LIFE WITH LEO by TheBakerBoy

The following story is a work of fiction but has some of my own experiences included.  The characters are all the work of my imagination and their names have been chosen at random; they do not represent real people, living or dead.  The action of the story takes place in a fictional place at a fictional time where there is no such thing as a sexually transmitted disease.  It contains details of sex between young males, so if this sort of thing offends you or is illegal where you are please read no further.

It was the first day of the long summer holidays and I knew something was wrong as soon as I opened my bedroom door.  That saliva-inducing aroma of bacon wafting up the stairs was very noticeably absent.  What was worse, when I got halfway down the stairs my sensitive nostrils detected the smell of cigarette smoke.  The only person in the house who smoked was my mother, and then only at times of extreme stress and never, NEVER inside the house; but when I entered the kitchen there she was sitting at the table with a lit cigarette and the evidential stubs of two previously-smoked gaspers in the ashtray at her elbow.

Whatever is the matter Mum?”  I asked, (thinking that something had happened to my father, who worked for the British government and was away from home for much of the time).  “Is there something wrong?  Is it Dad?”

No, no.  Dad’s fine, Will.  It’s Marjorie.  She’s upped and left us without any warning.  She must have been planning it and got everything packed up ready to catch the seven o’clock boat.”  Marjorie, by the way, was our cook/housekeeper; not a very pleasant person but she had been with us for two years so we had got used to her.  She kept the house spick and span and she was a bloody good cook (which my mother, decidedly, was NOT).

Let me explain about the boat; we live on an island a few miles off the south coast of England.  Not the well-known Isle of Wight; our island is much smaller with just about a thousand inhabitants.  We have a couple of shops, three pubs, two churches and one school with seventeen pupils of all ages.  Most of my lessons are conducted over the Internet as there are only two boats a day to the mainland, one at seven in the morning and the other at seven in the evening (or from the mainland, 6 o’clock in either case).  We also have an island policeman but the only crime on the island is after pub closing time on a Friday and Saturday night when one or two inebriates leave the pub and get a little too vociferous on their way home.  When that happens Constable Plowright escorts the culprits to the house that passes as a police station and locks them up for the night , then releases them in the morning when they’re sober after one of Mrs Plowright’s wonderful cooked breakfasts.

What a bummer.”  I said to Mum as I took the bacon and eggs from the fridge and put some bread in the toaster.  I knew that that only way I was going to get any breakfast was to make it for myself.

I’ll telephone the agency and see if they can find a replacement for me as soon as possible.”  Mum said.

OK, Mum, breakfast in ten minutes.”  I said.

Thank you, Will, what would I do without you?”  Was Mum’s reply.

Starve,” I said under my breath.

Mum came back into the kitchen just as the first two eggs came out of the frying pan so I plated them up with some bacon and toast and passed the plate to her.

Thank you, dear.”  She said absently.

Well?”  I asked.

Well what?”  Mum replied.

What did the agency say?”

Oh, sorry, I was miles away.”

 ‘As usual’, I thought.

There are two possibles.  A Mrs Fanshawe who is a bit on the elderly side and I think maybe the work might be a little too much for her; and then there is a Mrs Rousseau who sounds absolutely ideal as she is a fully trained nurse and could probably help me in the practice (my mother is the island’s only doctor).  The fly in the ointment is that she has a son about the same age as you, and there is no way that she could have her son with her in the west wing.

The ‘west wing’ is what we laughingly call the area at one end of the house where the housekeeper has her sitting room and above it her bedroom.  There is a private staircase so that she can be totally self-contained when off duty.  But Mum was right.  There is no way that her son could sleep there too.  By the way, the ‘east wing’ at the other end of the house is rather larger and houses my mother’s consulting room, a large storage area and the patients’ waiting room on the ground floor.  On the floor above is my bedroom, which is HUGE and has areas for sleeping, lounging and studying.  More like my own private suite really.  I have my own bathroom which also has a door leading from it into the room on the other side, which is a bedroom that has never been used since we moved in.  Between the two ‘wings’ was a large outdoor heated swimming pool.  Dad is mad keen on swimming and uses it all the time when he is at home, and I do my best to make sure it is used regularly while he is away, although in the winter it gets pretty damned cold.

Another bummer,” I said.  “Someone who sounds ideal but has a son.  Is there a father that he could go and live with?”  I asked.

I really don’t know.”  Mum replied.  “But even if there is we can’t just go shipping him off like a piece of baggage.”

I suppose not” I said.  “So what are we going to do?”

Well, Mr Ashburton at the agency is going to try and get them both to come over to the island tomorrow.  We’ll have to get Jake to bring them across in his boat because we can’t expect them to wait here for twelve hours to get the ferry back.  Jake can bring them over and wait to take them back.”  Just as she said this the telephone rang and Mum went off to answer it.  I had finished my breakfast by now so I cleared the table, putting the dishes into the dishwasher and emptying the ashtray before washing it out in the hopes that Mum wouldn’t be smoking any more today.  Mum came back a few minutes later looking grim.  “We’re down to one candidate.”  She said.  “Mrs Fanshawe doesn’t want to be stuck on the island, so we’ve only got Mrs Rousseau to see tomorrow.”  She glanced around as though looking for the ashtray, but I said nothing as I didn’t want to encourage her.  “She’ll be here with her son at about eleven in the morning.  We can have some lunch together, the four of us, and then I’ll have a private chat with her about the job.”

OK,” I said as Mum looked at me thoughtfully.

How would you feel about having another boy in the house, Will?”  She asked.

Mum knew that I was basically a shy person when it came to my peers; probably as a result of being brought up as an isolated child with only a few kids of my own age at school, and then when it was discovered that I was ultra-bright, I was whipped away from school to study on my own with the help of the Internet.  The only time I went to the schoolhouse now was to sit examinations under the eye of an invigilator.

I suppose that all depends on the boy.”  I said.  If he’s a good sort then it won’t be too bad, but if he’s a bully, a teaser or a moron, then it could make life very difficult.”  I said, although what I actually thought was slightly different and concerned the boy’s appearance and demeanour.  I was still rather confused about my sexuality but I knew that I appreciated a good-looking guy.  Mum had made it plain to me a couple of years back that she wouldn’t care if I was straight, gay or bi.  As a doctor she is used to dealing with that kind of thing, and she had intimated that there were a number of gay people on the island.

OK, dear.  Then it will have to be a joint decision.  While I’m interviewing the mother you’ll have to interrogate the son, but we’ll have to make it plain that the boy will have to sleep in the main house, although he can spend his time during the day with his mother if he wants to.  Of course, if he’s around the house I’m afraid that you’ll have to stop wandering around naked, and you won’t be able to skinny dip in the pool any more.”  OK (blush) yes, I just love to be naked around the house and I don’t care if people see me.  Mum sees me all the time, but being a doctor she’s used to seeing mens’ and boys’ dangly bits, and I certainly have nothing to be ashamed of in that department, (although I’ve nothing to brag about either).

Are they OK with staying on the island?”  I asked.

Oh yes, when Mr Ashburton phoned he said that Mrs Rousseau thinks it will be ideal for them, although her son may take some persuading,” she said as she left the room ready to open up for morning surgery.

I thought I’d better take advantage while I still could and went upstairs to strip off my clothes and have a little naked time to myself.

Although school had finished officially, I had my projects for the next term and the information was already on line so I spent some time studying, but after about half an hour I abandoned that idea because my mind was preoccupied with wondering what it would be like to have another boy living in the house.  I was interrupted from my musings by the sound of footsteps on the landing and then a voice from the door said, “Naked again, eh Will?  I’m beginning to think you’re a pervert.”

The voice belonged to Chas Rapson, about the only boy on the island who I counted as a real friend.  He and his younger brother Bruce and their parents lived about half a mile away and we had known each other since birth; Chas is a few days older than me but physically you’d probably put me a year older than him.  Chas was used to finding me naked so it never bothered me when he caught me by surprise.

Hi Willie” Chas said; he was the only kid I allowed to call me ‘Willie’, and then only in private.  It’s better than my real name which is ‘Willow’, (what on earth were my parents thinking of?) but even my mother seems to have forgotten that.  “I’ve just seen your mum and she told me you might be getting a new house mate.”

Yea, looks like it.”  I replied.  “How come you saw my mum?  She should be taking surgery.”

She is; I saw her as a patient.”

Wow.  What’s wrong?  Nothing trivial I hope.”  I joked.

Can’t tell you that Willie, doctor patient confidentiality and all that.”

Yea, but you’re the patient, idiot.”  I said.

Oh yeah.  Well, in that case I’ll just say it’s none of your business.”  Chas said, “Except that it might be.”

What do you mean?”  I asked.

Chas blushed.  This was something new; I’d never known him to be embarrassed before.  “Come on, spill the beans.”  I prompted.

Chas squirmed a bit before he said, “Your Mum thinks I’m going to have to be circumcised, and said that you’d had it done.  But I know that, of course, just by looking at you.”

Now who’s being the perv” I asked, and Chas had the grace to blush as he tore his eyes away from my cock.

Oh shit,”  I said.  “Yea, I was done but it was when I was a baby.  I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a foreskin.”

Well let me tell you, you wouldn’t like to have mine at the moment.”  Chas said.

Why does Mum think you’ve got to be cut?”  I asked.

Well, as my cock is getting bigger, my foreskin doesn’t seem to be stretching properly, so every time I get a hard-on it can be quite painful, and jacking off is agony.”  As Chas said this he was squirming in his seat.

Have you got a hard-on now?  I asked.  Chas blushed and nodded.

Do you want to show me?”  I asked.

You’re just a pervert.”  Chas said with a grin, but started undoing his belt.  Chas then stood up and let his shorts drop to the floor and I was looking at the healthy bulge in his underpants when I realised that I hadn’t seen Chas naked since we’d both started puberty.

He took a deep breath and lowered his underpants to reveal a great-looking half erect cock and generous balls, but the foreskin was very tight and there was no way that he would be able to draw it back over his glans.  Even half hard his foreskin just couldn’t cope with it.

Ow; that looks sore.”  I said.

It is,” Chas said, “and it’s almost impossible to jack off now.  It’s driving me round the bend, especially when I know that Bruce is doing it in the next room.”

But Bruce is only eleven.”  I said.

Yea, and he’s almost as far into puberty as I am.”  Chas told me.  “And the bloody annoying thing is that his foreskin’s nice and loose, so he won’t have to be done.”  Chas said.

Do you and Bruce Ummm ... do it together?”  I asked.

We just jerked off together, and only now and again.”  He said, blushing again, “but I just can’t manage it now.”

Well, well, well.”  I said.  I never would have thought that you and Bruce would get it on.”  Have you ever done it with anybody else?”

No ... well ... yes.”  Chas said.

Come on, come on, spill the beans.  I want every detail.”  I said, my own cock beginning to rise.

Well, do you know the boy who sometimes comes over from the mainland with Jake Simmonds?”

Do you mean Bradley?”  I asked.

Yes.”  Chas replied.   “We’ve jerked off together once or twice.”

How?  Where?”  I asked.

You remember when Jake went down with shingles and couldn’t run the boat?”  Chas asked.  I nodded.  “Well, I gave Bradley a hand ferrying some supplies over and it just sort of happened while we were crossing.  He needed a pee, so he got his cock out and pissed over the side of the boat, but instead of putting it away afterwards he started playing with himself.  I just couldn’t help it.  I whipped out my own cock and joined him, and then after that we did it several more times until Jake was well enough to come back to work.”

Well, you’re a real dark horse you are, Chas; I thought I knew you inside out, but obviously I don’t.  Why didn’t you ever ask me to do it with you?”  I asked him.

I thought it might spoil our friendship.  I thought you might not be in to that sort of thing.”

What, even though I like to run around the house naked?”  I asked, beginning to rub my cock absently.

Well, you never know ...” Chas said.

Well, when you’ve got yourself sorted out and the soreness has gone, we’ll have to have a sleepover and then you’ll see exactly where I stand.”  I said.  In the meantime you’ve got me all worked up now and I think I’m going to have to do something about it.”

In that case I’ll have to disappear or I’m going to be in absolute agony.”  Chas said, making a bee-line for the door.

Bye Chas.”  I called as my cock reached full mast, but I heard him call a greeting to my mum as he left, so I hastily grabbed a pair of shorts and just got them pulled up in time to hear her knock on my bedroom door.

I never did manage to get relief and by the time I went to bed that night I was so tired that I just couldn’t be bothered.

The following morning mum got me up pretty early to help her tidy the house.  I took a little more care than usual over the way I dressed as I thought I would be under another guy’s scrutiny, but I only made sure that my shorts and tee shirt were clean and that my sandals were presentable.  I did make a conscious decision to go commando, but that was nothing too unusual for me.  There was no morning surgery scheduled and mum was getting ready to drive down to the quay to pick up the Rousseaus when the telephone rang.  While mum answered the phone I went into the kitchen intending to get some lunch together.  Mum came back into the kitchen with a worried look on her face and said, “I’m sorry Will, I’ve got to go up to North End Farm.  Old Ted Mitchell thinks hid wife may have dislocated her shoulder in a fall, so I’ll have to go and see what I can do,”

Ouch!”  I said, sympathising with Mrs Mitchell.

Would you take the Range Rover down to the quay to pick up the Rousseaus, please Will.”  Mum asked.

Now it may seem unusual that a fifteen year-old would be asked to drive a high-powered vehicle against the law, but on our little island things are a little different and our local copper tends to turn a blind eye to that sort of thing.

Sure thing, Mum”  I replied as she grabbed the keys to her Citroen C4 and shot out of the door.

The reason we have two cars is that some parts of the island are somewhat inaccessible, hence the Range Rover, but Mum prefers the comfort and the ‘automatic everything’ that our Citroen C4 has.  Fortunately the Mitchells’ farmhouse is easily accessed so the C4 was the vehicle of choice, leaving me with my favourite, the Range Rover.

I hopped in behind the wheel and drove down to the quayside where I scanned the sea, but could see no sign of Jake’s boat yet.  I sat back and tuned the radio in to my favourite classical station while I waited.  A few minutes later I glanced out on to the water and saw Jake’s boat in the distance, chugging towards me.  I got out of the car and wandered down to the jetty.  As the boat got nearer I could make out old Jake sitting in the stern at the tiller, and also the definite form of a woman sitting midships but couldn’t at first see the boy, but then I realised that he was sitting next to her with his head hung over the side of the boat.  I smiled to myself, knowing that sometimes the water in the channel could be deceptively choppy and that seasickness was a common occurrence on the short journey from the mainland, especially in Jake’s little boat, which has no stabilisers.

As the boat approached the jetty I stood ready to help our visitors out of the boat.  I nodded in greeting to Jake and held out my hand to help Mrs Rousseau ashore.  She took my hand and sprang lithely from the boat showing no sign of the queasiness that was so obviously affecting her son and clutching a plastic container which looked suspiciously like a cake box.  “Come on darling,  she called to him.  “The sooner you’re on dry land the better.”

Still dry-retching the boy’s head came upright and he stood shakily to his feet.  He was rather green around the gills, but even that could not hide the sheer perfection that was his face, I was instantly aroused and had to will myself not to get too hard, especially when he reached out and took my proffered hand and I pulled him on to the jetty.  Jake grinned and shook his head as he said, “I’ll be at Mary’s place when you’re ready.”  Mary was Jake’s sister who had married an islander and now lived here.  Jake would spend some time with her while the waited to take the Rousseaus back to the mainland.

Hello Mrs. Rousseau, I’m Will Martin; welcome to the island.

Hello Will, I’m Amanda Rousseau and this is my son Leo.”

Hi Leo,” I said as Leo grunted in reply.  “I’m afraid that Jake’s boat is not the smoothest vessel when the channel’s choppy.”

Please, don’t talk about it.”  Leo said, still looking green.  I took the time to observe his perfectly pressed shirt, immaculately tailored shorts and very expensive black leather sandals.  I was also admiring what was inside them when I began to regret going commando.

The car’s just down in the car park, this way.  I said, hastily turning my back on them to hide my increasingly embarrassing erection.

When we got to the car Mrs Rousseau said, “I think maybe Leo should travel in the front as he’s feeling queasy.”

Good idea,” I said, opening the back door for Mrs. Rousseau.

What a gentleman,” she said as she slid into the back seat.  “Where’s your mother, Will?”

Oh, I’m sorry, she got an emergency call just as we were coming out so she had to dash off.  I’m sure she won’t be long and I’ll try to keep you both entertained in the meantime.”

Oh, right, but who drove you down here?”

Ah, yes.”  I began.  “Please remember this is a very small island and the laws of the mainland don’t really apply here.  I drove here myself.”

What!?!”  Mrs Rousseau exclaimed.

Cool.”  Leo said with a grin as I got behind the wheel next to him.”

You may think that I’m boasting, but I am a pretty good driver; probably better than many people who have passed a test, and I proved it to the Rousseaus on the way back to the house.

Welcome to River House.”  I said as I pushed the front door open.

Oh, is your mother home?”  Mrs Rousseau asked.

I don’t think so, the car isn’t here.”  I said.

But the front door was open.”  She said.

Um, yes.”  I replied, “but again, this is the island.  Things are a little different here.  We just make sure that mum’s surgery is secure but the rest doesn’t really matter.  Everybody here is the same.”

Wow.”  Leo said.  “Cool.”  Mrs Rousseau just shook her head in wonder.

It’s like walking back in time.”  She said.

Come into the kitchen with me and I’ll make some coffee for you to drink while I get lunch ready.”  I said.

The Rousseaus followed me to the kitchen and I could see that Mrs Rousseau was looking round admiring the facilities.  “Let me make the coffee for you.”  Leo said.  “Fresh or instant?”

We pretty-much always have fresh.”  I said.

Cool.”  Leo said.  I was beginning to get a little bored with his ‘cool’, but I said nothing.

I had intended making something fresh for lunch before mum had the emergency call, but I remembered that I had made a quiche a few weeks previously so I hastily grabbed it from the freezer and popped it in the oven to defrost and heat through while I cobbled together a salad and put some home-grown new potatoes on to boil.

I’ll give Leo his due, he made a great cup of coffee, but I couldn’t help noticing that he kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye and I got the feeling that he wasn’t just interested in was I was doing.

You’ll have to be careful what you eat, Leo.  You don’t want to be too ill on the way back.”  Mrs Rousseau said.

Oh, come on.”  Leo said.  “There is NO WAY that I am setting foot in that damned boat again.  “I’ll swim back if I have to, but I’m not subjecting myself to that indignity again.”

Well, we’ll have to see.”  Mrs Rousseau said.

You can always wait until the evening ferry.”  I said.  “It’s a lot bigger and has stabilisers.”

Now that sounds like a great idea.”  Leo said with a smile just as I heard mum’s car pull into the drive.

Here’s mum now.”  I said.  I noticed Mrs Rousseau quickly run her hand down her dress to smooth it, then the other hand went to her hair to give it a quick primp.  Leo, on the other hand, sat where he was and seemed unperturbed.

I’m so sorry,” Mum said as she came into the kitchen.  “I hope Will’s been entertaining you.”

Yes Indeed, Doctor Martin,”  Mrs Rousseau said, “and I quite understand about the emergency call; I am a nurse, after all, but I was very surprised that you allow Will to drive, especially such a powerful vehicle as your Range Rover.”

Firstly, please call me Jenny, and if you spend any amount of time on the island you’ll soon learn that things are very different here.”

Thanks, Jenny; my name is Amanda and this is my son Leo”

Hi Doctor Martin,”  Leo said.

Hi Leo.  Now then; what do we have for lunch Will?”

We have the quiche that I froze a couple of weeks ago with a green salad and some new potatoes, but I haven’t had a chance to make a salad dressing yet.”

Oh, please let me do that,” Mrs Rousseau said.  “Which cupboard is everything in?”

Mum made vague motions, but in truth she hadn’t a clue where anything was.  “In here, Mrs Rousseau.”  I said, indicating a cupboard.

And for after lunch I’ve brought a date and walnut cake with me.”

Mmmmm, my favourite,” I said truthfully.

Mum makes a mean date and walnut cake,” Leo said.

Yes, but none for you if you’ve got to make that return trip later.”  Mrs Rousseau said with a grin.

I told you; there’s no way I am setting foot in that boat ever again!”  Leo said seriously.

Let’s wait and see how you feel later.” Amanda told him.

We finished our preparations and sat down to lunch.  Both Amanda and Leo complemented me on the quiche as they both cleared their plated and Leo even had a second helping causing Amanda to raise her eyebrows in surprise.  “He never eats this much at home.”  She said.

Maybe you’d like to give Leo a tour of the house while I have a word with Amanda,” mum said.

Yes, it’s important that Leo speaks to Will,” Amanda said; “there are one or two things that may influence whether we come to live here.”

I thought it a rather odd comment to make, but I made no comment as I hooked my finger, gesturing for Leo to follow me.  We chatted amiably as I showed him around the house, firstly what might be his mother’s quarters, then mum’s surgery and waiting room and then we went upstairs.  Firstly I showed him the room that we had semi-allocated to him, then into the bathroom and on to my bedroom.  “Ah, I think they call that a’ Jack and Jill bathroom’.”  Leo said. 

Yes, or maybe in our case a ‘Jack and Jack’.”  I said as I motioned him to sit in my computer chair as I lay back on my bed.

Yes, and that leads me to what I really have to talk to you about.”  Leo said.

Sounds ominous.” I said.

Leo said nothing and just seemed to stare at me.  After a few seconds I realised that it wasn’t quite me that he was staring at, but just a part of me.  The way I was lying on the bed meant that the leg of my shorts was gaping and Leo was actually staring at my cock and balls.  As I’ve mentioned, I’m not ashamed of what I have between my legs and the more Leo stared the harder it was to keep Little Will under control until, sure enough, he started to harden and lengthen as Leo began to breathe deeper and deeper.

Like what you see?”  I asked, breaking the silence.

Oh, yes.” Be said before he realised that he’s said anything.  “I mean … well … Umm …” and with each stammer his face got redder and redder until he finally took a deep breath, looked me straight in the eye and began to babble, “What I mean is, I’m gay; but you’ve probably guessed that by now.  It was what I had to talk to you about before mum and I decide whether we’re going to move here.  It wouldn’t be fair to lumber you with it once we arrived, so mum insisted that I speak to you first so make sure you didn’t … … …”

I cut him short.  “Leo, it’s OK, really.

Really?”  He asked, glancing from my face back to my cock and back to my face again.”

If my mum is happy with your mum, then I’m sure we could get along together, although there’s nothing for gay people on the island.”

Don’t mind me asking, but do you always go without underwear?”  Leo asked.

Whenever I can.”  I said.  “and I like to go naked around the house.”

Ooooooh.”  Leo said with a smile.  “Don’t let me stop you.”

Well, you’ve seen what I’ve got already.” I said with a smile.

Yea, sorry about that, but I just couldn’t stop myself.”  Leo said looking embarrassed.

The conversation continued in a lighter vein until Leo said, “Well, I’d better let mum know that everything is OK with you, then I suppose I have to brave the return journey, although I’m not looking forward to it, especially as I had seconds of your quiche at lunch time.”

Well, maybe there is a way out if our mums get on OK and your mum wants to come here.”

What’s that?”  Leo asked.

Well, you could move in now if you wanted, but you’d have to sleep in here with me until we get your room sorted out.”

Yea, that would be great.  I’d be happy to sleep on the floor or an old mattress is you have one.”  He said.

No.”  I said with a grin, and patted the bed beside me, “In here with me is what I meant.”

You’re kidding.”  Leo said.  “No, I wouldn’t trust myself.”

Well, I’m not very experienced.”  I said.  “I’ve only messed around once or twice, so maybe you could teach me a thing or two.”

But you’re not gay … … or are you?”  He asked.

I don’t know to be honest.”  I said.  “But I’m not averse to finding out, and I have to say you have a nice body, what I’ve seen of it.”

Just as I said this my mum called up the stairs for us to go down.

As we walked into the kitchen I noticed that Leo gave his mum the ‘thumbs up’ and Amanda gave a sigh of relief before saying to mum, “What I wanted Leo to tell Will about was that he is gay, and we had to make sure that it would be OK with Will.  Will seems to be OK with it, but it all rests with you now, Jenny.”

I have no problem with Leo’s sexuality, and if you’d asked me beforehand I could have told you that Will would be say the same.”  Mum said.

Yes, but it really was something that I though the boys should agree to themselves.”  Amanda said.

Also, mum, Will said that it was OK for me to stay here until you move in so I don’t have to go back on that god-awful boat that we came on, as long as that’s OK with Doctor Martin.”

Yes, that’s fine with me as long as Amanda agrees.”  Mum said.

Leo raised his hand for a ‘high five’ and I was delighted to respond.

We’re about the same size, so Leo can wear my stuff until he gets his own here, as long as he realises that it doesn’t stretch to the designer stuff he’s wearing today; but then if he’s going to help me out around the island and to get his room cleared, he won’t want to be wearing his finery.”  I said.

I’m regretting it already,” Leo said with grin.

What are we going to do about sleeping arrangements?” Mum asked, ever the practical one. “There’s a Zed-Bed in one of the cupboards upstairs, I suppose he could sleep on that.”

That old thing is about as comfortable as sleeping on a bed of nails.”  I said.  “My bed’s four feet wide, we can manage in that for a while.” I said, smiling at Leo.

Well, if you’re sure.”  Mum said, giving me a strange look as Leo winked at his mother.

Well, it seems that it’s all settled.” Amanda said.  “Maybe you could let the boatman know that I’m ready to go back now please, Jenny, and I’ll see you in ten days’ time.  Leo, I’ll try and get some of your clothes packed up and sent over to you, but I’m going to be very busy.”

I’ll make the call now and then I’ll run you down to the jetty.  Maybe Will will take Leo on a tour of the island.”

Great idea.”  I said.  “Come on Leo, we’ll take the Range Rover ‘cos mum prefers the Citroen.  Goodbye Amanda, I look forward to seeing you soon.”

Bye Will.  Look after my son for me.”

I will.”  I said as I grabbed Leo’s arm with one hand and the Range Rover keys with the other.

As we climbed into the car Leo said, “Don’t you ever lock anything here?”

Only mum’s surgery.”  I said.  I don’t think I could find the house keys even if I needed them.  Now, if it’s OK with you I’ll drive you around the island’s perimeter road so you can see all of the coast.  We have a variety here, sand in some places and shingle or pebble in others, and n the South West corner we have the only decent hills on the island with sharp cliffs dropping into the sea.  I also want to talk to you about you being gay.”

Leo stopped in his tracks.  “But I thought you were OK with that.”  He said, worriedly.

Of course I am.”  I said.  “It’s just that I’m not very experienced sexually and … well … I’m sort of curious.”

Leo thought for a second and then said, “Curious as in nosey or curious as in interested.”

I grinned and said, “Interested, very interested,” as I started the car and pulled away.

Right.”  Leo replied, smiling.

As we drove around the island our conversation switched from me telling him about the island and him telling me about his life over the past three years since he was certain he was gay.  About the way he lost most of his friends and was persecuted and bullied at school.  About the way he had been used by boys he thought cared for him, but who only wanted sexual favours and then spurned him in public.

He was very open and honest with me, even telling me about some of his sexual experiences when I asked.  In fact, he went into so much detail and I got so hard when I heard about his experiences that I had to adjust myself several times and even got a spot of precum on my shorts, which Leo immediately spotted and teased me about.  All the time I was wondering what might happen in bed that night and I really couldn’t wait to find out.

We were driving along the south road of the island when I spotted a familiar figure walking by the side of the road.  “This old lady is Mrs Wilde.”  I told Leo.  “She owns a few holiday cottages about a mile and a half further down the road and I sometimes do a little maintenance work for her.  She walks everywhere, but her old bones are beginning to play her up so I think I’ll offer her a lift.”  By the time I’d finished speaking we were drawing level with her and I asked Leo to wind his window down.

Good afternoon Mrs Wilde,”  I called through the window.

Hello Willow,” she replied.  “I was going to telephone you later and ask you to come down and do some repairs for me, but if you have company … … …”

That’s OK Mrs Wilde,” I replied.  “This is Leo Rousseau.  He and his mother are coming to live with mum and me.  His mum is our new housekeeper.  I’m sure he won’t mind coming along and giving me a hand.”

I’m pleased to meet you, Mrs Wilde,” Leo said, “And I would be delighted to give Willow a hand.”  He made my name sound like a joke as he said it, so I reached over and pinched his arm.  “OW!!” he said, but laughing at the same time.

What a polite young man, and so handsome too.” Mrs Wilde said looking from one of us to the other.  “Now have you just stopped to chit chat or are you going to offer me a lift home?”  I was surprised that she asked for a lift, especially as she was noted for always walking everywhere, but of course we helped her into the back of the Range Rover and set off for her house.  “I’d heard about Leo’s arrival, of course, and that he was a good-looking lad, but you really are a looker you know, Leo.  You’ll have all the girls after you, you know.”

Leo smiled and said, “I don’t think so, Mrs Wilde.”

Oh I see,” she replied.  “Then it’s the boys who’ll be having their hearts broken then.”


Leo turned around and looked at her, open-mouthed.  “Oh, don’t be misled by my ‘stupid old woman’ exterior.”  She said.  “A dear friend’s brother is … what do you call it now?”

Gay.”  Leo said.

That’s it, gay.  I remember one of my holiday bookings telephoned and asked if I minded that they were a gay couple.  Of course, I had no idea what they were talking about at the time, and I said that it suited me fine.  I could do with the place livening up.  It wasn’t until they arrived that I realised what they’d meant, but they’ve been back every year since, and have become good friends of mine; so I’m fine with you being gay.”

As she said this she gave me a long look and I remembered that she had almost caught me in a compromising situation with another guy the previous year, and I thought I’d got away with it, but the look that she was giving me now made me think again, but before things cold get any more embarrassing I pulled into Mrs Wilde’s driveway and she invited us in for a cold drink.

That would be great, Mrs Wilde,” Leo said, “and may I use your toilet while I’m here?”

Of course you may, Leo.  It’s just the top of the stairs.  The door’s open so you can’t go wrong.”

Leo disappeared upstairs as I followed Mrs Wilde into the kitchen.

He’s a lovely boy, Willow, and I think your preferences are the same as his, aren’t they?  After all, I did find you and Steven Roberts … … well, I won’t say what you were doing .”  I blushed beetroot red and she continued, “You thought I hadn’t seen you, didn’t you?  But I noticed that you were both rather out of breath, and your zip was undone.”

Well, I really don’t know, Mrs Wilde.”  I said, “But I have to agree that Leo is a really handsome boy.”

Yes, he is, and I imagine it would be fun to experiment a little with him, huh?”

Mrs Wilde!” I said, deeply embarrassed, to which she threw back her head and laughed.

Listen, Willow, if you’re ever stuck for a place to go, I usually have at least one vacant cottage.  Don’t ever be embarrassed to come and get a key.”  She said as she passed me a Pepsi.

I thanked Mrs Wilde profusely, never thinking that we would need to take her up on her offer, but I heard the toilet flush and a minute or so later Leo came into the kitchen with a grin on his face.

Here you are, Leo,” Mrs Wilde said, passing him a glass of Pepsi as my mobile phone vibrated in my pocket. I looked at the screen and saw that it was my mother.

Hi Mum,” I said.  What she had to tell be brought a huge grin to my face.  “Fantastic.”  I said as I hung up.  “My Dad’s coming home for a week on the same day as your mum comes to the island.”  I said to Leo.

How lovely for you.”  Mrs Wilde said.  “I know his job is a very important one, but he seems to spend so little tile at home.”

Yea, I know,” I replied.  “It will be great to have him here for a while.  What about your dad, Leo?”  I asked.  “Do you ever see him?”

Leo smiled and said, “That would be rather difficult.  He died before I was born.”

Oh, I’m so sorry, Leo.” I said, even though there was no sorrow in his voice.

Hey, don’t worry yourself.  I never knew him, but mum finds it hard sometimes.  That’s why I’m glad that she has decided to take the job here.  She’ll be kept busy so won’t have much time to brood.”

Leo’s mum is a qualified nurse, so she’ll be helping mum in the surgery as well as being our housekeeper.” I explained to Mrs Wilde.

Well, your mum works hard, Willow, and I’m sure that she will appreciate the extra help, but if both your mums are that busy you really should be prepared to help around the house, you know.”

Yes, I’d thought bout that,” I said.  I don’t think we’d mind very much, would we Leo?”

Oh, you’re speaking for me now, are you?” Leo said with a grin.  “No, really I wouldn’t mind helping out; I’m used to it already.”

Well, I hope it all works out for you, boys.”  Mrs Wilde said.  Now you be on your way, I’ve got some office work to do.  Do you think you can be here on Monday morning?  I’ve got half a dozen things that need doing.”

We’ll be here, Mrs Wilde.”  I said, “And thanks for the drink.”

Mrs Wilde waved us off as we drove away.  “I’ll take you to a beach at the far end of the island.”  I said.  “It’s always pretty deserted and you can often skinny dip if you’re really lucky.”

Well don’t expect me to strip off today.”  Leo said.  “But I might have a little surprise for you.”

What surprise?” I asked.

Wait and see.” Leo replied with a superior smile.

OK, I’m patient.”  I said.  “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but would you tell me what you know about your dad?”  I asked.

No, I don’t mind.” Leo replied.  “My dad was from the Seychelles.  His father was Seychelles born and bred and his mother was white French, and he always used French as his first language even though he spoke perfect English.  He met my mother while she was on holiday there; they fell in love and he followed her back to England.  Once they were married and settled into their new house my found that she was pregnant with me and dad was so delighted that he decided to sell up everything in the Seychelles and make his permanent home here.  Unfortunately the day before he was due to come back to the UK he was killed in a motoring accident.  Mum was devastated and everyone was very worried about her because she really didn’t look after herself for the remaining weeks of her pregnancy; but when I was born she says I was the absolute image of him with exactly the same dark skin and hair, and she named me in honour of him.  His name was Laurent Emile Olivier, L-E-O.

Wow, what a sad story.”  I said.  “So is your name just Leo or is it Leonard or something else?”

No, just Leo.”  He replied as I pulled into the car park for the sandy beach.  There were about twenty other people around but they were well-spread and we found a place to sit.  As I lay down on the beach Leo wandered around for a moment and then came and stood astride my face.

What are you doing?”  I asked.

This is your surprise.”  He replied.

What?” I asked again, missing the obvious.

Are you blind?” He asked as he pulled from his pocket the skimpiest pair of pale blue briefs.  I looked up again, this time directly up the leg of those well-tailored shorts to see his semi-hard cock and a pair of nicely formed balls.

Fuck me.” I said, gawping.

Not here.”  Leo said with a grin.  “Maybe later in bed.”

You should be so lucky.” I replied.

So do you like what you see?”  He asked.  “Oh wait, I can see you do.”  He said, looking down at my crotch as my own cock swelled inside my shorts.  The swelling in Leo’s crotch was becoming more and more obvious and it proved that his shorts, although beautifully tailored, were not designed to cope with such an expansion.

But when did you take your briefs off?” I asked.

At Mrs Wilde’s.”  He said.  “I was hoping I’d get the chance to do the same to you as you did to me earlier.”  He said with a wicked grin.

Well, yes; I like what I see.” I said as I placed a hand on his left leg and moved it slowly upwards until I heard somebody laugh.

Somebody’s watching us.” Leo said, looking across the beach and I quickly pulled my hand away.

Shit, I was looking forward to getting my hands on that.” I said.  Leo laughed.

And I thought I was going to have to seduce you.”  He said.

Don’t get me wrong,” I said.  “I’m pretty inexperienced really.”

Yea, but it would be nice to give one another tug, wouldn’t it?”

Damned good idea.”  I said.  “Here, help me up.”  I offered him my hand.  “Let’s get back to the car.  I know a place where we won’t be disturbed.”  I said.

The short journey to the abandoned electricity station where I always went when I wanted to be alone was full of anticipation.  We both jumped out of the car when we arrived and I led Leo to the side door and into the little room that I had made into a sort of snug that I used when the weather was bad.  Leo closed the door behind him and turned to face me.  For a moment we just stared at one another, both of our cocks tenting out our shorts; then Leo came towards me and put his arms around me and kissed me.  WOW!!  I had never been kissed by a boy before, and it made me feel special.  Whenever I had messed around with boys before, it was just a release.  There was no ‘relationship’, but this felt different, and when I felt Leo’s tongue against my closed lips it seemed the most natural thing in the world to open my mouth and let him in; and when his tongue entered my mouth I thought for a moment that I was going to shoot my load there and then, and I knew for a fact that I was oozing precum copiously.

Leo began to grind his crotch against mine and my cock was so hard that it was beginning to hurt.  His hands were on my butt pulling me hard against him and my senses were fast going into overload.  After a while I felt Leo’s right hand leave my butt and work it’s way in between us and begin to rub against my cock.  Almost without realising what I was doing I moved my hands to Leo’s waistband and pushed his shorts downwards until they would go no further, then Leo broke our lip lock and took a step backwards and pulled his shorts outwards and over his rock hard cock and I got a clear view of his equipment for the first time.

Of course, I’ve seen a few other guys’ equipment before, but nothing compared with the sight of Leo’s cock and balls. I reached out to grab his cock, but my hand was slapped away and Leo sank to his knees in front of me.  He reached out and unsnapped my belt  “You’ve got a really big wet patch here.”  He said, smiling.

I’m not surprised.”  I said.  “I though at one point that I was going to shoot my load.”

Oh, you will in a minute, believe me.”  Leo replied as he pulled down my shorts.  “You will.”

He leaned forward and inhaled deeply before taking the tip of my drooling cock into his mouth.  Another first for me, and I loved it.

Please … please … please…” I stammered.  “Please be c..c..c..careful, I’m almost th … th …”  Leo  backed off and laughed, but then he leaned forward once more and I felt his tongue at work on my glans.  I think I lasted for about ten seconds before I tried to push him off before I shot my load, but Leo was having none of it and I just had to give in and shoot my load into his mouth.  I think I almost lost consciousness; my legs buckled but Leo had his hands on my butt and managed to lower me gently to the ground, and as I slowly regained my senses Leo leaned forwards and kissed me, sharing my juices.  I truly, truly thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

I love the taste of you.”  Leo whispered as if he was frightened to wake me.

I’ve never had that done to me before,” I replied, “and I’ve never tasted cum before either.”

Well, if you’re a really good boy you can taste mine later.”  Leo said.

Don’t you want to cum now?”  I asked.

Too late,”   Leo said.  “well, almost.”  I looked down and there was a string of semen hanging from Leo’s cock.

How did that happen?”  I asked

I don’t know.”  Leo replied.  “I got so excited pleasuring you that I just couldn’t stop myself.  It’s never happened to me before; there must be something really special about you, Will.”

I reached out and caught the drip that remained on his glans and brought it to my mouth, and as I was about to lick it off so Leo leaned forwards and did the same.  Our tongues met followed immediately by our lips and we kissed again, more deeply than before, and we didn’t break until I was getting light-headed.

Wow!” Leo said.  “I’ve kissed a few guys in my short life, but never, ever did anybody make me react like you do.”

Must be beginner’s luck.”  I said. “I’ve never kissed a boy before.”

I’d never have guessed.”  He said with a sheepish grin.  “Does nobody else ever come here?”  He asked, making himself presentable.

No, I don’t think anybody realises that it’s still here.”  I told him.

And what do you use it for?”

Well, we’re not all fortunate enough to have naturally bronzed skin.” I began sarcastically, “Some of us have to top up our tans, and I for one don’t like to have a tan line.”

Why?  Who else would see it?  Is there something you’re not telling me?” Leo asked, patting the seat next to him.

I sat down and said, “No one, just me.  Oh, and I had a visitor yesterday.”

Who?”  Leo asked.

One of the island boys, Chas Rapson.  He’s seen me naked before but not for a long time.”

And did he get naked with you?” Leo asked, sounding more than a little jealous.

No, but he did show me his cock.”


Yea.  He’s just been to see my mum and she told him that she thought he should be circumcised because his foreskin’s too tight.” I said.

OUCH!”  He said.  “Poor bugger.   Errm … … sorry, I didn’t means to sound … well … possessive.  It’s just that I’ve never really felt like this before, and believe me, I’ve been with quite a few boys.”

Wow, I’m flattered.” I told him, feeling a little embarrassed.

Did you ever bring anyone else here?” He asked.

No, you’re the first.  I haven’t even told mum about it.”

Now I’m flattered,” he said, snuggling up to me.  “Now, you know I’m gay; your mother knows I’m gay; and now your father’s coming home, how do you think he will react?”

Good question.”  I replied.  “The problem is that I don’t really know my father very well.  When he comes home we have a fantastic relationship and it’s never strained or awkward, and mum keeps him up to date with every little thing.  I speak to him almost every week on the phone unless he’s … well … unless he’s doing something he’d rather we didn’t not know about, but I think mum wouldn’t go out of her way to tell him that you were gay or that she thinks that I just might be too.”

What did you mean about him not wanting you to know what he’s doing?”

Well, dad works for the government as you know, but quite what he does I’m not quite sure; I only know that he travels all over the world and sometimes we don’t hear from him for a week or two.  But there’s a rumour that he may be finishing in a couple of years time.”

You mean he’s a spy?”  Leo asked.

I really don’t know.  I just know that it’s all very hush-hush.” I said.

So he’s not the kind of guy that I should get on the wrong side of.”  Leo said.

Bollocks, he’s a pussy-cat.” I said.

A pussy-cat to you, maybe, but perhaps more like a tiger to me.”  Leo really sounded worried.

Only if you hurt me, I think.”  I said.

Oh, I’ve no intention of doing that, not in any way.” Leo said, standing up.  “I’ve got to pee.  I suppose anywhere outside is OK?”  He said.

I usually pee in the bush to the left of the door.  Do you want me to come and hold it for you?” I asked with a grin.

You’d make it harder to pee, so you’d better stay here.” He said as he opened the door.  As I heard him let fly he called to me, “I think maybe we’d better move on.  I want to save myself for tonight.”

I walked to the door and watched him finish peeing.  “Oh, you think you’re going to corrupt me more tonight do you?” I asked.

As I recall, you didn’t take much corrupting so far.” Leo replied, putting his cock away and zipping up his shorts.

I pretended to think for a moment before I said, “I suppose I might be persuaded to indulge in lewd behaviour with you.”  He pulled me to him and we kissed briefly before he took my hand and led me back towards the car, but just before we reached it he let go of me and I felt his hand slip down inside the back of my shorts and squeeze my left butt cheek.  Little Will started responding immediately and Leo spotted it straight away and laughed.

I think I’d better leave you alone,” he said as he removed his hand.  “Otherwise you won’t have anything left for tonight.”

We were both feeling pretty hungry by now so I drove straight home to find mum in the kitchen pretending to start cooking a meal.  She had all the ingredients around her but I could see by the expression on her face that she hadn’t the faintest idea where to start.  She looked up as we entered and looked from one of us to the other (we were standing pretty close together) and smiled.  “You boys are getting on well together then.”  She said.

Leo blushed deep red, reading something into those words, and correctly so.  “Yes mum,” I said.  “Very well.”

Good,” She said, her smile broadening.  “I’m just about to start dinner, but … well …”

Go and sit down, mum.” I said with resignation in my voice.  “Leave it to us.”

Us?”  Leo said with horror.  “I’ve never cooked anything in my life.”

Then it’s high time you learned.”  I said,  linking my arm in his, which made him blush even more.

Mum left us to it laughing quietly and I took from the fridge a bag of freshly picked peas and put them on the table with small bowl.  “You can do those while I sort out what meat we’re going to have.”  I said.

What are they?”  Leo asked, opening the bag and taking out a pod.

They’re peas.”  I said.

Now, I may not know anything about cooking,”  Leo said, “but I know peas when I see them and they’re little round things.”

I took the pod from him, popped it. Split it open to reveal the peas and ran my thumb down the pod sending the peas neatly into the bowl.

Well, I’ll be buggered.”  Leo said.

I don’t know you well enough yet.” I said, causing Leo to look at me with raised eyebrows.  “Just get on with shelling the peas.” I said.  I found a gammon joint in the fridge which I guessed would have to be used soon as it was left from Marjorie’s days.  (Remember Marjorie?  The house keeper who left us in the lurch!!)  There were also some huge tomatoes which I decided to grill and some new potatoes which just needed washing and boiling.  I thought I’d roast the gammon with a little honey to give it a little extra flavour.  I looked over at Leo and he seemed to be getting on well with the peas.

This is fun.”  Leo said.  “Why don’t more people get them like this instead of buying them frozen?”

Because when you buy them frozen you don’t have the maggots to contend with.”  I replied.


You might find one or two.”  I told him, “Just make sure you don’t fire them into the bowl.”

I don’t think I want to do this any more.”  He said.

OK, you wash the potatoes and then cut the tomatoes in half and I’ll carry on with the peas.”

We soon finished the preparations and once the gammon was in the oven I knew we would have half an hour to spare before the veggies would need cooking so I called to mum that we were going up to ‘get the bedroom organised’.”

As we walked into the bedroom Leo asked, “What do we have to organise up here?”

Nothing.”  I replied as I closed the door and took him in my arms.  “I just thought it would be nice to have a hug, and while mum probably realises that, I don’t think I’m quite ready to admit it to her.”

Devious!!”  He said as he took me in his arms.  Our lips met and before I knew it he had me pinned to the bed with his hard cock pressing against mine and his tongue exploring my mouth.  One hand was down inside the back of my shorts and the other was stroking my chest.  I was wondering whether I would ever breathe again when Leo broke the kiss and before I knew it his tongue was in my mouth.  Not only his tongue, but he was panting for breath and every time he exhaled, so he blew straight into my ear.

By this time I could feel something wet between us.  I knew that I had to be leaking precum, and I assumed that Leo was having a similar problem but at that precise moment I didn’t give a damn.  I was just revelling in the sensations that were going on both outside and inside my body.  Leo certainly knew how to press my buttons (and undo them)!!

We continued in the same vein for a while, but every time either of us got close to the point of no return we managed to stop before we went too far so we could save ourselves for later.


When we got back down to the kitchen the gammon joint was looking good so I put the potatoes on and shortly afterwards the veggies, finally popping the tomatoes under the grill for five minutes.  “Could you go and find mum for me please, Leo.”  I said.

Leo saluted.  “Your wish is my command.”  He said.

I’ll bear that in mind later.”  I said with a grin as he left the room.

I had just finished plating up the food when mum and Leo walked into the room laughing.  “Not laughing at me, I hope.”  I said.

No, your mum was just telling me about some of the characters on the island.  I’m looking forwards to meeting some of them.”

This looks good enough to eat.”  Mum said as she sat at the table.

Well, almost.”  Leo added.

If you don’t like it you can go without.”  I told him.  Leo made a grab at his plate and began eating.

We all enjoyed the meal and Leo and I had some ice cream afterwards as I hadn’t made anything for pudding, then we all went and sat in the sitting room to watch the television

Around 9.30 I started to yawn and it seemed to be catching as Leo began yawning too.

I don’t know, you young people; you have no stamina.”  I looked at Leo and he looked at me and we both burst out laughing, thinking that we might need some stamina for what we hoped would follow.  Mum gave us both a strange look but said nothing.

A little while later I yawned again and said that I was going to turn in for the night and Leo said that he would join me.  “Let me just give you this,” mum said holding up a brown paper carrier bag.  “Don’t open it until you get upstairs.  You might find the contents useful, but if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick just let me have it back in the morning.”  I gave her a kiss goodnight and took the bag from her, and then I left Leo to say his goodnights because I was in urgent need of a pee.  I left the carrier bag in the bedroom and went into the bathroom.  I didn’t bother closing the bathroom door and I soon heard Leo come into the bedroom, then I heard the rustle of the carrier bag followed by a sharp intake of breath and then a giggle.

Have you seen this?  Leo asked.

Not yet,” I said as I dried my hands.  I went into the bedroom and couldn’t believe my eyes.  Lying on the bed next to the carrier bag were two boxes of tissues, a large tube of lubricant jelly and half a dozen packs of condoms.

Well, that doesn’t leave us in any doubt, does it?”  I said.  “She obviously knows.”

Yes, but she’s obviously alright with it.”  Leo said, “And she obviously thinks that we’re further on than we are.”

For the time being.”  I said with a grin

I need a shower.”  Leo said.  “Fancy saving water?”  I looked at him blankly.  “Saving water?  Showering together?  God, you are dim sometimes.”

Guilty as charged,”  I replied.  “And the answer is yes, I’m all for saving water, but no funny business.”

Why not?” Leo asked.

Well … … maybe just a little.”


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