Peter in Highschool

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  Chapter 24

Please, don't be like that

December, 17th, 2008, Wednesday

    It was already Wednesday, and as I already told you, I have almost all of my classes along with Chris... pestering Chris, annoying Chris... that lately turned into er... one of my best friends... so cute and charming when he wants to be, with that silk straight hair, eyes green like the sea on a cloudy day and sigh... lately he suddenly turned into a declined crush of mine!

    And, damn it, he didn't show up to classes yesterday nor today... and I don't even know if he skipped football practice too... oh yeah, I forgot to mention on the list of qualities and `weird displays of faith' above, that Chris is part of the football team... yeah, a jock from the football team falling for me, instead of a hot girl... "what's happening to this world?" like the old folks would say!

    The point is, I don't know whether I think `it's not my problem' or `I'd better drop it not to lead him into false hopes'... I hope they're false, I mean, he's so hot... *giggle* I'm kidding, I'm kidding!!

    No, I'm worried about him, I mean, what if he's sad because of me... I mean, it wouldn't be reeeally because of me, it's not like I `asked him to like me'... gee Peter, you already punched him on the face, be more considerate, it's like you already have a `karmic debt' with him... sigh... if I only knew punching him on the face would lead me to this, I'd never have punched him mental note, Peter, never punch anyone, for any reason but, really, I mean, it's like I'm `his friend' now and it all started with that punch.

    Okay, maybe just a quick call and as he lives on the other side of town he won't feel like coming over nor lead the subject to anything like that, right?!

    "Hello, Chris?" ok, I called him, damn it.

    "Hi, Peter? What's up?" he casually asked.

    Sigh... be sincere Peter, he was sincere with you "I'm calling because I'm worried about you. I didn't see you at school yesterday nor today either..." I trailed off.

    "It's just that I've been busy with... stuff, you know." he replied.

    "Why don't you come over for a while?" I invited him over.

    "Ah, I better not... besides... I'm busy with other stuff..." he said.

    "Please, don't be like that, okay?... Please?" I sincerely asked him.

    There was a silent pause.

    "There's the science project. We never glued the dinosaurs to the model, what do you say we finish it together?!" I insisted.

    "But was already presented on Monday..." he replied.

    "Yeah... but... but it would be good to have it glued so we can `save it for the future', you know?!" I replied. I know it's a horrible reply but, hey, that's the best I came up with!

    "Okay." he simply said.

    "Sweet! See you then, Chris?" I asked to be sure.

    "See you, bye." he said.

    "See you." I replied.

    "See you." he replied.

    And with that I had to hang up the phone for us not to be repeating it *chuckle*

    Aaargh, I know I shouldn't... I mean, I don't know anything... it's just that Chris is heartbroken and it's about me... but he can't tell it to his dumb very very stupid sorry, but they are lol "friends" if you can call that so "I'll have to do", you know. Does it make any sense?! Ah, besides, maybe it's not all about me, I mean, he's drop dead gorgeous, he's at the football team, for Christ's sake! He's probably forgot about me, right?!

    I was thinking about it, lying spent on the living room sofa when the bell rang.

    `Mmm... who should it be?' I thought as I went towards the door.

    "Chris?!" I said in surprise as I opened the door.

    "Hi." he sheepishly replied.

    "How? How did you arrive so fast?" I inquired.

    "Ah, it's just that dad was saying something about moving to a new house... to start over after mom... er... after the last sad events in my family... mmm... actually one me and him now, you know..." and he continued pointing to the house right in front of mine "and as that house across the street was for sale and it's close to school... well, he bought it." he simply put it like that.

    I mean, as far as I know people don't `just buy' houses or don't `just move'... other than that, I did not see anyone carrying stuff here in the street, by the front door... ah, maybe it was because yesterday I was having a long mad sex session with Nick *blush* and wouldn't see anything that could possibly happen. Anyway, no one moves so fast!

    "How come you moved so fast?!" I asked in disbelief.

    "Ah, dad hired some `specialized' folks and other people to settle the stuff... actually I didn't help, so I don't really know, how..." he shrugged.

    "Why, do you feel like moving from here now that I live there?" he said, naively pointing to the street and his house across from it.

    "Noooo, it's not that!" I quickly replied to his absurd conclusion!

    This kid is shocking me by the day... I mean, when he's `casually at home' dressed in a pair of white jeans to match his white waistcoat, looking almost like `an N'Sync' boy... and I do know he didn't have the time to `dress up', because he was here like thirty seconds after I hang the phone! Gosh, Peter, stop staring!

    "So... can I come in... please?" he asked with questioning piercing green eyes.

    "Ah, sure." I said and ushered him inside.


    We were in my room for like twenty minutes already, `gluing' dinosaurs to the volcano model and he nor I weren't saying much.

    Every time I looked at him he would avert his gaze back to the project on the desk.

    "So, about what you told me..." I tried to start the conversation.

    He looked directly in my eyes and I couldn't find the words to continue... and his eyes got watery, really fast... damn it, I didn't know what to do.

    He tried to cover up, be silent and look back at the toy and the glue in his hands, not to reply me... but a tear fell from his eye, I could see it.

    "I'm a mess, I know, I'm so sorry, Peter..." he said as he tried to dry the tears on his face with the back of his hand.

    I... I didn't know what to do... the only thing I could think of is... if I were him I would like to have a hug... you know, I remember how it felt when you need a hug and can't have one.

    I didn't think further and wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

    He was crying silently, with his nose buried in my chest. I put my hand, lightly, on his neck and brought him close.

    "Take your time." I whispered.

    "I'm sorry." he said, looking at me as he let go of the hug. "It's just that... I know you're straight and stuff... and I'd like you to know that I'm no sissy and... I try really hard... I'm not nearly as cool, nor pop, nor `natural' like you, I have to run away to home, to study my ass out and I... I have to lie to the football team about... *blush* you know...and..." he was saying and taking his breath.

    Damn it, it was a lot of pressure going on that beautiful copper colored head!

    We were lying on the `wrong side of the bed', you know, with our feet on the floor and the small of our backs on the mattress, side by side, talking a lot. Actually, he needed to talk a lot and I was trying to be a good listener, a good friend...

    "And well, with `mom issue' I guess dad has never been the same again..." he was saying as he casually looked at his watch.

    "Damn it!" he said as he got up from bed in a jolt.

    "What's it?" I said, sitting on the bed, startled.

    "I... I have an appointment and it's been so cool being talking to you here, and you, you're being so cool... well, you already know that, anyways... I'm late." he said all of that in one breath.

    He hurried downstairs and I didn't even have the time the proper time to open the door to him, but the important part is that I could see, at least, a small smile of his, on his face, to contrast with his sad expression when he first arrived!

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