By Trevor Johnson

Chapter Thirty Two

This story is a spin off from the adventures of Cliff & Derek. Michael you may recall was responsible for putting Cliff in hospital with some horrific injuries. Here we tell you his story.

Michael changed, was forgiven by Cliff. Met his lifetime lover Robert and between them established Britain's most successful plumbing business.

This story also contains sex between males including young males. If you find this type of reading not to your liking, please do not read any further.

Due to the fact my stories are now being published every three weeks I will be starting each new chapter with the final paragraph from the previous one to jog your memories.

I raced out past everybody running up to my brothers who were being led towards a police car, "What have you fucking bastards done to those boys, where are they?"

I tried to reach out and lay into them but two policemen held me back and my brothers started laughing, "Our fagot brother is missing his bum boys, oh dear he'll have to go back to wanking himself stupid like he used to."

I struggled even more but I couldn't get away from the two burly guys holding me. Robert came rushing up to pacify me telling me to let the police do their job, but I kept screaming and yelling for Serge and Miguel as I was led away back to the command post. It was there that both of us collapsed into a heap shaking and crying totally losing it.

"Will we ever see our sons again?" I wailed as a doctor gave me a shot of something.

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My head started spinning and before I knew it, I was being laid on a stretcher or something similar. The next thing I knew was waking up in a hospital bed. Once I started moving around a nurse came in to check my vital signs followed by a police officer.

"Where am I, what's happening?" I asked still not fully aware of what was happening.

"It's all right sir you passed out and the doctor sedated you, before bringing you here."

It all started to come back to me the boys still missing and more importantly were was my love, Robert.

"Where's Robert I must see Robert so we can find our boys."

"Robert will be here right away, he was resting in another room."

Just then, Robert came running in hugging and kissing me.

The first question I asked, was "Have they found the boys yet?" Robert shook his head saying, "No not yet and your brothers refuse to tell. The police have brought their father from jail and are now questioning all of them and they haven't found your younger brother yet."

"We need to get out of here and go find our boys." I went to get out of bed but fell back feeling very dizzy. I shook my head to clear it determined to get back out there and the next time I slowly got up and felt much better.

"Where's Steve?" Remembering that our head of security should be close by, if he's doing his job properly.

"Here I am how are you feeling?" Said Steve, as he entered the room.

"Let's get out of here Steve and find out what's happening I want my boys back."

Robert took my hand helping me to dress and before long we were walking out of the hospital much to the annoyance of staff because I hadn't checked out properly.

In the car still with our policeman in tow, Steve said that a full search of the school and the surrounding area was being undertaken, but it was beginning to get dark and he then told me the worst news of all, snow was forecast for tonight with sub zero temperatures.

Tearfully I announced, "I hope there not out in the open. I swear if anything happens to those boys I'll personally kill my brothers and to hell with the consequences."

We arrived at the school that was lit up brighter than a normal day with floodlights everywhere to compensate for the gathering dusk.

The detective inspector who had been looking after us was there to greet us, a grim look on his face.

"Any news, have you found my boys yet?" I asked panic in my voice.

"Sorry, but we are widening the search and calling extra people in. There are volunteers turning up from all over the place and just about every off duty police officer in the county has turned up to help, but we are running out of time and places to look."

He saw the look on both of our faces and pulled us both into a hug. Even this hardened police officer had tears in his eyes.

A policewoman came running up, "Excuse me sir the Prime Minister is on the phone wishing to speak to Michael and Robert."

We hurried us over the command post vehicle and when we entered, another officer handed us a phone.

"Yes sir." I timidly asked.

"No sign of those dear boys yet?"

"No sir, and we're running out of places."

"Is there anything my government and I can do to help, just say the word?"

"I tha.., thank you sir, if you don't mind I'll put you on to the chief inspector to answer that question."

"Thank you Michael and remember the whole country is praying for their safe return."

I was so choked up I was unable to thank him again for what he was doing, I just handed the phone to the chief inspector. Robert and I clung to each other, sobbing quietly.

We were given a strong cup of coffee with something else in it, Scotch I think. When the conversation was ended, the chief sat down with us.

"At first light he is supplying us with army personnel, so my men can have a much needed rest."

We nodded not really taking anything that was said in."

"Both of you know this school pretty well and while we have searched it from top to bottom is there anywhere you think we could have missed?"

We both sat deep in thought trying to figure just were they could be. Robert wasn't much use because he didn't attend this school, but he kept encouraging me to keep trying and not give up.

The detective continued, "I'm sure they are close, not too far away from where we are right now, but where?"

I slowly lifted my head, "Robert, remember when I was telling you about the final day of school when Cliff, Derek, Ian and me along with some of the other guys pulled a whole heap of stunts for them to remember us by?"

Robert nodded yes.

"Well one of the stunts we did was to fly a pair of Cliff's grandmothers' old fashioned knickers or bloomers as they called them from the flag pole."

Robert nodded again and by this time everyone in the command post was listening.

"Well, I had a hell of job climbing that smoke stack, there's a very tiny opening behind the boiler, hard to spot and then a steel ladder going straight up to a small trapdoor. When you open it there's just enough room to squeeze up inside the stack to put up the flag which is why it's never taken down."

Questions were being shouted into radio microphones and answers received.

"They never found that door." The chief told us ordering a squad to search for the door and check it out. Robert and I jumped up and began running towards the school. I was convinced that's where the boys were. It had begun to snow and was blowing a blizzard so time was of an essence. Just as we reached the main doors of the school, the cry went out followed by a mighty cheer, "We've found them"

Robert and I kept running towards the entrance to the boiler room just as two policemen emerged with two bundles wrapped in blankets. Both of us grabbed the bundles hugging our two boys and crying.

A small pitiful voice said, "Senor Dads, you took a long time finding us, it was getting very cold up there."

All four us collapsed on the floor hugging and crying, not wanting to let our boys go ever again. Two ambulance officers came running up taking the boys gently from us.

"Don't worry, we'll take them to the hospital to be checked over, plus Miguel's leg needs to be looked at."

We followed them out. Steve had the car waiting for us and we raced off following the ambulance. We had a police escort so it took no time at all to reach the hospital. The boys were taken into an emergency bay to be looked over. A nurse came up telling us to wait in the reception area. I said, "No fucking way, I'm not going to let those boys out of my sight."

She went to protest but a young doctor said, "It's alright nurse we'll make an exception to the rule this time, after what they've been through."

We stood around while they checked the boys and I was even wilder when they took off the blankets the police had wrapped them in to find that they had left them in just very thin underpants. When I saw this, I was so mad that I would have killed my brothers if they had been there.

I moved over to Serge's side holding his hand while the doctors examined him. He grabbed my hand squeezing it so tight that he almost cut off the circulation. Tears were rolling down my cheeks I'd never cried this much in my whole life as I had done these few days. Miguel had been taken to ex-ray and Robert went with him because we never wanted to be separated from our boys ever again.

Serge looked at me, "Don't cry senor dad, we are together again now. I love you my dad, thank you for saving us once more."

I took him in my arms and began hugging him. The young doctor treating him stood back instructing the nurses to leave us alone for a few minutes. We stayed holding on to each other for some considerable time and would more than likely have stayed that way except that Ferdy and David came rushing in followed by his father, Nathan and Damien his partner.

Ferdy dashed up to the other side of the bed clinging to Serge. Kissing him all over his face. They began babbling away in Spanish talking so fast that my limited knowledge was no use.

David wanted to know were Miguel was and I explained about the x-ray on his leg.

The doctor came back coughing politely so we all stepped back so he could finish his examination.

"Well, considering what he's been through Serge has come out of his ordeal really well. A bit undernourished so I think a few vitamins and good wholesome food will soon get him up back on track."

"Thank you doctor, that great news, and does he have to stay in hospital?"

"No he can go home whenever you like."

"Senor Dad, I must stay with Miguel." Serge pleaded.

"I agree Doctor is the hospital administrator still here?"

"I think so; would you like to talk to him?"

I indicated that I would and within a couple of minutes, I was heading for his office. He greeted me warmly and I gave him my request. At first, he wasn't too keen on my proposal but when I offered a substantial amount of money towards his rebuilding fund he changed his tune. He started to make arrangements right away and by the time I got back to the boys, it was all fixed. Miguel was back and the x-rays showed no additional damage had been done to his leg.

"I have some great news guys, the hospital has made available on the top floor a suite of rooms which is used by visiting doctors and surgeons and we are all going to stay there till Miguel is able to come home."

This news made everyone looked a little bit happier. Robert came over saying quietly, "how much did that cost us?"

"Don't ask, but it'll be worth it, let's face it we'll spend whatever it takes to keep our boys safe." Robert agreed with him kissing his lover lightly on the lips. Because of the trauma of the past few days our relationship had been on the back burner but the love hadn't waned in any way.

A hospital orderly came in telling us that our rooms were ready. I asked him to wait for a couple more minutes so that Steve could check out the situation making sure that it was safe, there was no way we were taking any chances from now on.

Steve was soon back nodding to us and the boys were wheeled out, followed by Ferdy and David with Robert and me bringing up the rear.

There were three bedrooms opening off an open living area so all three couples could have their own beds.

Once we'd settled everyone in Robert said, "I don't know about you but I'm starving after all we haven't had much to eat for several days."

I agreed so we sent a couple of security guards out to get some food for us the only problem being that only the fish and chip shop would be open. Still we were all so hungry we wolfed the food down anyway.

The chief detective who had looked after us so well called into say my brothers and father were safely locked up, and looked like being there for a very long time. He also said, "I didn't think you two would have thought of because of the rescue so I took the liberty of calling number ten Downing Street and thanking Prime Minister McMillan on your behalf."

"Oh goodness we forgot all about him, thank you for remembering and thanks to you all those who helped, we will never forget and we will think of some way to repay you."

"Just to see those boys safely tucked up in bed is payment enough."

After he had gone, I said to Robert, "We must think of some way to thank the whole police force, the volunteers and the town in general for their prayers and support."

Robert agreed, "Maybe early in the new year or perhaps wait until spring and do something for the town."

The boys were getting very sleepy by now so we kissed them goodnight before heading for our own bed. Serge and Miguel were in one bed clinging onto each other while Ferdy and David went to their own bed in the adjoining room. Robert and I badly needed a shower so we spent quite a while washing each other between other activities of a sexual nature before climbing into bed falling asleep straight away.

Next morning when we woke after our usual good morning kiss we headed into Serge and Miguel's room to find that during the night Ferdy and David had crawled into bed with them and all four with their arms wrapped around each other were still sound asleep.

"It's times like these when you wish you had a camera handy." Robert remarked.

Breakfast arrived so we woke the boys up helping Miguel walk into the sitting room for breakfast. Both of the boy captives had a problem walking, with Serge complaining of stiff limbs. When the doctor arrived, he explained it was because they had been tied up for so long without being able to walk.

"When will they be able to go home?" I asked After thinking about it for a while and looking at both charts he said, "I don't see why they can't go home today after all the main thing they need is rest and someone to show they care and I'm sure there are a lot of people happy to do that job."

Once they heard that news, the boys brightened up considerably, happy to be going home.

I called the office to tell Steve the good news and arrange for a car to pick us up.

By the time, we'd sorted the boys out, they had showers, and all the paperwork was sorted, it was almost lunchtime and Serge was definitely getting better because he was complaining of hunger.

As the car headed for the office building and our home the look on the boys faces said it all.

We turned into the street heading towards the underground car park and the whole street was jam packed with people. I panicked asking Natalie what was happening and were we safe.

She just laughed saying, "You are now."

We slowed right down and people were cheering and applauding holding up welcome home banners. I don't know how they managed it at such short notice but the whole side of the building had a sign hanging down, `Welcome home Serge and Miguel'

None of the boys could get over it and neither could we the sight was unbelievable.

It looked like the whole town was there. I noticed most of our staff including those working on outside jobs were also waving so I guess Tony and Trent must have given them a day off, not that we cared we had our boys back.

We stopped and got out waving to everyone, with Serge and Miguel acting like royalty waving back at everyone.

We finally got inside to find all the office staff waiting to greet us. It was almost mid-afternoon when we made it to the dining room to find that Betty had prepared a massive feast with a vast array of food. The boys' eyes popped open when they saw all their favourite foods on the table.

Finally, things began to settle down; the only upsetting part was two days later when the police arrived to take detailed statements from the boys, which upset everyone.

Christmas Eve arrived and because David wanted to stay with Ferdy and the others we invited Nathan and Damien to stay the night as well so they could see their son on Christmas morning. In the true traditional Christmas way the boys hung stockings up for Santa to fill with goodies, although judging by the amount of presents waiting under the tree for them they needed something bigger than a sock.

Robert and I bought all four boys the same presents; we included David because he was close enough one of our children as the others. We gave them eighteen-carat gold watches with their names engraved on them along with eighteen-carat gold chains with a cross suspended from them. The looks on the boy's faces when they opened our gifts said it all. With tears in their eyes, they hugged and kissed us telling us how much love they had in their hearts for their senor dads.

A few days after Christmas, we heard some sad news from Cliff and Derek. We had intended to head down there after Christmas to go to the pantomime and stay for a week with all the guys before heading to Disneyworld in Florida. When Cliff called to say the theatre burned down and then the tragic fire in the hotel we thought it best to not take the boys down to Brighton but spend an extra week in Disneyworld.

New Year's Eve we put on a big fireworks display for the whole town that everyone loved. Two days later we were leaving for Florida and Disneyworld.

Miguel's plaster had come off his leg just a few days earlier so he was still walking with a limp and had to have daily exercises to get his leg back in shape before he returned to school and started training again for soccer. Our detective inspector came to see us before we left and had some more disturbing news to tell us.

"The two schoolboys who tackled Miguel and broke his leg so badly had been approached by your brothers to deliberately take out either Miguel or Serge and make sure they landed up in hospital. They did it for just twenty pounds each."

All of us were horrified at that news, to think that my own family would stoop so low just to put me out of the picture. Well their plan backfired because all the media local and national were hailing us as heroes and great people and that others should follow our example in helping our fellow man.

"Are you charging those two boys?"

"Of course we are. We have to make an example of them and your brothers. We're throwing the book at them charging them with everything we possibly can."

"What about my other brother who we couldn't find was he involved?"

"No, and we're worried about him because no one's seen him and according to your other brothers they weren't very happy because he wouldn't help them with the kidnapping. We're hoping that nothing has happened to him."

"By not doing as he was asked it's just as likely that they did him some harm."

"Well we've got an all-points bulletin out for him but so far nothing."

While I was the youngest, Brother Jason was the next in line just 2 years older than I was. He was always a quite kid and while he went along with my other brothers and our father just like I had to, I always thought he didn't enjoy what we did.

"I wish I knew were my brother was; I hope he's safe and well."

Putting his arm around me Robert replied, "I hope so too, but you might have to face up to the fact that your other brothers and your father might well have harmed him if he refused to help them."

We then made the mistake of passionately kissing each other in front of the boys that always brought forth ribald comments and such actions as pretending to vomit and so on, yet it was ok when they did it that was more often than we did.

After tucking the boys into their beds and wishing them goodnight, we went to our own room and the first time for a while Robert made a point of locking the bedroom door. I looked at him raising my eyebrows, a look he returned with a sweet smile I hadn't seen for a while. While our love for each other hadn't changed the intensity had because I think of all the stress and worry. Slowly Robert approached me putting his arms around my body, pushing himself into me while placing his lips on mine. I opened my mouth right away to allow our tongues to massage each other while our erect members began to grind against each other. I groaned in passion as Robert began undressing me and I him. All the time this was going on our bodies were almost as one only breaking apart to get rid of some article of clothing.

Once we were naked, he pushed me backwards onto the bed, lying on top of me, our very hard cocks rubbing against each other. Slowly my lover began moving down my body kissing and nipping with his teeth as he went downwards turning his body at the same time so that his cock was soon level with my mouth. The number sixty-nine was our favourite and that's what we did, taking each other deep into our throats. I thought back to when I first tried sucking a cock with Cliff and Derek and how I struggled to get it all in my mouth but now I'm a professional at it and so is Robert.

It didn't take long for both of us to get hot and ready to blow and because it had been a while since we filled each other's mouths with hot cum. We moved back up together side by side kissing and swapping some of the juice in our mouths.

"I love you so much my darling Robert."

"I love you dearly as well my darling."

Because of the stress and tension we've had over the past few weeks we haven't declared our love like that for a while.

We dozed in each other's arms for a while until I felt a soft gentle hand caressing my cock bringing it to its full size. I responded with a deep kiss and with my hand going behind him to finger and prepare his hole. We have reached the point in our love making when we can sense what the other wants without being asked or told.

Once I had loosened Robert up enough, he lay on his back with his legs in the air. I moved between them positioning my cock at his glorious pink entrance. Slowly I entered him and the look of pleasure on my lovers face was enough for me to begin fucking him in earnest.

I tried to make it last but got too hot too quick and finished up blowing my load far too soon. I finished pumping my juice pulling out quickly, before positioning my own hole over the top of his cock and pushing down. I took him by surprise because we'd never done anything like that before. It took him a bit longer to reach his peak and I was glad when he did because my legs were beginning to ache with the up and down movement. Finally he began jerking his juice into me, when he had finished I moved off to be beside him kissing and cuddling. Both of us were exhausted, but instead of going to sleep, which I dearly wanted to do Robert said, "I think before we go to sleep we'd better have a shower I don't know about me but you smell like a slut."

We both laughed as we headed for the shower, which also involved a fair bit of foreplay. After washing and drying each other, we headed for bed falling asleep almost immediately.

Next morning the boys were banging on our bedroom door far too early for us but we quickly grabbed some shorts and then Robert unlocked the door. The four boys bounded in jumping on the bed right on top of us, "Good morning senor dads, it's time to get up and pack our clothes ready for our holiday."

"There's plenty of time to do that, we have all day, your dads would like a sleep in."

They whispered together laughing before Serge said, "We think our dads had too much sex last night."

"How do you know that?"

"The happy tired looks on your faces and glow in your eyes tells us your ball bags are empty."

The boys laughed loudly rolling about on the bed, "I wish you wouldn't talk like that, it not nice boys."

"Sorry dads, but its true isn't it."

We both nodded without thinking which brought on more laughing. Nudging and winking.

"I told you so." Said Ferdy.

"Ok you guys go and get dressed and we'll meet you in the dining room for breakfast."

We dressed quickly as soon as the boys had gone, and we joined them for a hearty breakfast. We asked Betty if she would like to help the boys pack because we had a management meeting which would take a while being the last one before we go away. Betty agreed straight away because she loves being with the boys.

While that was happening, we made our way down to the boardroom, which we were using today due to the fact that the whole management team would be attending.

After we had greeted everybody and Sally arranged coffee for everyone, we got down to business.

"Terry and Tony you will have complete control of the company while we are gone. We know it's in safe hands and we are only a phone call away if anything happens." Both of them blushed thanking us for having faith in their capabilities. I noticed as they sat next to each that they were holding hands. These two were just as much in love as Robert and I were.

"Sally of course the office side of things will be your domain, which it already is anyway." She nodded, smiling. "May I suggest that if possible you have a management meeting at this time every day so everyone knows what's happening."

Once more they agreed.

"As you all know, Nathan and Damien are coming with us so they can be with their son David, who as you are aware is joined at the hip with Ferdy."

Everyone laughed and I heard Nathan whisper, "Joined by more than the hip I think."

I continued, "Steve and two other security staff will also be with us and so that Steve won't feel left out Paul our accountant and Steve's partner will also be in our holiday group. Who will be looking after security here?"

"I've delegated Natalie to be in charge while I'm away."

"A good choice, she's been with us the longest after you Steve and always has the companies interests at heart."

"Paul, who's looking after finances while you're away?"

"I have a very good team of accountants and while no one will be the actual boss they all know what to do and will I'm certain, do it well."

"If they can manage without you why do we need you?" I asked laughing.

"To keep Steve happy and satisfied."

Everyone laughed and Shirley said, "If you boys are going to talk dirty I think I'll go."

Laughing she went round the room hugging and kissing us all.

After she left we sat around just talking in general until Steve got a call from security. His face looked grim when he put down the phone, "I've got to go, security found someone in the downstairs garage asleep in the corner, I'd better investigate and find out how he got in."

He headed off at the run and we broke up the meeting with Robert and me going down to our office to sign some paperwork before going back upstairs to pack.

We'd just entered our office when the phone rang; it was Steve, "I think you'd both better come down to the garage right away."

He didn't elaborate any further, so we headed for the elevator. As soon as the elevator doors opened, we were greeted with the site of Steve and several security guys standing over a young guy sitting on the floor. He was filthy dirty his clothes all torn. It was obvious that he hadn't bathed for a long time and must have been living on the street.

"What's the problem Steve why do you want us down her for a simple security breach?"

"This young man claims that he knows you."

I moved closer to take a better look at him. I stopped in my tracks, "Oh my god it's my brother Jason, quick help him up and get him upstairs."

He was so weak he could hardly walk so a couple of guys half carried him into the elevator.

I took him off the guards holding him in my arms, "What on earth did my brothers do to you? No, don't answer yet, save your strength until we've made you feel more comfortable and given you a shower. Steve, call the doctor right away tell him I want him here right NOW."

"Ok boss."

When we reached our floor, I instructed them to take Jason to our bedroom. Robert went to tell Betty to prepare some food while I followed them into our room. They sat him on the bed and I sat next to him my arms round him as he laid his head on my chest beginning to cry. He sobbed his heart out saying over and over again how sorry he was for causing me so much grief and trouble. I kept assuring him it was all right and he was safe. I suggested he took a shower and he nodded his head telling me that he hadn't been able to bathe for the past couple of weeks.

Robert came back in and we helped him into the bathroom, undressed him before helping him into the shower. I undressed as well because he was having trouble standing up, so I got in with him.

Both Robert and I gasped in horror when we saw the scars on his back. "Oh Jason you poor man did our brothers do that to you?"

He nodded and began crying again. I held on to him with one hand washing him with the other. There wasn't enough room for three of us so Robert opened the door reaching his hands in to help. I washed his hair getting all the dirt and grime out and also some dry blood from a deep cut in his scalp. Before long we had him looking a bit more presentable. Betty called through the door that the doctor had arrived, we told her just a couple of minutes, and we'd be out.

My clothes fitted him so we got something decent for him to wear before heading out for the doctor to check him out. After a thorough check over the doctor said the worst wound was the cut on his head but it was already starting to heal so it might be best left alone. He prescribed some antibiotics to help stave off any infection telling us that everything else should slowly heal. We took Jason into the dining room and Betty came out with a whole heap of food that Jason wolfed down.

"So what happened and where have you been?"

"When I told the guys I was sick and tired of doing bad things to you they went crazy calling me a fag lover and all that. The beat me up threw me in the car blindfolded me and drove for miles. I had no idea where I was going, then the passenger door was opened and I was thrown out of the moving car."

"So where have you been all this time, the police have been looking for you and worrying about your whereabouts?"

All this time I have been on the road trying to get to you to warn you but I kept passing out and resting in barns and places like that, also they dumped me in the middle of the Scottish Islands in the middle of winter. I don't even know what day it is, have we had Christmas yet?"

Both Robert and I one each side began to cuddle him.

"Hey you two, I might have stuck up for you but I'm not gay so what's with the cuddles?"

"Something we never got as kids, family love. We love you as a brother and that's ok isn't it?"

"Yes, I guess it is it's just that we've never had that kind of love, mind you I'm not complaining it feels good to be loved. Let's face it even when I've had a girl and fucked her it's only been sex and nothing else."

"That used to be the way with me but I've changed, fallen in love with a great guy and one day you'll find a girl and fall for her the same way."

Just then the boys came bounding in stopping dead in their tracks when they spotted Jason.

"Boys, this is my brother Jason, one of the good guys. The brothers who kidnapped you two boys also beat up Jason because he wouldn't help."

The boys all came up hugging Jason and kissing him on the cheek, which you could tell he was decidedly uncomfortable with.

"What's wrong with this place all this hugging and kissing stuff it ain't natural."

The boys laughed as I explained. "If you hang around here you'd better get used to it because the boys are very affectionate and loving."

"Well don't include me in all that stuff."

The boys laughed but said ok. I asked the boys how the packing was going and they said it was finished.

"We've been so busy we haven't started yet."

"Dads we're going to miss the plane if you don't pack soon."

"Don't worry boys we'll get there alright."

Jason asked, "You planning a trip or something?"

"Yes we're heading to Florida and Disneyworld, tomorrow."

I stopped and looked at Robert who must have read my thoughts because he asked Jason,

"What are you planning on doing now Jason, would you like to come to Florida with us?"

"Could I, after the nasty things I've done to you Michael over the years. I can't anyway I have no money and I can't leave the country because I'm out on parole, plus I don't have a passport."

We were silent for a while thinking, searching for a solution. While we were doing that Betty brought out our evening meal and the rest of the guys began to arrive so we introduced them in turn. Once everyone had sat down I explained that we want to take Jason with us but he has no passport and on parole did anyone have any suggestions.

"Senor Dad if we had a big enough suitcase we could hide him in it."

"Thank you Serge a good idea but not possible."

"Anybody got any other ideas?"

The silence was deafening, "look you go and enjoy your holiday and don't worry about me I'm a survivor, and I'll get a job somewhere and be all right." Before I could reply Serge beat me to it, "No senor Jason, you are now part of the family and our dads will look after you, won't you dads?"

"Of course we will boys."

Paul had been deep in thought and finally got his mind right so he could speak, "We all have enough contacts between us to solve this problem right?" We all nodded our heads in agreement, "So let's start working the phones and fix this problem. I sorted out the income tax for a colleague in Scotland who is on the Parole board. Robert and Michael use your contacts in Government to organize an emergency passport, while you Nathan call the airline tell them we'll be travelling a day late and in return for changing the booking the company will endorse their company."

"What about his American visa you know they take ages to get?" I asked.

Nathans boyfriend Damien spoke up, "I used to date a cute guy in the American Embassy who still has the hots for me even though I'm spoken for. He owes me a couple of favours so I'll call him and see what he can do for me."

Nathan was looking at him as he added, "And no my darling I won't have to screw to get him to do this for me."

Everyone laughed including Nathan, so that was ok. Everyone headed for a telephone while Jason asked if he could have a bed for the night.

"Of course you can, the boys will show you were the spare bedrooms are but watch out for them or before you know it they'll have your cock in their mouth."


"Only joking, boys behave yourselves with Jason because he's not one of us."

Serge was heard to mutter as they left the room with Jason in tow, "Pity."

Paul was the first to have some success, followed by Damien, whose Yankee ex-boyfriend came good while Robert and I had trouble tracking down the right person to talk to.

In the end I said, "Stuff it, let's go right to the top and we called ten Downing Street and before we knew it we were talking to the Prime Minister.

"Good evening Prime Minister." I said after introducing myself.

"Please call me Robert; Prime Minister is so stuffy when you're talking to friends. My secretary tells me you have a problem with getting a passport quickly?"

"That's right Prim ... Sorry Robert." I then went on to explain about Jason and his problem with my brothers.

"Look Michael that's no problem to me, I'll have someone from the passport office contact you within the hour and they'll get the ball rolling."

I thanked him before breaking the connection. Just twenty minutes later the phone rang again this time with someone from the passport office who took Jason's details before telling me to get some photos taken bring them to the airport when we're leaving and go to the immigration department were the paperwork will be waiting. Once again, I thanked whoever was on the end of the line.

Nathan came in to tell us that the airline after a lot of arguments back and forth finally agreed and we've all been put onto a flight the following day.

By now the excitement and pressure of the day had caught up with us all so we decided to make it an early night. After saying goodnight and thanking all the guys who helped us we headed for bed, first of all calling as always do to say goodnight to the boys. Ferdy and David were tucked up in bed sound asleep their arms around each other, but when we looking into Serge and Miguel's room they was nowhere to be found. Both of us wondered where they were and began to search for them. We passed Jason's room and decided to look in to make sure he was all right. We quietly opened the door to find Jason sound asleep with Serge and Miguel one on each side cuddling him. We crept in and I shook Serge awake, he opened his eyes and I whispered, "What are you two up to in here?"

"Senor Dad, your brother was sad and lonely so we said we would stay with him and look after him through the night."

I began to get tears in my eyes as I thought how wonderful and caring these boys are.

"Can we stay dads?"

"Yes but remember no sexy stuff all right?"

"Alright dads, goodnight." Kissing him gently I whispered goodnight before tiptoeing out.

With my arm around my lover and tears in our eyes we walked to our own bedroom.

"Those boys really take the cake Michael. They are so kind and caring no matter who it is."

"Yes, if we never do another good thing ever in our lives saving those three boys was the best thing we did."

We undressed, falling into a deep sleep almost straight away.

We were up early the next morning and among the first into breakfast, although the boys came bounding in starving as usual not long after.

"Did you boys sleep well?"

"Oh yes dads and so did Jason."

"I hope you two behaved yourselves with Jason and didn't lead him astray?"

"No dads we wouldn't do a thing like that." They both chorused laughing.

Just then Jason walked in looking much better than he did yesterday; he even had a bit of a smile on his face.

"Morning Jason did you sleep ok, I hope the boys behaved themselves and didn't do anything they shouldn't?"

"No they came in to say good night and noticed I had a few tears in my eyes so they told me not to cry because this was now a happy place and they would stay with me all night to keep me happy."

"They didn't try any sexy stuff with you did they?"

"No they were good as gold, keeping me company all night."

The boys looked quite indignant that I was questioning their behaviour and both of us felt real heels for doubting their motives.

Steve came in telling us that the police would be here in an hour to interview Jason.

"As soon as the police have gone Jason we'll take you down town and buy you some clothes for your holiday."

"But I've got no money, even if you buy them for me I'll never be able to pay you back and what about the cost of the holiday, I can't afford a holiday like you're having."

"Don't worry brother we'll look after you, we're not poor by any means and after all you are my brother."

It was embarrassing to see a nineteen-year-old burst into tears at the breakfast table but that's what happened. I moved next to him taking him in my arms, "Don't worry brother we all love you and just want you to put your past life behind you and be with us."

"But after all I did to you or helped do to you, yet you treat me so well."

"Jason blood is thicker than water, so dry those tears and think about becoming part of our happy family."

"But I'm not even gay." He blurted out and everyone started laughing.

"You don't have to be gay to be with us, although sometimes I think it might help."

When the police arrived, we took Jason down to the boardroom so they could take his statement in private. After all that was done the police officer, taking his statement said no action would be taken against Jason because he had done nothing wrong. Straight after that, we went down to the garage and into the car to go shopping for some clothes for Jason and of course, we had to take the boys as well. We never went any were these day without security and because there was a big group of us two cars had to be taken.

The boys had really taken a shine to Jason and they just had to help him choose his clothes. At first he was looking at all the cheaper brands but we told the boys on the quite to start showing him some of the good stuff which they did. Soon he had a good collection of clothes. Then followed toiletries, electric shaver and a gold wristwatch which Robert and I bought when he wasn't looking and when we slipped it on to his wrist it brought tears to his eyes. A haircut shampoo and general pampering followed and by the time we'd finished he had everything he needed for an American vacation. Because it was getting late for lunch and the boys were dropping hints like pretending to faint from starvation we took them all to a very nice steak house, which they loved. Everywhere they go the boys are recognized because of their television appearance with the Prime Minister. They loved it and took advantage of all the publicity.

While they were at lunch, I kept them entertained while Robert slipped away opening a bank account for Jason and depositing five thousand pounds in it to start him off.

When we presented that to him after the boys had gone to bed that really did produce tears.

"I can't accept all this from you even if I am your brother, After all I even helped in trying to ruin your business in Scotland and I'll never be able to repay you."

"What plans if any have you got for when we get back from Florida?"

"I don't know, get a labourers job somewhere, I don't have any skills at all."

I looked at Robert and smiled, which Jason noticed.

"What's with the smile, what are you two up to?"

"Nothing right now brother, we'll talk about it when we get back. Now I know our flight isn't till almost lunch time but the boys will be so excited they'll have us up at the crack of dawn, so I reckon we should have an early night."

They agreed so after giving my long lost brother a hug we headed for bed.

I wasn't wrong regarding the boys because it was barely light when they came bursting in jumping on our bed. I was laying there with my lovers hand on my cock, which was hard and ready when Ferdy leapt onto the bed landing right on top of it. Boy did it go down quick. Robert was a bit quicker than I was and managed to roll to one side protecting his jewels while I was wincing in pain. Serge, who never misses seeing anything, immediately put his hand on my cock pretending to massage it saying that he had better kiss it better. I declined the offer but wished they would go so that Robert could sooth it for me. We finally got rid of them but by then it was too late. Everything had gone down and we both needed a pee so a quick dash to the bathroom and then into the shower. With just a minimum of fooling around we were bathed, dressed and ready for breakfast.

Straight after breakfast we all finished packing followed by an early lunch then it was time to get ready to head off. It was difficult to keep the boys still as we headed off in a convoy of vehicles for Heathrow airport. We had the boys and Jason with us so our car was the noisy one with the boys getting more and more excited. While this wasn't their first plane flight it was certainly the longest. There were so many of us that we took over the entire first-class seating on the aircraft. At Heathrow, we had to remain in the cars until security had checked out the surrounding area. Once we got the all clear, we went into the first class lounge, before heading off to find Immigration. Once we found it, true to their word Jason's passport was waiting. All it required was the photo stuck in and stamped and he was set. He kept looking at his passport unable to believe what was happening. I'm sure he thought this was all a dream and he would wake up soon.

Jason just couldn't get over the luxury and opulence of the first class lounge at Heathrow airport and of course this was his first ever flight. The boys for once were quite standing at the observation window watching all the aircraft land and take off. I noticed every so often Jason would look at me and I could see tears forming in his eyes. He was finding it hard to come to terms that I have forgiven him for all that he did to me when I was at school.

Finally, our flight was called and a flight attendant came to collect us to take us onto the aircraft and into first class. All the passengers in cattle class as we jokingly referred them as looked on in envy as we went up to the `posh' end of the plane.

The head steward took me to one side asking if the boys once we were airborne would like to have a look around the cockpit. I said yes they would love to but don't mention it yet otherwise we wouldn't get them to sit down during take-off. Jason overheard this and said he'd like to look as well.

With seat belts fastened we taxied down the runway ready to take off. The boys were hanging on to each other's hands for grim death as we cleared the runway and began to climb. Once we began to level off and the seat belt sign went off everyone relaxed. Robert leaned over to give me a very passionate kiss.

"What was that for lover?"

"Oh just to tell you I love you, I haven't done that for a while."

I noticed Jason looking at us a puzzled look on his face.

"What's the matter Jason?"

"I just can't get over you two kissing and cuddling all the time, do you have regular sex as well?" We both burst out laughing until we noticed that was dead serious.

"It's no different from girl, boy relationships we kiss cuddle and all that just like you would with a girl."

"Yes I sort of understand that but do you do other things as well?"

"Of course we do but not in public just the same as you wouldn't have sex with a girl in public."

He was quite for a while and I thought he doesn't know much about life and sex.

"And when you go, you know err..., all the way what do you do?"

I know we shouldn't have but we both laughed at his naivety.

"Just like normal couples do Jason."

"But girls have somewhere for it to go, you guys don't so what do you do?"

By now, it was difficult for us not to go into hysterics, but we managed to keep a straight face.

"Jason you have an awful lot to learn about life. We have a substitute area but further behind if you get my drift." Steve, and all the others had by now began listening in and the whole cabin burst out laughing.

"Oh you mean you put into your partners." And he pointed behind him. Everyone all together without any prompting said, "YES"

"But isn't that, you know, dirty?"

"We always make sure we're very clean Jason, maybe you should try it one day."

"Oh, yuck! No way."

He was still thinking about what we had told him when the boys were taken two at a time into the cockpit to see how the plane was flown. When they came out the hostess gave them a model airplane of the one we were in and a pilot's cap with the airline insignia on it. We adults were then asked if we wanted a visit and we all lined up for a grand tour.

Once we'd all been up front we settled down to relax and even the boys had a little nap. The next thing we knew the staff were waking us up so they could serve dinner. We had several different wines with our meal finishing up with a glass of champagne to celebrate Jason joining us. He'd never drank wine before only beer and being in prison he hadn't had any of that for a while so he was a little bit tipsy and giggly which of course amused the boys.

I called for quite standing up I said, "I'd like to propose a toast to my dear brother Jason who has finally realized that the life he was leading wasn't a good one. Welcome Jason to our extended family and I would like to announce that when we return to England we intend to make my brother a junior partner in our business. We haven't decided what job he will have, but I'm sure whatever we give him to do, he will do well and you will all make him feel very welcome. To Jason."

Everyone lifted their glasses and toasted my brother before they began calling on Jason for a reply. He stood up but was a bit wobbly so Robert held on to him as he spoke, "I'm a bit drunk I think, not used to all this wine. I never imagined or thought that my brother, who I have been very cruel to in the past would be so kind to me, and Robert his partner, I'll never get used to this gay thing, Robert you are also a kind caring person and I'm going to cry. Thank you all." He ended his speech abruptly with tears streaming down his face so Robert and I hugged him before all the other lined up to hug him after us.

Not long after that the pilot announced we would be landing soon so we got back into our seats fastening our belts. Once we touched down and cleared customs we found the two limousines, which were waiting to take us directly to Disneyworld.

We had chosen the Animal Kingdom Resort as our hotel destination and wow what a place. The boys, Jason and the rest of us just stood in the foyer open mouthed at the grand décor of the place. We checked in and we're shown to our room which over looked the hotel grounds which housed of 30 exotic African animals from Giraffes to smaller species. To see the look on the boys' faces made it all worthwhile.

We had just settled into our own room leaving the boys and Jason to explore the place when the phone rang. It was Shirley calling to see if we had arrived and settled in all right.

"The main reason I called was to tell you that a special Government envelope as arrived by courier and I don't know if I should open it or not?"

"Go ahead and open it Shirley we weren't expecting anything so we've no idea who it's from."

We could hear the rusting of papers as she opened the envelope before we heard the words, "oh my Lord."

"What is it Shirley what does it say?"

To be continued.

Writer's corner:

I haven't been putting a writer's corner into these stories but I think I will from now on. I must admit I got a bit teary eyed writing parts of this story, especially the rescue of the two boys. The next time was when Jason was discovered in the garage of the building. At least one of Michael's brothers has seen the light and changed his ways, or has he? I hope so.

Michael and Robert can never hold a grudge against anyone. Those boys are such lovable characters aren't they? I could just hug them to death, and their sense of humour keeps everybody on their toes.

That holiday must be costing them a fortune, but they enjoy spending what they have with their friends. It must be nice to be on first name terms with the Prime Minister that must open a lot of doors for them. Can you imagine calling the President up asking him for a personal favour? I think not.

Finally, the cliffhanger. My cliffhangers lately have been too easy so let me know what you think this one is.

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Editors Corner:

Well, let me say first of all, I am so pleased that the boys were found and that no serious harm came to them. It certainly was a tearful reunion for everyone. When Steve called to ask Michael and Robert to come down to the garage, I immediately thought it would be Michael's brother and indeed it was. This too was a tearful reunion. I hope Jason can overcome many years of family neglect and learn to accept love from his new family.

Wow, flying first class across the "pond" to begin what will be a fantabulous vacation at Disney World. The hotel sound exciting, but I am concerned about what is in the envelope. I hope it's not bad news, but with these guys writing these stories, you just never know what will happen. We will all have to wait for the next chapter. In the meantime, between Trevor and Jacob, we will be kept busy. Do let us all know your thoughts about the story and what you think is in the envelope. Please leave a comment for everyone to read.

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