The following story is a work of fiction but has some of my own experiences included. The characters are all the work of my imagination and their names have been chosen at random; they do not represent real people, living or dead. The story remains my property and should not be posted elsewhere without my written permission.

I woke with such a start that I also woke Leo who, even though we weren’t boyfriends any more, was asleep beside me. ‘Dad’s home today’ I thought to myself and leapt out of bed.

Hey, what’s the rush Will?” Leo asked sleepily. “Frightened you’ll piss the bed?”

Of course not.” I said. “Dad’s coming home today, and your mum too.”

Yea, but that won’t be until the evening boat comes in.” Leo reminded me.

Well, there’s always the chance that he’ll be on the morning one, and that will be pulling into the harbour any minute now.” I said, grabbing a towel and running into the bathroom. As I emptied my bladder I heard Leo getting out of bed and, just as my stream slowed to a dribble, he arrived beside me and let fly himself with a resounding accompanying fart.

You dirty bugger.” I said to him. “I hope that doesn’t smell as bad as it sounds.”

Leo gave me an evil grin and said, “If it’s as bad as the one I left in the bedroom, you’d better get out pretty quickly.”

The smell hit my nose and I flew out of the bathroom back into the bedroom, but it was just as bad in there, so I opened the window and gulped in some fresh air. Just then I heard the shower start and rushed back into the bathroom to remonstrate with Leo over who got the first shower, but I was too late as he was already in the cubical.

Get out of there, Rousseau.” I shouted. “You knew I wanted to get down to the quayside in case my dad was on the early boat.”

Well actually, I was.” A voice said from the bedroom door.

DAD!!!” I shouted as I ran to him and wrapped him in a gigantic hug. I only remembered that I was naked after I’d got him in a vice-like grip, but I didn’t care. I hadn’t seen him for months and he was my dad after all.

Whoa, Will.” He said as I squeezed harder. “I don’t want to end up in hospital my first day home, and if you crush my ribs I won’t be able to do all of the work around the house you’ve got saved up for me.”

After I released him from my grasp my dad took a step back and looked at me with a huge grin on his face. “Well, you’ve certainly grown up since the last time I saw you naked.” He said. For a moment I felt embarrassed, but hey, I was proud of my body, and he was family.

I think that was about ten years ago, dad.” I said. “And you were giving me baths back then, I seem to remember. Now, come and sit on the bed and talk to me.” I said as I pulled a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt from my drawer.

Who’s that in the bathroom?” Dad asked.

Oh, that’s Leo Rousseau, the housekeeper’s son. He’s sharing this room with me until we get his room decorated. You’ll like him.”

Well, you obviously get on well with him.” Dad said.

Yea, we hit it off straight away.” I said. “And his mum will be here today too, but she’ll be on the late boat. By the way, how come you got the early ferry?” I asked him.

I managed to get off early yesterday, so I drove through the night and caught the ferry just as they were closing the loading ramp.”

Wow, you must be knackered if you drove all night.” I said. “Yea, but I had to see you before I went to bed for a few hours.” Leo had obviously heard voices, because when he came in from the bathroom he had a towel around his waist instead of walking in naked (and usually hard!).

Leo, come and meet my Dad.” I said.

Leo held out his hand to shake, “Pleased to meet you Mr Martin.” He said with a grin.

Hi Leo.” My dad said. “Why don’t you call me Tony? Mr Martin was my dad.”

Thanks Tony.” Leo said

Well, I’d better go back to my wife or she’ll accuse me of neglecting her and I’ve only been home for ten minutes. I’ll see you boys later when I’ve had a few hours sleep.”

OK Dad.”

Bye Mr … Tony.” Leo said.

As dad closed the door behind him Leo looked at me. “Hey, man. You let your dad see you naked!!!!”

I didn’t have a lot of choice.” I said. “He was here before I knew it. Besides, I don’t care. He’s family after all, and you see me naked all the time.”

Yea, but that’s different.” Leo said.

Why? We’re not a couple any more.” I said.

No, but we still sleep together – naked – and I still wake up with your hand wrapped around my cock.” Leo replied.

SSSSShhhhhh!” I remonstrated.

Don’t worry; I’m sure your folks are too busy in bed to be bothered with us.” Leo said, laughing.

I had just put on my shorts and tee shirt when I heard the surgery door bell ring. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was well before the surgery was due to open, but I went down and answered the door to find Kai, Ciaran and a middle-aged woman on the doorstep.

Hey.” I said apprehensively, wondering if I was about to be accused of seduction or worse, but I had nothing to worry about.

Hi Will.” Kai said. “This is my mum. She has a favour to ask.”

Hello Mrs Ryan.” I said. “What can I do to help you?”

Hello William.” Mrs Ryan began.

It’s Will, Mrs Ryan, or if you must be formal call me Willow, but I’ll never forgive you if you do.” All three of my visitors smiled.

OK Will, but it was your mother I was hoping to see.”

Well, she’s a bit tied up at the moment. My dad came home this morning for the first time in months and she’s … umm … busy.” I blushed as I thought about what she and dad might be doing at that precise moment.

Oh, I think I understand.” Mrs Ryan said. “Maybe you can help me. As you probably know, my husband is the builder on the island, but as he has no work at the moment he has had to take a contract on the mainland, but he forgot that I have to go into hospital for an operation at the same time. I was going to send the boys home to Ireland for a couple of weeks, but they’re adamant that they want to stay on the island, and were hoping that your mother would let them stay here. Personally, I think it’s a huge favour to ask and normally I wouldn’t dream of putting you and your family on the spot, but the boys have insisted that I at least ask you.”

Well, from my point of view, I would love to have the boys stay here, and I’m pretty sure that my mum would be OK with it, and dad of course, now that he’s here; but if there’s any problem can I get mum to phone you?”

Of course, Will.” Mrs Ryan said. “Here’s one of my husband’s cards. The phone numbers are on there if you don’t already have them. My husband starts his contract on Monday, but I don’t go into hospital until the following Thursday, so maybe the boys could come over on Wednesday afternoon.”

Why not make it Tuesday, and then you have a day to yourself to get ready for hospital.” I suggested, looking forward to spending some time with Ciaran.

Well, if you’re sure.” She said. “Thank you so much, Will, and thank your parents for me too. I’ll make sure the boys have some pocket money and I’ll send some cash for their keep too.”

Oh, don’t worry about that, Mrs Ryan.” I said.

You don’t know how much they eat!” She said with a wave as she walked away. I was about to close the door when I was almost flattened as it was pushed open again and a pair of lips were pressed hard against mine.

We are going to have some real fun … in bed and out.” Ciaran said as he rushed off to catch up with the others.

God, that boy loves you.” Leo said, standing in the surgery doorway.

Did you hear all of that?” I asked.

Yea, but how are we going to manage it so that Ciaran sleeps with you and Kai sleeps with me?” He asked.

Easy.” I replied. “We’ll help dad to get your room decorated over the next couple of days. We’ve already got the furniture, so we can say that you’re moving in there and one of the boys can stay with each of us.”

Won’t your mother think it’s strange that the brothers won’t be in one room and us in the other?”

Good thinking.” I said, “But since we’re unlikely to be disturbed, I don’t think it will make any difference.” I said.

True.” Leo said just as we heard mum coming downstairs.

When she came into the room she had a sort of dreamy smile on her face. An expression that I hadn’t seen since dad was last home, so I knew exactly what they’d been up to. Yeuk! What a thought!!

Did I hear the door bell ring?” Mum asked. “Was it an emergency?”

Would it have made a difference?’ I thought to myself, but said, “No, not really. It was Mrs Ryan, the builder’s wife. She has a problem because her husband will be on the mainland when she has to go into hospital, and the boys don’t want to go home to Ireland, and they thought that as we’ve spent a lot of time together recently, they’d like to come and stay with us if that’s OK with you. Of course, I didn’t want to interrupt you and dad, so I said you’d phone her if there was a problem.”

At the mention of not disturbing her and dad, mum had the grace to blush, but her good mood prevailed and she agreed that the boys could come and stay. I told her what Mrs Ryan said regarding money, and when the boys would be arriving and she said that would be fine, but that we’d have to help dad to get the bedroom ready, so I told her we had already thought of that.


Over the next three days, dad, Leo and I worked hard and got Leo’s room decorated and moved all of the furniture into place. Dad had bought me my first mobile phone and it was great that Ciaran could phone me any time and it would come straight to me rather than have my parents commenting on how often he phoned. He phoned several times while we were decorating and as soon as I knew it was him, I would excuse myself and slip out of the room. I caught my dad looking at me several times, but when I looked at him he would just smile at me and carry on working. Of course, Leo’s mum had taken up residence now and she was really proving her worth. The first thing she did was clean the house from top to bottom, and she was always bringing us tea and sandwiches while we were working, and running around clearing up after us; and when dad dropped a paintbrush on the floor I thought she was going to blow a gasket, but she remembered just in time that he wasn’t ‘one of the boys’.

It was the night before the Ryan boys arrived that dad and I were sitting watching television. Mum and Amanda (as I was now calling Mrs Rousseau) were busy with patients in the surgery and Leo had gone to get fish and chips for everybody. I was smiling to myself, anticipating the two weeks that I’d be sharing a bed with Ciaran when dad looked at me and said, “There’s something different about you, Will.”

What do you mean dad?” I asked, still smiling.

Well, there’s just … something about you that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but I think now I know what it is. You’ve always been a great kid, Will, and that is thanks largely to your mother. I knew when I took this job that it wouldn’t be fair on you, but it gives me the opportunity to retire when I’m forty-five with no money worries. I wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t been a confident, well-behaved boy. Confident because it wouldn’t have been fair on you otherwise, and well-behaved because it wouldn’t have been very fair on your mum. But this time I’m home, there is definitely something different about you. You have a certain glint in your eye and a certain spring in your step, and as far as I know, they only come with one thing.”

And what’s that?” I asked, having no idea what was coming.

It means that you’re in love Will; am I right, or am I right?” Dad asked.

I took a deep breath and said, “Yea, you’re right dad, it’s very, very recent but I’m pretty damned sure that you’re right.”

And am I right in saying that his name’s Ciaran?”

I suddenly felt as thought the breath had been sucked out of me. “What … no … yes … how…?” I faltered.

It’s not rocket science.” Dad said. “You keep getting phone calls from someone called Ciaran. The first thing you do when you know it’s him is smile a gooey smile and disappear from the room. Now I know that Ciaran can sometimes be a girl’s name, but nine hundred and ninety-nine times out of a thousand, it’s a boy’s name.”

I thought long and hard before I opened my mouth again, and dad just sat there looking at me, and while not exactly smiling, at least he wasn’t scowling. “Ok dad, how do you feel about having a faggot for a son?” I eventually asked.

Dad looked shocked and held up his hand as if to ward me off. “Now wait, Will.” He said. “Firstly I’ll thank you not to use that word in my presence, especially if you’re referring to yourself. Secondly, your sexual orientation is of no great significance to me, but your self esteem is; and if you use words like that about yourself your confidence will plummet. So … let’s start again. Is Ciaran your boyfriend?”

There were tears in my eyes as I nodded my head. “Yea.” I said.

And I guess from the fact that it’s an Irish name that he’s one of the Ryan brothers.” I nodded again. “Good. I’ll have a chance to get to know him before I’m on my travels again. “

I looked straight at my dad as I said, “So you’re OK with me being gay then?” I asked.

Of course I am, son. Nothing could change the way I feel about you. You’re my son and I love you, and I always will. I don’t know how your mum’s going to take it though.”

Ummm … She already knows.” I said. “She’s OK with it, but she said that she’d leave it to me to tell you.”

And would you have told me?” Dad asked.

I nodded. “Yea, but I was planning on telling you when you were leaving to go back to work, so you’d have time to think about it on your own. I just didn’t know how you’d react and I wanted to avoid a confrontation if I could.”

Dad smiled. “You needn’t have worried, son.” He said.

I laughed. “I know that now.” I said. “I’m sorry for not trusting you.”

No, you’re right.” Dad said. ”You had every reason to be careful about telling me, especially as I spend so much time away from home and you don’t know me as well as you might; which is totally my fault. Now come here and give me a hug, and we’ll say no more about it. By the way, do Leo and Amanda know?”

Again I laughed. “Yea, Leo’s gay too Dad. He’s together with Ciaran’s brother Kai.”

Dad laughed. “Oh dear, I’ll have to make sure I don’t get contaminated.”

Idiot.” I said as he wrapped his arms around me in a fatherly hug.

So I suppose this means that you’ll both be sleeping with your boyfriends while they’re here then?” Dad said with a chuckle.

Shit. Busted.” I said.

Well, just don’t let your mother catch you. So as both you and Leo are gay, I shudder to think what you’ve both been up to, and believe me I don’t want to know, I just hope that you’re being careful.” He said.

As he said this the front door slammed and Leo came in with the fish and chips.

Hi guys.” He said. “The mums are just coming now. Help yourselves while I go and get the salt and vinegar.”

And some ketchup please.” I said

Cretin.” Leo said. We have this ongoing battle; I love ketchup with everything, he hates ketchup with anything.

That’s a bit hard Leo.” My dad said with a smile. “Tasteless idiot maybe, but not a cretin.”

Leo looked pensively at dad. “Hmmm maybe we can argue the point when I’m not so hungry.” He said, and disappeared into the kitchen.

Hmmm.’ I thought to myself. ‘I think these two are going to get along just fine.

When we got upstairs Leo seemed to be a bit worried about something. “What’s up mate?” I asked.

Well, now that the other room’s finished, maybe I ought to sleep in there tonight. I wouldn’t like your dad to think that we’re sleeping together when we don’t need to.” Leo replied.

It’s OK.” I told him. “Dad knows we’re gay.”

What!?!” Leo shouted.

Hey, don’t worry.” I said. “He spotted that there was something different about me and with all the phone calls from Ciaran, and me getting all dewy-eyed every time I spoke to him, and he just confronted me with it. Well, it wasn’t really a confrontation, but you know what I mean. Then I’m afraid I outed you.”

Hey, don’t worry about me.” Leo said. “I’m out to everybody.”

Yea … well … I shouldn’t have told him; I should have left it to you. But as it turns out, dad’s about a hundred per-cent OK with it. He just said that we should be ‘careful.’” I said.

Oh, I’ll be careful.” Leo said, kissing me on the cheek. “I’d never hurt you, Will. Even after this short time, I think you’re just about the best friend a guy could have.”

I have to admit that tears sprang to my eyes when he said that, and when Leo spotted them he kissed them away before getting undressed and, naked, into my bed. “Did you ever think any more about starting a gay club?” Leo asked.

Yea, I did think about putting an ad in the local island newspaper. It’s only published once a week, and it’s not too expensive to advertise, and now that I have a mobile phone I could do it pretty anonymously. It’s the only thing I can think of, but ideally I’d like to find some way of contacting the teenagers direct. There’s a youth club at the Anglican church, but I don’t think we’d be welcomed if we turned up and announced that we were looking for members for a gay club. Even if any of the kids are gay, they’re hardly going to admit it in church, are they?” I climbed into bed next to Leo and snuggled up to him. “Let’s sleep on it.” I said.

Oh.” Leo said. “Are we going to sleep straight away?”

Ummm, maybe not straight away.” I said as I pushed my hand down between us and wrapped my fingers around his cock and listened to the summer rain beating against the window glass.


I woke in the early hours, desperate to pee, so I padded into the loo to relieve myself. After washing my hands I returned to the bedroom but stopped dead in the doorway. The rain had stopped and the clouds had cleared allowing the moon to shine through the window, straight on to Leo’s sleeping body. I must have partially pushed the sheet off him when I got out of bed and the sight of him lying there filled me with awe. How could anybody possibly think that the female figure was more beautiful than the male? As I climbed back into bed Leo stirred and smiled in his sleep as he snuggled in to me for the rest of the night. I lay for a few minutes thinking about how to phrase a newspaper advertisement for the gay club, but became so frustrated when I couldn’t get it right that I gave up and drifted off to sleep again.

At last Tuesday morning was upon us and after a quick shower together, Leo and I cooked breakfast for everybody. Amanda seemed to be doing more nursing than housekeeping, but as a result things for my mother were much less hectic and the worry lines and bags under her eyes were slowly disappearing, so I couldn’t complain about cooking the odd meal.

We all ate breakfast together and then I got mum’s permission to borrow the jeep to go and pick up Ciaran and Kai. I was itching to get going and I had to chivvy Leo along or we’d have been hanging around all morning. Finally we were on our way to collect our Irish lovers. As we pulled up in front of the farmhouse Mrs Ryan and Kai came out to meet us with a couple of suitcases, but there was no sign of Ciaran. Just as I was about to ask where he was, Mrs Ryan asked if one of us would go up to his bedroom and get him. “He was agonising over what he should pack and what he should leave behind. You’d think he was going abroad instead of just down the road, where he can pop back and get anything he needs. He’s already changed his outfit three times. Says he ‘wants to wear something comfortable to travel in’. The boy’s insane if you ask me.” She said. “It’s only a few minutes away, after all.”

I’ll go.” I said, and dashed inside before anybody else could volunteer. When I got to his bedroom the door was open and Ciaran was standing naked looking out of the bedroom window. He seemed to be deep in thought. I stood still and silent, drinking in the beauty of his young, flawless body. His skin was like cream that had just a dash of coffee in it. There was a slight tan line, highlighting his cute, pert butt, which I longed to have my way with. I crept up behind him and put my arms around him as I nuzzled my head on his shoulder and kissed his neck. “Hello beautiful.” I said.

Ciaran jumped, startled, but when he realised it was me he leaned back into me. I brought my hands together in front of him and they rested in his pubic hair as his cock began to harden underneath. “Hi Will.” He said. “Sorry, I was just changing again.”

Yea, your mum said that you wanted to wear something for travelling in.” I said, trying not to laugh as I spoke.

Don’t you start.” He said. “Mum and Kai have been laughing at me all morning. I couldn’t tell them that I wanted to look my best for you.”

I hugged him tighter, pressing my own hardening cock into his butt crack. “I like you just as you are.” I said.

Ciaran sniggered. “I don’t think it would go down very well with mum if I left the house naked.” He said.

You have a point.” I replied. “But come on, the sooner you get dressed, the sooner we can leave and the sooner we can get naked again at my house.”

You have a point too.” He said, squeezing his butt cheeks together, trying to trap my cock. “I know because I can feel it pressing into my butt.”

I turned him around and kissed him on the lips before grabbing some clothes and throwing them to him before going back downstairs. “He’s on his way.” I said as the others looked at me. “I think he may have a screw loose.” I added as Ciaran came down the stairs.

Mrs Ryan laughed and said, “Coming from the doc’s son, is that a diagnosis?”

Yup, and I’m afraid it’s a bad case.” I said. Everybody but Ciaran was laughing by now, and he was pretending to be hurt, but he couldn’t keep a straight face for long.

As we climbed into the car Mrs Ryan insisted on kissing each of her sons and instructed them not to give any of us a hard time. “Kai has an envelope for your mother with some cash in towards their keep.” She said to me.

OK Mrs Ryan.” I said. “I hope all goes well at the hospital. I have a friend in there at the moment, so when the boys come over to the mainland to visit you, I’ll come with them and visit my friend.”

Thank you, Will.” She said. “Please pass my thanks on to your mother.”

Bye!!” We all shouted as I started the engine and drove away. Once out of sight of the farmhouse, I stopped the car at the side of the road and turned off the engine. I looked at Ciaran, who was sitting next to me, and as the gap between us closed and we kissed, I saw out of the corner of my eye that Leo and Kai were similarly lip locked.

After a few seconds, I heard Leo say, “Keep your hands off my cock, Kai.” Stunned, both Ciaran and I stopped kissing and looked into the back of the car. Kai had a look of bewilderment on his face.

What’s up?” Kai asked Leo.

Weren’t you listening to your mother?” Leo asked.

I don’t understand.” Kai replied.

Your mother clearly said not to give any of us a ‘hard’ time.” Leo said.

LEO!!” We all remonstrated before Kai started tickling him.

Stop, stop.” Leo said. “You’ll make me piss myself.”

It would serve you right.” Kai replied, continuing the torture.

I can’t hold it any more.” Leo said and, sure enough a damp patch appeared at the front of his shorts. Kai let go of him and he opened the car door, pulling his shorts down as he did so, and emptied his bladder at the side of the road.

Once we managed to stop laughing, Kai asked me about the friend I’d mentioned who was in hospital. I explained that my friend Chas was being circumcised. Both boys’ hands immediately went to their crotches and a look of pain appeared on both their faces.

Why?” They chorused together.

Well, when his cock started getting bigger as he got into puberty, unfortunately his foreskin didn’t grow with it, so every time he gets a hard-on it’s agony for the poor bugger. He can’t even jerk off properly without it getting really painful.”

Poor sod.” Kai said.

But you must be able to understand, Will.” Ciaran said. “You’re cut after all.”

Yes, but I was cut when I was a baby so I’ve never known what it’s like to have a foreskin, and I was much too young for me to be able to remember the pain now.”

Leo was just shaking the drips off his cock and then he got back into the car, the wet patch on his shorts very obvious.

You could at least apologise Kai.” Leo said as I drove off again. He really seemed to be upset.

Hey, I’m sorry Leo, really.” Kai said. “We weren’t really laughing at you; just at the situation. You have to admit that it was amusing.”

Leo obviously wasn’t as upset as he made out because as he leaned in for a kiss he said, “Apology accepted.” Then he took Kai’s hand and placed it exactly on top of his wet patch.

You disgusting creature!” Kai said.

Your fault!” Leo replied, and then it was his turn to laugh.

Fortunately there was nobody else around to see Leo’s shorts when we went into the house, so we took the boys up to our bedrooms and helped them to unpack and showed them where everything was that they didn’t already know. About ten minutes after we arrived, Amanda called up the stairs, “Tea and cakes in the kitchen, boys.” When we got down to the kitchen the three adults presently in my life were already sitting there. We grabbed stools and sat at the breakfast bar while Amanda cut a freshly made coffee and walnut cake into generous portions and dad took the drinks orders and poured the tea and coffee. Ciaran took a big bite of his cake as dad passed him his cup of tea and said, “So this is the cute boy that my son is in love with.” There was silence for a moment and a look came on Ciaran’s face like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. His mouth seemed to be malfunctioning too as he looked as though he was about to spit out his cake after making several futile attempts to swallow it.

Hey, it’s OK son.” Dad said. “Sure I meant to embarrass you a little, but I didn’t mean for you to choke on the cake. And a lovely cake it is by the way, Amanda.”

Yea, it’s OK Ciaran. Dad knows about us; in fact they all know about us, and they’re all OK with it.” Ciaran finally managed to swallow his cake with the help of a mouthful of tea.

There were tears in his eyes as Ciaran looked around the room, and seeing acceptance on the faces of everybody there he smiled. “Really?” He asked, still not quite believing it.

Really.” Dad said as the others nodded.

To be continued.

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