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"Left Without Words 13"

I actually thought that Deme was going to turn the basement lights on for the sake know...'appearances', even though I was well aware of the fact that our lips would be smooshed together again the moment that we reached the bottom of the steps. But he walked right past the switch. And when I reached for it, he pulled my hand away. "No. Leave it dark. I like it." He grinned, and I have to say that I had no valid argument against that idea.

Whatever my baby baby gets!

There was so little light coming in through the narrow basement windows. And yet, I was able to see Deme crane his neck slightly to look back up to the top of the stairs to make sure that we weren't being followed. Then, with a really gentle 'push'...he guided me further back under the steps, and stepped forward to kiss me again.

I was really dark down there, and our lips missed each other at first...we're both still kind of new to this sort of thing. But once we found each other, I felt Deme's long fingers thread themselves between my own...and we began to make out heavily with one another as if it was the most natural thing in the world. My chest was pressed against his, our tongues slid passionately back and forth between our lips, our heavy breathing...the only sound that could be heard over our smacking and stifled moans of pleasure.

My whole aura had been completely revolutionized by Deme's divine presence. I didn't even feel like the same person that I was when I came over here today. Maybe I wasn't. Maybe he had transformed me into something new. Maybe we had both gone from a 'me' and 'him' an 'us'.

I don't know if you've ever experienced that monumental shift for yourselves...but I can now say from's the most surreal moment that any romantic soul like mine could ever hope to achieve in this lifetime. Like...ever.

I wish I could say that I had any sense of how long we had been down there kissing, but time doesn't really exists when it comes to things like this. I only know that we were both getting a little bit nervous about being caught after a while, and Deme broke our tender liplock to look back up the stairs again. Briefly, but cautiously.

My heart was beating out of control, and the feel of his fingers intertwined with mine made me want to just start sucking face with him again. I leaned in and began to kiss him lovingly on the side of his neck, which really seemed to turn him on. Deme whimpered softly, and then took one of his hands to caress the back of my head and pull me in to kiss me even more fiercely than he was before. I mean...we really started going at it! And he was lightly rubbing the back of my head, stroking my red hair as we leaned our heads to the right, and the left, and then back again. I let go of his other hand, and I used the belt loops on his pants to pull him closer to me. I was so painfully erect that I was going to burst if I didn't hump myself up against something within the next few seconds.

I could feel his hardness against mine. We rubbed them together as our lips continued their forbidden dance, and when we started to feel the agreed frustration of not being close enough to truly express the heated yearning we had for one another, I felt my hands reach around to tightly squeeze the pert globes of his delicious ass as he moved his arms up to my shoulders and began hugging me around the neck.

Can life be like this always? Please???

My heavy breathing was actually beginning to make me dizzy, and when Deme and I parted lips again for another few seconds...we both looked around the railing on the basement steps to make sure that we were still alone.

I don't know what it is...but there's something extra sexy about a 'secret' like this. Especially when it comes to the danger of having it exposed by something as simple as the opening of a basement door and the flick of a light switch. Geez!

But, once the coast was clear...our lips found one another again, and we picked up right where we left off. Deme's body is so lean. So addictive to the touch. When I kneaded his bubbled cheeks through his pants, that was like magic to me. But when I moved my hands up to rub the flawlessly smooth skin underneath his shirt...the shallow navel and spongy stomach...occasionally rippling with the contraction of slender tummy muscles...that was an entirely different dream in itself. Being able to touch him was a glimpse at Heaven that I barely felt that I deserved, but was thankful to steal a few moments of joy and bliss from, regardless.

As the desire escalated between us, I was wondering if we were actually getting ready to have another session of full blown SEX again! Right here in the basement! I almost couldn't stop myself from grabbing him all over, and Deme pushed me back a few more steps to put my back against a nearby wall. His hand eagerly reached down to rub the aching lump in the front of my pants, and I gasped from the surprise of his lustful touch. I moaned out loud, and Deme kissed my cheek, then sucked on my earlobe for a moment before whispering, "Shhhh...I must get one more taste. This is ok?"

"Uh huh..." I whispered back, breathless and weak.

I immediately felt my pants being opened up in the front, and Deme kissed me hard before lifting my shirt a bit and sinking down to his knees in front of me. Oh God...again? This is almost too much for my young brain to process...but PLEASE don't stop! Don't ever stop!

My cotton undies were already moist and slightly sticky from the residue of my freshly produced juices, my body heat keeping a warm meal ready for my sexy new boyfriend to devour whenever he felt the urge. I felt a severe shiver go through me as he pulled back the elastic waistband of my underwear and exposed my straining hardness to the open air. Deme wasted no time in sliding his warm, wet, lips over the sensitive tip and taking as many inches of me into his mouth as he could manage. My hands instinctively went to his shoulders as I pressed my back against the wall and bit my bottom lip as I shut my eyes tight and tried to keep from crying out loud.

Weightless. That's how I felt at that moment. The slippery sensation of his tongue wriggling energetically underneath my throbbing turned my legs to jelly, and my heart to mush. So good. Soooooooo good!

The only thing hotter than the feel of having my lover's mouth wrapped around my highly aroused inches with a gentle hum of sexual craving as he sucked me into his sultry vacuum...was the feel of his butter soft hands rubbing up and down my thighs. Every nerve ending, touched and teased with his expert fondling. I ran my fingers through his longish hair as he moved his head back and forth, trying to pull another load out of me as best he could before we were forced to stop and I had to go home.

Is this happening right now? Seriously?

I keep worrying that I'm suddenly going to wake up out of some stupid daydream, find myself back in Milo's restaurant the first day that Deme crossed paths with me, and none of this orgasmic adventure will have ever happened! I'm going to have to start all over again! Please let this be real! Please, God...don't take this away from me now!

Either Deme was a bit more eager with his sucking this time around, or I was still highly sensitive from my last orgasm...because I, honestly, thought that I was going to friggin' pass out from the mind-blowing sensations that he was giving me at that moment.

I forced my eyes open and looked up towards the top of the stairs again. I was trying to focus, but Deme's sucking lips just...they made me unbelievably weak, from head to toe. Whatever concentration abilities that I had any control over were being used to simply keep me standing...especially when I felt my pants and underwear fall the rest of the way down to my ankles.

'Dangerous', I thought to myself. This would NOT be a good position to be caught in if Deme's father came downstairs right now!

And yet...with just a curl of his soaking wet tongue, Deme made me forget all of my worries at once, and all I could think about was exploding in his mouth just one more time before going back to my boring, meaningless, life without his sensual presence right there beside me. My 'middle' was old pudding. I just...I couldn't believe how awesome it felt to be in his mouth. To run my fingers through his soft, dark brown, hair, letting the silky strands glide between my fingers. I wish I could say that this was a dream come true...but my dreams were never this erotic. Never this amazing.

Deme's affection was a true awakening for me, inside and out. How could I not be grateful for that?

I could hear my heavy breathing getting louder, and shuffled a bit to lean even harder on the basement wall behind me. With my pants at my feet, Deme was free to gently clutch my bare ass cheeks and rub his hands up and down the back of my legs. I got goosebumps from his tender touch, and I knew that I'd be reaching the point of no return sooner than later. I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to hold it back. Everything felt so good. I could barely stand to let him continue, but was too conflicted with lustful yearnings to tell him to stop. My God...what are we even doing down here like this???

The slow and steady stroke of his luscious lips, sliding rhythmically over my straining hardness, was creating this involuntary need to hump myself further into his mouth. The short breaths being forced out of me came out in the form of short whimpers and half-hearted giggles that were spawned out of nowhere. I felt my legs trembling, and when Deme scooted even closer to me on his knees, taking me even deeper than he had before, I found myself on the very edge of a crashing climax that I wasn't sure I'd be able to handle without crying out loud and alerting his father to the sinful activities that were happening in the heart of his new home building project.

It was too much. WAY too much! I could feel my loins tightening. My hard inches swelling. A lightheaded swoon of unrestricted joy surging through me as my body prepared to build up an eruption of epic proportions. And it only took one softly delivered moan from Deme to cause me to lose my grace.

I tangled my fingers in his hair and rose up to my tiptoes as the shattering pulses of a teen orgasm began to sweep me up into another world, emptying my highly aroused seed into his mouth, and biting my bottom lip to keep my girlish squeals to a minimum.

Pulse after pulse...splash after splash...Oh GOD, was he ever good at this!

Deme took it all down, and even used his hand to stroke me a few more times, so as to squeeze every last drop out of me like a nearly 'used up' tube of toothpaste. My bottom lip began to quiver slightly, and I twitched with every post orgasmic aftershock that ran through me. Then he finally slid his lips off of me, lightly pursing together as they passed over my sensitive tip. Deme gave each one of my balls a little smooch, and then rose up to his feet again to kiss me deeply on the lips. The perfect dessert after such an erotic main course.

As we mashed ourselves together, I wondered if the slightly different 'flavor' that I sensed on the surface of his tongue was from 'me'. I thought that was kind of hot. Hehehe! not that everything about Deme wasn't hot already, but...yeah...that was kind of cool.

Or hot.

Or cool.

Hell, I don't know! I just wanted to be in LOVE for a while! Hehehe! I need to stop trying to describe everything or compare it to anything else that I know. This is all brand new to me.

"Dimitry...?" Came his father's voice from upstairs. And it sounded like it was approaching the basement door.

FUCK!!! Instant panic mode set in! Deme scooted away from me and I immediately reached down to snatch my pants and underwear up from around my ankles! I think Deme was trying to help me, but having his hands in the way was more awkward and distracting than anything else!

"No! I got it! Here...I'll just..." I whispered frantically.

Deme brushed his knees off with both hands and whispered back, "You have it? You are dressed?"

My underwear were all bunched up and weird, because I pulled my pants up first and tried to just keep the faith that my undies would follow suit. Note to self...they don't!

I was careful to zip up my pants, of course, know...'penis'! And then we heard the basement door open as his father looked down to the bottom of the stairs to see what we were up to. "Dimitry, don't keep your new friend too late. It is dark out, and I think it is beginning to rain soon."

"We will be upstairs in a minute, Papa." Deme answered.

"What are you two looking for?" He asked. Shit! I started shaking from the threat of the question.

"I was going to show Shane something of mine. That's all." He answered. I kept cringing the whole time...the frightening idea of being discovered eating away at the euphoric light of my sexual afterglow.

Suddenly, his father flicked on the light switch, and we both froze. I mean, I was dressed again, and so was Deme, but light bulbs never blazed so brightly as they did in that very moment! "Perhaps you turn the lights on next time, and it will make things easier to find. Make sense?" His dad, said...and we were both too scared to answer at first.

That's when Deme said, "Ok. Thank you. Much easier this way."

"You have to think, Deme. How many times must I tell you this?"

"Sorry, Papa..." He said, and then we looked at one another, sharing a few snickers as he, obviously, had NO idea what had just taken place right under his nose. But, I said before...there's something extra sexy about a 'secret' like this. I think Deme realizes it too.I can tell.

The moment his father moved away from that door, Deme kissed me on the lips again, and smiled. "My beautiful Shane. Hehehe!"

"Quit it..." I blushed. "We almost got caught."

"And?" He asked. "Does this mean that you don't want to kiss me anymore?"

"Well, let's not go that far! Hehehe!" I replied, and we stared into each other's eyes for a moment, feeling our emotions twist themselves into an unbreakable knot that refused to let us ever be apart from one another ever again.

I can't believe how 'real' this is!

Deme glanced up at the top of the steps again, and then gave me one last peck on the lips before saying, "I have to work at the restaurant tomorrow. Will you come to see me?"

Grinning, I said, "That you promise not to cook for me again?"

His jaw dropped, his eyes sparkling as he felt the playful burn of my comment. "You are so BAD! You stop that teasing of yours! I was learning!"

"Hahaha! I know. I'm sorry." I chuckled, and then gave him a brief peck on the lips of my own. "I'll be there. What time?"

"I am working between 12 noon and six O'clock. Can you come?"

"I'll make it my number one priority of the day." I said. Then...just as we were about to allow our lips to experience another passionate collision...we heard his father's voice again from the other room at the top of the stairs.

"Dimitry! The rain is coming now!"

Deme almost yelled at him, but he managed to swallow his frustration and simply ball his fists up and keep it to himself. Then he turned to me and apologized. "My father can be so annoying at times. I am deeply sorry."

"Hehehe, it's ok. Honestly. Chances are, my mom is gonna see the rain and call me up to say the same thing any minute now. I should probably take off."

He gave me the cutest little pouty face, his bottom lip sticking out as he took hold of my hands again. "If it was up to me, I would never let you leave. I would keep you right here with me."

We smiled at each other, and he smoothed out my hair for me. I did the same for him. And we just shared a silent moment, knowing that we were together...and that this wouldn't be the last time that we got together to do this.

"Dimitry!" Hisfather called out again.

This time, Deme got a bit angry. "PAPA!!!" But I put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

"It's ok! Seriously. I'm going. K?" I know it made him sad to see me go. I was sad too. But, the last thing I wanted was for Deme to get himself in trouble. Parents have a way of instigating you into positions of immediate punishment sometimes. SO not fair of them to do that! "See you tomorrow? At the restaurant?"

He sighed. "Yes. Tomorrow. I will be waiting."


"Come early, though! I will be going crazy until I see your face again."

I giggled. "I will. As early as I can."

"Ok then. Come...I will walk you out. Be careful in the rain. Please?" He said, and I gave him another quick kiss on the lips.

"I will."

"Hehehe, you are sneaky!" He laughed. And that's when we had to walk back up to the top of his basement steps, and I said goodbye to his dad...being the respectful and polite teenage boy that I was! Then I had to go. I know that Deme wanted to kiss me again, and I wanted it too. But our privacy, our personal cone of silence, had been removed. And only a 'socially acceptable' wave and a wink from my new boyfriendremained.

Not as spectacular as I wished it could be, but I'll take it. Hehehe, at least until te next time that we get to be together like this.

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