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Ch. 2

Names changed, scenarios and scenery altered. This journey is 40+ years in the making for me, and as such, may well take a long time to tell. This story is a mixing of fact, and fiction. It's my hazy, (maybe idealized (at times)) journey through time.

Desperate Poetry.

I first saw him sitting on a picnic table, under massive Western Red Cedars. It was a warm sunny summer day with shafts of brilliant sunlight streaming down through the treetops. A fresh clean breeze was blowing in from the lake. He instantly caught my attention, gleaming white V neck T-shirt, bright yellow gym shorts. Long smooth legs. Fine, silky, strawberry blond hair. A smattering of faint freckles, spread widely across his nose and cheeks. Mischievous sparkling green eyes. He was looking off to his side, allowing me to glimpse his aquiline profile, smiling. The tendons and hollows along his neck stood in stark relief against each other. Adams apple prominent. And my cock pulsed. If ever there was a trickster born, it was him. Nathan


I sat quietly, watching him through the window of the motor home, as he worked on the rear wheel of his dirt bike. His had an athletic build, not heavily muscled, but nicely defined. He was about 5'6” in height. His translucent skin, streaked with the vivid blue of veins only partially hidden underneath, was breathtaking. Wonderfully messy dark brown hair that shone with russet highlights in the bright sunlight; almost a mullet but not intentionally cut that way. Tight black Metallica T-shirt, curling over the musculature of his shoulders. The shirt rode up just enough to see a few inches of the skin of his back, peeking out above the waist of his beltless blue jeans as he squatted for a better angle. Long delicate fingers, smudged dark and greasy. Soft brown doe like eyes surrounded by long lashes, perched on a friendly, intelligent face. Delight in his task evident by the expression he wore. Probably the most sensitive soul I have ever known. Josh


I stopped the truck and stared at him as he slipped out the door of that old Chevy pickup. Packer style boots on his feet, Tight, faded blue Carhart Jeans covering his muscular legs. An un-tucked blue and white button down shirt with sleeves turned up, rode over his torso. He wore a cowrie shell necklace on a heavy brown cord. A Stetson Bridger Straw Hat, atop the loosely curled medium length blond locks, completed the outer wrapping.

Glacier ice blue eyes flashed out like searchlights from his smooth chiseled Norwegian face. 5' 9” at the most, a wrestlers build evident, deeply tanned from the hot summer sun that year. A local farm boy on an errand. I slipped from the truck into the old storehouse, out of sight of the rest of the world; hauled my rigid cock out and rapidly stroked to orgasm with the vision of him so fresh in my mind. I wonder sometimes, when I catch a glimpse of him in fleeting recall, what he might have been like on the inside. Name unknown.


He had shiny light brown shoulder length hair, fine, and straight as an arrow. Wispy. and below his ears on the sides. Fringed, center parted, almost covering his eyebrows up front. Hazel eyes, flecked with gold and green, that radiated intelligence and depth. They were set into a delicate high boned face. His skin tanned cork brown. Average in height, so thin that his joints seemed oversized. Shoulder blades evident under his shirt, and not much of an ass to speak of.

He was one of those kids that always had a smile on his face, literally radiated happiness all the time. I only got to spend one period a day with him at school. It was the last of the day, and he never failed to cheer away a bad day. He made everything brighter by being there. Definitely the most genuine person I have ever known. If ever there was a boy, put upon the earth meant to enchant those around him... Matthew


Back in the mid to late eighties in Boston there was a gay phone chat line. You dialed in and were put into a group chat. If you wanted to talk with someone one on one, you rang for the operator and gave your assigned number and the number of the person you wanted with you, and you'd be switched to a private line. That was my “internet chatroom” as a teenager. Some of you out there may remember it! (Hi Storm, if your still out there)

I started talking to a guy with this voice that just captured me. It instantly made me draw images in my head and I was hooked. I learned that he was a 23 year old college student, originally from Ohio, now staying in the city. He shared a place with a couple of Lesbians he said were really great people. We decided to meet and with address in hand I drove into the city to find him. The drive was uneventful and I rocked along to the music on WAAF. I was really excited.

It was a pretty brisk night, he was out on the front porch having a smoke when I arrived. The walkway was long enough, that I couldn't make out too much about him right off the bat. As I went up the walk and got closer I could see that he was dressed in red sweatpants, a white jersey t shirt with colored collar, and a red paisley bordered bandana. This guy had a thing for red and that suited me just fine. I found myself utterly astonished when I got the first real good look at him.. He was a living breathing unrelated twin, to a longtime straight friend of mine. One that I'd lusted over, for what seemed like forever! Small and petite, well proportioned, absolutely gorgeous. We made our introductions there on the steps and talked while he smoked. I was getting hornier by the minute and we did end up going straight to his bedroom.

He was just as horny as I, and we were stripped in a matter of moments. Quickly down on the frameless bed in the dark. The only light in the room was that of the city coming in through the window. I lay on my back and he rode my cock from the top. It was a frantic fuck, and he was stunning in that moment. His defined musculature was dancing in the shadows, the glow from the window highlighting only half of him...

We parted later that evening with promises to call each other. We did several times too, although I never had more time with him. He returned home due to family problems the following week. I have never given up hope that someday I'll meet someone that captivates me the way he did that night. Scott


It was a monthly party put on by a friend for the local gay community. People of all ages, male and female alike attended. They were a really nice bunch of folks and I enjoyed my time around them. It was a fairly small place, sort of an intimate setting. Some danced, some watched. Some stood in pairs and chatted while others broke off into small groups. Mostly people drifted all over the place, taking part in almost everything happening.

I was deep into a conversation with a small group of friends and looked up as the door to the hall opened. A guy I'd never seen before entered. I don't know why, but other than a reasonably quick once over, I didn't pay any more attention to him and returned to the conversation. Later that evening I caught a glimpse of him leaving and felt a small spark of interest. I thought to myself that I'd get around to meeting that one, sooner or later.

The guy that ran the parties and I were friends, and it wasn't uncommon for us to visit on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes he popped in at my place, other times I dropped by his. It was a comfortable friendship. We had common interests, we were both in our 30's, but there was no attraction between us.

He ran his business from home and interruptions there were commonplace. I happened to be visiting him one evening, we were sitting around watching TV and just shooting the shit. We'd had maybe 40 minutes to relax and then someone knocked at the door. Turns out it was the new guy from the last party, and I was introduced to him.

This was Timmy, not Tim, not Timothy, Timmy! Man, I really don't get into extremely flamy guys, but this Timmy creature really got my attention. Seems he was new to town, originally from somewhere in Tennessee. Yeah yeah, I'm a sucker for a southern accent Nineteen years old and working as a manager in one of the larger markets a town away. He had come over to Colorado with his mother for some reason or another.. We all talked a bit longer, then I excused myself and went home. He was a really cute guy, not my “type” but still very cute.

It was another night at another one of those get togethers. I stepped outside to have a smoke and get away from the excessive heat in that packed room. Timmy was out doing the same thing. He was a toothpick of a guy, but he had a great face, and an easygoing decent manner about him that night. We talked about nothing that mattered, just easy conversation. It was cold under that cloudless sky, he was sorta bouncing to keep warm. Me, I've never really been bothered by the cold and was content to just stand there with my coat open and my hands in my pockets. We made small talk for a bit and I could see he was really starting to get cold. I spread my arms with my hands still in my coat pockets, making the same sort of gesture one would make with a towel for a child just coming out of the bath. He got it right away and slipped right up to me, turning and putting his back against my chest as I enfolded him in my arms and coat. We stayed like that for about two hours; in the dark on that cold Colorado night. We talked and nuzzled, we kissed, and ground into one another that whole time... I fell a little bit in love with Timmy that starry night, I fell a lot more in love with him over the next few months but I never told him. Sometimes you know your just a fling. He moved back to Tennessee that spring. I'm still a little bit in love with him, I'm pretty sure I always will be.

In my frenzy to capture the people running through my mind I chose to try something different here. Brief tidbits about many.

I hope you enjoyed!

18 March 2011

Somewhere out under the big sky.