick as Trent tried to take as much of Kai as he possibly could.  With some coaching from Kai, Trent was able to almost take all of Kai.  Trent continued sucking Kai and began playing with Kai's large balls, making Kai moan loudly.  When Trent wet one of his fingers and put it inside of Kai's tight insides, Kai grunted and bucked his hips, nearly gagging Trent.  Trent swallowed and went back down on Kai, sucking Kai in large strokes while fingering his ass; Kai was responding by growling, bucking, and holding down the nape of Trent's neck, trying to force as much of himself into Trent as Trent could take.  Trent continued this assault until he felt Kai's dick expand and shoot ropes of thick come into his mouth and throat.  Trent swallowed mouthful after mouthful of Kai's seed while letting his finger slide out of Kai.

Once Kai's orgasm finished, Kai sat up and removed himself from Trent's mouth and throat; he grabbed Trent's shoulders and kissed Trent before forcing Trent into a lying position on the bed.  Kai climbed on top of Trent and switch roles, this time doing the humping and face devouring kisses.  Kai wasted no time moving down to Trent's huge, bulbous dick, taking it into his mouth.  Kai could only go as far as the entrance of his throat because Trent's head was too large to fit into Kai's throat, but Trent was loving his first blowjob, nonetheless.

Kai used his hand to grasp Trent's exposed cock as Kai blew Trent; this action created a whole new whimpering sound from Trent, surprising even Trent himself.  After a while of sucking, Trent stopped Kai, warning Kai that he was going to get too close.  Kai leans in and kisses Trent; when Kai broke the kiss he looked into Trent's eyes and smiled, asking, "I hope you're not a top!"

Trent returned the smile and answered, "I'm whatever you want me to be; I'm new at all this.  I want to try everything!"

Kai was very excited at his boyfriend's eagerness and hoped he would be a good teacher.  "I've only bottomed once, so I'm still going to be very tight when you enter me," Kai said.

"So; you want me to top?"

"Yes; I would love that, right now!"

Kai laid on his stomach and waited while he heard the lube being spread on Trent's monster cock.  Kai moaned when Trent inserted two lubed fingers inside of his anus.  Trent straddled Kai, aiming his huge member at Kai's sphincter.  Kai felt the top of Trent's dick touch his sphincter and start to try to force itself through.  Just when Trent thought that this was not going to happen, his thick mushroom head broke past Kai's tight sphincter, making Kai yelp loudly.  Trent grabbed sheets and pushed into Kai's mouth before asking, "Are you sure you want me to continue?"

When Kai shook his head yes and gave a thumbs up, Trent continued pushing his warhead forward into Kai.  Trent's dick felt like a searing hot baton being forced into Kai, but Kai knew that in a little while, this will be great for Trent and for him as well.  Kai wanted Trent to have the best night with him and was willing to do anything to make Trent's first time a memorable one.

Trent's dick was finally completely lodged inside of Kai, much to Kai's relief.  Trent noticed every sensation on his dick at the moment, especially the incredible warmth and tightness of Kai's rectum.  "Oh; fuck, baby," Trent said in his Mississippi accent that Kai was really starting to love.  "Ugnh; you are so tight!"

Trent laid on top of Kai to keep his dick still as Kai adjusted to the sudden intruder.  When Kai signaled he was ready, without moving off his boyfriend, Trent started slowly pumping, finding it hard to move his dick in Kai's still tight orifice.  The boys continued slowly fucking until Trent had less resistance when pushing into and pulling out of Kai.

Kai mentioned that he wanted to change position and under Kai's instruction, Trent laid snug against Kai as Kai got into a crawling position.  Trent got the idea and started fucking Kai doggie-style, grabbing on Kai's hips to steady his approach.  As Trent fucked Kai harder, the sound of grunting, moaning, and slapping flesh filled the room, including the sound of Kai's pre-cum spewing, hard dick slapping loudly against his stomach.  The faster Trent fucked, the louder Kai's moaned until Trent slammed hard three times into Kai, forcing Kai to grunt with each thrust.

Kai flinched from pain when Trent's head popped out of his anus.  Trent wanted to try a new position and Kai was not relenting; Trent had Kai lay on his side, Kai chose the right side.  Trent grabbed Kai's left leg and held it against his chest as he entered Kai again.  Kai flinched again when the large head entered his rectum, but just as quickly as it began, the pain had subsided into a slightly painful, yet pleasurable experience.  Trent continued slowly and steadily fucking Kai, enjoying this new position as he was able to go deeper into Kai.

After a while of fucking in this position, Trent moved Kai's left leg off his chest and over his head so that he and Kai were now in a missionary-style position.  Kai slid a pillow under his but to give Trent better leverage.  With this new found position, Trent began fucking Kai at a quicker, almost violent pace while Kai jacked his dick quickly.  Kai's sphincter tightened around Trent's dick as Kai came; thick ropes of Kai's seed shot over his head and onto his chest.  Before Kai's orgasm was halfway finished, Trent started coming inside Kai, his dick buried as deep as possible as he closed his eyes and released.

Trent's orgasm is like nothing he has ever experienced; he had come before, but never with someone and never in someone.  He looked into Kai's eyes as both boys came down from their intense orgasms.  Trent, overwhelmed with emotions, kissed is beau now deeper than ever, which Kai gladly returned with as much zeal.  Kai drew circles on Trent's back when Trent found himself content to just lay on Kai, with his dick still lodged deep within Kai.

While listening to his boyfriend's shallow breathing and heartbeat, Trent said, "Thank you, Kai.  This was the best."

Kai loved the vibrations Trent caused when he spoke and could be content with Trent humming all night in this position with Trent deep within him.  "I'm glad you liked; although, you were the one that stole the show!"

Trent chuckled continued to lie on Kai for a while before saying, "Next time, I want you to top."  Trent paused, propped himself up to look into Kai's eyes, and said, "I want to know what it feels like when it's you creating the connection."  Kai could see himself falling hard for Trent, but at the same time, feared what could happen between he and Sidney.

After the boys disconnected and showered, they laid on the bed together, talking about anything that came to mind.  Trent learned that Kai was a great listener and was happy to have someone listen to him for a change; Kai felt that Trent had an awesome personality and wonderful stories to tell once he got over his shyness.

"Well, of course you know that you were my first," Trent said.  "Who was your first, if you don't mind my asking?"

Kai thought a moment and then said, "Sidney."

"I had a feeling.  What is he to you, exactly?"

"My best friend, and now, recently, my brother," Kai answered.  "It's a long story, but we got all night."

"Yes; we do," Trent agreed.  "Kai?"


"I'm glad you were my first."

Kai could not help the huge smile that etched its way across his face; in no time, he was back in Trent's massive arms, kissing Trent and enjoying Trent's nakedness.  The boys did have the rest of the night to talk, but was only able to talk until sleep overcame them, when, for the first time, Kai fell asleep in someone else's arms, Trent's.

"And he'll be notified of the restraining order," Dustin asked into the receiver.  "Okay, sounds good, Corey; thanks for calling."

Tyler Dobbs, having served his entire sentence, was released from prison that morning; Dawson still had eight years before he would be up for parole.  "So, they'll notify him," John asked.

"Yes; Tyler will be notified.  His parents won't though."

"What about the restraining orders to keep him out of this neighborhood and off of any property owned by us or Winfield/Caldwell?"

"The one for our property went through, but the Winfield/Caldwell one is still pending."

"We'll just have to wait and see."

"Yep," Dustin responded, taking a sip of his tea.

The waves were crashing silently against Paradise Cove beach followed by a light breeze that blew the white ribbons hanging from the arbor above the officiant, Paris, and Zach as the officiant said, "By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you, Joshua Zachary and Lis Paris LeFleur-Winfield, husbands for life."

The small gathering erupted in cheers and clapping when the grooms kissed once more; Paris and Zach walked down the aisle and up the stairs to the LeFleur-Winfield Malibu compound.  The crowd followed, John and Dustin especially excited to see their sons making positive life decisions and even more excited to see Zach and Paris' relationship surviving very difficult strides.

Summer 2043

Sidney was not only surprised to hear his name announced second, he was also surprised to be drafted by the Boston Bruins.  Pittsburgh was eighth in the draft lottery.  Kai, John, Dustin, Ashley, and Vinca were in attendance at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, hugging Sidney when his name was called.  Although Boston was not John's favorite team, he told Sidney in advance that he would cheer Sidney on, except at a game against the Pens; here, John joked that he would remain neutral.

Sidney was beaming from ear-to-ear when he accepted his Bruins jersey.  Sidney immediately knew what the feeling of having a sense-of-security meant when he donned that Jersey.  This was his career; he had been accepted.

End of Chapter 3

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