{Regrets and Heartaches is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are a underage, (according to your state laws as a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it,  stop reading the story.

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Written by J.P.G.

Chapter 14

Joey really hates doctor's offices. Not only the music sucks, but the waiting rooms are cold and the magazines are either to old or they just plainly suck. Plus it seems that the doctor's are always behind schedule. The only doctor that Joey every saw that seemed to be on schedule or early is Jacob's. But Jacob's doctor is a very cool doctor and that is very rare to find that in a doctor.

Janet could see that Joey is very uncomfortable being here in the doctor's office. She knows that he would rather be anywhere else but here. He gives it away by the way he keeps moving in his seat, grabbing magazines and looking at his watch.  Joey wants to get this over and done with as quickly as possible.

Right when Joey stood up to leave, the doctor came out and called him. Joey looked at him with daggers in his eyes before turning to Janet to let her know he will be right back. She shook her head and watched Joey as he walked over to the doctor. There is no doubt by the look in Joey's eyes he is going to give the doctor a piece of his mind.

To Joey's surprise he bit his tongue. He followed the doctor to one of his examining rooms and didn't say a word to him being behind schedule over an hour. Now in the future Joey is going to show up at least thirty minutes after his scheduled time so where he only sits in the lobby for thirty minutes.

"Joey I am sorry for being behind schedule today, it has just been one of those days. I normally am right on schedule, but one of my patients got rushed into the hospital early this morning so I ended up starting my day off behind. I can tell you are angry and I do not blame you if you are."

"Not a problem doctor, I will just show up to my next appointment thirty minutes late so   I don't wait over an hour in the waiting room." Joey's doctor looked up from the file with a surprise look in his face. "Not really doctor, I am just playing. I understand why you were behind schedule and I cannot be mad anymore after hearing the reason."

"Don't be scaring me like that Joey." The doctor laughed as he looked back at Joey's file in his hand. "You are making remarkable progress Joey. I understand you have already returned to work." Joey shook his head up and down. "I have no problem with that if you are just behind the counter, not doing any physical work.

Now I see you fell down your stairs at home and that is why you have a cast on your leg. Joey you cannot think that you are able to do things like you have done in the past right away. You need to give your body time to heal or you will end up in worse shape than you started. Just look at your leg to prove my point."

Joey looked down at his leg and back up to the doctor. When he raised his head back up, the doctor stood up, pulled a little flash light out of his pocket and looked into Joey's eyes. After doing a couple of tests, the doctor had Joey get up and read an eye chart on the wall. He missed a few of them and he knew it.

"Don't beat yourself up on missing a few of the letters on the eye chart. Your eye sight is very good considering what they did to your eyes. Give it time Joey and you will more than likely get all of your eye sight back. At the worst, you will need to wear glasses to help you read and see things far away. Other than your eyes Joey, how are you feeling?"

"I am feeling really good sir; there is really nothing for me to complain about." The doctor looked at Joey with a look like I know you are lying to me. "The only thing I am having a problem with is sleeping. Every time I close my eyes I go back to that place. No matter what I do, I cannot get that place out of my mind. Because of that I really don't get that much sleep at night. Is there anything you can give me to get rid of those thoughts?"

"I wish there was a magic pill that can make your forget what happened to you in that place, but there is not. The only solution to that problem is you seeing a therapist. You have to talk it out with someone that is not close to you. The more you unload yourself, the faster you will be able to get a full night's rest."

"Well doctor as you know I have no insurance. All this is costing me a pretty penny and I am paying for it out of my own pocket. There is no way I can afford to go and pay for a therapist to cry on his or her shoulders. I will just put up with the sleepless nights. Eventually in time the memories will fade away."

"That could happen, but if you don't get the right help you may end up hurting your self more than you know. You went through something that many adults wouldn't be able to handle. How you are doing it I don't know, but eventually you will break. When that happens, you might hurt the people that are around you."

Joey just starred at his doctor. "Look I don't want you to keep going through restless nights. I will go ahead and prescribe you a sleeping aid. We will relook at this issue on your next appointment. That will give me time to talk with some of my friends that are therapists. Maybe I can get them to see you free of charge. You need to talk with someone and I mean as soon as possible."

The doctor wrote something into Joey's chart before pulling out his prescription pad. He wrote out several prescriptions for him to fill when he leaves. After handing Joey the prescriptions, he pulled up his leg to take a look at it.

"Joey if you promise me that you will not do anything but go to class, I will let you go back to school on Monday. I feel the faster I get you back to your normal life, the faster you will heal. You have to be bored at home doing nothing while you could be at school with your friends and boyfriend.

"I promise if you let me go back to school I will not do anything except go to class." Joey couldn't help show how happy the question made him. "I would like to be with my friends and my boyfriend. Man I cannot believe I am begging you to let me go back to school, but I really want to get out of that house."

"Fine Joey I will sign a release letting you go back to school. You can also drive again but try to limit your driving during the day. Although you got your sight back, you don't see that well far away and to your sides. When it is dark, that makes it harder for anyone to drive, more so a person barely getting their eye sight back."

Joey got off the examining bed promising to follow everything the doctor is asking of him to the letter. The doctor smiled at seeing how happy Joey got when he handed him the papers allowing him to go back to school. They shook each others hand as they walked out to the lobby.

On the way to the halfway house, Joey told Janet what had happened in the doctor's office. When he mentioned his prescriptions, she turned off into the Walgreens. Joey got down and ran in to hand in his prescriptions in. He told the pharmacist he will be back later for his medicine, but she stopped him as he can wait and it will only take ten or so minutes to get them filled.

After getting his medicine, he ran and got back into the car. "Even with that cast you run pretty fast Joey. You need to stop running on the bad leg if you want to ever get that cast off. The more pressure you put on the leg, the longer it will take to heal. Plus it might not even heal right because you keep walking and running on it."

"Everyone keeps telling me the same thing and I don't listen. I will stop putting so much pressure on my leg, I promise. The doctor took a look at it and ran a couple x-rays. He told me it is healing just fine. I know once the cast comes off I can still play football if want to. Plus I have the rest of the year and the summer to exercise it to make it strong."

When they turned to the corner to Joey's house, they saw several moving trucks unloading furniture. Janet parked on the other side of the street, several houses down. She didn't want anything to fall on her car or scratch her car. They got down and walked over to see if everything is going according to plan.

Joey walked up to Gary, who is standing on the front yard watching the workers. "Hey Gary it looks like the furniture store got here a little early? I hope you guys were able to clear out the rooms where this furniture is going into. It is a lot harder to move around furniture that is set up."

"When they arrived, we had just finished clearing out the last room. The guys are cleaning the rooms before the furniture gets set up. We are lucky that the other house is empty and clean so they are placing the furniture in there first. Now as far as the rooms that are going to be torn apart, I asked the movers to just put the furniture in the other rooms that are not being used right now. We will have to set up those rooms when the construction work is done."

"It looks like you have everything under control here. There is nothing I can do with this cast on my leg, so I better get going. If you need anything, you not only have my number at the house and work, you also know where I live."

"Yes we do need a few things Joey. There is everything here except food for the boys. Unless you want us to order out until you..."

"No that is okay I will get you want you need. I don't have any cash on me and by the time I go to the bank and come over I will end up being late for work. Why don't you and the guys head over to the Albertsons where I work and pick up what ever you need. Once you are at the register, call me over and I will pay."

Gary agreed to meet up with Joey at Albertsons once everything has been moved into the house. Before leaving Joey popped his head in to check on the other guys and make sure they are doing okay. He feels bad that they are being put to work the minute they get sprung from the detention facility, but when Joey checked up on them they seemed to be fine with everything that is happening.

Janet didn't get out of the car when she drove Joey home. She figured that this is her last day working for Harold since Joey has been released to go back to school on Monday. Plus she has a new job that has already started. When she took the job offer from Joey, she figured she could handle both because during the day while taking care of Joey, they would be at his old house.

Joey walked in to find Caleb sitting on the couch. "Where have you been Joey? Your doctor's appointment was this morning and you are barely getting home. My mom and dad have been calling here all afternoon worried that something had happened to you again. You cannot disappear for hours and not let anyone know where you are."

"I am sorry, you are right and I will not do that again. Just the doctor was running over an hour behind schedule, and then I went to fill my prescriptions on my way to check up on the guys at the house. It's been one of those weird days that have been mixed with good and bad news at the same time."

"So tell me what happened at the doctors today?" Caleb jumped up from his couch and walked with Joey to their room.

"He wants me to see a shrink for the dreams I am having. There is no way I am going to see a nut doctor when I am not crazy. That will follow me for the rest of my life. No matter what is the truth on why I saw a shrink, people will think negative about me. With that hanging out there over my head, I will not get into a decent school or job."

"Wait a minute here Joey, what dreams are you talking about? You have not told me about any dreams you are having. Why is it that you do not trust me enough to let me into your life when you are having a hard time?"

"You and your family have done so much for me, Fran and Alan, I afraid to put more burdens on you guys. Look I fell down the stairs and almost caused your mother to lose her job? Caleb looked at Joey all confused. "Yeah I know that she was about to lose her job because of all the time she was taking off because of me. I over heard her talking to Janet the day I went to the hospital. I don't want anyone to lose anything because of me."

Joey grabbed a pair of jeans and his shirt for work before heading into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Caleb walked in and sat down on the toilet while Joey took his shower. He didn't know that Joey knew that his mother was close to losing her job. He also didn't know that the guy that sleeps in his bed is having nightmares.

"Caleb I do have some good news from the doctor. He has released me to go back to school on Monday and is allowing me to drive. I just cannot drive a long period of time during the night. At least for now until we see how my eye sight comes back. I might need glasses if worse comes to worse."

"Don't you worry if you need glasses as you will look hot in them because you look hot in everything you wear. As long as you are alive and at my side I don't care if you have bottle glasses, you are alive and we are together."

Caleb opened the shower curtains and pulled Joey into a kiss. Joey slipped, but Caleb caught him before he lost his balance. As they let each other go, Joey started to laugh when he pulled away from Caleb because his shaving cream is all over Caleb's face.

Wiping his right hand across his face, Caleb saw what Joey is laughing at. He walked over to the sink and finished washing the shaving cream off while Joey got out of the shower. After wrapping a towel around him, Joey walked over and joined Caleb in front of the mirror. Still wet from the shower, Joey wrapped his arms around Caleb and pulled him into a hug.

The evening went by fast due to being a Friday night. The only thing Joey could remember of the night is when Janet and Gary walked in to tell him that they are at the registers. Other than that Joey never left the video department all evening long. Neither of them had a chance to even take a break because it was so busy.

They watched a movie while eating dinner and the headed off to bed. Joey took his new meds that the doctor gave him and crawled into bed. Before his head hit the pillow, he was out. Caleb crawled into bed with Joey, but couldn't get what they discussed before going to work out of his mind.

Caleb tried to force himself to go to sleep, but finally gave up. Quietly he left the room and went looking for his mom. He found his dad in the living room already asleep in front of the TV. Just as he turned around to go back to his room, Helen walked out of the kitchen and called Caleb over.

"I know there is something on your mind Caleb, I know my son. Come on in and sit down with me so where we can talk it out." Caleb sat down while his mom warmed him some milk. "When you were a baby and I couldn't get you to go to sleep, all I needed to do is give you some warm milk and you went right to sleep."

"Mom, has dad ever kept things from you?" Helen handed her son his cup of warm milk as she sat down. "I mean nothing big, just little things you found out that he kept from you for what ever reason."

"In any relationship things are kept for one another. Nothing big like you said, but small things. What is going on Caleb, are you and Joey fighting about something he hasn't told you and you found out about it? Things like that are bound to come up and more so that Joey was in a long relationship before you guys got together."

"I have no problem with Joey's life before he and I got together. There are things he did that he will never tell and that is the same thing with me. The problem I am having is that he isn't telling me little things like all the money he has or that he cannot sleep because of the nightmares. And today I found out that he over heard you and Janet talking one day about you almost losing your job. So now he is watching what he says and asks for because he doesn't want you or anyone in this house to lose their job."

"I didn't know that Joey overheard me and Janet talking that morning. I thought we were far enough from the house that Joey wouldn't be able to hear me. For that I am sorry and in the future I will make sure not to make the same mistake again.

Now as far as his money is concern, I can see why he didn't say anything about it. Too many times people find out that a person has money and tried to get with that person to get their hands on the money. Now I know you are not like that, but Joey didn't know that when he first met you. After you guys hit it off I don't think he knew how to approach the subject with you. He couldn't just come out and say oh by the way I have ten million dollars, pass the green beans."

Caleb laughed at what his mother said. He never thought about it the way she just put it. There was no easy way for Joey to come out and say that he is a millionaire. Plus he has already forgiven Joey for not telling him that. What his problem is right now is that he keeps finding out that Joey is keeping things from him.

"About his nightmares Caleb, that is serious. We all knew that he was going to have them and thought it was weird that he wasn't having them. Now we know he has been having the nightmares all along. All we can do is be there for him and if you ever get woken up by him in a middle of a nightmare, don't wake him up. Just comfort him and he will get through the nightmare on his own."

"That I don't understand on not waking him up. If he is reliving those three days in his dreams, I want to protect him. The funny thing is that he doesn't want to do anything to get rid of the nightmares. His doctor wants to send him to a therapist, but he will not go because of the fear how it would look."

"Give it time son, give it time. Let him reach the decision to go and see a therapist. The more and more you push him to go that direction, the more he will refuse. You need to see it his way on why he doesn't want to go. Although those reasons are back dated, he has been brought up to think that way."

Caleb sat there in the kitchen with his mother drinking his warm milk. They talked about how to handle certain things that Caleb might face in the near future. Helen kept going back to explain to Caleb why not to wake up a person while they are having a bad dream. At no fault of their own, they might react and think they are still in the dream.

After talking for almost an hour, Caleb finally felt tired enough to go to sleep. He thanked his mother, kissed her goodnight and headed off to bed. Just as quietly as he left, Caleb crawled back into bed with Joey. After pulling the covers over them, Caleb pressed his body against Joey and wrapped his arms around him.

"I know you know this already Joey, but I am going to say it anyways. I am here when ever you need me no matter what it is. You and I are going to get through this together and come out the other end stronger than what we were when we started. I love you and there s nothing you can do to make me stop loving you."

Caleb kissed Joey before falling asleep. The next morning Caleb woke up before Joey. Knowing that when ever they take a shower together they end up using all the hot water and rushing to get where they need to go! So Caleb crawled out of bed and took his shower and then woke Joey up to take his.

When the boys walked into the kitchen, Helen couldn't believe her eyes. They are actually running ahead of schedule today. She can actually breathe a little while taking them to work since she doesn't have break the speed limit to get them there.

"Helen there is no need for you to get out there in the cold to take me and Caleb to work. The doctor gave me permission to drive again." Joey walked over to the ice box and got him and Caleb a cup of orange juice before sitting down. "Plus he is letting me go back to school on Monday. So I told Janet there is no need for her to come down anymore since I will be in school. All she will be doing is sitting here collecting a pay check."

"Well you are filled with good news this morning aren't you Joey? I am happy that you are able to get back into the groove of things. The more you get back to your regular life, the faster you can move on. Being stuck here all day has to be driving you crazy. All alone, with nothing to really watch on TV, leaves you with a lot of time on your hands."

Joey agreed with Helen and changed the subject to how their day might be. Both Caleb and Joey hope that the day goes by fast. They want to get out of work and come home to rest. It has been a while since they have had a day off and it is getting to Caleb more than it is getting to Joey since Joey just returned back to work.

As Joey and Caleb walked out, Harold greeted them at the front door. At first Harold was confused that Joey is driving, but after Joey explained to him what happened at the doctors the day before, he let him go. After closing the front door, Harold walked over to the kitchen to join his wife.

"Let me tell I am very surprised on how Joey is taking everything in stride like he is. With what he has going through I am surprised he isn't trying to milk the cow as they say. That kid is going to get a lot done in his life and we are going to be there for the ride while he gets it done."

"You don't know the half of it Harold." Helen poured her and Harold a cup of coffee and joined him at the table. "Joey isn't telling us everything on what is going on in his life right now. I know we don't even get that from our own kids, but the things he is keeping from us we need to know. Not just for us, but we need to know in order to help him."

He has no idea what Helen is talking about. What he can see Joey is recovering pretty good. Not only he is able to see now, he is back to work, now driving and on Monday he will be returning to school. All this has happened in a very such period of time. Many other kids would have tried to milk this as long as they could to stay on their butt, watching television all day long.

"Our son talked with me last night about several things that were bothering him. He doesn't like the idea that Joey didn't tell him about his money. That is really..."

"Helen I am getting tired of him crying about that. Joey's money isn't any of his business because Joey had it before he and our son got together. If they make it out of high school as a couple and move into their own house. I am sure Joey is going to share everything he has with our son. He doesn't strike me as a kid that will not share what he has with the one he is going to spend the rest of his life with. If Caleb continues to cry about this, he is going to lose Joey over something that is very stupid."

"That is what I told Caleb last night and it sunk in. Joey worried that the money was going to become an issue, but not in the way it is becoming an issue. He tried to make sure that who ever he gets with they love him for him, not for his money. Our son loves him for him, but he doesn't like secrets kept from him."

"He takes that from your side Helen. Caleb is so much like you when it comes down to things like that. If you and I don't change that thinking of his, he will lose Joey and any other guy he gets with because patience will go only so far. We all keep secrets for one reason or another. Even Caleb is keeping secrets from Joey from the spring vacation to other things we know he hasn't told him. Did you mention that to him yesterday?"

"No I didn't and before you say it I know it goes both ways. If he wants Joey to be up front with him on everything, our son needs to do the same. I really don't think we have anything to worry about with the topic of Joey's money anymore. After our talk last night, Caleb understands why Joey did what he did and that he cannot be mad about it.

Now the real reason I mentioned this from the beginning   is that Joey has been having nightmares ever since he got home. He never told Caleb or us about these nightmares because he over heard a conversation I had with Janet. Due to that, Joey doesn't want to come to us with anything because he doesn't want us to lose our jobs."

Harold got up from the table and went to refill his coffee cup. He stood looking out the kitchen window trying to figure out how to handle the news he was just told. Joey feels that he has to prove that he is a man more than any other kid out there because of the fact he is gay. That kind of thinking is what is causing many of his problems on not asking for help. Plus overhearing conversations that one of them will lose their job if they continue to miss work was a "big worry" topic! Anyone in their right mind will react the same way Joey did.

"Helen I am not happy that Joey didn't tell us about these nightmares. No one is to blame for that, not even Joey. The best thing for us to do is wait him out. When he is ready to ask for help, he will. Until then we need to hope and pray that the nightmares do not cause long term damage to Joey. That kid didn't deserve what happened to him. I really want to get my hands on that mother of his and just ring her neck."

"Don't be thinking like that Harold. You are a peace loving guy and we cannot get in the dirt with her. For all the wrong she has done, she will get her due justice. Either by law or by the man above, she will get what is coming to her. Now you need to sit down and let me start cooking breakfast before the others get up."

Harold walked back to the table and sat down. Helen went out to the porch to get Harold the news paper so he could read it while having his morning coffee. When she walked back into the kitchen, she found him pulling papers out of his briefcase. She is aware that her husband brings work home from the office, more so looking at it in front of her.

"Before I said anything to Joey and the others, I need to talk with you what I would like to do. So come over here and sit down please. Fran and Alan will not wake up until they hear you calling for them." Harold tapped on the chair next to him for Helen to sit down.
"Joey is already on his own legally by the courts of Texas, but not Fran or Alan. I would like us to adopt both of them. It is going to be hard, but it can be done. Alan will be the easiest since he is already in the system. All we have to do is go into court and sign some paperwork and he is adopted.

Fran is a different story because her mom is still alive and up until now is convicted of a crime. Now I will need to go to court and file abandonment papers against her mom and then adopt her, but I see one problem there, Joey. He loves his sister very much and if anyone is going to be her guardian he would like to be. But I think the poor kid has already too much on his plate as it is, to add this will over load him."

"Before we do anything with any of the kids we need to sit down with Joey and speak with him about the whole thing. You are right he will be the problem on adopting Fran. Especially right now because of what is going on between him and Caleb and the fact he doesn't trust adults on anything. There is really one adult he truly, truly trusts and that person is his ex's grandfather."

Harold knew that Helen is right on what she said. He put the paperwork back into his briefcase and picked up the newspaper. Although she didn't answer him clearly, he knows his wife. Helen has given her blessing and wants to do the same thing as far as adopting Alan and Fran. They just have to talk with Joey before moving any further on the plans.

When the day started Joey started planning in his head the evening events. He wanted to take Caleb out to a nice dinner and then a movie before going home, but as the day wore on Joey got tired. He woke up feeling like he could move mountains, but now he could barely put one leg in front of the other.

So when they clocked out, Joey drove straight home instead of doing what he had planned. As he sat down in the couch, Joey thought if he feels this tired just working, it is going to be worse when he goes back to school. How is he going to make it through a day at school and then go straight to work, back home to do his homework and get the sleep he needs? There is no way he is going to be able to handle a schedule like that at first.

"Caleb can I ask you a question and you will tell me the truth?" Joey turned to look at Caleb to see him shaking his head. "Why are you working? What I mean is that you really don't have to work. Your parents provide everything you want and need. So there is really no reason for you to work unless you are working for spending money."

"At first when I started it was for just spending money. I only worked twenty hours a week, if even that. When you started working with me, I wanted to be around you all the time so I told my mom to schedule me every time you work. I had no idea you asked for forty hours a week. Still I wanted to be at your side as much as possible, so didn't complain."

"You are one crazy person Caleb, truly you are. I was thinking something and I want your opinion on it before I do anything. When I go back to school On Monday, I don't think I will have the strength and energy to go to school, work and then come home and do my homework. Look now I am dead on my feet and all I am doing is working.

I am thinking since Al is investing my money again and I am getting paid dividends on my investments, there is really no need to work ourselves to death. Why don't you and I stop working and use my dividends for spending money. I know you have that thing you and your friends are going to do for spring vacation. I will even give you what ever you need to complete the money you need for that."

Caleb started to shake his head no, but Joey stopped him. "I wanted to take you out tonight on a date to a nice restaurant and maybe a movie, but I just ran out of juice. All I want to do is be with you and take you places. With us working and going to school we will not have the time or strength to do it."

"I agree with Joey on that." Joey and Caleb looked behind them to see Harold and Helen walk in. "You boys are way to young to be acting like a old couple . Helen and I don't even act the way you guys are acting and we are older than you. There is really no need for you guys to work when you are living under this roof."

"Dad I cannot have you and mom pay for my vacation.   You guys said the only way I could go is if I pay for the whole thing out of my own money. If I quit working now, I will not have enough money to go with the guys. You both know how much I have been looking forward on going."

Helen looked at her son with more anger in her then she has ever had for him. She walked over to Caleb and pulled him up from the couch by his arm and dragged him out of the living room. She let go of him once they got into the hallway, but didn't stop walking until they walked into the kitchen.

"There is no way you are my son, there is just no way. I never brought up a son that would act the way you just acted in front of Joey. Here you were last night crying that Joey is keeping secrets from you. Then I was here this morning defending your point of view with your dad. Then you sit there in front of Joey and said nothing but I and I."

Helen slammed the top of the pan on the counter. "He is your boyfriend and what ever plans you had before you and he got together has to change. I bet you haven't even asked Joey if he would like to go with you and your friends on spring vacation. Why is that, your friends don't like Joey? Or do you feel embarrassed being seen with him?

That kid was offering you to quit your job and give you what ever you needed off of the very money you were crying about last night. If your father would ever offer me to quit my job and stay home to play house wife, I would jump at it. Joey loves you so much he is willing to give you what ever you want. Can't you see that? Or are you blinded with embarrassment of being seen with him."

Caleb just sat there looking at the table, not knowing what to say to his mother. He knows she is right on everything she is saying. Here he was angry that Joey kept things from him. Then turns right around and talks about a vacation he is going to take without him. Now that is wrong no matter how you look at it, Caleb thought.

"Damit Caleb, answer me when I ask you something. You sitting there being quite isn't going to work this time. There is no way I or your father are going to have you act like a spoiled little kid when you are not. No matter if you have the money or not I will not allow you to go if you don't screw your head on right."

"There is no need for Caleb to get in trouble for plans he had before we got together Harold. I have no problem with him going with his friends where ever they plan to go for spring vacation. As long as he has fun is all I care about. Really that is all I want for   him is to have fun and enjoy everyday we are together."

"Joey he isn't in trouble, just Helen didn't like the way he talked about the plans without including you in them. We are not going to be those kinds of parents that stick their noses in your guy's relationship. What ever happens between you guys will stay between you guys. Caleb is our son, but you are too while you two are together. In this house we don't show favoritism on any of our kids.

Let me talk with you about something while Caleb and your mom are talking in the kitchen. Before you say anything Joey I would like you to hear me out. After hearing everything I have to say, I will obey what ever your answer is."

Joey agreed and Harold started to tell Joey what he wants to do with Fran and Alan. He took Joey through the whole thing step by step not leaving anything out. Making it clear to Joey that he could be the one that becomes the guardian of his sister if he wishes! After Harold finished, Joey just sat there digesting everything he was just told.

"I only have the rest of this year and next year of high school and after that I am off to college. I would like to go to college near here, but I don't think that is going to happen. Fran is barely starting high school and when I graduate she will have two more years ahead of her before she leaves to college. It will not be fair to her if I drag her along with me to where ever I go to college.

Plus she hasn't had a stable home in a very long time. Not since I started high that is. Ever since that summer, our lives have been on a roller coaster ride that seems that it doesn't have an off switch. Not to bore you with the details of everything, I think it is fair for her to have a regular life for once,. So no, I will not stand in the way if you adopt her.

As for as Alan you need to talk with him about you guys adopting him, I have no say over his life. I found him living in the streets and I couldn't let that happen. Not when I had an extra room and the means to take care of him. He deserves a regular life just like Fran and everyone else. If you guys adopt him I know he will get that life."

"Thank you Joey and I promise you that Helen and I will treat Fran and Alan as one of our own. Even when it comes time for college I will make sure they both go even if we have to pay for it. They deserve to get a college degree so they can have a better life than just working in a fast food joint."

"As far as Fran is concern I will take care of her college even if she doesn't get a scholarship. With Alan I will help you straight down the middle to pay for his college if he doesn't get a scholarship. I had already planned on paying for Fran's and was going to talk with Alan to tell him I am willing to pay half of his college if he didn't get a scholarship that is.

I even plan to pay for what ever Fran and Alan needs for school as far as clothes, school supplies and what ever else. All you and Helen have to worry about is helping on keeping a roof over their heads." Just then Caleb and Helen walked into the living room.

As Caleb sat back down next to Joey, Joey reached over and grabbed a hold of Caleb's hand and held it tight. With Joey holding him, this has put Caleb at ease as he knows his boyfriend isn't angry with him. Helen made her way to the other chair and sat down watching how her son and Joey act together.

Harold broke the silence in the room to let Helen and Caleb know what they were talking about. When Harold told them that Joey said it is okay with him about the adoption, Helen got up and kissed Joey on the forehead and left the room to get Fran and Alan. When they walked in and sat down, Joey and Harold took turns telling them what they had discussed about the adoption. Both of them couldn't believe it, but were happy.

They talked about the details a little more before heading to the kitchen for dinner. Just as they sat down to eat, Valerie walked in from her date. Harold looked up at the clock and thought it was odd that she is home as early as she is from her date. He looked over at Helen and Helen knew what he was looking at her for.

Helen went to talk with Valerie after they ate and the others plopped their butts down in front of the television. Joey and Caleb didn't talk about what happened earlier until they went to their room. When Caleb brought it up, Joey stopped him. He explained to Caleb that he is fine with everything and he only wants Caleb to talk to him about the plans only if he truly wants to. Not because his mother is making talk about the plans.

They dropped the subject and laid on the bed together talking about the future. How it would be living in their own home without anyone else able to walk in on them. No more need to get permission to go anywhere and on and on.

Joey fell asleep first above the covers. Caleb still not tired got up from the bed and went to watch television with his father. Once he felt tired enough that he could sleep, Caleb went back to his room. He forgot that Joey had fallen asleep still dressed and above the covers. When he walked in he just stood there looking at Joey as he slept.

After ten or so minutes Caleb walked over and kneeled down to look Joey into the face. He moved Joey's hair out of the way so he could see Joey's face without anything covering it. With his right hand he started to caress Joey's face, not leaving one inch of his face untouched. After doing that several times, Caleb leaned down to place his lips on Joey's lips. Little by little Caleb opened Joey's mouth and stuck his tongue in.

After not getting any response form Joey, Caleb got up. He pulled Joey's shoes, pants and shirt off before he got ready for bed himself. When he walked over to crawl into bed, he got an instant boner seeing Joey laying there in just his boxers and white socks. He couldn't stop thinking on how lucky he is that he got such a good partner.

Not wanting to, Caleb pulled the covers from under Joey and covered them up. It didn't take long for him to fall asleep once he wrapped his arms around Joey. Something about feeling Joey's heartbeat against his naked chest just soothes him. He not only could fall asleep with Joey there, he stays asleep through the night.

All of a sudden Caleb felt Joey moving around a lot. At first Caleb thought it was morning already, but when he focused he noticed it is still dark outside. He looked over and saw that Joey is asleep, but had kicked off the covers and still his legs are moving. Remembering what his mother told him, Caleb didn't try to wake Joey up.

Instead he moved close to him and grabbed a hold of him tight. "I am here Joey, I am here don't you worry I am here. No one will ever hurt you or take you away from me again. We will always be together and take on what ever the world throws at us together."

Caleb started to tear up seeing Joey the way he is right now. He is soaked with sweat as if he just got out of the shower. Caleb tried to dry Joey off, but gave up. He pulled the covers over them so Joey will not get sick because of being soaked. Refusing to fall asleep, Caleb stayed awake until Joey settled down. Even after that, Caleb stayed awake for another hour to make sure Joey is okay.

The next morning, Caleb didn't mention to Joey what had happened last night. He didn't want Joey to remember what ever had him scared. He had already had a bad night; there is no need to ruin his day. Now Caleb can see why Joey gets tired so quickly through the day. He doesn't have a good nights rest during the night.

Just like every Sunday at work, it was slow. So slow Joey had nodded off to sleep several times! Each time he had fallen to sleep, Caleb didn't wake him. He went on as if Joey was awake and cleaned the store. While he started to put videos away, Caleb got pulled out of thought when he heard Joey scream.

He ran up to the counter to find Joey on the ground soaked with his sweat. Joey looked up to Caleb as he walked around to help Joey up from the ground. When he wrapped his arms around Joey's chest, Joey pushed them away. At first Caleb didn't understand why, but when Joey got up on his own and covered his front side, he knew.

Not asking Joey anything, Caleb moved out of the way to let Joey pass to go to the bathroom to clean up. The nightmare Joey was just having was so bad it caused him to pee his pants out of fear. That is what Joey was hiding when he put his hands in front of him, but Caleb saw it because Joey is wearing black jeans today.

Caleb went on with the day to day runnings of the video store, while Joey went home to change. Lucky for Joey no one is home when he got there. So as fast as he could, Joey changed his clothes and headed back to work. Doing everything in less then thirty minutes, not only surprising himself, he surprised Caleb as well when he walked back in with another pair of jeans on.

Neither of the boys talked about what had happened. In fact the rest of the shift, Joey did what ever he could to stay awake because he didn't want to fall asleep and have nightmares. He always thought that nightmares could only happen at night when he sleeps, but never during the day when he nods off. To make maters worse Joey cannot take the new meds that his doctor gave him because again it is only to be taken at night.

All evening long Joey and Caleb stayed a small distance away from each other, both for their own reasons, reasons neither of them knew, nor did their family. Beth and Harold did notice the way they were with each other when they got home from work. They thought that Joey and Caleb must have had the fight they thought they were going to have the night before about spring break.

This time before falling asleep, Joey took all his meds. He didn't want another night like he had the night before or fall asleep during class. There is no way he will be able to play off if he pees his pants. If the same thing happens to him at school on what happened to him at work today, he will not be able to go back the next day.

Harold is the first one out the door the next morning. Detective Benson had woken him up to let him know that they executed all the arrest warrants that he signed off on. Now they are waiting to see a judge and Detective Benson doesn't want them in front of just any judge that could release them on their signature.

When he walked off the elevator Harold found Detective Benson waiting for him. All the way to his chambers, Benson explained to Harold how many people are waiting and what they were arrested for. Harold just nodded when ever he needed to answer as he threw his brief case on the desk and put on his robe.

"Also Harold someone called the press and now you have a media frenzy in your court room. We did what we could to keep them out, but they threw at us that they have the right to be there under the freedom of the press and all that. So we left them alone and figured if you could do something you will."

"Well they are right about the right of the freedom, but if they cause problems in my courtroom I can remove them. I doubt they will, but who knows. They can report what ever they want, the law was executed and there is nothing those crying babies can do about that. Just like every citizen of this county, they have to follow the law."

Harold walked in and the camera's started flashing. Even some of the press yelled out questions, but Harold didn't answer them. He sat down not only ignoring the questions the press are asking, he didn't pay attention to the family members of those that were arrested. They are actually calling him and the police every name in the book.

After hitting his gabble a couple of times, Harold waited for everyone to settle down. "I don't care who you are, you will shut up and take a seat. If anyone interrupts these proceedings, you will be found in contempt of court and removed from my court room in handcuffs. Do I make myself clear on this point?" The court room fell silent.

"To start with I am going to allow the press to stay, but if even anyone starts to show off for the cameras I will have the courtroom cleared. This proceeding I will hearing is only for Bail and bail only. Once your bail is set, your attorney can set up another hearing for a bail reduction if you feel your bail is too high. But let me tell you that I rarely grant bail reduction. Once I set the bail it stands and all your cases are assigned to my court."

Everyone started to moan when they heard that. "Finally what most of you are charged with is a serious crime and as a father I will throw the book at you. I will set the highest bail I can under the law. Not only you have abandoned your children, but you put their lives at risk by putting them in that camp knowing what had gone on in there."

Harold hit his gabble and ordered the first person to come before him. When the attorney asked the court to waive the reading but not the rights, Harold refused. He wanted the charges read in open court in order for the press to broadcast it live to their viewers. Making it clear he meant business, Harold set the bail on the first one so high, she started crying, begging Harold to set the bail where she could afford it.

One by one each of them went in front of Harold and Harold did the same thing. Every woman broke down in tears and most of the men cursed at the judge. When the last parent was brought up to Harold, he couldn't believe his eyes. The girl couldn't be more then thirty years old. That means her child couldn't be more than twelve or thirteen.

"Your honor before you set bail please hear me out. My client lives at home with her parents and it was her parents that not only kicked her son out, placed him in that camp, but as well didn't let him come home after he was brought to their door step. For fear of what her parents would do to her, she didn't stand up to them."

"Her parents are the grandparents of the minor child in question. She is the one that had the child and should have done what ever it took to keep her child safe. There is no excuse in the book that will let me see her under a different light than the others that have come before her. She shouldn't have signed the paperwork putting her son in that camp."

"That is the problem here your honor, she didn't. Her parents are the ones that went over to that camp and signed the paperwork." The attorney pulled several pieces of paper from his briefcase and handed them over to the bailiff. "As you can see the signatures on those papers are of her parents. The minor child should never have been accepted since the grandparents were not the legal guardians."

"Okay I will give you that, but let me ask you this. Where is the police report where she files her child either missing or kidnapped?"

"I am sorry sure, I don't understand the question. Her child never ran away or was kidnapped. Because of that she didn't file any police report. Her parents told her after the fact and there was nothing she could do about it then."

"Yes there was, she could have gone down to the camp and told them to release her child because she never gave them permission to take her child. Since by her own omission she didn't do that or file any kind of police report, she agreed with her parents. Since she did that, she is as guilty as her parents. So I am setting her bail at sixty thousand per arrest warrant paid by either cash or bond."

Harold hit his gabble sending the young lady off crying. He turned to his clerk and ordered arrest warrants for each of her parents for forging signatures on a legal document and child endangerment. He then turned to Detective Benson and told him to make sure the arrest warrants are executed before the morning is over.

"You honor I didn't give you that information so you could arrest the grandparents. What you are doing is over stepping your authority here. I will see to it that all your rulings here today are looked at and pulled apart. If there..." Harold hit his gabble several time on the desk.

"The court didn't recognize you or give you permission to talk. If you do not want to be found in contempt of court, you better end your speech right now. If you continue with your outburst, I will find you in contempt of court and sentence you."

"I will stop when I voice my opinion on the scam of a court room you are running. You will be seen as the true person that you are a gay loving freak. Instead of taking camps apart that are there to help teens that are confused, you should be helping those camps get built. We need more of them, not less."

"That is it sir, you are in contempt of my court. Bailiff, I want you to put handcuffs on this gentleman and let him join the others in the holding tanks. Not only you are fined five thousand dollars, you will be a guest of the state of New Mexico for thirty days. If you speak another word I will double your fine and your stay with us."

"No matter what you do to me..."

"Sixty days and ten thousand dollar fine, do you want to try for ninety days and fifteen thousand dollar fine?" The attorney looked down to the floor and didn't say another word to Harold. "That is what I thought sir. I hope while you are our guest you will think of how you handled yourself in my courtroom. That way you will not commit to the same mistakes again in the future."

Harold hit his gabble a couple times and left his court room. As he walked to his chambers, the press made their way to meet him. At first Harold didn't answer any of the questions, but when one of the press core repeated the same thing the attorney said, Harold stopped and walked over to them.

"Let me start out by saying that no person deserves to be put into a place that strips you naked, chains you up to a metal mattress, connects battery cables to that metal mattress and send thousands of volts of electricity through your body. That was done to every one of those kids the very first minute they were brought in that camp! Then one of you yelled out we should have more camps like that.

Not only did that happen to each of these kids, they went through more hell than that. They were put in rooms with no bed, sink, light or toilet for twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. They slept on the concrete floor in their own crap and pee. They were not allowed to use the bathroom or take showers nor allowed to talk to anyone while they were locked up.

If they broke any rules that they had to obey, they would receive a punishment that grown men would yell out in pain. All this and more the parents were aware of when they signed their kids into that camp. Because they were aware of the kind of abuse that was happening in that place to their kids, they are as guilty as that place. They will get a fair trial and if found guilty, they will have a lot of time to think about what they did."

Harold walked into his chambers not answering a question to find Detective Benson waiting for him in his office. He had asked Benson into his chambers and they talked about what had happened throughout the morning. When Benson told Harold that they didn't get everyone, Harold wasn't happy. Now they know that the book is being thrown at them, they will be even harder to catch.

Joey cannot remember the last time he was this nervous. After getting dressed for school, he couldn't eat a thing that Helen cooked. His stomach is in knots and it will probably be in knots all day long, if not the entire week.

Fran, Alan and Caleb tried their best to get Joey's mind off of school, but it didn't work. As they drove into the student parking lot, Joey stopped and just looked at the parking spot where he was parked the day he got kidnapped. He got pulled out of thought when he heard the cars behind him honking. Joey drove past the open parking space and took the next one he found.

When they got out of the truck, Joey felt like a fish out of water. Everyone turned and looked at him. As he walked passed them, some pointed, and others just whispered. Joey knows that they were whispering about him and he cannot do a thing about it except ignore them and go on with his day.

The cafeteria went dead quiet when Joey walked in. Caleb, Fran and Alan walked as close as they could to Joey as they grabbed their breakfast and sat down. Little by little the students in the cafeteria started talking, but they all are talking about Joey. Joey had enough of people whispering about him and looking at him after fifteen minutes sitting there. He got up, left his tray on the table and walked out.

Caleb called out for Joey, but Joey didn't stop, he kept going. When he reached the attendance office, Caleb ran up to him. They walked in and just like in the cafeteria; everyone in the attendance office stopped talking. They just looked at Joey as he made his way to the counter. He handed the clerk his doctor's release and waited for his pass.

The clerk walked to her desk and called the principle. Minutes later the principal walked in and greeted Joey. He is the first person that smiled at Joey and gave him respect. They didn't say a word as they walked over to his office. Once the door of the office closed, the principal broke the silence.

"Joey I am glad to see you back here at school. I and my family have been praying for your recovery ever since this whole ordeal started. Now I will not lie to you and tell you that it is going to be easy. You have seen already how the students have been looking at you and talking about you. I wish I could stop it, but if I say anything it could make things worse. That is something I know you don't want to happen.

Give it a couple of days and they will move on to another piece of gossip. Something is going to happen that will get them to stop talking about you. For the mean time, be patient and if anyone gives you any problems, I don't care if it is small, you come and see me. I cannot stop them talking, but I can stop them causing you problems."

"Thank you sir I hope I don't have to come and see you for anything. All I want to do is get back to my life and leave the past in the past. I don't need my fellow students reminding me about what I went through. For that I just have to look in a mirror and see the markings on my face that will never go away."

"Yes, like I say I will do what I can to give you a smooth entrance back into your classes. I understand that you have been getting your assignments and sending them in, is that correct?"  Joey shook his head in agreement. "That is good at least you will not be behind in your classes. Just take it easy and don't do anything that you cannot do. There is no rush for you to prove anything to anyone."

Joey sat there listening to the principal as he talked about the changes that took effect because of what had happened to him. He signed the new rule sheet before the principal gave him his pass back to class. Before leaving the principal made it clear to Joey if he runs into any problems, no matter how small the problem is, to come and tell him. Joey agreed, shook the principal's hand and joined Caleb in the hallway.

No matter where Joey went, every one stopped what they were doing and just looked at him. Those that didn't whisper made Joey more uncomfortable than those they pointed and whispered about him as he passed them either in the halls, cafeteria or classrooms. At least Joey knew what the others thought of him when he could hear them whispering.

By lunch Joey was about to throw in the towel and go home. Caleb and his friends talked Joey into sticking it out. They explained to Joey if he allowed them to chase him off, it will be even harder when he comes back. They also repeated what the principal told Joey in the morning that it will only last a few days. Something else is going to grab their attention and they will start talking about that instead of him.

When Joey walked into ROTC he thought for sure he had been replaced and would be lucky if he kept his captain rank that he came with. To his surprise not only he didn't get replaced on the rifle team, he didn't lose his position on the battalion staff. That put a ray of sun light in a day that has been turning out to full of dark clouds.

Not only did Colonel Chandler not take him off of battalion staff, he reconfirmed his commitment that he wants Joey for his battalion commander next year. Since he cannot shoot right now, Colonel Chandler asked, he should take the time and learn as much as he could to pass the brigade board. With a smile on his face, Joey agreed with Colonel Chandler.

The school day ended as it started with students looking at Joey, Caleb, Fran and Alan as they made their way to the student parking lot. As he drove out of the parking lot, Joey froze again as he passed the space where he was taken from. Horns started to blare to pull Joey out of his mind and get moving again. All the way home, they talked, but nothing about how Joey felt or what he went through.

When Helen made up the schedule on Friday, she had no idea that Joey was going to go back to school the following Monday. Still she gave Joey and Caleb Monday off since they hadn't had a day off in a while. So there was no hurry for them to get home and leave again and that made Joey feel good.

Joey and Caleb dropped off their book bags in their room and headed to the living room to watch TV. After about thirty minutes of watching TV, Joey reopened the conversation about working. He felt bad on not following through his promise he gave to Helen, but for now he told Caleb he wants to quit.

Explaining to Caleb that there is so much going on in his life, the more pressure he is under will make it worse. Right now he is dead on his feet and he wouldn't be any good to Caleb if he continued working. Caleb tried to talk Joey out of it, but he had his mind made up. At the same time Joey tried to get Caleb to stop working and it looks like he had more luck with Caleb. They ended the conversation with Caleb promising to think about the offer Joey is giving him to quit working.

After agreeing to think about quitting, Caleb got up and headed to the room. Joey walked over to the phone and pulled out his wallet. He dialed a number that he never thought he would be dialing again. After several rings, a familiar voice answers.

"Hello Jacob, this Joey, how are you?"

"I am doing well, how about you Joey? It is good to hear your voice. I know we said we were going to be friends and I have been thinking a lot about you lately. Because of that I was going to call you and see what is going on in your life that has me thinking about you so much. I know it sounds weird, but I know when things are not going well with you."

"The same here Jacob, you have been weighing on my mind for weeks now. I need a friend to talk to and you are the only one that came to mind. There is so much going on and I need the Jacob that helped me through a lot no matter what we were going through in our lives. Do you have time to talk with me?"

"Of course I do Joey; you didn't need to ask that. Tell me what is going on and I will see what I can do to help your though what ever is bothering you." Joey didn't say a word, leaving nothing but dead air. "You know Joey you are a lot stronger than you think. I was there to help you, but it was you that got it done. So what ever is going on right now, I know you have the strength and the will power to get through it."

"Thank you Jacob I really need a friend right now, Things are going on..."



{Welcome back one and all to another chapter of Regrets and Heartaches. This chapter bounced around a lot of hot topics. Topics that have fallen to the waste side ever since Joey got home. In the last couple of chapters we have seen Joey get better, but there have been things that Joey hasn't talked about to anyone.

Now at the beginning of the chapter Joey is at his doctor's appointment and gets a lot of good news. First he is able to drive again, just not a lot during the night. Also the doctor released Joey to go back to school. But we also found out that Joey is having nightmares and refuses to see anyone for those nightmares.

That shouldn't have been a surprise to learn that Joey is having nightmares. I believe that anyone of those kids that got out of that camp is suffering through nightmares just like Joey is. His body is healing pretty fast, but his mind is going to take years if not all his life to get over what had happened to him in that place.

When Joey opened up with Caleb about the nightmares, Caleb wasn't happy that Joey kept that information to himself. He talked it over with his mother and his mother showed him the light. Joey is a hard headed person and he doesn't want to show any weakness to anyone. They also learned that Joey overheard the conversation about how close Helen got to losing her job. That couldn't have made Helen feel good that Joey is not letting people in because of the conversation he over heard.

At the same time Caleb is angry about the fact Joey is keeping too many secrets. He brought back up the secret Joey kept about his net worth. Helen once again thought that she put him in his place about that, but the next thing you knew her and Harold over heard the conversation between Caleb and Joey.

I can understand why she got mad with Caleb. He is over here getting angry with Joey about keeping secrets, but yet he is doing the same thing. Except I believe Caleb's is worse. Not only he hasn't invited Joey to spend spring vacation with him and his buddies, he hasn't even talked with Joey about his spring vacation plans. Yes they were made before they got together, but now they are together. Things are different when you are in a relationship and Caleb needs to figure that out.

We know Caleb is in love with Joey because he cares a lot about Joey. If you need proof of that just look at Caleb staying up, holding Joey as he goes through one of his nightmares. That is love when a person doesn't leave the other's side when they are going through a hard time in their life.

When Joey returned back to school, no one again should have been surprised on how all the students reacted on seeing Joey. We all have been through the hell that was our high school years. There was something that everyone was gossiping about. We always tried our hardest not to be the ones that they are gossiping about. But Joey had no control over what had happened to him and now he has to weather the storm of gossip.

You also got to see in this chapter that Harold is a man of his word. Detective Benson and a task force executed all the warrants that Harold signed. Now they were in front of him and he threw the book at them. At the same time he threw the book at an attorney that didn't know when to shut up. This plot line is going to cover several chapters, so don't think it is going to go away soon.

Finally at the end of the chapter we see Joey turning to the person he has always leaned against when things were tough. He called Jacob and Jacob was there for him. I am glad that Joey is reaching out for help and I am glad that Jacob isn't holding any grudge against Joey. They are going to create a strong lasting friendship.

There is so much going on in this saga. I can keep writing, but I won't. You guys are going to need to tune in to the next chapter to see what is going on. More plots are going to open and old ones will be closed. This story, like my others, will keep you on your toes. Don't miss what is coming up in the chapters to come.

I do not want to say too much more and spoil the future chapters to come, so I won't. I warn you though! Do not skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertex@aol.com, Thanks!}

[Relationships are always a 'work in progress' and this especially true for teenagers.  Sadly, too often the adults in their lives do not provide positive examples of this work!  Certainly it is good that Helen and Harold are there to offer guidance and direction at times.  It is also good that Caleb and Joey are both willing to listen or at least to consider seriously suggestions.

It is good to see the court system---at least under one judge---acting to let all know that parents do have major responsibilities and that they can/will be held accountable for them.  I am a very active member in my church, but I resent strongly those who attempt to make their own beliefs into the law of the land.  Religious freedom was a key reason for the foundation of our nation.  Our very first Amendment protects that freedom from government restrictions that even today some want to restrict to make all conform to the beliefs of only a few!

As an educator now in my 52nd year, I was disappointed that the principal did not make an effort to help his student body prepare for Joey's return to school.  Even a few hints as to how to make Joey feel welcomed back and cared for would have been appropriate.  He could not change everyone, but he could have helped modify the return stares and gossips at least a bit!  Proactive and proactive leadership does work!

How long will it take for the US to get Mexico to return Joey's uncle and mother?

When (not if ) they are returned, will the US judicial system be able to function effectively or let them slide away again?  What will it take to help Joey overcome his nightly bad dreams?  Most would advise some type of therapy, but will Joey accept this as a needed element in his full recovery?  Teenage independence and male macho are both at stake.

Joey was a star football player, but now has a cast on his leg and less than full vision.  If he recovers will he want to return to football and will anyone want him to be the new kid senior on the team?  He was a rising leader in ROTC before.  Again, will he want to continue in this program and will anyone else want him to do so?  These are key questions the answers to which will impact his future development--physically and emotionally both!

Finally, he and Jacob have begun a type of 'rehabilitation' of their former friendship.  Will this positive process continue?  If so, will Caleb see it as a threat to his relationship with Joey?  Open communication between any couple is so crucial to a relationship.  Will they be able to develop such a trust in each other that they can be honest with each other AND have that honesty honored?

I look forward to reading chapter 15 to see which, if any, of these questions may be answered or partially answered.  If you have your own answers/predictions, please send them to our author as your correspondence is the ONLY pay he (or I) receives!


--Kent D. (sw OHio area)