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A work of fiction

Hi, my name is Stephen. I'm a fifteen year old boy. I don't like the name Stephen but that's what everyone calls me. I'll be a freshman next year in high school. I'm not really looking forwards to it. Not that... I don't like school. It's just... I'm really shy. You might say I don't fit in well with the other kids. Especially with older kids. The few friends I have are younger than me. I get picked on a lot in school because I'm so small and kind of skinny.

I have long brown hair that I part in the middle. I'm five feet, three inches tall. I weigh one hundred and five pounds. I have brown eyes and I wear glasses. My mom says I'm pretty. Boys aren't supposed to be pretty, they're supposed to be handsome. Some of the bigger boys call me a sissy. Maybe I am. I'm just me.

I don't play sports. I guess... I'm not strong enough to compete. I do like to skateboard though... just for fun. Actually I'm pretty good. Some kids call me a computer geek. I'm pretty smart with computers and I like to read and write. A few months ago I found a gay story web site called Nifty. After reading many of the stories there I think I might be gay. In fact... I know I'm gay. When I look at porn on the internet I'm only interested in the gay sites. The teen boy sites. You know. The ones that say, `All models are eighteen years of age or older' Pictures of those hot young guys really makes my little Willy hard. LOL

This is the first time I have tried to write a story like the ones I like to read at Nifty. I like the `Young Friends' or `High School' stories the best. So... here goes nothing. I hope you like it.

Love Lust and Giggles

I first met Mark at Wal-mart. We were both checking out the new skateboards. I had seen him around before but I didn't really know him. He's a cute kid. Mark is twelve, he'll be thirteen in a few months.

I thought Mark was pretty when I saw him that day in the sporting goods department. I wondered if that's what my mom means when she calls me pretty? Mark had that sweet boyish smile on his face. His green eyes twinkled as he blinked. His eyelashes were long and full... kind of like a girl's eyelashes. He had cute little dimples in his cheeks when he grinned. Mark had long shaggy black hair that looked like he hadn't combed it before he left his house. He wore baggie tidied skater shorts and a Cream concert t-shirt. He looked like he should be in California instead of a cow town in Ohio.

"Sweet board huh?" he asked me as we eyed the same board. A Johnson Jet.

"Yeah, but I could never get my rents to cough up the dough for that." I told him.

"Yeah, I know what ya mean." he said. "I'm Mark. What's your name?"

"Stephen." I told him as I looked into his sweet, young face. He seemed very friendly and out going. I would have never spoke to him first. Maybe that's what attracted me to him.

"You got a board?" he asked.

"Yeah just an old beater." I replied.

He giggled. "Yeah me too." I thought that was so cute and boyish of him. You know? That squeaky, little boy giggle.

We walked around and chatted a little while looking at the bikes and stuff. He asked me if I wanted to get a soda. I told him, "Sure." We walked to the concession center. We sat at a table while we enjoyed our cold drinks. Mark was pretty funny. He told stupid jokes that made me laugh and made me feel at ease with him. He seemed to be older than twelve. Well, almost thirteen.

He asked me, "Where do you live?"

I told him, "In a van... down by the river." It cracked him up. I was glad that I could make him laugh. He looked so cute as he chuckled. That's when I got that funny feeling in my belly. You know? That stirring and tightness in your groin that works it's way up into your belly, then rises up into your chest. I think I started to blush. At least my face felt hot.

He wiped his hand over his face as if to wipe away his smile. He looked dead serious. I had to bust up when he did that. After I caught my breath I told him, "I live on Elm Street... down by the river." We both cracked up again. There wasn't a river within 100 miles from us. He called me a nut case. That was much nicer than being called a sissy.

"I live on Peach Street." he told me. Peach Street was like... four blocks from Elm.

"Wow, Cool!" I exclaimed. "We're almost neighbors."

He asked, " Want to come over to my house and skateboard? I have a couple of ramps set up in my driveway." I was taken aback by his invitation. He was so friendly and nice and cute.

"Sure." I told him. "I could come over after dinner. I'm sure my mom won't care."

"Great!" he squealed. "Mine is 145."

We got up from our table and walked outside. As we got on our bikes I told him. "I'll be over around 5:30." He gave me a wink and smiled. What did that mean? Was that just his way of body langue? In the short period of time I had been with him, he used many different facial expressions.

We rode through town together and talked more until we came to my street. We stopped and Mark slapped me on the back and said, " See ya around 5:30. Bring your helmet. My mom won't let you skate in our drive if you don't wear one." I told him I would, then we parted ways.

As I rode the rest of the way home alone my thoughts became excited. A new friend, I thought. I didn't have many. The ones I had were just school friends. I really didn't have a friend to hang out with. The neighborhood I lived in was mostly old retired people, so there weren't many kids my age around.

When I got home I told my mom about Mark. I told her he had asked me over to board after dinner. Mom said, " That's fine dear. It's about time you came out of your shell and made some friends."

That didn't make me feel very good. It was almost like she was calling me a loser. I let it pass. I'm sure that's not the way she meant it.

I went up to my bedroom. It was hot outside and I was sweaty from my bike ride. I took off my shoes and clothes then went into my bathroom to take a shower. The cooler air against my naked body felt good. I got into the shower and started to wash. My thoughts turned of Mark. How cute and friendly he was. I guess he turned me on a little with his quick wit and good looks. He was all of what I would look for in a boyfriend. Did I just say... Boyfriend?

My soft cut prick started to stiffen. Those funny feelings in my groin started again. I closed my eyes and started to lightly stroke my teen cock as I envisioned that Mark was there. Naked with me in my shower. My hands moved up to massage my chest and nipples. Then back around to my sides and then towards my back... as if Mark were there hugging me. It felt nice. I longed to be held by someone. To feel another's love against my body. Besides my mother`s. Another boy's body. Another naked boy's body.

My fantasy took over and I started to work my cock with sincerity. My mind played pictures in my head. What did Mark look like naked? How big was his dick? Was he circumcised or uncircumcised? Did he have pubic hair? What kind of underwear did he wear? Could he cum yet? Was he gay like me?

My nuts tightened up close to the base of my teen cock and I felt the twitching in the head of my prick. I knew I would get weak so I knelt to the floor of the shower so I wouldn't fall when I lost my nuts. I rubbed my belly and chest with my left hand while I feverishly beat my meat with my right. My dam broke and I pumped out six strong streams of my sperms onto the shower floor. I felt weak and slid onto my back letting the spray of water overcome my body.

I regained myself, stood back up and finished rinsing. I turned the water off then dried. I went back into my bedroom and took out a clean pair of white briefs from my dresser. I put on my clean underwear and crawled onto my bed. I drifted off for a nap, dreaming of Mark.


When I got to Mark's house he was out in his driveway playing on his skateboard. When he saw me coming he greeted me with a smile.

"Hey Stephen. Waz-up?" He gave me the thumb and pinky, thumbs-up. I returned the same gesture. I wasn't into all this skater stuff, I just played along.

We played around on his ramps. He had a metal rail nailed to a two by four. I watched him, then he would watch me. He was better than me. I didn't have any ramps or rail to practice with. I would go to the local skate park, sit and watch the other boys but I never took my board there. I guess I was too shy. I didn't want to be made fun of. Then I would go home and try some of the things I had seen them do.

Mark gave me some pointers about the ramps and rail. I actually learned to do a 180 Ollie. That was awesome! We messed around for an hour or so. We were getting pretty tired and hot. Mark asked if I wanted to go inside, cool off and get a soda. I excepted his offer and we went into the kitchen. His mom was there. Mark introduced us. She asked me some dumb questions like, what my last name was, what my mom's name was, if I had any brothers or sisters. It was very boring talking with her. Mark saved the day when he suggested we go up to his room and check out his video games. He got us a couple cans of Coke and we went up to his bedroom.

Mark had a pretty cool bedroom. He had concert posters of old rock stars and stuff on his walls. A black light and a really nice stereo. What was he, an old hippy that never grew up? He had a book case full of books and trinkets. He must have had three hundred CD's and DVD's in a tower. He had a small desk with a computer on it, a T. V. on another wall for cable and to play video games on. I was most interested in his books and computer.

Mark said he needed to pee and went off into his bathroom. I just kind of looked around checking out all the neat things he had. I looked at the books on his bookcase. This kid was a reader. He must have had the very first book he had ever read. `Go Dog Go`, `Green Eggs And Ham.' He had older kid's books too. He had three or four Harry Potter books. He had books about learning to fly air planes and books about race car drivers. He had a wide range of interests. As I looked at his books I saw one that had a book mark in it. Just out of curiosity I picked out the book to see what he had been reading. It was called, `Living To Die' I thought that was a strange book title for a kid his age to be interested in.

When I opened it up to the book mark, it wasn't a book mark at all. It was a printer picture of a nude young boy from his belly button down showing a hard, young hairless dick. Oops! I quickly put the book back. Embarrassed, I quickly sat on the edge of Mark's bed as he came back into the room.

Mark asked what video game I wanted to play. I stumbled for words. I was thinking... Who was the boy in the picture?

"Ah... ah. I don't know. I'm not very good at video games." I told him.

"You want ta watch a movie?" he asked.

I nodded my head yes. "Yeah, that would be cool."

"Pick one out. I have tons of them."

I looked through the stacks of DVD's he had. I found one called, `Monsters From Hell' I walked over to where Mark was sitting on the edge of his bed. "How about this one?" I asked as I opened the case. When I opened the case, a DVD fell out unto the bed. It fell face up. It was an `18 Boy dot com video.'

"Oh... Shit!" he mumbled, as he quickly snatched up the disc. I looked at him and his face turned red as a beet. He giggled. "I wondered where that went? I must have put it in the wrong case." He didn't know, I knew about boy porn movies. Oh, I knew about 18 Boy dot com videos. I have one myself. I love to watch the young twinks suck and fuck each other while I jacked off at night.

You may ask, how do boys this age could get such trash? Believe me, they can and do. I stole mine out of a car parked at the adult video shop. I bet that guy was pissed! LOL

I started getting excited with the thoughts of the boy picture I had found, and now the porn video. I knew Mark liked boys too. Like me. But who was the boy in the picture?

As he tried to hide it under his leg, I leaned over to take the disc from him. "Let's watch it. What is it?" I asked, pretending I didn't know what the movie was about.

"Ah... It's just a dumb movie." he mumbled.

I leaned in closer to grab the disc from him. He tried to keep it away from me. I wrestled him for it and was able to get it away from him. Once I got the disc, I jumped up off the bed and looked at it. When I saw what the video was, I looked at Mark as he laid on his bed. He kind of scrunched up as if I might bite his head off. He started to get tears in his eyes. I giggled. "This one's different than the one I have." I winked at him.

Mark looked at me with surprise. I saw his body begin to relax. A slight grin appeared on his face which brought out the dimples in his cheeks.

"Do... do you like guys too?" he stammered.

"I think so." I told him.

Mark sat up again and I sat back down. I handed him back his video. He gently took it from my hand and blushed again.

I don't know where I got the courage from but I wanted to get Mark naked. I wanted to see his dick. I wanted to touch his dick. I wanted to taste his dick. I put my hand on his thigh and gave it a little squeeze. He giggled and opened his legs so I could reach up and feel his groin. I ran my hand under his skater shorts to feel his hard little dick under his tight, little briefs. Mark leaned back onto his elbows and let me fondle him. He made a light moaning sound as if he were giving up his last breath. "Stop." he said. "Let me lock the door."

He jumped up off of the bed, skipped over to the door and locked it. He slowly walked back as I waited for him. Now he looked more seductive. Holding his thin hips and wiggling them back and forth like a strip dancer. He looked so hot! My teen rod was getting even harder. He walked up to me in a silent dance. Right in front of my face he started to pull his t-shirt slowly up over his head with both hands. It was so sexy! His little tits were hard and I could see his little dick was tenting too. I reached out to touch his smooth belly and chest but he backed away from me. What a little tease!

I jumped up and caught him before he could get further away. He giggled as I caught and tickled him. I hugged his mostly naked body against mine. It felt so nice! I picked him up. Then I turned and dropped him on the bed. He giggled again. It was so cute! I knelt on the floor in front of him.

I was in lust. I knew Mark would play with me, like I had always wanted to play with another boy. I reached up and pulled his shorts down. He wiggled and lifted his hips. He was such a beautiful site. So young and firm. So cute and full of hormones to be released. I had to see his dick. I knew it was hard. I pulled his white briefs down to let his boner flop back onto his belly with a smack.

He had just a dusting of pubic hair. He was circumcised and his cock had a nice upwards curve to. He was... I guess, about four inches long and thick. With a big pink head. His scrotum and legs were hairless. His small testicles looked to be about the size of grapes. I became obsessed with his dick right away. I wanted to touch it.

I rubbed my hands up the inside of his thighs. He was so smooth and warm. The smell of his boy body was intoxicating. I continued to rub my hands up to his groin. I rubbed my fingers across the tight, wrinkled, pink skin that protected his testicles and gently felt each one.

Mark began to lightly moan as he willingly opened his legs farther. I loved the smoothness of his preteen privates. His young, little prick held tightly against his pubic bone. I felt the heat and hardness as my fingertips gently slide up the length of his shaft. I gripped his boner with my fingers and thumb, it felt solid and hard. I bent it back so I could look at the prize before me. I had seen a lot of dicks on my computer, but I had never touched and studied another boy's dick so closely.

As I leaned forward I caressed the tightness of his tummy. I rubbed up to touch his tinny nipples. They were hard and sticking out. They were about half the size of a pencil eraser. His areolas were about the size of a nickel and slightly darker than the rest of his tanned skin. I rubbed his little outie belly button with the tip of my finger. It stuck out like a little penis. Mark giggled.

I looked up into his face again as I continued to fondle his boy boner. He was still holding his upper body up with his forearms against his mattress watching me. His eyes were wide and bright with desire.

I whispered, "Can you cum yet?"

He shyly nodded and said, "A little." Oh... how I want to taste this boy's seed.

I smiled and told him, "Let me have it." as I lowered my mouth back to his hard, smooth little prick.

I licked the tip of his dick then opened my mouth and took his four inch boyhood inside. The taste of a boy flooded my taste buds. I though I was going to bust my own nuts off right there. At last... I had what I had wanted for so long. The texture was incredible. His scent was warm as it lofted into my sinus. I explored the crown of his cock with my tongue. I toyed at his pee-hole, it tasted mildly salty. I played with his small nuts in their hairless sack with my fingertips as I bobbed my mouth up and down his little boy meat.

Mark started to whimper and moan. He grabbed fists full of bedding as his body stiffened. "Oh Stephen... that feels so good!" he sighed.

I chuckled to myself with his hard, young prick in my mouth. He started to make short bucking pumps with his slim hips, pushing and pulling his dick in and out of my sucking mouth.

As the seconds slipped quickly away his lust became more feverish. His bucking became more determined. His whimpering became louder.

"Oh... Stephen... I'm going to shoot!" he squeaked

His body stiffened and started to shake and convulse as if he were having a seizer. The kid was going wild under me as his orgasm overtook his young body.

I felt his prick jerk and I felt a small burst of cum hit the back of my throat. With his nuts still in my finger tips I felt them drawl up tight into his scrotum and twitch. Then I could feel a warm flow of his sperm coat my tongue. I tasted the boy's seed that I wanted so bad. I felt wonderful to have gotten the boy off with my mouth and tongue.

"Oh... Oh... Stop Stephen. It tickles too much." he cried.

I let his tender, supper-sensitive prick fall from my mouth. He lay back painting. His tummy and chest heaving to catch his breath. I just stared at him laying there. Even though my own cock was hard as hell and busting at the seams, I was pleased with what I had done for him.

Mark finally opened his eyes to see me looming over him with my cock in my hand jacking off.

He said, "Wait!" But, I couldn't wait. I threw my head back and squirted my thick, boy cum all over his tummy and chest. I blew five strong jets onto his naked, young body.

I fell to my knees beside his bed. He leaned forward and ran his fingers through the puddles of my spunk. He grinned as he lifted his fingers to his mouth. Sticking his tongue out, he tasted my cum. He licked his fingers and smiled. "That was awesome Stephen!"

I nodded as I stood up and crawled onto the bed with him. We hugged and kissed each other on the lips.

Just then there was a knock at his bedroom door. More like someone trying to bust the door down. "What are you boys doing in there? Why is your door locked Mark?"

Mark stumbled for words. "Nothing Mom. We're just talking."

We scampered to regain ourselves. Mark used his sheet to finish cleaning my cum off his tummy and chest. We re-dressed in record time. I knew we were busted. I was panicked. Had Mark's Mom been standing outside the door listening to us? What would she say? What would she do? Fuck... Fuck... Fuck! I had forgot all about her still being home.