Chapter Eight: Yours to Hold

Travis headed straight for his house and never broke his stride even when Prometheus began yelling at him.

I know you're pissed, hell I'm pissed too, but you kill them and that's a one way ticket back to being a lab rat. You hear me!

What they did to me is unforgivable, but what you did goes so fucking far beyond that.

The link between them was severed and when Travis arrived at his house he blew the door off its hinges. The explosion brought his family and several neighbors outside.

"What the hell did you do to the door, boy!" Eli Johnston said when he caught sight of Travis standing in the front yard.

"SHUT UP!" he said and everyone but him was tossed aside. The sidewalk and street cracked then exploded showering them debris then the street lamps were ripped from the ground, but Travis wasn't finished yet. He spotted his father then charged over to him and stomped down on his stomach. Eli rolled over and vomited then Travis smashed his face into the ground.

"Give me one reason why I should let you live," he said and lost it. The grounds and all the houses began to quake as he bashed Eli's face into his vomit. They watched in horror as Travis continued his rampage until a shoot rang out and he felt a sear pain in his right shoulder. He turned and saw Bobby standing in what was left of their doorway with a .22 pointed at him.

"Sticks and stone may break your bones, but I certain will," Travis said and Bobby fell to the ground as all his ribs were crushed. He looked at the guns and melted it leaving a crater and was about to start in on his mother when Josh, Agent Anderson and several state troopers showed up.

"Travis I know you're pissed dude, but you have to stop."

He looked at Josh then down at his mother and strangled her. The cops got out of their cars and drew the guns. He ignored their commands to let Sarah go and get on the ground.

"This is what it feels like be utterly helpless. I've lived with this feeling day after day for three fucking years and you did nothing to help me. Now die!"

Shots rang out but it was too late, the mental barriers Prometheus placed in Travis' mind broke and the boy had access to all his power, but he couldn't control it. Tendrils of black energy surrounded him and a vortex of ionic energy swept everything into the air as F2 winds leveled the neighborhood. Josh got low to the ground and crawled towards the eyes of the storm. Agent Anderson watched from under his SUV with amazement as a path in the debris opened and Josh made it to Travis.

"Stop this, they won't hurt you again. Not after all this," he yelled at the top of his lungs. Travis didn't respond until he caught Josh's scent and floated back to the ground. Instantly the stormed died down and all was calm. Josh run over and cradled the crying boy in his arms.

"Shh, they're not gonna hurt you. I won't let them, I promise," he said while rubbing Travis' head. Tommy looked on at the scene before and laughed: the strongest being on Earth balling like a baby. Josh turned to Agent Anderson and gave him a withering look, then went back to comforting Travis. Once they thought it was safe the state troopers came out from behind their cars and approached the boys.

"Well isn't that cute. I hate to break up this little love fest, but step aside. Your boyfriend's coming with us," the officer in charge of the scene said with his hands on his hips. Travis began shaking and another earthquake rocked the area. Josh leaned down and kissed him on the cheek.

"Calm down, you're safe with me," Josh said then turned to the officers, "Get the fuck out of here. He's not go anywhere with anyone, is that clear!"

"Now hold it right there kid..."

"No you hold it right there. Don't you shitheads get it? He did this `cuz he was hurt and is scarred you'll hurt him. I calm him down and then you had to open you big mouth and set him off. You'll have to go through me first now leave before he loses it again."

The officers moved towards the boys with their guns drawn, but Tommy intervened and flashed his credentials. The lead officer shoved him aside. Tommy pulled his 9mm and pointed right at the guy's face.

"Listen up buttercup: we're going to have a hard enough time covering up this clusterfuck as it is without getting into a jurisdictional pissing contest. Now get in your cars, radio for a few ambulances, then go."

Lt. Williams, face bright red, gritted his teeth and holstered his glock. The other officers followed suite and obeyed Agent Anderson's order. Tommy started up his car then unlocked the passenger doors and honked his horn. Tommy waited a minute but when Josh didn't budge he smashed his fist on the horn and then charged over to the boys.

"Look kid we have 12 maybe 18 hours max before my colleagues come after him. If we leave now we could be halfway around the world by the time they get here."

"My name is Josh and Travis aint going anywhere with you. He needs to be around people he knows he can trust and places he's familiar with, so he's coming home with me. Now get out the way," he said as he pulled Travis to his feet.

"Listen Josh tomorrow when they get here it'll be a massacre. Come with me and we'll lay low until he can control himself," Tommy said blocking their path.

"Yeah when they come some hardcore shit will go down, but I'll be right by his side to calm him down like earlier at the park and just now. Besides, why the hell should I trust you anyways?"

"What if next time you can't calm him down? I didn't care what your feelings for him are, he's a danger to himself and everyone around him. Next time you might be the one he hurts. Have you stopped to think about that, huh?"

"That's a risk I'm willing to take. Now step aside, or so help me God I'll kick your ass so bad your grandkids will have bruises."

"Easy tiger we'll do it your way, but when I think things have gotten too hairy tomorrow, you'll go work your mojo on him and then we get the fuck out of dodge, is that clear?"

"Fine, but I still don't trust you."

"Oh please. I've had ample time to bust a cap in your asses and haven't, now have I? Get in the car and I'll drive ya home and keep lookout."

The five minute ride over to Josh's took six times longer as Tommy had to dodge all the debris and pot holes left in the street, but as he looked at the boys in rearview mirror he couldn't help cracking a smile. The sight of Travis all but lying in Josh's lap as he maintained a death round the redhead's chest was priceless. Josh was finally able to pry the boy off him long enough for them to get to his room. When Josh came back from the kitchen with a snack he found Travis curled in a ball sleeping. He sighed and put the slices of pizza back in the fridge then watched Travis for a while. He tossed and turned and whimpered as he slept reliving the three years of hell he went through. Josh couldn't hold back any longer and climbed into bed with Travis and held him tight. Slowly he began to calm and then fell into a peaceful rest. For the longest time Josh watched him to make sure he didn't have any more nightmares then he placed a gentle kiss on Travis' forehead and fell asleep.

Early the next morning Travis awoke and disentangled himself from Josh, startling the boy awake.

"What's wrong, are they here?" Josh said jumping out of bed then threw on last night's cloths.

"They'll be here in like five minutes so I have to leave now."

"But where will you go and how do you know they're coming?" Josh asked breaking into tears.

"I don't have time to explain, all I know is that I have to go somewhere and when I get there I'll learn what I am."

"But how do you know this and what about the bullet in your shoulder?" Josh said breaking into hysterics.

"You wouldn't understand it, hell I don't understand, but I have to do this. As for how I know Tommy's friends are on their way, new power: psychic radar. It's vague right now but I can sense they're near and closing in."

"How long will you be gone?"

"The only thing I know is I have to haul ass now or I'm fucked and oh yeah—shit,"Travis said as the bullet in his shoulder removed itself and floated in the air. Josh picked it up and marveled as Travis' wound healed itself in seconds leaving a faint scar.

"I'm so confused right now, but you're not going alone. I needs me pillow. Love ya dude," Josh said and gave Travis a hug.

"You're my bro and everything, but cut that gay crap out."

"And what if I am gay, and what if I am in love with you, huh?" Josh said holding him tighter.


"You're a regular Shakespeare you know. Just, go already."

"Look we can sort out this broke back soap opera when I get back," Travis said then broke Josh's grip and froze him in place. Josh thrashed around trying to break the hold on him but it was futile. As Travis headed for the door he stopped and turned his head.

"But if I ever did go gay, it's be for you," Travis said and then he was gone.


Chapter Nine: Somewhere I Belong

"What the hell?" Tommy said as his car flipped over and his head banged on the roof. The scent of gasoline wafted into his nose and he panicked. He struggled with the seatbelt and finally unbuckled himself. Shielding his eyes Tommy kicked out the windshield. Wincing as shards of glass bit into hi skin he crawled out just in time to see his car split apart seconds later. Tommy was tossed three feet away and when he felt wetness running down his leg he looked down and gasped at the hole in his right calf. He ripped off his shirt and fashioned a tourniquet. He took a few steps and fainted. The last thing Tommy saw was Travis covered in blood.

The twenty man team came in fast and opened fire before Travis had a chance to react.
He took three slugs to each shoulder and two to the stomach, but was able to deflect most of the other shots. He dropped to his knees and they surrounded him then cuffed his hands and feet. Travis fought back the pain and half the soldiers were torn apart as tendrils of black energy and fire poured from him. The others were stupefied but Travis didn't hold back and blasted them with wave after wave of fire. Their charred bodies hit the ground. The few, who survived, writhed in agony. Travis looked at them and part of him wanted to kill them, but they would live.

"Ha ha! My boy any animal can murder, but you crave their suffering. Join me and I'll teach you such exquisite pain," Oblivions voice caressed his mind.

"Don't listen to him kid stick with me, have I ever steered you wrong?" Prometheus countered.

SHUT UP! I'm sick of both of you telling me what to do. Now get the fuck out of my head.

The wind picked up and lightning rained down around him. Travis could feel himself losing control again as the power within him flooded out. As he felt the last restraint give way a new voice spoke to him.

"Remove all the bullets from your body," it said. With no other options available Travis concentrated and let out screamed as they tore their way out of him. He fell to the ground convulsed and then passed out. The warmth on his lips startled him and he shifted back into attack mode. Travis' eyes shot open as he charged up another flame attack, but then relaxed when he recognized the blue eyes staring at him. Josh smiled then kissed him.

"Now who's the mouth rapist and hey cut it," Travis said wiping his lips off with the back of his hand.

"I was giving you CPR. You had me worried shithead. Now come on, we have to get you and Tommy to the hospital, but first mister naked boy throw on some clothes."

"Oh please you're enjoying the free show and I don't need a hospital I feel fine—ouch," Travis said as he got up. Josh rolled his eyes as he surveyed the inflamed wounds that had yet to heal.

"Bullshit! We're going and that's final, capish?" Josh said and they argued back and forth until Travis stopped midsentence and his face drained of color.

"What's wrong?"

"I have to go the cops are headed this way." He broke into a run.

"Stop! At least let me drive to where ever you're going—and for the love of God can you put some clothes on. I'm having a hard enough time as it is paying attention, without your junk hypnotizing me," Josh said as he chased after him.

"Get back in the house. I have to do this on my own," Travis said as he picked up speed. When he neared the end of the block squad cars pulled up blocking his path.

"Get on the ground now with your hands behind your head or we will open fire," came over the loudspeakers.

"Look maybe you should do what they say. You're hurt and we can straighten this all out once you're better," Josh said as he rubbed Travis' back.

"Don't listen to him. You run and don't stop until you get where you need to go," the new voice spoke again.

Who are you?

"I'm your power and if you ever hope to master me you must prove yourself worthy."

"Don't listen to him kid, you're not ready for this. Let me take over," Prometheus said and Travis felt as if he were underwater again, but this time he knew what happening.

This is my body and you're not hijacking it anymore.

Travis mustered all his will and cast the other presence from his mind. Josh gave him a concerned looked as he watched him clutching his head in his hands. The cops in the meantime had exited their cars and were only a few feet away. Travis turned to them and knew what he must do. Time crawled to a stop as the five officers drew their guns and told them to get on the ground.

Josh, get in the house now.



Travis steeled himself then charged forward. Josh dodged a fatal wound as the cops opened fire, but then they, their bullets and squad cars were flung aside in the boy's wake. And he ran. Through the rain and dead of night his feet carried him ever further into the darkness. To what Travis did not know. Night turned into day, but still he ran. Sweat poured from every inch of his body as his lungs burned with each breath. Every fiber of his being ached, beseeching Travis to just stop, but no! Onward his powered urged him.

It was night again and he taken to the back roads blending in with the shadows after several more battles with the police and the DBRC. His body was covered in wounds from the last skirmish with their black hawk helicopters. The pain was constant companion along with the sounds of his pounding feet and heart hammering in his ear on this exodus. The world passed by in a blur of people, roads, woods and mountains as Travis continued forward.

The landscape changed as Travis felt a pull to the west and found him navigating arid desert plains. The sun's rays baked his flesh, bathing it in its radiant warmth. Exhaustion weighed heavily on the boy as he trekked forward, until he came to the Four Corners region of the Southwest. In the distance he saw a mountain and charged toward it ignoring the screams of tourists and cops alike. Reaching the base of the mountain Travis looked up and there, about twenty feet or so, was an opening. Mustering the last of his reserves he surged upwards and come upon a cave then staggered forward. Night had fallen and not wanting to freeze to death Travis entered the cave and hoped he didn't get his nuts gnawed off by a cougar. He got a yard in when pain wracked his body and he was pushed back.

"Don't stop you're almost there," his power said to him. Travis entered the cave again and when the pain came he plowed through it and lights flashed on revealing an array of machines and monitors. He stood in wonderment at the sight before his eyes and wondering if he stumbled upon a clandestine military base. As he approached the monitors Travis saw they were encrypted in indiscernible symbols. A flashing light drew his attention to a consul and closer examination revealed what looked to be a biometric scanner. Curiosity got the better of him and the moment his hand made contact the monitors went crazy. Alarms sounded and then two creatures appeared.

Travis tried book it out of there, but find himself paralyzed. They advanced on him and again he tried to wrench himself free, but to no avail. Standing a yard apart from them Travis swung at them with his free hand. They hold up their hands and Travis prepared for a fight when he saw their long black talons. The smaller of the two closed the distance between them and placed its hand on his face. Travis pulled away and punched the creature in its face. Its long neck bent from the force of the blow and it uttered a strangle language that resembles birds singing. The creature began crying and the other came to comfort it. Together they approached and spoke rapidly, but Travis couldn't understand anything and made to attack them.

"Hold it kid. Maybe you should go Sookie Stackhouse on them before ya make with the violence. Just a thought," Prometheus whispered to his mind. The confused look on his face must tell them he had no idea what they were saying, for they soon stopped speaking and burst into tears. Once more the smaller one approached and placed its hand on his face and uttered a series of chirps. Travis was perturbed by its behavior and decided it was time for some answers.

What are you?

It paused then looked up at him, its luminous eyes bored into him. The image of a woman cradling a baby flashed into Travis' mind. A look of understanding washed over his face and it smiled, revealing rows of fangs. Travis fainted.


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