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Chapter One: I'm a Soldier

Don't worry I won't bite, unless you're into that?" Mike looked Amber right in the eyes and ran his hand up her back.

Amber pulled him close and bit his bottom lip just enough for Mike to feel it then pulled away with a smirk on her face.

Not to be outdone Mike laid a chaste kiss her full lips, and then transitioned to frenching her. He pulled back drawing a moan from the girl then walked away. He counted to 3 and like clockwork the blonde called after him and they exchanged numbers. Mike showed her a few joint locks and submission holds then excused himself and promised they would hang out soon.

"Oorah!" Mike said after seeing he'd k-closed his three hundredth set and opened his thousandth set.

It was a quarter to one and no sign of the screw crew yet.

"Nigga, where the fuck you at?" Mike said when Luke picked up after the fifth ring.

"Ease up B—he said through a yawn—Give me like an hour. My ass is still tired from them freaky hoes I hooked up with last night. Where you at son?"

"Bitch, I should smack the black off your ignorant ass. You knew we were sarging today. Seriously, I told your ass not to mess with those skanks cuz we'd be pulling HB9 and 10s. Son, step up your game. I pulled 5 HB9s and it hasn't been an hour yet," Mike said as he scoped outed out the food court and then sat down.

"B, you know the rules, no sarging unless the crew's together. You owe us two sets." Luke yawned then scratched his butt.

"What can I say that pussy was calling and I couldn't resist. Tell ya what man, I'll give you first crack at all HB8 and 9s but if you get blown out, then it's game on son. And you know damn well I'm at Great Lakes Crossing. I swear if your dick wasn't attached you'd forget it." Mike ran his hand over his wavy hair and noted it was almost time to line up his low top fade.

"Aw you got jokes? Don't forget I remember when your ass couldn't pull a grenade so don't get conceited Brain. I'll holla at you later man," Luke said then hung up and hit the showers.

With two months left before the start of 11th grade Mike was on pace to break his all time record of 20 hook ups in a month. As he scrolled through all the hot babes he'd landed, he came upon a picture he'd nearly forgotten. His former best friend Pinky was dressed up like Santa while his brothers, Jaden and Kaden, were dressed like elves. God he hadn't thought about them in forever. And he smiled.

Mike met the hyper blonde in the sixth grade, and became friends after Pinky pestered him to death. And then there were the hellacious twins who he whipped into gentlemen using all the tricks his dad used on him. Most of all he remembered how much he loved Pinky and the promise they made to each other, but Mike shook his head and locked those thoughts away.

All things considered Mike's life was good. He had a bunch of friends from the swim, wrestling, football and track teams. He had a decent job at Ed's Dojo teaching karate and jujitsu classes and lifeguarded at a local public pool, but it wasn't all good. He had to deal with his dad who pushed him into tons of extracurricular AP and community college courses, but as long as he was the perfect soldier and kept his grades up he could come and go as he pleased. Granted he had to give his dad a full itinerary and if he didn't answer when James called it was a weekend in the Pit. Mike's father had been hinting at a car for his 17th birthday and he was counting the days until October.

Mike had just started in on his bacon cheeseburger and root beer float when he received a text from Luke saying they'd be there in 30. He finished off his lunch, punctuating it with a loud burp, causing a boy three tables over to burst into laughter.

"Something fun cocksucker?" Mike jumped to his feet and stared him down.

"Who you callin' a cocksucker?" the boy said with a slight New York accent and came towards Mike. They circled around each other then Mike dropped his chin, put up his fists and in one fluid move dropped his weight, bent his knees and delivered a right upper cut.

The other boy tackled him to ground, but Mike broke his fall and wrapped his legs around the waist of the smaller teen who tried to break Mike's rear guard. Failing the boy attempted front choke hold.

Mike trapped his right arm and transition to back mount, then wrapped his legs around the kid's throat in a triangle hold. The boy tapped out and they helped each other up and sat down to catch their breath.

"You're pretty good, how long you've been doing BJJ?" Mike looked at the blonde with a new found respect.

"Not long just about two years now, how about you? I'm Jack by the way," he said and extended his hand.

Just then a mall security guard came up to them and asked if they knew about a fight that was reported to him. They shook their heads no and he waddled away.

"That was a close call. Anyways I've been in BBJ since I was about 4 and had my purple belt for like 5 months and about to test for brown belt. Oh where are my manners the name's Michael Smith but every calls me The Brain or B for short. You know I used to know I guy named Jack years ago but..."

Mike stopped midsentence when he heard Luke's ring tone blare form his cell. After a short chat he told Jack goodbye and apologized. He made his way to where Luke, Aaron, Jason and Chris were in a three set with two blondes—Kim and Christina—and Gabriella, a hot Latina girl. He pulled out his trusty inhaler and introduced himself to the group, then merged the set and targeted Gabriella.

"Excuse me but you should come with a warning label cuz you take my breath away." He took a puff of his inhaler and Gabriella laughed, while Kim chuckled a bit at the cheesy line.

"You call that game?" Christina said, hands on hips.

"Nope it's the truth, check the prescription," Mike said and flashed his innocent face then handed the inhaler over.

"OK but your game is still garbage," she said and drew a smirk from Mike.

" She's cute, for a blonde, but I guess her mother never taught her how a lady should act, huh?" he said to Gabriella who for her part fought to hold back a laugh, but Kim wasn't as successful. Christina's face flushed red and she laid into Kim.

"I see anger management classes in this one's future," he said while Luke and the others watched on waiting to see if he got blew out the set.

"Oh stop it." Gabriella smacked him on the head.

Christina rounded on Mike with a look that promised death. Luke and the boys cracked up and counted the seconds till it was their turn. Mike stood up straight and put his hands behind his back.

"My dearest apologizes, how uncouth of me not to introduce myself properly. Michael Smith." He bowed then extended his hand. Christina looked towards the other girls who told her to her to be nice.

"Pleasure to meet you my lady," Mike said then kissed her hand drawing awes from the other girls, but Christina wasn't buying it.

"You think you're slick, but I know what you're trying to do and it aint happing."

"Sorry but you're not my type," Mike said cool as ever.


"Yes, you're much too innocent. I wouldn't feel right corrupting you."

"Really now?" Christina said leaning into Mike with a predatory glare in her eyes.

"Yep and I'll prove it to you. Here hold this for a second. I need to go talk to my friend Jack for a minute." He handed her his inhaler then walked away.


Jack watched the exchange with a quizzical look on his face and shook his head. Straight guys are so weird sometimes, but there was something familiar about the other boy—no. It was probably his mind playing tricks. There must be a million Mikes in the Metro-Detroit area alone. There was no way--but could it be?

"Sorry about that but duty called. Now where were we?" Mike plopped down beside him as if nothing had happened.

"Um what heck was all that about?" Jack said pointing to Luke and the girls.

"Oh that was just me using the asthma kid opener, disarming the obstacle and then pumping BT."

"Umm OK, but why'd you give her your inhaler?"

"Oh I used it as a lock in prop so I have an excuse to go talk to her later."


"I sear, you're totally AFC," Mike said pinching the bridge of his nose before continuing, "Never mind son, you're a lost cause. So like I was saying I used to know a Jack back in middle school. We were tight like white on rice and he had these bad ass twin brothers."

He rested his hands behind his head, but Jack didn't notice. He was too busy having a mini meltdown.

"B. is it? You said your name was Michael right?"

"Yeah why?"

"Did you go by Mike when you were younger?" Jack drummed his fingers on the counter.

"Yeah, why?" And then it hit him, the same shade of blonde hair and those hazel eyes.

"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

"Yes, but where are we going to hook up with all these people around?"

Mike crushed Jack in a bear hug. "You shit head why didn't you tell me you moved back? And eww."

"We just got back like three days ago and are still unpacking, but what about our promise? You pinky swore we'd keep in touch you asshole," Jack said and socked Mike in the arm.

"Look dude give me your number and we'll catch up Ok?" Mike grinned showing off his elongated canines and dimpled cheeks.

"Sure man you promise?" Jack's face blushed and brought out his eyes.

"Yeah I pinky swear," he looked around, and when he was sure no one was looking, locked his pinky with Jack's and they did a one arm hug and parted ways.

"Mike?" Jack's once confident voice faltered as he stood up and then averted his eyes.

"Yeah?" Mike turned back looking over his shoulder with hands in his baggy jeans.

I still love you man." Jack met Mike's eyes, smiled then played with his puka shell necklace.

Mike turned around and whipped his hand across his nose.

"Seriously, after all this time?"


"I you too man, no homo. Sorry about that and earlier. Well later," Mike mumbled and walked away. He put on his game face and tried to forget what Jack said.

He approached the set, reintroduced himself and then targeted Christina.

"See told ya so." He smirked then stretched his arms out before placing them behind his head.

"Yeah." She rolled her eyes then returned his inhaler.

Mike titled his head and placed his fingers on his dimpled checks while giving her his sad puppy face and asked how she could stay made at this face.

Christina's bitch shield shattered and at Mike's insistence she gave up her number to Luke, who'd been glaring at Mike the whole time. Mike retargeted Gabriella and got her to kiss close.

Luke whined about Mike cock blocking him and they got into an argument over who had dibs on Christina.

"Not my fault you a weak nigga trying to take pussy that don't belong to you," Mike said drawing a chorus of damn son from the others.

"B, we boys and all but I will straight smash your grill if you keep trying to hoe me like that." Luke shoved a finger into Mike's chest.

Mike stepped forward so he was right in Luke's face.

"Because we're boys I'll let that slide but, don't you ever try to holla at me like that again. Is that understood?"


Luke was cut off then backed up and balled his hands into fists.

"I said is that understood!?"


Always the peace maker of the group Chris was the one who usual pulled Mike out of drill sergeant mode. He told then to quash it and move on to the next set.

"Sorry man, but you know I don't take shit from anyone. Dad would kick my ass if I did. You feel me?" Mike stuck out his hand.

"A'ight my pops is crazy too just cool it with that shit." Luke high-fived him and the matter was settled.


After a long day of sarging Mike had netted five more numbers and by week's end he'd have Amber in his bed. He yawned then cracked back and got to his nightly work out. Fifty one handed pushed with each arm, followed by a hundred crunches then katas for 30minutes. Mike whipped off face then got out Buster his training dummy and dropped into Basic Warrior Stance and pummeled it with punches, kicks, and elbow strikes until satisfied he'd done enough.

He pulled out his Ka-Bar Combat knife and began slashing Buster's neck fifty times with each hand then moved on to thrusts. Stifling another yawn he got his practice riffle with a bayonet and ran slashing drills and then for good measure he bashed Buster's head with the butt of the riffle thirty times.

"Hey boy lights out in an hour," James said sticking his head into Mike's room.

"Ok sir just finishing up here."

"Good boy. Looks like Buster has seen better days hmm? Tell you what if you can take me to the deck I'll let you have my car when I'm not using for the rest of summer. Deal?"

"Sir yes sir!"

Mike shook James's hand and they fell into Basic Warrior Stance, and then circled around each other.

James fired off a round kick nearly missing Mike, who countered with a right elbow strike to James's sternum, then followed up with a left hook, but James moved forward, blocked then threw him over his hip. Mike broke his fall and rolled to the side as James's foot stomped where his chest had been.

"Double or nothing?" Mike got back into stance.

"OK but you'll have to do all the chores for a month if you lose," James said flippantly.

Mike stepped forward, faked to the right and came under James's guard and unbalanced him and swept his leg. Before the elder could counter Mike put him in a leg bar.

Shelia glared at the pair on the floor with hands on her hips then said, "What in the heck is going on in here?"

"Sweetie it's nothing just me and Mike sparring is all." James smiled through grit teeth as Mike applied more pressure to kneecap.

Shelia shook her head then left after Mike released James.

"Sneaky kiddo, keep it up you'll be ready to take me on for real, but don't get cocky." He ruffled Mike's hair then sucker punched him in the gut.

"Yeah Dad thanks," he groaned then continued, "since I'm getting older don't you think it's about time I can go to the House of Pain by myself?" Mike straightened up and rubbed his stomach.

"OK you'll be heading off to college in a bit so you'll need all the training you can get, but only if you keep your grades up and stay out of trouble," James said and patted him on the back..

Mike flashed his trademark smirk.

"Don't I always?"

"Hey now don't act brand new. You're not too old to be taken over my knee, boy. Lights out in 30. I'm getting too old for this. " James hobbled out nursing his shoulders.

"Sorry sir, goodnight."

"Night Mike and the pass codes to the storage locker and security alarm is 7638."

Mike yawned then finally took off his weighted vest and stretched out on his bed until his spine popped then he applied vitamin E to his back and shoulders. He checked his face book account and saw a new friend request from Jack "Pinky" Johnson. He froze.

He loved the hell out of the kid, but the last time they met Mike's world turned upside down. Hey what's the worst that could happen, right? He accepted the request then logged off and made a note to Skype Kyle and the other Soldier Boys.


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