Moving In

Disclaimer: This story is completely fiction. It is a little slow because it focuses more on finding true love, but eventually there is some love-making. Events in real life, that you may think parallel to the story, are only coincidences. Some chapters in the future contain talking about and dealing with bullying, mental health problems (like severe anxiety and depression) and self-harm. If you are triggered by or struggling with these issues by yourself, then I strongly advise you to not read this story. However, I can guarantee you that this story will end happily. If you want to download a copy, or post it to your website, please e-mail me first so that I would know and that you may have my blessing. If you aren't of legal age then it's your decision to continue reading and take the possible consequences.

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I know some people don't read disclaimers and I want to reiterate again that if you are triggered by or struggling with bullying, mental health problems (like severe anxiety, and depression) and self-harm, then this story is not right for you. I strongly advise you to not continue reading this story. There are chapters containing these topics in the future. However, this story ends happily.

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Also, I'm dedicating this story to all struggling people out there (just know that it gets better, trust me I've been there too) and to me when I was 14 years old and all the obstacles and challenges he would be facing that year. I know it sounds pretty narcissistic, but without that time and phase in my life, I would be nowhere as strong as I am now.

Chapter 1: Looking from the window above, it's like a story of love

"Mom," I said nervously.

"Yes, Chris," she said.

"I'm gay," I said as tears were about to fall from my eyes. All the horror stories about teenagers coming out to their parents that I'd seen in books, movies and television flooded me. Well maybe, coming out to your mom in the front pew of church may seem an odd choice for you, but I needed to that night since I already postponed it multiple times.

"Are you sure of that and you're not confused right," she asked me.

In my head, I was about to laugh so hard because I wouldn't have said that to her if I wasn't sure. In fact, I didn't even know the reason why she asked that to me.

"Yes mom. If dad was still here, do you think he'll accept me?" I hesitantly said.

"Of course, he isn't homophobic. I asked him that exact same question right after he proposed to me 15 years ago. As long as you still do good and you are up to no trouble then nothing will change. We still love you because you are still our son and nothing will change that."

"I wish dad was still here," I was about to cry, but this time it was tears of joy.

"Well, things happen for a reason. All we can do is accept, react and handle it to the best as we could, then move on. If you still feel sad about dad passing, then talk to me about it Chris. Doesn't mean he died and that I'm seeing someone means I can't talk to you about him. Ok?"

"Ok, mom. I love you!"

"Your dad and I love you Chris. Always remember that."

Well, that went somewhat smooth. I really did not expect mom's acceptance to me as gay. Hi! I am Chris, Christopher Harper. I am 15 years old, 5'5", decently tanned, dark hazel eyes, a little lean with some baby fat and I quote, "Raven black hair that is so soft and amazingly turns to a little dark brown when the sun shines on it." At least that was what one of my old classmates said to me so thank you I guess? We just had moved from Manila to the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California two months ago. After my dad died in a hospital in Hong Kong and got a large sum of insurance money from it, my mom and I (mostly me though) decided to move here. Now you may be thinking, why LA? And to be honest, I don't really know. I guess I got carried away to move here because of all the YouTubers that I watch (living their best lives here). I had been watching them since I was nine years old.

Church went fine. After that, we headed home, but before that we went out to eat dinner at Pop's which was a little over a kilometer from our house. As always, the food was good, but my mind was distracted from eating after I saw someone walking in.

He was about 5'10", wavy light brown hair, blue eyes (not like grayish blue but ocean blue), lean with some muscles bulging out from his tight v-neck shirt and pants that hug his lower-half just right. He was not too skinny to say that he only has a fast metabolism and definitely not too ripped to say that he always maxes out whenever he could. I could describe it only as "just right". His smile was warm and welcoming that anyone could melt just by staring at it. My mouth slightly opened and drooled out a little grease mixed with saliva right before my mom snapped me out of it.

"Chris? Hey Chris? Earth to Chris," she laughingly said.

"Um what was it mom," I said as I was wiping my drool with a tissue.

"You look stunned. So who did you see at my back," my eyes widened.

"Um, nothing," I defensively said. "I was only thinking about school starting and how much change it is going to be for me," that was when she looked back and saw the cute boy I just drooled over.

"Ok then, but I think he's cute," my heart raced as she said that. Another good thing is I didn't really blush that often so I could still have a little dignity left. "Come on Chris, that was just a little teasing. Just be careful. I don't want you to be hurt especially if it's puppy love."

"Ok mom."

We finished eating and I couldn't keep my eyes away from that boy. Like hell, he's not only really tall (for my Southeast Asian ass, he's already really tall) but he's what I can say, I've been looking for, ever since I admitted to myself I was gay over a year ago. He can't really see me because our booth was somewhat hidden and he was chilling out with his friends who arrived earlier than us near the counter. We went home and my mom reminded me that my freshman year of highschool will start in about a week. She also needed me to go with her tomorrow, since she will enroll me in the school near downtown and help set up her classroom for English and AP English.

Honestly, I am excited for school to start since I will see new faces and probably make new friends. I said probably because I am a nerd. However, in my defense, I don't really read books or play video games either, I just mostly keep my grades in the 90-100% territory because that was what my aunt and mom trained me to. I don't blame them though. I'd rather be quiet and smart rather than causing some sort of drama or anything. That doesn't mean though that I just spend my time reading anything that could help me or mankind to advance in anyway, in fact, I wasted most of my summer here in LA, scrolling through all of my social media and it is a lot. I mostly did that because I have a reputation to keep (which can range from being a smart son of my parents, being relatable to being a little boujee) online from my family (which is Facebook), from my friends (Instagram and Twitter) and from other people.

I actually know the reason why I did that in all of my social media and it is because of the feeling of validation. Looking back from it now, I was really stupid thinking that a like, retweet, or share means that a person really cares about you. When in fact (which may not be applicable in all given situations though), it is the opposite.

I went up to my room and I changed to my sleeping clothes which was nothing except for boxer briefs and sweatpants. I laid in bed, hugged my Cars pillow and I couldn't sleep. My mind kept wandering and always ended up to the boy I saw at Pop's. His smile, his features and everything about him made my heart race. I didn't even know if he was a total jerk but something inside told me that he's the one. And that this time, I wouldn't screw things up like before when I admitted to a friend of mine that I had a crush on him. To be fair, he told me he was bisexual and I was an emotional wreck for about three months because of him.

And that's when I felt a stirring in my crotch. I tried it to make it go down but it just couldn't and I instantly knew that I needed to take care of it. So I pulled down my sweatpants and boxer briefs and started stroking away. The images of him a while ago popped up in my brain. His smile, his tight shirt, how he walked and his pants hugging his thighs and legs a little tightly were all amazing. Precum was now leaking and knew that any moment from now, I'll be having an orgasm. As I kept thinking of him, I noticed how I was being included more and more, image after image, from being a person in the background to being in bed cuddling with him after some making love session. That's when I felt it coming. I curled my toes and tensed my thighs and butt. Seconds later, splooge came out of my dick and spurted out all across my torso. I grabbed my splooge towel and wiped it across my torso. I tasted some of it and it tasted a little sweet this time. And finally, I fell asleep.