The LeFleur-Winfield Men III: Sid the Kid 4

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Sidney:  20, Junior at UCLA
Kai:  20, Junior at UCLA
Trent:  20, Sophomore at UCLA

Part Three:  Sid the Kid Chapter 4

Fall 2043

Bly walked into the front door of Kai and Sidney's apartment and into the living room to see Sidney in his underwear watching television.  What Bly also saw, and did not like, was an underwear-clad Kai lying on top of Sidney with his eyes closed, his head cuddled next to Sidney's neck and shoulder.  Sidney did not stop rubbing Kai's back, even when he got disapproving looks from Bly, who held her tongue and asked, "Um...I came over to see if you were up for going somewhere tonight."

"Nah...I'm going to stay in with him," Sidney said, looking at Kai.  "He's pretty worried about a test score, and he doesn't feel well."

Sidney stopped rubbing Kai's back when Kai stirred and awoke.  Kai stretched out on Sidney and then moaned.  When Kai saw Bly, he said, "Oh; hi, Bly."

Bly was disturbed by Sidney's actions with Kai, and her tone showed this when she said, "Hi, Kai!"

"Well; I'm going to go upstairs," Kai said before kissing Sidney on the lips.  Bly really did not like the fact that her boyfriend returned the kiss with as much force into it as Kai was putting.  Sidney patted Kai on the butt and said, "Okay, get up; you're heavy!"

Kai obliged and said bye to Bly before going upstairs to the bedroom.  Once Kai was out of sight, Bly glared at her boyfriend, but Sidney ignored her death stare, got up, and started to get dressed.  "Where are you going," Bly asked when Sidney put on his shoes.

"Ice cream will make him feel better."


"I'm going to go get my best friend some ice cream because if I were in his position, he would do anything to make me feel better," Sidney said, now staring at his girlfriend.

"Okay," Bly said, finally giving in.  "Can I come with?"



"I don't think he likes me very much," Bly said as Sidney drove in pursuit of ice cream for Kai.


"Kai; I don't think he likes me very much."

"Don't be ridiculous," Sidney lied.  "Of course he likes you; you're my girlfriend."

"And that's why he doesn't like me.  How long have you two known each other?"

Sidney thought about the story The Crucible and Bly's question having a double meaning.  After chuckling about this thought, Sidney responded, "We've been friends for twelve years; he's my best friend."

"Have you two always been so...comfortable...around each other?"

"Are you asking if we've always been this close?"


"Yes; we have," Sidney said, passing up a small convenient store.

Bly pointed at the store and exclaimed, "They sell ice cream there!"

"I know."

"Well; why are we still in the car?"

"They don't sell the best, nor do they sell his favorite."

Before Bly could open her mouth to utter a word, Sidney added, "And before you ask, the answer is yes, I would do anything for him, as he would for me.  You can't possibly imagine some of the things he and I have been through together.  We've always had each other's backs and we always will.  Kai comes first in my life and not a single person will ever get between that."  That ended the conversation.


Sidney kissed Bly and told her goodnight before watching her drive off.  Sidney went to the kitchen, got two spoons, and ran upstairs.  When Sidney opened the door, Kai was lying down in their bed, naked.

"Guess what I got," Sidney sang as he approached the bed.

"Rid of her?"

"That's not funny; she already thinks you don't like her."

"She's right; I don't"

"Well," Sidney said, now holding a pint of Haagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream out in front of him.  "I brought something to cheer you up."

"Wow; thanks, Sid!"

Sidney removed the lid and handed the pint to Kai.  Once Sidney stripped to his underwear, he sat in the bed next to Kai and the two started sharing the pint.  While sharing the pint, Sidney managed to get Kai to lay off Bly and to give her a chance.

The pint finished, the boys headed downstairs to the office.  Sidney sat down at the desk in front of Kai's laptop; Kai sat in the same seat behind Sidney, straddling Sidney.  As Sidney was bringing up the webpage, Kai was stroking Sidney through his underwear.   Sidney did not stop his best friend when Kai reached into Sidney's underwear to play with Sidney's manhood, flesh-on-flesh.

Kai continued stroking Sidney in earnest as Sidney sat back into his friend, enjoying the sensations.  When Kai stuck his other hand into Sidney's underwear to cup Sidney's balls, Sidney decided to remove his underwear, giving his best friend full access to his uncut, pale cock.  Kai continued stroking Sidney's dick, producing the moans from Sidney that Kai loved so much.  Sidney started bucking his hips, indicating to Kai that Sidney was getting close.  Sidney's bucking was having an effect on Kai's dick which was sandwiched between Kai and Sidney; Kai's dick was leaking pre-cum profusely, making Sidney's back very slick and slippery, adding to the pleasures Kai's dick was experiencing.  "Uhn," Sidney yelled before moaning and filling Kai's hand with globs of Sidney's seed.  Sidney continued bucking as he came into Kai's grip.  When Sidney calmed down, he noticed Kai lightly licking and kissing the nape of his neck and behind his ears, reminding Sidney just how well Kai knew Sidney and his erogenous zones.  Sidney got up and went upstairs to take a shower, leaving Kai who was busy licking Sidney's come off his hand and fingers.

While in the shower, Sidney heard Kai come into the bathroom.  Sidney did not look behind him, instead he felt Kai's large frame behind him after the shower door was opened and shut.  Kai wrapped his arms around Sidney and began kissing Sidney's neck and ears.  Kai started humping Sidney's backside; in between short breaths, Kai whispered into Sidney's ear, "I made a perfect score.  My teacher even emailed me to tell me that I scored the highest on the test out of all his other classes!"

Sidney was happy for his friend and wanted his happiness to show.  Sidney stuck his butt out toward Kai, indicating to Kai that he wanted Kai inside him.  Kai stopped humping his friend and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure; you deserve it!"

"You don't have to do this."

"I want to; take me, I'm yours."

Kai needed no further persuading; he pushed himself into Sidney, pubes deep, with no lube.  Sidney flinched from the dry entry, but was soon rewarded with immense pleasure he has only received from Kai.  Kai began pumping his member in and out of Sidney, causing Sidney to moan for the second time this night.  From this position, Kai was able to fuck Sidney very rough and hard, lifting Sidney off the floor with each powerful thrust.  When it came to sex, Kai could be very intimidating; making even the toughest athlete squeal when he thrusts a little too hard.  Kai was horny and did not last long; he lifted Sidney off the floor for the entire length of his orgasm, pumping his seed seven inches deep into Sidney.  Sidney allowed Kai to remain inside of him for a few minutes until Kai got tired of the position and finally pulled out, allowing his seed to flow out of Sidney and down the drain.

Kai grabbed Sidney and turned his best friend around to face him.  Kai basically sucked Sidney's face in with his forceful, deep kissing.  Kai thrust his finger into his friend as they kissed, enjoying the feel of the warm come still coating Sidney's insides.  "Thanks, Sid; I love you!"  "I love you, too, Kai; don't forget it!"

The taste of Sidney's come was still fresh on Kai's tongue while Sidney was going down on him.  Kai had just convinced his friend to let Kai blow Sidney; Kai was elated that Sidney volunteered to reciprocate the favor.  Kai had his hand on the nape of Sidney's neck, pumping in and out of Sidney's throat, when he achieved orgasm.  Kai grunted and growled as he pumped his seed into Sidney's throat; Kai's jumped was interrupted by a loud gasp, which startled both boys.

When Sidney looked up, he saw Bly's hand covering her mouth.  Bly turned around and walked out the door; Sidney knew better than trying to stop her, he was in trouble.  Sidney rushed when cleaning himself and putting on clothes in order to see Bly as soon as possible.  When Sidney came out of the bathroom, Kai was sitting on the bed, still naked and flipping through movie rental selections on the television.  Sidney looked at Kai, who then said, "Sorry about that; she should learn to knock, next time."

Sidney knew he could not be angry at Kai because Sidney was a willing participant.  Sidney responded, "If there is a next time," before walking out the door.


Sidney gripped the steering wheel as he sat in the parking garage at Bly and Trent's apartment.  After four songs played on the radio, Sidney finally shut off the vehicle and made his way to the apartment.  The door was unlocked when Sidney tried it, so he walked in, slowly and cautiously.  Sidney closed the door behind him and walked into the living room to find Bly sitting on the sofa drinking Miscato.  Oh, shit, Sidney thought, I led her to drink!

"You didn't start my drinking problem," Bly said in a calm, hushed voice.  Bly seemed a little distant; this worried Sidney.

"Are you okay," Sidney asked, trying to convey his worry to his voice.

"Oh, now you're worried," Bly responded in a tone so sarcastic, it was almost cynical.  "Sidney; I had a feeling you two were doing stuff, so I'm not as surprised as I should be.  Are you gay?"

"Bly, I'm sorry; I-"

"That's not what I asked, Sid!"

"No; I'm not gay."

"Are you bi?"

"No; I consider myself straight.  That's just something that we do.  We've done it since high school; it's like second nature to us."

"Sucking a dick is second nature to you; are you sure you're straight?"

"It's really just him, Bly."

"Do you love me?"


"Do you love him?"

Sidney did not have to answer this question; he simply looked at Bly, begging her to take some sort of pity on him.  "I knew it," Bly responded.

"Bly, I'm really sorry!"

Bly paused, took another sip of her wine, and then said, "I believe you, but that's not going to fix us.  Your little secret is safe with me."  Tipping her chin to a corner near the television, Bly added, "That's all your stuff; now leave, please, before I get violent."

Sidney picked up the box that contained everything he used to anchor himself into Bly's life and left.  Before he walked out of the door, he saw, out of his peripheral, Trent standing in the door frame.  When the door closed behind him, Sidney sighed and carried his stuff to the car.  Once in the car, Sidney was staring at the radio for a minute before he start slamming his fist into it repeatedly, damaging the radio controls and his knuckles.  When Sidney finished, he drove home, his knuckles dripping blood.


"Holy, shit, Sid; you didn't hit her, did you," Kai asked in astonishment when he saw Sidney's bloody knuckles as Sidney entered the apartment.

"No and I really don't feel like talking, right now, so please, get out of my way!"

Kai decided it best to just keep his mouth shut and let Sidney be for the rest of the night.  Kai did not climb into bed with Sidney until well after he thought Sidney was sleeping.  Kai dressed his friend's wounds before getting into his usual sleeping position.  Sidney was wide awake when Kai climbed into bed with him, but fell asleep quickly in Kai's arms.

Sidney was surprised that Bly would even consider letting Trent and Kai see each other without getting angry.  Sidney did not understand this concept until he realized that his initial thoughts were wrong.  This happened when Trent showed up at Sidney and Kai's apartment with all of his belongings stating to Sidney, "It was getting tense with Bly.  She's not happy that Kai and I are still together; can I move in with you guys?"

That was the most Sidney ever heard Trent speak; Sidney decided that he was not in the mood to fight and responded, "Sure; Kai should be delighted."

"Okay; I'll just go put this stuff in Kai's room."

"Just put it in the guest room; our closet is pretty packed."

"Our closet?  What do you mean our?"

"Kai never told you about our sleeping arrangements?"

"No, he didn't; please...explain."

"We share a room and a bed; and we sleep naked.  We've always done this since we were little."

Trent was a little bothered by this, but he was here to take things in stride and there was no way he was ready to give Bly any type of satisfaction right now.  "Okay; I guess we can figure things out."

That evening, when Kai arrived from his study group, he was elated to see Trent had moved into the apartment.  Kai was so elated he suggested that Sidney allow an extra person into the bed.  Sidney, who was still not in a fighting mood, gave in easily and, with that, Trent became the newest addition to he and Kai's bed.  That night, Sidney slept wrapped in Kai's arms, as usual, and Kai slept wrapped in Trent's arms.  The boys have never slept more soundly or more comfortable in their lives.

End of Part Three

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