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Written by J.P.G.

Chapter 18

Harold's morning was light, so he was able to see another fellow judge to take care of some business he has been putting off, the adoption of Alan and Fran. Since Joey did not object, nor did Fran and Alan, Harold and Helen got the paper work going. The only thing that was left to do is a judge to sign off on it.

Since Harold could not sign off on the paperwork, he headed down to see another judge that has been in his seat two years less than Harold has. They pretty much learned from each other as they got use to being district court judges. Whenever they could not rule on a case, they would normally hand it off to each other if their schedule permitted it.

The only reason Harold did not give this judge the cases he gave to Glen is that James's schedule is full for several months. He has three back-to-back huge cases, which one of them is a murder case. He does not have the time to take on these cases because they will take a lot of the sitting judge's time.

When he reached James's courtroom, he found it empty so he walked to his chambers in hopes that he had not left for lunch yet. His secretary stopped Harold as he was walking past her. She asked him to wait as she picked up the phone to speak with her boss. Seconds later, she told Harold to go right on in.

"Hey my old friend, it is good to see you." James got up from his desk and met Harold halfway. "I hoped you would stop to see me before you went off into the sunset of El Paso you lucky dog you. Man we all wish for what you got, a lifetime appointment to a judge seat. That is rare at the district level, very rare."

"I know and that is why I jumped at the job. I am telling you it is going to be great once I settle in." Harold sat down in the couch to the left of the James's desk. "I am kind of hurt that you thought I was going to leave without seeing my oldest and dearest friend. Come on, I would never have left here without stopping in a couple of times."

"A couple of times, your schedule is going to allow that?" James laughed as he joined his old friend on the couch.

"Tomorrow the judge that is going to replace me is going to be here. I will probably be ruling on the cases tomorrow, but after that whoever the governor picked will probably take over, at least I hope." Both of them laughed. "So yeah I will have time to come down a couple more times before I head out into the sunset like you put it."

They talked a little about whom they think the governor picked, but gave up. They know it has to be someone from their town. The only reason for that is the short notice. No one from out town can pick up their lives and move it in three days. Harold is having a hard time doing it in a week so three days is almost impossible to do.

"I need you to do me a favor before I forget." Harold handed James the folder with the adoption papers in them. "These two young kids Helen and I want to adopt. One of them, the boy, is in the system so he is easy to do. Now the other one is the daughter of the woman we are trying to get back from Mexico. Even if her mother comes back, we all know she is going to spend a lot of years behind bars."

"I agree with you on that, but first we need to rule on another motion, abandonment, which I will sign off on that. Then I can sign off on the adoption paper work. The only thing is that I do not have the paperwork for the first motion. If you will give me until the end of the day, I can have my secretary type it all up and I will again sign it."

"No problem I thought about that as well. If you would look, the paper work has already been written out. All you have to do is sign on the dotted lines." Harold leaned forward and pulled the paperwork he was talking about to the top.

James read over it before he signed it. It was not that he did not trust Harold; it was that he likes to read everything he signs no matter who gives it to him. Even if his own mother brought in something for him to sign, he would read it first. As he was okay with the paperwork, he signed the motion and then signed the adoption paperwork.

"There you go, it is official you and Helen are proud adopted parents of two healthy young teenagers. I hope they do not put you through hell, but if they do, there is no return policy." James handed the folder back to Harold laughing.

"Thank you my friend I really appreciate it. At first, I was not going to ask you, but time is something I do not have. If I would go through regular channels, it would take a lot of time. We both know that since we work here in the court house."

"That is true but there is no need for you to worry. We are old friends and old friends do things for each other within the law that is. Anyways I was glad to do it and I really hope these two kids realize what a great family they are getting a chance to be part of, especially where each of them is coming from!"

Harold didn't even have to think about what his friend just said. There is no doubt in his mind that Fran and Alan appreciate what he and Helen are doing for them. He also knows that he does not have a perfect household, but it is a lot better than living in the street like, Alan was doing and Fran in a home that her mother does not stay put. Mostly anything is better for these two than what they had.

"Old friend I am still thankful for what you have done here today. This has taken a lot of pressure off us. Trying to up root our family and life's in a week, well let's just say we are going to miss a lot of things because of not having enough time."

James chuckled as he lit his cigar. "You never drop the ball even when you think you do. You might forget a few minor items, but nothing big. Question though, what is going to happen with your daughter, isn't she a senior this year? This move has to be hard on her since she is leaving all her friends behind just as she is about to graduate."

"That was a major discussing between Helen and I, and then Valerie. We did not want to do that to her, so she is going to stay with family for the remainder of the year. That way she can actually graduate with her friends, and then come up to El Paso for the summer before she heads off to college in the fall."

They sat there discussing a little more about the move before changing gears talking about the good old days. Before they knew it, they had talked through their lunch. Harold thanked James once again for his help as he headed back to his courtroom. On the way, he looked over the adoption paperwork once more. Making sure that all the t's were crossed and the i's were dotted.

Lonnie and the guys couldn't believe what Caleb just did and said. He had never stood up to them before that way he did just now. Because he finally did, they now see that have not only wronged one of their best friends, but their best friends boyfriend.

Although none of them can get use to the fact that their friend loves guys, they are willing to ignore it. It is hard for them to do so since their friend is actually going out with a guy right in front of them. That is the main reason they dislike Joey. He came into town and from one day to the next, their friend they have known all their lives turns out to be gay and that is something they cannot wrap their minds around.

Not giving it a second thought, Lonnie went looking for Caleb to fix things. Kurt and Ivan followed Lonnie like trained dogs without a mind of their own. They asked Lonnie where they were going, but all they got from him is they are going to look for Caleb. Not what they are going to do after they find him, just they are going to find him.

After searching the places they thought Caleb would be, like the library, cafeteria, and the bleachers, they started going up and down the halls. As they went up and down the halls, they passed a bathroom. Lonnie stopped in his tracks because he could swear that he could hear Caleb's voice. Walking up to the bathroom, Lonnie leaned into the door to make sure it is Caleb he is hearing.

"I love you Joey and there is no way I am going to let you go without a fight. I have been a complete jerk. Not only for the last couple of days, but since you have met my friends. I promise you things are going to change from this point on. You will come first; just give me another chance, please!"

"I am tired of all this drama between us. If it is not one thing it is another." Joey walked over to the sinks and leaned against them. "I have enough drama already in my life, I cannot take anymore. Between what is going on with my mother and uncle, the court dates that are to come, the move, the shelter and this fucking cast that doesn't want to stop itching me, I cannot handle anymore drama in my life.

You are supposed to be there to help me, not cause more drama." Caleb tried to say something, but it was Joey this time that stopped him from talking. "Let me say my piece before you say anything. You have all plans that you will not even tell me about, forget inviting me along. Yet I sit there at the table or when ever we are with your friends with a smile on my face as you all talk about these plans as if I am not even there. How do you think that makes me feel?

I am tired of you getting mad at me for not telling you about my money or what I am doing with it, but you will not be truthful with me. Heck Caleb I even told you I would give you the money to do this trip where you did not have to work as hard as you have been. Even then you refuse to tell me what is going on."

"We both agreed Joey that we had a life before we got together. Things were planned and neither of us wants the other to change any plans that were made before we got together. All I am doing is going on what we agreed on when we got together. And about the money you offered, that is why I didn't except it." Joey looked at Caleb with a confused look on his face. "I knew there were strings attached with it. You give me the money, but I have to tell you everything about my life."

"Dammit Caleb, we are an item. Money or no money we are supposed to tell each other everything about ourselves, not all at once, but eventually. That is the only way we will ever get to know each other." Joey started to walk towards the door. "And by the way fuck you. I offered the money without any strings attached. You are putting the strings on the money. Not once did I ever hint around that I wanted to know what was on your mind if I gave you money, not once."

Joey unlocked the door to the bathroom, and before he could open it, Lonnie came busting through, pinning Joey against the wall. Caleb ran over to Lonnie and tried to pull him off Joey, but Ivan and Kurt pushed him back into the bathroom. Not letting go of Joey's neck, Lonnie locked the bathroom door with his free hand as he pushed Joey back into the bathroom, near the stalls.

It didn't take much for Joey to break free, and when he did, Lonnie saw another side of Joey he hadn't seen yet. He pushed Lonnie off and before Lonnie could react! Joey hit him on the right hand side of the face, throwing Lonnie back a couple of feet and into a daze. Joey didn't give Lonnie a chance to get his balance, he started punching him.

Ivan and Kurt tried to jump in to help Lonnie, but Joey was in a place that he had never been. All the anger and frustration he had bolded up inside him is now coming out. When those two tried to help their friend, Joey swatted them off like flies. They went flying back onto their butts, stunned on what is going on.

It was not long before Lonnie fell to the ground and when he, Joey was right on top of him whaling on him. Every punch Joey threw, it connected. He either hit Lonnie in the face, chest or somewhere on his lower chest. It didn't matter anywhere he hit him, all that mattered to Joey is that he is connecting.

"No one, I mean no one ever touched me the way you did. I am tired of people thinking they can push me around without me pushing back." Joey started yelling as he kept hitting Lonnie. "You mother fucker, you think you can touch me the way you did without me kicking your ass. There is no one in this world that will ever touch me again."

Punch after punch hit Lonnie. The only thing he was able to do is raise his hands to try to protect his face. Finally, Caleb was able to pull Joey off his friend. As Joey calmed down and stopped seeing red, he could not believe what he was seeing. Caleb was on the floor helping his friend instead of being with him.

"You know what Caleb, we are done. I am not going to be second fiddle to your friends." Joey started to walk out again when Caleb got up and screamed at him.

"What do you want me to do Joey, what for crying out loud? You beat the living day lights out of one of my friends. I cannot leave him laying here on the floor bleeding and unable to move. So tell me, what do you want me to do?"

"Be my fucking boyfriend like you say you are." Joey walked right up to Caleb. His face was so close to Caleb, they could be kissing. "Your friend barged in here and placed his hands around my neck. He started this and all I did is end it. There is no way I am going to allow anyone to put their hands on me the way that fucking asshole did." Joey looked at Lonnie and kicked at his leg.

Caleb knows that Joey is right. If his friends did not barge in the way they did, none of this would have happened. All this did is causing more of a mess for him to clean up. He chooses his boyfriend and walks out with him, in return loses his friends, or stays here with his friends and loses his boyfriend. He now is feeling that he is in a no win situation.

"These three are not true friends Caleb, because if they were, they would have accepted you for who you are and me for caring about you the way I do. No instead, they have tried at every corner to break us up. Well, they have succeeded, we are broken up so don't worry about making a decision, it has been made for you."

Turning back to the door, Joey walked out without even looking back. Caleb stood there num on what has unfolded before him. He cannot understand why he cannot move his feet. He knows the right thing is for him to do is go running after Joey, so why isn't he. It's not like his friends are moving with him and more than likely they will not stay in touch once he moves to El Paso.

Joey has had enough! He headed out to his truck and sped out of the school parking lot like a bat out of hell. The school security guards and teachers that were out watching the students and the grounds during lunch tried to slow Joey down, but he didn't listen. He sped past them, ignoring their yells and jesters to slow down.

He has no particular place to go, so Joey just drove around town. By four, Joey settled down enough to return to his house, not the Evan's home. When he walked in, Janet and Gary looked at him with a worrying look in their faces, but didn't say a word. They knew something was going on between him and Caleb because Caleb has been calling the house non-stop all afternoon looking for Joey.

After changing into some warm ups, Joey went out to the shed and started to go through it. He worked out there until it dark. If he were able to see, he would have kept working late into the night; instead, he had to call it a night and headed back in. Everyone was eating dinner when he walked in, but he didn't join them. He walked right past them without even so much as a hello to any of them.

The meantime Caleb could not stop worrying about Joey. He kept looking out the window whenever he heard a car pass by. When he wasn't looking out the window, he was pacing up and down the stairs or the hallway. His mind going in all directions, he could not even think straight as he paced around his house.

Finally, Helen pulled her son into the kitchen and sat him down. "What is going on Caleb between you and Joey, and don't tell me nothing? This is the second night in a row he hasn't come home, so what is going on?" Caleb would not even look at his mother. "This isn't the time for this Caleb. We are uprooting our entire life and moving it to El Paso. If you two are fighting, it does affect all of us since we are going to be staying in the hotel he owns. You need to tell me now what is going on so where I can see if I can help!"

Right there in the kitchen, Caleb fell apart. Helen pulled her son into her and held him as she did when he was a little baby. Through his sobs, he told his mother what was going on. Somewhere in the middle of Caleb explaining everything, Harold walked in and sat down. He as well knew something was going on, but he didn't think it was this bad.

When Caleb stopped crying, Helen let him go. "I told you so this was going to happen if you continue to keep secrets from Joey and demand him to tell you everything", Harold trying to keep his temper in check, as he looked at his son! "Now your lies are coming back to haunt you. Do you love Joey with all your heart? Before you answer that, think long and hard about it?"

Caleb looked right into his father's eyes. "I do not need to think long and hard about it. The answer without a doubt is yes. I love Joey with all my heart. I will do anything for him, I mean anything!"

"Then why didn't you do that before all this exploded. You were wrong all the way in this. First by not letting Joey in on your plans, you had for spring break. Yes, you two agreed not to change any plans that were made before you became an item, but that did not come with you not having to tell him. If he had plans with his friends during spring break from El Paso, wouldn't you want to know about it?" Caleb shakes his head in affirmation.

"Okay then, you should have shown him the same respect. The other things you messed up on is by putting your friends above him. When I married your mother, I put her first before anything else. That is what you do with the one your love with all your heart. You allowed your friends to come between you and the person you say you love.

And finally you should have gone to his defense today in the bathroom, not Lonnie's." Harold looked at his wife. "I never liked that kid. He always strikes me as a person that would do anything to get what he wants in life and you went to his defense, and that was wrong. From beginning to end, you messed this up and you are the one that needs to go and fix it with Joey. That is if it can be fixed anymore."

Helen shot her husband a dirty look across the table. "I agree with your dad on everything he has said, except one thing. Let Joey cool off for a day or so before you go and talk with him. The mean time either your dad or I will go down and see if there is a chance this relationship can be fixed. I have gotten to know Joey and I think all he needs to do is cool down before you talk with him again."

Looking up at his mother, he started to whisper that only she could hear. That got Harold up set. "Stop whispering to your mother. Whatever you have to say, say it so where her and I can both hear. If you cannot do that, then don't say anything at all."

"I was saying I am not the only one at fault here. Joey should have given me a break since this is my first relationship. I am bound to make mistakes. Look at what he did to Jacob. I am sure we only know a quarter of what he did. But yet here he is making me jump through hoops, hoops he was never asked to jump through with Jacob."

That was it for Harold. He got up, slamming his chair into the table. "Jacob is a totally different person than Joey. If he let Joey get away with things when they were together, he was a bigger person than Joey is or was, but that is not here or there. What you should be thinking is how you can fix things between you and him, not trying to find escape goats out of what you messed up.

Forget the fact that we are going to live in the hotel he owns. If you two cannot put things back together, I will buy a house where we can live in El Paso. I do not want you to stay with Joey or fix things with him because you think you have to in order for us to have a place to live. In fact, first thing tomorrow I am going to look for a house for us. I do not want to ever worry about you guys getting into a fight and we are out in the street."

That got Caleb's attention. He jumped to his feet and stopped his dad from leaving. "I will fix things with Joey. Do not look for a house for us. Please dad I do not want to lose him. I promise to fix things and stop trying to find excuses why I am doing what I am doing. I do not want to lose him." Caleb started to cry again.

Harold grabbed a hold of his son. "Stop this Caleb, stop your crying. Do not ever let anyone tear you apart like this. Even if you are wrong, do not ever let anyone do this to you. You screwed up and you know what you need to do to fix this. If this relationship is meant to be, Joey will forgive you and things will get back to normal."

Wiping the tears away from his face, Caleb agreed with his father. Harold promised his son that he would not go out looking for a house for now. If things are not looking any better by Thursday, he will look for a house for them to live in. Caleb accepted that and headed off to his and Joey's room to figure out a way to fix what he messed up.

Neither of the boys slept well at all through the night. They both tossed and turned, but Joey really didn't need the sleep since he wasn't going to get up early. He decided to make Tuesday his last day and after he picks up his transcripts, he will never again walk through the doors of that high school.

Barely after finally falling asleep, Joey was pulled woken up with a knock on his door. He yelled at whoever was at the door to leave him alone. Hesitantly Janet talked through the door asking Joey if he was going to school. He replied with one word, NO. She got the hint that he wanted to be left alone by the tone of his voice, so she walked away.

Unable to fall back to sleep again, Joey pulled himself out of bed. His leg with the cast was hurting him. It wasn't pain that he re-hurt his leg again. It was an itchy, pinching pain shooting up and down his lower leg. He reached over for his hanger, but as he started to put the hanger into his cast, he noticed for the first time it was broken.

Joey bent down to get a closer look at his leg to see how bad the cast was broken. He saw it had a crack down the side and it will not take much for it to finish cracking and then fall off completely. Angry that now on top of everything else he has to do these last few days here in Alamogordo, he now has to add a doctor's visit to his list to do this morning.

As he got out of his bed, he felt sore from the fight he had with Lonnie the day before. Ignoring the soreness, he was dressed and headed up front to find Janet and a couple of the guys from the shelter in the kitchen talking. Janet looked over at Joey and saw that he wasn't in a good mood.

"I am sorry for waking you up this morning Joey. I thought you had over slept and I wanted to make sure whether or not you were going to school." Joey looked at her and just grunted as he poured himself a cup of orange juice. "Anyways I am sorry and I will not disturb you again in the future. Do you want me to make you something to eat?"

"No thank you, I will grab something while I am out. I have a lot to do today and I cannot waste a lot of time here" Joey started to walk out of the kitchen. "Make sure you guys have everything packed up. These two houses are going to be the first loaded up in the trucks and then the Evan's home. I do not want to have to wait on packing here since all the guys haven't been going to school all week."

"Like I said we are already pretty much done. The only things that are out are things that we need out. Friday night we will throw them in boxes, which will not even take us thirty minutes to do. So do not worry about us. It's yours and Fran's stuff that needs to be packed. We can do that for you if you want."

"My stuff I will go ahead and pack myself, but Fran please do. I do not know if she is going to have enough time to pack anything." Joey thanked Janet and headed out.

When he opened the front door, he got a surprise, Helen was standing there about to knock. Joey looked at her, lost for words for a few seconds. Once he found his tongue he invited her in and closed the door the behind her. They walked over to the living room, the only room in the house, besides the kitchen and his room that all the furniture is still set up where a person could sit and talk.

"I didn't know if I should come or not, but I threw caution to the wind and came down." Helen spoke in her mother's caring voice. "I know you and my son are having problems. Normally I try to stay out of my kids love lives, but my son's and yours is a little different with everything that is going on right now.

Besides being worried about my son's broken heart, I will not lie to you; I am worried about my family and the living situation. For now, let us not even go there. I really am here to talk with you about my son and your relationship." Joey sat down in the chair closest to the couch where Helen sat down.

"With all due respect, that is between me and your son. As far as living arrangements are concerned, I will never ask you all to leave even if your son and I do not stay together. That would not be right and I will not do anything like that to you and your family. You were there when my sister and I needed someone to be there."

"We did what we did without expecting anything back in return and as I said before I normally do not get involved in my children's love lives but this I feel I have to. Both of you guys are hard headed and are waiting to see who blinks first." Helen scooted over to the edge of the couch, closer to Joey.

"My son really loves you Joey. He is going to make mistakes as you did with Jacob because all this dating is new to him. It was hard for him to come out to us. When he did, he thought he was going to lose his family and you saw that he wasn't out with his friends when you first moved here.

He showed you how much he is in love with you by coming out to his friends. You have to understand that was even harder for him than coming out to us. We live in a city that, well you have seen it. He had no idea how his friends were going to take it. You witnessed how they reacted and it looks like it has gotten worse.

I am not making excuses for my son and what he has done. All I am doing is trying to get you to see that he has taking leaps and bounds to try to be with you. He loves you so much he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep you except admit he was wrong. However, isn't that in the nature of men, refusing to admit that they are wrong even though they are. You guys don't even stop and ask for directions, no matter if you are straight or gay."

Joey couldn't help it, he laughed at the last part Helen said. "You are right on the last part. In fact, you are right about everything you said here. He is making huge leaps as far as making things work between us. It's just he keeps holding back with me things he should be comfortable talking to me by now".

"I know you do not want to hear this, but I am going to say it anyway Joey. Be patient with him. He is still learning and will make more mistakes before he gets the hang of what he should and shouldn't do. Remember how it was for you when you first dated and you will see that you stumbled along as all of us have. Again it doesn't matter if you are in a relationship like Harold and I or yours and Caleb's, we all make mistakes at first."

Joey sat back in the chair and not even trying, memories came flooding into his mind. Seeing once again what he put Jacob through, he realized Caleb has not done anything near what he did to Jacob. The items they are fighting about are peanuts and should be able to be resolved easier than the problems that he and Jacob went through.

"Man if I would ever tell you what I put Jacob through, you wouldn't want me for your son Helen." Joey chuckled to himself. "Jacob kept forgiving me and taking me back every single time I messed up. I don't know how he had it in him to do that, but I was happy every single time when he did take me back.

Since I moved down here, I had to grow up fast. Before, I never had to worry about anything, because Jacob did the worrying for both of us. He made the hard decisions and I never knew how hard it was to run a house like Jacob was doing until I had no other choice but to do it up here.

Looking back to everything I have been through with Jacob, I know I cannot do anything about it now but I will be 'Jacob', the person that Caleb can lean on and know no matter what he does, I will always forgive him. Not only because I was forgiven when I messed up, but because I do really love Caleb. For the first time in life, he is the only person I do want to be with. My mind or eyes do not even look at another guy."

Helen smiled as she wrapped her hands around Joey's. "You two need to sit down and talk with each other. Go somewhere tonight to eat and just talk. Both of you put every thing out on the table and you will see how things fix themselves. Don't hold anything back because if you do, it will eventually boil to the surface like it did yesterday."

Getting up from the chair, Joey agreed with Helen. He asked her if she wanted to go with him to the doctors. She got worried when he said doctor, but when he showed her his cast, she settled down a little. She was still worried that he might have reinjured his leg and will be in the cast a lot longer than originally told.

When Joey finally was called in, the doctor in the ER took the broken cast off Joey. Before putting on another cast, he x-rayed the leg to see if he needed one. While he waited for the x-rays to be developed, he looked up to see when the cast was supposed to be taken off. Once he saw the x-rays, he went back to Joey.

"Son you only had a week left with the cast and by the looks of these x-rays, your leg has healed up. There is no need to put on another cast." Joey could not help but smile because of the good news that was being delivered to him. "So I am signing off on your record and giving you a clean bill of health."

"What about my eyes doctor? I am seeing better and better everyday, but I still get blurry spells here and there, mostly at night or when I am very tired and stressed out."

"First you are too young to be stressed out, so stop that. Your eyesight should come back almost as good as it was before what happened to you. The blurry spells should disappear in the next couple of months. Just get enough sleep at night, stop stressing yourself out, and when you get to El Paso, get a regular doctor. Heck you have insurance that allows you to see any doctor you want, so take advantage of that."

"So more than likely I will not need glasses?" Joey got off the bed and started to pull down his pant leg over the leg that had the cast on it.

"I am not going to say you will never need glasses. Who knows if you would have needed them even if what happened to you did not happen. More than likely you will need glasses when you get older, but I do not think you will need them in the next several years, but again who knows. Just get a doctor and they will keep on top of that."

Joey thanked the doctor as they walked out of the bays and into the lobby of the ER. As he walked over to Helen, he couldn't believe that he was out of his cast. He also could not believe how skinny his leg was when the cast was removed. Several people told him, or better said teased him, that when the cast came off, he was going to have one skinny leg and one fat leg. Not being mean, he didn't believe them plus Joey felt weird without the cast around his leg. He had gotten used to walking with it and now with it off he feels as if he is missing part of his leg. Now he has to learn to walk all over again without the cast due to having to learn to walk differently when he got the cast on. It felt to him that one leg was shorter than the other was.

Meanwhile back at the courthouse, Harold met the new judge that the governor appointed to finish off his term. He really did not like her much because to him she seemed two-faced. As they talked, he saw that she can lie up there with the best of them, but Harold has fine-tuned his senses to spot the best liars a mile away.

The thing that bothered him the most about the new judge that was taking his bench said that she was only going to finish off his term. She has no plans to run for it after his term was up, which everyone knows if you are handed a seat on the bench you are going to do everything to keep it. With his experience dealing with two face people like her, they are the most destructive of them all. Mainly because she will step on everyone and anyone in order to keep what was handed to her.

By mid-morning, the new judge wanted to take over the bench, but Harold did not allow her. The more she pushed, the more he said no. He knows he will have to eventually give it to her, but that can wait until Friday, his last day. Again fate weighed in and did not give Harold much of a choice but to step aside from his seat.

The very last case before lunch was an add on to the court's schedule. Harold did not know he had another case, so when the press came crashing through his doors of his courtroom, he was surprised. At first, he asked them to leave, but when they told him why they were there, he looked over at the new judge.

"Are you aware of this change to my schedule?" Trying not to show his anger to the new judge, but was not successful.

"I am sorry Mr. Evans for all this! That is why I was trying to take the bench so where you were not put in this position. The governor assigned this court the case dealing with you foster son Joey. It is a high profile case and he did not want it to look like any of the rulings were weighed by friendships that you have with the other judges. It looks better to have the new judge that doesn't have any ties in this court to rule in that case."

"First you will show me respect when it comes to addressing me. I was elected to this bench by the people of this county. So you will call me your honor, not Mr. Do I make myself clear on that." The new judge shook her head. "And second you are full of nothing but bullshit. I hate liars and trust me your fellow judges are the same way. You will not make friends here if you choose to lie and do whatever it takes to keep the bench.

By you taking on this case tell me you want to hold onto this bench. Nothing wrong with that, but do not lie about your intent. We are going to be working together for a couple of days more and let say, I do not trust you your honor. I really hope you change my feelings about you, but I don't think that is going to happen."

Before Mrs. Tate could answer Harold, the DA walked in at the same time as Dominic was brought in an orange jump suit in chains. Cameras started to flash as the key players took their seats. The defense attorney saw Harold sitting up on the bench and causing him to immediately jump up from his seat and raise an objection.

"With all due respect you honor, you cannot rule on this case due to your connection to my client. I am asking you to remove yourself from this case so where my client could have a fair trial. Already the deck is stacked against him! Having a judge that wants my client behind bars sitting in judgment is fair at all."

Harold hit his gabble down several times hard. It echoed through his courtroom, grabbing everyone's attention. "First the press core, get out of my court room now. This is not a circus and I will not have my court room turned into one." The press tried to object, but the bailiffs started to push them out.

As well, Mrs. Tate tried to overrule Harold's decision, but got a rued awaking. "Until Monday of next week, you will not over rule my decisions in my courtroom. This is my courtroom until then and if you do not like, well you don't have a choice do you but to accept it." Harold smiled at her as he turned his attention to the defense attorney.

"And you sir, you know my rules of my court room. Did I give you permission to talk?" The defense attorney looked around. "Don't look at your colleagues. Did I give you permission to talk in my courtroom? It is a simple yes or no answer and I would like an answer to my question, did I give you permission sir?"

"No sir you did not."

"Thank you, you are fined one thousand dollars and will turn yourself in at the end of the day to spend twenty-four hours as a guest of our county. I will have order at all times in my courtroom. You all know that and knew if you broke my rules what will happen." Harold looked at both sides before continuing.

"I know that I cannot rule on this case. That is why I am going to step aside and allow the Honorable Gina Tate take my place for these proceedings. Do not take advantage of her sitting up here. The same rules apply and my rulings still stand. Until I am gone on Monday, there will be no press in this courtroom and she cannot over rule the fine or your stay as a guest of the county for the next twenty-four hours. So do not make the motion or you will get find another thousand and given another twenty four hours in our jail each time you make the motion."

Harold got up from his seat to allow Gina to sit down. Not one of the attorneys went against Harold's warnings. They went right into the proceedings. Dominic's attorney tried to put a motion to get bail, but it was denied. He then tried to have several things squashed, but they were all denied.

As he sat there listening to what Dominic's attorney was asking to squashed, Harold could not believe it. He first wanted his little run to Mexico to be kept away from the jury. He then wanted several witnesses to be disqualified on nonsense reasons, which again was denied. The final motion surprised Harold the most.

"Your honor this is a small city and everyone here knows this case. There is no way my client is going to get twelve men and women in that box that has not heard about this case. In return, he will not get a fair trial because they have already made up their mind of his guilt or innocence. I am asking the court for a change of venue in order to get a fair trial."

"Because of what your client did and where he ran to, the entire nation knows this case. It became an international news story when the governor of Texas and the other Border States stood up to Mexico and demanded his return. They still are refusing to step down from their demands until Mexico turns over Mrs. Beth Alvarez.

Every person that has a television or radio has heard about this case. I am sure we can sit fourteen people in that box that are able to give your client a fair trial. Your motion for change of venue is denied." The defense attorney sighed as he sat down in his seat. "If you have a problem with my ruling sir, you can take it up to the appeals court, but they will not over rule it. Are there anymore motions to deal with?"

One at a time, each attorney stood up and said no. Mrs. Tate adjourned the case, but before the attorneys could leave, Harold stopped them. They sat back down at their tables as Harold sat back in his seat looking down at them.

"On a totally different note than the proceedings here in this courtroom, I would like to make a couple things clear. Mr. Alvarez, your courts days are just beginning. Once the state of New Mexico is done with you, you are going to be extradited to Texas, El Paso County, to face a huge slew of charges.

You had better hope that your case here takes a very long time, because when Texas gets their hands on you, you will not see the light of day for the rest of your life. I may not be ruling on this case here or the one in Texas, but I will be there helping in anyway I can to make sure you get every day you deserve behind bars.

How you can live with yourself on what you did to your nephew, I will never know or would want to know. You sent him to a place you knew he was not going to come out standing up if we did not get to him in time. You did all this for his money and that sir is just wrong. Evil people like you need to be locked up and never let out again."

Dominic would not even look up to Harold as he spoke. As soon as Harold was done, he was taken out of the courtroom through the same door he came in with his chains clinging as he walked. Harold looked at Dominic and the smirk and smile he had on his face when he thought he was going to get away with what he was doing was gone. It was replaced with a defeated look Harold enjoyed seeing.

As Harold walked down from the bench, he pulled Dominic's defense attorney to the side. Respect to the rules of the court, he asked the DA to join them so where it could never be said he was talking about the case. Giving promises to the defense when he was not.

"The little sigh you made when things didn't go your way with the rulings, I would have fined you another five hundred dollars if you did that to me. At that point, the Honorable Tate was on the bench and she did not find it disrespectful. I will not over rule her decision on that because I do not want it done to me.

With that said, you all know I am a fair man. I am going to go ahead and take part of my ruling away. You are still fined one thousand dollars for contempt of court, but I will not have you serve any time. Take that as a parting gift to you Nate. We are good friends, but in a courtroom I am the judge and you are the attorney. You must respect that and the rules of this court. So why don't we leave it here and let's go and grab lunch".

Nate accepted Harold's invitation to lunch. As they walked to his chambers to put up his robe, the DA yelled out to the not to discuss the case, but took it back. He realized they could because Harold is not the seating judge in the case.

As soon as Joey finished up at the hospital, he and Helen headed over to the high school to get his transcripts and turn in his uniform to Colonel Chandler. Before going to the ROTC room, he headed down to his counselors office to get his transcript.


Just like when he transferred out of El Paso High, he was given a sheet to take to everyone of his teachers to fill in his final grade. Helen did not know it worked that way, so she got Caleb's paperwork going. While Joey was getting his grades and his sisters, she went to her son's classes and did the same thing.


When Caleb saw his mother walk in, he thought that something was wrong. He stood up and walked up to the front to see why she was there. As he reached the front of the classroom, he heard what his mother and teacher was discussing. She was not there because something was wrong as she was getting his grades.


"Mr. Evans, why don't you go back to your desk and get your stuff. There is no need for you to be in class since I am closing off your grade as of today." Caleb looked at his teacher confused. "Take advantage of this young man and turn in your books to the bookroom. That is going to take you time since they really look at the books to make sure there is no damage to them."


He didn't question his teacher and headed back to his desk as instructed, gathered his books. When he walked back to the front of the classroom, he teacher was done with his grade and handed wished him luck in El Paso. He thanked his teacher as he walked out of the room with his mother.


"Why are you getting my grades mom? If you were going to pull me out today, I could have done it myself." Caleb talked between a whisper and his normal level. "Don't you remember how embarrassing it is to have your parents at school? It doesn't matter if this is my last day or not, it is embarrassing."


"Sorry Caleb that was not my intent. I came down with Joey and saw how much he had to do in order to get his grades; I wanted to help you out. If you want, I can go back to the truck while you finish this up." Helen tried to give Caleb the paperwork for his teachers to fill out, but he didn't accept it.


"No that is okay mom, you go ahead and finish. I will go to the book room and turn in all my books." Just then, they reached his locker. In a low whisper, Helen barely able to hear him, Caleb started to talk. "Mom did you get a chance to talk with Joey?" Helen answers with a simple yes. "Is he still angry with me? I mean is he going to give me another chance or is he done with me all together."


Helen walked as close as she could to her son, but did not hold him as she wanted to so where she did not embarrass him. "You two are going to have drag out, knock out fights in your relationship. If you didn't, I would be worried about it. Fights show there is life and love in the relationship. Both of you are fighting to keep it.


Talk with Joey after we leave here. Hold nothing back when you two talk. That way when you are done, you both walk out of the talk with a clean slate. And you need to stop worrying so much." Helen messed up her son's hair. "You are way too young to be worrying about things that can be settled with a simple sit down with no one around."


When Caleb turned, he surprised his mother by hugging her in the hallway of his school where he didn't want to be seen with her. He thanked her several times before letting her go to wipe away the tears from his face, which he tried to hide. Helen pretended not to see it as she walked away to finish getting his grades.


As Caleb and Helen were talking, Joey went around getting his grades. His first stop was the class where his sister was. Her teacher did the same thing that Caleb teacher did by excusing Fran. When they walked out of the classroom, Joey handed her the paper and told her to go around to her classes to get her grades and then meet him in the parking lot.


After separating from his sister, he got all his grades and then went over to the ROTC room. When he entered the office, he found Colonel Chandler hard at work at his desk. Knocking a couple of times on the door, Colonel Chandler looked up and waived Joey in with a smile on his face.


"Mr. Alvarez, I was starting to worry that you had gone back to El Paso without stopping in to say goodbye." Colonel Chandler closed the file he was working on and took off his glasses. "I am glad to see you. I wanted to say what an honor it was meeting you and having you in my program. I wish you would stay, but I understand why you are going."


"Thank you sir and just like you I wish I could stay. It's just, well, um..."


"There is no need to say another word! I understand why you are moving. Love makes you do things you think you would not ever do. I really do hope you and the young man you are dating make it for the long haul. When I see you two together, I see a light in your eyes that you only get with true love. That is something without a doubt you two have."


Joey was lost for words. He didn't think he would ever have a talk like this with one of his teachers, more so his ROTC instructor. The adults he has run into normally shy away from this conversation but not Colonel Chandler. Still unable to speak, Joey handed the colonel his transfer paperwork to fill out.


Grabbing the paperwork, Colonel Chandler put back on his glasses. "I do not even have to look at my grade book, you are easy." The colonel wrote down one hundred in the grade and signed off on it. "I trust you enough that I am going to also give you your cadet file to give to your instructor at your new school. He has already received a fax copy of it, but still don't lose it."


Colonel Chandler walked over to the filing cabinets and pulled out Joey's file. Before handing it to Joey, he put it in an envelope and sealed it. It was not that the colonel did not trust Joey to see his file. He sealed it because he did not know the instructor at the other school. That instructor might actually get mad if Joey delivered the file without it being sealed up.


They talked as they went through the checklist to return the uniform. "You can keep your rank, your ribbons, and metals. Those I do not need back and really they are yours when you graduate. Everything else I need back because, well you know."


"Yeah it is school property on loan to me. To be honest with you, I never wore the uniform you issued me. My ex and I bought our own uniforms because we felt weird wearing another person's clothes. I know you guys clean them and all, but still another person's legs and arms were in these shirts and pants."


The colonel could not help himself from laughing at what Joey just told him. Joey was right though, it is somewhat gross wearing other person's clothes. You do not know if that person showered on daily bases and even if they did, how was his hygiene, and on and on a person could go about wearing other people's clothes.


"Not a problem Joey at all. You are not the first to buy their uniform and you will not be the last. You should have returned the uniform or not even signed out for it when you got here since you had your own. Remember you can refuse to sign out for a uniform at your new school since you have your own. That way you do not have to go through this at the end of the year again. It is a real drag!"


Joey agreed and made a mental note not to sign for another uniform at Austin High. He does not want to go through this at the end of the year again. In fact, it will be worse because it will be the entire class lined up trying to turn in their uniform, which would be boring standing in that line for an entire hour.


They finished up with the inventory and went back to the office to talk. Before either of them knew it, they had talked until the bell rang for next period. Joey got up to leave and thanked Colonel Chandler for everything him that he would be calling he did for him in the short period he attended Alamogordo High. As he left, the colonel told he said that every so often he would call, not for help, but to be checking on him. That put a smile on Joey's face.


When he reached the parking lot, he found Fran, Helen, and Caleb leaning against the truck. Just as he reached the truck, he realized that he had not turned in his books yet to the book room. He turned to head back to the main building when Caleb stopped him. He informed Joey that he had turned in his books already. Joey turned and thanked him as he unlocked the doors for everyone to get in.


Fran was the first to notice Joey didn't have the cast on anymore. She asked him when did that happen since had not seen him for a couple of days. Joey chuckled as he lifted his leg and pulled up his pants. They all looked down at his white, skinny leg and started to laugh, cranking out jokes as Joey got into the truck.


"Have your laugh while you can, because this leg will get back to its normal size before you know it." Joey started the truck and the music went blaring, causing everyone to cover their ears. "Oops, sorry about that I must have turned it up by accident when I got out of the truck." He chuckled as he turned down the radio.


"No young man I saw you messing with the knob!" Helen playfully hit Joey on his shoulder from the back seat.


On their way back to the house, Joey and Caleb talked a little, but didn't really get into what had happened the last couple of days. Just as they were about to discuss that, Helen stopped them. She explained that there is a place and time for that talk and that isn't in the truck and at this time. They need to be in private and actually talking to each other. Both of the boys agreed with Helen and changed the subject.


When they got to Caleb's house, everyone got down and went in to start packing what hadn't been packed yet. An hour before Harold was due to be home, Helen asked Joey to go out and pick them up dinner since the kitchen was a mess. As Caleb walked out with Joey, Helen made him stay. Not because of the reasons that crossed his mind, it was because he hadn't started on his room yet.


Caleb reluctantly stayed, but for the first time in days, they kissed each other on the lips as Joey headed out the door. Caleb stood there looking at his boyfriend and felt good on how the day is turning out. He knows that they need to talk, but it is a positive step forward that they are able to kiss each other goodbye when one of them leaves.


On his way to pick up dinner, Joey stopped in at his house. He found the guys sitting out on the lawn talking. Before inviting them to help him and the Evan's, he checked in with Janet and Gary to see if they had any plans for them. Not only they did not have any plans for them, they asked to go as well. Figuring four more hands is better than less, so he had no problem of them coming down as well.


By eight, the Evan's home was pretty much packed up. There were some odds and ends that still needed to get done, but the majority of the home was packed. Since he still had more work to do at his house, Joey left with Janet and Gary. He wanted Caleb to spend the night at his house, but Harold said no.


Harold was afraid that they might still argue and did not want his son stuck walking home late at night or him or Helen having to get up to pick Caleb up. Although he knows Joey would not put Caleb out in the street, he did not want the boys forced to be together if they cannot fix their problems.


"I really want to be with you tonight." Caleb wrapped his arms around Joey. "I want to get this huge elephant in the room out. The only way that is going to happen is by us talking things out. Why don't you stay tonight and I will go with you tomorrow to finish whatever you need to do at your house."


"Man there is so much left to do over there, I do not know if I am going to have enough time." Joey leaned down and rubbed his nose against Caleb's. "Don't get me wrong I really want to stay, but I need to get that house packed. So much to do and not enough time left to get it done in."


"Come on there is no way you are going to be able to get much done tonight. Leave it until tomorrow so where we can spend the night together. I really want to talk with you and be with you tonight." Joey looked at Caleb with a confused look on his face. "Not that way Joey, come on! I just want to cuddle and be with my boyfriend, if that is what we are still. Please tell me that is what we are!"


"Of course we are still together. Look we are going to say things to each other whenever we are in a heat of an argument that we really don't mean. Yesterday things were said I am sure neither of us meant to say to each other. That is one thing we need to sit down and talk about, but we need more time to talk than just a few minutes."


"That is why I am asking you to stay the night so where we can talk. There is a lot we do need to talk about and you are right we cannot try and shove it in a few minutes." Caleb pulled Joey even closer to him. "Come on please stay the night. We will go down first thing in the morning and get what ever you have left packed up."


Joey looked into Caleb's face and saw that he was not going to take no for answer. He leaned down and kissed him on the lips. "Okay stay here and I will be right back. I need to go and tell the guys that I am going to stay here for the night." Joey kissed Caleb once more on the lips and walked out of the room.


Walking to the front, Joey told the guys, Janet and Gary that he decided to stay the night, but will be at the house bright and early tomorrow. They said their goodbyes and headed out the door. Joey returned to the room a few minutes later to find everything that was on the bed on the ground, but Caleb nowhere to be seen.


Just as he was about to turn around, he felt arms wrapping around his waist. He leaned his head back until his lips touched Caleb's. They stood in that position for several minutes. Finally, Joey broke the kiss, not because he wanted to, but because his back was killing him from the packing and bending backwards.


Not saying a word, they walked to the bed and sat down at the same time. They faced each other, but neither of them broke the silence. Finally, Caleb reached over, placed his hands on top of Joey's, and held them tight.


"I know I am in the wrong and that screwed everything. If I only had been as open to you as you have been to me, none of this would have happened. Here I was asking you to be open, but I refused to do the same thing. That wasn't fair to you and I am going to correct that here and now."


Before Joey could say a word, Caleb placed a finger over his lips. He went on to explain to Joey what his spring vacation plans are and why he did not tell him or invite him to go. As he opened up, Joey hung onto every word he was saying. This was a big step for Caleb, and Joey knows that.


"I am willing to do anything to keep you Joey, and that includes canceling this vacation. All I want is to be with you and no one else." Joey started to shake his head, but once again, Caleb stopped him. "Don't answer or decide on that tonight. I want you think about it and when we get to El Paso, tell me if you want me to cancel the trip with Lonnie and the guys. Say the word and I will do it!


Now talking about Lonnie and them, I was wrong there as well yesterday. I should have supported you and no one else. For that, I am sorry and I will never do that again. However, you need to keep in mind I am new at this dating thing so I am going to make mistakes along the way, but I will learn from them.


I learned from yesterday and I promise I will never leave your side. Even if I feel you are wrong, I will support you in front of others, but in the privacy of our room, I will tell you what I truly feel. Please give me another chance and I promise that I will not make these same mistakes again." Caleb started to shake as the tears started to roll down his cheeks.


Joey reached out and pulled Caleb into him. "There is nothing that will ever tear you away from me. We are going to argue and say things to each other, but I will always love you no matter what and will always want to be with you." Joey placed his hand under Caleb's chin and moved it up so where he could see his eyes.


"I made mistakes yesterday as well. No mater how angry I get, I should never tell you it is over when in my heart and head I know, it will never be over. I am sorry for that Caleb. That statement will never come out of my mouth again as long as I live. There is no way I could live with myself if I ever hurt you like I did Jacob."


Joey started to cry, making Caleb cry even more. They held onto each other as tight as they could until they stopped crying. For the next couple of hours, they did what Helen told them to do, put everything out in the open. They dealt with a lot of baggage they kept from each other. By the time they were done, they talked about everything that was hurting their relationship and things that might come out and hurt their relationship.


By the time they crawled into bed, they had cried so much, neither of them had any tears left. Joey wrapped his arms around Caleb and cuddled with him under the covers. It did not take long for them to fall asleep since there was nothing weighing on their minds anymore. All they thought about as they dozed off into dream world is the future and what lay before them as they start their lives together in El Paso.




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I am glad that Harold has the connections and the adoption of Fran and Alan was completed I know this is the right move for both of these characters. They both have not had a steady home or parents they can depend on. Now that Harold and Helen are their legal guardians, I think their lives might be normal, as it should be.


The fight in the bathroom worsened when Caleb's friends walked in. Why couldn't Caleb see what he finally came to see at the end of the chapter at that time? If he did, a lot of the fighting would not have happened. It was not as if Joey was asking for much. All he was asking for is to be treated the same way he was treating Caleb.


The fight started up and brought a lot of the baggage out they were keeping due to Lonnie and his friends. They need to stop blaming Joey for Caleb being gay. Caleb was gay before Joey arrived and will be gay if Joey ever would leave him. If they want to keep their friendship with Caleb, they need to learn to live with the fact that they have a gay friend.


I wonder what the vacation on Spring Break is. Caleb told Joey, but we still do not know. What do you all think there? Do you think Joey is going to ask Caleb not to go, or will he let Caleb go? Caleb is putting that decision in Joey's hands. Knowing Joey, he will let him go because he knows it isn't his decision. However, you all know me as a writer and I like to turn things up side down in my stories.


Just as I did with Harold, Dominic, and the new judge! Harold is a judge you do not want to mess with. He goes by the letter of the law, so you had better not screw with him. Look what we found out with that attorney that Harold fined and sentenced to serve some time in jail after the hearing. He is Harold's friend, WOW! If he does that to his friends, I wonder how he deals with attorneys he does not like. Again, Harold is a judge I would never like to be in front of.


Even though the story is going to be moved back to El Paso, the plots of Dominic and Beth will stay in this story. That means there is going to be times that we are going to return to New Mexico, but it will not be a wasted trip. There will be a lot going on when ever I return to those two plots.


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As we read both this story and Jacob Finding His Way we are already seeing that Jacob and Joey will have to interact more and more. Given Joey's growth in becoming a stronger person and Jacob's strong record of reaching out to others, I do NOT see the two young men working together to be a threat to their own boyfriends or to the success of those projects which bring them together.

I do like the way that Judge Harold runs his court! He is fair but also firm. His type of judge will bring more faith in our judicial system. He is as likely to hold the prosecution's feet to the fire, as he will to a defendant!

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Joey, Caleb, and the shelter boys will all have to enter a school so very new to them. What will be their reception? Only Joey is known to this high school---will this be a plus or a minus?

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