Living the Lie

By Rob Loveboy

Edits by len Homber


Jamie Ferguson had struggled with his true sexuality since the age of twelve when he saw his first porno movie with his best friend Carl. Jamie found himself excited by the young men more so than the women fascinated at the sight of their mature genitals so different from his own hairless gherkin pickle and sack of marbles: it was Jamie’s first real practical understanding of sex, his knowledge had been limited to schoolyard scuttlebutt from boys older than himself.


As Jamie grew older his thoughts also grew of what it would be like to touch another guy’s cock and balls: what would pubic hair feel like ... that is, until he started growing his own midway through his thirteenth year. Jamie’s genitals also began to mature, but nothing like most of the other boys he timidly showered with after first year junior high gym class.


The showers! A smorgasbord of male anatomy of all shapes and sizes live and in person. Some of the guys strutted about showing off their wares where other less-developed boys cowered trying to be modest as Jamie did.


He thought he was a freak, boys didn’t think about boys in that way. Jamie discovered masturbation around the same time, he tried to think about girls, as much as he tried, it was to boys that his mind wandered encouraging orgasm at which point he hated himself.


Jamie was a good looking lad, dirty-blonde hair and deep blue eyes. At age fourteen he started dating a girl, Marjorie Crothers. Finally, thoughts about Marjorie took precedence during his jerk-off sessions, he wasn’t queer after all! The furthest he ever got with Marjorie was copping a feel of her big tits one night, however, she wouldn’t let him open her blouse nor would she put a hand inside his jeans no matter how much he begged. Jamie dated several girls after Marjorie, none of which put out more than exposing a breast and feeling his erection over his denim jeans which was enough for him to blow a load.


The ugly thoughts about messing around with a guy began to resurface, only more intense was the desire. Jamie wanted desperately to taste a cock, maybe just once would cure him of the desire. In a futile effort, he tried a number of times and positions to suck his own stubby dick, the closest he managed was the tip of his  tongue touching the head, while he was beating his meat vigorously and squirting a couple of globs in his mouth, he liked the sweet-bitter taste.


Jamie had a reputation of being a lady’s man which he closely guarded. There may have been a few opportunities, always second guessing the other guy’s true willingness to get it on. Oh how they teased him, perhaps even consciously when they grabbed their crotches playfully among other guys asking who wanted it, he pulled the same antic often enough. A few times he joked, “You produce it, I’ll seduce it!” But it was all in fun as far as the other guys thought, however, Jamie was rather serious minded if the truth be known.


It was a few months before his fifteenth birthday. Many teens had gathered at a known hangout at the beach to drink or do drugs. Guys drastically outnumbered girls, Jamie was between girlfriends and hit on one chick that amounted to nothing but heavy petting and kissing down the beach away from the crowd. Hands in each other’s pants, a first for him being touched and feeling pussy, Jenna drew the line when things got hot and heavy frustrating Jamie to just short of raping her. Jenna quickly buttoned her blouse and jeans before Jamie could force himself on her, they rejoined the others around the bonfire.


Jamie had never done anything but weed, when he was offered ecstasy by another teen he didn’t refuse. He liked the stoned feeling it gave him, carefree and jovial, not to mention a touch hornier enough to try and seduce Jenna again who would have nothing to do with him.


Jamie became friendly with Kyle Abrams, seventeen, a senior football jock he knew from school but had never really talked to until then. Kyle wasn’t great looking, not fat, but chunky. Most seniors only tolerated the juniors, a silent pecking order. Jamie was thrilled that a senior seemed truly friendly to him and giving him the hit of ecstasy. They chatted about chicks, Jamie relayed his near conquest with Jenna, Kyle sympathetic having recently been dumped by his girlfriend whom he claimed he got to third base with.


“I gotta drain the vein.” Kyle said rising from the log they sat on.


“Me too!” Jamie said up on his feet and following Kyle into the trees.


Jamie was one of those pee-shy types, however, he stood next to Kyle and fished out his dick. The full moon cast a dim light, enough to vaguely see Kyle expose his junk pulling down the front of his sweatpants. Jamie stole several glances at the teen’s cock and hefty balls merely two-feet to his right.


“Fucking women!” Kyle blurted, “A bunch of cock-teasers … the whole bunch of them.”

“You got that right!” agreed Jamie feeling Kyle’s nonchalant gaze checking out his cock which was semi-erect giving him courage not to be shy standing next to another guy to relieve the call of nature.


Jamie struggled to let loose and piss only managing dribbles well after Kyle was loudly spraying the fallen tree. Jamie was mesmerized, unable not to look away as Kyle stroked the last drops from his long cock that was growing larger. He didn’t cease stroking himself when all should have been finished as wide-eyed Jamie stared, his own cock succumbing to the erotic sight of Kyle’s hand slowly gliding over his seven fat inches with a bulbous crown.


Kyle’s eyes were closed, his breathing became labored. Confused, Jamie wondered if Kyle wasn’t coming onto him. Why else would he be putting on such a spectacle as if to entice Jamie?


Jamie’s mind was reeling with uncertainty. He could very well make a fool of himself, the result of which devastating if he misunderstood the situation. He waited a few minutes, saw Kyle open his eyes briefly to look at Jamie and wander down to his cock. Jamie was somewhat confident then, an opportunity he only dreamt of, he dropped to his knees, his hand shaking taking Kyle’s cock who dropped as  his hand giving Jamie full access and silent permission.


Jamie felt the wetness being absorbed by his knees, obviously Kyle’s piss on the ground … he didn’t care. The warmth in his hand grasping the velvet-like meaty teen-cock was overwhelming, as was the almost hairless ball-sack, the orbs the size of walnuts rolling between his fingers.


Kyle groaned, his hand suddenly on Jamie’s head forcing it forward. Jamie had already detected the pre-cum that was smearing his lips, the scent of Kyle’s manhood ever so  aphrodisiacal  to his senses. Jamie licked the sweet slime from Jamie’s pee-hole, his tongue deep as possible urging more nectar with his hand tight around the shaft able to feel his fingertips barely connect.


Jamie freed his own cock wishing he had another hand. The thrill he was experiencing was more than he ever imagined when he engulfed Kyle almost to the base feeling the bristly pubic hair tickling his nose. Jamie’s earlier thought of a one time experience to rid the urges from his mind once and for all was for not … there was no denying he was hooked on sucking cock.


It was as if he was well experienced that he performed oral sex on Kyle, striving to please the grunting teen rotating his hips with both hands on Jamie’s head perhaps to encourage his already avid enthusiasm.


“Oh god … so much better than Cathy.” Kyle moaned no doubt enjoying himself at Jamie’s mercy.


Jamie felt the shaft expand and throb once and the shaking of his knees before Kyle was cuming in his mouth. Like a hungry baby on a tit, Jamie sucked surprised at the volume Kyle produced from his tightened testicles and spasmodic shaft taking Jamie by surprise trying stop it from escaping the corners of his mouth, swallowing wasn’t easy having the large cock occupying his mouth however, all of which he managed to ingest and coerce the last drops onto his tongue even after Kyle went flaccid not wanting to release it, Kyle eventually pulling free.


Shortly after Jamie stood, they heard the distinct sound of rustling of bushes and twigs snapping of someone nearby. They had been caught.


“Oh fuck!” Kyle said under his breath pulling up his sweats from around his ankles.  He had heard it too. “You stay here awhile before coming out.” he whispered as he covered his head with his hoodie making his way leaving Jamie to dwell on what happened and who might have witnessed his indiscretion.


From the darkness, Peter Franks appeared with his pants undone and his cock pointing upward. “I’ll keep my mouth shut if ya do me.” he said.


Peter was good looking compared to Kyle. Sixteen and captain of the school swim-team. Bare chested, his t-shirt hung from the side of his shorts, Jamie admired the teen’s hour-glass figure although he was scared, however, Peter was making an offer that would keep him from telling what he saw.


Jamie stared at the five-inch uncut slender cock, Peter’s balls concealed. “You promise not to tell?” he asked sheepishly although he never thought for a moment Kyle would squeal … or would he considering thinking he thought he had been caught … getting a blowjob by another guy didn’t make you a fag, so Jamie surmised, a mouth was a mouth, after all.


Peter stepped forward a few feet away from Jamie, a slight smile and rubbing of his cock told Jamie the teen was serious. With the taste of Kyle still in his mouth, Jamie reached and took Peter’s cock in hand. Peter moved closer and much to Jamie’s shocked state, unfastened Jamie’s jeans, reached inside and fondled him. “Our secret, right?” Peter said with a quiver in his voice obviously nervous.


The two teens jerked each other off a while, their shyness soon overcome. Jamie sat on the fallen tree and with every bit the excitement he felt with Kyle, he sucked Peter’s smaller cock to the base and grasped his nuts tightly. Much too soon, Peter’s body shivered in orgasm. Much sweeter than Kyle, but not near the amount, Jamie tasted his second load, slightly more bitter than Kyle.


“Thanks!” Peter said buttoning up … and that was that, Peter walked away before Jamie even pulled up his own pants. he lay there on his back trying to come to terms with what he’d  done … he had sucked off two boys like a whore … tears began to flow, he wanted to die.


Back at the bonfire it was like nothing happened, Kyle still talked to him. He asked Jamie if he thought someone saw them.


“Yup, but I took care of it, no worries.”


“Ya mean … ya did him, too?” Kyle asked in a surprised tone. “Who was it?”


“I told you, I took care of it. You have nothing to worry about.” At first, Jamie wasn’t going to tell, but considering Peter saw Kyle, he thought it only fair. “It was Peter Franks who was spying on us.”


“The swimmer Peter Franks? I don’t believe it! Peter Franks?”


“Drop it, Kyle. As I said, you have nothing to worry about.”


Kyle offered Jamie a lift home. On route he turned onto a dirt road and parked. “Do me again, man!” he said pulling down his sweats.


Even though he was beating himself up swearing he’d never suck another cock, Kyle was already boned up, unable to resist the temptation, Jamie obliged.


Late one night about a week later, a knock on his bedroom window startled him. It was Peter Franks. Jamie opened the window. Jamie smelt the booze right away, Peter was somewhat drunk stumbling through the window and crashing to the floor causing him into a fit of laughter. Jamie was concerned his parents would  wake and come to investigate the ruckus.


“What the fuck are you doing here, Peter?” he asked, although he already knew the answer.


“Wha ya think?” he slurred taking off his clothes. “Sex … why else would I come here?”


Jamie had mixed feelings, again he swore to himself that his cock-sucking days were over, he even got back together with Marjorie to prove to himself he was straight. However, seeing Peter’s beautiful body completely naked and the fact that he was groping Jamie through his underwear was more than he could stand, the two teens were soon coupled in a sixty-nine on the bed. Peter was quite good at it and seemed truly enthralled performing oral sex on Jamie.


“Fuck me, man!” Peter said rolling onto his stomach.


Jamie couldn’t believe his ears or eyes. Peter’s hands separated his cheeks exposing his pink pud twitching, he was obviously very serious about getting fucked. Jamie wasted no time and lay on the teen. The act was more difficult than he thought, first he had trouble finding the hole with his cock, then he had difficulty entering the tight chasm.


“Get some kind of lubricant.” Peter urged.


Jamie would have to pass his parent’s open bedroom door naked and erect to get the vaseline from the bathroom, instead, he opted for the kitchen and laced his cock with Crisco hurrying before Peter might change his mind.


Jamie worked his way inside Peter’s rectum with less difficulty although it was still very tight. Peter threw his head up and cried out. “Fuck, that hurts!” However, he never asked Jamie to pull out, after a few minutes, he relaxed and let panting Jamie have his way.


Later, Peter divulged that he was queer but had never done anything until then, much the same as Jamie, the two good-looking boys had a lot in common, holding and fondling each other, they fell asleep.


Peter’s visits through the window became a regular tryst;  the sex was great and satisfying. At school they ignored each other keeping their secret safe. Jamie also blew Kyle in his car on a regular basis thinking that as long as the teen was satisfied, he wouldn’t tell anyone that Jamie was a cock-sucker, an insinuation without going into details from the popular football jock would be believed and devastating, ending Jamie’s reputation. He continued putting on appearances by dating girls, all the while he and Peter were secret lovers even after high school when they moved in together.




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