Chapter Ten: The Truth

"Well hello there. You gave us quite the scare, and if it weren't for little Josh you'd be a goner," Jenny said as she helped Agent Anderson sit up and take a sip of water.

"Ugh what happened and where am I?" Tommy said gritting his teeth as a sharp pain shot up his leg. Jenny noticed and increased his morphine drip then checked his vitals.

"You're at St. Michael's, your popliteal artery was ruptured when your car blew up and you went into shock from blood loss. Luckily speed racer over there got here in time. We were able to fix you up but it's gonna be awhile before you're in any shape to go anywhere. That goes for you too mister," Jenny said fixing Josh with a stern look.

"Oh come on I've been boosting my dad's car since I was 12 and am perfectly capable of finding Travis on my own.' Josh he stormed out of the room. Jenny ran after him and cornered him by the elevators.

"I'm worried about Travis too, but you chasing after him isn't gonna do a lick of good. Let the police and Tommy do their job, they've got half the state looking for him. Right now you need to get your butt home before the cops catch you."

"The police aren't going to help they shot him the first chance they got and lover boy is the fucking reason Travis is in this mess. If he hadn't told his boss they wouldn't have tried to take Travis and he'd never have hurt those people," Josh said shoving Jenny hand off his shoulder.

"Bullshit, there is no excuse for what he did. He almost killed his parents. Don't you get that? I love him too, but that doesn't mean I'll make excuses for him. Travis is in this mess because of himself and no one else."

"And what you don't get is he was scared shitless and I was the only one who made him feel safe. If he just listened to me I would have driven him or hell we could have hopped on the next flight to wherever he need to go," Josh said and broke down. Jenny held him in her arms and rubbed his back.

"It's not your fault sweetie. Travis would rather die than ask for help."


The sensation of liquid warmth spreading across his chest awoke Travis. His eyes fluttered open just in time to see an arc of lightning coming right for him. He tried to move but found himself paralyzed. Travis braced himself and then: nothing. He opened eyes and saw the creature staring at him from the doorway of the chamber he was in.

"What the fuck?" he said and then tackled the creature. The larger one came over and wrestled him to the ground. No match for its strength he tried to free himself with a shockwave, but the creature shrugged it off. Travis bashed the back of his head into its face then elbowed what he hoped was its stomach. The creature was stunned long enough for him to break its hold and sprint for the exit.

"Screw you!" he said as he reached the mouth of the cave, but then was pulled back inside. Travis tried to fight back as he floated back to the creatures, but it was no use.

"We mean you no harm, we are your parents," the larger one said.

"Bullshit!" and with that Travis broke the hold he was under and the creatures were tossed aside in the aftermath of a massive shockwave.

"Son, you must stop this we have much to explain."

The smaller creature stepped forward and wrapped its willowy arms around him.

"I'm not your son," Travis said and pushed it off him. The cave began to shake then the ceiling cracked and fell in. The creatures shoved Travis out of the way as two huge boulders fell on them. Travis gave them a parting glance then turned to leave. The creatures appeared in front of him and he stopped mid step.

"We need to talk."

"Fine, you can start by explaining how you can speak English and how did you get here?"

"English?" they said confused.

"Yeah you know what you're speaking right now."

"My child we've been using our native tongue mixed with yours. While you were in the healing chamber we..." The smaller one trailed off and then Travis saw a brain get copied to a hard drive and then a file get installed to the brain.

"And why should I believe any of this, huh? If you were my parents then where were you all these years? Why didn't you come get me? Why, goddamn it, tell me?" the boy's breathe caught in his chest and tendrils of energy poured off him.

"Please calm down and let me explain. We can't leave this place, we are," the creature paused searching Travis' memories for the right word then continued, "holograms of your parents. There was an accident on our planet..."

"Liar!" Travis said and blasted them with a wall of fire. They got up unscathed and give him an annoyed looked. The smaller one sighed and then cried.

"As your mother was saying, there was a... terrorist attack the day you were born and our planet along with most of the... galaxy was sucked into a black hole. My name is closest translated in your tongue as Horus or falcon, she is called Isis and you..."

"My name is Travis, I'm from Earth and this is a dream. It has to be," he said and the cave quaked as he broke down. An alarm sounded and the monitors flashed a message. Isis examined the readouts then rushed toward Travis.

"Forgive me but this must be done!"


"There's no time," Isis said as she knocked Travis unconscious then tossed him over her shoulder and threw him into a pod along the wall. The door shut and Travis came to as it kicked on. His body writhed as the machine did its work then he blacked out. Isis looked at the monitors then gasped when an alarm blared then an explosion blasted the door off its hinges. She ran over to what was left of the machine and screamed as Travis pulled himself out and crushed her throat.

"Hologram or not, if you can touch me and the reverse should apply. Now explain!" he said tightening his grab. She vanished then reappeared on the other side of the room.

"I didn't mean you ill. I just wanted my son back, but it's impossible to separate you."

"What are you talking about it? Separate me from what?" he stomped towards them death on his mind.

"I think they mean me shithead," Prometheus said and all the fight drained from Travis.

"Very well—assuming for the moment this isn't the product of psychosis—enlighten me."

"Our planet orbited three suns like Earth's and our... days lasted 48 of your hours. The flora and fauna were quite similar to those here, though with key differences."

"Such as?" Travis said interrupting Horus.

"Mammals are the dominant species on Earth, but for us it was ..." Horus paused to find the right words. Travis drummed his fingers on his thigh. As minutes passed he clinched his fists and said, "What! Tell me." The boy tackled Horus and then stopped. In his mind he saw a bird evolve into a man then change into a star.

"What the hell are you?"

"We are Torin, living stars," Isis said taking over for Horus.

"But how?" Travis stared open mouthed waiting for things to make sense.

"Due to the radiation of our suns our ancestors became... energy sponges. Over time we evolved into sentient energy that could take physical form at will."

"I said how, not why."

"Within every Torin is... a core or battery if you will. This allows us to convert matter into pure energy and store it for use later."

"Still didn't answer my question." Travis said. Filaments of black energy erupted from his chest and he fell to the ground gasping for air.

"Please calm down. Your core is unstable and another outburst could be fatal," Isis said.

NO! This is all just some paranoid delusion of mine. It has to be, Travis said to himself. He closed his eyes then took in deep breaths. The rushing of blood in his ears stopped and his powers were under control again, though the effort left Travis feeling sick.

"As I was saying our bodies break food down to its base elements then fuse their... nuclei together. The energy released gets added to our core and is transported via a system of circuits to fuel us."

"Hold up, you don't have internal organs?" Travis said.

"We do but they are used primarily for the production of amino acids and proteins for homeostasis. Torin can survive with minimal oxygen, water or food if they have ample energy in their cores or mass to convert, but not indefinitely. The monitors indicated you have enough of both to last one cycle, or six months—provided you recycle your waste fluids of course," Isis said, suppressing a smile.

"No way in hell. Don't you guys urinate?"

"We get rid of waste product via perspiration. No need for to worry about... kidney failure, your core will convert the urea and other substances to fusible materials, leaving pure water."

"I'm not drinking piss!"

"Child you would only be required once a revolution," Horus said and rolled his eyes.

"And how long is that?"

"Roughly three months."

"Shut up, just shut up. You're not real, none of this is real."

"I know this is much to absorb, but my son we are here for you and know that our love for you burns brighter than the suns of Tori," Isis said as she went to comfort him.

"I'm not your son," Travis said and shoved her off him. He ran for the exit, but turned back when Isis spoke.

"You are merged with our son and for all purposes are our son as well."

"What are you talking about, that's impossible."

"Let me explain and all well make sense. Torin were known for our advanced civilization and natural resources. This made us a target for the...Nekoshin Empire, an intergalactic mafia who wanted our technology for their military. We refused and had been at war with them for...millennia."

"What? No, just no."

"Please save your questions for later. Torin live for...thousands of years before our core burns out and they die, but we can exist as stars if we so choose. As I was saying we had formed a truce with them that lasted until they attacked during your... birthday," Isis said then trailed off as she sobbed.

"What was so special about your kid's birth, huh?" Travis said. They sighed then Isis plowed ahead.

"Using an experimental device I created we were able to save you by scattering your DNA throughout space. Once a suitable host was found you'd inhabit it until your core matured enough for you to separate and take physical form."

"Well why are you standing around here yakking? Let's make with the splitting," Travis said pulling Isis to the rows of machines lining the wall.

"The machine I put you in should have done that, but the device that saved our son permanently fused his DNA with yours. Even if we somehow manage to defuse your bodies, you will never be fully human."


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