5: Holding Hands in Public

by Vincent Berg
Copyright 2016, Vincent Berg

A strange car pulled up beside the gym, an older Volvo. Shaking his head, Taylor trotted out to it.

"Was this the most innocuous vehicle you could pick?"

"You're welcome," Jacob said, waiting for Taylor to buckle himself in. "It's my dad's. I figured no one would recognize it."

"So what's this about?" Taylor reached into his pocket, extracting a neatly folded note he read aloud. "We're taking a trip? Don't ask, big surprise? I'll pick you up at the football field?" He glanced at Jacob to gauge his reaction. "I hate asking but, what's the big surprise?"

"Sorry, I won't spoil it, but … this might give you a clue."

As he pulled onto the road, driving off the school's campus, he tossed something on Taylor's lap. Curious, Taylor picked it up, stretching the material between his hands.

"What the … a banana hammock?"

Jacob laughed. "Or, in Europe, an everyday bathing suit."

"You expect me to wear this? Where are we going?"

"To a secluded beach about an hour away. It's far enough, you're unlikely to meet anyone you know. Best of all, wearing that, you'll be the most conservatively dressed person there."

"You're not taking me to a…?"

"A nude beach? You bet I am. We usually vacation at French resorts, which are typically topless at the least. When we arrived here in the sexually-conservative States, we searched for a … more relaxed beach we could use. We found one a short distance from you."

"I'm afraid of being exposed, so your solution is to take me where I'll be … more exposed?"

Jacob laughed again, enjoying the conversation. "Nude beaches aren't like public beaches. The way Americans feel entitled to gawk, I wouldn't take my girlfriends to a typical beach. Yet at virtually any nudist resort, I don't worry. The unwritten rule here is that you don't stare. That includes not taking pictures of people you're not with. Besides, there's no place to carry a smartphone."

"I can think of one place," Taylor mumbled.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but this is a private beach, not a prison exercise yard. Besides, this isn't like a gay hangout, so no one will make any assumptions about your being here."

"I don't know. It seems like trading one fiasco—being recognized as gay—with another—full-on naked photos." He stretched the bikini-brief swimsuit again, considering it. "You picked a white Speedo?" He turned to Jacob. "Won't this … reveal everything when it gets wet?"

"Not exactly, but it will highlight your attributes without revealing any intimate details. Don't worry, you'll look terrific. I can't wait to see you in them."

"And you're sure I won't be recognized?"

Jacob laughed. "I can't guarantee anything about the future, but I find it unlikely anyone from our school knows about this place, much less frequents it. Besides, do you think an announcement that you were at nude beach would hurt your reputation? I think you're safe."

Taylor stretched the crotch with his finger. "'Safe' seems as flimsy as this suit."

"You'll have to try it on. I went through our collection of swimsuits, but as you've noticed, the men in my family are pretty … slim. I picked the largest we had, but it may be a bit snug. However, I think tight works for you."

"As long as I don't bend over."

"Hey, your job, if you accept it, is to be the club's latest eye candy."

"You couldn't pick out a more conservative outfit?"

"Not if you want to remain inconspicuous. While this might seem extreme, you've got to consider who attends these clubs, which is why no one will notice you."

Taylor smirked. "I'm not sure which worries me more, being recognized or not being noticed on a nude beach."


"Couldn't we have stopped at a convenience store to change? Was it necessary doing it in the car?" Taylor pulled at the elastic in his suit, eyeing it suspiciously. "Okay, please explain, why are we dressed if we're going to a nude beach? Didn't you say Speedos were overdressing?"

Jacob laughed. "They're fine. We have to get to the beach yet. How do those fit?"

"As you said, they're tight, and my junk stands out prominently, but they're not falling down."

Jacob grabbed the towels and a canvas bag containing beach supplies. "You're thinking of an organized club. This is merely a place where nudists congregate. It's unofficial. However, the nudies remain isolated by being off the beaten path. This parking lot services a public beach, so we hike across it to reach the nudist area. We dress like the other bathers so we don't shock the tourists."

"Let me guess, nudists don't stare, but everyone else does?"

"Exactly. As such, we shouldn't hold hands until we're in the middle of the nudist beach. At the near edge, you get a conglomeration of pervy kids and exhibitionists. They feed off each others' kinks."

"There's a lot more to visiting a topless beach than I'd have thought."

"In countries which are used to them, it isn't a big deal. But here in the states, there's more drama associated with it. Normally I come with my family, but I thought it might bother you."

Taylor shivered. "Yeow! I don't think I could stand to see my parents in the nude. I prefer to think of them as sexless organisms."

"Another Americanism." They'd reached the edge of the parking lot, so Jacob led the way up the wooden crossover leading to the beach. "You don't find that kind of attitude in other parts of the world."

"Yeah, like Afghanistan and Iran and so much more liberal than we are."

"Well, at least the Europeans."

Taylor glanced down the beach. "Will we run into people you know here?"

"Possibly, but they won't be intrusive. Even if they realize we're together, they won't say anything. It's part of the 'naked beach' code. You don't stare, and you never admit having looked."

"So the only one I have to worry about thinking things about us, is you?" Taylor said, grinning.

Walking along the beachfront, Taylor could see what he meant. The beach was like any other: families scattered about, kids playing in the surf and a few single people in clusters. In the distance he saw a sign with a perimeter of empty sand around it. It looked like a militarized zone.

It was a hike. Taylor let Jacob lead while he trailed by a couple yards. They were nearing the empty stretch, when someone called out.

"Taylor! Is that you?" Turning, he saw one of his teammates, Bud, sitting up in the no man's land between the public and nudist beaches. When Taylor stopped, he jumped up. "Hey, it is! Whatever brings you here?"

Not wanting Bud to associate him with Jacob, Taylor walked up to him.

"I needed a little sun and was taking everything in."

"Well, you don't want to walk in that direction. That's where all the weirdo, 'nature people' hang out." He stopped, raising an eyebrow at Taylor's Speedo. "And what's that about?" he asked, waving a finger at it.

Taylor shrugged. "It was a bet. If I wear it for the day, I win fifty bucks."

Bud considered it. "Personally, I'd pay the fifty. I wouldn't wear that for a thousand!"

Taylor showed off his two-tone legs. "Think of it as getting a better tan." Turning, he saw Jacob walking on without him. "Which weirdos are those?" he asked, knowing the answer but wanted to get off the current topic. "Nature people?"

"Yeah, people who think they're smart by taking their clothes off."

"So what are you doing here?"

"Oh, I've got a cousin I visit occasionally. Whenever I come down, we come here to stare at the naked chicks." He cocked his head, smiling. "There's nothing wrong with looking, especially if I don't need to talk to any of them." Bud directed Taylor to his group, and Taylor tagged along, not glancing back.

"You mock my superhero disguise," Taylor replied, snapping the elastic in his skimpy suit, "but you're afraid of naked women? Trust me; they're easier to talk to dressed like this."

Bud and his cousin continued to stare at the people beyond the fence, but Taylor felt wistful. He'd like to be on the other side, but knew he couldn't. If he did, it would be fodder in school the next day, just as his wearing a Speedo was. Even worse, Bud kept talking. Taylor couldn't see any way to excuse himself, especially any which would get him beyond the fence.

"Hey, wanna grab some lunch?" Bud asked.

"Nah, I wanna get some more sun. I'm not likely to wear these again, so I at least want a better tan while I'm at it. Besides, with you gone, I can finally put the moves on the naked chicks. I didn't want to embarrass you while you're still here."

"Very funny," Bud said with an admiring grin. "I'd stay and watch you strike out, but I don't want to crowd your style." He and his friends collected their stuff and marched off. Taylor waited, then walked to the water and walked along the beach, so they wouldn't see him entering the forbidden zone if they glanced back.

It took him a while to find Jacob. The nudist area was scarcely populated, but it was broad. As far as he could see, everyone was preening, even the naked seventy year olds. Afraid of being seen as a naïve outsider, he stopped, swallowed, and daintily peeled off Jacob's Speedo. He stared straight ahead, not wanting to make eye contact, but he couldn't help peeking at the people collected. He had to admit, most were in better shape than the other end of the beach. Not as fit as he was, of course, but still.

"About time you showed up," Jacob announced as Taylor's shadow fell over him, not even turning his head. "I was about to take off, leaving your sorry ass behind."

"I deserve that. Still, I didn't know how to extricate myself. Couldn't you at least have found a normal baggy pair of trunks?"

Jacob rolled over, glancing up. "I would have, if we owned any." He laughed, "I was proud when you finally stripped. It must've been tough showing off your six-pack."

"You were watching me, without even signaling where you were?"

"Hey, you didn't want anyone to see us together. Besides, I wasn't sure you were coming back."

Taylor sat beside him. "Well at least you set a towel out for me. You got a beer or something?"

Jacob rolled his eyes. "It's a public beach."

"What, like the police regularly patrol here?"

"There are families who know my parents here. But I've got some cold water."

"I'm not sure water will do much. No Cokes or Red Bulls?"

"Nope, flavored water is the best I can do."

"I'll take it. Got any red cherry?"

"Sorry, kiwi's the closest I can supply."

Taylor leaned back, taking a swig. He held the bottle against his head and lay down.

"So that's it? No apologies for abandoning me?"

Taylor spread his hands. "Hey, there was nothing I could do!"

"You could act less like a jerk at leaving me sitting here, like your mistress when your wife, Bud, shows up."

Taylor leaned up again. "I'm sorry it worked out like this, but you realized there was a chance someone I knew might be here."

"You could have handled it better."

Taylor confronted him, raising an eyebrow. "How?"

"Simple, go for a swim, disappear under the water, and come up on this side. Head down the beach a little, then walk straight up. They'd never see you."

Taylor tilted his head. "That is a better play."

"For someone so far in the closet, you don't think well under pressure."

"No, when linebackers are charging, the thinking turns off and your reactions kick in. In case you haven't noticed, the majority of football jocks aren't terribly bright." He paused, glancing at the bottle in his hands. "Look, I realize I was being an ass. Is there something I can do to make it up to you?"

"Yeah, just try acting like a human being, perhaps one with feelings?"

"How about we go somewhere and get physical?"

Jacob stared at him. "I can't believe what a Neanderthal you are. But … actually that's not a bad idea. I've been wanting to screw you ever since you put on those Speedos."

"And I'm hoping popping one will get this damn dick to turn off for once."

Jacob giggled. "Not likely. Learning to turn it off on a nudist beach takes time. But before we drop this topic, let me just say this once. If you ever abandon me in public like that again, I'll be gone. I'm not your damn mistress. You picked living in the closet, I didn't. I don't mind making concessions, but I refuse to be treated like shit!"

Taylor glanced up, holding his hands up. "I can understand and respect that. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee what'll happen next time. This isn't an … easy lifestyle. I make a lot of concessions. But I'm building my future life, one where I'll be comfortable eventually."

"Yeah, just like the dirt poor who can't feed themselves, assuring each other they'll eat in the hereafter."

Taylor shrugged. "That's not a bad analogy, but I'm hoping I'll reap my rewards a little sooner." He paused, glancing towards the sand dunes and forest beyond. "Come on, we can head over the dune and have some privacy."

"The beach grass is protected. You can't walk on the dunes."

Taylor swept his arms out, indicating the beach. "And who's going to enforce said laws?"

"There may not be any life guards issuing tickets, but that doesn't mean someone here won't report you. Besides, I'd rather preserve the beach than piss it away." He stood, motioning his friend along. "You've got a choice, a quickie in the bathroom …" Taylor shivered at the thought, so Jacob continued. "Yeah, it's a bit of a cliché. Otherwise, we can find a spot in the woods. Since there's no Porta-Potty here, and it's such a hike back, there's a handy trail into the woods for emergencies."

Taylor laid his arm over his forehead, leaning back. "Oh, preserve me. I'm having the vapors as your sense of romance overwhelms me." Glancing up, he continued in a normal voice. "Frolicking where everyone shits? Are you kidding me?"

Jacob responded by sweeping his arm across the shore. "You'd rather do it underwater, or in full view of little kids?"

Taylor shrugged. "No. Of course not. You know the best options, having spent a more time here than I have. But … I'm used to a certain level of comfort."

"And I'm used to functioning in the real world, making my life easier by living it as I choose rather than sitting at home dreaming about what I can't enjoy." He got up, marching off, waving behind him. "Come on. It's not far."

It wasn't, but Jacob was used to hiking through the woods in bare feet. The rocks, acorns and dead pine needles didn't faze him, but left Taylor, a conditioned athlete, hobbling behind. He glanced around at their options. "So, do we do it leaning against a tree, or down in the dirt?"

Jacob beckoned him forward with his finger, stepping between a couple trees. "You need to get off the deer path."

As they moved away from the trail, the woods opened up in a spacious expanse. The trees weren't large, but they were tall enough they were out of the direct sunlight. Jacob led his friend to a cozy little patch and motioned to the combination ferns and moss. "Top or bottom?"

"I'd go for both, but I doubt either of us have the stamina for it."

"Speak for yourself. I've had more practice in the bedroom than you. Hiding in the closet, you don't get much of an erotic workout. Face it, for a supposed athlete, you're out of shape." He sank to his knees, taking Taylor's deflated penis in his hands. "Let's get this in working order, shall we?"

"Wouldn't you know, the only time it's been soft all day is when I finally have a chance to use it."

Jacob grinned, glancing up. "I'm familiar with the particularities of the temperamental equipment." His hand began moving, and as Taylor firmed up, he took him in his mouth.

"You've got a point. It's hard enjoying this in the closet. There's … not as much room to move." He took his friend's head in his hands, holding it steady as he thrust into his mouth. He was getting into it when Jacob stood, his own cock erect and leaking pre-cum.

"I'm ready for the more serious stuff. Get on your hands and knees, I'm the one calling the shots this time."

"Jawoll, mine Capitan," Taylor said with a quick salute as knelt down. Jacob didn't answer, situating himself between Taylor's cheeks, smearing pre-cum across his asshole.

"This might be a little rough, but when in the woods …" Taylor groaned as Jacob started stroking him. Jacob slipped past the locked treasures as his partner was distracted, sitting in place as Taylor sighed. Thrusting in and out by small increments, he built up steam, even as he continued jacking Taylor off.

"I'm not going to last long like this."

"I didn't think you would. I'll switch into high gear soon, but I wanted to … ease you into it," Jacob said, thrusting all the way into Taylor's ass.

Taylor tilted his head up, eyes closed. When he opened them he noticed, for the first time, a fully grown deer staring at them. He immediately stopped groaning, but couldn't halt his labored breathing.

"We … have a … friend."

"I know, I've got him and his two nutty buddies in my hand."

"No, in front of us," Taylor hissed, causing the deer's head to rise in alarm.

Jacob glanced up. "How about that. See, wherever you go, you meet gays willing to support you." He lightly slapped his lover's ass. "Take that as an object lesson."

Despite the talk, the deer hadn't bolted. It had shifted, walking around a couple of trees, but seemed captivated by the human pairing.

"Think he's ever … seen two guys doing it before?"

"Hey, I grew up in the woods. There are a lot of gay animals. It's only straights, who've never visited a farm, who think gay sex is … abnormal."

The distraction tempered their passions, but hadn't lessened them. Taylor was gasping, but in a low voice. Jacob was firmly in control, and was pounding Taylor, trying to time their orgasm. As he felt his friend tense in his hand, he let loose, thrusting extra fast and giving a final squeeze. That sent them both off.

Taylor couldn't resist crying out as they both shot off: Jacob in his ass, he all over the mossy ground. The deer, finally startled, or bored by their activity, took off; it's fluffy white tail bounding through the woods.


Jacob pulled short of their destination, pulling to a stop a yard away from Taylor's house. His fuck buddy turned, flashing a genuine grin.

"Thanks. I appreciate you dragging me away." He leaned forward, giving Jacob a quick kiss, which they held for a few moments. "I especially liked the honest discussion afterwards. Hell, I hate to admit it, but you're pretty damn good at the pillow talk."

When Taylor glanced in the neighbors' window, Jacob regarded him. "One day of freedom, and suddenly you no longer care who might observe?"

"What can I say? There's a forbidden thrill to taking risks, even in a safe environment. You're right. Even though he offered no threat, having our deer friend watching made our little adventure in the woods that much better."

"Yeah, but if someone catches us, your pristine life in the closet might come crashing down."

Taylor smiled, ignoring his warnings, patting him on his thigh. "You're such a worry wart. That's my job. But I'm glad you at least see my perspective." He climbed out of the car, leaning in and wordlessly waving before standing up and walking away. As his friend drove off, he turned and waved, feeling silly being so sentimental. He understood his teammates would tease him if they saw this. Hell, they'd tease him tomorrow about his attire at the beach anyway. Even his father would tease him about waving to a boy. Frowning, he set off, heading into the house.

To Be Continued ...

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