MARTIN (Mikael Uluss, 1997)

My parents, my aunt and uncle were going away for the evening and night and would be back from a short trip to Denmark the following morning. I am an only child, and got stuck "babysitting" my two cousins; both boys, one 12 and the other 14. When the others had let we didn't do very much at first; we watched an episode of Mission Impossible, had some pop corn, and were a bit bored. Time passed and soon it was past my younger cousin's bedtime. I mentioned that but he persuaded me to let him stay up for a while longer - who would tell? Anyway, we were zapping between the cable channels and suddenly came across the end titles of a porn movie. "Shit, why didn't we check this channel before?!", said Martin, the older of the cousins. My younger cousin (Ted) just looked bothered. We started talking (mainly Martin and me) about sex and sexual activities in general. I guess we all got a bit excited, and soon I had a semi-hardon barely visible through my jeans. Martin was sitting beside me in the sofa in his underwear and a white T-shirt. Ted was in an arm chair next to the sofa. I couldn't help noticing Martins legs, very well exercised and shaped for a boy at 15. Martin was playing football and it seemed to have paid off. I was an athlete myself and recognized a good body when I saw it. This was one. A new interest in my cousin emerged. I hadn't seen much of him these last few years and only now I began to realize what a great seed of a prime hunk he was. I steered the conversation toward things I now found myself interested in and asked him if he masturbated a lot. Martin did not blush and did not hesitate for long before he answered: "Only when I'm alone and I'm sure noone will notice. I suppose it happens four or five times a week..." Ted was listening, but kept his eyes on the TV-screen where some meaningless show was on. To be fair I thought I should include Ted in the conversation and asked him the same thing. Ted turned completely red and we soon understood that he really didn't know what masturbation was. "Want me to show you?", Martin asked. Ted didn't answer and stayed in the chair, so Martin quickly pulled his underwear off and revealed a massive hardon, approximatively 2-3 cm shorter than my 18 cm. I knew from the locker-rooms that I was well hung for a 16 y o, and Martin certainly was so for the 15 y o he was. Martin's balls were tightly kept in their place and the tip of his penis was glistening from a smeared drop of pre-cum. Around the base of his determined erection there was a blond bush of fresh pubic hair, just starting to make a thin line of fine hair up against his navel. This I could see as Martin removed his T-shirt. I was stunned by his beautiful young body, and obviously Ted was as well, as he just kept staring at his very excited brother. "Masturbation is a very simple and enjoyable activity", Martin explained. "You just take your penis in your hand and stroke it, any way you feel like." Martin grabbed his rigid rod and began stroking, still sitting in the sofa, now with his eyes closed and his mouth showing a dreaming smile. "C'mon, cousin, join in!", he urged me with one eye open. Finally I returned to earth and did something: I got out of my clothes as fast as I could and then I sat next to my cousin, working my meat with him. We were stroking slowly to make this last longer, and Ted was staring as if bewitched. He let out a groan that caught Martin's attention. "You can do this Ted! Try it, now!", he demanded. Ted was now horny enough to get over his shyness and undressed, never letting us come away from his view. Ted was fair haired, like me and Martin, and his very fine little pubic hairs were barely visible. Ted had not grown to our size regarding penis size, but he was well on the way! Ted was standing between the sofa and the arm chair, and Martin (who was the one closest to Ted) pulled his arm, making him sit down between the two of us. Ted was trembling as he took his very stiff organ in his right hand and started to do what we did. There, in the crowded sofa, the three of us were working our way towards orgasm. I soon felt that I was at the brink of shooting and let go of my dick. Martin was a little more daring, and didn't stop until it was almost too late. He really had to work hard in order to hold his orgasm back, and a sticky little stream of pre-cum made its way out of his hole and ran down the shaft. When Martin had calmed down a bit, he collected the pre-cum in his hand and reached over to his brother's throbbing hardon, grabbing it and taking over the stroking. Ted sighed with pleasure. The next thing Martin did (where had this lad picked things like this up?) was to get down on his knees between Ted's legs. Ted was enjoying what was going on, now with his eyes closed, perhaps afraid to wake up and find this wonderful situation to be a dream? Anyway: Martin actually took the tip of Ted's penis into his mouth. He licked it teasingly and then took in more of it. He began sucking properly, letting his brother's hard virgin shaft move in and out of his mouth. Ted was moaning loudly by now and grabbed Martin's head and humped with unexperienced hip thrusts. When Ted began whimpering and shaking his head from side to side, Martin decided it was time to get out of this position in order to let Ted se the result of this kind of effort. As soon as Martin had removed his head, Ted ejaculated for the first time, with an earth shattering orgasm as an appreciated bonus. Semen shot up on Ted's stomach. There was not very much, but enough to make Ted amazed. Who could have imagined... Well, me and Martin of course! By now, both I and Martin were ready to burst, and I was almost startled when Martin, my beautiful young cousin, stood in front of me, making a few final stokes on his marvellous penis with his right hand before shooting a great load straight at me, hitting my chest, stomach, genitals and thighs. White streams of juice hit me, making no noise at all on impact, while Martin's extatic groans filled my ears. I had just been sitting there with my hand wrapped around my penis but not stroking while Martin did his thing with Ted. Now I couldn't hold back any longer; without stroking at all I felt the orgasm come along. My dick started to throb even more powerfully, and the wonderful feeling of orgasm slowly overtook my consciousness. I leaned back and witheld a scream of pleasure as I came. A long sperm string went straight up into the air and then hit my collar bone, but after this shot, no more hit me. Martin had dropped to his knees between my legs, slurped the top of my penis, and was now sucking my load out of me, swallowing the warm semen. The feeling was one I had never felt before and I could not stifle my grunts. When the orgasm finally faded and I looked up I could see that Ted was at it again and eagerly stroked himself. After having seen us it didn't take him long to climax, and watching Ted approaching orgasm, and then reaching it, made me and Martin go hard again... This night turned out to quite an orgasm orgie. You wouldn't believe the amount of semen two horny teenagers and a 12 year-old, full of hormones, can produce in a couple of hours if they really make an effort. Or maybe you do?