By Trevor Johnson


Chapter Thirty Three

This story is a spin off from the adventures of Cliff & Derek. Michael you may recall was responsible for putting Cliff in hospital with some horrific injuries. Here we tell you his story.

Michael changed, was forgiven by Cliff. Met his lifetime lover Robert and between them established Britain's most successful plumbing business.

This story also contains sex between males including young males. If you find this type of reading not to your liking, please do not read any further.


Due to the fact my stories are now being published every three weeks I will be starting each new chapter with the final paragraph from the previous one to jog your memories.


We had just settled into our own room leaving the boys and Jason to explore the place when the phone rang. It was Shirley calling to see if we had arrived and settled in all right.

"The main reason I called was to tell you that a special Government envelope has arrived by courier and I don't know if I should open it or not?"

"Go ahead and open it Shirley we weren't expecting anything so we've no idea who it's from."

We could hear the rusting of papers as she opened the envelope before we heard the words, "oh my Lord."

"What is it Shirley what does it say?"

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"Just wait while I open it."

We could hear the rustling of papers and the silence, which we assumed it was Shirley reading the contents. By now, we were getting very impatient.

"Come on Shirley don't keep us in suspense, what on earth does it say?"

"Oh my Lord." That was all we heard from her and my temper was rising.

"You'll never guess what this is all about."

"No we won't and we're never going to find out if you don't tell us." I think the tone in my voice brought her back to earth and she finally told us, "In the Queen's birthday honours list, you are both to be knighted and become Sirs."

I dropped the phone in surprise, speechless. Robert quickly picked the phone up asking Shirley to repeat what she'd just told me, when she had finished telling him he handed the phone to Steve because he too was unable to talk.

Steve at last got the full story and the look of joy on his face said everything.

"I'll tell the guys that Shirley, and then have them get back to you; at the moment they're in a state of shock." He hung up the phone and got some drinks from the refrigerator behind the bar.

While he was doing this Jason, and the boys returned. Steve asked them to sit down and listen he explained, "Because I have something to tell you." The boys started to look worried but Steve assured them it was good news. Once we all had a drink. Steve spoke,

"Shirley phoned because she got an official letter form the British Government. When she opened it, it said that in the Queen's birthday honours list both Michael and Robert were to receive knighthoods for their humanitarian work in saving three young boys from prostitution and slavery, also services to the plumbing industry. In other words these two fine gentlemen who I have the privilege to work for are going to become Knights of the realm and will be addressed as Sir, once the Queen as dubbed them as Knights at an investiture at Buckingham Palace."

The boys looked puzzled so Steve explained in detail what this entailed.

Once they understood that their fathers would be called Sir, they stood up walking in front of Michael and Robert. Standing to attention Serge said, "Sir's are we allowed to speak, Sir's?"

"Cut that out boys, what do you want?"

"Permission to give you a hug Senor Sirs."

"Come on boys you don't need permission for that and cut out the Sir bit." Michael added as the boys bowed to the waist before jumping on both of their fathers' laps.

"We are so happy for you Senor Sirs, do we also get to meet your Queen?"

"I don't know Serge; if we are allowed to take guests then we will take you to meet the Queen."

Cheering the boys began bouncing up and down on our laps that did nothing for our private appendages.

The phone rang and before anyone could move Serge ran to pick it up,

"Hello this is Serge, son of Sir Michael and Sir Robert."

"Steve, grab that phone from Serge before he says anything else." I said laughing.

Steve took the phone as Serge ran to face us bowing once again to the waist before leaping on my lap again with his arms around my neck. "I love you Senor, Sir Dad."

"I love you too Serge, in fact we love all you boys but cut out the Sir bit please."

"OK, Dad."

It sounded like Steve was talking to Shirley again and I pointed out to Robert, "There you are it's all a mistake and she's rung back to tell us that."

Steve put down the phone saying, "No its no mistake, but after she read all the fine print she called back to tell us that we are not allowed to release the information until the day of the investiture."


All this time Jason had sat there not saying anything, occasionally opening and closing his mouth, "Do you really mean to say that my brother and, yes I will say it his boyfriend, are going to get a knighthood?"

"Yes Jason and thank you for finally saying the boyfriend word, I do hope that you'll accept that I am your brother's partner for life."

Ferdy and David got off Robert's lap as he stood up walking over to Jason, "I don't care what you say and do to me but this calls for a hug." At that he put his arms around Jason hugging him and a surprised group looked on as Jason accepted the hug without any complaints.

"Just remember all of you this doesn't mean I'm becoming one of your lot."

Everyone laughed including Jason as we headed down to the restaurant for dinner.


Back in England at the company headquarters, Tony and Trent were having a few problems running such a mighty empire. A small faction of union workers had decided to make use of the opportunity of the bosses being away leaving two relatively young guys left in charge to begin making demands for what they termed equal rights and better conditions.

"Do you think we should alert Michael and Robert?" Trent asked.

"I don't think we need to just yet. Let them have their holiday and relax, they need it. If things get worse then we might have to, but we'd better have a group meeting tomorrow and talk it over with Shirley and some of the others."

Trent agreed, but both of them felt that they were letting their bosses down by allowing this to happen.

The next morning during the management meeting, they explained to Shirley what was happening.

"I always thought something like this would happen while they were away." Shirley told them.

"I do agree with you two though that we shouldn't bother them right now but wait and see. Do you intend to meet with the union or just let them stew till Michael and Robert return?"

"We had better meet with them, otherwise they might think by our ignoring them that we are being rude and that would make things worse."

Trent spoke up next, "After all Shirley we're good at plumbing and running that side of the business but have limited experience at managing people, and I feel, no I know they are taking advantage of a couple of gay young men."

"Don't put yourselves down boys, both of you are experts in this business and you've been managing the Channel Tunnel project very well so far with no problems."

They thanked Shirley for the encouraging words but still felt uneasy at the way the union was acting.

"I don't know what they have to complain about they are paid well above the rate of pay and also everyone is in the profit sharing bonus scheme which other companies are complaining about because it is far better than anything they can offer their workers."

The meeting ended with no real decisions made regarding the problem.


Not having any idea of the trouble brewing back home Michael, Robert, the boys and the rest of the gang were having a wonderful time at Disneyworld.

Michal and Robert were both enjoying the wonder and antics of their three boys as they discovered more and more of this fabulous park.

They spent the whole day exploring Animal Kingdom with over 1700 animals from 250 different species. The boys never even knew many of these animals even existed and when they went on the park safari on board a truck getting up close to some of the animals their eyes grew wider and wider with excitement. Most of their comments were in Spanish because they couldn't talk fast enough in English.

Michael and Robert just sat back holding hands, admiring their sons looking so happy and excited. Robert kissed Michael gently on the lips, "No regrets?"

"Never my darling, you?"

"No and there never will be."

Forgetting for a moment where they were, both of them joined lips opening up to receive each other's tongue. They held the kiss until they heard the laughter and comments, "Look out guys we've got too wild animals in here with us." Of course, that was Serge along with all the others, laughing and pointing as we quickly pulled away. We both went bright red as other visitors on the safari truck looked at us when the boys shouted, some didn't look too happy while others joined in the fun.

The boys went back to looking at the animals, while we got over our love nest happening. Once we had finished the safari, the boys were hungry so it was off to a restaurant so we could feed the hungry hordes.

Seated at a table close to us were a couple of people who had been on the safari trip with us and it was obvious that they were talking about us behind their hands and they kept glaring and looking over our way.

"I wish people would stop staring at us, I get sick and tired of not being accepted for what I am." Said Robert.

"I feel like going over there and giving them a piece of my mind, but that will only cause trouble and upset the boys."

Jason was taking all this in, and I was beginning to wonder just what was going on in his mind.

He wasn't talking much, just looking and listening, it was beginning to freak me out and I mentioned this to Robert.

"Don't worry too much about your brother, this is all strange to him, the way we live is something that he has never experienced before. Maybe we should find him a girlfriend, just as long as she's not a gold digger." Robert replied with a laugh.


After we had eaten, the boys were looking very tired so we suggested an early night, so that another Disney adventure could begin tomorrow.

Once they were showered they got into bed, Ferdy and David in one room, Serge and Miguel in the room next door.

We were just about to go into their rooms to kiss them goodnight when all four rushed out into the corridor.

"Where are you four dashing off to when you should be in bed?"

"We forgot to say goodnight to Jason back in a minute."

They rushed into Jason's room with us following; barging in without knocking it was a surprised and embarrassed brother of mine who was discovered lying on top of his bed jacking off.

That didn't put the boys off in fact, they as always in a situation like this made the most of it, by gabbling away in Spanish between themselves before Serge spoke, "Senor Jason you are a big boy, would you like us to help you with that? We are all very good."

With an embarrassed, furious look on his face, he dived under the sheets yelling for them to fuck off out of his room.

"Senor Jason we didn't mean to scare you and we are very sorry to see you so upset please forgive us?"

Both Robert and I know from experience when he talks like that to you using that tone of voice you can't help but calm down.

By now, Jason had calmed down both mentally and physically and the boys gave him a hug and wished him goodnight apologizing for bursting in like that.

"Ok you boys get back into your own beds and we'll be in soon to say goodnight."

As soon as the boys had left, I sat on the side of Jason's bed with Robert standing next to me his arm around me.

"Sorry Jason the boys can be a bit of a nuisance sometimes and don't understand that what they are doing is wrong, I'll talk to them about what happened and I'm sure it won't happen again."

Jason nodded still looking embarrassed, "I know, I think a lot of those boys and if I'd known what they were like and the full story of how you and Robert saved them. In fact if I'd not listened to my father and brothers about how bad you were I would never have even considered doing some of those nasty things I did to you. You're both good people and I still can't understand why you are forgiving me after all I've done."

Tears formed in his eyes and I reached down to hug him, a hug that he accepted.

"That's all behind us brother of mine, so let's forget it and look to the future."


Wishing him goodnight we started to leave the room until Robert turned and said, "We'll have to try really hard to find you a girlfriend so you don't have to keep doing what you did, and it might be best if you locked your door." All three of us laughed as we headed out into the corridor.

We called Ferdy and David into the other boy's rooms.

"Are we in trouble Senor Dads?"

"Yes you are, you should never rush into other peoples rooms like that. It's an invasion of their privacy and very rude so don't ever do that again, always knock and wait all right?"

With his head hung down Serge replied, "Yes Dads, sorry Dads."

"Now hop into bed and get to sleep we have another big day ahead of us tomorrow."

We kissed and hugged Serge and Manuel before going next door to repeat the routine with Ferdy and David.

As we were walking hand in hand down the corridor, we met Nathan and Damien on the way to say goodnight to their son David and of course Ferdy.

"We didn't get the opportunity with the boys taking over but congratulations on your Knighthoods, they're well deserved. I just wish we could let the world know about it in advance. As your publicist I could have a field day with that news."

"Quite frankly, I think both of us would much rather not have too big a fuss made of it."

We hugged and kissed them goodnight before finally reaching our own bedroom.


Closing and locking the door behind us, I knew exactly what Robert had in mind and while we were both dead tired I realised we'd find some extra stamina to do what he had in mind.

It was over two hours later, when we had a final kiss before going to sleep tired but satisfied.

The trouble was the boys were up at the crack of dawn banging on our door telling us to hurry up and get dressed.

Reluctantly we got out of bed heading for the shower. Mind you we still found time for a little bit of fun and the release of more juices down our throats.


Tony and Trent had just walked into their office when the phone rang. It was the relief manager, Ben David relieving for them on the Channel tunnel project, "We have a problem down her guys, the union have pulled a stop work meeting which has been going on for over an hour."

"Why didn't you call us earlier Ben?"

"Because I thought it was going to be just a normal meeting short and sweet. As you know I'm not allowed to attend but my spies tell me that the union boss down here is calling for a stoppage."

"Why what's the problem they get top rates and a bonus scheme other companies would die for?"

"I'm not sure but I think it's something to do with having gay management, the union is claiming that unless you're gay, promotion within the company is limited."

"That's fucking bullshit."

"I know that my own case is a classic example but the union has some shit stirrers who are out to cause trouble."

"Keep us informed of what's happening and if they decided to stay out we'll have to get Michael & Robert back from Florida and they won't be happy."

We made our way down to Shirley's office, explaining to her what was going on.

"I think we might have to let Michael and Robert know what's happening." She said.

"Maybe we should wait till they have finished their meeting."

All three agreed to wait and see.


The meeting down in Folkstone was getting fiery with the group divided on the issue of gays running the company with little opportunity for `ordinary' people having any chance of promotion.

While a group of workers were quite happy with the conditions and the excellent pay they were getting others were not and it was this group who had stacked the meeting in their favour.

The shop steward running the meeting proposed a motion that all union members stop work until the management could give guarantees, that an equal number of gays and non-gays form the management core of this company. The vote was taken by a show of hands and while some of the men wanted to vote against the motion, they were scared of repercussions from the union.

"It's agreed then from this time on this union withdraws its labour and refuses to work for this company until our demands are met."


Word quickly got through to Tony and Trent, who had no option but to ask Shirley to call Michael & Robert, while they headed down to Folkstone to try to sort out this mess.

It took Shirley several hours to track down her two bosses because they were enjoying some wild rides along with interaction with dinosaurs and other thrilling rides and events.

The boys were having a great time although they did get a bit scared on some of the rides and also the big dinosaurs freaked them out and they usually finished up clinging to an adult for dear life.

It was strange that each boy appeared to have a favourite grown up. Serge always finished hanging onto Michael while Robert ended up with Miguel, Ferdy had quickly grown attached to Jason and poor David who always appeared undecided went to his father or to Steve.

A very tired and worn out group returned to their resort hotel that evening to find several messages for Michael & Robert from Shirley. As soon as they got to their room after sending the boys to have a shower and get ready for dinner, they got through on the phone, Shirley began telling them what was happening and they could hardly believe their ears.

"Ok Shirley is it just the Channel tunnel job affected so far?"

"Yes, Tony and Trent are on their way down to Folkstone now."

"Ok, call them and tell them we are on our way back. Tell security to meet us at Heathrow airport and we'll head straight down to meet up with Tony and Trent. As soon as we know which flight we can get on we'll call you with the details."

After signing off from Shirley, they called everyone into their bedroom. Once they were all assembled, they passed on the news.

"Robert and I are leaving on the first available flight and we want Nathan to come with us, we could also do with Steve but we need someone here to look after the boys."

"Paul, Steve's partner and our accountant said that if we didn't want him in England he would look after the boys.

Damien spoke next, "I will stay and help Paul, plus we have Jason so Steve can go with you if that is what you want."

Therefore, it was decided that the boys, with Jason, Paul and Damien would stay while we headed back to England.

Steve got on the phone to organise a flight while we packed a few things and explained to the boys what was happening. They looked sad but accepted that we had to go. "Maybe we should come with you Senor Dads?"

"We'd love you too boys but it would be better if you stay here and enjoy yourselves till we get back, hopefully we won't be long. We'll miss you."

"We'll miss you too Dads." They had tears in their eyes as Steve came running in telling to hurry he had a car waiting to take us to the airport and they are going to hold up a late night flight for us but only for thirty minutes.

We quickly kissed and hugged the boys, telling the adults left to take good care of them as we rushed out into a waiting car that got us to the airport in record time. The aircraft was waiting for us with all the other passengers already seated waiting for take-off. We were the only ones in first class so we were able to spread out and relax, well relax as much as we could under the circumstances.

"Nathan, we want for the time being to keep this out of the press. If the union goes to the press, we will not reply to any of their questions nor will we issue a statement straight away. We will find out what their game is first. I'm sure that's more behind this than meets the eye."

"Steve we will need backup just to be on the safe side and can you get a couple of guys quickly over to the boys, Robert and I would feel a lot safer if we had a couple of guards over there."

"Yes I'll send Natalie and another guy over. The boys know and like Natalie."

We agreed with that before dozing off to sleep, trying to get some rest before what looked like being a hectic day ahead.

Daylight was just beginning to creep over the horizon as we began our descent into Heathrow airport. We cleared customs quickly having nothing to declare and one of our limousines was waiting outside. It took less than thirty minutes from touchdown to be on our way to Folkstone.


Just over an hour later, we were sitting in a hotel meeting with Tony, Trent and the tunnel general manager, Ben David.

What's the latest guys, can you quickly bring us up to date. "No one turned up for work this morning, yet I get the feeling that quite a few of the men would like to work but are scared of the union bosses."

"About how many do you think would go to work if they could?"

I would say half of them, they are happy with the conditions and rate of pay along with the generous bonus you pay, but the union is threatening expulsion stating that they will never be able to work for anyone else."

It was quiet for a while then Robert spoke up, "Steve, if we offered those who want to work full protection how many men would we need?"

"What figure are we talking about going back to work?"

Ben explained that he expected about fifty to sixty men out of one hundred and sixty to go back to work and if nothing happened another fifty percent of the rest would join them."

"And that would bring down the union?"

"I certainly think it could."

Steve thought for a while, "I'm more than likely going to need the same number of guys as the ones were protecting at least until we see what the unions going to do."

"That's a hell of a lot of men Steve, how long would it take you to gather that many?"

"I would have to go through a couple of agency's to rustle up that many guys so I'd say half a day and remember some of these won't be up to our usual standard."

Ok, this what we'll do, spread the word among all our workers that we will be having a meeting at four this afternoon just like we always used to do to discuss any problems the men may have. Stress that this will be employees only, no union delegates or outsiders nothing like that. We'll put on beer and food just like we used to do when we first took over the company. Make sure everyone is aware of that, and then leave the rest of the talking to Robert and me."


Everyone went their separate ways to organise whatever they had been told to do while Robert and I first of all called the boys.

"Senor Dads, it's good to hear your voices are you coming back soon."

"We don't know yet but hope to be back very soon, are you boys behaving yourselves?"

"Oh Dads don't we always? We have had breakfast and are heading out for the Effgot (sic) Centre."

"That's called the Epcot Centre son and I'm sure you will have a great day there. Please be good for us, Promise?"

"Yes Dad we promise, bye."

Just before I hung up the phone, I heard Serge still talking because he obviously hadn't put the phone down properly, "I had my fingers crossed when I said promise, so if anything happens we didn't break a promise." Then the line went dead. Robert was listening on an extension line and we both burst out laughing.

We took a short nap together before showering, getting ready for the visit to the channel tunnel site.

Tony, Trent and Ben had done a good job of setting up the area with a platform for us to stand on and a large marquee with tables loaded down with food and plenty of beer. We told them no food or beer until after the meeting. Steve had a ring of security right around the perimeter and a group checking the credentials of those coming in.

He had already turned away several people who claimed they were union officials and had the right to be there. Steve explained this meeting had nothing to do with the union it was a general staff meeting which his bosses have a couple of times a year.


When it looked as if everyone was inside the compound, I got onto the stage going up to the microphone and asking for quiet. As soon as I did this, a group of union people outside the compound began chanting anti-gay slogans, trying to drown out my words. I looked across at Steve, nodding and he sent a group of his guys out to move them on. We heard a few scuffles and then silence, several of our workers began to cheer and applaud, and were soon joined by the majority. When it finally went quiet again I began to speak.

"Good evening and welcome, as you are aware my name is Michael and also as you may be aware we don't use surnames or titles when we are with friends." I looked at Robert and giggled at the word title thinking if only they knew.

I continued, "We came back from the first holiday we have had since taking over this company to have this little get-together this evening."

Some applause came after this bit then I continued, "We heard that some of you were not very happy about the way the management was set up that some of you would never get the opportunity to advance to management level within this company. Well let me tell you right here, right now that is rubbish. We will promote any one, no matter what, if they are qualified enough and capable of doing the job. We are looking at some promotions right now and I'm sure if some of you applied. We will give you a fair go in the selection process.

Here is Robert to tell you more."


There was some applause but not a lot and I thought I might have stuffed things up by not being forceful enough. Robert took the stage taking them right back to the beginning.

"When my parents died so tragically not all that many years ago, they left this company to two boys and yes that's all we were, young boys with a business that was doing well, we expanded the business and with a bit of luck and some faithful staff members we went on to establish the organisation that we are today.

Now let's get down to why there is unrest in our midst today. I forgot at the start to mention that my parents left this business to two gay young men, poofters, fags, shirt lifters, Queers, call us what you like but we are homosexuals deeply in love and totally committed to each other for life. My mother and father both approved of our life together, if they hadn't they most certainly would not have included both of us in the will. Purely by co-incidence at the beginning, we employed other gay people and it was just that, coincidence. All of them were fully qualified and efficient at the job we employed them for and have so far proved to be an asset to the company. On that fateful trip to Spain, we managed to rescue three young gay boys from a terrible life and they became our adopted son's. We didn't hear any nasty comments when that happened. Not only did we start a massive expansion program but we introduced the employer bonus scheme where a share of the profits went back into your pockets. In theory that means each and every one of you is a joint owner of this company. I can't for the life of me understand why any of you want to involve the union. You're all bosses and I'm sure you're not all gay are you?"

Robert waited for the laughter and applause that followed that remark to die down before he continued, "If you want this company to be a union oriented organisation then we will. We'll scrap the profit sharing bring in the union and pay you the union agreed rates of pay which is I believe about twenty per cent a week less than what you are getting in your pay packet right now. We'll do all that if that is what you want because Michael and I will be laughing all the way to the bank.

As in the past when we have had these meetings we have always ended them with a few beers and some food, and today is no exception. Don't worry guys, it's not coming out of your profits but Michael's and mine. Finally, before we get stuck into the food and drink, I would like to hear from you all. Are you worried that this company is being run by gays."

There was a loud roar, which would have been heard twenty or thirty miles away and certainly by the union troublemakers standing outside. Robert climbed down off the stage giving me a big hug and a kiss that set off another mighty roar of approval from most of the workers. Of course, there were some who didn't approve and that is to be expected.


With Steve and a couple of his regular guys by our side we began circulating among the workers most of whom shook our hand congratulating us. We noticed Trent and Tony standing to the side and waved for them to join us and also the current project manager Ben David as we made our way through the crowd. We had a couple of beers shoved into our hands and a pork pie each, (they were my favourite). I think everyone in attendance shook our hand. Gradually the men started to drift off and go home either to their wives and families or to the single men's camp set up on the site. Once most of them had gone we asked Steve to bring the car round inviting Tony and Trent to join us at our hotel in Folkstone to stay the night. It was still quite early so we all trooped into the dining to have a meal and relax.


Nathan got on the phone to organize our return flight for tomorrow, while we relaxed with our two young managers, which was really what this demonstration was all about. After all, they had only been out of their apprenticeship for just on six months before we promoted them, putting them in charge of the Scottish job and then here in Folkstone and running the company when we went away. The fact that both of them were gay and a couple had nothing to do with it, they got the job because they were good at it.

We talked and had a couple of drinks before we began to get a bit weary, "Well guys I think it's time we went to bed, jet lag as finally caught up with me so we'll see you in the morning before we all head off in different directions. The two of them had been trying to say something all night and we knew what it was and avoided it, but finally they got what they wanted to say into the conversation, "Michael, Robert we're sorry for the trouble we caused you, for ruining your holiday. We really thought we could handle the job while you were away but it has been obvious that we couldn't and we apologize for that."

"There's nothing to apologize for, I would guess that the union has been waiting for this occasion to jump in and cause trouble. No matter who we left in charge this demonstration would have taken place so don't worry. Now I think you two young studs should do the same as these two young studs and take your partner upstairs make mad passionate love to them and then get a good night's sleep. We all kissed and hugged before heading for our rooms.


Next morning we all met for breakfast and Tony had some great news, "I have just got off the phone from Ben and he tells me it was a one hundred per cent turn out for work this morning. The union bosses were waiting at the gate to greet them all and were told in no uncertain terms to fuck off by the workers."

"That's great news Tony and should keep the union at bay for a while longer but we haven't heard the last from them you mark my words."

I started to laugh and Robert looked at me with a quizzical look on his face, "When you spoke just then to Tony and used that phrase at the end you sounded just like your father."

I thought for a minute that I might have said the wrong words because I could see tears forming in his eyes.

"That's because he's watching every move we make and approving them all."

"I hope he wasn't watching last night when we went to bed then."

We all laughed including Robert and I knew that I had got him out of his sad moment. I knew that he still grieved for his parents and more than likely would for the rest of his life.


Before we headed off back to America, we called Shirley, thanking her for all her help. We then said goodbye to Tony and Trent who were heading back to our head office in Malvern.

Steve had the car ready for us to go to the airport and by the end of the day; we were re-united with our lovely boys. They gabbled away so fast and all at once telling us what they had been up to that it was hard to understand them, "And did you keep your promise to behave even though you had your fingers crossed behind your back when you did promise?"

With an amazed look on his face Serge said, "How did you know that Senor Dad?"

"Senor Dads know everything that their sons get up to." I replied with a laugh.

"Now about a big hug for your Senor Dads, who love you very much."

We all had a group hug that included Jason who was getting more relaxed and joining in even with the hugging bit.

That night lying side by side after a session of hot steamy sex, it was Robert, who spoke first, "I don't know if it is possible or not, but I believe I am falling in love with you more and more."

"That's strange because I was just thinking exactly the same thing."

We began kissing again and holding onto each other allowing our love for each other to flow from one to the other. The feelings we had were incredible and impossible to describe, to put into words.



Next morning we didn't rush to get out of bed, plus the boys didn't come knocking on our door so we assumed they too were worn out from the previous days activities.

"I feel that we should reward Shirley and some of our other executives in some way for their loyalty to the company and us, without them we wouldn't have made it."

"I agree Robert my darling and what did you have in mind, they already have shares in the company and earn good money what else can we offer them?"

"I've been thinking about that, maybe we should adopt the American way of running things and before you say anything, yes it is just a title but what for example if we made Shirley Vice President of administration. We could find out what kind of pay structure the American's have for positions such as that one."

I kissed him deeply before saying, "That's a wonderful idea, and what about some of the others?"

"Steve could be Vice President for security, Nathan for communications, with Paul for Finance, and Serge for Vice."

We both laughed at that suggestion agreeing that he would be very good at that. Robert then got serious once more, "Regarding the boys, if anything happens to us they get everything , but I also think we should set up for all three of them a fund which they can access when they reach school leaving age allowing them to buy motor cars, their own accommodation if they wish, clothing and things like that. I feel they need to be able to become more independent and learn to lead their own lives, after all once they go to university they will be on their own without us guiding them every minute of the day."

"I agree with everything you say my darling but they still have a couple more years of school so we don't need to rush into this."

He agreed and just as we began to kiss, cuddle and allow our hands to roam to other parts of the body, to stimulate things, there was the knock on the door from three lovable boys telling us to hurry up because they want to explore another part of Disneyworld today.


The holiday progressed all too quickly and before we knew it, the time had come for us to return from fantasy to reality. While the boys kept telling us that they didn't want it all to end I think they too wanted to go home.

Jason had begun to relax more and more in our company although he still marvelled at some of the things that we were capable of doing. The fact that we returned to England stopped a strike and continued our holiday all within the space of twenty four hours he found hard to comprehend.

Neither of us had fully discussed exactly what we were going to do with him within the company. Because he was getting on so well with the boys, I jokingly suggested he be made Vice President of Spanish affairs.

The flight home was uneventful as was the trip back to our home and office, and so we settled back into the same old routine.

The boys went back to school after the holidays, and they all got into training for the start of the cricket season. With all four of them in the school's first eleven, we made sure that we never missed a game.

One event that did take place was the trial of my brothers and my father. Because of the weight of evidence against them they really had no option but to plead guilty.

My father, who as you know, manipulated the whole scheme from inside jail, had a good many years added to his already lengthy sentence, he will be a very old man when he gets out. While my brothers who were on parole also had a lot more years added to their time in jail. The judge also declared that they never be considered for parole.


Jason, started in the company learning everything there was by first of all working on site for about six months and then in every department of the office for a further six months.

At the end of that time, Robert and I surprised him by making him a partner of the company with a quarter share, this way Robert and I still had the deciding vote.

He could never comprehend, why we were so kind to him, and no amount of explaining got him over the fact that he tried to kill me on several occasions and as a young kid treated me like a piece of shit, yet I forgave him and he ended up a wealthy young man.


I'm getting ahead of myself here, About three months after we'd been on our overseas holiday to America, Over breakfast one morning it was obvious that Serge had something to tell us and the other three were laughing and secretly egging him on.

"Senor Dads?"

"Yes Serge what is it?"

"Jason has a girlfriend."

The boys started giggling and Jason went a deep red, "I have not." He proclaimed just a little bit too loud and indigent that gave him away right from the start.

"How do you boys know?"

"We saw him kissing her."

"You weren't spying on him were you?"

"No Dad, well only a little bit Dad, we were walking past and just peeped in a little."

"Oh you did, did you?"

Nobody answered which told they were guilty, "So Jason who is she and how long have you known her?"

He hesitated before replying, I guess trying to make his mind up to tell or not.

"Her names Sylvia, she's twenty two and works in accounting."

The boys started blowing kisses and acting the fool pretending to be boy and girl and kissing each other and so on.

"Stop that you guys, can't I even kiss a girl without you four taking the piss?"

"Jason's right, stop it right now and act like young gentlemen which is what you're supposed to be not silly little girls."

"We're not girls Dad, we're men with big dicks not little pussies."

It's so very difficult not to laugh at the boys when they carry on like this and they know it.

"That's enough you guys now cut it out, ok?"

"Yes, sorry Dad."

"So tell us some more Jason all the gory details except for the sexy bits of course."

"There aren't any sexy bits, yet. When I was in accounts the other day, Paul got her to show me a few things on the computer and we got chatting. We arranged to meet in the canteen at lunchtime and one thing led to another."

"That's wonderful Jason it's about time you found yourself a girlfriend and if it's the young lady I'm thinking of she looks a bit of a stunner."

"She is and we're going to the movies tonight."

"Can I come Jason and bring Miguel, Ferdy and David as well?"

"No you can't, for once I want some alone time with Sylvia."

The boys made a big act of looking sad and sulking that made no impression at all on any of us.


Later I asked Paul about her; after all, we have to be careful in case she's a gold digger after Jason's money, "She's been with the company straight from school and is a very hard worker. In fact, the office supervisor job is coming up in a couple of months when Janet who is in the position at the moment goes on leave to have a baby. I'm considering making Sylvia acting supervisor."

"What's her family background?"

"Her father's dead, about six months ago from cancer I believe, and she's an only child living at home with her mother."

"I suppose to be on the safe side we'd better get Steve to do a check on her just in case."


It was getting close to our visit to Buckingham palace to receive our knighthood from Queen Elisabeth the second. We also discovered that it was the Prime Minister Harold McMillan who had nominated us for our Knighthoods.

We had numerous messages from Buckingham Palace regarding the investiture and royal protocol, the one that surprised us was a hand written note from her majesty requesting that, and I quote `Those delightful young Spanish boys of yours' attend and it was signed Elisabeth R .

You can imagine the mirth, mayhem and excitement, which occurred when we told the boys the news.

The dress for the occasion was morning suit which was top hat, and tails. With gloves always carried to match the colour of one's waistcoat.

Both Robert and I had our morning suits made to measure by Moss brothers the main gentleman's tailor in Britain. This involved several fittings to make sure everything was perfect and also I might add cost a fortune.

Never having had a made to measure suit in our lives it was a big shock when we went to be measured for the first time and both of us got the giggles when the gentleman taking the measurements got to our inside leg jabbing the tape measure right up into my crotch and asking, "Which side does sir dress?"

At first, I had no idea what he was talking about, so he repeated the question jabbing once more at my cock with his tape measure.

"Oh, erm, err, to the right thank you."

All he wanted to know was which side of my pants does my cock hang down. Apparently, they make allowances in the cutting so that it doesn't show.


When the personal Royal invite for the boys arrived, we decided to have morning suits made for them.

Robert said to me on the day we were due to take them to Moss Brothers, "I'm dreading this, you know what the boys are like?"

Laughing I replied, "Oh yes I know and I've been thinking about this. When we get there, I'll have a quiet word with the tailor so that he doesn't have to ask which side they dress. I shudder to think what Serge's answer would be, it's going to be bad enough when he measures the inside leg."

We both laughed but at the same time wondered if Moss Brothers were quite ready for our three Spanish boys.

The morning we were due to visit the Moss Brothers we lectured the boys over breakfast, in the car and just before we went into the store, "Please Senor Dads we get the message and promise we will behave. And look I haven't got my fingers crossed."

True to their word, the boys behaved impeccably answering yes sir, no sir. There was a tense moment when Serge's inside leg was taken but I put my finger to lips and looked very stern, stopping his comment just in time.


I spoke to the tailor the minute we arrived telling him that their English wasn't too good, also explaining to him that they will all dress on the left whether they do or not, they will have to adjust after all the four of them were big boys in the appendage department.

Yes, all four because David was always counted as one of the gang with Ferdy and him joined at the hip and more often than not at the lips and elsewhere.

A few days ago, Ferdy and David came to us asking if they could talk privately with us. I suggested that maybe David's father and partner should be there as well and they agreed.

We all sat down in our office with the door closed because both of us had a feeling about this conversation and we were right.

Ferdy began first, "As you all know David and I love each other very much." He paused, we nodded, "Well Cliff and Derek got sort of married and exchanged rings when they were our age and we wondered if we could do the same?"

We all looked at each other not sure how to answer this one at first.


"While they did as you say, at the time there were certain circumstances which made this easier to do without many people knowing." Robert took up the conversation, "There are a lot of things to take into consideration, firstly the priest that blessed their rings was understanding but they are few and far between. Secondly, this doesn't mean that they are officially married because we are not allowed or recognized as being able to get married only men and women can do that. What we can do is have a little ceremony here in the office were both of you exchange rings or some other token and pledge to remain faithful and true to each other for the rest of your lives."

"Well why can't we do that." Ferdy said with David nodding in agreement.

Robert took up the conversation, "Are you both sure that you want this kind of commitment for life? You are still young so maybe you should wait a while and see."

"Why should we wait when you and Michael pledged to love each other and so did Cliff and Derek?"

All of us adults looked at each other Nathan nodded his head while we both knew what our answer would be.

"Very well, one or both of us will take you shopping for the kind of rings or pendants you want, and then we will arrange some kind of ceremony so that you can declare your love in front of all of us. What about your two brothers they will want to do the same?"

"If it's all right with you Dad, we would like this to just be our ceremony to make it that bit more special."

We all agreed to that saying that we wouldn't mention anything in front of the others, "Now I think this calls for a special hug don't you?"

Ferdy, who has never been one for a lot of affection with us, put his arms around me hugging me tight and kissing me on the cheek before whispering in my ear, "I love you so very much Dad, thank you for saving me so I can spend my life with David."

Those words from Ferdy brought tears into my eyes as I recalled how we saved them from that terrible life.


Naturally, once word got round what was happening with Ferdy and David, the other two wanted to do the same but we told them to wait until after this ceremony before they have theirs.

Jason was becoming quite close to Sylvia, while a discreet background check by Steve revealed nothing nasty and evil in her background and they were dating regularly.

It was at lunch one day that I suggested to my brother that he should bring Sylvia to dinner one night suggesting that we all go out somewhere for a meal together so that we could get to know her.

"I've passed her in the passage way on several occasions but never really spoke to her so why not invite her to join us in a meal at our favourite steak house?"

"Without the boys?" he asked. Laughing we agreed without the boys.

"She's quite shy and I think all of us and the boys might be too much."

"Ok Jason, I get the impression that things could be getting serious between you two, am I right?"

"I think so; we both love each other but haven't talked about the future yet."

A couple of nights later much to the boys disgust, we announced that the adults would be going out to dinner and they would be staying home this time. That news didn't go down too well.


Jason and Sylvia were already seated waiting for us when we arrived with Steve, Paul, Nathan and Damien. After all the introductions, we ordered, making idle conversation. Sylvia didn't say much and looked to be in awe at the thought of having a meal with her bosses.

"Sylvia, you look a bit lost and out of it having a meal with us but please don't worry we won't bite your head off or anything like that. In fact we are happy that Jason has found someone to be with instead of a bunch of gays."

I thought I might have overdone it by mentioning the gay bit because she was a bit taken aback that we were so outspoken about our sexuality.

"Please Sylvia don't let us frighten you off, but we believe in calling a spade a spade and we are gay and right now you and Jason are outnumbered, it took Jason a long time to get used to that fact. Please treat us as friends and relatives because that is what we are."

She nodded and Jason squeezed her hand to give her courage.

"I was a bit scared about coming here tonight, but Jason did tell me you were very nice people and I can see that you are and thank you for inviting me, err us."

"Don't worry Sylvia we just wanted to see what Jason had caught and I must admit it's a good catch."

Both of them blushed as our meal arrived. Sylvia and Jason as well gradually joined in the conversation and were chatting and joking along with the rest of us by the time coffee and liquors arrived.

As we relaxed after a wonderful meal Jason began to get fidgety and looking nervous again.

Then he asked for quiet, "I was going to wait but I think this is the right time to do it."

Wondering what the hell all this was about. Holding Sylvia's hands in his he knelt on one knee, looking straight up into her eyes he said, "Sylvia I love you so very much and would love you to say yes and marry me."

Being old softies that we are tears began flowing, especially when she said yes. They kissed as Jason put his hand into his pocket producing a jewellery box and a beautiful diamond engagement ring, which he placed on her finger. We began to cheer and applaud along with others diners sitting close by.


We all stood, waiting our turn to kiss the bride to be and shaking Jason's hand, who was grinning from ear to ear, something that you rarely see these days.

With tears in my eyes I shook his hand giving him a hug saying, "Well done brother, I'm so happy for you both and I'm especially happy that you joined me in breaking the family mould turning into a wonderful young man."

"None of this would have happened if you hadn't saved me brother."

We held the hug and both cried a little, until I went to lighten the mood.

"Sylvia, I know it's getting late but why don't you phone your mother with the news, tell her to get dressed up and a car will be there to pick her up in ten minutes so that she can celebrate with us."

It took a while for it to sink in what I had suggested and she protested that we didn't have to do this but we insisted. While she was talking to her mother, I ordered champagne for a toast not just for us but everyone in the restaurant including the staff.

"You're overdoing it Michael." Robert whispered, "Nonsense it's not every day my brother gets engaged.

Sylvia came back from the phone, telling us her mother took some convincing and by the time she'd finished talking the car was there for her, but she agreed.

I told the waiter to hold the champagne until she arrived and it was only about fifteen minutes later when this rather attractive lady walked into the restaurant. Sylvia introduced her mother as Freda and she held out her hand to us to shake but Robert got there first and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. We all followed suit. Freda was quite an attractive lady and one could see were her daughter got her good looks from. She was slim had blue eyes a charming smile with hair that wasn't grey but a shiny silver.


The waiter brought the champagne around to everyone and I made sure all the staff including the kitchen people came out to toast the happy couple.

Standing, I asked for quiet, "This is a great evening for my family, when Jason found his way from the life he was living, it was a great moment in mine and Roberts's life.

Jason has turned out to be a wonderful young man who I am proud to call my brother and he has a great taste in women, something that I will never have. I would like to propose a toast to two lovely people who I am sure will have a long happy life together and make me an uncle many times over. Raise your glasses so you can join me in wishing Sylvia and Jason all the best on the occasion of their engagement, Sylvia and Jason." Once every one had drank a toast they applauded, before lining up wish them well.


Freda came over and at our invitation sat down next to us. "Thank you for making my daughter welcome and I have a feeling that Jason will make her a fine husband."

"If you had seen him a year ago you would have thought differently."

"I know all about his past, he has been very honest by telling us everything and he never stops praising you two for saving him, you are wonderful people." We both blushed and even more so when she continued, "Jason told us in strict confidence about your event coming up soon and it is justly deserved, Sir Michael and Sir Robert has a wonderful ring to it don't you think?"

It was our turn to blush, "Jason had no right to tell you that and I will have to have words with him."

"Don't be too hard on him he is so proud of you two and adores those boys of yours."

"Don't worry Freda, I wouldn't do anything to hurt and upset my brother, I love him dearly."

As the congratulations died down, we said goodnight to Freda escorting her out to the car, which would take her home.

Jason came up and whispered in my ear, "Is it all right if Sylvia and I have the day off tomorrow." He was grinning like a Cheshire cat, and I didn't have to think too hard at what he and his intended had in mind.

I slipped five one hundred pound notes into his hand saying, "Enjoy yourselves don't go to some sleazy hotel, go five star. What the hell, give me back that money, Here's a signed blank cheque, spend as much as you like and enjoy yourselves."

He went to protest and give it back to me and I said, "Don't you dare."


The date for the ceremony joining Ferdy and David together arrived and I had a little surprise for them both. We had kept it secret from the other two, which may have sounded mean, but we wanted it to be their special day and it was. We had caterers in and decorated the conference room with garlands and lots of flowers, arranging the chairs so that they had an aisle to walk down together.

I insisted that everyone dressed decently with suits, ties, the works, including a special band of musicians.

As soon as everyone was seated and in their places the priest who blessed Cliff and Derek's rings took his place at the front and a curtain was pulled to one side to reveal the band with Cliff singing. The look on the boys faces as they entered when the music started was a wonder to behold. Slowly they walked down hand in hand, I could see that Cliff was finding it difficult to keep his emotions together and sing at the same time, Derek walked up to hold his hand. I don't think there was a dry eye in the place by now. I notice Shirley and Betty sobbing quietly. Even Serge and Miguel, had tears running down their cheeks, it was so wonderful.

Instead of rings they had heart pendants with their names engraved on them, with a love arrow piercing both names. They were beautiful and cost us a fortune.

After the ceremony we all adjourned to the roof where boarding had been placed over the pool making it into a dance floor, while tables had been set out just as you would for a real wedding.

As expected Serge and Miguel came up to us asking when they could have their wedding and I told them whenever they were ready, and we would spend the same amount of money on them as on their brother and his partner.

We all found our places and sat down for a full three course meal followed by speeches that I made sure didn't go on for too long. Serge of course had to make a speech that had us all in stitches as he recalled some of their antics since arriving in England. I had to pull him up on a couple of stories that weren't fit for mixed company, but otherwise everything went smoothly. Jason and Sylvia were sat at the top table with the rest of the family, I noticed a few looks passing between them, and I told Robert that we might have another wedding on our hands very soon.


It became time for dancing, with Cliff's band without him began playing dance music and soon everyone was on the floor. It was looked odd to see more men dancing with men than ordinary couples. Robert and I danced just about every song something which we never ever did not being ones for dancing.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and when the bridal couple said they wanted to go, we all got into a circle and they went round the inside thanking everyone for coming. When Ferdy got to Robert and me, he couldn't hold it back any longer bursting into tears as he thanked us both for a wonderful day. David too after talking to his father and Damien cried when he thanked us both for making their wedding day something very, very special. Then they left heading for their bedroom, which unbeknown to them had been decorated with flowers and scented candles, along with satin sheets. And a new queen size bed.

The dancing continued as gradually couples left to make their way to their beds. Cliff and Derek were staying the night and along with Robert and I were among the last to leave.

We stayed chatting with them for a while catching up with all the news before leaving.

On several occasions lately Sylvia had been turning up at breakfast time so we took it to believe that they too were spending a lot more time with each other.


Soon it was time for the final fitting of our morning suits, because the big day of the investiture was close at hand.

Her Majesty was breaking with tradition by allowing the boys into the room while we were being dubbed knights of the realm.

At the appointed time we all entered bowing to Her Majesty and to see the boys resplendent in the dark grey tails with a lighter trousers and waistcoat carrying their gloves the same colour as the waistcoat. Top hats of course had been left outside. An equerry showed us to our seats, while the lord Chamberlain read out why we were being honoured. Once he had finished, Robert and I moved forward to stand in front of Her Majesty. I was the first to kneel on a special stool while a sword used for these occasions was tapped on both of my shoulders dubbing me a knight. I then stood bowed and move backwards to my seat facing Her Majesty all the time.

Roberts turn came next and then still walking backwards we left the room to enter the grand ballroom were all the other recipients of different awards were gathered. It was sheer co-incidence that on the same day in 1959 Alec Guinness, who was of course Cliff Steele's mentor, also received his knighthood.


Once all the formalities were finished the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh joined them for press pictures and official photographs. Nathan, David's father was there in his official capacity as our media man that was the only way we could get him in.

Her Majesty came over offering her congratulations to Robert and me, before turning to the boys and chatting to them. All the time she was talking to them I was holding my breath but the boys were wonderful answering politely and clearly. When she had finished chatting she turned back to us again saying. "Your boys are far better spoken and well behaved than mine were at that age, you have done a wonderful job bringing them up congratulations to you both."

We bowed and thanked her as she moved away.

Gathering our brood around us both Robert and I congratulated them on behaving so well.


The following week the mayor of our small town presented us with the keys to the city saying that we were a fine example young people bringing up a family in difficult situation, and providing work for a large number of the population.

Two months later Jason and Sylvia were married and what a great occasion that was. Twelve months later, I became an uncle when they had a lovely baby girl, named Jennifer and then a boy that they called Michael.


We continued to expand the business for the next ten years making so much money it was unbelievable.

Serge and Miguel did go through a marriage ceremony and we took the whole crew to Hawaii for the ceremony.

Ferdy and David adopted a baby African boy, which they named Robert and a couple of years later a girl called Shirley,

Tony and Trent eventually became full partners and finally took over the running of the whole business.

While opposite marriages failed all around us except for Sylvia and Jason, all of the same sex couples in the company stayed together forever.

After college, Ferdy and David joined the company along with Serge and Miguel so by the time we were thirty we had nothing to do but spend money, which we did, travelling the world buying our own ocean going cruiser and living a life of luxury. We always appeared to have one or more of the family with us. Steve and Paul we kept on as our personal bodyguard and accountant. Damien and Nathan remained with the company but we managed to get together about three times a year, but our biggest pleasure was when our boys joined us. They still call us at least every second day and join us somewhere in the world at least five times a year.

Whenever we are close to England we accept the invitation to the Queen's garden party, and she greets us like long lost relatives always insisting the boys are invited as well.


Serge is as cheeky as ever even if he is a fine upstanding young man. He even at the last royal function asked the Queen when his knighthood was coming. She smiled saying who knows and then winked at Robert and me.

While my life began on the wrong foot, until Cliff and Derek rescued me, it finished up all right thanks to the love of my life Robert.

We still love each other just as much as we did all those years ago and will I'm sure continue to do so until our dying day.


The End


Writers Corner

Yes that's right "The End." I decided that this story had run its course and frankly, I was finding it harder and harder to write every time. I first started this story almost two years ago while Cliff and Derek is two and a half years old.

Over that time I have enjoyed conversing with many people some of whom have become close friends. I would like to thank them for their kind words and even on occasion's plot lines that I have been able to use. Thank you all and I hope you have enjoyed this story.


By finishing this story it has paved the way for a new story which will be starting in three weeks' time. "Finding his way out of the dark" is the story of a young fourteen year old in a remote region of Canada trying to find his way in a redneck world were the word gay means trouble.

This story has lots of potential with plot lines that I'm sure you will find interesting so watch out for that one in three weeks' time.

As always, I would like your comments on the final chapter of Michael and Robert.





Editors' corner

WOW! What a wonderful ending for wonderful characters. Michael and Robert along with their lovely boys and friends had some great adventures, scary at times, but all turned out great in the end.

I hope this is not the last we have seen of Sir Michael and Sir Robert. Perhaps Trevor will have them appear in Cliff and Derek from time to time, just to let us all know that all is well.

I am looking forward to the new story. Trevor is such a wonderful author [just look to see who his mentor is, none other than Jacob], I am certain that this new story will keep us all coming back for more.

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