The following story is a work of fiction but has some of my own experiences included. The characters are all the work of my imagination and their names have been chosen at random; they do not represent real people, living or dead. The story remains my property and should not be posted elsewhere without my written permission.

Come on and get dressed guys.” I said to the others. “We’re about to pick up our first new member.”

Can we just hold it there a minute?” Kai asked. “It seems a shame to have that great nappa leather upholstery in the car and not get the full benefit of it. Call me kinky if you like, but would you guys mind if I travelled naked for a while so I can really feel it against my skin?”

The remaining three of us looked at one another, grins plastered all over our faces, and then we all ran naked to the car. “Just one thing guys.” I said. “No stains on dad’s upholstery please. If you can’t contain yourself, just make sure you catch your juice, or fire it somewhere that it won’t matter.”

When I sat on the car seat I knew immediately that whenever I got my own car, I would have nappa leather upholstery; the feeling against my back, and especially my butt was totally erotic. Ciaran, with his particularly sensitive butt crack was squirming with pleasure beside me, and the guys in the back seemed to be enjoying the sensation just as much, so I drove slowly on until we were about to turn on to the main road. Not wanting to risk being caught naked, I pulled into a lay-by and we all put our shorts and shirts on. I continued the journey, and as we approached the entrance to the Manor House’s I could see a boy leaning against the wall of the gatehouse by the side of the road, and next to him, panting, sat a shaggy-looking dog.

I pulled up as we reached him and I saw his eyes go wide at the sight of the Jag. “Hi, are you Charlie?” I asked as I got out of the car and walked towards him. He nodded, but his eyes were still on the car. As I got close to him I put out my hand to shake, but soon withdrew it when the dog growled. “Charlie, I’m Will Martin.” I said.

Hi Will.” Charlie said, holding out his hand. “It’s OK Tappie, he’s a friend.” The dog immediately stopped growling and his tail started to wag. I shook Charlie’s hand and the dog immediately raised his paw to be shaken. I laughed out loud, which seemed to put Charlie at ease, and motioned to the others to get out of the car.

I think you know Kai and Ciaran from school.” I said. “And this is Leo.” They all shook hands with both Charlie and Tappie to their great amusement.

Is this your car?” Charlie asked.

My dad’s, actually.” I said. “This is the first time I’ve driven it. I usually use the Range Rover.”

Maybe I should take Tappie home.” Charlie said. “I wouldn’t want him to mess up your dad’s seats.

No, don’t worry.” Leo said, pulling off his shirt. “He can sit on my shirt.”

And mine.” Kai said, pulling off his.

That’s great, thank you.” Charlie said. “Although he’ll probably sit on my lap, the big daft lump.”

Tappie obviously objected to being called names because he gave a displeased bark and stuck his nose in the air, much to the amusement of all of us.

Ciaran claimed his front seat again and Charlie and Tappie got into the back with Leo and Kai. “Where to?” I asked.

Can we go back home?” Leo asked. “We can get a little privacy there and Charlie can ask all the questions he wants with no fear of anybody overhearing.”

Is that OK with everybody?” I asked. “Don’t worry Charlie; I can drive you back home afterwards.”

Everybody seemed to be in agreement, so I pointed the Jag in the right direction and away we went.

I can’t believe that all four of you are … well, gay.” Charlie said. “Like I said to you on the phone Will, Kai and Ciaran seem so normal, and so do you and Leo.

Why shouldn’t we be normal?” I asked. “It’s true that some gay guys are a bit on the girly side, but that’s more affectation with some of them, and we’re just not like that.”

You have no idea how relieved I am about that.” Charlie said. “I was imagining all sorts of things, like I’d have to start walking funny and all that.” Kai, who was sitting next to Charlie, punched him lightly on the shoulder and Tappie got a bit protective again.

Hey, he seems to be very protective of you.” Kai said.

Yea, mum and dad got him when I was two years old, and we made friends straight away. Tappie automatically assumed the role of protector and it’s been the same ever since. Lord Whitton’s son tried to push me around once or twice, we’re about the same age, but Tappie soon put him in his place. He went crying to his dad, but Lord Whitton just told him to grow up and stop being obnoxious.”

Did you name Tappie?” Ciaran asked him.

Sort of.” Charlie replied. “Because I was Charlie, mum and dad called him ‘Chaplin’, but at two years old the closest I could get to ‘Chaplin’ was ‘Tappie’, and he’s been Tappie to everybody ever since.

Does this other boy still try to bully you?” Leo asked.

He’s tried several times but only when Charlie’s not around. I just tell him to grow up and I ignore him, even if he is ‘The Honourable Viscount Anthony Whitton’, but I still have to call him ‘sir’.”

That’s bloody stupid in this day and age.” Leo said. “If I ever meet him I certainly won’t call him ‘sir’.”

I turned into our road and as I pulled up outside home, Charlie asked, “Are you Will Martin as in Doctor Martin’s son?” I nodded.

And Leo is Leo Rousseau as in Nurse Rousseau’s son.” I said. “He lives here with us.”

As I opened the car door Mum came rushing out of the house. “Hi Will, hi boys.” Mum said. “Sorry, I’ve got to dash; an expectant mother is about to give birth and Amanda’s out doing house calls. I’ll need to take dad’s car because Amanda’s got the Citroen and dad isn’t home yet.” Just then Tappie jumped out of the car. “Where did the dog come from? I hope he hasn’t dirtied dad’s upholstery; you know what he’s like.”

It’s OK Doctor Martin.” Kai said. “He’s been sitting on our shirts so no harm done.”

Isn’t he gorgeous?” Mum said, bending down. Tappie needed no introduction to her, he ran to her straight away for a fuss.

Mum, this is Charlie Luxton and this is his dog Tappie.” I said.

Yes, I know the Luxtons.” Mum said. “How are you Charlie?”

I’m very well thank you, Doctor Martin.” He replied.

Good, good.” Mum said. “I know the boys can be a bit intimidating, but they don’t bite. There’s plenty of Pepsi in the fridge and loads of snacks in the larder.”

We waved mum goodbye and all joined hands to walk up to the house. Charlie blushed as I took one hand and Leo took the other, but he didn’t pull away and seemed quite reluctant to let go when we got to the front door. We raided the kitchen and took some supplies upstairs to the bedrooms. We showed Charlie around, explaining that one of the bedrooms was Leo’s and the other mine, but most of the time we slept together. Charlie looked a bit mystified and said, “But I thought you were with Ciaran and Leo was with Kai.”

Yea, that’s right.” I said.

But you’re sleeping with Leo.”

Yes.” I said, keeping my face as straight as possible, but after about five seconds I had to burst out laughing and the others joined in.

Look Charlie.” I said. “I used to be with Leo, but when we met the Ryans we both realised that our real affection lay with them. But I’m a horny, gay teenage boy and there’s another horny, gay teenage boy in the next room, so what am I to do at two o’clock in the morning with a cock as hard as a poker?”

Charlie looked at Ciaran and Kai. “And you’re OK with this?” He asked.

Look Charlie,” Kai began. “I’m also a horny, gay teenage boy and there’s another horny, gay teenage boy, who happens to be my brother, in the next room, so what am I to do at two o’clock in the morning with a cock as hard as a poker?”

Charlie thought for a moment and then grinned. “I get the point.” He said.

So tell me Charlie,” Ciaran said. “Have you got a boyfriend?”

No Ciaran.” Charlie replied. “I’ve not long been outed to my folks and as I explained to Will, living at The Manor I live a pretty isolated life outside of school.”

Well, we can change that.” I said “As you’ll know from your dad, the advert doesn’t go in the paper until tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll have some more response to it then. Then maybe you’ll get hooked up with somebody. In the meantime you’re welcome to hang out with us.”

That’s great.” Charlie replied.

We sat and drank some Pepsi, but Tappie snaffled most of the snacks.

Fancy a swim anyone?” Leo asked.

Why not?” I replied. “Do you swim Charlie?”

Yea, I love to swim.” Charlie replied. “Have you got some trunks you can lend me?”

Well, we don’t usually bother.” Kai replied. He was already shirtless from the car, so he dropped his shorts to the floor and stepped out of them, revealing his very respectable package. Charlie’s chin almost hit the floor, and when Ciaran and I did the same, I thought he was going to hyperventilate because his breath was coming in short, sharp spurts. Leo was the last of us to drop his shorts and then the four of us stood looking at Charlie. “Going to join us?” Kai asked.

The front of Charlie’s shorts was coming to life and he looked embarrassed as he tried to adjust his shorts and underpants.

I ummm, well … I don’t ,,, ummm” He spluttered.

Oh, come on Charlie.” Ciaran said.

We’re all gay here and you haven’t got anything that we haven’t.”

Charlie blushed furiously, realising that he would have to reveal his erection if he stripped off now.

Nobody’s going to worry if you’re hard.” Kai said, moving his hand to Leo’s crotch. “In fact, Leo’s going to join you, aren’t you Leo?” He asked, beginning to massage Leo’s cock, which responded in the usual way.

Hold on everybody.” I said. “Charlie, please don’t feel pressured here. We don’t want you to think you have to do anything that you don’t want to. If you’re not happy about stripping off, then don’t; just come down to the pool with us and sit at the side.”

What if your parents come back?” Charlie said.

They know that we swim naked, they’ve seen us often enough. Remember our mums are a doctor and a nurse, so they won’t see anything they haven’t seen before, and dad’s got the same equipment as us, so he won’t be offended.”

Bloody hell!” Charlie said. “My dad would go berserk if I ran around naked.” Tappie couldn’t resist the opportunity to do what dogs do best, and was sniffing around our crotches, and when he licked Ciaran’s cock Charlie grabbed his collar and pulled him away.

No Tappie, that’s my job.” I said. Charlie looked a bit surprised at my comment, but then grinned. “Come on, down to the pool.” I said.

When we got to the pool Charlie tied Tappie up to one of the poolside benches so that he couldn’t jump in the pool with us, and then he sat on the bench next to him, and again he was adjusting his crotch to make himself more comfortable.

As usual, we were larking around in the pool and overtly grabbing and squeezing one another in all the right places. Charlie was watching wide-eyed and following every move. After a little while I heard him say, “Oh, what the hell.” And he started to strip off. What he revealed was a nice, tight young body, not overly developed but certainly not weedy. His hard cock was about five inches long with his balls tightly contained beneath it. I suspected that they probably hung a little lower when he wasn’t so aroused.

Charlie jumped into the pool and Tappie tried hard to follow him, and began whining when he realised he couldn’t come in with us.

Charlie surfaced with a huge grin on his face. “Well done Charlie.” I said. “Are you up for a bit of fun?”

Oh, why not?” Charlie said as I spotted Ciaran dive down behind him. The next thing I heard was Charlie squeal as Ciaran’s hand went between his legs and grabbed his balls.

Welcome to gropesville.” I said as Leo and Kai got either side of him, dived down under him, lifted him bodily and threw him as high as they could into the air. He landed with a huge splash, laughing is head off.

You bastards.” He said, launching himself towards Kai whose facial expression changed as Charlie groped him under the water.

Charlie!” Kai said, surprised. Charlie immediately backed off looking worried.

Sorry.” Sprang to his lips.

Hey, I’m not upset, just very pleasantly surprised that you’re joining in with us. I think it’s great.” As Kai finished speaking I ducked down, got my head between Charlie’s legs and raised him up on my shoulders, his hard cock poking me in the back of my neck. As I got my head out of the water I could hear Charlie hooting with laughter. Tappie was barking and wagging his tail at the side of the pool, showing his approval of his master’s enjoyment.

Charlie slid down my back and as his feet reached the bottom of the pool I felt his cock in my butt crack.

Sorry Will.” He said, trying to step backwards, but I stepped back with him and trapped him against the side of the pool.

Don’t be sorry Charlie; I’m not. I turned to face him and smiled. “Look.” I said. “We’re all larking around in the pool here, we’re all naked and it’s inevitable that we’re going to come into contact with one another, whether by accident or design. We don’t mind; in fact, we enjoy it, so you’d better just get used to it.” I took his hand and moved it down into the water, placing it on my own hard cock. “See? I’m just the same as you are, and the same goes for all of us.”

Charlie’s face was wet from the pool, but I’m pretty certain I saw tears in his eyes as he thanked me. Kai came up behind him and put his arms around him, pressing his cock into Charlie’s butt crack. Ciaran and Leo came over to join us and turned it into a group hug with Charlie at the centre, and each of them kissed him on the cheek. “I’ve never had any decent friends before, and I’ve only known you guys for a couple of hours. I wouldn’t care whether you were gay or not, as long as we can carry on being friends.” Charlie said.

Woof.” Tappie barked his agreement.

We carried on playing around in the pool until we started getting crinkly fingers, and I got out of the pool and went to the little poolside store to get some towels, but there weren’t any there, so we all had to pad through the house and up to the bedrooms where there were plenty of towels. Unknown to me, mum and Amanda had returned home and when she saw us traipsing up the stairs mum remarked, “There’s a strange butt there, but a cute one,” referring to Charlie, of course, who blushed at the comment.

We got up to the bedroom and dried ourselves off; it was still very warm so I opted not to get dressed, but to lie on my bed under the open window. Kai, Leo and Ciaran joined me, but Charlie seemed reluctant. “Come on Charlie.” Leo said. “There’s plenty of room for a small one.”

Hey, he’s not so small.” Ciaran said, eyeing Charlie’s cock which was still pretty hard.

Leo laughed and held out his hand to Charlie. “Come on, guy. I promise we won’t do anything you’re not happy with.”

Yea.” I said. “That’s the rule here; if you don’t like what someone is doing, just say ‘no’ and we’ll respect your wishes.”

Just as Charlie was getting on to the bed a mobile phone started ringing. “That’s mine.” Kai said, climbing over us and giving Charlie’s cock a tweak as he did so.

Kai found his phone in his shorts pocket and when he answered it he said, “Hi dad.”

Give him my love.” Shouted Ciaran as Kai left the room.

Leo shuffled across and snuggled up to Charlie, saying, “Are you OK with this Charlie?”

Oh yea.” Charlie replied. “But won’t Kai be upset?”

Why should he be?” Leo asked. “I’m not doing anything that he wouldn’t do.”

So do you four mess around together?” Charlie asked. “Doesn’t it cause problems between you?”

I suppose we’re really lucky.” I said. “I think I speak for us all when I say that none of us would do anything that we would have a problem explaining to our partner. We’ve never really discussed it, and just recently Ciaran was worried that something he did with his brother would worry me, but as I’d been doing the same thing with Leo, the question didn’t arise. I think we use our common sense and don’t stray too far from the straight and narrow.”

So Kai wouldn’t mind if I kissed Leo and snuggled up to him?” Charlie asked

As long as you’re not trying to seduce me, Kai wouldn’t mind at all.” Leo said, wrapping his arms around Charlie.

A few minutes later Kai walked back into the bedroom. “Hey Kai, how’s dad?” Ciaran asked him. Charlie looked very uncomfortable and snatched his arms from around Leo.

Kai gave Charlie an old-fashioned look, but instead of commenting on what had happened he addressed himself firstly to Ciaran and then to all of us. “Dad’s fine, bro. He wanted to run something by us which will ultimately affect all of us. He’s doing some alterations at an orphanage on the mainland, and some of the kids have been running little errands for him, with the permission of the staff, but there’s one lad named Jacob who has really shown an aptitude for building. He’s sixteen years old, which would normally be too young to leave the orphanage, but if he can get an official apprenticeship, they’re willing to let him come over to the island and work for dad. There are three things that dad wanted to run by us. Firstly, because he’s officially dad’s responsibility until he’s eighteen, he would have to live in the house with us. Secondly, he’s black. Dad knows that we’re not prejudiced in that way, but he just wanted to make sure that we would be OK with it.

Doesn’t bother me either way.” Ciaran said. “What’s the third thing?”

Well, the third thing was what dad was most concerned about.”

Oh dear. I don’t like the sound of that.” Ciaran said, grim-faced.

The third thing is ...” Kai paused. “The third thing is ... Jacob’s gay.”

You’re kidding!” Ciaran said, then we all burst out laughing.

There is one more thing Ciaran.” Kai said.

I told dad that I was gay too.”

WHAT!!” Ciaran shouted.

Only me, bro, I didn’t tell him about you.

And what did he say?”

Well, he was silent for a moment and then he said, ‘That’s OK son; I suspected as much.’.”

Well, I’ll be buggered.” Ciaran said.

That could be arranged.” I said.

And by the way Charlie,” Kai said, “don’t act guilty when you’re in my boyfriend’s arms; I just might think you’ve got something to be guilty about!”

But I did feel guilty.” Charlie said, blushing deeply.

Then don’t.” Kai said as he lay down and hugged him.

You guys have really got it all together.” Charlie said.

Well, you’re one of us now whether you like it or not.” I said.

Oh, I like it.” Charlie replied with a grin.

Now then Kai, what else do you know about this Jacob chap then?” I asked.

No more than I’ve already told you.” Kai said, “But I’m certainly looking forward to seeing him.”

Oh, fed up with me already?” Leo asked.

Oh, I could never have too much of you.” Kai said, wrapping himself around Leo and kissing him.

Get a bucket of water, somebody.” Ciaran said as Charlie guffawed. Just then Tappie jumped up on the bed with us.

Oh, he needs to go out.” Charlie said, crawling over Ciaran and me to get to his clothes.

Why don’t we all go?” Ciaran suggested.

No, don’t worry.” Charlie said.

No problem.” I said, almost falling off the bed. We pulled on our shorts and tee shirts to go with Charlie and Tappie

Don’t you guys ever wear underwear?” Charlie asked.

Not unless we have to.” We chorused. Charlie laughed as we left the bedroom and went downstairs.

Hi boys.” Mum called from the sitting room.

Hi mum.” I said, popping my head round the door.

I hope you don’t mind Tappie being in your house.” Charlie said.

Not at all.” Mum said. “I’m used to having animals around.” She added, looking around at the rest of us.”

Oh, thanks mum.” I said.

Tappie started barking to remind Charlie that he needed to go outside, so we said our goodbyes and left the house by the front door just as dad pulled up in the Range Rover.

Hi dad.” I said. “I thought you were on the mainland.”

Yes, I was. When I got down to the Jetty this morning I found that the ferry was running half an hour behind schedule, but old Jake was there with his boat, so I left the car on the jetty and got him to take me across; then I made the arrangement to come back with him this afternoon. Now who’s this?”

Sorry dad, this is Charlie. He lives at the manor house, and this is his pal Tappie.” Tappie took an immediate shine to Dad and would have climbed up into his arms given half the chance.

I really ought to be getting home actually. I didn’t let anyone know that I was going out, and I left my mobile at home, so mum might be worried about me.” Charlie said.

Well once Tappie’s done with what he’s got to do we’ll run you home.”

No, don’t worry.” Charlie said. “We can go across country, it shouldn’t take too long.”

Nonsense.” Dad said. “If there’s any danger of your mum being worried, let us get you home as soon as possible. If you want to phone her, you can use the telephone in the house, or you can use Will’s mobile.”

Well, if it’s not too much trouble.” Charlie said. “Andy by the way, Mr Martin, I love the Jag.”

Thank you Charlie.” Dad said.

Don’t worry dad, we didn’t let Tappie get on the seats.” I told him.

Well done, son.” Dad replied, “But the Range Rover’s back now, so you can take them home in that. Nice to have met you Charlie.” Dad concluded as he gave the keys to me and then began emptying the car of his purchases.

As soon as Tappie had done his business we got into the Range Rover and set off for the Manor. “Listen guys, I don’t know how to thank you for today. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun or felt so ... well, ‘accepted’ doesn’t begin to describe how I feel.”

Well, whether you like it or not, you’re one of us now Charlie, and you too Tappie.” Ciaran said.

Yea; what time do you want us to pick you up tomorrow?” Leo asked.

Tomorrow?” Charlie said.

Well, you don’t think that today was a one-off, do you?” I asked.

Well, no, but won’t you get fed up with Tappie and me? We’d hate to be hangers-on.”

Charlie, I don’t think I would ever think of you as a hanger-on.” Kai said. “You’re too much fun, you’re very friendly and we’ve all loved spending time with you, haven’t we guys?”

Yes!” We all chorused.

Woof.” Tappie said, wanting to be involved.

We got to the gates of the Manor House and, without asking Charlie, I pulled in through the gates and said, “Which way?”

You don’t have to take me to the house.” Charlie said.

Nonsense.” I said, and Charlie directed me around the back of the Manor House and down a lane to a very pretty house with a well-tended garden and fresh paintwork.

What a lovely house.” Ciaran said.

Yea, we like it.” Charlie said as a plump, smiling lady came through the front door. Charlie jumped out of the car and ran around to the back to let Tappie out.

Hello Charlie.” His mother said. “And who do we have here?”

Hi mum.” Charlie replied. “These are my new friends. That’s Will driving, he’s Doctor Martin’s son, and next to him is Ciaran Ryan. He and Kai in the back are Mr Ryan the builder’s sons. The other boy is Leo. He’s Doc Martin’s new nurse-housekeeper’s son.”

Hello Mrs Luxton.” We all chorused.

Would it be OK if they came and picked Tappie and me up tomorrow?” Charlie asked.

Of course it would.” Mrs Luxton replied. “Let me know what time you’re coming and I’ll have some goodies ready for you to take with you.”

How about eleven o’clock?” I asked.

That would be fine boys.” Mrs Luxton said. “His Lordship’s away at the moment so I’ve only got Thaw’s meals to get.”

Who’s Thaw?” Kai asked.

Oh, it’s our nickname for ‘The Honourable Anthony Whitton – T-H-A-W.” Mrs Luxton explained. “That’s His Lordship’s son.”

Yea, Thaw the bore.” Charlie said.

Now then Charlie, don’t be disrespectful.” Mrs Luxton admonished him.

Why not? He doesn’t respect me.”

Well, that’s true enough.” Mrs Luxton said.

We said our goodbyes and turned the car around and drove away, waving as we went. As we pulled around to the front of the Manor we saw The Honourable Anthony in the distance. He looked to be about our age and he seemed to be studying us through a pair of binoculars. Ciaran waved out of the window to him, but he made no effort to acknowledge us as we drove out of the gate and back onto the road.

We spoke of little other than Charlie for the rest of the day, but all thoughts of everything else went out of my head when, in the shower before bed, Ciaran told me that ‘tonight was the night’. He wanted me to make love to him. My erection suddenly gave a whole new meaning to the word ‘hard’.

To be continued.

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