Chapter Three: The Screw Crew

On his way home Mike thought back to the last day he and Jack shared together and realized he hadn't held up his end of the deal. He couldn't remember a time when he wasn't busy with some course, camp or workshop or extra credit project on top of all the extracurricular activities James forced him to do.

Over the years he gained a reputation of being a brain and that's how he and the screw crew met up back in freshman year. Mike was in the library at Coleman High when he was approached by Darren Miller, a senior jock. When he saw Mike working on a calculus assignment he asked for his help to pass a chemistry test he had in two days. In exchange Mike was invited to a graduation party being thrown that weekend and Darren set him up with a cheerleader who was down to fuck.

He didn't know how put to on a condom and when he finally figured it he lasted all of 90 seconds. She was cool about it and showed him how to hit a girl's G-spot and all the other things you could do in bed. Word spread he was the go to guy for exam preps and assignments for the price of a hook up with a willing girl and thus the Brain was born.

Two months into this arrangement he got invited to a party thrown by Luke's older brother Mark and when it was show time Mike couldn't find any condoms in the room. He went across the hall and barrowed some from Luke who raided Mark's stash in revenge for being barred from the party.

When Mike had finished his standard 5 minute grind he was ready to leave, but found Darren passed out drunk.

He didn't want to think what his dad would do when he missed curfew, but manned up and explained the situation. He was shocked to find James was cool with the situation, as long he didn't drink anything and stayed out of troubled he'd avoid a trip to the Pit.

Mike found his way back to Luke's room where his friends were sleeping over. Luke introduced himself and after a bit of posturing Mike introduced himself and met the others. Luke was the quintessential younger brother and leader of the group. Then there was Aaron Miller, Darren younger brother and the blackest white kid you'd ever meet. And last were the Chamberlin brothers. Chris was the calm one, while Jason loved to start drama and always got into trouble.

Once they learned Mike was the infamous Brain they pestered him until he told them what fucking was like. He revealed it wasn't all that, because girls he slept with weren't that hot. Luke called BS and said if it were him, he wouldn't be complaining long as he got his dick wet. The boys made so much that Mark couldn't close the deal with his girl and stormed into the room.

"Listen you little shits if you promise to shut up for an hour I'll give the secret to The
Game. Deal? And quit stealing my rubbers," Mark said then smacked Luke upside the head and took his condoms back. A few minutes later he returned with a stack of books and a few CDs and told them everything they needed to know about picking up girls was contained therein and then left.

They stayed up late going through the material and agreed to meet up again, and in the weeks that followed they went out and put what they learned into action and failed miserably. A few Months off getting blown out of sets they got the hang of it and learned it all boiled down to confidence. As time went on thy developed their own routines and openers and found which method worked best for them and created new personas: B. Sky (walker), Big A, Nature Boy, and Caveman.

B the crew needs ya my mans," Aaron said when Mike answered his call.

"I told Luke I wasn't sarging today, so what's the issue?" he walked up the stairs past his mother who said dinner would be ready at 8.

"I know B, but Skywalker is straight tripping again."

"He still isn't over his approach anxiety?"

"Yeah man."

"Put him on," Mike said as he shut the door and lay down on his bed.

"B, where you at son?"

"Last time I checked you weren't my parents and we weren't going together. So unless you have something to say then where I'm at is none ya business, son." He got up and paced around the room.

"You lucky we boys or I'd done bitch slapped your ass for saying that."

"Seriously, I'd have you face down and ass up before you landed a single hit. I swear, how many times do I have to say it? You can't be afraid of pussy, it should be afraid of you. Man up son." He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"A'ight man later," Luke put Aaron back on the phone.

"Yo, A do me a favor and smack Sky. Seriously, I'm gonna beat that kid's ass on principal. I swear, weak ass niggas always whining to me about pussy that belong to them, messing up the game for real players like us."

"True that man, so what's popping, kid?" he ran his fingers through his sandy blonde corn rows and leaned against a table.

"Just chilling about to run game on a HB10 I met the other day. Holla at yo boy."

"Keep it pimping," Aaron hung up and smiled as he spotted a HB10 by the fountain.

Mike checked his cell and saw it was just after six so he decided to knock out tomorrow's language training then started on the first assignment for his comparative religion class in which he had to read various creations myths and write a short prompt on them. He'd just finished when he was mother walked in.

" Baby dinner's ready. Have you been cooped up in here all day?"

He stood at attention.

"No Ma'me. Spent most of the day hanging with friends, Ma'me," he said after

"At ease boy, now come on. I made your favorite." She shook her head and laughed. Five minutes into the steak dinner Amber called. James chewed him out and told him if he couldn't remember to tell his phone off at meals he'd lose it.

"Hey Amber, missed me did ya?" he leaned against the wall and rested his hand behind his head.

"Not hardly." she sprawled out on her four-poster bed and played with her hair.

Mike shifted into cocky/fun mode and said, "Right then why'd you call me? I was in the middle of dinner."

"Oh sorry."

"No it's OK just don't do it again, or I'll have to punish you."

Amber broke into a laugh.

"Really now?"

Mike flicked his tongue across his teeth then ran his hand over his head.

"You weren't laughing when you grabbed my ass now were ya?"

"Point taken so..." Amber trailed off as she bit her bottom lip.

Mike palmed his semi and said, "So I have something else you can grab if you're a good girl."

"Who said anything about us hooking up?"

"I said if you were a good girl. I don't know about you, but I don't jump in bed with just anybody." He fingered his shaft through his mesh shorts and pictured her going down on him.

"I'll have you know I've only been with 3 guys. What about you?"

"A gentleman never kisses and tells, but just the one guy," Mike did the mental math figured he had about a fifty-fifty chance of that line working.


"Just kidding."

He was about to hang up but decided to see how things went.

Amber ran her hands down her thighs and said, "Oh really I think two guys doing it is hot. What a shame."

"A naughty girl eh? Well then guess I have to come spank you."

"Yeah I guess you will. My parents are gone for the night so why don't ya come see me. If you're man enough that is?" Amber said.

Mike paused and thought. It'd be a fool's mate, but screw it.

"Like you can handle me."

"You have no idea what's in store for you."

"Prove it then," Mike said and hung up. Thirty seconds later Amber texted him with her address.

He returned to dinner and woofed down his food then asked if he could go out. When James asked where he was going Mike replied he was going to see a friend.

"Boy, does this friend of yours have a name?"

""Yeah her name is Amber and we met at the mall yesterday. So can—may I go sir?"

"Oh did ya now?"

"Yeah. Laid my game down tight." Mike smirked then realized he broke protocol.

"And what do you know about the game, boy?"

"Enough. The game don't change, just the players."

After Mike showed him his stranger and asthma kid openers James agreed to let him go, but thought his game was corny.

Shelia however wasn't as pleased and pulled Mike and gave him the talk then promised to castrate him if he made her a grandmother before she was 40.

Mike's parents meet in college and had him when Shelia was 20. James was 30 was working on a mathematics and electrical engineering degrees. He'd been in the Corps since he was 18 and had been discharged six months prior. It was tough bout with help from the Alphas James opened an auto body shop and was able to get his degrees while working days and school at night.

When Mike was 4 James graduated and took over watching him while Shelia went to law school. And when he was five James introduced him to Kyle Marsh, Eric Cho, Tony Anders, and David Williams. Their official title was the Alpha Elite after their fathers the Alphas, but when they were 8 Kyle and Mike nicked them the Soldier Boys. Shelia, and the other mothers, didn't know about the alphas or the Soldier Boys and just thought James was taking Mike on hunting trips when they went to the HOP. Truth was she'd skin James alive if she found what he did to Mike, but that would never happen.


"You should stop," Amber said when Mike slipped his hand down her panties.

"Yes, I should." He inserted two fingers into her. And when she moaned he kissed her and inserted a third digit. He removed her satin bra then broke the kiss to suck her breasts and fingered her.

Amber pulled Mike's head downward and he removed her panties then kissed his way to her crotch and spread her legs.

"Oh God—fuck!" Mike said as Amber rode him towards his second orgasm of the night. He switched to missionary, but Amber complained he was too heavy. He made a small growl then switched so he was standing up and plowed away. Amber wrapped her lags around his waist and dug her nails into his back and gasped when Mike hoisted her up and impaled her on his anaconda. They moaned as their orgasm hit and then T rolled a part and caught their breath.

In between panting Amber said, "You weren't lying when you said you knew how to lay it down,


Mike laughed and went to take a hit from his inhaler, but put it aside. They spooned for until Mike was ready for round three, but as Amber went down on him reveille blared from his phone.

"What is it Dad? I'm kind of busy here," he said and tried not to let on Amber was blowing him as he spoke.

"Boy, don't give me lip. It's a quarter to midnight and you know your ass should have been in bed by now. You going soft on me?"

"No Sir—look I'll be home later and we can talk then. Bye." Mike hung up then turned off his phone and placed his hand back on Amber's head.

"Problem?" She said pulling of his cock.

"Nothing for you to worry about, now where were we?"

Mike strapped on another condom then had Amber get on all fours and went to town on her. He loved hitting it from and lightly bit Amber's neck as he pounded her.

"Mike slow down, you're too rough."

"Thought you could handle me?" he withdrew then plunged back in.

Amber told him to knock it off or he could get his stuff and go.

He slowed his pace but continued deep penetration and drew moans of pain and pleasure. He lasted 3 minutes before he was back to hammering her.

Five minutes later he hammered into her one last time and with a "Fuck!" he came.

As soon as he got in the house James was on him shouting about how he had a schedule to keep and he was now two hours behind. James yelling brought Shelia down stairs and when they went at it Mike couldn't take it anymore.

"Enough! I've followed every order you gave me for years and I'm sick of it. I'm not a child anymore, and it's past time you stopped treating me like one." He clenched his fist and

"Now listen here boy. You—" James was taken back when Mike shouted him down.

"No you listen. I deserve a break so after this last course I`m done for the rest of summer. Is that understood?"

"Oh you got some and think you run shit now huh? Well reality check time, boy." James took off his belt and made to swing until Shelia grabbed his arm and starred him down.

James may have dwarfed her but Shelia Smith was not a force to be trifled with.

"No Mom I got this," he said then turned back to James, "If you're going hit me then get it over with, but it changes nothing, is that clear?" Mike's voice was cool when he spoke, but his eye glazed over and narrowed to slits. Light reflected off his teeth as he grimaced and advanced on James.

"OK boy we'll do it your way for a while. Now get to bed." For the second time in his life, James feared what Mike would do to him. He rubbed his neck as he remembered the night he found Mike in the woods and how the boy tried to rip out his throat.


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