The following story is a work of fiction but has some of my own experiences included. The characters are all the work of my imagination and their names have been chosen at random; they do not represent real people, living or dead. The story remains my property and should not be posted elsewhere without my written permission.


Hot though the action between Kai and Ciaran was, I still managed to doze off. It must have been the combination of the sex, and the hot sun. The next thing I knew Leo was shaking me gently by the shoulder. Kai and Ciaran were lying on their backs, clearly exhausted after their own bout of sex, but what made me smile was that they were holding hands. "Cute, aren't they?" Leo asked.


"Yea." I replied. "Just about as cute as you." I sat up and kissed him gently on the lips. The brief kiss turned into a full-on, tongues-fighting, spit-swapping assault. My cock was telling me that I was ready to go again, and a quick fumble in Leo's nether regions confirmed that he was just as aroused.


"Hey you two, get a room." Came a voice from behind me. Kai and Ciaran stood there, still hand in hand.

"You're a fine pair to talk." Leo told them. "I've heard of brotherly love, but I've never seen it expressed in quite the way you did earlier."


Ciaran blushed to the roots of his hair and Kai dropped Ciaran's hand as though he'd received an electric shock.

"Hey. I was only kidding." Leo said. "If you two want to play around together it's absolutely fine by me."


"Me too." I added, hastily. "Just because you're brothers it makes no difference. Really."


Ciaran said, "It doesn't bother me, and I don't think it bothers Kai either." Ciaran looked at me and said, "To tell you the truth, you were the first boy I really fancied."


"But we just met for the first time today." I said.


"Yea, but it's not the first time I've seen you."


I racked my brains to think of a time that we may have met, but came up with nothing. When I looked back at Ciaran he had a wry smile on his face, and Kai was grinning. "So tell me." I said.


"Last summer during the really hot weather I set out to explore the island, and one of my favourite places that I found was the piece of waste ground behind the surgery garden. There's a nice tall sycamore tree there, and when I climbed it I could see right across to the coast in one direction, and right across the island in the other. I went there a few times, but one afternoon about two weeks after the first time I'd been there I was sitting in the tree eating lunch when I looked down into your garden and you were by the pool, taking your clothes off. I thought you had swimming shorts or something underneath, but I was astounded when you stripped off completely and dived into the pool."


"You were spying on me?" I asked. I wasn't really annoyed, more like incredulous.


"No ... well, not at first." Ciaran said defensively. "It's just that ... well ... I thought you had a great body, and when you were swimming I kept seeing your bare butt surfacing and ... well ..."


"What my kid brother is trying to say is that he got horny, so he shucked his shorts and started jerking off."


"Kai!!" Ciaran remonstrated.


"Well you did little bro," Kai said, then added. "Are you going to tell them what happened or shall I?"


"Do we have to?" Ciaran asked. Kai nodded with a wicked grin.


"I'll tell them." Ciaran said. "Well, as Kai said I was jacking off in the tree and when I shot my load I was so into it that I must have forgotten where I was and fell out of the tree."


"Ouch!" Leo and I said together.


"More than ouch." Ciaran continued. "Somebody had dumped their garden waste under the tree and there were some dried-out teasels there. The stems and leaves had gone all brittle but the needles had gone really hard and my naked butt fell right on top of them."


"Shit!" Leo said. "That must have hurt."


"Yes, it damned-well did. It was so bloody painful that I couldn't put my shorts back on so there I was, over a mile from home and naked from the waist down with about a hundred spikes sticking out of my arse, but worse than that, one or two of the teasels had gone tight into my crack and I even had needles right around my arsehole and it felt as if it was on fire."


"What on earth did you do?" I asked.


"Fortunately I had my mobile phone with me so I rang Kai, but he could hardly understand what I was saying, I was in so much pain. He borrowed dad's truck to come and get me but I had to walk out to the road half naked to get to him. I tell you that was so painful it was almost unbearable. But the strange thing is I couldn't get rid of my hard-on. I travelled home in the bed of the truck, face down with my naked arse on display for everyone to see and my hard cock rubbing between my stomach and the bed of the truck. I was almost ready to shoot my load when we got home. It's a good job we weren't much more than a mile away."


Poor Ciaran was deadly earnest in his description, but Leo and I were laughing so much it was almost painful, and even Kai had trouble keeping a straight face.


"It's not that bloody funny." Ciaran said, his face a mask of despair. This caused us a renewed bout of belly laughs and eventually Ciaran saw just a glimmer of humour and managed a wry smile.


"What happened when you got home?" Leo asked when he mastered the art of stringing words together.


"Well, Kai helped me down off the truck and we tried to get my shorts on again because we could hear mum singing in the kitchen, but between the needles in my arse and my erection there was no way they were going anywhere near me, so Kai went indoors and explained to mum about me having the needles in my butt and said that I was embarrassed about it. She wanted to know what had happened, but Kai said that we would explain it all later once we had got the needles out. He borrowed her eyebrow tweezers, some antiseptic and some cotton wool and then came out to get me. My cock was still rock hard and my arse was in agony, but we managed to get inside and up the stairs, but by the time we got into my bedroom my cock was like a leaky tap. Kai says that I must be one of those people who enjoys pain, but at that precise moment I would have given anything for it to stop. Anyway, Kai got a towel and laid it on my bed, then helped me lay on top of it, and then he got mum's tweezers and pulled out the first of the needles. It was agony, but like pleasure at the same time. He told me there were probably about a hundred of them so I knew I had the worst to come, especially knowing that some of the needles were right up where the sun doesn't shine!"


We had stopped laughing by now and were feeling more sympathetic, but Ciaran's cock was rock hard and leaking just at the memory of it all, and mine had come out in sympathy with him.


"Anyway, Ciaran took out about half of them; he said it was like plucking a chicken. Then he got some antiseptic on the cotton wool and bathed the part of my arse that he had already cleared. I thought I was going to jump out of my skin. It felt like how a branding iron must feel. It was then that I realised that if it was this bad on the cheeks of my arse, what would it be like once he put antiseptic around my arsehole?"


Leo visibly winced at the thought of this and his hand strayed to his own crack, and I must admit that my eyes were on the verge of watering too.


"After the burning had died down a bit Kai carried on plucking and gradually got close to my crack. When he got down to the really sensitive area, every single pluck was like torture, and I had to stop and double the towel over because my cock was leaking so much. I knew that if there were many more needles hiding in there it was only a matter of time before I shot my load. Of course, as things moved on my groans of complaint became mingled with moans of pleasure and when Ciaran told me there were just about a dozen left in the critical area I just told him to go for it, and he got to number four before I could contain myself no longer and shot my load into the towel underneath me. Ciaran realised what had happened and couldn't resist teasing me about it. I asked him to get a damp cloth from the bathroom and a fresh towel so I could clean myself up, but when he got back I realised that I still couldn't roll on my back, so Ciaran helped me to get to my feet and then he cleaned me up before spreading the fresh towel on the bed and helping me back down again. I thought then that he would continue pulling needles out, but without warning I felt cotton wool being pushed into my crack and a second later the realisation hit that the cotton wool had been dipped in the antiseptic. The resulting pain was indescribable. I seriously thought that I was going to die; either that or my arse was turning inside out, if that was possible."4


"And his crack and arsehole have been ultrasensitive ever since." Kai interjected.


"The rest of the needles came out less painfully, but I think I had just got used to it and anything would have felt better than the antiseptic. Anyway, when Kai had finished I managed to sit, but I made sure I was sitting on the towel because Kai had said that some of the wounds were bleeding and just wouldn't stop. Eventually I had to let mum have a look at it and she insisted on knowing how it had happened. She was convinced that I was being bullied for some reason, but the truth was doubly embarrassing and I was about to tell her when Kai came to the rescue. He told mum that I had been taken short and was pissing in the bushes when something had crawled across my foot, I like to go barefoot whenever I can, and it had startled me, and when I stepped backwards I had tumbled into the teasels."


"That was damned quick thinking." I said, looking at Kai.


"Well I couldn't let the poor sod suffer any more." Kai replied.


"So really, this was all my fault, I suppose." I said.


"No, don't be daft." Ciaran said. "You couldn't have known that your nakedness would have the result that it did. I was the peeping tom after all."


"And is your butt back to normal now?" I asked.


"No, far from it." Ciaran said. "From a distance it looks normal, but up close it looks a bit like orange peel, and around my hole is really, really sensitive. I can't even take a dump without getting a hard-on." He said, a little embarrassed.


"Can I see?" I asked, beckoning him to me. Ciaran came and stood with his back to me and I could see what he meant, and his analogy about the orange peel was very accurate. I reached out and touched him and he acted startled.


"Sorry." I said, taking my hand away,


"No, it's OK." Ciaran replied. "It's just that ... well ... I ... Umm ... I still fancy you ... a lot, and it sent a shiver down my spine."


I pulled him close to me and reached around to his cock, which was really hard. "You don't mind me doing this then." I said.


Ciaran shuddered. "No, I really, really don't mind." He said. I looked up and Kai was sitting with a huge grin on his face.


"Go for it, little bro." He said. Ciaran turned round to face me and I opened my mouth to receive his hard uncut young cock. His precum tasted like nectar and at first I was careful to keep my hands away from his arse crack because I wanted this to last as long as possible. Ciaran moaned loudly as I flicked my tongue around his cockhead. "This is the first time he's been with anyone but me." Kai whispered, who had shuffled over and was sitting close up against Leo. Kai's cock was hard and Leo reached across and began to stroke him. Ciaran pulled out of my mouth, pushed me backwards and moved around so we could sixty-nine with me on my back and him above me.


"Please leave my butt alone for a little while." Ciaran said with a grin. "I want this to last more than a few seconds." I didn't like to tell him that I might well beat him to it. There was just something about this kid that really got me going. Not only that, but he certainly knew how to use his tongue, and he had the knack of breathing through his mouth at the same time, which was giving me the strangest, yet most arousing sensations. I knew that I wouldn't last long, but I respected Ciaran's request not to touch his butt. He had not, however, said anything about his nipples so I began to brush my thumbs over them. Although I was exerting less than a feather's pressure they hardened immediately and Ciaran's moans grew louder and more insistent. My own orgasm was beyond the point of no return now. It was only a matter of seconds before I shot my load. My toes were curled and my hands were shaking so much that I could barely keep them on Ciaran's nipples. I suddenly felt his teeth on my cock and his breathing became ragged, but it was still working its magic on my glans. As I shot my first load into Ciaran's mouth I felt his teeth retract and his lips clamp around me as though he didn't want to lose a single drop of my juice, I moved my hands to his balls and gently began to massage them, and this seemed to send him over the top because I felt his first jet of sweet juice in my mouth. There wasn't a great deal of it, but I enjoyed it immensely. At this stage Ciaran's knees gave way and he slowly lowered himself on to me and I helped him to shuffle around so that we were face to face, and he leaned in and gave me the sweetest little kiss, which soon turned in to a tongue-wrestling extravaganza. After a few seconds Ciaran pulled off and said, "I have to pee, like now." He made his way shakily over to some bushes and let fly.


While Ciaran was relieving himself I sat up and watched to see how Kai and Leo were doing. The last time I looked they were kissing, but now Kai was on his knees and Leo was shagging him doggie-fashion with the biggest grin on his face. He gave me the `thumbs-up' and I grinned back at him. Ciaran returned and sat between my legs. I couldn't believe it, but my cock began to harden again, and I was intoxicated by the boy's natural scent. He must have felt my cock pushing into his back and occasionally wriggled against it and then turned round to grin at me. Kai and Leo were going hard at it and judging by the noises, neither of them was far away from orgasm, all of which boosted my erection. I leaned forward and planted numerous small kisses on Ciaran's neck and shoulders and again he turned and smiled at me, tucking himself closer into me. I planted my hands on his shoulders and began to massage him gently. Kai and Leo's action was very intense by now, and just before Leo threw back his head and emptied himself into Kai's bowels, Kai's own seed sprayed on to the blanket beneath them. Kai collapsed on to the blanket and Leo lowered himself gently on top of him, smiling contentedly and making little sounds rather like a cat purring. They kissed and fondled one another for a little while, and then they both began to laugh, or more like giggle.


"Isn't love wonderful?" Ciaran asked.


"Hey, that's my boyfriend that your brother is lying there with." I said.


"Oh, I'm so ... sorry." Ciaran said, thinking that he had spoken out of turn.


"Hey, I'm just kidding. I said. "Do you think we'd have been able to do what we just did if Leo and I had an exclusive relationship?" I asked. "And even if Leo broke up with me because he fancies your brother more than he does me, who's to say that I'm not happy with what I've got between my legs?"


"Your cock?" Ciaran asked.


"Nah, dimwit." I replied. "You, you silly bugger."


"I knew what you meant. Idiot." Ciaran said. "I just can't believe you would think of me like that."


"Ciaran, you are a gorgeous boy." I said. "I know that I'm a couple of years older, but in ten years time, that wouldn't matter one iota. Now, can I do something about the nasty swelling between your legs?"


Ciaran sat up on his haunches and swivelled around to look at me. "Have you ever gone all the way, Will?" He asked.


"Anal?" I asked. Ciaran nodded. "No, never." I said


"Do you think you might be ready to try?" He asked. I thought long and hard about it, but my butt was twitching with anticipation. I looked over at Leo, who was still relaxing in Kai's arms. He looked me straight in the eye and nodded, indicating that he would be alright with it.


"Go ahead, Will." He said. "Ciaran's a bit smaller than me so he would be a great first timer for you."


"But I thought my first time would be with you." I said.

"Do you want to do it?" He asked.


I thought again, but there was never any real doubt in my mind. "Yes, I think I do." I replied.


"He's a great lover." Kai said with a grin. "You'll enjoy it, I promise you."


I turned my attention back to Ciaran who was looking at me with anticipation in his eyes.


"Hey." I said. "I know this is the biggest cliché ever, but please; be gentle with me."


Ciaran grinned. "I promise." He said. Kai threw him the tub of Astroglide that he and Leo had used earlier. "OK Will, let's get you ready. Do you think you could get on all fours?"


"Are you going to do me doggie-style?" I asked.


"No, but it's the easiest way to loosen you up." He said.


I grinned. "Thirteen years old, and he's showing me how to do it." I said as I got on to my hands and knees. Ciaran slapped my butt.


"You won't be complaining when it's all over. I promise you that." He said. "I've had a great teacher, after all."


Kai laughed. "You've been a great pupil bro." He said.


"Don't worry, just leave it all to me."


I believed Ciaran when he said that, and I looked up at his face and saw only anticipation there. His eyes were shining and his lips were smiling. Then I looked down at his cock and it was hard and throbbing; I could almost imagine him inside me and what I once thought would frighten me to death, I now wanted more than anything.


"This is my favourite lube." He said, picking up the Astroglide. "But I prefer the leather fragranced variety."

"What are you, kinky or something?" I asked jokingly.


"Definitely," he said as he scooped a generous amount on to his ring finger (if you'll pardon the expression) and with the help of his other hand he manoeuvred it to my love chute, and slowly worked his finger in, firstly up to his knuckle and then the whole length. It felt wonderful. Once I was fully comfortable, he increased it to two fingers, and this time it felt fantastic. Eventually, when I was ready he inserted the third finger. I would never have believed that I could have accommodated three fingers so easily, but I did.


Finally, he asked how I wanted it; doggie style or on my back. "Whatever's best for you." He said.


"No, no. This is about both of us." I said, "I want us both to get the greatest possible pleasure out of this."


"On your back it is then." He said, gently slipping his fingers out of my butt. Immediately I felt empty and wanted him inside me as soon as possible. As I turned on to my back he lubed up his cock and prepared for entry. "Ready?" he asked.


"More than ready." I said, swallowing the lump in my throat.


"OK this may hurt a little at first, but it WILL get better, I promise you."


Strangely I did trust this young guy; a situation that was completely alien to me; I'd never really wholly trusted anybody before.


"Now raise your legs up so I can get to your butt hole." He said. I raised my legs, resting my ankles on Ciaran's shoulders. Then he straddled me and then lay over me. He supported himself on one arm and with the other hand he guided his cock into position where I could feel it resting against my pucker.


"OK, take a deep breath and relax, and maybe press outwards, like you need to take a dump." He instructed. I giggled, and as I did so I relaxed and his cock head slipped effortlessly inside me. I winced, but with surprise rather than with pain, and I found that the sensation had totally taken my breath away. In fact, there was no pain; just a little discomfort.


"Are you OK?" He asked with some concern.


I nodded, and when I got my breath back I relaxed again. Ciaran slowly pushed himself further in until I felt his pubes pressing into my groin. To this day I find it impossible to accurately describe what I felt right then, but I had the sensation of utter fulfilment, complete perfection and total submission to this great young kid. I also felt my love juices gathering again and I knew I was in for another orgasm soon.


Ciaran slowly began to slide in and out of me, and as he got into a rhythm, I began to clamp down on him with muscles I never knew I had. We were both making whimpering noises by this time which slowly became louder and more intense until, with a howl, Ciaran shot his load inside me, which sent me over the edge and my own juices burst out and coated my stomach and chest before Ciaran collapsed on top of me, pressing his lips hard against mine as our tongues did battle until we exhausted ourselves and lay together, soaked in my love juice.


When I opened my eyes they fell on Kai and Leo who were kissing deeply. I should have felt jealous that my boyfriend was snogging Ciaran, but when I looked down at the top of the younger brother's head, I realised that I felt more for him than I did for Leo, and as I kissed the top of Ciaran's head he sighed with satisfaction. I looked over at the other guys and Leo's eyes were open and looking towards us. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" He asked.


"I think so." I replied. "That you're now my ex-boyfriend?" I asked.


"Oh no, I'm dumping you." He said.


"Nobody dumps me." I replied with a grin.


"There's always a first time." Leo argued.


I thought for a moment. "Let's call it an amicable split." I said.


"Very amicable." Leo said, planting a loving kiss on Kai's cheek.


"Oh yes." I said as Ciaran slid off me and brought his lips to mine.


"Just remember one thing." Kai said. "Don't ever hurt my little brother. If you do, you'll live to regret it."


"I promise." I said, snuggling back into Ciaran.



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