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Written by J.P.G.


Chapter 21


Aaron walked into the building, but did not go to his father's office immediately. Instead, he stood at the double doors, trying to hear what his father was telling Joey and Caleb. He felt really bad that he got those two in trouble. Never did he mean to do that when he went up to Caleb at lunch and asked where Joey was at.

It was hard for Aaron to hear Joey and Caleb, but not his father. His father was yelling at them really loud, which the entire school could hear, as well as the surrounding houses by the school. The more he leaned against the door, it seemed the less he could hear. Just as he stood up straight and looked out the window, he saw his father turning around. It looked like he was done and about to come back in.

Not wanting his father to know he was listening to the conversation, Aaron quickly turned and made his way to where he was supposed to be, his father's office. When he reached the trophy area, several of his friends were standing there by the glass cage of the stuffed panther. Bill yelled out, and at first Aaron ignored him. When he yelled out the second time, he started to run up to Aaron. As he reached Aaron, he put his right hand over Aaron's shoulders and stopped him.

"Hey guy, where are you off to?" Aaron turned around and knew this could not be good by the tone Bill was talking in and the look in his face. "Didn't you hear me calling for you when you passed us? I know you saw us and it looked like you were ignoring us. That's not very nice." Bill dropped his hand from Aaron's shoulder.

"Um I didn't see you guys standing there, really I didn't." Aaron said lying through his teeth, but knew if he didn't these guys were going to do something he didn't like. "Now that I know you guys want to talk with me, what's up?"


"What's up is you talking with those faggots! Don't you know what that does to our rep around this school if one of us is seen talking to one of them?" Bill's voice changed from friendly to angry. "The only thing I can figure that you are talking with those guys is that you are like them, is that true?" Bill shoved Aaron back a couple of feet. "Answer me; are you a faggot like them? Do we have a faggot in our group that we had no idea about that wants to suck our dicks?"


Bill placed his hand on his front area and squeezed it. "If that is it, you are never going to get this. The only sex that is ever going to enjoy what I have between my legs is the female one, and only the beautiful ones of them. You are not one of them, and there is no way you are going to get between my legs."

All of the guys with Bill started to laugh as they approached Aaron. Almost immediately when they reached Bill's side, they stopped laughing at once. The look on their faces started to scare Aaron to the point he started to shake. He looked around for help, but for the first time all day there is not a teacher in sight.


"There is no one here to save you Aaron. Either your father or any of the teachers. They have either left for the day or stuck somewhere else in the building." Bill started to poke Aaron in the chest, causing him to walk backwards towards the doors leading to the quad. "I know what you are! Hell we all know what you are and we don't want your kind around us, this school or even on this side of town!"


Aaron knew if he did not get away from them at this very moment, he was a goner. The look in their eyes was pure hate. The only other time he has seen that look was when Joey and his group started to attend this school. He was part of the conversations of what they would do to any of the guys from Joey's group if they could get them alone, and it looks like they might get their wish.

"Why don't you just admit that you are like them and we might let you walk out of here without hurting you? The more you lie to us, the more of a chance that we are going to kick your ass so bad, you will wish you were dead." At this point Bill had Aaron back all the way to the double doors. "So what is it going to be?"

"I am telling you the truth guys, I am not like those guys. I just wanted to talk with them that's all." Aaron started to shake cause he could see that he was not getting anywhere with Bill and the others. "Come on you guys know me and that alone should tell you everything. I am not like those guys."

"Bullshit, stop lying to us!" With all his strength, Bill shoved Aaron out the door, causing him to trip and fall backwards onto his butt. "You are a fucking liar and we all know it. You like to suck dick and you want to suck ours. There is no way we are going to let you get close to us to get that chance."

Aaron started to crawl backwards, but Bill stayed right on him. Before Aaron could react, Bill's foot came at him, hitting him in the gut. Just as Bill lifted his foot, the other guys took their shots. One by one kicked at Aaron in different areas of his bodies. All he could do is curl up in a ball and protect what he could from the beating was getting.

When they stopped kicking, he thought it was all over, but boy was he wrong. Before he was able to look up, he felt someone's hands on him, pulling him up from the ground. As he was being pulled to his feet, he opened his eyes to see a fist coming right at his face. The first hit, hit hard. So hard it knocked him back on his back.

Aaron tried to crawl away, but couldn't. He was lifted up from the ground and another blow hit his face. After the second punch to the face, he could barely stay on his feet, but who ever picked him up from the ground, held him up for the others to use as a boxing bag. The hits came faster than Aaron could count. After a while he lost count and was pretty much was out of it.

The last thing he could remember was crashing to the ground again. When he came to he thought it was raining, but when he opened his eyes he was wrong. The guys had surrounded him and had their dicks out peeing on him. They were all laughing and high fiving each as they were relieving themselves.

"This is the closest you will ever get to see our dicks out of our pants. If we ever catch you looking at us, you are going to get worse than you got here today, do you understand?" Bill kicked as hard as he could into Aaron's right kidneys. When his foot connected you could hear the breaking of the bones.

Gasping for air, Aaron was unable to answer Bill's question, which got him angry. He thought that Aaron was making one last stand he was not about to have that. Looking over to the others, he started to kick Aaron again. The other guys joined in, and once again Aaron was out like a light in less than a minute.

The guys that were beating on Aaron had no idea that they knocked the guy unconscious for the second time. They just kept kicking him. When they got tired of kicking him, they picked him up like an old rag doll and tossed him several feet across the quad. Not seeing him move did not stop the guys, they walked over and picked him up again and threw him again. As they took turns tossing the unconscious Aaron around the quad, they called him names, spit on him and either kicked him, or punched him, or both.

It took a group of guys coming from the football field to get Bill and his group to stop beating on Aaron and take off. As they ran into the building, Bill looked back to see where they left Aaron. He wanted to make sure he was no where that someone could stumble on him, at least right away that is. When he saw that they actually left him in the corner of the quad, in the shade, he felt comfortable that no one would find him right away that is.

He turned and caught up with the others guys. As they walked through the building to the other side that led to Memphis St., they ran into Principal Haynes. Just like Aaron before, they tried to pretend they didn't hear the principle calling their name. The second time Principal Haynes called their names, he was louder than before and they could not play off that they did not hear him. They turned around and stood scared that they were caught and were about to be expelled from school.

"Have any of you guys seen my son. He was supposed to be waiting for me in my office, but when I got there, he wasn't there." Bill and the others guys breathed a little easier as they shook their heads. "Well when I find that kid, he is going to be in a lot of hot water for disobeying me." Principal Haynes turned to leave, but turned back right away.

"Oh one last thing guys, the boys that transferred in here from New Mexico, well let me just say after tomorrow morning they will no longer be attending this school. They stepped over the line when they tried to influence my son to be part of their group. Those types of kids do not belong at this school and as long as I am principle here, they won't."

Bill smiled as he looked back and forth from his friends to the principal. "We agree with you and if we find out that we have anymore like them we will give them a butt kicking that will turn them straight. Those guys not only don't deserve to come to this school, but they don't deserve to live."

"I can't tell you guys what you can and can't do after school hours as long as it doesn't happen on school property." Principal Haynes winked at the guys. "If you run into my son, give him a kick in the butt and send him to my office for me would you?" The guys had big grins on their faces as they shook their heads.

When Principal Haynes walked into his office, Bill turned and walked out of the building, followed by the others. When they reached Memphis St., Bill started laughing as he thought back to what he and the guys just did. Not only did they get rid of one of the guys that is like those that came from New Mexico, the kids father, their principal pretty much gave them the green light when he winked at them.

"From now on a faggot is going to think twice before attending this school. If they know what is best for them, they won't step foot here if they don't want to be carried out in a body bag that is." The other guys agreed as they slapped their fist together.

Meanwhile Principal Haynes was in his office getting angrier by the minute that his son was not there yet. His son was outside, about fifty feet away from the office that he is standing in, unconscious, in a pool of his own blood. Joey and Caleb walked into the hotel worried about what Harold and Helen are going to say when they tell them that their principal wants to see them in the morning.

They didn't step into the kitchen to grab something to snack on like they normally do. Instead they went straight up to Harold's and Helen's penthouse. As they walked into the penthouse, they called out for Helen. They knew that Harold was not home yet. When Helen heard the boys calling for her, she knew something was wrong.

She dropped the laundry she was folding in her room and walked out to the living room where she found Joey and Caleb standing. Her fears were confirmed when she saw the looks on the boys faces. The news they are coming to deliver is not good news.

"What is going on boys? Why are you here instead of downstairs eating us out of house and home like you normally do when you get home from school." Helen tried to lighten up the room, but it didn't work.

"Well mom, remember when I told you that our new principal doesn't like us?" Helen shook her head. "I wasn't wrong, he does not like us. No matter if the truth is slapping him in the face, he won't see it. He wants you and dad to go down in the morning to see him before school. I think he is going to expel us."

Helen could not believe what Joey was telling her. "What do you mean that your principal wants to expel you? I thought we agreed that you guys were going to make sure he had no foot to stand on if he tries this. If he is at that point already, he must think he has enough to expel you guys. Please tell me I am wrong and we can bitch slap him tomorrow morning when we go in there."

"There is no doubt in our mind that you and dad can bitch slap him, because we did nothing wrong." Joey walked closer to Helen, followed by Caleb. "The guy just can't stand us attending his school and will do what ever he can to get us out of there. No matter if it is wrong on what he is doing; he wants us out of there."

"What does he think he has on you guys that he is calling your dad and me in?"

"He has nothing mom, I mean absolutely nothing. After school today his son waited for me and Caleb to talk with is, but before he could really say anything, Principal Haynes walked out. He ordered his son to go to his office and then started yelling at me and Caleb in front of the entire school. We did not do anything wrong, I swear we didn't even get to say much to his son before Principal Haynes came out."

Helen walked over to the chair and sat down. Joey and Caleb followed her over to the couch, but didn't sit down, they stayed standing up. "I believe you boys and I promise when your dad and I go down to see him, he is going to regret the moment he decided to take you guys on. This guy will not get away with his hatred."

For the first time in the conversation, Caleb spoke up. "Mom what do you think dad is going to say and do. He is really busy at work and all! He cannot afford to take the morning off." Caleb took a deep breath before continuing. "We really don't want to do that to him if we can help it."

"Don't you worry about a thing Caleb. You boys didn't do anything wrong and we all know that. This principal of yours will know that after he meets with your father and me tomorrow. Hopefully after our meeting the guy will leave you guys be. If he doesn't, we will pay him another visit and another until he either leaves you alone or loses his job."

"Mom we don't want him to lose his job. All we want is for him to leave us alone so we can finish high school in peace." Joey sat down and leaned forward towards Helen. "Plus his son needs us around. There is something there that he needs to talk to us about and I am afraid I know what it is. I am also afraid his father knows and is trying to stop his son from being who he truly is."

Helen knew where Joey was going, but she could not go there with him. Her responsibilities were not the principal's son and what he is fighting inside. It is to her son, Joey and the rest of her family. Even though her heart goes out to the poor kid, she cannot put the kid before her family.

"Look I understand what you are saying, but the principal's kid shouldn't be your priority right now. What should be your priority is not getting expelled from school through no fault of your own. Let us table this conversation for now until your father gets home. We will pick it up after dinner then, what do you say?"

At the same time Joey and Caleb nodded their heads. Helen put on a smile as she got up and walked back to her room, but she wasn't happy. In fact, she was the opposite of being happy, but she didn't want the boys to pick up on that. She is the mother and she knows that she has to be the person that is always reassuring, no matter what she feels deep down inside about the subject they are talking about.

Back at Austin high school, Principal Haynes was madder than he has ever been at his son Aaron. He thought that his son had disobeyed him and went out with his friends, instead of coming down to the office as he was told. He had not idea little over fifty feet away from where he was sitting was his son still unconscious, laying on the ground, barely able to breathe. As every moment passed with him not being found he was slipping away.

His father finally had enough of waiting for him and decided to deal with him at home when he sees him for dinner. He gathered his stuff that he was taking home with him and headed out of his office. Just like he does every night before leaving his school, he went around making sure that all the doors were locked.

He made his way all the way down to one side of building checking the doors and making sure there was no one in the building that wasn't supposed to be there. As he was checking the halls, the janitor that was responsible on cleaning the dugout and the rooms next to it, was done and heading back to the main building.

As he walked through the quad, he was picking up the trash that was scattered all over the place. When he kneeled down to pick up a coke can, he spotted in the corner of the quad what looked like at first a trash bag thrown there. It was already getting dark and the shade of the building made it even harder for the janitor to make out what was there.

Not thinking anything had happened there, he tossed the coke can in his wastebasket and made his way slowly to what he thought was trash. On his way he picked up trash from the ground. The closer he got to the body, the more he was able to make out. Then he picked up paper that did not feel right to him.

He looked down at his hands and saw he had some red liquid on it. Raising his hand to his face, he smelled the liquid, but it had no real scent. Rubbing his fingers together, he tried to make out what the red stuff was. It was too thick to be cool-aid or a drink, but again it might by syrup to a soda drink.

Wanting to get out of there and go home, the janitor grabbed the cloth that he had stuck in is pant pocket and wiped the red stuff from his hand and tossed the sheets of note paper into his garbage can as he continued towards what he still thought was a trash bag filled with trash. The closer he got, the more he was able to make out. When he was about ten feet away from Aaron, he realized it was not a bag of trash out all, it was a student.

He dropped what he had in his hand and quickly ran over to the unconscious kid. Not knowing what to really do, he tried to shake the kid awake, but he got not response. The janitor looked the kid up and down to see if he could recognize him, but he couldn't. He couldn't even make out if the kid was a male or a female.

The thing he was certain of is that this kid was beaten to an inch of his life. If he does not get help soon, he might not live to see another day. Getting up from the ground, the janitor went running in to get some help. As he ran in, he ran right into Principal Haynes walking towards the middle of the building.

"Sir there is a kid in the quad beaten up really bad. I do not know if he is dead or alive. That is how badly beaten the kid is." Principal Haynes was stunned to hear the news that one of his students might have been beaten on school grounds. He hoped that the janitor was over stating the truth and was over exaggerating.

"Show me where this student is please?"

The janitor nodded his head and led the principal to the body in the quad. Just like the janitor, Principal Haynes at first could no make out what was there in the corner. He took the janitors word it was a student, but was not for sure yet. The closer he got, the more he was able to see it was a body of a young person.

Then about five feet away, it hit him, he saw the clothes that the kid was wearing was what his son had on. He started to run towards the body and when fell to the ground he was certain it was his son lying there in the pool of his own blood. He tried to wake up his son, yelling out his name, but got no response.

He turned around and yelled at the janitor to got and call 911 and tell them what they have here. No having to be asked twice, the janitor turned and ran into the building to do what he was asked, leaving the principal there with his son cradled in his arms.

Principal Haynes did not want to move his son because he had no idea how bad the injuries were, but he could not leave him face down in his own blood. Gently he pulled his sons face from the ground and held it. Tears started to well up in his eyes, not able to control it, he started to cry. Never in his wilds dreams did he think he would ever be holding one of his sons in his arms, fighting for his life.

"Please Aaron don't quit on me now. You have fought all your life, don't stop fighting now, please son, so don't stop fighting." Leaning down till his face touched his sons face, Principal Haynes continued to whisper words of encouragement. Tears rolling down his face onto his sons face, washing a little of the blood away, Principal Haynes did not let his son go or stop talking to him until the ambulance arrived.

Even when the janitor returned and offered to hold Aaron for him, he didn't let his son go. When the EMT'S came rushing to his sons aid, they had to pries Principle Haynes away from his son in order to help the young man.

Principal Haynes stood there watching as the EMT'S worked hard to save his son. A coupe of times it looked like they were going to call it, but never did. After a couple of shocks to his son's chest, the EMT'S brought Aaron back to the living and quickly moved him onto a gurney. Once they had him strapped in, they rolled him out of the quad, through the building and out the door where the ambulance was parked.

Aaron's father was right behind him, but was not allowed in the back of the ambulance. He tried to fight to be with his son, but the EMT'S didn't let him. They explained that his son is fighting really hard to live and if they needed to shock him or do CPR again, he would only be in the way. Principal Haynes understood and reluctantly allowed the EMT guy shut the door.

He could not move from that spot. All he could think about was those boys he talked to when he was heading back to his office after school. There was no doubt in his mind that those boys did this to his son and proof or not, he was not going to let them get away with it. One way or another, those boys were going to regret the day they messed with his son.

Snapping out of it, Principle Haynes went running to his car and jumped in. Not looking where he was going, he drove out of the teacher's parking lot like a bat out of hell. Not caring if he got a ticket or not, Haynes broke every speed limit, ran every stop sign and light as he made his way to the hospital.

Knowing that the ambulance was going to rush his son to Thomas Hospital that is where he headed. When he got there, he found a parking spot on the third floor of the parking garage. Slamming his car into park, he got out and went running all the way down the three levels. He did not even think about going over to the elevators. The only thing that was going through his mind was getting to his sons side as quickly as he could.

Walking into the ER, Principal Haynes asked the nurse if his son was brought in. After giving her Aaron's name, she typed into the computer and confirmed that he was just brought in and was being worked on. Not waiting to be told what room his son was in, he went to the back looking for him. The nurse caught up to the principal and walked him over to his son. When he walked in, he could not believe the sight before him.

He tried to go to his son's side, but the doctors and nurses pushed him out of the way. They were hard at work trying to save Aaron, they had no time to sit and settle down his father. By the third attempt, Aaron's father, Principal Haynes was pushed into the corner of the room by one of the nurses and asked to stay there.

Maybe about ten minutes after he was sat in the corner, the ER staff that was working on his son started running around the room, pulling in and out machines. Through the yelling and moving around in the room, Haynes could hear the machines that were connected to his son going off. He has been in ER's many times and knew what the humming of the machines meant, his son was flat lining.

Trying every which way he could, Haynes tried to get to his son. He knew is he could get to him and talk with him, his son will fight. His son never, ever wanted to let him down, and that includes now if he is asking him to fight. But like before, the staff in the room did not let him close to his son. They pushed him right back into the corner.

A couple minutes later, the machines started to beep and the ER staff relaxed a little. They stopped running around the room into each other. Instead they stayed in one place and worked on Aaron. Before the principal was able to see what was going on, they started to wheel out his son, which scared him even more.

He tried to follow his son, but one of the doctors that were working on him stopped him and pushed him to the side of the hall. "Hello, I know this has to be hard on you, but you can't go where your son is going." The doctor looked into the principal's eyes. "We are taking him into surgery that he needs right now or we will lose him. This is the fourth time he flat lined, and we can't allow him to flat line for a fifth time."

"Please tell me that my son is going to walking out of this hospital by the front door, not the rear, please give me that promise."

"I can tell you we are doing everything we can to make that happen. We called in a specialist that has pulled off miracles in the past. If any one can do it, it is Dr. Whitmore. He just arrived and is getting ready to use his magic hands on your son. Give him a chance to work and when one of us can come out to brief you on your son's condition we will. For now go to the waiting room and stay there so where we can find you."

Reluctantly Haynes did as the doctor ordered him to do and went to the waiting room. As he sat down, he thought about the name the doctor mentioned to him. He could not put his finger on it, but he has heard that name mentioned at his school before. Something about him pulling off a miracle with one of the students that used to go there.

The more he thought about it, the more he was able to put the conversation he had in the past about that doctor together. After a couple of minutes going through all the conversations he has had, he remembered exactly where he heard the name before. This doctor has pulled off miracles in the past. He saved a kid that should be dead today, but is instead living a very healthy life. Remembering that, Haynes was able to breath.

He tried to relax, but couldn't. Thoughts of how he treated his son earlier that afternoon kept going through his mind and he didn't want that to be the last thing he ever said to Aaron. He did not want his son to leave this world thinking that he was a let down to him, because he is not in any way.

Now he can see that he was going to Joey and those guys for help. His son was reaching out, asking for help from guys that could give him help. But what did he do, he scared the only ones that probably can help his son get through this stage in his life. It has to be hard on him on what he is feeling and have no one to talk about it.

Just then it dawned on him that he had not called home to let his other kids know what was going on. Principal Haynes got up, looked around to make sure no doctors or nurses were coming out to speak with him, before heading to the pay phones. Once he was comfortable that no one was coming out, he made a quick call home.

He did not give his oldest much detail on what was going on. All he said was that Aaron was rushed into the ER at Thomas Hospital and once he gets more information he will let them know. Until then, he put the oldest in charge and asked him to make sure the others did their homework and ate before sitting down in front of the TV. Once he got his son to promise that he will carry out what he is asking, he hung up and went back to his seat.

The evening dragged on, what seemed to be hours, was only minutes. No matter how much Haynes wished that the next person that walked out the double doors to the surgery rooms was a person to come and talk with him, did not happen. Little by little the ER waiting room emptied. Those that were there when he got there, were all gone and replaced with new family members waiting to hear about their love ones.

Finally after four hours of waiting, the double doors swung open and a doctor and several nurses made their way over to him. When he realized these people were coming to talk with him, Hayne got up from his seat and straightened himself up. He was worried on what the news was going to be, but down deep inside him he knew he son was still here with him. The feeling he felt when his wife passed was not there, which said a lot.

"Mr. Haynes, my name is Dr. Whitmore, and these ladies that are with me are my nurses." Dr. Whitmore pointed to the seats and started to sit down. "Why don't we take a seat, there is a lot I need to go over with you and I am already dead on my feet." Haynes shook his head and sat down next to Dr. Whitmore.

"Your son came into the ER really hurt. In fact if it was not for the EMT'S and what they did for your son when they got to the scene, we wouldn't be talking right now. They kept your son alive so we could do what we do best and that is make sure our patients don't leave the hospital in a black bag.

Aaron coded five times before getting him into surgery, and once we had him in there, he coded two more times. That would be a big problem if any of the codes ran over five minutes, which none of them did. The reason I said that is because if they did go over that time limit, we would be worried about brain damage, which we are not. At least we are not worried about brain damage from the surgery or the codes, but the beating is a totally different story all together.

Your son was really beaten and on top of that it took a while for him to be found. Who ever beat the young man broke all his ribs on the right hand side of his ribcage, which that is what was giving us all the problems. Fragments of bone entered into his blood stream and went all over his body, his heart, his lungs and kidneys to name a few places.

I had to go in there to all these organs and take out all the bone fragments. That took a while, but I got them all. Once I did that, we went in and worked on his rib cage, putting it back together piece by piece, which was hell. He is young and his body will recover from that, but until it does, he is going to be in a lot of pain."

"Is that all that happened to my son? It looked a worse than what you have told me."

"Mr. Haynes don't get what I am saying, as all that happened to your son. He received a really bad beating today that did a lot more damage than breaking his entire rib cage on the right hand side. He also has a broken arm, several broken fingers that I can only figure they gotten broke when he tried to protect his face. His nose is broken, both eyes are swollen shut and eventually they will turn black and blue. On top of that, he has a shattered knee, broken right foot that was stomped on more likely and his right leg was broken. The bone went right through the skin. Also all the cuts and scrapes all over.

Young Aaron is going to have weeks of recovery before he can even return to school. When that day comes, I recommend he doesn't go back to Austin High School. That school is a death trap and I am tired of seeing young kids like Aaron coming into the ER the way he did. Something must be done at that the school for the sake of the children there, but that is neither here nor there.

What we need to deal with right now is getting your son back up and going again. The physical part is going to take time, but not as much time as the mental part. As long as no problem arises, Aaron should be released from the hospital mid week next week. Until that happens, I am going to have him see a therapist. I recommend you keep that going when he is released to help with his mental health."

"Dr. Whitmore I do not know what to say, except thank you, thank you very much." Haynes stood up and extended his hand. "I am wondering if you can stay on as my son's main doctor. After all you are the one that the doctors here called in to get my son through this. On top of that, I have heard of your reputation and what you had done for another kid that attended Austin High School a couple years ago."

Getting up from his seat, Dr. Whitmore shook Principal Hayne's hand. "That case and your son's case are similar in the aspect that the two young men fought with every ounce in their body to stay alive. That is what makes the difference between living and dying. Your son didn't want to die and he fought every second along with me and the staff that was in that surgery room.

I have no problem taking him on a patient, but you have to go along with everything I recommend to get your son through this. That means that he stays with a therapist as long as the therapist thinks he needs to keep going to him or her. He goes to every physical therapy I send him to. And the most important thing is that you pulled your son out of that high school and send him to another, for his safety. I would prefer that you send him to El Paso High, but that is up to you. Any other high school in this city is better than the high school he is attending right now."

Principal Haynes agreed with every request Dr. Whitmore laid out, including pulling his sons out of the school that he is the principle to. They talked a little longer before Whitmore was called back inside. As he left, he told Haynes where his son was and to go up and sit at his side.

Not needing to be told again, he made his way to the elevators. When he got off the elevator on the intensive care floor, he made his way to the nurse's desk. After telling the nurse who he was and who he was here to see, he got pointed to the room where his son was resting peacefully.

As he walked in, he could not believe how his son looked. He was almost in a body cast from head to toe. His right leg was extended in mid air, casted. His mid section was tightly wrapped and his fingers and nose was splinted. As Dr. Whitmore said, Aaron's eyes were swollen shut, and there were several cuts and bruises on his face.

His knees started to give out as he looked at his son. Not wanting to land up in a bed next to his son, Principal Haynes quickly made his way to the seat next to the bed of his son. Once he sat down, he did not take his eyes off of Aaron. He watched to make sure his son was breathing, and when ever he thought Aaron stopped, he worried until he saw the chest move up and down again.

Staying there watching over his son, Principal Haynes did not fall asleep or leave his sons side. The next morning, he had not other choice but to go home and make sure his other kids were okay and getting off to school. Before leaving the hospital, Haynes checked in with the nurses and found out that Aaron will not wake up all day due to the pain meds Dr. Whitmore has him on. They are so strong; they will keep him under until he gets weaned off them in the next day or so.

Back at the hotel, everything came to life. After everyone had taken their showers and gotten dressed, they made their way down to breakfast. Harold and Helen were already sitting at the table drinking their morning coffee when Joey and Caleb walked in. The boys could see that those two were not happy being summoned to the principal's office.

Everyone ate their breakfast in silence and when they were done, they made their way out to the truck. On their way, they grabbed their book bags and anything else they needed for school. Harold and Helen followed the boys, but did not get into the truck with them. Instead they got into their own car and followed them to the school.

When they drove up, they could not believe how much the school looked like a church. They heard the guys and Fran talk about how the school was once a church, but never believed it. They thought they were making more of it than it was, but now seeing it with their own eyes, they admitted to themselves how wrong they were.

After locking up the car, Harold and Helen caught up to their son and Joey as they were crossing the street. Fran Allen, Sam and he others walked to the left, as Joey and Caleb kept going straight up the stairs to the main doors. When they walked in, they walked right into glass cages that contained a metal panther and a stuffed panther. The way they were looking at them, it gave Helen the creeps.

Pushing along, they walked down the hall to the principal's office. Once they walked in, Harold and Joey walked up to the counter to let the secretaries know that they were here for the meeting. The secretaries signed them in and asked them to take a seat. They turned around and joined Helen and Caleb on the benches.

The longer that Harold sat there, the angrier he got. Their appointment was at seven thirty, and they were on time. In fact, they were early for their appointment, but yet here they are five minutes after eight still waiting to be called back. When the first bell rang, Harold had enough of waiting for the principal.

He got up and walked over to the counter. "Ma'am, our appointment with Principal Haynes was at seven thirty, and it is already eight thirty. If I ran my court room like this, I would never get anywhere. I would have angry attorneys and their clients breathing down my neck, which I do not like. As well I do not like sitting around for an hour to see a man that is after my son. Either he calls us in right now, or he reschedules on my schedule, not his. Until then, my sons continue attending this high school with no more problems from him or any other teacher or student at this school."

"Sir, Principal Haynes had a family an emergency last night, which is causing him to run late this morning. He is on his way and should be here any minute. As soon as he walks in, he will take you and your family back to his office. He knows that you are a busy man and does not want to keep you here longer than he has to."

"If he does not walk through those doors in the next five minutes, I am leaving and he is going to have to set up an appointment with the secretary, is that understood?" The secretary that was talking to Harold shook her head. "Good then, I'm going to rejoin my boys and my wife, but I am going to keep an eye on the time, five minutes and that is it."

Just as Harold turned around to join Helen and the boys, Principal Haynes came running in. He apologized for his lateness and asked Harold, Helen, Caleb and Joey to follow him to his office. Not asking what was going on, Harold helped Helen up and they followed the principal to his office. Normally they would inquire on what was going on and offer to help, but not for this man that is gunning for their sons.

As they walked into the principal's office, he asked every to take a seat as he picked up the phone. A few seconds later he started to speak. "I want you to get me Billy Sledge and his little group of friends that he hangs around with immediately." Principal Haynes removed the receiver form his face for a few seconds before moving it back. "In fact, I want you to send a school security guard to their classrooms and have them escorted to me. I do not want them left alone for a minute, is that understood."

Who ever was on the other end must of agreed to do what the principal wanted because all he said was good and then hung up the phone. Joey and Caleb knew who he was asking for, but could not figure out why he is having them escorted to the office by security guards. They were pulled out of their thoughts when the principal spoke.

"Since your sons have arrived here, my school has become hell. I have had more violence against students here in the last couple of days than I ever had. On top of all this, Joey and Caleb here were trying to get my son Aaron into their little group, which I can't tell you how much that can't happen."

"You wait a minute there Mr. Haynes! What I understand about yesterday afternoon it was your son that went to my son Caleb and asked to speak with Joey. Joey was not at school because he was at El Paso High at the time, and that is why the meeting happened after school. I will believe my sons over you and your son any day because they have never lied to me or my wife once.

I am tired of hearing this hatred being spilled out to my son and their friends. They have not done a thing wrong and if anyone is to blame for to violence at your school right now is you. You do not have to look any further than yourself and the way you have been treating my son and the other boys. If you want the violence to end, you need to stop your hatred first, and then your students will follow."

Principal Haynes leaned back in his seat and thought about what Judge Harold just told him. He cannot believe after what happened to his family in the last twenty four hours, he is still thinking the way he is thinking about Joey and Caleb and the other guys. When the hatred was turned on his family, he didn't like it, so why is he still doing it. Haynes questioned himself over and over again as he looked at those in his office.

"Look I am sorry on the way I am sounding. I know how I feel and think is back dated and I of all people need to change. More so what happened to me and my family in the last day, I should know this hatred isn't good and needs to stop. Your sons and their friends have no blame in what is going on in my school. The blame is on me and me only. That is what I need to go and fix first, as you said."

Principal Haynes got up from his desk and looked out the window to Memphis St. "I was ready as of yesterday to expel your kids and their friends. It didn't matter to me if I was in the right or not. I was going to do it anyway. However, as soon as I made up my mind on doing what I was going to do, violence hit my family.

The same hate I had for your sons and their friends was visited on my own family and I am telling you I can't stand it. I understand the anger you are feeling right now towards me and how I have treated these young men. An apology isn't going to fix it, but I am going to start there anyway." Principal Haynes turned around and looked at the boys.

"Joey and Caleb for the way I have treated you and your friends from the moment you arrived here at my school was wrong and should have never happened. I can't go back to the past and correct the wrong I have done to you boys, but I can ensure you that I am not going to do it in the future. I am very sorry and I hope you accept my apology and know that you are welcome here at this school as long as you want to attend it."

Surprising for Principal Haynes, Joey and Caleb accepted his apology and didn't ask for anymore to be said on the subject. Seeing how the boys acted made the principal feel smaller than he ever felt in his life. Kids half his age, even more so, are better men than he has been to his son and to them, and that is sad.

"You guys can head out to your first period class." Principal Haynes walked over to his office door and opened it for the boys. "Mr. Evens if you can stay for a few minutes, I would really appreciate it. I know you are a very busy man and I have already taken more of your time than I deserve."

Harold nodded his head and retook his seat as Helen, Joey and Caleb walked out. Once they were gone, Principal Haynes closed the door and started to tell Harold what had happened to his son. As he went into detail on how he found him last night, he was barely able to talk. Tears started to roll down the side of his face, making Harold feel what he was feeling. It brought back what happened to Joey and he knows exactly how the principal is feeling right now.

"I have been a real jerk to my son on not being there for him. Not being the person for him to go to when things got rough. That is why he was going to Joey and Caleb yesterday, I failed him. He needed to talk with someone that understood what he was feeling, but I stopped that from happening. In return, he is fighting for his life in the hospital as we speak." Wiping the tears from his face, Haynes continued.

"The boys I have asked my secretary to get for me are the ones that did this to my son. I know that as sure as I am sitting here talking to you. The reason I have asked you to stay is to make sure I do not strangle those boys when they come into my office. Everything inside of me is saying kill those boys. Make them feel the same pain they made my boy feel yesterday before I take their miserable lives."

Harold got up from his seat and walked around the desk. "Mr. Haynes you should not be taking this meeting with those students because they did you wrong. What you say to them and do here can hurt you more than help you. Bring in one of your assistant principals or another principal from another high school to deal with these kids, but it should not be you. Not if you value your job that is."

"I can't let them think they got away with what they did. My assistant principals think the way I did, and because of that they will not do a thing to them. By the time I bring in another principal to deal with this, it will get around school what they did and how they got away with it. If that happens, there is no telling how bad things will erupt here."

"That I understand and see, we don't want that to happen. So this is what we should do here. You take a back seat and let me talk with the boys. You stay in the office and make sure you agree with everything I say. At the same time, we bring in a principal from another school on a conference call as I talk with these students. That way we have a witness who can say what we did was right and back us up if the boys tell lies about the meeting in here."

Principal Haynes reluctantly agreed with Harold before picking up the phone and calling his friend, the principal at El Paso High School. After explaining everything on what happened and telling Principal Michaels where they stand, he put the call on speaker. He introduced Harold and they talked a few minutes before calling in Bill and his friends.

When they walked in, they had big smirks on their faces, which angered Haynes. If it wasn't for Harold, he would have gone over to the boys and smacked the smirks off their faces. Harold held Haynes back and asked the boys to take a seat. Before they were able to get down to business, several of the boys had to go out to the hall and grab a couple more seats because there was not enough for everyone to sit on.

The five boys looked at Harold, but had no idea who he was. "By the looks on your faces you are trying to figure out who I am. Well let me tell you that none of you have ever seen me before because I don't teach or work at this school. I am honorable judge Evans, the judge that is in charge of gang violence cases in this city."

All at once, the five boys swallowed really hard. "On the phone with us is Principal Michaels of El Paso High School." Principal Michaels said hello. "The reason we are here is because of the topic you five gentleman have been brought in here to talk with us about. Since it has to deal with Principal Hayne's son, he cannot talk with you boys." When Harold mentioned Aaron, all five boys smiled at once.

"Before I go any further, let me make it clear what I am going to do here. I am a mean son-of-bitch in my court room and I throw the books at little shits like you when you come before me. Since what happened with Aaron Haynes involved more than one student, it falls to my court. It will be filed under gang violence and I will rule on the case. When that day comes and you five appear before me, you will regret the day you decided to do what you did to Aaron. So wipe those smart ass smirks off your faces."

Immediately the boy's faces changed. They can tell by the tone of Harold's voice and the look on his face, he means business. He is going to get to the bottom of what they did, and when he does, their lives as they know it is over.

"Since what happened to Aaron is a hate crime, the punishment is going to be even worse. The El Paso Police Department has already assigned detectives to get to the bottom of what happened. At the same time my court has several detectives assigned to it as well, and I will put them all on to this case. Between all the detectives that are going to be working on this case, we will get to the bottom of what happened.

When that day comes and you five are arrested for the crime. I will make sure you spend every minute of your adult life behind bars, and where I going to send you I don't wish that place on my worse enemy, our new detention facility on the outskirt of town. When you get there, you will be met up by real gang members and they will treat what it is to be a man. So if you want me to go easy on you, now is the time to speak up."

Not one of the five boys spoke up. They just looked straight ahead, over Harold's shoulder to the window. They are scared, but think they can beat the odds on not getting caught. The boys figured if the principal and the judge had anything, the conversation would be going a totally different direction.

"Sir with all due respect, who ever did this to poor Aaron probably did it after getting permission from our principal. After all yesterday as we were leaving school he basically told us that we can do what ever we wanted to any of the faggots that come to this school. His son was hanging around with those faggots that just started coming, which means he must be a faggot as well. Hopefully what happened to Aaron gets around to those other faggots and they go running for the hills and never come back here again."

Harold looked through the student files to get the name of the student that was talking. "I am going to say this once to you Billy and only once. If you go anywhere near those new kids, you and I are going to have a totally different conversation with your parents. One of those guys you are calling faggots is my son and I will do anything to make sure he stays safe from the likes of you."

"Son, by your own words is enough for us to suspend you here today." Principal Michaels interrupted, trying to save Harold from saying something he can't take back. "You are spurting out hatred and your willingness to follow through on that hatred. In order to keep the student body safe at that school, you and your friends have to be suspended at least.

Principal Haynes since you cannot rule on the course of action to take on these gentlemen, I will. As of this moment those five gentlemen are suspended from your school immediately and cannot return until they and their parents sit down with you and me. Even then I will be recommending that their suspension gets moved to the next level. We can't have students attending your high school spreading that kind of hate and wanting to hurt other students."

"I agree with you sir and that is what is going to happen." Principal Haynes pulled out the suspension paperwork and started to fill it out. As he finished each of them, he handed the paper work to Harold, who in return had each boy sign their suspension. Once they had all five sets of forms signed, Haynes put them into a file to send to Michaels to sign.

"Gentlemen this is far from being over. Before you and your parents get a chance to sit down and speak with the two principals, you will be in front me in my house. There I will remand you to the state and throw away the key. So enjoy these few days of freedom, because they will be your last."

"You think this is over Principal Haynes, it is not." Bill got up yelling as he and his friends made their way to the door. "My parents are going to get me back in this school before the end of the day. And as far as me going in front of you sir..." Bill shot Harold a dirty look. "That will never happen because what happened to Aaron yesterday will never get pushed onto anyone. I can already hear the words Aaron is going to say, he ran into a wall and that is all."

"Young man, keep on talking because all you are doing is making it worse on yourself. Knowing it or not, you are giving yourself away and telling me a lot more than you are meaning to. I know for sure now that we are on the right track and I am going to have my detectives concentrating on you five from this point on."

Bill did not say a word; he just walked out of the office. Once they made it to the hallway, his friends for the first time started to freak out. They made it clear that they did not like the way Bill was talking in there to a judge and their principal. No matter what they said to Bill, it did not faze him any. He kept his smirk on his face as he and his friends walked to their lockers.

"Guys, guys stop worrying about this, I got it. Or should I say my father has it since he is the chief-of-police. There is no way that judge and those principals are going to get anywhere with their investigations. By the end of the week, my father will have us back in school and an apology not only from Principal Haynes, but also from that asshole judge in there that thinks he runs things around here. He doesn't, my father does and he will soon find that out."

That relaxed the four boys enough to stop going off on Bill. They still feel that their friend went a little too far in that office and it might come back to bite them in the butt. After all like the judge said, he gave away a lot more than he intended to so. Now he knows it was them and will not stop until he gets the proof to prove it.

After tossing their books in their lockers, they headed out of the school. When they reached Memphis Street, the boys went their separate directions. All of them live in walking distance to the school, so they did not need to call their parents to come and pick them up. At the same time the walk home buys them more time to figure out what they are going to tell their parents on why they were suspended.

Bill decided that he did not have to make up a story on why he was suspended. He knows that he could tell his father the truth on what happened and he would not get punished. Instead, his father will take him out for a celebration on getting rid of a faggot from this world. So he was not worried like his friends were on his walk home.

About halfway to his house, Bill felt someone behind him. When he turned around, he found that he was right, there was someone behind him. He didn't recognize the two guys, so he paid no attention to them at first. Then when he heard them start to run up to him, he started to worry a little. Once they caught up to him and were walking side by side, Bill didn't show he was scared of them.

"I hope you guys know who I am, the son of the police-chief. So if you are going to try and rob me, you better think twice."

"We are not here to rob you and we don't care who in the hell your father is. You and your friends yesterday did something that we are here to make sure you never do it again. Not to the poor kid you hurt or any other kid. And since you are the leader of the group, we decided to deal with you first before going after the other four guys."

Bill looked over to one of the guys and saw that he looked a lot like Aaron, just a little older. He then looked over to the other guy and the same thing. There was no doubt in his mind that the two guys walking at his side are Aaron's older brothers that he never met. Really he has never met any of Aaron's family since he thought of Aaron as his slave.

"I know who you guys are and I will tell my father. So if you hurt me, he is going to make sure you guys pay. What I mean by that is that you two will not make it to jail, because he will take it upon himself to arrest you. Then on your way to jail, he will pull over and deal with you the old way, which means you, will never be seen again."

"Then we must make sure you can never speak again." Before Aaron's older brother could finish saying what he was saying, Bill took off running. Both the Hayne's boys looked at each other and then went running after Bill. They caught up to him two houses away from his and pushed him to the ground.

One of the Haynes boys covered Bills mouth to silence the cries for help, as the other picked up the legs. They quickly carried Bill to the alley and tossed him to the ground. Just as he yelled out for help, he was kicked it the gut, which shut him up. He was grasping for air as the Haynes boys circled around him like he was prey.

"What was it that you and your friends were calling my brother yesterday as you cowards were beating him to the edge of death?" The older of the two Haynes boys kicked Bill once more, trying to get a response from him. "Come on you were very vocal yesterday when you and your four other friends were kicking the living shit out of a kid that is not as big as you guys are. A kid that has never done anyone wrong in his life. Which includes scum little shits like you."

Bill just laid there on the ground not responding to what was being asked. He was not going to give Aaron's brothers what they want, see him scared or beg for mercy. If they are there to kick his butt, so be it, but he will have the last word. Once they are done, they will be the ones begging for mercy, which will not be given.

"Come one you fucking pussy, what did you and your fucking friends say to my little brother yesterday while you were beating him up." Once again the older Haynes kicked Bill in the chest. "What you can only talk shit when you're little pussy friends are around? Without them you can't speak up like a man."

"Fuck you I don't need my friends to be around to speak like a man." As Bill sat up, he spat blood out of his mouth. "We found out that your little brother was a faggot and we taught him a lesson. We took him out to the quad and showed him what is done to faggots at our school. The only thing I wish we did different yesterday was not leaving him until we were sure that he was dead. Now he has a chance at a full life, which if I have anything to say about that, it will not happen."

Both the Haynes brothers kicked Bill several times. "You and your friends will never get the chance to follow through on that threat." The younger of the Haynes brothers pulled out a small tape recorder. "You stupid shit you just couldn't swallow your pride for once. You had to show us that you were the man and say what you did. Well thank you because now we have it all on tape and that is all that is needed to have you arrested."

Bill could not believe he was tricked in to saying what he and his friends did. Angry at himself and the Haynes boys, he got up and tried to grab the tape recorder, but failed. He landed back on the ground looking up at the two older boys. Realizing that he could not snatch the tape recorder from them, he tried to bargain for it.

"If you give me that tape recorder and the tape in it, I won't tell my father about what you two did. All of us can get out of this winners. Plus I promise that neither I nor my friends will go near your brother ever again. His faggot ass is safe from us as long as we attend the same school."

"We don't care what you do or say as far as it comes to your father. Be our guest and run home to daddy like the little shit you are and tell him what happened back here. We might get into trouble for what we did knocking you around, but you and your friends for sure will. In fact, you and your friends will go away for a very long time once my dad gives this recording to the right people that he can trust."

Not giving Bill a chance to respond, the Haynes brothers walked away. Leaving him on the ground, yelling out to them to hand over the tape. Once Bill saw that he wasn't going to get the recording, he started to freak out like his friends did at school. With him on tape admitting what he and his friends did, there is no doubt he will go to jail. Then he remembered who his father was. With a big smile on his face, Bill got up from the ground, dusted himself off and walked into his house through the back door.


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