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Love Me

Chapter 12 Jared's Wish


It is late Friday evening and Caden is allowing Riley to stay up until midnight to see a meteor shower. Caden, Jared, and Riley are all outside together for a half hour before Caden heads inside. He has a report due for his boss on Monday, but he really wants to get it done early. Caden leaves Jared to explain how you make wishes on shooting stars.

"Did you see that shooting star?"

Jared points to a fiery object blazing across the sky.

"No, but...but, I see it now."

It is hard to miss it now that Riley can see it. They see that one and then the guys watch a couple more pass by in the sky. Both guys are thinking about the wishes that they would like to put to the universe.


Riley looks to the sky and sees another shooting star.

`I wish...I wish...that...I...could be...me."

What he wants is to be whole again, but then as he looks at Jared, he finds himself wanting his friend to be happy. When another fireball courses across the sky, Riley decides to put another wish to the universe. He looks up and wishes one more time.

`I want...I want...us to...to be family.'

Life is meant to be spent with family around you. Jared looks at Riley as if he did something wrong.

"You're not supposed to tell anyone what you wished for otherwise it won't come true."


"You're fine dude."

The guys continue to watch the sky.


Another shooting star passes by and it catches Jared's eyes. A ball of fire sweeps across the sky.

"I wish that Caden will say yes to being my boyfriend."


Riley looks at Jared hoping for a clue to his wish.

"Are...you...going to...to...tell me?"

The older guy just shakes his head in disbelief.

"I can't tell you, remember."

The young man just looks at Jared and you can see he is trying to say he is sorry.

"Okay, I am going inside. Are you coming?"


Jared opens the back door and heads for the bathroom. After he exits the bathroom, he then heads toward the office where Caden is still at work.

"Do you want me to take care of Riley's nighttime routine?"

Caden turns around and looks at Jared.

"Thanks Jared, I really do appreciate it."

Jared turns around and walks out of the room. As Jared leaves Riley enters the room, he sits down and relaxes for a second or two.


Riley looks at Caden and has forgotten not to talk about his wish. He is ready to burst. It is as if the wish is building pressure inside his chest. It has to come out.

"Caden, I...I...made a w-ish."

"Cool dude." He was hoping to be left alone to do his typing, but since he won't do the bedtime routine, he can afford to give his brother some attention.

"I w-ished you and...Jar-ed co-uld be...be boy-friends."

Caden is shocked by the wish. Caden decides to just ignore what his brother said.

"Why don't you get ready for bed? Jared is reading to you tonight okay?"

"I wi-ll. Why...why can't you?"

"I'm working."

Riley looks defeated as he makes his way out of the room. He leaves Caden to wrestle with Riley's wish.

`What if Jared finds out about his wish?'

Caden can only see this wish causing trouble.


While Caden and Riley were talking, Jared is busy talking with a mutual friend on the phone.

"Hey Jared, what's up?"

"Not much, tomorrow is the big day. I am going to ask Caden out."

Ian is excited for Jared, but even more so for Riley. Trace and Ian both heard how things were with Ethan so this new possible relationship will be good for Caden.

"I just hope Caden can see how good you are for Riley and him?"

Jared is quiet because he thinks that it's pretty clear how great things could be with him in Caden's life.

"Sort of changing the subject, but did you see any of the meteor shower?"

Jared knows that Ian wouldn't miss it. It is also a good lead in for his next discussion point.

"Course, I saw it. I had Trace, Blake and Ben all watching it with me. Trace drove us into the country to see it."

"Should have invited us."

He may have said it but his tone said something else entirely.

"We came out and watched it in my backyard. Caden had work to do so, he ditched Riley and me."

Caden doesn't usually put work before family and friends but he had to wrap up the work.

"Riley made a wish on one of the shooting stars. He told me that he wished for Caden and me to be boyfriends."

"He did?"

"Yeah, he shouldn't have but he did."

Riley may have some issues but even he can see that the two men belong together.

"Do you think he told Caden?"

"I'm sure he did."

Jared is hoping that maybe if he did tell Caden that he will consider the matter.

"If I was Caden, I would overthink it and at least record it in my journal."

"I hope he doesn't over analyze it."

He does not want to think the worst. Could he lose sight of their friendship? Noise in the hallway causes Jared to end the call.


Riley heads towards Jared's room with what he is sleeping in tonight. He pauses and knocks on the door. It would be easy for Riley to get butterflies around Jared. He is quite handsome but he is off limits because of Caden. It would also be illegal for Jared to be with Riley.

"Jared, Jar-ed, I...I...ready."

"Okay, I'll be right there."

Jared had better get a move on before Riley comes back. Riley brings his magazine to Jared. Opening the magazine, Jared begins to read one of the articles before saying good night. When he left the room, he turns and looks back at Riley. This teen is a reminder of what he has to gain by asking Caden out. He cannot wait until tomorrow.


Caden changes for bed and grabs his journal and his pen to so he can put his thoughts on paper.

`Ever since I broke up with Ethan and we moved in with Jared, my heart has been aching and I am not sure why. Jared is a friend, and I can't risk losing him."

Caden seems to be in denial of what his heart really wants. Tomorrow will be a huge day and he has no idea what's up.

`Today, Jared watched a meteor shower with Riley. Afterwards, Riley told me about his wish. He wished for Jared and me to be boyfriends.'

He's hoping it won't affect him too badly. Sleep is calling so he puts the pen and the journal down on his nightstand.


Jared wakes up and starts cooking breakfast. He wants to provide a spread for the meal. There will be blueberry pancakes, bacon, sausage, fresh fruits, toast, and jam. The meal will hopefully set the tone for the rest of the day. The smell of the food fills the house with aromas that hopefully will rouse the sleepers to their feet. In just a few minutes, Riley and Caden come into the kitchen.

"Good morning guys, are you hungry?"

"You...you...know it."

Caden and Riley disappear to get their hands washed. As they eat, Jared keeps stealing glances of Caden.

"Caden, I think we need a bigger place."

"Do you have a place in mind?"

"Yes I do, but I don't know if we can get it."

The house would be perfect for them. It has been in his family for a couple generations. It had been given to Jared's mom but ever so slowly, it is being handed over to Jared.

"We should go for it."

Jared is glad to have the support of his friend on this issue. All he can do is smile at the thought of being a family in that house.


Caden gets a call to come to the center. Riley decides to go with him hoping that Ryan will be there. It takes a couple of hours for the guys to come home. As they arrive home, Jared ends his workday as well. It won't be long before they will have their chance to be together. It will take Caden being true to his heart and taking Jared as his future to win this day. The future is his to take and all he has to do is trust in it.


Riley stops on the sidewalk and gazes up at his brother. He does not remember why but he is excited for his brother.


He scratches his head as he tries to remember why he feels so happy for his brother.

"Are you okay?"

Caden isn't sure if Riley is sick or not.

"Jus-t think-ing."

Caden looks confused because Riley usually gets frustrated when something like this happens. Today though, his little brother is smiling so whatever it is cannot be all that bad.

"Can we go inside?"

Caden wants to relax a little and get Riley off the sidewalk.


Caden walks past Riley and opens the door. They enter the house go their separate ways, Riley to the living room and Caden to his office.


Riley decides to give Caden space that he can relax. As Riley gets head to sit down, Jared enters the living room. Seeing him sparks Riley's memory and he decides to head up to his room. He does not want to be in the way, when they start talking. Now all he can do is hope for the best.


Jared is sitting in the living room when Caden comes into the room. He smiles as he approaches his housemate and friend. There is only one thing on his mind. He wants to ask him out and then cuddle with him in bed. All he can think about is the guy on the couch.

"Caden can we talk?"

There is something in Jared's eyes that Caden finds irrestible. Even if Caden wasn't attracted to Jared's eyes, his voice alone would be enough to make him agree to talk with Jared.

"Sure do you want to go outside?"

"Okay." Jared followed Caden out to the small patio. They sit in the patio chairs across from each other. Jared gazes into his friend's eyes hoping to strike his soul.

"Caden, we've been friends for forever it seems. Never once have I backed away from you. I've been there with you through finals, Riley's hospital stay, and taken you and Riley in after your breakup with Ethan. What I'm trying to say is...is would you be my boyfriend?"

Caden's mind is screaming "No!" but his heart is ready for Jared.

"Yeah!" Caden's heart and face light up as well as Jared's countenance. Jared is afraid that he would give some lame excuse to get out of the situation. He's witnessed Caden walk away from great guys before and figured he would do the same again. It's been hard seeing him with other guys, being hurt by those same guys, and then seeing him suffer through heartache of his brother's attack by their father.

"So what changes?"

Caden asks as he too stares into his boyfriend's eyes.

"You mean other than where you're sleeping and the fact that I can finally call you my boyfriend. Honestly, I don't want anything to change other than those two items."

Jared pulls Caden into a deep and loving hug as well as a kiss that seems to send electricity coursing through their bodies.

"I think we had better tell your brother the good news."

`Wow, I want another kiss forget telling my brother.'

Caden caves and they head indoors to see Riley.


The two adults head for Riley's room. Caden knocks on the open door and announces himself. Riley is at the desk doodling. He pauses long enough to give Caden an okay to enter his room. His brother walks into the room followed by Jared. Jared smiles as he sits on the floor beside his boyfriend. Seeing the smile on Jared's face, Riley begins to wonder what is going on with him. Whatever is going on, it has caught Riley's attention.

"Riley, Jared and I have something exciting to tell you."

Caden smiles as he looks into this brother's eyes. Riley is eager to hear what he has to say.

"What is...is...it?"

There is no way that Jared is going to say anything.

"You know how you made that wish last night?"

Riley doesn't remember making any wish. His face gives away that he doesn't know about the wish.

"You made a wish on a shooting star about Jared and me being boyfriends. We just wanted to let you now that it came true."

Riley became very excited all of a sudden.


Instead of looking at his brother, he looks at Jared for confirmation. Jared kisses Caden on the lips and then looks at Riley.

"Do you believe us now?"

"Yes." Riley starts thinking of things like calling Ryan, celebrating, and their wedding. Riley is positive that they'll have a wedding.


"Slow down, we need time to spend with one another as boyfriends before you marry us off okay?"

Jared was serious but he also smiles showing Riley that he is okay.

"O...okay. I...I'm sorry."

"Look, I think we should enjoy our time together."

Every once in a while Caden's vision is all too clear and today he can see hundreds of miles into their future.


In order to celebrate, the family decides to head out for pizza. Caden, Jared, and Riley arrive at their favorite pizza place.

`I...I did...this.'

He believes that he's responsible for bringing his brother and Jared to this point. They just want Riley to be happy. The guys have been enjoying the pizza for some time now, and it's slowly disappearing down their throats. By the time the pizza is done, the guys are all looking forward to what the future holds.


The guys have been home for an hour and have scattered throughout the house. Caden pulls out a puzzle from his shelf and then goes looking for Riley. Finding his brother outside, he approaches him with a smile.

"Want to do a puzzle with me?"


Together, the brothers head back into the house and head towards the living room. They sit down together and start work on their puzzle. While in another part of the house, Jared is contemplating calling his mother.


The phone is sitting in its owner's hands and a call is being placed.

"Jared, I'm busy. Can you make it quick?"

He doesn't want to rush the news, but she isn't making this easy on him.

"Well, he said yes, so I have a boyfriend."

"Congratulations Honey!" His mom is excited for her son.

"Thanks Mom." He loves his mom is so happy for him.

"I hate to do, but I really need to go."

She ends the call and Jared puts his phone away.


Jared rejoins Caden and Riley in the living room.

"Caden...I...ne-ed to tell...you some-thing."

"What is it?"

"I...I wi-shed...you..and...and Jared...be boy-friends."

Caden gives him a strange look. Jared was just about to say something when Riley's wheels begin to turn. There is some tension but it's all okay.

"Jared, he...he...wished...too."

Caden looks at Jared and smiles.

`What did he wish for last night?"

"Any hint on what you wished for last night?"

"He...he won't."

Riley could not get the words out, and it frustrates him. He thinks Jared won't say anything about the wish.

"Um, I...I wished that you would see me as your forever guy."

As he speaks, Jared's eyes are fixed on his boyfriend.

"Wait, the two of you wished for the same thing."

Jared smiles as he looks at Riley. "Apparently." Caden can't believe what his brother and his boyfriend wished for last night. He's not angry with them but he could be. Jared stands up, gives Riley a hug before turning to Caden, and kisses him.


Caden and Riley head towards Riley's bedroom for the bedtime routine. Tonight, Riley feels too excited to sleep. The excitement will eventually fade as the memory fades away. He may not want to forget it but he doesn't have a choice in remembering the day.

"I...I happy...for...you."

"Thanks bro."

Riley didn't say a thing to Caden. Caden gets up and walks out of the room while Riley changes and climbs into his bed. Caden gets up and walks out of the room while Riley changes and climbs into bed. Sitting in the chair beside the bed, Caden opens the magazine to the next article. He starts reading out of the periodical. Despite the events of the day, Riley is already fast asleep.


Caden walks out of his brother's room and heads for the couch. As he approaches Jared's room, he pauses and looks into the room.

"Are you coming to bed?"

Jared asks his boyfriend as he smiles at him.

"Yeah, I'll be right there."

"No, I want you now."

Jared wasn't being rude, bossy, or over sexual. He is just being honest. He never held Caden tight or even slept in the same bed where cuddling would be okay. Caden decides to just throw caution to the wind and enter his new bedroom.

"Sleep with me."

Jared knows better than to push his boyfriend, so even though he said that, he was careful how to phrase it and with his tone. Crawling into bed, Caden strips off his clothes expect for his briefs. The guys embrace and kiss.

`Finally, life seems to be on my side.'

Caden is beside himself right now. He wasn't looking to have a boyfriend, and yet here he is in bed with his guy. Being in bed with his boyfriend feels so perfect. The night ends, as it should with them nestled next to each other. The house is quiet and Jared can feel his babe's heartbeat. Life is perfect.


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