Chapter Eleven

Once upon A Time: The Battle of Life and Death

At her words Travis broke down. This couldn't be happening to him, because if it were that meant everything he'd been through and done was a giant lie, but what other explanation could there be? No logic dictated the explanation with the least assumptions was often the best one. Aliens didn't exist and even if they did there's no way he was one.

"You know what she said is true and you're just scarred to acknowledge it. Alien or not, it doesn't change who you are. So stop being a baby about it and get over yourself," Prometheus said and Travis couldn't deny the truth. Tears streamed down his face for the life that was stolen from him. Horus and Isis hugged Travis and the room shook. The lights dimmed then the ground exploded sending debris and them into the air.

"You think I'll welcome you with open arms and everything will just be fine? You know nothing about me and the world of shit I've been through. Where we you when I needed you the most? Who am I? Answer me!" Travis said then his body convulsed and white energy encased him.

"Time is short so hear me well boy. I'm going to save your life and in exchange your body is mine," Oblivion said as his essence poured into Travis.

"No, let me die I don't care. I'll never be yours," Travis said and then black energy washed over him as he fought with everything in him to expelled Oblivion. When the energy fields met there was a massive shockwave and all the air in the room was sucked into a vortex of swirling plasma. The lights flicked on then off as the roof caved in. The roar of explosions and falling debris were the last things Travis heard before he was crushed under a pile of rubble. Blood gushed from gashes all over his body and pool around him. Travis felt cold then his heart stopped.


"No!" Josh said in his sleep and thrashed around in bed.

"JJ it's just a nightmare, you're OK," Jason said as he shook the boy awake.

"No it's not, Travis is hurt and he needs me," Josh said and tried to shove Jason off him.

"Listen to me dude he's just fine. Prolly laughing his ass off right now over all the attention he's getting."

"You don't know the first thing about Travis. He's sweet and funny and you know what he's a real friend, not like you," Josh said as he slipped on his Chuck Taylors.

"Hold the fuck up, I've known you since were 10--and why are you sticking up for that psycho?"

"You and David didn't acknowledge in public until after I got popular, but he liked the real Josh; the shy spaz who loves anime and lounging around watching cheesy B horror movies." Josh got redder by the second as he thought back on all the time Jason and David had blown him off.

"Well excuse the fuck out of me if I didn't want some snot nosed kid following me around like a lost puppy. Do you know how hard we've had to work to get our reps up `cuz of you? Do you remember what you were like back when we first met? I'll tell ya: you were a bratty little shit who never knew when to get lost, but look at ya now. You grew up nice kid," Jason said as he gave Josh a once over before continuing, "Now come over and gives us a kiss."

Josh felt himself compelled to follow the older boy's command. Jason pulled him on to his lap and smashed his lips into Josh's, holding him in place by the back of his neck. The 16 year old unzipped the boy's pants and then Josh shoved him back.

"What the hell man?"Josh said and drew back his fist.

"JJ, hear me out. I've had a crush on you since you were 13. I never made a move because you were too immature, and kind of like a nosey little brother, but you've changed. When David told me you were gay I couldn't hold back. Now let's get naked."

Josh froze then shucked off his shorts and underwear and tripped as they caught on his shoes. Jason gave him a cat call them followed suit and pulled Josh on to his lap and made out with him. He'd fantasized about this moment so many times and felt himself getting close.

"Ouch!" he said after Josh kneed him in the groin.

"Keep your damn hands off me."

"Ha, don't play. I got an eight pack, sexy as hell and my dick's bigger than Jesus. Face it Travis is nothing next to me."

"Yeah that's true, but he has something you don't."

"And what's that my dear Joshykins?"

"My mind, body and soul, now let me go. I know he's in trouble and I have to find him."

"What the fuck did I get trapped in a rerun of Oprah or something? Come on we both like dudes so what's wrong with a little sex. I'll make you forget all about him," Jason said and ran his hand up Josh's thigh.

"Stop it!" Josh smacked Jason's hand away then got dressed and headed for the garage. Jason caught up to him right before he hopped in his father's corvette.

"Listen to me Josh. You're coming with me and we're going back to bed," he said and Josh complied as if entranced.

"I'm sorry about earlier dude. If you're in love I'll respect that. Friends?" Jason said.

"Yeah just don't try that again or I'll choke your ass out."

"OK. I guess cuddling's out then?"

"Uh huh, now no funny business or I'll break my foot off in your ass."

"Hmm that sounds hot," Jason said and dodged the pillow Josh tossed on the floor at him. After Josh went back to sleep Jason crawled into bed and spooned with him. His final thought before he drifted off was, "Game on bitch."


Back in the cave the vortex of plasma stopped swirling then rushed into Travis's body. His heart began beating and his body surged with unimaginable power. The falling debris reversed directions and a silver aura washed over the room. The rocks burying him dematerialized and joined the others as the cave reformed. All the machines that had been destroyed repaired themselves and the power came back on. Isis and Horus watched horrified as Travis's blood poured back into his wounds and then his skin and muscles pulled away from the skeleton. The pulverized bones liquefied then new ones formed. His skin wrapped them and the wounds closed.

"How is this possible?" Isis and Horus said as they approached the boy.

"You could never hope to comprehend us. We are the alpha and omega. It is done," Travis said. As suddenly as it had came, the power left him. He vomited black tar and passed out.


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