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Written by Romeo



Chapter 13


Everyone in the Cramer household woke up on Saturday morning ready for a relaxing day of fun and getting to know Anrícé's new friend. Justin made enough breakfast to hold them over until later since they were going to skip lunch. They planned on enjoying every delicious morsel offered at the barbecue and didn't want to spoil their appetites. After putting the kitchen back into order, they puttered around the house doing some manual chores until it was time to go.

When Timothy and Anrícé arrived at Alan's house, he was ready to go. He was very cordial when he introduced them to his relatives but his relatives' mannerism was nonexistence. They showed complete disinterest in meeting his friends that disgusted both father and son. Their attitudes didn't surprise Alan one bit so he just said he'll see them later, grabbed his bag, and headed for the front door. Timothy and Anrícé followed behind him not even bothering with saying goodbye.

Once they were in the car, Alan apologized for his family's rudeness but Timothy told him not to worry about it. "Don't blame yourself for the way they acted because it's not your fault. You're not responsible for their rude behavior nor are you responsible for the big chip they obviously have on their shoulders. They're old enough to know right from wrong and polite mannerism so their attitude falls completely on them."

"Still, I'm sorry for the way they behaved towards you. I knew they weren't going to act kindly but I thought introducing them to my friends would be the considerate thing to do."

Timothy assured him that it was. "That's why I said not to blame yourself for their attitude. They were fully aware of how impolite they were being and didn't feel any guilt over it. It's not your responsibility to control how others conduct their behavior."

Alan knew that Timothy was right so he just accepted what he was saying. Anrícé turned the radio on, hoping that music will take his friend's mind off of what happened. Ten minutes later they arrived at Tyler's house, changed into their swimsuits, and joined the others out back. Everyone had fun and got to know Alan. Around five thirty Christian and Justin started grilling while Caleb and Noah heated up the dishes that were prepared earlier. A half an hour later they were sitting down to eat.

While they were eating, Tyler talked to Alan about the equipment he needed. During that discussion more about his circumstances was revealed making them even more determine to help him. Anrícé saw the disbelieving look on his new friend's face and tried reassuring him but couldn't completely convince him of it. The expression he then gave the four adults conveyed the unspoken warning which they returned with a stronger determination. That reassured Anrícé so he dropped the subject for now and let their words speak for itself.

When they had finished eating, everyone went to the game room to let their food digest while playing some video games. Tyler took Alan to his office to show him the equipment and Christian went to call his mother. Once the three had finished, they all got back into the pool until they once more got hungry. They all got out and made another plate of food to satisfy their dragonish appetites before helping out with putting away the leftovers. Afterwards, they all showered to wash the chlorine from their bodies and got ready to go home.

While Anrícé went with Tyler to get the equipment for Alan from his office, JR and Danny went to the kitchen to get the containers that was set aside for them. They all said goodnight at the door including Justin and Timothy since he was going home because Alan was spending the weekend with Anrícé.


When they arrived, Timothy told his son to show Alan where he'll be sleeping while he put away the containers of food. Anrícé took Alan's hand and led him upstairs to show him around. He started out with the master bedroom before moving to the guess room. He then showed him his bedroom followed by the bathroom and finally his study/play room. Throughout the whole tour Alan was creating a mental map to memorize the location of every room in the house.

"Well, that's the upstairs. You have the choice of sleeping in the guess room, the other bed in my room, or sharing my bed with me which is a queen size. Also, both my room and the play room are connected to the bathroom so you won't have to leave the room to get to it. I'll let you decide."

Anrícé waited with anticipation on hearing Alan's decision. He was hoping that he will choose to sleep with him but will settle for him sleeping in the same room. A few minutes later Alan still haven't answer so he said that they should get ready for bed. He suggested that Alan change in the bathroom while he change in his room. That sounded good to Alan so that's what they did.

While he changed, Alan thought about his options. He wanted to sleep in Anrícé's room but he wasn't sure that he was ready to share his bed. He likes Anrícé a lot but he wanted more than just a jack-off buddy. He hopes that Anrícé also wanted more because he believes that they would be happy together. By the time he had finished changing, he had made his decision on where he will sleep.

Similar thoughts were going through Anrícé's mind as he too changed for bed. He likes Alan a lot and believes that they would be happy together. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine falling for someone so fast. He only hopes that Alan feels the same for him and won't reject him. Neither boy was ready for anything sexual but it didn't stop them from imagining it. They didn't mind cuddling up if it happens but they weren't ready for anything more than that.

Just as he finished pulling up his sleep shorts, Alan entered the bedroom from the bathroom wearing a similar pair. Only his were green to match his eyes where as Anrícé's were blue to match his. He walked over to the other bed so Anrícé figured correctly that was where he was going to sleep. He felt a little disappointed but didn't say anything about it. At least he will have him in his room which was better than not having him there at all.

He used that time to admire Alan's body which was similar to his; only Anrícé's was a little more muscular like a gymnast whereas Alan was built more like a swimmer but both were solidly toned. *Damn, he definitely has a bigger ass than I do!* He thought to himself when Alan bent over to drop his bag on the floor. "Let's go downstairs and have a little snack before we go to bed."

Alan agreed so they headed down to the kitchen where Timothy was just pulling a cherry pie from the oven. "I figured you two would want a snack so I heated up a pie."

"Thanks dad. Do we have any chocolate milk to go with it?" Timothy told him no but they did have some strawberry lemonade. "That's even better. I just thought we ran out of it several days ago."

"We did, but I went grocery shopping a couple of days ago and picked up a few things that we were out of. I even gotten several of those big bags of skittles that you like." He turned to see the eagerness in his son's eyes and quickly added as he turned back to cutting the pie. "But don't you be eating them all at once, you hear?"


It was like someone had killed his puppy when Anrícé's heard that. He sighed dramatically and told his father that he understood. He then looked at Alan to see him smirking at him. "What? I can't help it if I like the stuff."

That sent Alan into a fit of giggles. "I'm guessing that's putting it mildly."

Timothy joined Alan in the laughter but Anrícé just smiled. He wanted to save his humility and figured that silence would be the best part of valor. That just made them giggle even more with his dad throwing in his own comment. "You have no idea." Still he said nothing.

Timothy handed Anrícé both plates then went over to the refrigerator. Anrícé told Alan to grab his elbow then he escorted him to the table. Timothy poured them each a glass of lemonade and set it in front of them before getting his own snack and drink then joining them.

Likewise, Justin and his boys were having a snack before going to bed. The security guys had already turned in so they were alone in the kitchen. While they ate they talked about nothing in particular although he did ask them if they had any plans for tomorrow. None of them did so he suggested that they go bowling which the boys were happy to do. When they were finished with their snack, they all tidy up the kitchen and went up to bed with Justin locking up and setting the alarm as they went.

In the morning Justin made a big Sunday morning breakfast with help from Danny of French toast with real maple syrup, Hash browns, sausage, bacon, ham, and eggs. He invited Timothy over but Timothy politely declined because he too wanted to make a big breakfast for his own boys. Needless to say, not even a crumb was left when they were done eating. After they had the kitchen all tidied up, they did some odd jobs around the house.


Timothy and his boys' morning went pretty much the same way except with less time. He also did a load of laundry while the boys watched some television. Afterwards, he made chili cheeseburger with all the trimmings and some chili cheese fries for lunch. They had just finished cleaning the kitchen when Justin called to ask if they would like to go bowling with him and the boys. Timothy an Anrícé agreed that it would be fun but not Alan. He was unsure of how to play without any vision. Timothy told him not to worry because they all would help him out when it was his turn to bowl. He explained how they can position him at the yellow line facing the pens and all he has to do is roll the ball down the aisle, or he could use one of the bowling stands for assistance. All he needs to do is push the ball off towards the pens so it'll roll down the aisle. Alan was still unsure about the whole thing but agreed to give it a try because it had been a long time since he's gone bowling and he likes the game. They agreed to meet up in an hour because Timothy needed to make a stop at the Sprint store.

Not everyone's day was going as well though! Josh was sitting at home bored with nothing to do. Eric's father and his partner had taken him on a weekend trip to Palm Spring and Jason was at the movie with his girlfriend so he was alone. He and JR would usually make plans to hang out when they had nothing to do but things had been tense between them lately that he was unsure whether or not he should call him. He knows that something is going on between JR and Danny but can't figure out why JR is keeping it a secret from him. Has their friendship declined so much that JR can't confide in him anymore? They had always been able to tell each other everything so what's stopping him now? He couldn't help but to wonder if Danny was the reason for that.

He began to wonder why he was pushing his best friend into revealing something that he himself wasn't ready to do. He was beginning to understand what Eric meant when he said: `Why should JR confide in you when you're not ready to do the same. As fast as that thought appeared in his mind, it quickly vanished. He couldn't, or didn't want to, believe that his best friend would keep something from him so Danny must be the reason. It was beginning to bring him down so he went to the arcade to try to clear his mind and lift his mood.


After making his stop at the Sprint store, Timothy and the boys met up with the others at the bowling alley. They paid their rental fees then grabbed an available lane. While the boys were taking their first bowl, Justin and Timothy went to get them some drinks.

Everyone enjoyed the outing and felt disappointed when it was over. They all helped Alan when it was his turn to bowl in which he was thankful for. He bowled a good game although not as well as the others. However, he didn't care because he did something that he thought he'd never be able to do again and had fun doing it. After leaving the bowling alley, they went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream before going to Justin's house. While the two dads made dinner, the boys played video games. An hour and a half later they were sitting down at the table to eat.

After dinner, they cleaned the kitchen then played a couple of board games until around ten o'clock when Timothy and the boys had to leave. He wanted to get them home early so they would have time to get ready for school before going to bed. They all cleaned up before saying goodnight then Justin walked them to the door where he and Timothy kissed goodnight. This time Anrícé didn't make any comments because he didn't want to be embarrassed in front of Alan by their teasing him.

Justin stood there watching Timothy drive away before closing the door and locking it. After setting the alarm, he turned off the lights then headed upstairs. He wasn't that sleepy yet so he lay in bed watching some television until he started nodding off.

On Monday morning, groans could be heard all over town because no one wanted to get up for work or school. They all wanted another day of fun and relaxation. Everyone thought that the weekend had gone by too fast and they weren't fully rested. One person however, couldn't wait to get to school and reconnect with some people. Josh tried to rush his brother and sister into eating faster but they completely ignored him and continued eating at a normal pace. It was twenty minutes after he had finished with his own breakfast when they were finally done eating and ready to go.


They pulled into the student lot just behind Eric and parked beside one another. Before Jason even had the car turned off, Josh was already out and asking Eric about his weekend. Eric just stood there baffled while waiting for Josh to take a breath so he could get a word in. It was Jason and Jessica walking away snickering that got his attention for him to stop rambling. He and Eric followed behind them as Eric finally got to begin telling Josh of his weekend. He noticed Josh look over at JR and Danny when they passed by them but kept quiet about it. It was still some time before the bell was to ring and Eric was still a little hungry so he and Josh went to the cafeteria for an orange juice and bagel.

Josh's glance didn't go unnoticed by JR and Danny though! JR shook his head slightly in restrained anger that Josh would jeopardize their friendship over a confession that they both were not ready to make. He believes that the four of them could be great friends if Josh would stop pushing him to confess and try his luck on a friendship. The ball was in Josh's court now on where he wanted their friendship to go but he wasn't going to wait around for him to make up his mind. He has his own life to live and he wasn't going to let anyone dictate how he should live it.

When the bell rang, the boys headed inside to start another week of school and their fathers went to work. The morning announcements weren't worth listening to so JR and Danny quietly discussed Danny's options regarding the insurance money. He was unsure whether or not he wanted to buy another condo or a house, continue living with JR and Justin, or something else. He also needed to talk with his little brother to find out what he wants before making a final decision. By the time the bell rang for first period, he had narrowed his list down to two possible choices.

They had just taken their seat when Josh and Eric walked in the room and sat in the row ahead of them. Josh sat at the desk in front of JR leaving the one in front of Danny for Eric. All four greeted each other cordially then JR relayed his uncle's message to Josh about working on the painting. "Only he wants to change the days to Tuesday and Thursday afternoon of this week. He'll let you know about next week later this week."


"Tuesday and Thursday afternoon are fine with me. I'll check with him on Thursday about next week and see what we can set up. I'd heard that football practice starts next week so I'll have a tight schedule then."

That surprised Danny because he hasn't heard anything about it. The teacher began calling the attendance so he didn't have time to dwell on it. He made a mental note to check with the coach about it later then focused on class. Half way through class a note was dropped off to the teacher by a student. She called Danny up to her desk and handed it to him. When he was heading back to his seat, he read it then showed it to JR. It was a message for him to see the coach during his lunch period for a short meeting regarding the football team.

The rest of the morning was uneventful. Anrícé and Alan met up with the others for lunch unaware that a pair of eyes was following them. However, it was observed by the security detail when they were followed out to the quads. Russell and Todd instructed their guys to keep a watch out for the party until further notice. They wanted to know who the individual is and what interest he or she may have in the two boys. After hearing Alan's story, they had a couple of ideas on who it may be but wanted to be sure before taking any actions.

When he was done eating, Danny left to meet with the coach while the others stayed to finish theirs. JR could see the puzzlement on everyone's faces so he told them about the note which satisfied their curiosity so they finished eating their lunch.


Justin had just returned to his office when he was called downstairs to Cramer Agency. That once again had him considering changing the name of his corporation. Now that he has Cramer Agency well established; he wants to expand on his corporation. He and Timothy along with Christian and Tyler are negotiating on a new establishment but he has other companies that are in need of assistance in mind. The McDonald's franchise was one of those companies but he took so long considering it that Tyler beat him to it. Another was... That thought came to an end when he reached the agency.

He walked in and was immediately sent back to Charles Lancaster's office. "Ah Justin, there you are." Charles introduced him to their guest who stood and shook his hand before retaking his seat. "He's here scouting for a couple of models for a commercial when he came across one in particular that he wants to sign."


"Okay, so what do you need me for? Just check the model's availability to see if he or she is free and take it from there."


Charles got a mischievous grin on his face. "This is the model that he wants to sign." He handed Justin a photograph. "Once I knew who it was that he wanted, I thought you might want to be in on this discussion."


Justin got a devious gleam in his eyes when he saw the image of the model. It spiked his interest in the commercial and he asked to hear more about it. "I believe we can work out a deal where we both can get what we're looking for out of this."


The scout explained about the product that his company was endorsing and what kind of models they were looking for to do the commercial. The more he heard; the shinier his gleam got. He could deafeningly agree with the concept of the commercial as well as the model's roll in it. He told Charles to make it happen and to keep him informed. He then left the two alone to negotiate over the terms of the contract. Charles watched Justin's departure with amusement in his eyes. There was a bounce in his step that was unnoticeable to anyone except him. The first thing Justin did when he got back to his office was to call Timothy with the news.


The afternoon went by quickly for everyone. When the final bell had rang, all of the boys met up at the main entrance of the school. Once again, the security observed Anrícé and Alan being followed but this time was different. Danny noticed it as well and pointed it out to JR who quickly spotted the individual making a quick getaway after realizing they had been caught. They headed outside with both boys whispering back and forth on what to do about it.


As they approach their fathers, Justin noticed the boys surveying the area like they were looking for something but just put it off to them looking for a friend. Neither boy mentioned the suspicious person to anyone because they decided to keep it between themselves for now. They wanted to be certain before they bring it to anyone's attention.


After their customary greetings and a little chitchat, they left campus for their martial arts class. Timothy and Anrícé took Alan home and the rest headed to Tyler's house. When they arrived the boys went to the kitchen for a small snack before starting class. Tyler and Christian went to change clothes before they met with Mark. Justin decided to be considerate to his boyfriend's aunt and uncle and went to converse with them while waiting for him to arrive. Ten minutes later he and Anrícé showed up which wasn't soon enough for Justin. He found Rosary Michaels to be snobbish and rude like she was the queen of humanity and she was pissing him off. Fifteen minutes later the conversation took a turn for the worse when Rosary took it upon herself to give her input on Timothy's parenting skills. .


"So, Timothy, how goes being a father and raising a teenager? Is it everything that you thought it would be crapped up to be?"


Timothy recognized a taunt when he heard one and smiled at her shrewdly. "Actually, it's more than I had expected, but I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. Every day my son brings more joy to my life and makes me proud to be his father. Sure we'll have our up and downs, but I have three people here who I can go to if I ever need any help or advice. Plus my parents are just a phone call away if I ever need someone with even more experience than them."


"I'm glad to hear that, because he's at that age when he's going to start inserting his independence and push the boundaries a little. I hope you have the expertise and fortitude to remain firm when he does."


Rosary gave him a condescending grin in an attempt to get under his skin. She wanted him to know that she didn't think he was fit to be a father and will utterly fail at it. Timothy was aware of what she was trying to do but didn't let it get to him. Instead he fought fire with fire and struck back. His smile changed from shrewd to flagrant.


"I'm perfectly aware of that Aunty Rose." Timothy knew that she hated being called Aunty Rose and pause to watch her face turn red with anger. "But, like I said before, I have three people here plus my parents who I can count on in a time of need. I'll seek their advice before I'll go to anyone else. We'll face anything that comes our way and make it through as a family as it should be."


"I'm just trying to help you out Timmy." Like her, Rosary knew that Timothy hated being called Timmy but he hid it better than she did. "I mean, it's obvious that you're in way over your head and need help from someone with the skills and experiences who had been through it before."


Rosary may not have seen the fury in Timothy's eyes but Justin did. He was about to tell her to mind her own business when Timothy beat him to it. "That's what my friends and parents are for. I don't need any irrelevant advice from other people." Timothy could sense a riposte coming from his aunt and cut her off. "In case I haven't made myself perfectly clear Aunty Rose, butt out and mind your own business!"


Rosary stared in horror at being scolded. Donté, however, wasn't going to allow his wife to be spoken to in that mannerism. He began to admonish his nephew for his disrespect when he saw the look that Justin was giving him. It quickly made him rethink his action and he kept his mouth shut. Just at that time, Tyler and Christian entered the room and froze in place. They could feel the tension in the air and wondered what had happened.


Christian noticed the expression that his mom and cousin was giving each other and quickly asked him and Justin to join he and Tyler in the kitchen for a cup of coffee. The two guys didn't say a word as they kept staring his parents down, daring them to say and/or do something that they will regret later. For five minutes the tension grew until his parents submitted and broke the eye contact. Only then did he get a reaction from them when they gave Mr. and Mrs. Matthews a triumphant smirk and nodded. They then got up and followed them out.


When they got into the halls, Timothy let out a big sigh of annoyance. "I can't believe how that woman thinks everyone should obey her rules and orders like she's the Queen of England or something."


Tyler and Christian giggled but Justin huffed in disgust. Timothy grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze to calm him down. For effect, he added a flirtatious smile that made Justin snort in amusement that it had worked. Just then they reached the kitchen and poured themselves a cup of coffee before sitting down at the table.


They were just finishing their second cup when Noah and Caleb informed them that dinner was almost done. Tyler asked them to keep it warm until the boys had showered and changed. "It shouldn't be much longer now. Class should be just about over."


They had just put the food in chafing dishes when a herd of boys came running into the kitchen. All four guys gave them a `what do you think you're doing' look and the boys backtracked out and headed upstairs to take their showers. Ten minutes later they returned and the announcement went out over the intercom.


Dinner was a laidback affair for most but not all. Rosary and Donté kept giving Timothy and Justin evil stares which both men totally ignored and Danny's attention was split between what was going on around him and what the coach had told him earlier. If what he'd said is true, then Danny has a hard decision to make. JR could tell that something was on his boyfriend's mind but decided to wait for Danny to come to him if he wanted to talk about it. After all, there wasn't anything he could do until Danny confide in him.


After dinner, they adjourned to the living room. The boys did their homework while the adults watched television and conversing with one another. Whenever the younger boys had trouble with a problem, the older ones would help them; leaving their parents free to enjoy themselves. Only when there was a problem that none of them could solve did they asked their parent for help. A couple of hours later they were all finished and joined their dads on the couch. The domestic scene just irritated Rosary even more, especially the one with Christian and Tyler. She believed that they were wrong for each other and she wanted it over with between them. She didn't care about Timothy. She was only his aunt by marriage and didn't consider him as part of her family.


When the movie was over, Timothy and Justin told their boys that it was time to go. The boys volunteered with help straightening up but Tyler politely declined their offer. They gathered their things and said goodnight to everyone. Christian walked them to the door while Tyler took his boys upstairs to put them to bed. Justin and Timothy handed the boys their keys and asked them to wait for them in the car. When they were out of hearing range, both men turned their attention to Christian.


"You know why she's here. So what are you going to do about it?" Timothy bluntly asked his cousin, causing Justin to raise an eyebrow in curiosity.


"Nothing, except watch her fall on her face." Christian giggled. "She had already tried several times to have Ty bow to her demands and was put in her place big time. It's very entertaining to watch her face turn red from embarrassment."


"Yes, but, are you going to stand by his side; or let him fight this battle on his own like you did with your previous male to male relationships. You know as well as I do that she intends to have you take her side and leave him on his own to fight alone because she wants to see you with a woman who can give her more grandchildren. Jeff and Terry aren't biologically yours so she doesn't consider them as her grandchildren."


Justin looked at Christian intensely wanting to know the answer to that as well. "Of course I'll be there if he needs me, but I don't think he will. I think my mother is going to find out very soon that she had met her match in Tyler Jackson. As far as Jeff and Terry go, I don't give a damn if she considers them as her grandchildren or not. They're my sons and that's all that matters. She can like it or she can stuff it."


"I'm glad to hear you say that Christian. Because I really don't want to interfere to protect him, and I will if I have to, so make sure you keep your word." Justin interrupted callously to let Christian know how serious he was. "I like you Christian and believe you and Ty belong together; but he had been through a lot and I don't want to see him get hurt again. So if there's any chance of you caving in to your mother's demands, then say so now and walk away, because I will definitely be involved before I see that happen."


Christian looked at Justin with the same amount of intensity that was given him. "I understand that Justin and can even except that ultimatum. Like I said, I will be there for him if he needs me, but I don't think it will be necessary. Mom always tries to stand toe to toe with him and keeps getting knocked on her ass every time. It won't be long before she makes a huge mistake and truly feel the wrath of Tyler Jackson. I just hope he goes easy on her when he does."


Justin nodded in acceptance of his pledge. He just hopes that when push comes to shove, Christian will stand by Tyler and not let his mother influence him to switch sides. That doesn't mean that he won't be watching though. Timothy on the other hand, had the feeling of déjà vu and thought his cousin wouldn't be strong enough to stand up to his domineering mother. It happened many times before and he can't shake the feeling that it will happen again. He put it in the back of his mind for now, he and Justin wished Christian goodnight, then they took their boys home so they could get to bed.


The next morning when they all met up in front of the school Tyler and Christian didn't have Terry with them. JR asked about that and was told that he was with Christian's parents for the day. That worried the boys after seeing how harsh Rosary stared at Tyler the night before but they didn't voice their concerns out loud. Alan noticed how quiet they had gotten but didn't ask any questions; preferring to stay out of it. Just then Danny saw the kid who was following Anrícé and Alan around the day before and pointed him out to JR. Justin caught the motion and looked in that direction.


"Who are you boys pointing at?" He asked still searching the crowd for the individual.


Both boys looked at each other but it was Danny who answered giving him a description of the kid. "We don't know who he is but we have a pretty good idea who it could be after hearing Alan's story."


Alan agreed with his assessment. "It looks like at least one of them had found out. I think you JR, Mr. Tyler, and Mr. Justin should alert your security. No doubt they will be scheming to try and get me to introduce them."


Justin pulled out his cell phone and contacted Russel. "Russell, do you see a kid hiding in the quad watching us?"


"Yes. I've been keeping my eye on him ever since he'd been following Anrícé and Alan around yesterday. Todd and I had already notified the guys to keep a lookout for him in case he tries anything. So far, all he's been doing is following them in the halls unaware that he's already been spotted by us."


"Good. Keep up the good work. Let me know if it looks like he's going to try something."


Russell replied in the affirmative and the connection was broken. Justin then looked at Timothy with a serious expression on his face. "You may not want it: but I'm going to hire some security for you, Ricky, and Alan. I know there's no room at your place for them but there's a vacant house next to yours that will be just right for them."


Timothy was about to refuse the offer when Christian cut him off. "It's no use in arguing cuz because you won't win, believe me. I'd tried it with Ty and got nowhere. The most you will get out it is a compromise of two security guys instead of four." He then pointed at Alex and Matt as validation of his statement.


Timothy let out a sigh of assent. "Okay, I'll accept two guys but no more. I agree that the boys should have four to make sure that they're fully protected. Let me know when you have everything arranged and I'll help you with getting the house ready."


"It's a deal. I'm also going to program you and Ricky into the system this afternoon." He then turned to Alan. "I don't know if you have a cell phone or not Alan. But if you do, then I'll program you as well."


"He does." Timothy answered. "That's why I told you that we'll meet you at the bowling alley on Sunday. I stopped at the sprint store along the way and bought him one. It's already activated and have all of our numbers programmed into it."


"Then I'll program all three phones. That'll take a load off my mind knowing you'll have the extra protection. I'm sure that kid is harmless but why take the chance? It's better to be safe than sorry. Besides, I'm pretty sure that either JR or Danny can handle him if he tries anything."


Just then the first bell rang starting school. After getting their sendoff, the boys headed inside and the dads left for work. The first thing Justin did when he arrived at the office was to call Mr. Chang for some extra security. He explained how many he wanted and how soon he wanted them. Mr. Chang assured him that he had no problem in accommodating his request and he'll send them out right away. When he was done with that call, he placed one to his realtor. He gave her a description of the property that he was interested in purchasing and how soon he wanted it. She assured him that her company had the listing for that property and she has some available time in a couple of hours to show it to him. He agreed to meet her then, ended the call, and did some work until it was time to go.


When he arrived, he saw the realtor already there waiting for him. She unlocked the door and they entered into a small foyer where they began the tour. When they were finished, Justin enquired about the asking price. She quoted an offer of four hundred thousand dollars which he immediately rejected. He did his research on it before meeting with her and knew more about the property than he had led on. He knew that it had been on the market for six months and was in adequate but not excellent condition. It wasn't worth that amount and the rate will continue to drop with each passing week. After all, his mama didn't raise no fool. He made a counter offer of two hundred seventy thousand dollars plus an extra five thousand if the transaction was finalize by the end of the day. He had no doubt that the house would be perfect for the guys but not at that extent.


The realtor thought on it for a minute to weigh her options. "I'll have to talk with the clients and get back to you on it. I'm sure that they'll accept the offer but I want to verify it with them. This is a lot less than what they are asking for but I'm pretty sure that you came fully prepared for any wheeling and dealing that may be done."


Justin ignored her last statement. "That's fine with me. Be sure to impress on them that the deal only comprised of the bonus offer if the transaction is concluded no later than five today. This property may suit my needs; but it's not the only place that I'm considering. There are others that will be suitable as well and I won't hesitate in checking them out."


She nodded in complete understanding. There was no doubt in her mind that he meant everything that he had said and wouldn't have any regrets in doing so. The ball was in her court now and she didn't have much time in getting it done. She has some hard selling to do if she wanted the fifteen percent commission that comes with it.


"I expect to hear from you soon then." Justin verbalized before turning and leaving the house. After getting into his car, he pulled out his phone to make a call. A couple of rings later he heard the voice that always made his heart do flip flops.


At the pool hall, Timothy had just finished serving a customer when he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. He pulled it out to see who was calling. A smile came across his face when he saw the name flashing across the screen. "Hey babe, have you gotten everything arranged yet?"


"Yes and no." Justin answered. "It was no problem in getting the extra security but the house is another story." He then explained the circumstances involving that." I'm waiting to hear back from the realtor regarding my offer but I'm not worried. I'm sure that it will be accepted with no hassle if the agency wants to sell. After all, this is a good opportunity for them to unburden themselves with a piece of property in which the price is too exorbitant for what they're trying to unload. Plus they haven't gotten any other offers on it either."


"Let's just hope that she can persuade them into selling: and that they're smart enough to accept the offer. It's probably going for such a high price because the clients are in financial drawbacks and are in desperate need of money. Like you said, no one else had made them an offer, so they're probably more urgent to sell now."


Justin had similar thoughts along those lines and agreed with him. He then changed topic and asked Timothy to an early lunch. Of course the response was a positive one so they agreed to meet at a small diner that was close to the pool hall. After a few more words, they ended their call and Timothy pocketed his phone. He then attended a few more customers before making his getaway.


A short time later Justin arrived to find his car already there and parked next to it then headed inside. He stood at the door for a moment adjusting to the transition when he spotted Timothy sitting at a corner booth waving him over. He had just sat down with him when their waitress came to take their order. They quickly glanced over the menu and ordered a club sandwich with a big bowl of Chili and a Coke. While waiting for it to be filled, they discussed what furniture, utensils, appliances, and other provisions they needed to buy for the house once all of the paper work was finalized. They had just completed that list when the waitress brought their food to their table.


As the two guys enjoyed their lunch date together, one hapless soul was at the pool hall sulking in misery. Excepting to see Timothy when he came in, Renaldo was peeved when he wasn't there. He enquired on his whereabouts and was told that he had left for an early lunch with his boyfriend. It made his mood dark and gloomy that his plans had been thwarted once again. He knew it was a longshot, but he was hoping to persuade Timothy into having lunch with him, now there was no chance of that happening. Every failed attempt he had made in convincing Timothy that they belong together was making him even angrier and bitterer. He sat at the bar brooding over it while eating his bacon cheeseburger and chili cheese-fries that he had ordered beforehand. He would have left when he heard of Timothy's absence but it was already being prepared and he didn't want to waste his money by doing that.


Meanwhile, the object of Renaldo's affection and his boyfriend had just finished their meal when Justin's phone rang. The caller ID displayed the realtor's name so he answered in hope of hearing some good news. "Justin Cramer."


The realtor returned his greeting then got straight to business. "I had spoken with the clients; and after a considerable amount of time negotiating with them; they had accepted your offer. Can you be in my office in an hour to sign the contract? Once that is taken care of, you can take possession of the property right away."


Satisfied that his terms had been met, Justin agreed and ended the call. He then explained it to Timothy before calling his lawyer to join him for the signing while Timothy called the waitress over to settle their bill. Scanner agreed that he should have counsel but informed him that it wouldn't be him. He has to appear in court and wouldn't be able to attend so he will send John Bailey as his representative. That was fine with Justin because he knew John and has total faith in his competency. After giving Scanner the address of the realtor for John, he disconnected the call then they headed to her office.


Just as they have gotten out of their vehicles, John Bailey arrived. They waited for him to park and catch up with them before heading inside. Justin gave the receptionist his name and she got on the intercom to announce their arrival. "Please show them to the conference room. I'll join them as soon as I gather the contract." The realtor responded.


The receptionist acknowledged the order and escorted them back. When they took their seats, she asked if she could get them anything to drink or eat which they politely declined. She nodded the acceptance and left the room. Moments later the realtor entered accompanied by a man. She introduced him as the attorney representing the agency and clients. Justin then introduced John as his and Timothy's attorney.


It didn't take long to have everything signed and notarized. Justin and John read over everything and consulted with one another to verify that there was no alteration which would change the terms of the agreement before anything was signed. When he had that, it all went smoothly from there. He walked out with the keys in his hand and a smile on his face. Outside, he and Timothy thanked John for his service before going their separate ways. John back to the office and Justin and Timothy to shop for the house.


Their first stop was for furniture. They spent ample time going through the store selecting items room by room until they had enough to furnish the entire house. Justin knew that the profit in which the store was making from his purchases would have the manager easily agreeing to have the furniture delivered the next day and he did. Their next stop was for appliances and electronics. They didn't take as much time there as they did in the furniture store to get what they needed and schedule a delivery time. From there they shopped for dishes and utensils. It took even less time there to purchase all of the necessary supplies including ones for special occasions. They continued on with beddings, linens, and toiletries. These items they took with them instead of having them delivered. Their last stop was the grocery store to fill the refrigerator and pantries. By the time they had gotten it all to the house and put away, it was time for them to pick up the boys from school. On the way there, they both called their workplace to have someone lock up because they were taking the rest of the day off.


At the pool hall, Renaldo eavesdropped on the conversation between Timothy and the bartender. He didn't have anything to do so he decided to wait for Timothy to return. He got pissed off even more when he heard that he wasn't. "Don't worry boss, we have everything covered here so you just worry about Ricky. Say hi to him for all of us."


Hearing that had Renaldo wondering who this Ricky person was. When the bartender got off the phone, he queried him on it. The bartender explained that Ricky was Timothy's foster son who was recently placed with him and was his pride and joy. After hearing that bit of info, Renaldo stomped out of the hall fuming. *Great, just great. One more person to stand in my way!* He thought to himself with heated contempt.


Meanwhile, Justin and Timothy arrived at the school and met up with Tyler and Christian. Five minutes later the final bell rang and students started coming out but it was another five minutes before they saw their boys. As they greeted the adults, JR and Danny kept taking surreptitious glances here and there looking for the boy who have been following Anrícé and Alan around school. They spotted him about thirty feet away but the boy quickly noticed that he had been spotted and ran off. However, they weren't the only ones. One of the security guys spotted him too and took off after him. He wanted some questions answered and the best place to get those answers was from the kid. They others kept their eyes on their charges and let him handle it.


After a few moments of chattering, Justin announced that they needed to get going because they had some things to do. They all parted with goodbyes and headed to their vehicles. Timothy followed Justin to his house while Danny stayed behind waiting for the absent security guy.


The first thing Justin did when they got there was programmed the three phones into the system. Once that was taking care of, Anrícé and Alan joined JR in doing their homework while Justin and Timothy made snacks for them. They'd just sat a platter of sandwiches and cookies on the table when the last of their gang walked in. Danny and Davy joined the boys, the security guy went to find Russell, and Justin and Timothy went to watch TV. For the next couple of hours the boys worked diligently on their homework until it was time for dinner. Alan didn't realize that it was that late but didn't reject Justin's invitation to dinner. He rather eat with them than with his family at any time.


Since it was Alan's first time having dinner with them; Justin decided to make it a little special. He and Timothy made a Mexican pot-roast, scallop potatoes with bacon, green beans with a mushroom sauce, and biscuits. Everyone chose their own drink. The camaraderie was cheerful with a lively atmosphere. The entire meal was delicious and they all complimented them on their culinary skills, especially Alan. It tasted better than his aunt and/or uncle cooking and he told them so. Dessert was make your own sundaes which they all enjoyed doing.


After dinner, they watched a short movie then Timothy told Anrícé and Alan that they needed to get going. After the goodnights' Justin walked them to the door. "You two go on and wait for me in the car." Timothy told his son as he held out the keys.


Anrícé nodded and took the keys then led Alan outside. Once they were gone, Timothy and Justin engaged in a passionate kiss. They held it for several seconds before breaking it at which Justin had a last minute thought. "Why don't you and Ricky take Alan home then come back and spend the night?"


Timothy thought it over for a few seconds. Sure he would love to spend the night in his boyfriend's arms but he had his son to consider too. "I would love to; but let me talk it over with Ricky. I'm sure he wouldn't mind but I don't want to make that decision for him."


Justin accepted that explanation and kissed him again. "Give me a call if you're not coming; but I hope you do."


Timothy nodded and the two shared one more kiss before he left. When they arrived at Alan's house, Anrícé walked him to the door while Timothy waited in the car. They stood on the porch saying goodbye as Anrícé worked up the courage to ask him out on a date. Just as he was about to pop the question, the door suddenly opened with one of Alan's cousins standing there.


"There you are. You had us worried when you didn't come home after school."


Alan raised a disbelieving eyebrow. "Since when do any of you worry about me?" He asked with some skepticism. "I have been living here for months now and not once had any of you been concern about my whereabouts, so why now?"


Thinking quickly on his feet his cousin answered. "We were concern that you wouldn't make it in time for the meeting. We're planning a trip this weekend to San Francisco and want your input on it before we make the arrangements."


Unknown to both boys, they simultaneously had the same thought that the sweet talking and buttering up treatment had begun. The look on Alan's face said it all. He didn't want to go but didn't see a way out of it. Anrícé took the opportunity to capitalize on the situation and help his friend out. "Does that mean that you won't be staying at my house this weekend and canceling our plans for the movie?"


Alan looked at Anrícé confused then it quickly dawn on him to what he was doing. "That's right. I almost forgot about that." He then turned to his cousin with a devilish smile on his face. "It looks like you guys will have to go without me. I have other plans."


"I'm sure you can change them with no problem." His cousin countered coolly. "After all, your family should come first, and this trip will help us bond closer. We'll make sure that you enjoy yourself and have a good time."


Instantly Alan's smile turned from devilish to scornful. "You really don't expect me to believe the bullshit that is coming out of your mouth, do you? I've been here for months and not once have I been included in any family bonding. Now that I have friends," he put an emphasis on the word friends, "you want to include me in on it. That's completely ludicrous. Now get lost so I can say goodnight to my friend." He then turned away in dismissal not waiting for a response.


"We'll just see about that!" His cousin grunted and slammed the door leaving the two boys standing there with smirks on their faces. "Tell me more about this date to a movie that you have planned for this weekend."


"Does that mean you accept my invitation on a date?" Anrícé asked hopefully. His smile grew when he got a positive answer. "Dinner and a movie is what I came up with so far. We may be able to do something else but I need to do some checking and get back to you."


Alan nodded and the two said goodnight. Anrícé waited until he was inside of the house before getting back into the car then he and his dad headed home. At first the ride was silent with him contemplating on his date with Alan and how to arrange it. Beginning to be in tune with his son's moods; Timothy knew that there was something on his mind. "Penny for your thoughts?"


That snapped him out of his thoughts and he stammered a reply. "Huh, what, what did you say?"


Timothy glanced at his son briefly before focusing back on the road. "Tell me what's on your mind and let's see if we can solve your problem. After all, two heads are better than one. It makes no sense in putting yourself in a quandary when there's no need."


Anrícé saw the logic in that and told his father about asking Alan on a date and what he has planned for it. "I know there's more that we can do but I'm not sure on what that is. I hope to get some suggestions from JR and Danny; but I was just thinking that it was too late to call them tonight."


That gave Timothy the opening he needed to ask his question. "Not necessarily; it's still pretty early so they're probably still up waiting for me to call. Justin asked for us to spend the night at his place but I wanted to see if you're okay with that before giving him my answer. My guess is that they're still waiting to hear from me."


"I'm okay with doing that." Anrícé smiled in acceptance. "That'll give me a chance to talk with JR and Danny and start making some arrangements tomorrow."


Timothy nodded and pulled out his phone to call Justin. As he suspected, they were all up waiting for his call. He told Justin that they were just about home and would pack an overnight bag and would be over soon. He also asked that JR and Danny be up because Anrícé wanted to talk to them about something. Justin assured him that they all would be up, especially him, because he wasn't going to get any sleep until he sees them and was sure that they were safe.


It didn't take them long to pack and get on the road again. A short time later they arrived back at Justin's and was welcomed. He suggested they have a snack while watching a short movie before bed which was met with approvals all around. Then Anrícé conveyed his plea of talking with JR and Danny. Justin told him to go ahead and do that while he and Timothy make the refreshments and Davy finds them a movie. That was fine with them all so they parted ways. Just as Justin and Timothy had it all ready, and Davy had the movie set up, the three boys came back downstairs and joined them in the living room.


Everyone enjoyed their night of laughing and crying. Even some of the security guys joined them and also had fun. By the time the movie was over, they were all ready for bed. Justin sent the boys upstairs while he and Timothy tidied up.


Entering their room, JR and Danny got ready for bed. Once under the covers, they kissed goodnight but it didn't stop there. One kiss led to another then another until they were soon engaged in a full-grown make out session. They kissed and fondled one another enjoying the exploration of their bodies and emotions and within no time at all they were at full arousal. They continued heightening the other's libido and making their arousal fuller with each passing moment.


Feeling that it was the right time to take their relationship to the next level, Danny crawled on top of JR for closer contact. JR allowed his boyfriend to take control of the action and wrapped his arms and legs around Danny; relishing in having his man on top of him. Danny started grinding their pelvises together in that pleasurable dance called frottage that caused them both to leak copious amount of precum which aided them in the motion. Their kisses started out as sensual before becoming passionate and ending up more animalistic.


Although their moans were muffled by the lock they had on the other's lips, neither boy had any doubts that anyone passing by their door could hear them. Unknown to them, at that moment Justin and Timothy were proving their assumption to be precise. Both men looked at each other with knowing smiles on their faces. Justin gave Timothy a wink, took his hand, and continued on to his room.


After locking the door, Justin wrapped his arms around Timothy and pulled him into a passionate kiss. For several minutes their tongues wrestled back and forth for dominance until they had to come up for some air. Justin pulled Timothy's shirt off and dropped it on the floor then resumed their game of tonsil hockey. This time when they separated, it was Timothy who was relieving his man of his shirt before once again engaging in their act of oral exploration. Somehow they also stepped out of their shoes and sox with no effort. Without breaking the kiss, Justin maneuvered them to the bed where he expertly removed Timothy's pants and boxers from his body with Timothy returning the favor. They then fell upon the bed still wrestling with their tongues although Timothy's resolve to dominate seems to be waning.


Down the hall, the boys' first exploration of each other's bodies was approaching the final leg of their journey together. They rolled around several times switching from top to bottom; enjoying the mutual indulgence of one another. They kissed, fondled, and stimulated wherever they could reach to heighten the other's arousal to the fullest. Their kiss became quite lustful but still remained passionate as their motion sped up. JR's arms and legs were wrapped around his boyfriend so tight which made it difficult for Danny to dislodge himself; not that he wanted to! With a firm grip on both of JR's butt cheeks, Danny lifted him up as he pushed down to assure that no skin to skin contact was lost during the encounter. Both boys loved every bit of the intimacy that they were sharing to even think of calling a halt to their consolidation. With heavy breathing and lust filled moans, they were rapidly approaching the edge of no return.


It took another six strokes for their cocks to fire off their stored up load of seminal fluid. Their bodies shook and shivered with every orgasmic release as they rode the wave of ecstasy. Neither boy had ever felt so good nor satisfied after a sexual encounter and they were completely drained from the experience. They laid there for several minutes coming down from their high while they catch their breath and regain their strength. Once they had, they got up to clean the sticky residue off of their bodies before getting back into bed. They kiss good night once again and were soon drifting off to a peaceful sleep.


As the boys prepared for bed the second time, Justin and Timothy were engaged in an activity of their own. After a substantial amount of time kissing and stroking the other's cock, they knew that the time had come to take their relationship further. Turning onto their sides in a sixty-nine position, they took the other's dripping phallus into their oral orifice. They slowly began working their way from tip to base, demonstrating their oral expertise while also learning what their partner like and don't like plus finding their erogenous pleasure zones to stimulate. The massaging of their ball sack just added more enjoyment to their desire.


Before they knew it, they were quickly approaching the point of no return. Neither guy was ready for it to end so they slowed down to prolong the sensation they were giving and receiving. For the next twenty minutes they alternated from fast to slow, bringing the other to the prefaces but not letting them go over the edge. But like all good things; the fun had to come to an end. Sensing that both were nearly there, they increase their speed and throat actions while adding some humming vibrations that sent tingles up and down their spine.


Finally, they were falling over into the blissful ditch of serenity with only their love and joy as a parachute. They pulled back just in time to catch the creamy nectar to savor before quickly swallowing the hefty load. From then on it was continuous swallowing as each load was deposited into their mouths and down their esophagus with none escaping. Finally, they consumed every last drop then cleaned up any left-over residue. Once they had recovered their strength, they headed to the bathroom to finish the cleaning process before climbing into bed. Soon they were in la-la land with Justin spooned against Timothy's back.


To Be Continued...


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Everyone enjoyed the barbecue at Tyler's and got to know Alan. The skepticism that Alan showed when Tyler said that he could help him get the equipment and services he needed just reinforced their commitment. Anrícé stared at them boldly until he saw the determination on their faces. He then calmed himself knowing that they wouldn't let him down.


Anrícé and Alan are both on the same page as far as to knowing what they are looking for in a relationship. Both boys want more than just sexual gratification in a boyfriend and hopes that the other does too.


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Josh found himself all alone on Sunday while Eric was out of town for the weekend and Jason was with his girlfriend. It gave him time to think over Eric's statement about pushing his friend into doing something that he himself is not ready to do. He's beginning to understand what he means but continue to hold Danny responsible for the trouble between him and JR.


Football practice is beginning but Danny still hasn't made up his mind about it. What will be his decision?


A company wants one of Justin's models to endorse their new product that put a gleam in his eyes and a smile on his face. He even rushed back upstairs to phone Timothy about it. Can anyone guess who the model is and what kind of product he or she will be endorsing?


It looks like Rosary is now starting on Timothy on how he should live his life. Timothy had made it perfectly clear to her that he doesn't need her advice and for her to keep her opinions to herself. He's definitely not taking his cousin approach on handling her meddling in his life.


Timothy is concern that history will repeat itself with Christian. He's worried that Christian will back down to his mother and leave Tyler on his own to fight his battles with his parents.


Everyone is now on alert that Anrícé and Alan are being followed at school. Justin had even hired some security for them and programmed their phones into the system. Now he and Timothy are setting up the house for the new security guys.


As Alan suspected, his family is beginning to buttering him up after finding out who he's friends with. Fortunately Anrícé managed to gather his courage and asked him on a date which got him out of an unexpected family trip.


Danny had a meeting with the coach regarding football which got him doing a lot of thinking. I wonder what the coach said to him that got him doing that.


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