The following story is a work of fiction but has some of my own experiences included. The characters are all the work of my imagination and their names have been chosen at random; they do not represent real people, living or dead. The action of the story takes place in a fictional place at a fictional time where there is no such thing as a sexually transmitted disease. It contains details of sex between young males, so if this sort of thing offends you or is illegal where you are, please read no further. The story remains my property and should not be posted elsewhere without my written permission.

Life with Leo was progressing nicely. We had cleared out the room that was designated as his, but the likelihood was that it would rarely be used as we managed nicely in my ‘almost double’ bed. We hadn’t started on the decorating as my dad had said he would like to do it for us while he was home on leave from his job.

The day before he was due to arrive (which was, coincidentally the same day as Leo’s mum was due) was a Saturday. There was no surgery so mum decided that she would go over to the mainland and stock up on a few bits and pieces that weren’t readily available on the island. This, of course, meant that Leo and I would have over twelve uninterrupted hours to do as we pleased.

When I heard mum’s car pull away I disentangled myself from Leo’s octopus-like embrace and managed to get into the bathroom just before my bladder burst. I hadn’t realised that I’d disturbed Leo, but while I was still streaming strongly he appeared beside me, sleepy-eyed and let fly himself. Sleepily he leaned towards me for support and the touch of his skin against mine had the usual effect and I began to get hard. I turned my head towards him and blew in his ear, at which he said, “You’d better stop that if you don’t want me to pee all over the floor.”

Since I didn’t want to have to clear up after him, I kissed his earlobe lightly as my pee stream slowed to a drip, shook my cock gently causing it to harden even more and went to wash my hands. As I was doing so, I felt Leo press himself up against my back and his hands appeared on either side of me and, pressing me hard against the sink, put his hands into the sink to join mine. I could feel him getting harder and wriggled my butt to encourage him. I was still an anal virgin, but I was beginning to feel that I might like to try it soon.

Shall we go to the Electricity Station today, Will?” Leo asked.

We don’t need to.” I replied. “Remember, we’re on our own until this evening so we can go naked here if we want to, even in the garden and the pool.”

Hmmm,” He said and kissed my neck. “I hadn’t thought of that.” By now his cock was really hard and I showed him that mine was too, as I turned around to face him and enveloped him in my arms, wet hands and all.

There’s something about being naked with Leo. It’s as though his skin was an aphrodisiac, and the more of it that was in contact with me, the randier I felt. Even when he put his cold feet on me in bed it turned me on.

Do you think we could just go back to bed for … … …”

For sex?” Leo asked.

I was going to say ‘for half an hour’, but sex sounds like a great idea.” I said, squeezing him tighter.

Come on.” Leo said, releasing me.

The half hour that I’d had in mind turned into an hour, the last ten minutes being in the shower where I’d shot my third load of the session. “Let’s get dried off and get dressed now.” Leo said.

I don’t think so.” I said. “Don’t forget we’re on our own; let’s go down to the pool.” I said.

Skinny dipping?” Leo asked.

Of course.” I replied, taking his hand and leading him downstairs and out into the back garden and down to the pool. I dived straight in and got a surprise because it was a little colder than I had expected.

How is it?” Leo asked.

A bit c…c…c…colder than I thought.” I said.

I’d better come in with you, Will.” Leo said. “I’ll stop your cock from shrinking too much.” And he dived in.

I stood there waiting for him to surface, but was surprised and shocked when I felt his hand come from behind between my legs and grab at my balls. My last thought before I dived under the water to get even with him was, ‘two can play at that game.’

I was a pretty experienced swimmer and had taken some diving lessons on the mainland, and I could hold my breath for a fair time, so after managing to extricate my balls from Leo’s grasp, I decided that I’d give him a taste of his own medicine and head-butted him in the stomach, then when he doubled over I swam behind him, grabbed his butt and squeezed hard. Poor old Leo had no choice but to gasp and filled his lungs with chlorinated water.

When I let go of him he managed to surface and get some air into his lungs. “You bastard.” He spluttered. “I could have drowned.”

Uh-uh.” I replied. “I would have given you some mouth to mouth.”

Oh, the kiss of life.” He said.

No, I’d just have snogged you something rotten.” I replied.

Sounds like a good idea.” Leo said, coming close. I was about to plant my lips on his when he grabbed my balls again; HARD!

I was about to swear my head off at him when I heard the telephone ringing. “You are in trouble.” I said to him as I tried to heave myself out of the water. I say tried, because Leo grabbed my ankle and pulled me back in. “Make that serious trouble.” I said, finally managing to climb out of the pool. When I got to the phone it was Leo’s mum wanting to talk to him so I called him into the sitting room and draped a towel over a chair for him to sit on.

I let him sit down, put the call on speaker phone, then before he’d got half a dozen words out of his mouth, I was between his legs and I pulled his cock into my mouth and began sucking hard. The noise that he made was like nothing I’d ever heard before. “No, no, I’m fine mum.” He said. “I just stubbed my toe.” Have you any idea how difficult it is to give somebody a blow job and laugh at the same time. I gave up, but continued to stroke Leo’s cock as he tried to have a normal conversation with his mother, who wanted to know if he wanted anything specific brought over from the mainland, but since my mother had asked us both the same question the previous day, there was nothing.

Leo, however, was squirming in his chair and making squeaky noises. Ironically the less noise he tried to make, the worse he got and the more suspicious his mother became until she said, “I don’t know what you’re up to, Leo Rousseau, but I’m glad I’m coming tomorrow.”

I sniggered to myself and whispered that Leo would be cumming before that if I had anything to do with it.

Leo brought the conversation to a close and after hanging up moaned loudly as he shot his load all over his stomach and my hand and arm.

He said nothing until he got his breath back, but then he looked at me sternly, but then burst out laughing, unable to be serious any longer. “You are an absolute idiot, Willow Martin.” He said. “And what I’m going to tell my mother tomorrow, I just don’t know.”

Tell her the truth.” I said.

God, do you know how embarrassing that would be?” He asked.

More embarrassing than telling her that you were gay?” I asked.

Ten times as bad.” He said. “It’s one thing to accept that your son is having a relationship with another boy, but to actually be getting a blow job while you’re on the phone to her is really something else. Now come on, let’s get back in the pool and wash off this disgusting mess.”

I don’t think it’s disgusting.” I said and raised my hand to my mouth.

No. I didn’t mean disgusting as in … well … disgusting. It’s just that it’s … well … disgusting.” He said with a pained look.

How erudite.” I said, wandering back out in to the garden.

What’s the matter with you? Swallowed a dictionary?” Leo asked.

Not a dictionary, just a dick.” I replied.

Yes please.” Leo said as we both dived in to the pool together. We played like two ten year-olds, splashing about, bombing into the pool, snapping at one another’s butts with towels and generally enjoying ourselves with no sex whatsoever.

Shortly after, the phone rang again and when I answered it, it was my dad. I hadn’t heard his voice for several weeks and it made me panic a little in case he wasn’t coming home, but the news was that he would be at home for two weeks instead of the original week that was planned. We chatted about little things, father and son type stuff and I was totally engrossed in our conversation, so much so that when the doorbell rang I was oblivious to the fact that I was naked. Still with the phone in my hand I went to the front door and opened it, finding Kai Ryan on the other side. I carried on speaking to my dad and beckoned him inside.

Kai was not a regular visitor. He was an Irish lad about a year older than me. He and his parents had moved to the island three years before when our resident builder retired. Somebody knew Mr Ryan and one thing led to another resulting in his taking over the builder’s business on the island. I’d met Kai as soon as they arrived and he came to a pool party that we held and I have to say that I admired him in his speedo!!

I was finishing the call with my father when I turned around to look at him and noticed that his lower jaw was almost dragging on the floor and his eyes were glued to my crotch.

What’s the matter Kai?” I asked with a perfectly straight face. I made sure that Leo, who was back in the pool, could hear me.

I … I … I met your m … m … mum … … … did you know that you were naked?”

Really?” I asked, looking down at myself. “Well, I’ll be damned.” I said. I caught sight of Leo out of the corner of my eye. He was heaving himself out of the pool and grinning. “Hey, Leo.” I said. “Kai seems to think that I’m naked.”

When Leo walked into the sitting room I really thought Kai was going to have a heart attack. “But you’re both … both …”

Alright, Kai. No need to panic. Mum’s away for the day and we thought we’d just skinny dip and hang out together naked. By the way, this is Leo; he’s going to be living here with his mum.”

Ummm h … h … hi Leo.” Kai said beginning to blush and trying to hide the erection that was beginning to inflate his cargo pants.

I’m sorry I disturbed you.” Kai murmured. “I’d better get home.”

Just a minute Kai.” I said. “You must have had a reason for coming here.”

Yea well.” He began, trying to adjust himself without being too obvious. “I dropped my mum off to catch the morning ferry and your mum was going over to the mainland too. She suggested that I come and spend some time with you and Leo. But if you’re busy, I’ll just … well.”

Kai, you’re welcome to stay, and if our nakedness upsets you we’ll go and get dressed.”

NO!” Kai almost shouted. “No.” He said, a little more composed. “I was just a bit surprised, that’s all.”

Great.” I said. “We were about to have something to eat so would you like to join us?”

That would be good.” Kai replied, “As long as you don’t expect me to get naked.”

No, you don’t have to.” Leo replied.

But don’t be afraid to if you want to.” I added. “If you fancy playing some computer games or something, why don’t you two go up to the bedroom and I’ll bring up a tray of food in a minute.”

I gathered a few more bits and pieces together and assembled a large tray of goodies before taking them up to the bedroom. When I got there, Leo and Kai were setting up my games console with the television. Leo was leaning over the TV to get everything plugged into the back and Kai was holding everything steady. I couldn’t help noticing that Leo’s cock was rubbing against Kai’s right hand and Kai wasn’t moving his hand away. When Kai turned around I could see that his cock was seriously tenting out his cargoes again and he slipped his hand inside his waistband to adjust himself.

I put the tray of goodies on a small table and motioned for Kai to sit on the computer chair while Leo and I sat on the bed. We sat close together as we usually do after we had all filled a plate with food and poured a fizzy drink.

I could see that Kai was looking at us curiously, so I asked, “Is something bothering you Kai?”

Ummm … don’t take this the wrong way.” He began. “But are you gay?”

I looked at Leo before I answered and he gave me a minute nod. “Would it bother you if we were?” I asked.

Of course not.” Kai replied.

Are you gay yourself?” Leo asked him.

Kai took a deep breath before speaking. “I really don’t know.” He said. “I thought I might be because I don’t fancy girls, then when I saw you both naked today, I got really hard so I’m getting worried because I think I might be.”

Why would you be worried?” Leo asked.

Because my dad would kill me.” He said, looking worried. “So are you?”

I’m gay.” Leo said.

And I’m either gay or bisexual, but I’ve decided that I want to be with Leo.” I told him.

I thought you might be a couple because there’s only one bed in here, and you’re so … well … comfortable together. And I can’t be the only one in this position.” Kai said.

Yes, I suppose we’re very lucky that both our mothers are accepting, but I don’t know how my dad’s going to react when he comes home.” I replied.

Yes, your mum said that he was coming home tomorrow, and that Leo’s mum would be arriving too, although you seem quite a dab hand in the kitchen, Will.” Kai said.

I have to be.” I replied. “My mum might be a great doctor, but she’s a useless cook.”

But Kai’s made a good point.” Leo said. “There must be other teens in the same position as Kai, and there’s no place that they can get together and share their problems and ideas.”

Maybe we could organise a sort of gay club.” Kai said.

Fantastic idea.” Leo said. “But how do we go about it without announcing to all and sundry that we’re gay ourselves and getting beaten to death.”

I don’t think that would happen on the island.” I said.

Well, I think from what you’ve said that there are one or two who you suspect are gay, or at least curious.” Leo said to me. “Why don’t we start with them and then carry on from there. Maybe they might know some more.”

Good idea.” Kai said, “And there are two that I know are gay, plus another one or two that I suspect.”

Great.” I said. “But if it all works out, where are we going to meet?”

Well one place seems ideal,” Leo began, “But it couldn’t be your special place anymore.”

But that wouldn’t really matter.” I said. “If there are only gay guys there I could still get naked and sunbathe.”

You have somewhere you can do that??!!” Kai asked. “God, I’d really like to know where that is.”

Well, maybe we’ll go there this afternoon.” I said.

Yea, but if we go there you’ll have to get naked.” Leo said, much to my surprise.

Why?” Kai asked, surprised.

Because we’d love to see you naked, and maybe we can all … … well, you know.” Leo said.

But I thought you two were a couple.” Kai said.

Yea, but we’re not exclusive.” I told him.

Kai got this mischievous look on his face and said, “And how do you know I’ve got anything worth showing?”

Three reasons.” I said. “Firstly, there’s a rumour going around that all Irishmen have big cocks. Secondly, I remember a couple of years ago you came here for a pool party and you really filled out those yellow speedos nicely.”

Yea, I remember those.” He said. “They were Ciaran’s, my brother. They were a couple of sizes too small for me, but I couldn’t find my own.”

But they did look great.” I said.

And thirdly?” Kai asked.

And thirdly, just look down.” I said. “You’ve been tenting those cargoes on and off since you arrived.”

Can you blame me?” He asked, “with two hot guys wandering around naked.”

Why not make it three hot guys?” Leo asked..

What, here and now?” Kai asked.

Come on, Leo.” I said. “Let’s give him a hand. Come on, Kai, on to the bed and we’ll help you to strip.”

Well, I … I … I …” Kai stammered.

Leo pulled him out of the chair and across to the bed and pushed him down. I pulled his t-shirt out of his cargoes and pulled it up as Kai raised his arms above his head. It didn’t look as though he was going to put up much of a fight. I could see his black underarm hair as I pulled the t-shirt off. So far he had no chest hair, but there was a little trail running down from his outie navel. Leo reached out and unbuttoned the waistband of Kai’s cargoes and then unzipped the fly, gently massaging Kai’s cock as he did so. Kai moaned softly. “Feels promising.” Leo said.

Underneath his cargoes Kai was wearing a pair of tight blue briefs with a dark blue spot at the front. “I assume that’s not a pattern.” Leo said as he rubbed his thumb against it. “No, not a pattern, and it seems to be getting bigger.”

Look. I don’t know whether I’m ready for this.” Kai said as Leo took hold of the waistband.

Your cock’s telling me otherwise.” Leo said. Kai looked torn for a moment, then he lifted his butt off the bed and Leo pulled down his briefs and revealed Kai’s cock in all its glory, almost seven inches long, uncut, and big enough around that when I gripped it around my thumb wouldn’t meet my fingers. His balls were low-hanging with some black hair and his pubes were also jet black to match all his other hair.

Kai’s sandals had come off when we pulled off his cargoes so Kai was now totally naked. He was looking a little worried, but when I went down on him his eyebrows almost shot up into his hair.

Oh shit.” Kai said.

I hope you don’t.” Leo said. Kai giggled, but his giggles turned to more groans as I pulled back his foreskin and flicked my tongue around his glans. Leo grinned.

You mentioned earlier that you had a younger brother; Ciaran was it?” Leo asked

Hmmmmmm.” Kai replied, beads of sweat breaking out on his brow. “He’s j --- just f … f …. four … teen.” Kai stammered.

I eased my mouth off Kai’s cock but continued to work on him with my hands. “Let the poor guy alone Leo.” I said. “Let him enjoy it.”

OOOohh Yes.” Kai whispered and began bucking spasmodically. “Oh God.” He said a little louder and began to moan almost continuously. “God, I’m c … c…”

I quickly wrapped my lips around his cock and was just in time to get a good mouthful of his seed.

Hmmmmmm.” Kai whispered as he stopped firing into my mouth and seemed to pass out temporarily as I pulled off him. I pulled Leo to me and shared Kai’s seed with him in a deep and lengthy kiss.

Ahem.” Kai interrupted once he’d surfaced. “That was bloody fantastic. Ten times better than Ciaran … shit. I shouldn’t have said that.”

Ah, so you and Ciaran … … …” I began.

Don’t ask me ‘cos I promised him I’d never say anything.” Kai interrupted guiltily,

But if we form a gay club and Ciaran’s into that sort of thing, it would be silly for him not to be a member.” Leo said.

Yea, but he’s only just fourteen and he’s very self-conscious about his equipment.” Kai replied.

But you two fool around together?” Leo pressed.

Well, yea.”

And we’re closer to his age than you are.” I said.

Yes, but he’s such a shy boy. I think he’d die if he thought I’d told anyone that we messed around.”

Then we’ll have to adopt some careful subterfuge.” Leo said with an evil grin.

Ciaran’s quite something.” Kai said with a smile. “He may be my brother and he may be two years younger, but he is absolutely gorgeous and he has the most perfect body I’ve ever seen. Not muscular or anything like that, but everything is just … well … perfect. I don’t know how else to describe it; and if you like my cock just wait until you see his.”

What’s Ciaran doing today?” Leo asked.

He’s stuck at home as far as I know.” Kai replied.

Why don’t you give him a call?” I asked. “If he wants to come out with us we can all go up to the old electricity station. That’s my special place. Then Leo and I can do some naked sunbathing. You can join us if you like and maybe … just maybe Ciaran will join us.”

I don’t think there’s any hope of that.” Kai said, “But I’ll give him a call to see if he wants to join us.”

Kai made the call on his mobile and smiled as Ciaran agreed to join us. We dressed hurriedly in as little as possible (I noticed that Kai didn’t put his briefs back on), packed a bag with snacks and drinks and a couple of blankets, and then went out to the car.

I still can’t get used to not locking up when we go out.” Leo said.

Yea, that surprised us when we first came to the island.” Kai said. “But we’re used to it now. I don’t even know where to find the keys for our house.”

I assume that you live in the house next to the builders’ yard.” I said as I climbed into the driving seat of the Range Rover.

Yes. Ciaran will probably be waiting outside when we get there. He’d just got out of the shower when I called.” Kai replied.

It was about a ten minute drive to their house and as we rounded the bend approaching the house, a young lad was sitting on the wall outside the builders’ yard, kicking his feet.

There he is.” Kai said.

Kai’s description was absolutely right. Ciaran had curly black hair like his brother, but it seemed to have a tinge of red running through it. Kai’s strong facial features were duplicated in his brother, but were considerably softer, as if they had been airbrushed. He may have been a little short for his age but I could see exactly what Kai had meant when he described him as ‘perfect’. He was wearing a loose-fitting short-sleeved shirt and a pair of tailored shorts.

Will we be doing any walking?” Ciaran asked as we pulled up.

I’d seen that his feet were bare. “No, you won’t need any shoes.” I said, and he climbed into the back with his brother. My cock was already firming up with anticipation.

Kai introduced us to Ciaran and he asked where we were going. I explained about my hideout but didn’t go into detail about sunbathing naked for fear of putting him off. I’d decided that we would present him with a fait accompli when we got there, but he’d already started asking questions about what we would be doing there and Kai was trying to distract him and succeeded until we arrived.

But there’s nothing here.” Ciaran said as we climbed out of the car.

That’s just the point.” I said. “I’ve been coming here for several years so I could just be by myself and do whatever I wanted to. Then I brought Leo here when he arrived on the island. Kai said he’d like to come when we spoke about it earlier on and suggested that you might like to come along.”

I grabbed the snack bag from out of the back and then led them down the path to the building, but instead of going inside I went around to the back and on to the grassed area that I had made with the help of an old push-along mower that I’d found in one of the outbuildings at home.

Hey, this is nice.” Ciaran said. “Can I take off my shirt?”

Of course you can.” I said, slipping off my sandals and then pulling my t-shirt over my head. Ciaran did the same and then stared open-mouthed as I slid my shorts down and stepped out of them. “Just make yourself comfortable.” I said.

I took a big blanket from the bag and spread it on the ground as Ciaran pulled Kai to one side and began whispering animatedly to him. Leo looked at them and then looked at me for guidance. “Act normally.” I whispered. “Get naked and don’t make a big issue of it.”

Leo did as I’d asked and I noticed that Ciaran was staring at him as Kai was whispering something to him. Ciaran said something back to Kai and Kai said loud enough for us to hear. “Well, I don’t see why not.” And proceeded to strip off.

Ciaran walked over to Leo and me and asked, “Is it true what my brother said; that you’re gay and you’re together?”

Yes.” I said, reaching for Leo’s hand. “We are a couple, but we’ve decided that we’re not going to be strictly monogamous. We’ll mess around still if we’re both happy about it. We had some fun with Kai earlier on.”

He told me.” Ciaran said. “And did he say anything about me?”

Why?” I asked, not really wanting to lie to him. “Is there anything to tell?” Leo by this time was brushing my nipple with his thumb, and little Will was responding in the normal way.

Never mind.” Ciaran said. “But do I have to get naked?”

Of course not Ciaran. Just do what you’re comfortable with, and if you don’t want to be around us you can keep out of the way or go and sit inside. There’s a transistor radio in there and some comfortable furniture.”

Ciaran stood and looked at my hardening cock for a moment and I could see that his was responding, but I thought it too soon to fondle him, but he looked over at his brother who was also watching what was going on.

Ciaran turned back to us and simply said, “Cool,” and went to join his brother. This wasn’t quite the reaction that I had expected, but what Leo’s magic hands were doing was now occupying my whole brain, so I lay back and gave in to him as he transferred his hands from my nipples to my cock and began to work his magic down there.

Do you fancy giving them something worth watching?” He whispered in my ear.

What’s that?” I asked.

Fuck me.” He said.

What??” I asked.

I want you to have anal sex with me.” He said.

But I’m not ready to … … …”

He cut me off. “No, I know. I want you to fuck me, but I don’t have to fuck you in return … … at least, not yet.”

I looked over at Kai and Ciaran and they were having a little make-out session of their own, but Ciaran still had his shorts on.

Are you sure?” I asked. “Don’t you need something to … well … oil the works, if you know what I mean.”

Usually yes, but you’ve got so much precum leaking out of you that I don’t think we’ll need anything.”

Are you absolutely sure?” I asked again.

Absolutely.” Leo replied. “Remember, I’ve done this before. Not for a while, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem.” Leo assured me.

OK. How do you want to do it?” I asked. Obviously I’d seen photos and clips on-line of guys fucking in a number of different poses.

I want to be on my back and facing you. I want to be able to see your face while we’re doing it. I want to see that you’re going to be enjoying it just as much as I will.”

I thought hard for a moment. “OK.” I said, “But I don’t want to be fucking you. I want to be making love to you.”

Leo grinned. “I’m glad you said that.” He said as he swivelled round and lifted his legs to expose his butt hole.

Last chance.” I said, although I don’t think I could have stopped myself at this stage.

Do it.” He said with a smile.

I put myself between his legs and guided my rock hard cock to his hole, then pushed gently. I saw his hole open outwards and guessed that he was pushing out like they say in stories. My cock was soaking with precum and slid in with almost no effort. Leo gasped, but then smiled and nodded, so I pushed in gently all the way. I closed my eyes, shutting out everything else except for the feeling of my cock inside Leo. After a few seconds I began to slide in and out slowly, and the feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I’d thought that oral sex was good, but this was better; far, far better. When I did eventually open my eyes it was to see Ciaran on his feet watching us and sliding his shorts and underpants to his ankles revealing an extremely hard but perfect uncut cock, and Kai was readying himself to receive it.

And then there were four.

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